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peace13's Journal
peace13's Journal
March 21, 2016

In memory of Bartcop

March 5th marked the second anniversary of Bartcop's passing. With all of the distractions I almost let the month go by without a word of thanks to this man who did so much to kept us sane during the * years. A guy who used the Internet to hit back in a world where voices were silenced. I wonder what his words of wisdom would be today? We'll raise a glass for you tonight friend.....better late than never! Peace and love to all who miss Bart.

March 26, 2015


This week marks the one year anniversary of Bartcop's passing. I cried like a baby when he died. I make this post in his honor. Bart, you are missed and loved. We so need your input right now. You my friend would have a field day with all that goes on. Your sides would ache with laughter at the stupid that surrounds us.

Thank you for helping us to keep on keepin' on at the beginning of what has turned out to be some of the darkest days in history.

My best to Mrs. B. and all who miss and loved you! Peace, Kim

March 12, 2015

The call says that you have an urgent matter to discuss with the IRS.

It is a recording and gives a phone number to call to 'resolve' the issues! My guess is that if you call them back they solicit money from you, pretending to be the IRS. I received several in Oho.

November 25, 2014

Dear Mr. President...you lost me at....

"We are a nation built on the rule of law" I heard you speak these words last night and my mind went racing to remember when these words were last true. Certainly not when George Bush and Dick Cheney went skipping off the stage. Not when the bankers went free or the illegal wars were started on a pack of lies. And not as we live in cities and villages with militarized police departments.

No, I can't remember when last there was a rule of law for all. The division is clear and I am sorry that those words were the best that you could do last night.

I am sure that it hurt to say them. At some point you just have to stop talking. But you figured that out after the first rambling answer. The scene was heart breaking.

February 14, 2014

Any suggestion on dealing with a bi polar sibling?

For the past five years I have been the caregiver for my sister, Anne. During this time I had to work with my 78 year old mother and a younger sister Sue as they both were out of state and would visit from time to time. Over time the fighting became unreal. Somehow I got through it. Two weeks ago Anne died. After 30 months on hospice she finally escaped her failing body. While I grieve for her long suffering and miss the vital funny being that she was before she became so ill, I would not have wished her to stay one minute more in her worn out body. It was a gift that I could help her in her final years.

Sue refers to herself as a fighter and in a meeting once told the hospice folks that we are fighters and nothing would change that. My question was , 'who's we?'...in my head. It got so hospice would not return calls because they did not want to be caught in the middle.

Sue argued in the funeral directors office, fought about funeral details and now is fighting about the estate. While she fights the process she seems unable to organize or follow a time line of how events actually happened. She forgets conversations, can not recall things that she agreed to and when she feels cornered becomes livid, reciting a repertoire of her view of me as a person. These spoken words are identical to tirades that she has written to me in emails. It was strange enough when she wrote them but when I saw her go into it in person I just didn't know what to say. It was frightening.

Here's the kicker, Sue works at a hospital that just got a new CAT scan machine. The employees were asked to volunteer if they wanted a free scan. She took them up on it because she has always worried that she might have the same disease as Anne (spino cerebellar ataxia) and wanted to make sure that her cerebellum was OK.

Last week she got a call from the neurologist. He asked her if she was having any neurological symptoms. First he was talking MS but basically he was thinking that the person who went with this test result must be symptomatic. After looking at the scan herself Sue has decided that it looks like a scan from someone with bi polar/ depression. She will have more tests to determine the actual cause, if possible. She is currently being treated for depression. For a long time I thought she suffered from Borderline personality disorder.

Long story short Sue has always had mental health issues. She is high functioning at her profession but a wreck in her personal life. The symptoms seemed to get worse with the stress of Anne being sick. Anne's death and the activities around that seem to have amplified Sues problems which I feel are verging on out of control.

If you have any tips or techniques that may work to help me understand what she is going through or ways that I can work with her more effectively I would love to hear them. I am not looking for diagnosis.

I am sorry this is so long but am thankful for any input that you may have. Peace, Kim

February 19, 2013

Thank you Keith Olbermann.

For years Keith kept us informed and alert to what was happening in our country and around the globe. As a result, last night Rachel was unable to come up with information that I had not heard before. Thank you Keith for being there at that time and place. From the Iraq war to the stolen election in Ohio you were there.

I will never forget coming in from a cold December demonstration on the State House steps in Columbus, Ohio after the election was stolen, to find that Olbermann was the only media source to cover the committed actions of a select group of Ohioans. We stood where all Americans should have been. Thank you, Keith for being there.

Last night after watching Rachel, a flood of memory came back. The pain of witnessing first hand the acts of warmongers, killing in my name and the name of my country. Thank you Rachel for encapsulating so much information about this crime, a crime so large that it is impossible to attach every detail. Anthrax and lost scientists among many other details will be left for another day.

And thank you for introducing us to Rachel. She is a bright spot in a dark place!

September 10, 2012

How to put this into words.......

I had the dubious honor of being at a national car club event last week. Several of us wanted to hear President Obama's speech so we gathered in one hotel room for the event. We wanted to enjoy the moment and not have to listen to the negative comments of our fellow traveling companions. How sad is it when you have to hide away in order to express pride and gratitude for the President.

I am telling you that there are still many crazy Rethugs out there who just can not face the music. We are from Ohio and these folks were venomous. My favorite comment was, 'Well I would agree with Obama's words. If he weren't such a liar I could vote for him!' 'Lies!', I said, 'Were you the least bit concerned that we were lied into a war in Iraq that we didn't pay a penny for for ten years?' He actually replied that we were not lied into anything! I had to walk away before my blood boiled!

On a drive Saturday, three out of five people in the car said that they were sick and tired of taking care of the poor. They went on and on about how the lazy poor people should get up and get a job! They seriously have contempt for the poor! To make matters worse they are not afraid to say it. They acted like everyone in the car felt the same way and were not ashamed to speak these thoughts out loud.

I never heard them touch on health care but I do know that three of the people in our group have been treated for cancer in their lifetime. One is actually undergoing chemo right now! They are all on Medicare yet they have no concerns about future care.

The most bizarre thing is that the Obama supporters do not talk politics, yet the Rethugs feel the need to bring it up at every opportunity. Saturday evening at the banquet the eight Ohioans were seated together. As if like clockwork they started in. Toad number two remarks that it is 'still a free country' and then realizing that he is in Canada says, 'Oh I take that back, we're in Canada!" Well I couldn't stand it any more. I turned to him and said, ' I wouldn't be so proud, at least Canada does not have the Patriot Act!' He started to bubble a response leading with the word 'Obama' and the fellow across the table told him to shut the *ell up.

There you have it. The Fauxbots will not stop for a minute. They dig and pick until finally, four days later someone has to tell them to shut up. They have no problem deliberately disrupting a fine meal with their ignorant comments and actions.

The funny thing is that these 'anti-socialists' are the first people to want to travel in a pack so that the mechanics in the group can help with repairs if they break down. They are the first to use the antifreeze that the socialist packed in case of an emergency. Always gripe, never a solution.

Always follow... never lead!

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