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Member since: Tue Feb 24, 2004, 06:21 AM
Number of posts: 7,926

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Well, well, well. Imagine this: Not one MLB player was singing the national anthem.

My husband has the game on and during the anthem, they panned all the players and not one was singing.

Why do I think there won't be any outrage?

So you are forced to continue your pregnancy and give birth. What could possibly go wrong?

'Miracle' Newborn Whose Mom Died During Childbirth Will Be Taken Off Life Support, Dad Says


I don’t particularly like the tone of some of the statements in this article, including the father/widower stating he “gave” his now deceased wife four babies, but this is a tragedy. So often people forget that pregnancy and/or childbirth can result in death. She leaves behind her husband and three daughters. An article I read said she was happy to be having her first boy.

Travel insurance?

What's your experience(s) with buying travel insurance? We're taking a trip to Italy which will cost in total about $13,000 and the cost of travel insurance is about $1,200. The trip is at the end of September.


"Money laundering, just like...Al Capone."

We had dinner last night with people we’ve known for almost 20 years. He is a newly-retired counterintelligence expert and a former Republican. He said since Obama, he’s voted for the Democratic candidate every election. I asked him, in general, what he thought the result of the investigations would be. He said that counterintelligence investigations take years and years, and he thinks Trump, three of his children, and some close associates will end up in jail. Not due to obstruction of justice or “collusion,” but money laundering or tax evasion, “just like they finally got Al Capone.” He said it would give him and many in the intelligence community great satisfaction to see Donald Trump behind bars.

I’m hopeful it’s the case.

Statement re: Northam from former Congressman Tom Perriello of Virginia

As painful as yesterday was for Virginia, I hoped that today would bring healing, truth and transformation. I pray that Sunday will be that day. This isn't just about an old racist photo. It has opened wounds when we should be building a more inclusive Virginia.

Are we the birthplace of American democracy, or American slavery? The first state to elect an African American governor, or the capital of the confederacy? This is the duality of our Virginia.

It gives me no pleasure to say that what we’re seeing is the manifestation of white male entitlement and the presumption that the benefit of the doubt can outweigh real pain, shock & mistrust, as expressed by VA's Legislative Black Caucus.

I believe that, together, we can choose a better path. I believe Justin Fairfax can help us heal and help forge that path. We are ready to embrace our full history and truth, as well as our better angels. I pray that Sunday is the day we start moving forward.


I'd like Justin Fairfax to appoint Perriello as Lieutenant Governor if he has the right to do so.

My husband and I would like to go to Italy in 2019, but don't speak Italian and don't know our way

around. Can anyone suggest a good tour company that requires moderate walking?

I'd like to go to some of the following places: Rome, Naples, and Reggio Calabria and/or Sicily since that's where my great-grandparents are from. I looked at Rick Steve's, but an concerned about strenuous walking. True, I have months to get into shape, but I'm not sure I'd be up to it

Thanks in advance for suggestions!

Once you see it, you can't UN-see it. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Trump's unhinged press conference, condensed.

He's utterly unhinged.


For those on Twitter, never hesitate to report violent, abusive, threatening tweets.

I alerted on someone last night. This is the fastest I've heard back from Twitter:

An update on your report

Thanks again for letting us know. Our investigation found this account violated the Twitter Rules: (I removed identifying info).

We appreciate your help in improving everyone’s experience on Twitter. You can learn more about reporting abusive behavior here.

Hurricane Michael aftermath

The remnants of Hurricane Michael roared through our area and left lots of damage in its wake. The husband of our company's owner had 4 feet of water in his office building in Danville. He had furniture floating down the street, employee's cars that were parked on the street had water up to the dashboards, and an old wooden train trestle ended up being dislodged and blocking the entire street. My friend was leaving a doctor's appointment in Roanoke when the area started to flood. Her doctor came out to try to start her car and ended up having to escape out of a window.

Smith Mountain Lake (where I live) has been overwhelmed with runaway boats, barges, and debris. Not so much where I am, but up where the Roanoke River runs from Roanoke. The lake level is high, but Appalachian Electric Power manages it so well. We are never in danger of flooding here due to the design of the dam, spillway, and building code enforcement.

Other than that, today feels like a crisp, fall day which was a nice change from the mugginess that we've endured.

I'm sorry for the loss of life and property so many are dealing with. Hope you are all okay.
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