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Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2016, 01:08 AM
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The Balloon incident aka "the Battle at Myrtle Beach"

It's our first decisive victory over the Chinese and over our homeland no less.

I suspect that this won't be the last.

So glad that Biden is at the helm.
Posted by fescuerescue | Sun Feb 5, 2023, 09:14 PM (1 replies)

Did Trump plant those Biden documents at the 1st and 2nd locations?

Probably not Trump personally, but one of his operatives?

This just seems way to out there and convenient for Trump. I think that as they investigate Trump, this needs to be examined closely.

Also as they examine the Biden documents, any fingerprints should be checked out to see what connection the handlers have with Trumps team.

Why isn't there any talk about prosecuting Trump for fraud on the tax returns?

Now that we have Trumps returns FINALLY out to see, it seems like nothing is happening.

Why isn't there any talk of prosecution or indictments over what was revealed? There was a ridiculous amount of fraud and cheating and yet nothing.

I kinda feel like the media is now trying to bury this issue.

Looking forward to the Blue Wave tonight and control of the Senate

This should be the best election night in years.

So excited.

Who knew that the right had these secret laws already in place on the exact day roevwade overturned?

Why didn't we have some laws in place ready to go as well????

I feel totally unprepared. They are already miles ahead it seems. I mean good lord it's already banned in some places!

Seems like we should have had Federal laws in place years ago ready for this day.

Perhaps it's time to put TSA in charge of school security

Federally funded of course. We don't want to put that burden on schools.

They could use the exact same techniques and equipment to secure our kids that they use nowadays to secure airplanes.

While the TSA get's alot of flack from the GOP types, they have been 100% successful in stopping hijackings.

The only downside is that kids might up to show up for school a few minutes early, but they would be 100% sure of going home alive.

Were any laws broken by releasing the SC decision early?

Certainly confidentiality agreements and at least a few people will lose their careers. (responsible or not)

But I'm wondering. What law protects this information?

It's not like the military, where there a many many laws covering classified information etc.

always been against outsourcing government to corporations. But Disney really seemed to make it work

But isn't it funny that the single one time in history when outsourcing government to Wallstreet actually works, saves money and made everyone happy, that conservatives are so against it!

It's amazing how inconsistent they are, and that they throw away their values simply because they don't like what Disney is saying.

Is there a way to get conservatives out of trucking?

Why are they allowed to have so much power over commerce.

If we can't use OSHA to force vaccinations, perhaps interstate travel is the way to go.

I always felt OSHA was iffy from a Supreme Court standpoint, and if upheld could have significant blowback when the Republicans get control again. In any event it's a moot point now anyway.

Now we need to look at Buses, Planes, Highway State line crossing etc.

Perhaps High Rest areas (this has been tested with TSA)

Another possibility is Drivers license and Car registration dependent on vaccination.

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