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Taliban Rules Impose Chaperones on Afghan Women

4 Things to Remember About Trump Putin and Ukraine Conflict: CNN

Israel to Host First-Ever Summit of Arab Diplomats

Ukraine: India 'feeling the heat' over neutrality

"Immeasurable Kindness"

Not only Shoigu, others disappear too

White House Prepares For Second Booster

Pope Francis Laments War in Ukraine Without Taking Sides

Ukraine War: Joe Biden says Vladimir Putin 'cannot remain in power'

Moscow Mitch's Confederate Flag Photo Resurfaces as He Announces He Will Oppose Ketanji Brown

annnnnd... We are on fire again...

Ukraine War: Lviv outskirts under attack

Russia will likely default with April 4 payment due of $2.2 billion, experts say

The Daily Show: Dulce Sloan Reacts to SCOTUS Hearings

U.S. engaged in "contingency planning" for Russian strike on NATO territory

Tweet of the Night:

Taylor Hawkins had 10 substances in his system when he died, officials say

TCM tomorrow:

People's Convoy faces April 7 deadline to vacate Hagerstown Speedway, seeks new area base

WWOOO!! New Stabbing Westward

Washington state plans to ban most non-electric vehicles by 2030

Washington state plans to ban most non-electric vehicles by 2030

*Exploring Benjamin Franklin A Film by Ken Burns

A small Missouri radio station is airing a Russian radio program full of propaganda amid the invasio

The Workers of Texas - Beto O'Rourke

Ship engine makers cut ties with Russia as maritime trade pressure grows

A good white ex-cop has interesting advice for black men stopped by cops: Listen to Chris Rock!

Lindsey Graham's Attempted Smear Of Onetime Buddy Biden Spectacularly Backfires

New York City to crack down on homeless encampments

by Robert Reich:

Colter Wall

Craziness from Marjorie Taylor Greene

Critics Clamor For Clarence Thomas To Quit, Be Impeached Or Recuse Himself From Cases

Toobin: Why Ginni Thomas' texts around 1/6 are problematic

Video: Eight kangaroos evacuated in a van from Ukraine's Feldman Eco Park 🦘

Clapper: Biden's Putin comments may have been intended for a specific audience

Video: Lviv Philharmonic performed from Concert Hall now a warehouse for refugees

A Marvelous Ice & Snow Simulation Created in Unreal Engine 5

Lack of new construction and corporate landlords contributing to skyrocketing rent

I can never get past this version of Pokey LaFarge. This was one of the best bands -

Sundae 🍨 Morning Good Mood Jazz & Bossa Nova for a Happy Weekend

Allison Gill on Ukraine & When Will Justice Come to Trump... - Political Voices Network

Clarence and Ginny Thomas you no good fucking traitor scumbags

Eagles - Desperado

Pro-Putin Republicans heap praise on Kremlin (Financial Times)

Can't stop thinking about all the non human life in Ukraine

Justice Dept court filing reveals how Jan 6 rioters allegedly "trashed" & fleeced Sen Merkley's ofc

Imagine your reviews if your bad guy was as obviously evil as this batch of Republicans.

Defence of Ukraine: The Nazis have returned. Exactly 80 years later.

"This man cannot remain in power"

January 6 committee members want to subpoena Thomas' wife

Smocking Gun: Who is Ginni Thomas's 'Best Friend' that she mentioned to Mark Meadows.

Calls for Thomas recusal intensify

Ukraine War Update 3

'Impeachment Material': Ginni's Jan. 6 texts

Amazon tries to stave off union drive on two fronts

Foo Fighters - Everlong (live at Wembley, 2008). RIP, Taylor

Colorado wildfire forces evacuation orders for 19,000 people

Tweet of the Late Night:

The Daily Show - Cruz Missile PR: Turn Your Book Into a Best Seller

Biden To Announce Tax on Billionaires In 2023 Budget Plan - 'Tax on Richest 700 Americans'

Some covers are worth the listen. Leo's version of Elton's "Your Song" is one

Foo Fighters entire concert from Chile the other night. Taylor singing Somebody to Love...

Be Not Afraid - The Lincoln Project

Gotta complain about season 2 of Picard (spoilers)


MTG is an idiot ep #1,649,278

Q nuts in Congress, a Q nut married to a SCOTUS judge...

1978 jams. I heard that we all love the music from when we were 16 or so


Tonight's MAGA rally features a dance cam.

