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Lindsey Graham Predicts the US Military 'Will be Going Back Into Afghanistan'

2020's Biggest Breakthroughs in Physics

Climate change could wipe out iconic California landmarks

Butler County judge denies Ivermectin treatment order for COVID-19 patient

Joe Manchin's budget bill rebuff, the White House isn't worried.

Tennessee ICUs Full Of Vaccine Regret

Labor History In 2 Mins., Rick Smith Show: Sept. 6, 'Bloody Thursday' 1934 Textile Strike

Gov. DeSantis' Net Approval Rating Drops 14 Points Amid Covid Spike, Poll Finds

#TexasWarOnWomen as featured today on @NicolleDWallace 's show @DeadlineWH !

Evictions rise as moratorium ends -- and they can have a lasting impact on renters

Mexico revives dream of San Antonio-to-Monterrey rail service

TFG really does not want you to share these pictures

This is the AZ GOP, this is who they are:

Plans for $400-billion new city in the American desert unveiled

Abbott will sign the voter suppression bill tomorrow at Noon ET. Expect litigation to be filed immed

Cloud busting in Texas

Missouri's union-friendly Democratic Party accused of unfair labor practices

"Any day now....."

Today's deficit fears are baloney, as they always have been

Billy Bragg -- Solidarity Forever!

Outdoor Mask Orders Begin Tuesday In King, Pierce Counties

Judge reverses order forcing OH hospital to give ivermectin

Biden marks Labor Day delivering sandwiches to union members

Major testifies Minneapolis police deleted texts after Floyd protests

Women's March Oct 2, 2021 protests and events announced

D.C.-area forecast: A pleasant Labor Day kicks off a nice September week.

I don't know if y'all remember that snake in my bathroom last winter? (No pics)

TX State Rep.: Greg Abbott Passing Several Extremely Right-Wing Laws Is 'Red Meat' For His Base

Tear The Fascists Down - Woody Guthrie

New Texas voting bill deepens growing disparities in how Americans can cast their ballots

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

11 Republican Representatives Join McCarthy's Obstruction of Congress: Welcome The New Dirty Dozen

In Honor of Labor Day, Sixteen Tons, Tennessee Ernie Ford

Blue Valley family sues Johnson County over order mandating COVID masks in schools

Hurray For The Riff Raff - "Look Out Mama"

If you're beyond 6 weeks pregnant and want some advice on abortion...

Abortion laws vs. Body Autonomy - copied from Twitter and Facebook

TCM tonight:10:15 pm The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1968)

Sunset along the Avon Canal, England

Amazing Sand Sculpture by Andoni Bastorrika

See How The GOP Is Openly Trying To Thwart The Jan. 6 Probe - The Beat - MSNBC

*Laurie Garrrett on MSNBC now,

couple thought covid was political game now he is dead

The Grapes of Wrath- John Steinbeck's 1939 Novel About The Dustbowl, Great Depression 1930s

In my opinion. Abbott and Dethsantis have been identified by the GOP

The number of US Senate seats the Democrats are likely to have after 2022 is 52.

The Ghost of Tom Joad -- Bruce Springsteen

Are we making this harder than it needs to be? isn't' the answer dirty ads?

Trump Org Probe Heats Up As More Staffers Testify - The Beat - MSNBC

Where the hell is the Justice Department and Merrick Garland on McCarthy and 11 other Republicans?

Help if any techies are on.

In red California, Trump's lies about a rigged election echo among recall supporters

The depth of stupid in my family, I'm embarrassed to say. RW relative says Germany is "socialist"

As kids get sick and die, the Arkansas legislature worries about its power and appeasing the MAGA

Accidently got into a Black Sabbath groove today

Lin Wood: now sharing his medicalexpertise!

Jon Meacham Believes Biden's Empathetic 9/11 Address 'Will Be Intuitive To Him' - Deadline - MSNBC

The Grapes of Wrath- John Steinbeck's 1939 Novel On The Dustbowl, Great Depression 1930s, NYT

Firebrand Myanmar monk Wirathu released from prison

A website for 'whistleblowers' to expose Texas abortion providers was taken down -- again

*Barack Obama: A Promised Land, MSNBC now.

