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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 07:57 PM
Number of posts: 447

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Somebody help me please.

What are some minorities thinking who avidly support Trump when they are a part of a group that is smeared, reviled, mistreated, and sometime killed by the Trumpian white supremacists who hate them? This includes some blacks, Asians, LatinX, Mexicans, etc.

Shouldn't former and current military lose their rank and pensions if in uniform participating

in insurrections trying to overthrow our government.?

So, the voters of W.VA. will help Trump take down America by not making Manchin fight for Biden?

hat's it in a nutshell. History will record that when they had a chance to save America, as the folks in GA did, W.VA. voters chose to obstruct the best chance to save it by pushing Manchin to support Trump.

I am so glad that the US has sided with those fought for and won the lifting of vaccine patents. NOW

I worry that crazed anti-vaccers will find a way to sabotage the movement.

If you go after the King, be sure to kill him (figuratively) Soooooo

AG Garland, RELEASE THE MEMO, prosecute the king, and throw him in jail because he is as guilty as hell. And while you are at it, prosecute former AG Barr and have him disbarred...remember John Mitchell?

GOP give rise to another big lie that people aren't working because Biden is giving them too much

money. No, some people aren't working because they are making too much money from the stock market. Other's aren't working because they are afraid to return to plants with too little pay and too much unsanitary and unprotected working conditions.

Corporations are "killing it" with record profits but killing jobs with reducing payrolls and paying poverty wages.

Lowering taxes on UNEARNED income and the widening wealth gap is undermining our democracy economically. A GOP hell-bent on furthering their racism and bigotry are undermining our democracy socially.

You knew we were in trouble when multimillionaires paid huge sums of money to get their affluent children into colleges by cheating!

Who are the people who really want something for nothing?? it's not the working men and women of color. They are the scapegoats.
It's the people who already have everything and want to be sure that the rest of us get nothing.

So Ron Johnson and Giuliani both were told that they were dealing with Russian operatives

and they didn't give a damn. The evidence seems to be clear that both were making money from the corrupt Ukrainian officials and they didn't didn't give a damn about any of it. They just wanted to make money and hurt Biden.

Has anyone here completed the FEMA process for funeral reimbursement for COVID deaths?

I completed my phone interview and was given a registration number and told to wait to receive something in the mail from them in order to apply. Nothing yet. Anyone finish the process and willing to share the experience?

Is it just me or the sun more blinding than ever? Driving is a nightmare at the NC to PA longitude.

One draw back to vaccination success.

All the people out driving now are hampering infrastructure "build back better." Traffic is insane where I live in the DC-metro area from MD thru VA. Worse traffic ever!
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