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Imagine Earth 2

What exactly should President Biden do about the border (crisis)?


Biden administration provides financial cushion to Alachua school board after FL officials dock pay

Trump FREAKS After His Family Outs Him

Watch a legal scholar tell Ted Cruz that Texas has racist voter ID laws

CIA station chief in Vienna recalled amid criticisms of management and handling of 'Havana Syndrome'

U.S. judge allows accused Capitol rioter to act as own attorney

Florida purchases GlaxoSmithKline monoclonal antibody as federal reduction continues

Federal arrest warrant issued for Brian Laundrie after Gabby Petito's death - CBS Evening News

TFG turned on Lindsey Graham. Of course.

A little help please

Pennsylvania attorney general sues Republicans to stop election subpoena

Too much crime on the tv news. What are you watching instead? I'm watching

US court order to house LA Skid Row homeless overturned

China Makes Preparations for Evergrande's Demise

Of Course Susan Collins Won't Vote to Protect Abortion Rights

Leonard Cohen & Julie Felix - "Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye"

10 Years Since Occupy Wall Street: What Did We Learn?

TFG Lawsuit Says He's Too Addicted to Twitter to Make Rational Decisions

Alberta sees record number of ICU admissions as COVID-19 hospitalizations soar

Survivor watchers *SPOILER* answer to the triangle puzzle last night.

Four subpoenas for the Select Committee:

Fifth House Republican comes out in support of bipartisan infrastructure bill

Steve Schmidt: The GOP Is 'No Longer Faithful To American Democracy'

January 6th committee has subpoenaed Trump associates!

Texas Students Walk Out After LGBTQ Safe Space Stickers in Classrooms Were Removed by School

This commercial had me at the first guitar shred....

TFG's attorney in his NYT lawsuit was previously general counsel for a parking-garage company

Gay Republicans enraged after Joe Biden called out anti-LGBTQ countries in UN speech

"Dems in Disarray",

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene resorts to using Scoobie Doo meme to attack green new deal

Evidence Against Bannon for Seditious Conspiracy Mounts, Superseding Indictments Coming Per Wray

Major US port target of attempted cyber attack

Washington state ends HERO program meant for reporting law-breaking drivers

I had three friends on FB with whom I grew up in a small PA town.

Milley: US should explore more military talks with Russia

Maloney On 1/6 Investigations: There's A Reason Why Republicans Are So Freaked Out - Deadline MSNBC

Incredible String Band & Julie Felix - "Painting Box"

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

BREAKING: Jan. 6 Select Committee Subpoenas Four Trump Associates (MSNBC)

Biden's Revenge? Secret MAGA Riot Evidence Could Be Released - The Beat - MSNBC

Federal Court:Anti-Vaxxers Do Not Have a Constitutional or Statutory Right to Endanger Everyone Else

Powerful Image.

Manchin fires warning shot on plan to expand Medicare

Parents' lawsuit against Jacksonville Episcopal School for mask policy permanently dismissed

Tomorrow, I'm getting a COVID test in NYC

In case you need a beautiful song tonite, here is Colin Hay's new cover of Witchita Lineman

Not to ignite a flame war, but would it be inappropriate to conduct a

Tropical Storm Sam forms; forecast to be major hurricane by Sunday

88K without power in Michigan after storms bring rain, wind and cold

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 26, 2021 - Star of the Month: Paul Robeson

Turn on Rachel RFN for the Dr Steven Hatfil Navaro connection

The Hidden Valley DNA (parody of "The Harper Valley PTA") - Rocky Mountain Mike

TCM Schedule for Monday September 27, 2021 - Academy Museum Part 1

The QANON faithful are ECSTATIC that a New York Judge dismissed Dominion's lawsuit against Giuliani

99% of Store-Bought Chicken Is Affected by This Disease, New Report Says

Gov. Inslee extends eviction moratorium 'bridge' period through end of October

How does the average American family afford.....a dog?

What California's Recall Election Can -- And Can't -- Tell Us About The 2022 Midterms

Many birds flocked to cities during COVID-19 lockdowns

Need to buy a simple HP printer

The Goal Of Life Is Not To Survive It

DHS tracked Haitian migration for months but failed to predict surge at the border

Biden administration awards $150K to Florida district that resisted DeSantis ban on mask mandates

Biden administration awards $150K to Florida district that resisted DeSantis ban on mask mandates

What We Lost When We Lost Sandra Day O'Connor by Linda Greenhouse

The GOP Attacks Its Own

Novavax applies to WHO for emergency listing of COVID-19 vaccine

Texas Is Latest In Trump's '50 State Strategy' To Undermine Democracy - All In - MSNBC

Trump Lawsuit Says He's Too Addicted to Twitter to Make Rational Decisions.