Two presidents, two realities!

Free COVID-19 tests ending for uninsured Americans

Sarah Jarosz.

Ok, it's time for bed. I'm hankering for a hunka cheese right about now

"Incredibly emotional."

Under NY law, Gov. Hochul could direct Letitia James to take over the DJT prosecution Bragg dropped.

Ukrainian invasion takes bad turn -- for Russia

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'Psalm 102'/'Bless the Lord, O My Soul'

This Is A Tough Act to Follow... - Political Voices Network

The Scary Moment Khanyisa Gets a Fright at Seeing a Rhino & the Whole Elephant Herd Come Running

Duane Allman & Boz Scaggs - Loan Me A Dime (1969)

Bonus Tweet of the Day

☦ Eastern Orthodox Church: Sermon "Fear Is The Mind Killer"

GOP Politician Wants to Execute Trans Rights Backers

Latin America's mixed message about Russia's war in Ukraine is deplorable, and it will hurt the regi

Othello's obsession..

Enhanced Video of J6 Bomber...

How 'The Trump Of India' Is Supporting Putin

Former KOMO Reporter Says He Didn't Intend to Blast Out Proud Boys Propaganda, Issues Non-apology screws up a headline on periodic geological events

Russian forces are using white phosphorus against Ukrainians.

HaHa. "Antiracist Baby" and "Stampled (For Kids)" now bestsellers

What should NATO do (re: Ukraine)?

I recently posted that 32% of people polled own a gun. That's a 2020 number.

What Makes This Song Great: The Pretender by Foo Fighters

The Long Crusade of Clarence and Ginni Thomas

cross post from the other group

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Tells Audience: 'I Don't Have A Whole Lot Of Wisdom'

Butcher of Mariupol: Russian Colonel behind horrific civilian attacks identified

#FailedCoupGuy is trying to talk like a human, and failing miserably:

Sundae 🍨

President Biden: Poland has taken 'significant responsibility' in welcoming Ukraine refugees

The rise and evolution of Russia's oligarchs - Washington Post

President Biden's full speech in Poland

Pasco man who spent months planning to kill random victim gets life sentence

Hillary Clinton met Russian agent in 2016

Security expert gathers evidence of war crimes in Kharkiv

Foo Fighters- These Days

Harry Potter Author Slams Putin After Russian President Includes Her In 'Cancel Culture' Rant

Russian generals are getting killed at an extraordinary rate

'We Will Win Or Putin Will Lose'

Stray Cat Brings Kittens To Police Station Where She Was Fed

Happy birthday, Madam Speaker!

If you have ACORN definitely check out "The GOod Karma Hospital"

Hero vet is crossing into Ukraine to rescue animals trapped in the conflict - SWNS

just watched "Spies of Warsaw: on AMazon today.

Taylor Hawkins' last performance of "Somebody To Love" from Foo Fighters' 3/20/22 Argentina concert

There can be only one...

This echoes comments made here about Russian Generals getting killed

Ketanji Brown Jackson's husband wears socks featuring presidents and founding fathers

Was able to get a 2nd booster today

"F-you Russian warship soldiers" have been released in prisoner exchange.

Ukrainian mother describes what life is like amid war - NewsNation Prime

Jill Biden: A ferocious drummer, dedicated father, and dear friend gone far too soon.

Foo Fighters: Tom Sawyer w/ audience member Brian on vocals :D

A call for arms:The weapons that Ukraine needs

Why does McConnell oppose a black woman for the Supreme Court?

DC Attorney General files complaint against Pepco for 'systemically mishandling' solar panel project

Disabled Russian veterans of Ukraine very emotional during awards ceremony

More Russian insanity: "Denazify" Poland, the Baltics, Moldova and Kazakhstan

Doggie "Mascot of Chernihiv": bomb-sniffing dog

Mazzy Star- Into Dust

Ronnie, Talk to Russia

Prince - Dear Mr. Man (Live At Webster Hall - April 20, 2004)

Prince & The New Power Generation - My Name Is Prince (Official Music Video)

Money Don't Matter 2 Night

ABBA - Fernando

Ketanji Brown Jackson is the most popular Supreme Court nominee in years

Fleetwood Mac - Sara

Erotic City (Dance Mix)

Ammon Bundy pays himself thousands in campaign cash

employee left his "plan" on his desk

Tears For Fears - The Tipping Point

Crystal Ball - Prince

Tears For Fears - Woman In Chains ft. Oleta Adams

Evolution will be Colorized - Prince + NPG - The War

Bjork : Army of Me - Slava Ukraini

Everything's Over - Darling Cruel

Prince, I Wonder

Oliver's House

Firefighters battling Hudson Valley blaze find nearly 100 cats

Ice Cream Castles - The Time

PRINCE LIVE PartyUp (Paris 06-04-81)

I was going to post a time traveling joke

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Hey Moe Hey Moe Edition

I'm Wowed! Be Not Afraid: The Lincoln Project


A fable for these times: Who's going to bell the cat?

