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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
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Anyone know when the House will pass the remaining amendments for the covid bill?

To then be signed by President Biden.

Could trump be held liable if sued in a civil court for damages from his coved lies he spread ?

He was well aware of how deadly and damaging it could be, and intentionally misled the American people anyway, plus stalled help . Can't he be held accountable in a civil court for doing that?

Could trump and others who incited the Jan. 6th riot be sued civilly for the cost of the riot?

Could the AG file a civil suit by the government against trump and others for the cost of their incited riot for the American people? The American people's lawyer, the AG, should represent us, and make those involved pay financially for it, not us.it also may make them think twice if hit with millions to pay for their actions.

Got the 2nd Moderna vaccine early Weds. morning,

Weds. was fine, but Thursday morning was sore, tired , and ended up sleeping 6 hours. Feeling better so far this morning after sleeping some last night, and not sore now. Now with Abbott lifting the covid restrictions I will not do business with places that allow no masks. Too many unknowns with variants around , and I'm in a higher risk group of serious problems if I were to still get it. Until the vaccine rates are a lot higher I won't risk it. Abbotts going to get people killed, and hopefully I won't be one of them.

republicans are scared of Merrick Garland, and stalling his nomination,

Because they know he'll expose them, and prosecute them.

Manchin's actions refusing to vote for a minimum wage increase,

Will come back to haunt him. Along with other refusals to vote with Democrats when needed the most. His behavior will cause this to backfire badly against him.

Just got our 2nd Moderna shots this morning,

Hoping we have few issues , but not sore at all. Very organized and fast at the vaccine site, and took 35-40 minutes total.

When will the Merrick Garland final vote for AG be held in the Senate?

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