Federal court voids ruling on minimum age requirements for purchasing handguns

It's late to post this but tomorrow there are Global Strike protests all over the world

Rep. Lauren Boebert Paid Rent, Utilities With Campaign Funds, Filing Shows - All In - MSNBC

Inside look at repairs on the West Seattle Bridge before reopening in 2022

Trump's election challenges distracted from covid response, White House adviser told colleagues

Semiconductor shortage that has hobbled manufacturing worldwide is getting worse

Laver Cup Tennis starts at 1 PM EDT 9.24.21.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will win to remain in the majority.

Robert Reich: Why the Common Good Disappeared and How We Get It Back

3.3 million Boppy baby loungers recalled after 8 infant deaths

Donald Trump Throws Massive Fit And Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against His Niece And NYT - RoF

Neighbors saw Laundrie family leave with camper after Petito vanished

A flagrant violation of Ohio Constitution:

Interesting night sky with rising moon, southern MD

🚨Report from Cyber Ninjas confirms the 2020 General Election was accurate/Biden won

Pay $40k for violating order to stop marketing ivermectin as COVID cure

Delaware hospital doesn't have to give patient ivermectin

Alice Cooper says he's 'pure Detroit' at street naming, Eloise Asylum launch in Westland

Tonight's lullaby is Noam playing a banjo, like you know he does

Doctor receives death threat after refusing to provide ivermectin

Y'all wanna see how scared Greg Abbott is of losing his primary?

To AOC....

DeSantis hires hydroxychloroquine pusher

Jordan Klepper vs. anti-mask parents at a North Carolina school board meeting (The Daily Show)

I Unfortunately Agree With Jeffrey Toobin

The Daily Show: The Fight Over Masks In Schools - Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse

Ninjas Proclaim Biden Wins

Seth Meyers - Trump Sues New York Times for "100 Million Untaxable Dollars" - Monologue 9/22/21

Semiconductor shortage that has hobbled manufacturing worldwide is getting worse

Seth Meyers: Guest John Kerry Shares Why Young People Should Be Optimistic for the Climate's Future

Anyone ever hear this old saying?

On Lawrence O'Donnell's show, Adam Schiff said some testimony would be for "public view" and...

Waning Gibbous, 94% visible

Waning Gibbous, 94% visible

The best and funniest nugget in the AZ Fraudit Report: Biden's victory margin INCREASED!

Subpoena to Dr. Steven Hatfill for documents from his time advising the Trump White House.

AZ repubs & cyber nijas should be sued for fraud conspiracy if this news about them is true

Hours after Trump calls for audit of 2020 Texas election, state says it's auditing 4 urban counties

Eugene Daniels often seen on Brian Williams show on MSNBC has Covid.. he is vaccinated though

Republicans prove they never really wanted police reform. They're on the wrong side of history.

Amelia Tavella Architectes adds perforated copper extension to a Corsican convent

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, September 24, 2021

Bexar County judge will decide whether Ken Paxton can sue SAISD over its vaccine mandate

Hand count in audit affirms Biden beat Trump, as Maricopa County said in November

Our constitutional crisis is already here

My 82 y/o double vaxxed mother is reluctant to take the third shot

crazy racist Paul LePage has returned to Maine and filed for run for his old office (governor)

Seen this amazing Rick Wilson thread yet

***UPDATE*** the 60V battery is BLINKING GREEN instead of RED over-heated! Thanks, jmowreader!

At Long Last, the Much Maligned Arizona Election Audit Results Are In: Biden Won - Again

Trump's Sad Suing Spree, Maskholes Take Over the Friendly Skies & Pumpkin Spice Everything!

In a Motel 6 now, not far from Sacramento.

Cyber Ninjas to confirm Biden'swin AZ.

Fake Funeral Home Goes Viral With Message To Anti Vaxxers - Ring of Fire

In a Motel 6, not far from Sacramento.

New grift: Cupping to remove Covid-19 vaccine

Seth Meyers - Mary Trump Calls Donald a "Loser" After He Sues Her Over Tax Documents: A Closer Look

Given everything the CT crowd is willing to buy ...

Vintage Trouble (A TV commercial, but I've always liked the melody.)

Texas Tech's Katharine Hayhoe talks climate change on Jimmy Kimmel Live

How many times can you lose an election?