Oh women are furious...And that is a good thing.

Still here in The Black Sabbath neighborhood

Rep. Lee On TX Abortion Law: We're Going To Do Something In Congress Very Quickly - MSNBC

Ya got me reeling ya got me rocking, ya got me almost outta my mind

QAnon & Sovereign Citizens Are Coming for the Child Welfare System

Happy, sweet and healthy New Year.

The Daily Show - Eye on Texas: Ted Cruz, Immigration, and Blaming AOC

Methinks he doth protest too much.

I have no fucks to give 0 for anyone refusing the vaccine and then getting covid

Lee statue to be removed from Richmond's Monument Avenue, Wed, Sep 8 !!!!

More Conservative hypocrisy.

While others at MSNBC take the day off, NIccole Wallace is discussing the TX abortion bill.

At the craft show

Why is it taking forever to nominate a permanent FDA Commissioner?

Sostarting tomorrow, we are back on "remote learning" but we can't call it that because of funding

4 Americans escape Afghanistan by land - ABC News

Vietnamese man jailed for five years for spreading coronavirus

Depression 1932, 'Bonus Army' March On DC- Broke WWI Vets Try To Cash War Bonds, Gen Sm. Butler: PBS

Cheap Hotel Commercial Comfort Love Song

Tweet of the late night:

Texas Republicans pull HORRIFIC stunt In dead of night - No Lie podcast

The Group of Seven

Texas Democrat on whether women can LEAVE Texas for abortions (Interview with Rep. Gina Hinojosa)

Mary Trump on GQP Psychology and Why We Need to GET ANGRY! [Full Episode] - MeidasTouch

The Traitor Robert E. Lee Finally Gets His Just Desserts

Health officials quietly moved the date of the 1st US COVID-19 death to January 2020

"You have just insulted a woman. This card is chemically treated. In three days your

The sharks smell blood.

Alphonso David, Who Advised Cuomo, Fired as Human Rights Campaign President

Managing Our Wild Horses to Extinction - It Turns Political

Epic Rap Battles of History- Rasputin v. Stalin

The number of US Senate seats that the Democrats are likely to have after 2022 if 52.

Anti-Vax Father Of 2 Dies Of COVID After Calling Vaccine 'Political' - The Rational National

People who've had COVID, twice as likely to get reinfected than those who get vaccinated, CDC says

Young Thug - Tick Tock [Official Video]

Arizona interest in anti-mask school vouchers outpaces funds

Judge refuses to block new Arizona sports betting law

PBS: Chef Tu David Phu's "Brief but Spectacular" take on the memory of food

(Jewish Group) A year without RBG: Mourning and celebrating the Jewish legend on her yahrtzeit

A year without RBG: Mourning and celebrating the Jewish legend on her yahrtzeit

Union Scene - 'Matewan' Film By John Sayles, WVa Mine Wars

(Jewish Group) An Afghan refugee struggled to get her family out of the country. She says a Jewish..

Bolsonaro Revokes the National Security Law with Vetoes

Thousands gather for pro-Bolsonaro rallies as critics fear for democracy

(Jewish Group) London police arrest suspect in 6 recent assaults on Jews

(Jewish Group) A brief history of Rosh Hashanah, the kickoff to the Jewish New Year

Reinecke, d'Indy, Bloch

Colombia's government critics victim of 'illegal smear campaign'

Bob Rae on political violent Conservative mobs stalking Trudeau at his election stops

Alex Murdaugh accused by his firm of misusing funds a day before reporting being shot

Any news doc?

Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio reports to prison tonight to start his sentence. [Watch]

☦ Orthodox Christian: Messianic Praise

Mandy Patinkin singing "my friend, Debbie Friedman's" Mi Shebeirach to his dog

Senator Hirono: We're Going To do Everything We Can To Codify Roe V. Wade - MSNBC

Wendell Pierce (Bunk) on Michael K Williams

something i just saw on facebook

Chicago discovers almost century-old film archive masterpiece - Al Jazeera

Women's March Oct 2, 2021 protests and events announced

Sharia Law

Millions Of People Are Missing From CDC COVID Data As States Fail To Report Cases

Every 2021 TV Show Premiere Date You Need to Know About

Boebert paid someone to take her GED "after she failed it for the second time."

Anthony Bourdain with Michael k. Williams and "Marlo". Also clip from Colbert

Ex-FBI official says law enforcement needs to take upcoming right-wing rally in DC 'very seriously'

'Abbott has failed us': Doctors lash out at Texas GOP for reckless COVID-19 policies

'Abbott has failed us': Doctors lash out at Texas GOP for reckless COVID-19 policies

Rawlings sporting goods turns it's back on American Workers

Files: Arkansas mental-health site used 'inappropriate' force on kids

Lawyers for ex-state senator Gilbert Baker ask to delay retrial on federal bribery, wire-fraud

Health experts fear COVID-19 spike after busy holiday weekend - NewsNation Now

Scott Baio rallying for Larry Elder

tweet of the hour

Despite vaccines' positive impact, unvaccinated hotspots and delta raise COVID numbers- PBS NewsHour

My sister and brother-in-law have COVID Pneumonia.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

MLB Umpire Leaves Game Following Scary Moment

Charles Dickens warned us

Labor History: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Disaster, NYC, March 25, 1911: Work Safety Laws

U.S. "losing" battle to keep young kids safe from COVID-19, doctor says - CBS News

Central Texas runs out of ICU beds for first time since pandemic began

*The American President on Showtime now.

Georgia Republicans Ignore Trump's Corruption In Order To Investigate Stacey Abrams - Ring of Fire

The I-Won't-Kill-You Card - Mark Fiore

'No point in anything else': Gen Z members flock to climate careers

Maybe the Texas abortion and voter restriction laws are a good thing...

What a thunderstorm!

Anita Ward - Ring My Bell

DEADLY wrong as it turns out...

14th September... Get all of the Democratic CA voters out to vote "No" on the recall of their Gov.

Biden marks Labor Day delivering sandwiches to union members

Biden marks Labor Day delivering sandwiches to union members

The Plot Thickens in SC murder case

Partying Returns to the Hamptons

Body of missing Richmond woman found in Glacier National Park

Bozeman-area menagerie used for films, photo shoots ordered to shut down

Where will Wyoming's displaced fossil fuel workers go?

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Tuesday TOONs - If They Were Really Serious...

Gatherings, evacuations during and after Ida worry epidemiologists as COVID delta surge continues

Breakfast Tuesday 7 September 2021

Eight days after Hurricane Ida, 71 percent of New Orleans electricity restored

A peaceful moment for you today

Want some good news about TFG? Yahoo: "Trump in advanced talks to sell D.C. hotel."

Is Abbott responsible for the spreading of Delta, and the newer variant Mu in Texas?

Union workers propel Newsom in waning days of recall campaign

Union workers propel Newsom in waning days of recall campaign

This week's major U.S. economic reports (September 6 - September 10)

Question about Covid antibodies,

in this iron man cartoon from 1994, an unidentified military jet fires missiles at the twin towers,

Louisiana Shell refinery left spewing chemicals after Hurricane Ida

US-built databases a potential tool of Taliban repression

The Way I See It

Louisiana nursing home owner who warehoused patients is a political donor

We ain't got no excuse

Joe Manchin's Business Legacy: Filthy Coal, Air & Water Pollution, Workplace Deaths, Ash Dumps

After Ida Nails NY, Fox Cuts Briefing; Officials Were "Getting Political" By Mentioning Warming

Say hello to handstanding spotted skunks, 'the acrobats of the skunk world'

Mike Lindell claims spreading lies about Dominion Voting Systems is good for business

Justin Trudeau hit by stones on campaign trail

As Of September 6th, Caifornia's Three Biggest Wildfires Total 1,315,155 Acres; Dixie 58% Contained

Nizar Banat: The death shaking the Palestinian leadership

Gym Jordan gets jabbed on Twitter after screwing up basic US History..

