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Member since: Sun Oct 11, 2020, 03:01 PM
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Hey Ari Melber...

...and all the other great legal minds who are castigating the House managers for not pressing to bring forward witnesses. You're missing what Jamie Raskin and the others realized: they were having a trap set for them.

The issue comes from that fact that a vote would be taken for any witness to appear. In a 50-50 Senate, under impeachment, a tie vote is a loss, so there was no danger of irrelevant people being issued subpoenas because Democrats would have held the line. And that was the trap. How could the five Republicans who voted for the first witness deny voting for Trump to at least have at least one or more witnesses? If any of those five votes goes over, the Republicans get that witness, and the trial becomes the circus the managers wanted to avoid. And if the Democrats are perceived to not want to be fair by all of them voting against any potential witness for Trump, do they lose some of those Republicans?

And what if a potential witness like Kevin McCarthy fights the subpoena? Does anyone remember Don McGahn ever showing up, despite a House subpoena? While the Senate has more experience and success with inherent contempt, that doesn't mean the process doesn't get dragged out.

This was a trap, and Raskin knew it.

Having Rep. Butler's unrefuted facts as part of the record and part of the evidence was a win, and it wouldn't have mattered if there were dozens of witness who would testify against Trump, he was not going to be convicted. To think there was more to be gained is disingenuous, foolish, and twitterbait, and it needs to stop.

A must watch...

...I've timestamped it to the start of what I consider the meat of video. Enjoy. I did.


Georgia voters also need to be reminded that marijuana reform is on the ballot.

Mitch McConnell has said if he's Majority Leader the House bill being voted on for marijuana reform will NEVER come up in the Senate. At what point do people who cast millions more votes for Democrats get sick enough of this Jim Crow Republican party to overwhelmingly vote them out? And calling them "Jim Crow" isn't hyperbole. Under McConnell, only Republicans get to chose judges. Only Republicans decide who has a job in the president's cabinet. Only Republicans decide who get relief or aid during this pandemic.

Only Republicans get to say what will be the law.

This has to stop.

It's not democracy if only one political party decides what's good for everyone. McConnell is every bit of an authoritarian as Trump, and he's smarter and effective at it.

Progress is on the ballot, Georgia.
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