Florida's New Surgeon General 'Is A Prop' Serving DeSantis' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

SAISD to keep staff vaccine mandate for now after appeal delays Paxton's bid to halt it

Kenneth B. Morris, Jr : Direct Descendant of Frederick Douglass & Booker T. Washington

House Jan 6 Committee Issues First Subpoenas To Trump Allies (Adam Schiff) - The Last Word - MSNBC

"I don't want school professionals to make decisions about teaching and learning."

HULU - The Orville: New Horizons - Official Teaser Trailer

Why The Department Of Justice Wants To Block American Airlines' Deal With JetBlue

Law enforcement warns of 'credible threat' against Texas legislators who voted for abortion ban

The Daily Show: Greta Thunberg - Why We Need Government Action to Save the Planet

Democrat Lizzie Pannill Fletcher is about to find out how badly Texas Republicans want her out of Co

Wanted to ask DU why Dems are so Divided? Don't Dems know that President Biden

Stop calling America's murder crisis a 'crime' issue. It's something far worse.

Televangelist: Jesus Hates Vaccines, Loves Private Jets

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will win to remain in the majority.

State Rep. Jim Murphy, chair of House GOP Caucus, won't seek reelection

No room in bed Grandson two goldens in bed with my wife and I

Tweet of the Day

They were never gonna find anything in AZ. They had something more in the works than what we'll see

Maricopa County Taxpayers Forced To Pay For Voting Machines Ruined by GOP 'Audit'

Viotti's 'Cello Concerto' ⛲

'Blow his head off': Supreme Court must strip federal agents of absolute immunity

Finchem wants state to decertify 2020 election

Trump World 'Furious' As House Jan. 6 Committee Issues Subpoenas - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Does Arizona law act as a ban on abortion? Judge weighs request to block its implementation

GOP lawmakers will appear alongside white nationalists, Nazi apologists, at rally to support

Bannon, Meadows, Other Trump Insiders Receive Subpoenas From Jan 6 Committee - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Astronomers discover mysterious 500-light-year-wide 'cavity' in our Milky Way

Pennsylvania A.G. Moves To Protect Voter Data From State GOP 'Audit' Stunt - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Somehow something shrunk and got way smaller and I dint touch it or nothing.

Rain approaching

Democratic lawmaker Aaron Lieberman resigns to run for governor

Steve Schmidt: The GOP Is 'No Longer Faithful To American Democracy"

Maricopa County: GOP-Backed Arizona 'Audit' Confirms Biden Won - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

I hate this. Unions vs. Labor government

Exclusive: Documents Show Trump White House Adviser's Impact On Bizarre Covid Policy - Rachel Maddow

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/23/21

#BREAKING: AZ Audit report affirms President Biden beat former President Trump.

Breakfast Friday 24 September 2021

CDC backs Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine booster shots for millions of seniors and some others

Stephen Colbert: Guest Anderson Cooper

The Arizona Fraudit Confirmed Biden Won The Election, So NATURALLY Fux Noise Spent The Day Talking..

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are going to win to stay in the majority.

The BIGGEST the BEST LOSING EVER! Trump loses 2020 election for the 65th* time

NGO's blast Duque for weakening Colombia's democracy and rule of law

Actually, it's all quite genius.

Grassley will seek reelection, boosting GOP's majority hopes

Former Catalan President Arrested After Evading Police for Years

So I wondered over to Fox News this morning.

Call them what they are - the Slobfather's Gang of Four

The cyber ninjas conspiracy group should not be given any credibility just because it agrees with

From The BBC: Your pictures of Scotland: 17 - 24 September (2021)

A peaceful moment for you today

The Gabby Petito case fascination? Murder is entertainment.

"Small fraction of the Democratic Caucus" that's what Gottheimer calls the 96 member Progressive

'Necessary for security': veteran Taliban enforcer says amputations will resume

CDC Chief Clears Boosters for Millions in U.S., Overrules Panel

Chris Cuomo Sexually Harassed Me. I Hope He'll Use His Power to Make Change.

My suggestion to Dems for handling the debt ceiling: IGNORE IT

Colombia seeks to sink anti-fraud law ahead of 2022 elections

Biden's Schedule for Friday, September 24, 2021

How the Federal Debt Ceiling Works and Why It Matters

China Needs to Kick its Coal Habit at Home, Too

GOP dirty tricks? 15,000 Haitian refugees at the same TX border location at the same time!