Windmill Cancer

Military doctors shore up exhausted health teams in US south amid Covid surge

"Tough on crime" and "law and order" need to be scrapped from our political vocabularies

No Way Billionaires Will Allow Tax Increases On Corporations - Them


Question about Covid infections and deaths

Trump Praised Senders of Death Threats to Georgia Officials as 'My People'

I'll like to see these two things looked in to,

25 Largest European Banks Not Even Close To Ready On Climate, Despite Copious PR & Greenwashing

How Long Was The War In Afghanistan?

The Rundown: September 7, 2021

Prisoners-Immigrants-The Sick-The Poor-Widows-Orphans??? -They all get thrown under bus for unborn

A sad sign of our societal priorities.

Labor: Constitutional Peasants Scene, 'Anarcho- Syndicalist' Monty Python

If the Texas Republicans were really serious about unwanted pregnancies.

The Latest COVID-19 Surge Is Just the Start of a New Nightmare

Franklin Graham: Hurricanes will continue as long as gays are allowed to live on east coast

Any DUers in East Texas? Abbott will be in Tyler signing Jim Crow bill today. Protest will meet him

McCarthy threat offers dark preview of possible Republican House Analysis

Calls for violence online similar to before January 6 Capitol attack, DHS Intel chief says

Worker Rights- A New Deal, FDR's First 100 Days: Assault On The Depression

If fetuses could say they didn't want to be raised in areas that should be declared Superfund sites

Ex-FBI official says law enforcement needs to take upcoming right-wing rally in DC 'very seriously'

Florida universities shy from stronger COVID rules. They won't say why.

Myanmar opposition calls for national uprising against army

Shana Tova, my friends

Union Song: Pete Seeger- Which Side Are You On?

Artificial Intelligence

Cool rendition of the Oval Office through the last 15ish Presidents

TLP : Ivermectin

Finally got a photo of the copper undertone developing in Squeaky's coat.

Occupy Democrats is not a valid site to be posting material from, including their tweets. OD pushes

@NorahODonnell : Military has failed to address domestic violence, survivors say:

Taliban fire in air to disperse protesters, arrest reporters

Environmental groups call for postponement of climate talks

Trump meme. Sadly says it all. 🕯😢

Buddy Holly was born on this date.

A question about a person reporting COVID

UK opens public inquiry into proposed new deep coal mine

Chrissie Hynde has a birthday today.

Brutal attack prompts Spanish PM to hold hate crime meeting

Cartoon: GOP stampede By Clay Jones -September 7, 2021 9:20 AM

Climate change pushes New Zealand to warmest recorded winter

Mehdi Hasan on demands to respect Trump voters & anti-vaxxers:

EU to seek daily fines against Poland over justice concerns

US: Afghan evacuees who fail initial screening Kosovo-bound

Funniest Fish And Seal Videos - Purr Purr

I am taking a whirlwind trip through New England the first week of October

Vatican won't say if women can vote in 2023 church meeting

Nothing sacred: From Jefferson to Jan. 6, America's toxic mythologies are destroying us

RIP Michael K. Williams

Germany protests to Russia over pre-election cyberattacks

Industry group backs global carbon price for large ships

In the upside down Bizarro world, Dr. Fauci is the villain and Ron Deathsantis the hero. In other ne

Derek Delgaudio and "In and of Itself"

Anne Applebaum Writes Of 'New Puritans' In Latest Atlantic Piece

Random fantasy football money leagues

Tripwire boss steps down over support for Texas abortion law

Tripwire boss steps down over support for Texas abortion law

Rachel Maddow....

