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Member since: Mon Dec 9, 2013, 07:59 PM
Number of posts: 303

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Bill Clinton Blames Millennials For Anger, Economy, Congress


bill clinton once again showing us all that he has not one shred of personal integrity; by not owning up to the shite- sandwich he and his cronies created , problems were kicked down the road and now the young generation is going to have to find a way to deal with it. and in his delusion all this crap is the fault of the millenial generation of which i am one of. typical clinton dishonesty.

is 538 in the bag for hillary?


nate silver and his collection of neoliberal commenters have an agenda, to think they don't is naive.

The Arctic Turns Ugly (popularresistance)

"The Arctic is absorbing a lot more solar energy, and by itself at a much greater rate, than anywhere else on the planet. In fact, on average, in the last number of decades, the Arctic temperature has risen 1.0C per decade whereas the global average temperature rise has been about 0.15C per decade. So that ratio is 6 or 7 times more." -snip


this 3D fractal art

is beautiful!

figured it'd be nice to have something other than election coverage

"American Inspiration -- Wilderness"

inspiring, as well as unsettling,

a look at history of the wilderness movement, the slow and creeping pox of corruption within the movement, the future of the wilderness and how the life of every human is intrinsically tied to its fate.


trust yourself, don't listen to the cynicism, nor the nihilism, nor the self-serving weasel-words spewed forth from your detractors. follow your heart.

Guns on college campuses makes academics hesitant to discuss issues that may be considered touchy.

it is sadly ironic when the pro 2A crowd; constantly concerned about their 'freedoms' wind up defeating the basic rights of others, it becomes hypocritical when they simply dont care.


how come no 'responsible' gun owners speak out against this guns-in-school insanity?

hello du-er's, i need some help on something.

i am sending emails to the U.S. senators demanding a No on the TPA vote on Tues.

does anyone know who is most likely to turn coat, or has a list of most undecided senators/ most likely to turn coat..

thank you..

the House killed TAA last friday but passed TPA, a revote is scheduled Today or tuesday

the reason the TPP is not on Obama's desk is because the house and senate versions are different, despite our small victory on friday this is the most critical part of the trade battle; this may be just a repeat of the senate vote that blocked the TPA last month, just as with the first vote, we need to call our congress critters and pressure them into voting NO to any revote of the TAA


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