To all manufacturers who make women's shirts, blouses,

Message self-deleted by author

Let's start our own conspiracies

The origin of Super Heroes: Space Ghost

ACLU, voter groups sue in Ohio over new legislative maps

NASA's InSight Mars lander detects 3 biggest marsquakes to date

Brexit is the...

Sen. Grassley, the oldest GOP senator at 88, announces he will seek another term

Debates sparked by Gabby Petito case echo in 28-year-old London teacher's killing

Brass in Pocket

Fats Navarro was born on this date.

China declares all cryptocurrency transactions illegal

Eric Boehlert: CNN teams with GOP to concoct new Afghanistan drama

Fuck That Guy --

These government benefits would be at risk if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling

Covid-19 vaccine boosters can begin for some US adults as CDC partially diverges from its advisers'

New Texas Covid-19 Surge Could Be Worst Yet

The Rundown: September 24, 2021

Colombian policeman in the dock over protest death

Trump warns GOP gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin on Thursday to fully embrace "MAGA movement"

Virginia's population growth in the last decade was driven almost exclusively by people of color.

Rudy Giuliani has been banned from Fox News.

Costco limits toilet paper, paper towel and bottled water purchases again as COVID-19 cases surge

What has happened with the reported 100 - 200

The Select Committee is not asking for blood, or money, or the first born.

Mexico's indigenous weavers seek international recognition

Europe Rethinks Its Approach to Forest Fires

The Republicans' debt-ceiling ransom note finally comes into focus

This little piggy went to market.....

Metro Drops Its Proposal To Suspend Riders Arrested For Certain Crimes (For Now)

Help with Dental plan while on Medicare

Newborn baby found dead in trash bag

Friday TOONs - Mitch & Geez Louise

'Missing White Woman Syndrome': Indigenous people point out disparities in Gabby Petito case

Fucking bloated alcoholic Steve Bannon.

For ONCE, get the taste of blood in your mouth. For ONCE, act like you fucking mean it.

Pa. man accused of abusing elderly mother, washing her with ammonia-soaked mop

Just signed up for Booster Shot tomorrow at Kroger!

I'm begging you. Have mercy. Please don't mash down my

Republicans are begging us to kill the filibuster. This is why we better listen.

Rapid Shift to Clean Energy Could Save 'Trillions.' But Corporate-Backed Groups Are Fighting

Mom asks son not to take off his mask in school so he wore it for school photo

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (Friday Roundup)

*snarf* AZ Sen. Wendy Rogers cues up the crazy (again) with her latest call to decertify

Biden to host leaders from Australia, India and Japan as China concerns grow

Didn't Mark Meadows' niece file the paperwork for a permit for the pre insurrection pep rally ...

House Jan. 6 panel subpoenas Trump advisers, associates

San Diego LGBT pioneer Robert Lynn passes away at 82

U.S. new home sales beat expectations in August

Huawei CFO Meng to appear in court, expected to reach agreement with U.S.

Donald Trump's bar tab.

Feline Artistic Interpretation

Montgomery County Commissioners Clash During Thursday Board Meeting

Cook Political Report shifts Virginia governor's race to 'toss-up'

Amid a sharp rise in COVID-19 deaths this summer, more Texans under 60 are dying

So What's The Trick With The Arizona Audit?

Do I have this right?

Home that inspired 'The Conjuring' movie for sale for $1.2M

Biden urges those eligible for a Pfizer booster to get one soon.

This Land Is Your Land - Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger & Family

Bummer. Cost of shingles shot is not covered

From my morning walk

Chris Cuomo Alleged to Have Touched Former ABC News Producer Inappropriately

BREAKING NEWS: Cons con the conned about the con who conned them.



Jared Yates Sexton: It literally doesn't matter that the Arizona recount effort backfired...

Passenger Accused Of Attacking JetBlue Flight Attendant, Rushing Cockpit.

'Vigilante treatments': Anti-vaccine groups push people to leave ICUs

The AZ fraudit doesn't "confirm" anything and shouldn't be reported that way

Of course there was no voter fraud in Arizona...but a retraction seems to be in order

A Daily Pill to Treat Covid Could Be Just Months Away, Scientists Say

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will win in order to stay in the majority.

So, who pays for the AZ audit now?

Crypto Markets Wipe Out $150 Billion In Value Within Hours Of China's Latest 'Bitcoin Ban'

Does she have any clue about she's saying?

1 confirmed positive case per 5,000 fully vaccinated Americans per week

A 'Get COVID' Party Helped Overrun Alberta's ICUs: Report

Good Day DU (September 24, 2021)

Ad: The Cyber Ninjas' conspiracy-driven audit is an extension of the Big Lie and is destroying...