NYTimes Wordle 3/27

Breakfast Sunday 27 March 2022

BBC: The medieval-era boats hiding in the River Foyle, Northern Ireland

SS Central America: Haunting photos recovered the 'ship of gold' wreck on ocean floor

BBC: Your pictures on the theme of 'into the blue', March 27, 2022.

tree service owner continually illegally dumps tree debris despite fines. now arrested.

Biden's Schedule for Sunday, March 27, 2022

Shot seen around the world

Joe delivers

Quick breakfast the Pillsbury frozen biscuits butter or southern delicious

Convoy news for Sunday, March 27, 2022, for DC

Zelenskyy: West needs more courage in helping Ukraine fight

Today's Image Dump (3/27/22)

Photos: A metro train in Dusseldorf, Germany, today

"The Hand of God." What a gorgeous film!

"The Hand of God." What a gorgeous film!

"If you can read this, wrong side, flip me over"


The boys are in a bit of trouble

Dear Donnie ...

Grateful Dead Live. Isolated tracks contrasted with complete sound mix.

Idaho Legislature wraps up business, after a tussle over $100, but does not adjourn

Researchers think they've found the last surviving Pilgrim ship

Meet the Bike Man who brought the trucker convoy to a crawl

Sunday Funnies

At the edge of Kyiv, Ukrainians show off their counteroffensive.

The MSM, Owned and Managed by the Right

For Chris Wallace Life at Fox News became unsustainable.

Dear Missourian DUers: Please go kick this traitorous clown's ass for me. Thank you.

Wordle 281 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

This week's major U.S. economic reports (March 28 - April 2)

Investors are buying mobile home parks, Residents are paying the price.

25 Things You Should Do Before Boarding a Plane, According to a Frequent Flier

Let Putin Go Mad

I'm getting a little tired of the hand wringing over Bidens call for the end of Putins rule/war.

Senator Gary Peters (MI) has a broken ankle...

US Senate seats that will keep Democrats in the majority are NV,AZ,and PA.

Ah! Those whacky Libertarians!

Great Gig In The Sky

Don't have the nerve to post this elsewhere

Sarah Vaughn was born on this date.

Rick Wiles on Twitter Re: Russia and Ukraine

So what does one do when their next door neighbor is a Putin supporting Magat

John 'Thunderfingers" Entwistle's isolated bass (live)

Pee Wee Russell was born on this date.

Ben Webster was born on this date.

For the "Democrats need to do better at messaging" crowd

Republicans won't be satisfied with overturning Roe

Trump whines about media not showing the "as far as the eye can see" Georgia crowd.

Two arrested in Belfast security alert investigation

Robert Lockwood Jr. was born on this date.

Let's See Action

Francoise Hardy - Mon amie la rose

WWIII will not be a shooting war.

Johnnie Copeland was born on this date.

Just saw a new name for TFG that got coffee coming out my nose!

You raised $135.00 on March 26, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fundraiser

Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Marsha Blackburn mistook the Constitution for the Declaration of Independence

You raised $25.00 on March 26, 2022 Omaha Steve is out for BLOOD (for Governor of Nebraska)

Why is everyone in an uproar?

Why was Manafort flying into Dubai?

Wow... graupel covered field!

You raised $5.00 on March 26, 2022 Demsrule86 for Tim Ryan Ohio for US Senate

This is GOP "freedom".

Our local CBS Affiliate posted something about Muslim calls to prayer

Why did Putin invade Ukraine?

Another cheerleader assist

The Lviv Philharmonic plays to an audience of medical supplies.

3/26 - 19,000 Evacuated Near Boulder Less Than 3 Months After Disastrous Marshall Fire

Were Ginni Thomas' messages to Meadows ever published for the public to see?

