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Walk away

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Member since: Fri Jul 17, 2009, 08:21 AM
Number of posts: 9,494

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Handbook for Homophobes!

How do I stop having my membership $$$ charged to my credit card automatically...

It won't be due until June but I would like to take care of it now.

Most Democrats want Hillary Clinton to run in 2016

More than 8 in ten Democrats want Hillary to run. It doesn't seem as if the dire predictions of HC driving Democrats from the polls are based in reality. Especially since 52% of Independents agree.


Chris Christie blames everyone else for his Sandy $$$ scandal.

Christie was having an obviously difficult time choking back his usual slap downs as Sandy victims put him on the spot. In the end he blamed the Federal Government for his failure.

"PORT MONMOUTH, N.J. — When Chris Christie started to talk over a complaining questioner, a signature tactic of the bellicose, pre-scandal governor, the audience here briefly turned on him.

“Answer the question,” some shouted.

When he took a microphone from a long-winded speaker, the man startled Mr. Christie by snatching it right back.

And when he singled out a young woman as his inspiration for repairing the Hurricane Sandy-battered coastline, he failed to grasp that the girl’s mother — sitting just a few feet from Mr. Christie — was angry with him for not doing enough.

“He’s full of it,” she said."


A Billionaire on Our Side pushes back against the Koch Brothers

Does a good cause make this different from the republican power brokers?

"A billionaire retired investor is forging plans to spend as much as $100 million during the 2014 election, seeking to pressure federal and state officials to enact climate change measures through a hard-edge campaign of attack ads against governors and lawmakers.

The donor, Tom Steyer, a Democrat who founded one of the world’s most successful hedge funds, burst onto the national political scene during last year’s elections, when he spent $11 million to help elect Terry McAuliffe governor of Virginia and millions more intervening in a Democratic congressional primary in Massachusetts. Now he is rallying other deep-pocketed donors, seeking to build a war chest that would make his political organization, NextGen Climate Action, among the largest outside groups in the country, similar in scale to the conservative political network overseen by Charles and David Koch."

There will alway be a core group of people who will eat up any simple...

minded crap that anyone wants to shovel on them. I am never surprised by the zombie idiots. Republicans come in a limited variety: Stupid, Greedy, Greedy and Stupid and the dreaded Libertarian (an unappetizing combination of Greed and Delusional Ideology) !

A new poll shows Chris Christie actually gaining support with one group of voters:

Here’s some good news for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie! His support in national polls is way, way up among an important constituency: People who love assholes. Obviously, not a lot of voters self-identify as “people who love assholes,” but pollsters have a special technical term for this small but terribly influential demographic group. They call them “core Republicans.”

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows that Gov. Christie is now viewed less favorably by all voters, and even by Republican voters, than he was just a few short months ago, dropping from 41 percent positive feelings among all voters last June to 22 percent positive feelings last month. But every cloud of scandal has a silver lining:

While the poll showed a drop in the positive feelings toward New Jersey Gov. Christie overall and a drop in positive feelings even among Republicans, Mr. Christie’s numbers actually improved among more strongly partisan Core Republicans. Among Core Republicans, only 32% had positive feelings about Mr. Christie in October. In January, that number climbed to 42%.

Christie wants to spend campaign funds on lawyer's but he only has $13,000 left.

One of the reasons Christie and his staff are stalling on subpoenas, is they have run out of money for legal work. They can't even raise the money as donations to his re-election fund because he spent the entire limit (except for $13,000).

"Christie's campaign on Monday sought to exceed New Jersey's election spending cap to pay for lawyers dealing with subpoenas stemming from the scandal."

"The campaign has already spent all but $13,000 of the more than the $12.2 million limit for Christie’s re-election. Without more money, the campaign said it would not be able to answer the subpoenas."


Poor Chris Christie...kicked out of his luxury box for the Super Bowl!

" No suite for Gov. Christie at Super Bowl 2014, despite previous boasts

Over the past few weeks, the governor boasted about how he would get to hand-pick two dozen VIPS for a sweet reward: the chance to enjoy the biggest sporting event in the country with him in his luxury suite at MetLife Stadium.

When asked who would control the guest list for the governor’s box at the Super Bowl while co-hosting WFAN’s Boomer and Carton sports radio show on Aug. 26, Christie said: ‘You’re looking at him, baby.’

But as it turns out, the governor’s box will be out of bounds for the governor on game day."


Christie's party is cancelled!

The Gov was snowed out! http://nbcpolitics.nbcnews.com/_news/2014/01/21/22384666-christies-inauguration-party-canceled-due-to-weather?lite
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