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Member since: Sat Dec 19, 2015, 01:51 PM
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Surprisingly, I'm seeing some Bernie supporters dialing it way back today.

OK, maybe it isn't a surprise. We've seen people get dejected before in this campaign. New York is a tough loss though and all of the cautious Democrats who were seduced by the populist aspect of the Sanders campaign are now taking that deep breath and asking for that ol' party unity again.

I'm not sure where I am actually. I'd love it if Bernie just won out and got it by the popular vote but I'd take the nomination anyway we can get it at this point.

And losing the nomination and Bernie running as an indie? I honestly don't see it if the GOP gets solid on one guy. If Turnip runs as an indie though?... (He probably won't though because I STILL think he's a Clinton plant.)

What do you all say? This IS a discussion forum, right?

Legislation is languishing in committee that could make NY an open primary state.

I only found this late last night.
If you call your Senators this might make a difference. Maybe not this year but it couldn't hurt to try!


There is legislation languishing in committee before the NY Senate.

It may already be too late to get this passed before the primary but as long as we're on the phones anyway...couldn't hurt to ring up the Senators in NY and ask them to act on this.


Can I just say that Bernie is going to

Smoke Hilldawg like a cheap cigar in Brooklyn?
She is toast. Her campaign's agreement to that date and venue is evidence enough that she's not qualified to lead this country.
Goodbye ma'am.

Is there any way to check daily totals for Bernie's donations?

I wanted to see what today's total was.

If you're nervous about a Hillary Clinton presidency, relax.

She'll never be POTUS.
ANY fool can see that Trump and Sanders are the IT candidates in this cycle. That's the fight that the US wants and it's the one we deserve.
Someone recently said that the crisis in the middle east is a battle for the soul of Islam. Our election this year will be a battle for the soul of American idealism IF the Democrats run Sanders. If they run Clinton then it will be clear that the soul has already departed. She will lose in a landslide against Donald Trump.
For that reason it is imperative that we get Sanders nominated. He is really our only shot at avoiding a Trump presidency and the inevitable international backlash associated with that.

A theory on GOP strategy.

The GOP has the opportunity to have Sanders and Clinton spin each other out. It figures that this kind of effort would be necessary given the chaos and odious nature of their own primary and dour prospects for a representative candidate.

The way it works:

Allow Sanders to put up enough of a challenge that all of Clinton's scar tissue stretches to the point of reopening political wounds. Help out by running subtle "proSanders" ads in primary states.

The conventional wisdom is still that Sanders shows well but comes up short.

When Clinton wins the Dem nomination then lower the boom on an indictment. She's finished.


Just a theory. I'm not a conspiratologist, just a Democrat who wants to win.

Vote Sanders and avoid regret.

Heads or Tails?

I have a lot of respect for our traditions. To me they highlight unique aspects of culture. That makes them valuable to the extent that we should consider the past as we are whisked forward trying to shape a future that is always happening faster than we can believe. Tradition can comfort us but it can hamper us as easily when we allow it to command matters of gravitas.
Tossing a coin to decide a victor in a detailed and contentious local caucus may have charm and it may even be fair but it is certainly a trivialization of a process that pretends to afford passion and compelling ideology a larger role than do simple ballot casting elections.
I think it's fair to suggest that it's time for standardized voting in the US. Individuals should reserve the right to cast their vote without standing in a clump and hoping that their neighbor doesn't have a smudge on their eyeglasses as they count raised hands.
Nor should decades of ideological formulation and public service on the parts of all candidates, debated by their supporters to a point of impasse, be supplanted in force of decision making by an arbitrary and unverified means of resolution. In an attempt to save time it wastes it.
The caucus would, ideally, remain a part of the process too. In the interest of preserving that tradition I would love it if people gathered in such large numbers to discuss their government's role in their lives. I just also think that their votes should be counted individually.
Maybe caucuses could decide baking competitions and coin tosses could resolve a tie in voting for the homecoming queen. However, our votes for policy makers, for representatives that could decide whether citizens live or die in the next war or receive urgent care under the next phase of our health care system, should be counted and held as the standard unit of support for a candidate nationwide

I need a pick me up.

I WAS feeling a bit discouraged today in light of the NYT endorsement but some savvy Berners responded and boosted my spirits.
This is now a "fire it up" thread.
Show me why our enthusiasm should not flag.
Let me have it Sanders group!

Just got blocked from HRC group.

Sort of sad. Its a real funeral over there.
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