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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Before we can have any "bi-partisanship"...

...we must admit there is partisanship on both sides.

Politics can make strange bedfellows, we have heard? But seldom has there been a time more critical than now for "bi-partisanship".

We need "bi-partisanship" for numerous reasons. First and foremost is to make sure they work and debate in the public's service. If there is a disaster somewhere in our country, anywhere in our country, then we want to be sure that our elected officials are working together to solve the people's needs or necessities. That is a primary reason "bi-partisanship" is needed.

However, the times call for a new type of "bi-partisanship". There is a domestic enemy in our midst. It is fascist and promotes the "Big Lie" as a propaganda tool to tear down our democracy. We must do battle to stop our nation from becoming a Third World country living under a dictatorship. That is why we must unite with the other Party to fight. It is in our common interest and the security interest of the United States.

Going Down The Road Feeling Bad

Millions of jobs are ready to be filled tomorrow.

In the US Postal Service.

They need workers. They need to restore the trust that they once had. Trump and DeJoy have torn it down and it needs to be rebuilt.

Technology has changed everything. People order everything thru the mail. The Postal Service can do it better and at a better price than UPS or FedEx or any other carrier.

We need to invest in our US Postal System and create millions of jobs in the process. Alongside the new energy technologies, we can create more jobs than can be filled.

Forget all the crap about "socialist" and that bullshit. We just need to create jobs and fix our Postal System.

Boots of Spanish Leather

Ring of Fire

If there was one ounce of integrity in the Republican Party?

Those that voted for impeachment and those that believe their Leader was responsible for the attempted coup of our government and the over-turning of a free and fair election, should not associate themselves with such a Party. They would not be leaving their Party. Their Party has left them.

They have no excuse, none, not to become "unaffiliated". At least, they could look themselves in the mirror in the morning. Does the Republican Party label really mean that much to them?

The Weight

Don't make me do it.

Don't make me tell the truth about the Republicans.

It's too painful.

Our nation's Capitol was attacked by a bunch of extremists, led by their President, and they want to forget about it? That is understandable human nature. Who wants to be associated with a Party that has betrayed our country?

They can put lipstick on that pig all day long and it is still going to be a pig.

If they cannot denounce this attack and this betrayal of our country, then they are traitors to all that America and our democracy has fought for in our 245 years. It is a disgrace that cannot be over-looked or forgiven.

It is beyond politics. It is not about Republicans vs Democrats. It is about our country. It is about our families. It is about our lives. We do not wish to live under a fascist government. Do you morons understand?

You sorry bunch of so-called "Americans" should hang your heads in shame.

Mitch McConnell did not win back the "conservatives" at CPAC...

...with his absurd comment yesterday in responding to a question from FOX "News". Quite the opposite, they hate him even more.

Even they do not have that short of a memory. They remember Mitch. They remember how he went to the floor of the Senate, after the 2nd impeachment vote, and told the truth about the Traitor Trump. They remember that.

They now see Mitch McConnell as even more two-faced and despicable than before. He does not get back into the good graces of Trump people that easily.

He would be wise not to show up at the CPAC Convention, in my opinion.

Do you feel like the "attempted coup" is over?

With the refusal of Republicans to admit that Joe Biden won the Presidency in a fair election, and with their re-invigorated support for the former president, it does cast an uneasy doubt on where we are as a nation?

How much of the military is loyal to our country and our Constitution and how many are loyal to Trump and the insurrectionists? We don't know, but we would hope the huge majority would support the former. It would not take a huge number. Only a small number that are willing to act. Is our military prepared for such an event?

There are a lot of questions that arise with the continued support of the disgraced former *resident by almost the entire Republican Party. They have come to the conclusion that they cannot survive without him. They believe their base would desert them. They are running scared. They are all complicit in the attempted overthrow of a free and fair election if they continue in the direction they are going. They need to understand the gravity of their actions.

Perhaps it is time to take the threat seriously? Perhaps the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense should have a military unit ready to defend our Capitol in a moment's notice, if it is required? With live ammunition. We cannot permit another attack like the last one. No one should have any doubts that they will be met with the full force of the US Military if they attempt another attack like that of January 6th.

Also, perhaps the FBI should monitor the CPAC Convention this weekend very closely. They should watch the interactions and the language of the co-conspirators that join with Donald J Trump.

Also, they should monitor very closely the social media outlets of these criminals that have betrayed our country.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

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