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Member since: Thu May 4, 2017, 08:59 PM
Number of posts: 990

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Is Rittenhouse subject to civil suits?

Can parents civilly sue state representative who sponsored law against mask mandates that resulted..

in child's death from covid?

Could the deaths of unvaccinated Republicans affect the election?

(Math is hard.)

If you call a Trumper a "Nazi," how inaccurate is that?

I imagine many of them don't even know what the more accurate "fascist" means.

Idiot friend said 600,000 "illegals" are coming in every day.

Anyone have a site with the truth?

What specifically did Stacy Abrams do in Georgia that could be replicated in other states?

I went to the funeral of a guy who died of covid

I was the only person wearing a mask. Not the widow, not the kids, not the preachers, not the funeral people. Just me.

Is Jim Jordan under any legal jeopardy or has he already skated?

Can a criminal trial be had against Trump for the Capitol insurrection?

Especially if there are one or more "smoking guns?"

How illegal is it to say to your Senator, "F* you you traitorous Nazi MF" to his face in public?

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