Pete Townsend - Slit Skirts (an old fav of mine you may like)

A song for Donald and Vladimir

Putin, Cancel Culture, And Transphobia

Lukashenko's Goons Arrest Former Employees Of Birdlife Belarus For "Extremist Activities"

What the heck happened to to the GOP?

The Fall - This Nation's Saving Grace (Full Album - 1985)

Myanmar leader vows to 'annihilate' opponents of army rule

Jane Mayer: "Legal Scholars are Shocked by Ginni Thomas's 'Stop the Steal' Texts"

Cambodia's Tonle Sap World's #1 Inland Fishery; Dams, Drought Force Restocking Of Key Food Species

Audit shows lack of NM restaurant health inspections

Interesting twitter thread about a supposed wheat shortage:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a question about gender....

Joke I heard from an elderly Jewish Woman

-- Chris Wallace, quoted by the New York Times, on why he left Fox News.

Russians Against Putin are waving a new flag without the red stripe

AZ Governor Drought Plan: Pay Mexico To Desalinate At $2,000/Acre-Foot 10 Years From Now

Darius Kamali discusses identity politics, woke-ness, Ukraine, and much more.

The 10 Senate Seats Most Likely To Flip In 2022

Ukraine War: Mariupol 'becoming a second Aleppo' says Ukrainian MP

John Eastman ties to Clarence Thomas scrutinized after Ginni Thomas election text revelations:

What untruths is Russia spreading about Nazis in Ukraine?

CONTROL: New Hampshire Republicans limit reproductive choice with shocking new legislation by TY ROS

A police chief is hiring female officers to fix 'toxic' policing

GM will idle Indiana truck plant for two weeks over chips shortage

Drive My Car, based on a short story by Haruki Murakami

Precious little dreaming pup.

My diet is going kind of ok I had eggs

NEW! Humiliation for Putin as TWO more top commanders killed

40 years today, The Chameleons released their debut single 'In Shreds'


Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Ukrainian 'witches' plan ritual to topple Putin

So my bud called his wife left a note on fridge door , this isn't working

BRAND NEW DU fundraiser for the open US Senate seat in Ohio 2022

I get a kick out of dogs with static electricity in their fur:

I learned this from the Iraq war. Putin did not learn this.

This duck is obviously very busy--but busy doing what?

Settle a bet. There's a steak 'n lobster dinner riding on it.

Warning graphic. The guy who posed it said it was Ukrainians killing Russians but I don't see any

"Flying Blind

Cute unboxing video (2nd tweet):


What does GOP stand for again?

Puppy too excited to wait:

THIS is a crowd as far as the eye can see!

Amid speculation over his whereabouts, Russia's defense minister resurfaces

Russian oligarch blasts sanctions

Chimp plays with his food & wears it:

Send in the swarm

Trump says "there is a large crowd as far as I can see"?

Ukrainian rebel region Luhansk may vote to join Russia

Piercing Russia's Digital Iron Curtain

Volunteers continue to sign up to defend Ukraine

Without Russia, science going solo on world's woes, dreams

A Trump rally should be called this.

Elder Orphans, Our Very American Nightmare

With eye to China investment, Taliban now preserve Buddhas

Ukrainians don't see Russia's war crimes as an invitation to negotiate

Afghanistan, the Kremlin's other quagmire

Sanders Intros Revival of 95% Windfall Profits Tax From WWII to Curb Corporate Greed

tiedrich in the morning

Should CNN bring back Chris Cuomo?

Red Bellied Piranha! Something a bit different for me.

I got a big smile while listening to this song

FedUp with FedEx

Fact sheet on US assistance to Ukraine

Chris Wallace Says Life at Fox News Became 'Unsustainable'

Ukraine, long a victim of Russian oppression

IMHO American 'Journalists' Are Behaving Like Jackasses This Morning

Fux gets it wrong again.

The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Taylor Hawkins singing Led Zep's Rock And Roll with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl (2008)

Battleground US Senate Elections in 2022 that the Democrats will be going to win.


Russian barrage continues across Ukraine as civilians flee

Cat with ulterior motives:

Alexander Vindman on Vladimir Putin and sending jets to Ukraine

Russian missiles hit fuel depot near Lviv in western Ukraine

Dancing cockatoo:

Can Kyle Rittenhouse Sue Everyone Who Called Him a Murderer?

