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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 9,974

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Elon Musk is a neo-Nazi

and he will be the owner of Twitter. Something to ponder.

Select Committee Will Not Turn Over Documents To DOJ

Wow, this is interesting, a lot of thoughts are going through my head. I will defer from commenting what I am thinking.


Pennsylvania Primary Conspiracy Theory (Mine)

Daughter and son-in-law voted outside of Pittsburgh and the polling place ran out of republican ballots, they had to do them individually, electronically? I didn't really understand.

My conspiracy is that they are rigging Pa. for Mccormick because he does the best in the general.

A-fib treatment,

A-fib is caused by a bad electrical signal in the heart. The atrium is supposed to beat once and the ventricle beat once, blood in, blood out. In A-fib the atrium beats numerous times before the ventricle beats 1 time so blood pools in the upper chamber where blood clots could occur.

I messed around with A-fib for 9 years at my small rural hospital, they would shock me to get my heart back in time and give me pills to keep my heart rate low which tends to keep it in rhythm. Well it wore out my heart so my daughter made an appointment for me at UPMC where I ran into a fantastic surgeon. He laid out the treatment; he would do a cryo-ablation which freezes out the bad signal. He does cryo first because it is more penetrating. If that fails (it didn't for me) he would burn out the bad signal. This all done via catheter up the groin as an out patient. If those fail I could choose to take a drug that keeps the heart in rhythm. I had taken a different drug, Amiodarone, which works but has tons of side effects, I just quit taking it. There is another drug with less side effects I could choose to take. My surgeon's very last option was inserting a pace maker and defibrillator.

I had my cryo ablation 2 1/2 years ago and, knock on wood, am doing fine and only taking Eliquis.

John Fetterman will do just fine, he made the mistake that I made, I ignored my A-fib for too long. When one's heart beats 150 per minute it tends to wear the heart out. My heart is right back to the strength it should be.

I take the time to post this because I want people who are dealing with A-fib to know the ablation procedure works 75% of the time, and there is a new ablation procedure that is 91% successful. I like my surgeons at my small rural hospital but the bigger hospitals are better equipped to do ablations, IMO.

Tuesday I have my yearly appointment with my surgeon, I think I will ask him about Fetterman, in a general way.

McConnell leads delegation to Kyiv

I must say that the Magats understand politics. Rand Paul just held up aid to Ukraine so Mitch immediately travels to Kyiv.

He took along a concerned Susan Collins, and John Barrasso, and John Cornyn.

Zelenskyy gave a statement that the trip shows bi-partisan support for Ukraine. (barf) The only reason the Magats show support for Ukraine is because their internal polling tells them to do so.

The Putin party still pledges allegiance to Putin puppet Donald Trump, regardless of the trip.

I Don't Believe In Polls,

I really hope this poll is wrong.

According to CNN, 50% of Democrats do not feel our democracy is at stake. I mean it should be our #1 reason for voting. Cable news is right wing, so I am going to dismiss this poll as more right wing propaganda.

Russia Is Hacking US Corporations

I can't say a lot about this because I have personal information. Russia is hacking the health care industry, big time; user names, passwords, total takeover. They then demand multi-million dollar ransoms. The thing is, unless the corporation is 100% certain how it got hacked, it will pay the ransom and set up new servers, new passwords, the works from scratch.

I am posting this because Federalist Society member Christopher Wray said last week that China is our biggest hacking problem by far. Wray should take another look at Russia.

Democrats Need To Push This Election Narrative

Democrats need to unite and push and repeat over and over again that a vote for Republicans will be a vote to ban abortions nation wide. A vote for Republicans will be a vote to ban contraceptives nation wide. A vote for Republicans will be a vote to end democracy and replace our government with fascism.

It is not hyperbole, it is the truth. If Republicans gain control of government this will happen. It is important in states like my state of Pennsylvania which has a Republican controlled state government but a Democratic governor and Democratic AG. If Pa. loses those 2 offices it will certainly pass anti-abortion laws. The people of Pa. and of other similar states who think they are safe from abortion bans need to be made aware that they are not safe if they fail to vote for Democrats.

Democrats v Magats

I keep hearing about how gerrymandering isn't so bad for Democrats this year and I still don't believe it. Case in point:

Ohio had a very gerrymandered map rejected by the Ohio SC.
New York had a gerrymandered map rejected by the NY SC.

Ohio basically submitted the same map again.
New York is having a non partisan revision done.

The difference in just these 2 examples; a gain of 4 seats by the Magats.

Democrats have a long row to hoe to overcome the gerrymandering.

Why Does Chuck Schumer Always Get A Pass?

I know there is a rule here not to bash Democrats and there are a lot Schumer fans here but c'mon man.

I'm talking about S1 failing to pass the Senate. It was called S1 because it was the very first bill written because it was so important.

I completely understand the Manchin Sinema problem, so what? The GQP has passed horrible voter/election laws throughout the states that will hurt Democrats tremendously. Here is my question to Mr. Schumer, why not carve up S1 into pieces and get things passed that Manchin and Sinema agree on? WTF Chuck, the GQP has passed laws forbidding people to give voters standing in line for hours food and drink. You mean that Manchin and Sinema would have voted against giving people food and drink waiting to vote? Now, how many more bills could have been written and voted on to at least get a part of S1 passed?

Alert on me Schumer fans because he missed the boat IMO, he had an alternative to simply blaming Manchin and Sinema.

Yeah I know, get out the vote anyway even if I have to stand in line for 6 hours and my daughter can't bring me a bottle of water.
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