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Member since: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 05:15 PM
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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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I am not cool with the 1% buying elections, and pushing their propaganda

via the US corporate media. A media that the rich own.

I am not cool with the rich defending their tax breaks as they depress wages and outsource everything that they can.

I am not cool with the rich spending millions to scare people about single payer, and promoting nonsense that suggests that the US simply cannot do what most developed countries have already done.

I am not cool with the rich saying MFA would magically cost twice as much as the current, dysfunctional US healthcare system already costs. In reality, Canada spends 1/2 what the US does, and provides better coverage. The US system is ranked 37th for a reason.

I am not cool with the rich saying the age for receiving Social Security benefits must be raised, and benefits must be cut. Removing the cap on taxed earnings, and subjecting all earned and unearned income to taxation above a certain level would allow for the age to be lowered, and benefits raised.

I am not cool with the rich saying that a very modest tax on the stock market would ruin the economy.

I am not cool with the rich taking nearly all of the wealth generated since 1980, and leaving us fighting for the scraps.

The biggest and hardest job is to motivate the unmotivated voters.

When 43-48% of eligible voters do not bother to vote in a national election, that should be an enormous red flag for Democrats, because it means that 43-48% see no reason to vote. And when the unmotivated are disproportionately younger voters, this means were are failing to convince the younger voters of the critical importance of voting.
And we all know that voter suppression plays a part, but it is not the entire story.

The leaders of the GOP know that demographics do not favor them, so as long as the GOP can motivate their 38-40%, they prefer that others do not or cannot vote. It is simple math.

I say this because polling of the public consistently shows support for more progressive policies than those of the GOP. Abortion rights, marriage equality, single payer, making the rich pay their fair share, lower war budgets, and many other progressive positions are the actual majority positions, but in a group of 100 voters, if a motivated core of 38% always votes, and only a few of the others regularly vote, the conservative minority will control the organization.

Which brings up the question:

How do we motivate the unmotivated? Education, outreach, and many other paths exist, all requiring work and resources. In our union, we do training, and hold seminars, but even in the union, we often see no more than 60% participation in elections.

Was the briefing about the Russians helping Bernie Sanders classified?

If so, which GOP Congressperson leaked it?

The alleged Russian assistance......

Sanders has been polling well, and seems to be attracting more support from non-white voters.

If Putin is backing Trump for President, and sees Sanders as a strong candidate, would it not be in his interest to attack Sanders by initiating contact with the goal of weakening Sanders and making Democrats suspicious of each other?

If Putin sees Sanders as a threat, eliminating Sanders, or weakening his support, would allow the next candidate to come forward.

My view is that, absent any actual proof that Sanders, or anyone connected to his campaign, solicited help from Putin, this could easily be part of Putin's disinformation strategy to weaken and demoralize Democrats.

Why the focus on medical records for candidates for office?

There is no legal requirement to release medical records, and I can see no real reason that any candidates should release their personal medical history.

Far more important, in my view, is that there should be a law mandating that any candidate for President must release comprehensive financial information prior to the first state contest.

And far more important than medical records is the actual policies and positions that a candidate holds.

I see the doctor once a year, at my wife's insistence, and have been in good health so far. Does that mean that I could not be diagnosed with a serious condition next week?

My favorite "unintentionally humorous" moment of the debate?

When Mike Bloomberg framed his numerous NDAs as being designed to protect the privacy of the victims.

Please, Mr. Bloomberg. These NDAs were designed to protect you, and your company, and were designed to hide what was done to these employees that triggered the NDAs.


And thank you to Elizabeth Warren for pointing this out.

I am watching the debate....

and every one of them is superior to Trump.

Do I agree with every one on every issue? No. But I would vote for any one of them in the general election.

What if Mike Bloomberg had decided in 2019 to challenge Trump as the GOP nominee?

He was a Democrat prior to 2001,

What if he had decided early last year to run in every GOP primary, using his huge fortune, and run as the illusive, nearly extinct, GOP moderate. More of a Gerald Ford Republican.

What would have been the outcome? Unlike Weld, and Walsh, Bloomberg can easily self fund, and as we have seen , Bloomberg can fight Trump at the insult game as well.

Whirling through life: Reflections of a female whirling dervish

From the article:

This anchoring is crucial because the dervish straddles the Unseen and the Seen realms. The right arm is directed toward the sky, with the palm cupped upward to receive seeds of blessings from the world of Spirit. These blessings pass through the heart and are dispersed through the left palm arched downward, like a spout scattering the seeds into the earthly realm. The whirling dervish’s face, tilted toward the left hand, is a symbol of the importance of rooting oneself in this world.

Whirling unites the mind, heart and body in a way that no other form of worship achieves for me. Sometimes in the midst of turning for a long time, I feel as though my body and mind are revolving around my heart, like planets orbiting the sun. They all engage in the practice, surrendering to the motion of the universe and the knowledge that the heart is the portal to Haqq, Truth.

To read more:


This article, and the theme, reminds me of a Shaker hymn called simple gifts.

The words,

Tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be free
'Tis a gift to come down where I ought to be
And when I am in the place just right
I will be in the valley of love and delight
When true simplicity is gained
To bow and to bend I will not be ashamed
To turn, to turn will be my delight
'Til by turning, turning, I come 'round right.


It was not that long ago, even though in Trumpland, a week can often seem like a month. A week? Sometimes a day.

2018 was the warning call for the GOP. And they recognize how important it was, and how important it remains.

After the 2018 election, the GOP faced a choice. They could reject racism, and racists, giving that minority nowhere to go, or they could embrace the racist Trump base. We all know which path they chose.

And knowing that demographics are against them, the GOP, if it is to survive in its present form, must do everything to prevent non-whites, and younger voters, from voting.

The only thing that can defeat us, if we let it, is despair and defeatism.

We can do what we all did in 2018.

Everything the GOP does is based on their fear of the truth, and their fear of an energized electorate.
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