Marjorie Taylor Guernsey doesn't know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek

The World's Billionaires Need To Keep President Biden In Check

Dangerous animals being adorable:

On World Theater Day, Ukraine thanks Berlin and Prague theaters for their solidarity

Tweet of the Day

Interesting technolgy video series on Inventions / gadgets etc

Great men and great women are made by their times.

Dog signals need for baby diaper change:

What Foreign Fighters Are Seeing in Ukraine

To those saying it's up to Russia to decide the President of Russia, I have 5 words.

Who else was Ginni ( I'm batshit crazy) Thomas texting.

How to Travel to Alaska Without Taking a Cruise

Ukraine, Russian delegations to meet in Turkey by end of March

Putin Needs To Go

Born in 2020, she thinks everything is hand sanitizer:

What Fiction are you reading this week, March 27, 2022?

25,000 acres of forest on fire in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, threatening to spread radiation

LIVE: International Concert-Marathon Save Ukraine

Ukraine hates Belarus now. This is how they sent off the belarusian ambassador leaving Ukraine:

Blinken reassures allies ahead of possible Iran deal

Very sad

A quick reflection on taxing the richest of the rich

Idaho Freedumb.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 27, 2022)

By saying Putin cannot remain in power, Biden correctly signaled that the US will

Understanding the English

Saturday graupel! Look at the graupel storm that CWG photographer

Sometimes you read articles that ask what would an older you tell a younger you.

Russia fired at least 70 missiles against Ukraine yesterday. Ukraine shot down all but 8 of them.

Malia Obama Will Be A Writer On Donald Glover's New Show

Trump continued his praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin at a rally in Georgia

Best parking garage idea ever at DFW

Canada ready to provide more oil, gas, uranium to countries previously dependent on Russian supplies

Another cold and windy day

The "Book Will Turn Your Kids Trans" crowd really have some explaining to do...

🥂 China's Sinopec Bows Out Of Russian Petchem, Gas Projects

Please don't share this photo of the crowd from last night's Trump rally.

If Garland doesn't indict trump, if Manhattan DA doesn't, can I expect certain folks

Anonymous leaks 28 GB Russian docs, oligarch bank statements, economic secrets

Vice News : Battle for the South of Ukraine

Yovanovitch says Biden's trip to Europe was "hugely important"

So, Trump say "the smartest one get to the top" while praising Putin one again!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 28 March 2022

Can Gov Hochul fire Bragg?

Ukraine arrests yet another 'Zelensky hit squad of 25 sent by Putin'

Klobuchar says there's 'a textbook case' for Justice Thomas to recuse himself

🚨 TFG Supporters are Threatening to Leave the USA! 🚨

Kelly Loeffler made up an excuse to hang up on Rudy Giuliani after he claimed Georgia lawmakers coul

Moody Blues - Your Wildest Dreams

Patients with Covid and flu double the risk of dying, say scientists

I get why people are upset that Biden hired mercenaries to take out the leader of a foreign country.

This is fun! "I got re-elected!" Found on Twitter

From the archives: Mike Wallace 'Biography' TV program on Sen. Joseph McCarthy from 1962

Fux Noise Anchor Calls BS on Rick Scott's Spin Over Taxing the Poor: 'It's in the Plan!'

Reed College has acknowledged this racist drunk man as one of their professors

The painful, cutting and brilliant letters Black people wrote to their former enslavers - WAPO

Wow - Gryff finally meowed!! (Oh, and Madoc just turned on the vacuum cleaner)

Booker reflects on Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings: 'This is not about racism. It's about decency'

Sportsbooks facing major liabilities thanks to the Peacocks and NJ law!

Sen. Booker, you did well. You turned ugliness into light, to remind America of itself

Biden has canceled $17 billion in student loan debt, without scoring a political win

Does Putin know he lost?

wooHOO - *negative* again (after a month) on President Joe's quik test!

Ukraine Seeks to Exploit Shift in Russia's Military Strategy

Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

Taliban Rules Impose Chaperones on Afghan Women

Don't let them hammer Biden on his polling.

TFG kisses Pooty's booty at Georgia rally, again.

Swedish-Danish post halts Russia mail

And so it begins... Our local McDonalds is selling plant-based burgers.