Kamala Harris was about to come out on The View and two of the hosts just tested positive for COVID

Virginia Tech Computer Policy ... Is Unconstitutionally Vague and Overbroad

Q and Evangelists

Fed agent seizes $115K from a man at RDU Airport. The agent says he's going to launch ...

'Vigilante treatments': Anti-vaccine groups push people to leave ICUs

Let's see how Newsmax is handling today's important news.....


House Oversight Committee requests testimony on Oct. 7 from Cyber Ninjas CEO.

The Cost of Insuring Expensive Waterfront Homes Is About to Skyrocket

I Just Checked My Minnesota Voter Registration

DOJ needs to investigate the AZ fraudit. Also, those assholes gained a lot of voter info

The Cost of Insuring Expensive Waterfront Homes Is About to Skyrocket

Conservatism Is Dead, Cons Say, Cuz America Is 'Rotten To The Core' Fascism, Power, Democracy End

Maricopa County - A thread about election audits ahead of the Senate hearing today:

Dick's burgers in Seattle just upped its minimum wage to $19. It gives workers free health care, 3 w

Straight up Nazi shit from a sitting member of Congress...

Families of missing Black men say they 'want the same manpower' from police on Petito case

2998 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri;10 deaths

Legalized stealing at the airport

Go Back To Your Country!

House passes legislation to create statutory right to abortion as battle over Texas law heats up

Evidence is piling up: Jason Miller organized a caravan of Haitian migrants from Brazil to create th

'Whammer Jammer' The Three Stooges

Car Ramming Attack Attempted at LA Synagogue Sukkot Concert, Says Security Group

Even a bigger loser in Maricopa County?

The rise of (stressful, creepy, boss-beloved) work-from-home surveillance

Cable news viewership:

Some of dis some of dat

Sofa recount.

Adding dental, vision and hearing benefits to Medicare is supported by

"This strikes me as both terrifying and entirely plausible, from Robert Kagan."

Question for iPhone users

Google Funded (and Al Gore Co-Founded) the World's First Independent CO2 Emissions Database

Virtual Obama Presidential Center groundbreaking celebrations are coming!

Dental care

BREAKING: Marine Corps Marathon canceled again due to health concerns

Just got a promotion in Antifa

Stray Kitten Chooses a Soldier As His Forever Human

Honey Badger/Sheep Savior

Fox News bans Rudy Giuliani from appearing: report

The lincoln Project's IVERMECTION

The jet-setting cosmopolitans of popular imagination exist, but they are far outnumbered by ...

A question about legislation

How California plans to turn the screws on NIMBY cities. California is forcing cities to ...

Lawyers: TFG faces 'substantial' criminal risk in Georgia legal case

Been watching Fox on and off all day....

Biggest Loser!

Half in outstate doubt 2020 election

Doctor Who: Russell T Davies returns as programme showrunner

Evaluation of the Effects of Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine on Viral Clearance in COVID-19

Covid booster doses just got approved in the US. At least 15 countries haven't vaccinated 3% of

Murder charge against suspended Hokie player Etute is elevated to grand jury

Chris Cuomo Had to Apologize for Grabbing Ex-Boss' Buttock at 2005 Party

BREAKING NEWS: Cyber Ninja head Doug Logan now reportedly in hiding in Carlton Nature Reserve.

'You've disgraced this country': Judge rips Capitol riot defendant

Beautiful quilts behind Mazie Hirono on MSNBC

Ex-Trump Attorney Asks Court to Reduce City's Bill for Cost of Bogus Election Fraud Cases

My neighbor, who "saw" with his own eyes some video about the vote steal is quiet today on Facebook

Hawley's latest stunt threatens our security

Latin American Migration, Once Limited to a Few Countries, Turns Into a Mass Exodus

Mazie Hirono had 3 beautiful quilts behind her on Andrea Mitchell's show this afternoon

Republican fraudit and lawsuit ploys provide a cheap engine for the big lie technique

CDC Overrides Advisory Panel To Back Booster For Americans In High -Risk Jobs

We are now accepting $1 bills to defeat US Sen. Grassley in 2022

Yaaaaaay! Pfizer booster scheduled for this afternoon!

