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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 7,018

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To all those who think Elizabeth Warren too inexperienced in politics to take a leadership

position, or couldn't possibly be tough enough, just look at the link below. She openly opposed
the White House's pick of another Wall Streeter for the Treasury Department. Obama is quite
well known for the numbers of them he has picked.

Has any old-timer Democratic congressman dared to do anything like this? Warren is always
for the little guy, and she isn't afraid of speaking her mind whenever she feels something amiss
is happening. We need more people like her. There are too many politicians of the other stripe
around. We are stifling and she is like a breath of much needed fresh air!


For the first time a member of the Oligarchy has been indicted for 29 coal-miner deaths! It's

about time. He is accused of putting profits before the lives of coal=miners.


Elizabeth Warren may be considered for leadership position in Senate. I sure hope so. I

would be all for it, if she should replace Reid -- although this would be out of the question at
the present time, I suppose. The middle-of-the-roaders have had a long time to prove
themselves, and they have failed. It's high time for a change.


I thought the GOP was going to really go all out this year with their election fraud, and the

article in Bradblog below pretty much convinces me that the GOP has stolen the election
again. They've done it BIG TIME this year.

I also am thinking. What's the point of having any election at all, if it is going to
continue to be the big farce the way it is now - time, after time, after time?

As Stalin once said, "The voters don't matter. What does matter are those who count
the votes." Our nation has become Sovietized. There has got to be a change in the
entire voting system. We need one in which cheating is rendered impossible.

An example: My state is a solidly Democratic one, yet the machine I used for voting was
made by Diebold!!! Are we Democrats simply apathetic, or are we just totally stupid?!

The article by BradBlog below is quite long and thorough, with enough of examples
to convince anyone.


How about replacing Reid with Sanders, and Pelosi with Grayson? It's about time to do

something like this. We can't wait any longer. Time is on the Repubs.' side, not ours.

Just saw McConnell on MSNBC smiling and happily answering questions. He said there will be

no government shutdowns, and apparently is going to cooperate.

We'll have to wait and see, of course. But, if that is the policy the Republicans
will be following from now on, this change is too sudden to bring any comfort.

My first guess is that the Republican leadership is aware that if they are going
to be ugly as they have been in the past, they might very well have a lot of
people voting against them in 2016. It's more practical for them to play nice
for two years. This would give them a better chance of winning all three
branches of government in Nov. 2016.

Obama, for the coming two years, should be vetoing all those Republican bills that will be served up

for the benefit of the corporations only, and damaging to the 99% of Americans. Just
remember the 400+ filibusters that the Republican senate had served up during his
first term as president. This would be killing two birds with one stone:
1. Doing what is good for America, and
2. Giving the Republicans a taste of their own medicine.

Do you think Obama would do it?

And you can bet that the Repubs. will be coming up with all kinds of legislation to make
the rich still richer, and which will kill off more of the poor, and eventually also many of
the middle-class. That seems to be the the only agenda they have been serving up so far.

Boy, those rigged Diebold-made machines are doing their work right now, I'd bet!!!

There was a thread on Democratic voters seeing their vote turn Republican right in front of their eyes!
One voter tried it several times, always with the same result. He went to one of the workers there,
who also tried and got the same result. He lead the voter to another machine, which turned out

I personally think that was one Republican-made machines that had gone wrong. It was old. Those
rigged machines working well don't turn a Democratic vote into a Republican one until later - after the
voter has completed his/her voting, so that no Democratic watcher would be the wiser.

If the above situation were reversed, how do you think the Repubs. would have reacted? And these
machines have been in use at least a dozen years! They are just still being used, with no protest
from the Democrats.

Just imagine the degree of cheating that is going on across our nation - right now! Have the
Republicans ever won any election honestly? They know neither shame nor honor!

NBC poll: 29% of Americans view the GOP positively. Yet they can win elections! How come?

Saw on Al Sharpton's TV program just now that according to an NBC poll,
only 29% of the people have a positive view of the GOP. If that figure
is even half-way accurate, it would be impossible for them to win any
political elections without MASSIVE CHEATING nationwide.

I can't see how Democrats can prevent this massive cheating, especially
in the Republican-dominated states.

Judging from an off-hand remark Elizabeth Warren made while speaking with People Magazine, she seems

to be reconsidering her previously firm statements about not running for the presidency. This ought to
give rise to the hopes of some Warren fans. I sure feel good about it. There ought to be others.

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