TCM now:

Former Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace Describes How Bad It Was to Work at Fox News

Donald Trump Jr., 44 is starting MxM News, a "news aggregation app" with a conservative tilt

Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6 in B minor (Kondrashin)

Enrique Pinti, Argentina's 'complainer-in-chief', dies at 82

What Russia did while everyone squabbled over Biden's 'gaffe'

Enrique Pinti, Argentina's 'complainer-in-chief', dies at 82

repuklican from Neb convicted of 3 felonies-should be expelled from congress

"Almost unbelievable": Woodward and Costa on Ginni Thomas' texts

Look at these two pics from yesterday. Biden in Poland. Trump in Scratchbutt Somewhere.

Soft Kitty

Woman brings home a dog. But apparently he'd rather be human.

Victory at Iwo Jima, March 26, 1945: #Rosenthal

Kinzinger "not convinced" Meadows has handed over all texts to January 6 committee


Picky Senior Cat Only Eats When She's Being Pet

How Aviation Shaped Los Angeles; Hollywood Film Industry, Aerospace, *Blue Sky Metropolis* Film

Daily Distraction for 26/03/2022

Daily Distraction for 26/03/2022 Posted in Photography

Puget Sound-area hospitals still under strain as Omicron cases plateau

#MoscowMitch..."But after studying the nominee's record..." That racist scumbag!

A peek inside the Republican party with Madison Cawthorne:

As the health care industry grapples with high levels of burnout, more and more nurses are leaving h

Can someone please explain to me why advocating regime change in any country led by a war criminal

Daily Distraction 27/03/2022

Comments by Woodward and Costa on Face the Nation

Cartoons 3/27/2022

Snohomish County vet follows uneasy 'call to duty' into Ukraine

"Once you label me, you negate me"---Soren Kierkegard

Apparently Sean Penn (and it is his profession)

Darrington Bluegrass Festival returns after two-year pause

Velshi: When Biden Said Putin 'Cannot Remain In Power', He Was Right. And He Should Stick To It

Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Snohomish County

Putrid PUBLICALLY calls for the Murder of Zel and sends troops to do so but Biden ...

I'm sorry. I was wrong and inappropriate. I apologize.

Velshi: When Biden Said Putin 'Cannot Remain In Power', He Was Right. And He Should Stick To It

Daily Distraction 27/03/2022 Posted in Photography

Russian troops attack own commanding officer after suffering heavy losses

Barbarossa, Pearl Harbor and Ukraine are military failures of the autocrats

Ketanji Brown Jackson Is Most Popular Nominee in Years

Trump's crowds will grow less and less. Eventually, they will be so small, that Trump

Trucker Convoy Faces Internal Rebellion As They Realize They're Wasting Their Time

I don't care about Biden saying what he said. He was right and I stand with the notion.

The Supreme Court has a giant legitimacy crisis, which means so does America

Second 'black box' found in China Eastern plane crash

N.J. crash caused dead body being transported to be ejected onto roadway

Biden's Address from Warsaw, probably his most consequential (33:29)

The top four Republican candidates for Nebraska governor agree: Biden is president

Daily touch of France - Sunday edition - Three generations.

Democratic governor candidate Carol Blood taps former GOP state senator as running mate

Conservative pundit: Trump rally turnout "anemic"

Daily touch of France - Sunday edition - Three generations - posted in Photography

In Georgia, Trump Tries to Revive a Sputtering Campaign

It's a jungle out there. Which pair responded appropriately?

RonFilipkowski: "All those years hanging out at Studio 54 and this is all he's got."

Doctor of MAID: New memoir tells story of Island pioneer in assisted dying

SCOTUS: unqualified.

SoCal grocery workers vote to authorize strike

Zelensky claims Russian terrorists, err soldiers, took 2,000 children from Mariupol to Russia

Your favorite cover of a famous song

I'm usually a GD wonk, but I just had to share these woozles.

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 27, 2022

Best anti air systems given to Ukraine so far?

Nothing to do with current events, but tblue37's current post of tfg dancing

A tune for Putin: Все теперь против нас

Full Ukrainian Ambassador: 'There Are No Red Lines For Putin And His Cronies'

This little guy has some moves:

The J6 Committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow.

I'm irritated about CV disappearing from the Sunday shows

Bill Browder: Russians Are 'Effectively Hostages To Vladimir Putin' As Sanctions Take Effect

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Wild Owl Rescued From The Grill Of A Car

"Russian military experts have adjusted their projected time to victory from 11 minutes to 40 years"

"Apparently, yet another group of Russian POWs taken near Kharkiv":

(Jewish Group) Are public Supreme Court confirmation hearings rooted in antisemitism?

Can Clarence Thomas Be Impeached Over Wife's Trump Texts?

