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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 16,386

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I Learned Something About A Jack Smith Indictment

If Jack Smith decides to indict Donald Trump he does need the approval of Merrick Garland, BUT: if Garland disagrees with Smith he can't just let the indictment die. If Garland disagrees with Smith he must give a reason why he overruled Smith and it must involve something that Smith did wrong in his investigation, it can't just be he thinks it's a weak case.

Once Jack Smith pulls the trigger the indictment isn't locked in stone, but darned close.

If you want to know what's going on, watch only Nicolle Wallace.

I have a feeling about this Friday, but maybe it's just gas? 😊

How Many Life Sentences Do We Need For Trump?

The guy is 77 years old. Convicting Trump of the classified documents crimes is 30 - 40 years in prison.

Why bother with the harder to prove J6 crimes? Convict Eastman, Clark, fake electors, Meadows, Rudy etc. for those.

Just a thought.

The Jack Smith Stolen Documents Grand Jury

The Classified documents grand jury is scheduled to meet this week.

More evidence?


This grand jury hasn't met since May 5th.

Ask Your Doctor About The 340 B Prescription Drug Program

In the beginning of the year I paid 841 dollars for a 90 supply of Eliquis through a mail order company.

My family doctor advised me about a federal program, 340 B that was available through my local hospital's pharmacy. All I had to do was have my family doctor write the prescription for Eliquis instead of my cardiologist.

I just went to the pharmacy, I am not allowed to get a 90 day supply, but I did get a 30 day supply and paid 10 dollars.

Mail order companies like Expresscripts are not always cheaper.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist about the 340 B program.

Slight disclaimer, I hadn't met my deductible when I paid the 841 dollars, but regardless I saved a lot. 😊

DOJ - Trump Indictment Countdown

This is day 1, week 1 after Memorial Day. (I know today is the real Memorial Day.)

The narrative was that indictments will come days/weeks after Memorial Day.

C'mon Garland, the Iowa caucus is February.

The Extremist Wings Of Both Parties

I usually do not watch any cable news except for Nicolle Wallace, but I watched cable news last night because of the debt ceiling agreement.

I listened to the narrative, the "extremist wings of both parties."

What is the extremist wing of the Democratic party, I would like to know?

Is it people like Joe Lieberman who cost our party getting the public option included with Obamacare?

Is it people like Manchin and Sinema who cost us doing a clean debt ceiling bill in 2022?

I do not believe that the Democratic party has an extremist wing but I realize how ignorant I am, someone set me straight.

Jack Smith's Indictment Of Trump

This is just my opinion, no need to post that I don't know jack shit, I will say it, I don't know jack shit.

I believe that Jack Smith has been ready to indict Donald Trump and is waiting on Merrick Garland signing off.

I believe this because it has been reported that the classified documents grand jury has not met since March 5th, correct me if I'm wrong on this because I only heard it on MSNBC.

I believe that Merrick Garland is taking his time making this decision because it will define his entire career.

I believe that Merrick Garland is taking his time because he is an institutionalist and he doesn't want a Trump trial scheduled before the 2024 election that is why he is waiting to indict. Some news agencies are reporting the opposite, they believe that Garland wants a trial over before the election, I don't see that happening, hope I am wrong. It would absolutely be a better situation to have a DOJ Trump trial fist, ahead of Alvin Bragg and ahead of Fani Willis trials. The DOJ trial will be in DC, who knows where the other 2 trials will be held?

I believe that Garland is a man of his word, he will not be partisan. I do believe a Trump indictment is imminent, a matter of weeks.


The Durham Report Was Incomplete

Waiting on his report about Italy Gate. Italian government officials produced evidence of possible Trump financial crimes.

Bill Barr had no business giving that case to Durham, but he did, so where's the report?

I guess we just let it go, nothing to see?

Why McCarthy Will Default On Our Debt

It's the same reason that the Magat party is in bed with Russia and Saudi Arabia, fossil fuel money. The Magat party is owned and funded by the fossil fuel industry. It's why Democrat Joe Manchin has come out in favor of a pro-fossil fuel Magat bill HR-1.

The fossil fuel industry doesn't want to go the way of the dinosaurs and it will be fine with Kevin McCarthy defaulting on our debt if it gets Magats back in power. Buckle up folks, we are going to be in for a rough ride, President Biden may want to reconsider the 14th Amendment.


It's On For Fani This August

Fani is stepping up security this August for reactions to her indictments. What a brave woman.

It is on;

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