Pic Of The Moment: Somehow, Republicans Still Want To Call Themselves The Party Of "Law & Order"

Treasonous Republican Congressman in FL who voted to overturn the election

UN experts condemn Texas abortion law as sex discrimination 'at its worst'

UN experts condemn Texas abortion law as sex discrimination 'at its worst'

New LP ad!

Alibaba sexual assault case dropped as China police say 'forcible indecency' not a crime

20 meat and dairy firms emit more greenhouse gas than Germany, Britain or France

The Rude Pundit: Have You Read That Destructive Texas Anti-Choice Law? It's Hot, Harmful Garbage

Environmental groups call for postponement of climate talks

Jose Diaz-Balart returning to MSNBC for new show

It's shocking that Caitlyn Jenner isn't doing better in CA!!

Idaho enacts crisis hospital care standards amid COVID surge

Egypt accused of widespread state-sanctioned killings of dissidents

Netflix - Trailer - Hellbound

The scream of self-discovery

Ohio judge reverses court order that forced hospital to treat Covid patient with ivermectin

'Forever chemicals' found at three Michigan military bases near the Great Lakes

German election: Merkel attacks left as polls point to defeat

Good Day DU (September 7, 2021)

Oregon House boasts record number of women, after swearing-in of Rep. Christine Goodwin, R-Roseburg

When does the 1/6 committee meet again?

A research group at MIT has completed an analysis of everything I have

The groundbreaking nature of Michael K. Williams' character of Omar Little from The Wire.

The Butterfly Effect - Buffalo Bills

Man falls from cliff, dies during visit to Upper Peninsula's Presque Ile Park

Trump's Long Campaign to Steal the Presidency: A Timeline

Cops Lie To Paramedics After Brutalizing Woman - Rebel HQ

I did it. Bought a 6-month supply of Ivermectin this morning.

Schools become political 'battlefield' in culture wars Trump cultivated

1982 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 54 deaths

Democrats make vaccine mandates their closing issue in California recall

Hopefully, I am permitted to ask this: if it was appropriate to shoot Ms Babbitt as she was

A generation of American men give up on college

On Jan. 6 attack, key Republicans act like they have something to hide

Ex-FBI official says law enforcement needs to take upcoming right-wing rally in DC 'very seriously'

Portland, Oregon To Vote on Emergency Resolution Banning Trade with TX in Response to Abortion Law

Far Cry 3 - PC - Free till 9/11/2021

Paul Krugman: The snake oil theory of the modern right

Afghanistan: The 'undefeated' Panjshir Valley - an hour from Kabul

Of interest to Zuikophiles only (users of formerly Olympus, henceforth OMDS, cameras)

It's not COVID that's killing people, it's hospital protocols

The Texas Abortion Law Is A Blueprint For Republican Tyranny

The Taliban violently crushes 'one of the largest' protests against them thus far

America needs to decide how much Covid-19 risk it will tolerate

Jason "Smoothie" Miller detained in Brazil

Timeline: Fox News has repeatedly promoted ivermectin as a therapeutic treatment for COVID-19

Some visual dad jokes

US is now thoroughly mediocre in its vaccination rate compared to most of W Europe and Scandinavia

Who here remembers the leatrile controversy?

In Brazil, Bolsonaro Is Plotting a Trump-Like Coup to Try and Save His Flailing Regime

Here's a reality check

These corporations bankrolled the sponsors of Texas' abortion ban

Voter suppression bill is signed into law in Texas

"The narcissism here -- waging war against school masking when you have no kids..."

GOP's Promised Jan. 6 Probe Has One Problem: No One Wants It

COVID-denier in Nebraska coughs on shoppers at a supermarket

Finally, a journalist put Andrea Mitchel in her unpatriotic place. And Andrea has to apologize.

Brazil on edge as Bolsonaro supporters march on Congress

Osprey still here 2 years ago!

Enrique Tarrio reporting to jail. Insurrection prosecutions are no deterrence.

Justice delayed is justice denied?