TFG Promotes 'Highly Respected' Arizona Audit Results Apparently Unaware They Confirm He's a Loser

Florida Teacher Bonus Checks Bounce

Rolling news: giant moon model escapes from festival in China

Rochelle Walensky overrules her agencies advisory committee & recommends boosters

4th Wisconsin voter out of 3 million charged with fraud

One of NYC's poshest buildings facing $250m lawsuit over building defects

White House virologist was reassigned from Covid to election fraud by 2020 obsessed Trump, new email

Drone footage of La Palma Volcano

Whoever green lighted it should be fired. CBS scraps Activism reality contest

Osama (2003)

McConnell won't rule out blocking possible Biden SCOTUS nominees

Americans who relied most on Trump for COVID-19 news among least likely to be vaccinated

Hope to purchase a small, subcompact SUV soon, suggestions?

Anyone watching Ryder Cup

21 million Americans say Biden is 'illegitimate' and Trump should be restored by violence: survey

Only Republicans want to keep this silly charade over the debt limit

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/24/21

Crusader mass grave in Lebanon sheds light on cruelty of medieval warfare

A Fleet of Prison Buses Is Being Deployed to Move Haitian Migrants

Delta Air Lines asks other carriers to share 'no fly' lists

She will have friends for life. Nothing better than a dog buddy from the start.

Biden: Budget talks hit 'stalemate,' $3.5T may take a while

White Cops Unleash Attack Dog On Unarmed Black Man - Rebel HQ

I just got a notification on my Starwatch (astronomy) app

Detroit drug pipeline targets North Dakota Native Americans. How they're fighting back.

Rep. Debbie Dingell: "Hold my pearls."

White House moving to release information on Trump to congressional investigators

AZ GOP Leaders Shred Cyber Ninjas Fraudit Report - The Republican Accountability Project

Sri Lanka shaman dies of Covid after touting 'blessed' water cure

Kayleigh McEnany tries to blame Biden for spike in murders -- but quickly realizes it was under Trump

Anyone really into key lime pie? Looking for an authentic recipe

2 Vaccinated 'The View' Hosts Test Positive Moments Before VP Harris Live Interview

'This is big': House passes amendment to cut US complicity in Saudi bombing of Yemen

America's heroic job creators need another tax cut to save us from those Socialism elitists!!

Trump sent Raffensperger a letter asking him to decertify election. See his response

If you qualify for Pfizer booster, govt site is up for appointments! Link below

N.C. family finds unknown woman in the casket they bought, wearing mother's clothes

Analysis: When a White-majority neighborhood wants to divorce its Black city

Trump loyalists targeted in January 6th probe (CNN)

This little guy is confused about the concept, but makes up for it with enthusiasm:

(Jewish Group) More than 30 countries stay away from UN anniversary marking Durban conference

I Can't Tell If This Is Supposed To Be...

trump junior is absolute scum. Does he think this is funny or is he just the nastiest person alive?

I'm so old that... (classic Windows screensaver from the '90s)

How long do we have to let a madman

Biden and Harris harshly condemn horseback wrangling depicted in images from US-Mexico border

Black farmers accuse the USDA of racism. The USDA appears to agree and vows to address 'historical d

Cybersecurity expert weighs in on AZ audit draft

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou set to be released

NY Post Memo: Staff 'Privacy' More Important Than Vaccines

So the last time I pulled an SD card out of the slot on my laptop...

With 3 new link light rail stations opening, bus service changes are on the way in Seattle

Catalonia's former president Carles Puigdemont granted bail in Sardinia after arrest

Can the FBI investigate who was behind those 15,000 Haitians from Brazil who all showed up @ ...

Ted Cruz Shut Down Over Question About 'Racist' Voter ID Laws

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Pelosi: Bipartisan infrastructure vote will happen Monday

Seattle nurse describes burnout and abuse pushing many healthcare workers to their limits

Petrol driver shortage: Ministers discuss supply issues

Rental Arrears Trending Downward In Snohomish County: Analysis

If the Presidential debate was a medical call

Whatcom approved as refugee resettlement site. Here's how to help

Pelosi: Bipartisan infrastructure vote will happen Monday

How about fixing this debt thing with legislation.

Biden says he supports taxing billionaires' investment gains annually

Rep. Boebert confounds constituents by making a sign declaring she's "each Biden"

Well, lookee here! Trump actually lost by MORE votes after the fraudit!!

US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2022 in order to remain in the majority after 2022.

Far-Right Group Wants to Ban Kids From Reading Books on Male Seahorses, Galileo, and MLK

When you steal condiment packets... Which are your favorites?

