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jezebel321's Journal
jezebel321's Journal
November 1, 2021

Pete Buttigieg's 2 month old son spends first Halloween in hospital

Source: People magazine

This is sad. I hope the people who have been blasting his prior paternity leave feel like shit. One of the babies has been sick

Read more: https://people.com/parents/pete-buttigiegs-2-month-old-son-spends-first-halloween-in-the-hospital/

October 28, 2020

What's your guess for Anonymous?

I'm guessing either Dan Coats or Jon Huntsman?

October 19, 2020

Just dropped my and my husbands ballot in the drop box here in Dacula Georgia

Thats 2 more votes for Biden, Ossoff, and Warnock. I'm afraid to get my hopes up but I'm praying somehow this year Georgia can turn blue.

October 17, 2020

My husband tested Covid negative on both the rapid test and the lab test!

Got both test results this morning, the rapid Walgreens test was done yesterday afternoon and the lab test was done Thursday morning. Both were NEGATIVE thank goodness.

He has been fever free since yesterday morning after 3 1/2 days of pretty high fever so we are hoping he is over the hump.

I guess it was the regular flu or some other virus and I guess I'll have to let him move out of the guest bedroom now Actually I'll have to think about that, the last few nights with no snoring have been nice.

October 14, 2020

Update on my husbands fever

He is a bit better this morning, fever went up to 103 during the night, then bounced down to 100.3, then back up to 102.8 in that last hour before his next Tylenol dose was due. He is at 100.9 currently with about 2 hours to go before next dose of Tylenol.

We have a PCR Covid at the county testing site (they send it out and will take several days to get back) test scheduled for Thursday AM (next available). And using someone's suggestion here I found out a Walgreens about 20 minutes from us does a rapid test (you get results within 24 hour). He has one of those scheduled for Friday afternoon (their first available). So bottom line, it looks like unless he has to go the hospital, we should know if its Covid by Saturday.

Called his regular doctor this morning, who he really only sees once a year for a physical and they didnt have too much to offer. They dont do the test, so they concurred with the Thursday/Friday plan unless his fever goes higher than 104. They said go to ER if he goes higher than that.

He is young(ish) at 46, and really never gets sick, so this is sort of odd for him. Other than the fever and aches and pains that come with that he doesnt really have any other symptoms. No cough, sore throat or any sinus issues at all. He is a bit nauseated still but his headache is finally gone (maybe all the Tylenol is helping with that).

He's in the guest bedroom to try and isolate him from the rest of us, but I suspect if he's positive its too late for that. I guess at this time I'm just hoping for the regular flu instead of Covid.

Thank you everyone for your concern and suggestions. Much appreciated.

October 14, 2020

My husband has a fever of 102 and I'm nervous. He is a

General Manager at a restaurant and my fear the last few months is him coming in contact with a Covid positive person and getting it. One of his employees actually tested positive about 2 months ago but thank goodness no one else got it.
He has had a headache and a bit of nausea the last two or 3 days but we both got our flu shot on Friday so he thought maybe it was that. But today the fever started and has been climbing all day.
We went online and reserved a testing spot with the county for Thursday AM which was the first available. It was the same place he got tested when his employee got sick. Back then it took 7 days to get his result. I'm hoping results come in faster now.

October 6, 2020

I was wrong about Vice President Biden.

During the primary I was a supporter of Mayor Pete Buttigieg and also liked Sen. Kamala Harris. I posted several times here that I thought the party voters were making a huge mistake in picking VP Biden. My husband and I are in our late 30s/early 40s and we were convinced that the party needed new blood and that Vice President Biden was too old and out of touch to take on Trump and win. I liked personally VP Biden but thought he was too weak and old school to best Trump. I thought there would be no excitement for him and I was convinced he would lose.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

Not only has VP Biden shown he is far from weak or too old, he is proving himself to be the singular best person for this moment in time to take on Trump. His sincerity, strength of character, steadiness, and decency are exactly what this country needs right now. While I still love Buttigieg, Harris, Warren and frankly most of the other Democratic Primary opponents Biden faced I dont think any of them could be quite the perfect contrast to Trump that VP Biden has shown himself to be.

I always knew I was voting for whoever the Democratic Candidate would be. When VP Biden became that candidate I thought I would vote with no excitement. I was so wrong. I am very excited to vote for VP Biden to become the next President, the man for the moment, the man I truly believe this country needs. I hope there are a lot of voters out there like me.

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