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs law creating new voting restrictions as opponents sue in federal court

Photos: Biden arrives in NJ

El Salvador bought $21 million of bitcoin as it becomes first country to make it a legal currency

Nicolle Wallace skewers TX GOP & Greg Abbott 'Pro disease & Death Indifferent' 'anti-science.'

Abbott just signed his corrupt voter suppression bill (TX)... Lawsuit on the way per Marc Elias

In 1973 I finished high school, passed my test for union training.

Minnesota State Patrol deleted emails, texts after George Floyd protests, testimony reveals

Texas Abortion Snitching Site Now Shares Web Host With Far-Right Extremists

LIVE: President Biden Receives a Briefing from Local Leaders on the Impacts of Hurricane Ida

Cartoons 9/7/2021

Biden to campaign for Newsom in California 'early next week'

Reinventing the Depression-era Federal Writers' Project could help reintroduce America to itself

Texas AG Ken Paxton: Abortion bounties on women is 'what the Founders intended'

Howard Cancels Tuesday Classes After University Hit With Ransomware Attack

Sanders pushes back at Manchin on $3.5T spending plan

Questions for trumpbutts.

What Afganistan Was and What it Wasn't: It was not a Biden "botch" or "disaster"

MAGA Preparing Encore Performance Of January 6 Capitol Riot

Laxalt hints at legal fights ahead of 2022 US Senate race

Charlottesville City Manager fires Police Chief RaShall Brackney

DeathSantis is a lying POS: Tuesday Morning Edition

Lincoln Project: "Join the herd. Talk to your doctor today if you think Ivermectin is right for you"

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Marc Elias has filed first lawsuit against texas voter suppression bill


Anti-poverty group ranks Texas one of the worst states for working women, regardless of abortion law

Marc Elias has filed first lawsuit against texas voter suppression bill

McEnany is in her own world.

Fill in the blank: I dip my ___________ in ketchup. Oh! You can't say fries/chips. [View all]

The CNP, Bannon, & the Brazilian & US Capital coup

Kayleigh McEnany is gaslighting America (CNN)

THE CNP, BANNON, FLYNN , MILLER. JCohen compiles the US Capitol & Brazilian coup

Georgia football coach Kirby Smart says Bulldogs experiencing 'highest spike' of COVID-19

As blue roofs near installation in Louisiana, state leaders push for wider qualifications

Update from New Orleans (I would kill for a hot meal)

New Studies Find Evidence Of 'Superhuman' Immunity To COVID-19 In Some Individuals

Spam calls

Jason Miller detained at Brazil airport - trying for a January 6th type coup for Bolsonaro?

Teachers struggle to deprogram kids from QAnon and anti-vax beliefs after parents radicalize

How Come There's No Karen Porn?

So, American Crime Story: Impeachment, starts on our FX channel tonight.....I am gonna watch it.

Deja Q: QAnon John's Las Vegas Convention Loses Its Venue

NEW gaming info and fun site

Goose Walks On Her Dog Brother's Head To Wake Him Up

Taliban name caretaker Cabinet that pays homage to old guard

The One Subject You Really Need to Study: Your Own Childhood

Sophie says, I'm Outta Here! This fishing stuff is BOR-ING!

Texas, Where Republican Leaders Have Gaslighted Us All

Essential workers to receive up to $1,250 starting Sept. 22

Breaking Brett

Closing of reformatory sparks inmates' fears at Monroe prison

Get vaccinated or else: Colleges roll out new punishments for holdouts

New York, New Jersey to Receive FEMA Aid Following Storm Damage

Mary Trump Says THIS is One of the Most Diabolic Things Her Uncle Donald Did - MeidasTouch

Man called 911 to report a Tesla hit him, but the vehicle's cameras told a different story

Abbott: Texas will 'eliminate' rapists, give victims six weeks to get abortion

Rep. Gym Jordan Gets Jabbed On Twitter After Screwing Up Basic U.S. History

Russia's Gas Squeeze Exposes Europe's Low Reserves

UPDATE: At Least 57 Texans Face Charges In The Wake Of The U.S. Capitol Siege

Canada's Trudeau hit by gravel on campaign trail dogged by anti-vax hecklers

Well, I ALMOST got a clear photo of Gwenllian. Awake, she rarely holds still.