Justice Department unseals Capitol riot charges against FreedomWorks organizer

Biden Thanks Arizona G.O.P. for Letting Him Relive Greatest Victory of His Life

Watch Rep. Paul Gosar (R), AZ-04, continue to spread insane conspiracies about the 2020 election.

Death Sentence Thrown Out: Judge AND Prosecutor Misconduct

I'm refinishing my dining room set. ***Edit: pictures added***

Jupiter and her moons

Tens Of Thousands Of Black Women Vanish Each Year. This Website Tells Their Stories


I'm close to crying tears of joy.

Insane Paul Gosar ranting about AZ audit ... and the "CIA fraud department"

'Rudy is really hurt': Giuliani reportedly banned from Fox News

Where can I watch the comedy show known as the Arizona Fraudit

San Antonio company announces $20 minimum wage for all employees and they're hiring

Who will be the next US Sen. Pres. Pro Tem. after Leahy?If Democrats stay in the majority.

'Vigilante treatments': Anti-vaccine groups push people to leave ICUs

LIVE VIDEO: QAnon Group Issues AZ "Audit" Report

Rusty tool rehab

Haitian migrants cleared from camp at Texas border but controversy continues

Vanderbilt ICU doctor on pregnant COVID patient refusing treatment because "it's not real"

"I'm Each Biden"

PSAKI says Biden has decided he will NOT invoke executive privilege on Trump's behalf

Cyber Ninja fraudit report says Arizona election should not be certified

PG&E charged with manslaughter in California wildfire last year that killed 4

Live feed of Arizona Senate report on Maricopa County audit.

U.S. Athletes Will Be Required to Get COVID-19 Vaccines to Compete at the Winter Olympics

Funniest Pets of 2021 - MEOW

Harris 'View' interview delayed, hosts positive for COVID-19

How a Southern utility guards its monopoly -- and endangers the power grid, critics say


@MTG and @RepDebDingell just got into screaming match on steps of Capitol after MTG heckled Democr

Now Arriving: 300 Airplane Enthusiasts at an In-N-Out Burger Near LAX

I've seen this kabuki before

Official Maricopa County Fact Checking of Fraudit

I need a t-shirt that says Team Dingell

New windows 10 machine

Judge Forces Top Trump Org Lieutenants to Turn Over Key Documents

Official Maricopa County Fact Checking of Fraudit - Thread 2

Even mild COVID-19 can shrink the brain, preliminary research finds

Peter Thiel's Origin Story His ideology dominates Silicon Valley.

Ritualistic artifacts found at 'Temple of the Pharaohs' in Egypt

Vax appointments increase after truck appears to advertise funeral home

GOP Election Truthers Tap a Failed Politician and Conspiracy Theorist for Sham Audit

Partial government shut down

Trump DESTROYED By His Own Audit - The Damage Report

GM Cracks Down on White-Collar Employees Who Haven't Reported Covid-19 Vaccination Status

Have any of you used It's fascinating.

18 states still have not vaccinated at least half of their residents

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats will win to stay in the majority.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 24, 2021

I just found a new season of Madam Secretary on Netflix. Spoiler, inside

Yesterday my live-in son and I went and got our regular yearly flu vaccinations.

How come Greta can still draw a crowd while

This is what professionalism looks like.

Greene heckles Democrats and they fire back on Capitol steps

A nurse I work with who is unvaccinated

By sundown tonight the MAGATS will be convinced Trump won AZ

Lauren Boebert misspells "impeach" on an official statement:

Colombia trying to keep former ICT minister out of prison


just a couple of pictures of German Chancellor Angela Merkel feeding some lorikeets at a bird park

11 indictments, 8 arrests in death of 19-year-old VCU student

Psaki briefing Wednesday:

You know Joe.

Spurs vs Arsenal, City vs Chelsea, Liverpool vs Brentford

Justice Department unseals Capitol riot charges against FreedomWorks organizer

La Nia is about to take the Southwest drought from bad to worse

CNN panel roars with laughter at Trump's 'Cyber Nimrods' for botching their own audit

La palma volcano intensifies!!

Current scene at the Arizona state Capitol: Heavily armed militia present

Michael K. Williams died of an accidental overdose, medical examiner determines

CEO of fast-growing Sound Transit system to step aside

US House blocks defense funds for Colombia's coca spraying

Tweet of the evening:

The Rate of Global Warming During Next 25 Years Could Be Double What it Was in the Previous 50, a Re

US House blocks defense funds for Colombia's coca spraying

Happy Friday everyone. Let's get the party rolling

Idaho school board meeting cancelled, district office on lockdown. Cour D' Alene.

