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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,855

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Reality check: Obama won bc of 1) skilled data-driven targeted ads and 2) outstanding field org.

Not charisma. Not policy.

That is how elections are going to be won. In the digital space with micro-targeting. Massive digitals ads. And a hell of a field organization.

Read Rick Wilson's book.

The election is already over in 35 states.

This is a swing state election at the presidential level. (Aren't they all.)

Focus your energy on those states.

Ignore national polls.

Also - read Rick Wilson's book.

Constructive activism: spread the MSM news articles collected at InvestigateIvanka.com


just click on an article then share to FB or twitter with #InvestigateIvanka

especially FB

This site has no ads and never will. This site generates no revenue. No requests for funding have ever been made or will ever be made. Not affiliated with any candidate or campaign.
Posted by EveHammond13 | Sun Feb 9, 2020, 06:01 PM (1 replies)

Susan Collins is Disappointed to the nth degree of Disappointment


Does Bloomberg have the machine that can beat trump?

is it the case that only a billionaire can beat trump's $300M war chest, control of Facebook, and unlimited earned media?

This is not snark. This is a serious flat-out question. Putting it out there.

This is a Lizard Brain election. This is my conclusion after reading Rick Wilson's book.

Fact-checking - useless. Only hardens the crazed views of the trumpers.

Appeals to fairness - useless.

Expecting the media to sort it out - useless.

Expecting GOP not to go to the very bottom of the trough, EVERY TIME. ALL THE TIME. - useless. THEY WILL. Including with Deep Fakes of Dem Candidate saying the N word, etc. Expect this. They will do it. and Russia will help.

This battle will be waged at the Lizard Brain level of voters. Not the rational, thinking, high-brain level voters are capable of in normal times.

Which dictates a very very different approach. AND IMPORTANTLY - that approach is NOT just for this election. It is an approach for EVERY election from now on. For a very long time.

The SINGLE most important thing you can do is READ RICK WILSON'S BOOK

he will disabuse you of any notions you have that "fair" "good" or "right matters" will prevail

he sets out, in sickening detail, the extent, depth and breadth of the trump war machine
we are well and truly fucked

my thought after reading - this election is almost like a Chinese finger puzzle. The harder you struggle and lash to get out, the tighter it gets and the more trapped you are. In other words, the intuitive responses won't work.

Asymmetry is what is needed.

BUT THERE ARE A HUNDRED POINTS IN THIS BOOK that we all need to know and internalize.

It kind of makes me think that we need to aim for the Senate --- and fucking not lose.

READ THIS BOOK. BEFORE YOU DO ANY OTHER THING - because you may be working in completely the wrong direction.

Running Against The Devil

Read Rick Wilson's book. He says trump will use Democratic infighting to destroy us in November

if you at all possibly can - SEND MONEY to our Dems. Schiff, Jeffries, Demings, Garcia...& Co.

To any one of them, or to more than one if you can.

And to Democratic senate candidates challenging a vulnerable Republican.

SEND MONEY. Sending out tweets is fine. But they need MONEY. They have risked everything - including their lives really, given all the death threats they are receiving. SEND MONEY IF YOU CAN.

InvestigateIvanka.com - graphics to take and share

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