DeSantis Gets Vital History Lesson From Fauci Over 'Completely Incorrect' Vaccine Claim

About all those "hostages" in Afghanistan.

Companies: AT&T and UnitedHealth donated over $100,000 to Texas lawmakers behind new abortion law

Does anyone here watch Fox? Do they just not

The Lost Greek Cities of Central Asia

Even if a company has a Covid policy doesn't mean

Lullaby of Birdland- Mariah Carey

I think I've been looking at vaccine passports all wrong.

Its working folks

Bird on a bear photograph a stroke of luck for local mechanic

Question: Can I ask a health care provider (dental student) if they are vaccinated?

Second lawsuit filed against Texas voter suppression law

Second lawsuit filed against Texas voter suppression law

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Horse Dewormer Poisonings Are Fake News

Ivermectin Causes Male Impotence

I lost a friend last weekend

'You keep Fluffy. We don't want Fluffy.' L.A. County animal shelters try a new approach

Abby Broyles challenges Bice for CD-5, vows to focus on people of district

Mexico decriminalizes abortion, a dramatic step in world's second-biggest Catholic country

What the hell is going on in Brazil?

Pelosi rejects Manchin's call for a 'pause,' shows little willingness to pare back $3.5 trillion bil

President Biden Tours Storm Damage In Manville, N.J.

In rural Oklahoma, suspicions run high while vaccination rates stay low

I keep looking, trying to find all those Democratic child abusers/traffickers. But all

De Blasio admits 'no plan' in place to handle illegal NYC apartments that led to 11 deaths

What's This Massive Sucking Sound Where The Washington Post Used To Be?

Rep. Strom: Restaurant industry's hiring problem due to better-paying jobs elsewhere

60 years ago, today, President Kennedy payed Flint Michigan a visit, and rode in a new Buick

Top Secret Government Alien UFO Invasion Film

Count not the day lost! I was puzzled last evening as I happened to notice that all of the

The great Atlantic Golden Retriever run (Twitter video)

Union Song: Solidarity Forever - Tom Morello

How a Pfizer lab stays ahead of COVID-19 variants

New TX Voting Law Weaponizes "debunked accusations of voter fraud"

Federal regulators to review Amtrak's request to restore Gulf Coast service.

Is Colbert on or off this week?

How do I gift a member some membership $ to help that member be ad free?

Would you support a U.S. military coup?

Even Epik Says the Texas Abortion "Whistleblower" Site Violates its Rules

Abbott said the state will "eliminate rape" so victims won't have to have their rapist's baby...

TCM tonight:8:00 pm Annie (1982)

Keep an eye folks

Erik Cowie of "Tiger King" has died

RW Richard Spencer's Russian ex-wife had a voice on MSM

Absent staff prompts third Tulsa Public Schools site's pivot to distance learning

LIVE 4 PM: Biden delivers remarks on Ida's impact in the Northeast

Federal regulators to review Amtrak's request to restore Gulf Coast service.

Texas candidate has a winning campaign message

It just seems to me that if one gets a religious exemption from a Covid jab ...

I wish I didn't have to say this

Another Gov. Kevin Stitt Cabinet secretary to resign

On this date 1978, Keith Moon passed away

The vaccine debate keeps denying the moral agency of people who refuse vaccinations


Can a woman in Texas get the "morning after" pill through the mail?

The Secret History of Rosh Hashanah

Abbott Signed Jim Crow Voter Law - Held Press Conference Full Of Lies

Idaho hospitals begin rationing health care amid COVID surge

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Mexican Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion in historic shift

Posted without comment

Happy birthday Chrissie Hynde!


Nope. Nope. Nope.

Mexico Supreme Court rules criminalizing abortion is unconstitutional

Just saw this thread. As we've been messing about with post processing I thought

Manchin's daughter helped jack up the price of epipens

Anyone hear about that South Carolina lawyer who was shot months after his family was murdered

Is Joe Manchin Meeting with Mitch McConnell?