Ask your anti-vax family about this:

Biden does not plan to shield Trump docs in Jan. 6 probe

I'm Your Boogieman -- White Zombie

What do you mean? I don't have anything in my mouth. (Sound up)

What's a cat got to do to get some quality nap time around here?

At what point do these crazy anti-vax positions end up...

In the long run, slow and steady stock-buying easily beats trying to time market dips, experts say

Volunteers give makeover to precarious Three Fingers Lookout

House Investigation of 1/6 Insurrection Issues 4 Subpoenas. Here's an Overview of the Legal Issues

Yes, today is my birthday - September 24th

If Tom Harkin ran for re-election in 2014 and 2020. Would he still be serving in the US Senate?

A Brief History Of Gasoline: Better Things For Deader Living ... Through Chemistry

Think tank: Trump faces 'substantial' legal risk in Georgia case

Nanobodies from llamas hold hope for CoVid-19 treatment(s)

D you know some loud mouthed jerk?

WTH - Total property to get water shut off sometime before midnight...

Prosecutor charged with violently raping woman in her home

Hillary Clinton has just become the first female chancellor of Queen's University Belfast

I think ERs should start doing 'triage' at admit..

Why has Trump not been indicted

Are Centrists in the Thrall of Right-Wing Propaganda? Paul Krugman

AOC has issued a letter to their constituents addressing her "present" vote yesterday:

It's beginning to look a lot like Fall in Wisconsin!

Wendy Rogers fans are posting about killing Maricopa County officials because of the "audit."


In case you missed it...

Well, this is a turn in style and tone for these guys, and I like it

TCM tonight:

Across the Desk - S4:E6 (OK House Rep. Colin Walke (D) - Right Speech

Hummingbirds Swarming Feeders in Ecuador (10+ Different Species Feeding)

She became a park ranger at 85 to tell her story of segregation. 100, she's oldest active ranger.

Seven-seven-what? After 74 years, D.C. braces for a new area code.

The 2022 annual conservative CPAC conference will be held in Budapest

Pa. school district ends ban on list of books by or about people of color after student backlash

A self-identified member of the far right Proud Boys group nicknamed "Milkshake" pleaded not guilty

The Brothers Young along with their friend Cheyenne Grantham cover Bill Monroe's song 'Roanoke'.

It is claimed this happened, twitter: Merkle visits the zoo.

The Brothers Young along with their friend Cheyenne Grantham cover Bill Monroe's song 'Roanoke'.

'You Tell Me What We Should Cut': Sanders Not Budging on $3.5 Trillion

"Questionable" ballots this clown show THINKS it's found do not "favor one presidential candidate"

Donna Summer - Domino

NE: Fentanyl-laced cocaine that caused overdose deaths was stolen from State Patrol evidence locker

Gabriel Yared - Danse de Bella (From "La Lune Dans Le Caniveau")

A metaphor - Trump finds out about the Arizona audit results

Well liked unvaccinated 4th grade teacher in Wake County (NC) dies from COVID

Broken compass

Don't worry about the impending constitutional crisis...

WHY DRAFT REPORTS MATTER Cyber Ninjas made a significant deletion from draft report. DOJ??

Democrats Discussing 2 Options To Change The Filibuster To Pass Voting Rights Laws

Girl With the Dogs: "Today I groomed a Goblin"

Five O Clock World - Hal Ketchum (1953- 2020) RIP

It was just a week ago that Clarence Thomas was claiming that the Supreme Court isn't political.

Trump Lost Again

Serious question

Coeur d'Alene attackers at school board mtg, demanding entry

The school board meeting in Coeur d'Alene has been invaded by a horde of zombies today.

Why Won't Democrats Tax Wealth?

Dedicated to Difficult Women

To vax or not to vax?

I wonder if we could bring back the founding fathers who wrote the "Bill of Rights", what they

Tribe wins major step toward resuming whaling off Washington

"Seasons" - Jim Gaffigan Stand up (Cinco)

This guy always nails it...

The tears of a MAGA

Climate Protesters Rally In 420 German Towns & Cities Ahead of Sunday Election- Greta Thunberg

Anti-Vax Reality Show Couple BOTH Dead of COVID

Idaho school board meeting considering mask mandate shut down by angry mob

We got surprise boosters tonight.

Sen. Grassley's announcement this morning

Jeopardy Spoiler

"WIFI radiation"

Which Herschel Walker is moving to GA to run for Senate against Raphael Warnock?