"Select all images with tractors carrying tanks":

Estonia... Has given Ukraine 6 times more than Germany

(Jewish Group) Ukraine says a memorial to Jews murdered during the Holocaust was damaged by Russians

If you are looking fo a "feel good" post, move on. This is a RANT!

"staggering that we had to sit through 1,461 days of gibberish like this, sometimes hourly":

William Cohen is brilliant.

Why is wishing for "regime change" taboo?? nt

The Growth Rate of the Danish Wind Industry As Compared to the New Finnish EPR Nuclear Reactor.

"Could be a big problem for you " : Security analyst's warning to Putin.

Russian military has failed to occupy Ukraine capital Kyiv

Russian troops' tendency to talk on unsecured lines is proving costly

Ketanji Brown Jackson is the most popular Supreme Court nominee in years

Chris Wallace says he left Fox News after people started to "question the truth"

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a question about the US and NATO's honesty....

The Actual History of Ukrainian Independence (Documentary)

Blinken Reinforces Biden's Speech, Says U.S. Has No Strategy Of Regime Change In Russia

Little Girl painting our future Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Family Dollar & Dollar Tree Workers Describe 'Unhygienic, Disgusting' Stores, Rodent Infestations

Medias Touch post pic of Dumpster rally

Ali Velshi is doing a fantastic job of covering this conflict.

One way to know you have too much time on your hands . . .

here's a great question (from tiedrich)

The battle against global e-waste dumping reaches tipping point

The battle against global e-waste dumping reaches tipping point

If regime change is in order...

As CAFO lawsuit heads to Missouri Supreme Court, counties weigh options

Switzerland votes on its contribution to European border agency

How Russia's attack on Ukraine is impacting Finland

Russian propaganda broken

5m worth of medical supplies to be shipped to Ukraine

Lady - Little River Band

SC questions here

They should never have contradicted the President's original statement

The secret to the PERFECT password:

Some Russian military units regrouping in Belarus amid losses: Ukraine

Russian General Gives Bizarre Well Wishes To Soldier Left An Amputee

U.S. to Hold Offshore Wind Lease Sale for Two Areas in the Carolinas

facts are pesky things- Study: States With High Murder Rates More Likely To Be Republican

Leon Russell - A Song For You

Lansing's latest MAGA rally

"That remark will be stricken from the record, and the jury will disregard." When I hear all the

Fed up Fox host TEARS INTO Republican for lying live on air

Largest Charter SuperYacht Detained!

Imagine the potential showdown if Ginni Thomas is subpoenaed.

Ottawa Freedom Convoy organizers face new charges

Out Judge Alison Nathan Appointed to Court of Appeals

Out Judge Alison Nathan Appointed to Court of Appeals

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch: 'I Believe [Ukraine] Will Prevail'

Ukraine ready to discuss adopting neutral status in Russia peace deal - Zelenskiy

Meet Scot, the 1,600-pound great white shark swimming off Florida's coast

Soldier 'surrenders with tank' for $10,000

still relevant from 6 mos ago-Lukashenko: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Les Miserables 85th Academy Awards rehearsal

Los Angeles: New LAX people movers on track for 2023 completion

When did people start talking about getting "closure" ?

China-Russian relations carry deep memories of mutual respect... and scorn Rana Mitter

Balbek Bureau proposes "temporary but dignified" refugee villages for Ukraine's displaced

Give me a frickin' break

Midnight for Cinderella

Charles Barkley, Samuel Jackson and Spike Lee look like...

Sunset, southern MD

'Utter Travesty': Uninsured Americans Will Now Be Charged $125 For A Single Covid-19 Test

Ya'll gonna watch the movie stars tonight?? I this, it takes me away from real

Emergency Google Chrome update fixes zero-day used in attacks

Ukraine promises "immediate investigation" after video surfaces of soldiers shooting Russian prisone

One more blustery day. Warmer, less windy days ahead.

American volunteer in Ukraine

PBS Tonight: Call The Midwife Episode 2


EXPLAINER: South Dakota House nears AG impeachment decision

El Salvador declares state of emergency amid killings

Republicans want to make Americia into Russia style dystopia

Red Cross workers threaten to strike, seeking fair contracts

Mainline Florida

Taliban reversal on girls' education derails US plan for diplomatic recognition

New Bill To Use Seized Assets Of Russian Oligarchs To Help Rebuild Ukraine