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Member since: 2002
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Oh lord...they're making a Willy Wonka origin story


If you enjoy sovereign citizen "traveling" videos, you MUST see this one

In this uplifting little tale, perennial annoyance DeVonte King gets stopped twice by the police.

What makes this one special is Ragical the Unhallowed Knight's little touch: a quite profane ass-chewing sung to the tune of "Drunken Sailor."

Okay...so what are the BEST lines in movie history?

Utah football player killed in shooting


Early Sunday morning, at a party celebrating the Utes' Saturday-afternoon win over Washington State, player Aaron Lowe was shot and killed.

Last year, Ute player Ty Jordan was also killed in a shooting. The university established the Ty Jordan Memorial Scholarship, and Mr. Lowe was its first recipient.

Idaho school board meeting considering mask mandate shut down by angry mob


A scheduled meeting at 1 p.m. today in which the Coeur d'Alene School Board was to consider a temporary mask mandate was called off at the last minute.

According to district officials and Press staff on the scene, an angry mob was shouting at police and banging on doors at the district Midtown center.

The mob, estimated at up to 200 people, then reportedly moved to the district's administrative center on Northwest Boulevard. As of 1:45 p.m., the district office was placed on lockdown for safety precautions.

(Disclosure: I work for this newspaper.)

I am about half-expecting gunfire at some point. So is my boss.

Mookie Betts of the LA Dodgers is a high-class individual

On Sunday, Mr. Betts was playing right field in Cincinnati when one TJ Friedl has his very first major league plate appearance. The Dodgers’ Tony Gonsolin served up Friedl’s first big league pitch, which he proceeded to hit into the 100 level in right field. Michael Diddle caught the ball.

Betts ran to the fence and asked the fan to throw the ball back. He did, and Betts got it to the Reds dugout.

After the inning, Betts autographed one of his bats and gave it to Diddle.


Idaho House attempt to ban vaccine mandates in the state fails after only 16 lawmakers show up


There are 70 members of the Idaho House. The 16 farthest-right ones decided on Wednesday to try to force the Legislature to reconvene and pass laws to prohibit vaccine mandates in this state. No one else showed up.

A woman will be Boston's next mayor


The results of the Boston mayoral primary election are in. The top two finalists, who move on to the November general election, are Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George.

Wu’s parents both emigrated to the US from Taiwan. George identifies as a “first-generation Arab Polish-American.” Both currently serve on the Boston city council.

"Jesus will save me!"

A TFG supporter walked into a store. He was offered a mask to keep him from getting COVID. “Jesus will save me. I don’t need your mask.”

He was offered a vaccine to keep him from getting COVID. “Jesus will save me. I don’t need a vaccine.”

He caught COVID and died. Shortly thereafter, he stood before Jesus.

“Jesus, you were supposed to save me!”

“I sent a billion masks and three different vaccines. What else was I supposed to do?”

I have given thought to remaking the federal courts

We are NOT going to expand the Supreme Court. That’s a given.

What we could do, with bipartisan support, is change the length of service.

Under this plan, a president would seat three Supreme Court justices and a third of the circuit court. If this came into being, one year after a president was inaugurated he or she would place into nomination a list of people to serve on each court, and once they were approved the longest serving third would move into Senior status. If the president is re-elected he or she doesn’t get another third - this is a once-in-an-administration thing. And if, deity forbid, Trump gets re-elected he doesn’t get a second batch.

The Republicans didn’t like Stephen Reinhardt and RBG staying on the court for decades any more than we like Trump’s walking disasters potentially doing the same thing, so they’d probably like the fact a judge or justice wouldn’t be there more than 24 years.
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