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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 12:01 PM
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Young Democrats Have Rejected Biden -- And It Could Cost Him The Nomination


Superdelegates donating to Republicans.


Many of the superdelegates are corporate lobbyists with healthcare clients opposing Sandersís Medicare for All legislation. The Interceptís Lee Fang reports one of them, Democratic National Committee member William Owen, donated exclusively to Republican Senate candidates during the last election cycle ó including an $8,500 contribution to a joint fundraising committee designed to benefit Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Owen is backing former Vice President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination in 2020.

How are people that are lobbyists donating money to people like Moscow Mitch allowed to be Democratic Super delegates? This is why Bernie attacks the establishment. This is horrible.

DOW is already down 1000 points this morning.

Wonder what will happen on Monday.

Lithuania and Nigeria just confirmed its first cases of Coronavirus.

Seeing it on various news outlets. Nigeria is especially problematic being the most populated country in Africa. We're definitely headed towards full blown pandemic.

'Rich People Have Profited Enough': New Poll Shows Two-Thirds of Americans Support Wealth Tax


This doesn't bode well for the moderates, especially Bloomberg. People are fed up with the rich and corporations keeping the rest of the country oppressed. When 85% of Dems, 66% of Independents, and 47% of Republicans support a wealth tax on the rich, that's a very popular policy and anyone trying to maintain the status quo and protect the billionaire/corporate class is unlikely to do well.

This is why Bernie is surging and holds a 13 point lead.

Sanders holds 13-point lead in Fox News poll


For those unaware, the Fox polling company is separate from the Fox news network. It is one of the best polls around and has an A rating on 538.

New York Times: Superdelegates open to brokered convention to block Sanders from nomination


Very very bad idea. Guaranteed collapse of the Democratic party, it will trigger a massive turnout suppression, and Trump is guaranteed to win again.

Why fears of a Bernie Sanders nomination obliterating Democrats' control of the House are overblown


Michigan House Democratic floor leader backs Sanders


CBS/YouGov Poll: Debate watchers believe Bernie Sanders made the best case for defeating Trump

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