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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,591

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McCain Lies In State In The Capitol And....

Trump just lies in our nation's capital.

Trump Making Plans For His Funeral Says He Is.....

not inviting John McCain.

If Trump Fires Sessions - Doesn't He Risk Sessions Testifying Against....

him? Don't you think Mueller will be interested in interviewing Sessions?

I know that the reason Trump wants Sessions gone is because he wants to fire Mueller and end his investigation. But if Mueller acts fast to get Sessions in to interview - he can at least get Sessions on the record.

I just don't see Mueller being fired that fast after Sessions is gone.

What Are Devin Nunes Chances Of Retaining His Seat....

in the Midterms? Is he up against a substantial opponent?

Has Omarosa Discussed Trump's Medical Physicals In Her Book?....

You know the ones where they say Trump is the healthiest man in the world.

The Trump Rally Drinking Game.....

I learned over the weekend while at a party that Millennials have turned Trump rallies into a drinking game. Everytime he utters a lie they take a drink. In talking with them Trump to (at least this group of Millennials) is a big joke. Hence the drinking game. One said that if we're stuck with this guy they could at least get "their drunk on".

I'm a senior citizen and I found this discussion with them fascinating and heartening. Again at least with this group Trump has no fans and they're all going to make a day out of Midterm Election day to vote against the Repugs.

So fellow DU'ers - there is hope.

I sure hope this game catches on all around the country.

We Have To Drive Thru Madison Tomorrow .....

Can anyone tell me if we'll have problems on Interstate 94 passing thru?

If The Repugs do Nothing In Light Of Today's Happenings....

the Dems need to make that a big issue in the November Midterms. Hold the whole Repug Party responsible.

So The Small Dollar Repug Donors Are Paying For.....

hush money for former Trump employees to make sure they don't criticize Trump after they leave the administration.

I think if I donated money to Trump's campaign I wouldn't want it to go to silence people.

It's all in the family with the Trump's - even Eric's wife is in to the criminal activities. Just unbelievable.

The Omarosa Tape I'd Like To Hear.....

If I had my wish - I wish that Omarosa had a tape of Trump making fun of his deplorable followers and calling them stupid and suckers - going on to say how he manipulates them to his advantage and how he uses them.

If such a tape were ever to become public - I think that would be the end to Trump. I wonder if such a tape exists?
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