The likely number of US Senate seats that the Democrats will have after 2022 is 53

Federal lawsuit filed to overturn Wisconsin's ban on disabled people getting unemployment benefits

Owl eye butterflies

Climate change is causing some animals to "shape shift"

Pupper is way more ready to start the day than kitteh is:

America is now thoroughly mediocre in its vaccination rate compared to ...

Are women still allowed to vote in Texas? Own property in their own name? Enter into valid

Trey Anastasio's Rig Rundown, 9/1/21

To the women of Texas and America too

Your 'personal choice' not to get COVID vaccine is putting our 'healthcare heroes' at risk

Mommy cat showing her kitten to the new family member:

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept 7, 2021

The likely number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is 51.

re abortion: Larry Elder... will "veto anything that's going in the wrong direction"

Jill Biden returns to the classroom as a working first lady.

Texas has the highest number of forcible rape cases IN AMERICA

LOL...Joel Osteen

Important life lessons:

**NEW** The man who started the movement to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom has COVID-19

Biden to address pandemic-weary nation

Poll shows big majority of Latinos oppose Newsom recall

Patient livid after hospital cancels surgery due to COVID surge

Trump at Iowa State Fairgrounds, right in the middle of the Planned Parenthood Booksale

Texas GOP bets on hard right turn amid changing demographics

tweet of the minute

Adorable baby kangaroo wants his milk stat!

A question for all the masons and bricklayers out there:

Chingon with a fantastic cover

California voters rejected 'zero bail.' Now lawmakers weigh new overhaul of system

"Impossible" chicken nuggets on the way...

Video shows unruly passenger growling, screaming 'Joe Biden' on American Airlines flight

Meanwhile, San Francisco archbishop compares pro-choice advocates to Southern segregationists

Tennessee: Roughly 1 in 75 Tennesseans have COVID-19 as active cases, hospitalizations continue to r

My missing ballot.

Arizona A.G.: Tucson employee vaccine mandate is illegal

tonites din is homemade stir fry veggies. chopped ham. and rice .

Sam Cunningham, who starred at USC and in NFL, dies at 71

'This is code red.' Biden visits areas of New York and New Jersey hit hard by Ida.

Liberal Redneck - "Un-American" Vaccine Mandates

Dispatches from the Cray Cray

Ford plant spilled 1,400 gallons of gas into city sewers, forcing evacuations and production halt

Tribes lose bid to block digging at lithium mine in Nevada

COVID VACCINES ARE CHANGING OUR LIVES. Especially for the stupid people who refuse to get one.

TFG backs challenger to third House Republican who voted to impeach his pathetic ass

I am going to be real here

Working at Tesla

3.3 million people could be lifted out of poverty with a proposal in Democrats' $3.5 trillion bill

Armed U.S. Citizens Caught On Way to Afghanistan, Raising Concerns of Rogue Civilian Operations

Biden asks for funding to help bring 95,000 Afghans to US

Chicken Provencal

State Senator Decries Labor Day as 'Communist Holiday'

Over a quarter million peds covid infections last week


Anybody Watching "The Ultimate Surfer"?.....

Texas voting and abortion laws lead to renewed calls for filibuster reform in Congress

Florida Councilman Who Mocked Dr. 'Falsey' Fauci Is Hospitalized With Severe COVID

Antibiotics may raise colon cancer risk, massive study suggests

U.S. CDC warns against travel to Sri Lanka, Jamaica, and Brunei or What Happens when you put

One of TFG's most damaging legacies is somehow getting worse

Gov. Greg Abbott calls special legislative session for redistricting, other conservative priorities

Astronauts spot Hurricane Larry from space (photos)

Thousands of anti-Taliban fighters can return 'anytime': Massoud

Trump's big lies reveal a truth: Right-wing science denial was never about ignorance, just cruelty

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South Dakota governor orders restrictions on abortion meds

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