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When a drone is flying over a particular area, can observers tell who is controlling it?

Four Horsemen of the Gentrification Apocalypse

Putin Threatens to Nuke the World

Its really disturbing to see civilians fighting a war.

Consumers Call for Boycotts of Companies Not Leaving Russia. List of 4 Staying Put.

Russian Officer Complains About Dead General and Comms Meltdown in Intercepted Call

Rep. Quigley: We Are 'At War With Putin Now'

Humanitarian Crisis In Ukraine Worsens From More Than Just Violence - Deadline - MSNBC

Drone Warfare Just Got Deadlier

Do you have a go-to Wordle starter?

President Zelenskyy sent out a nice text praising President Biden today:

Biden outlines new benefits for Iraq, Afghanistan veterans exposed to burn pits

Vindman rides again

Cancun Cruz & Ron John the clown meet with 'People's Convoy' truckers

Big Majority Back Ban on Russian Oil

Report: Poland offers to transfer fighter jets to US base in Germany.

Putin Has A 'Russo-Centric Delusional View Of The Rule' Says Rep. Connolly - Deadline - MSNBC

PBS, American Experience - Black Cowboys On The Silver Screen - The History of Jeans

US dismisses Polish plan to provide fighter jets to be sent to Ukraine

Third fired professor claims in federal lawsuit that Collin College is censoring political speech

here's Swalwell questioning CIA Director Burns re Is Putin a savvy genius or ruthless tyrant?


This tickles me


Analysis: U.S. can expect 'a flood of plea deals' in Capitol attack cases after guilty verdict

Trump and Putin: A Love Story

Ask Magahats how many miles of Keystone was built while TFG was in office.

'Putin is angry': U.S. intel chiefs warn that Russia may escalate attacks

An expert on civil wars discusses where political extremists are taking this country

Last time a Democrat won a US Senate Election in by year.

The Daily Show: Cuomo Blames Cancel Culture, Barr Backs Trump & Trucker Protest Falls Flat

Ukrainian woman struggles to get Russian parents to believe that civilians are under attack

Russia suspends sale of foreign currency.

Putin Has A 'Russo-Centric Delusional View Of The Rule' Says Rep. Connolly

Yacht linked to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich leaves Barcelona

6 teens charged with murder after deadly shooting outside high school in Des Moines, Iowa

Former Zelenskyy Adviser: Ukrainians 'Will Fight To The Very Last Breath' - The Beat - MSNBC


Ukrainian patriots help each other. Misguided U.S. 'patriots' just can't help themselves Opinion

Two Million Refugees Have Fled Ukraine


Belarus military quits invasion demoralized by defections and resignations will not join Ukraine war

Davos freezes out Putin and Russian oligarchs

Alexander Vindman: Ukraine Is "A Fight for the Future of the 21st Century" - Amanpour and Company

What do Democrats need to do to win a US Senate Election in KS?

Argentina to welcome Ukrainian refugees

Message from Sen. Warner about USPS bill:

Belarus expats in Ukraine have formed military unit to join defense against Russian invasion

Dual national charged with acting as unregistered Russian agent in U.S. -prosecutors

Dutch military says it will team with Germany to install Patriot battery in Slovakia

Unexpected Rick Astley - NSFW

Russian Army Returning from Ukraine after Being Paid With Worthless Rubles

Dunkin' worker sentenced to house arrest after fatally punching irate customer

Smartmatic can pursue election-rigging claims against Fox News, Giuliani

Missouri State Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman Proposes Banning Out-of-State Abortions For Missourians

What young Russians think about Putin?

"...just in watching all of this with Zelensky, Donald Trump would be 57 feet below ground hiding."

Cuban fishermen nurse injured baby manatee with cow's milk

Gold used in Italian wedding rings linked to Amazon deforestation

You'd think Republicans would want to steer clear of the word "weakness."

Beauty is Embarassing, Prime rental

If Russia has lost 9 commanders then 10,000 dead Russian troops is probably pretty accurate

Senate GOP's 'energy independence' plan includes imported oil from Canada

Nine of Putin's commanders killed in Ukraine -

Sweet City Ride: The forward look

Amazing condition for being stuck behind some couch cushions since 1938!!

Venezuela Releases Imprisoned Americans After Talks With U.S.

Statue of Liberty's "Little Sister" Draped with the Ukrainian Flag, French Ambassador's House

The Syrian White Helmets are ready to help Ukraine

50 Lesser-Known Pictures From History

Georgetown Robbery Suspects, Including Teen, Crash on GW Parkway During Police Pursuit

50 Lesser-Known Pictures From History

Ukrainian Girl sings "Let It Go" in bomb shelter--1min & 35 seconds


Dear Russia: What the hell we fighting for?

Ilhan Omar says she'll vote against a bill to ban Russian oil, citing the 'devastating impact

Last Week in the Republican Party - The Lincoln Project

Texas State Bar complaint moves forward against AG Ken Paxton over attempt to overturn 2020 election

Texas State Bar complaint moves forward against AG Ken Paxton over attempt to overturn 2020 election

So, about those Polish jets

Inside Kyiv During Putin's Invasion

Ancient DNA helps reveal social changes in Africa 50,000 years ago that shaped the human story.

'I can help them': one man's journey from Portland to Ukraine's frontlines

Judge rules Against FOX News's countersuit, to dismiss SMARTMATIC Lawsuit.

U.S. senators want to target Russia's gold reserves

My recent exchange on RT Spanish

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

Putin wanted to block Ukrainian NATO membership. Now more countries are eager to join

David Bowie, live at Montreux, 7/18/ 2002 - complete 2-1/2 hour show

Riddle Me This: 'Blinken says NATO countries have "green light" to send fighter jets to Ukraine'

Russia's state TV are totally obsessed with Zelensky and his whereabouts. Their ill intent is chilli

Let's talk about Russian oil and American costs....

Historian Heather Cox Richardson Interviews President Biden

Ted Lieu and Adam Kinzinger on the Pentagon's refusal to transfer MiG jets from Poland to Ukraine.

Rep. Quigley: We Are 'At War With Putin Now'

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, explained in 8 moments - Vox

Navalny Urges Russians To Continue Anti-War Protests That 'Unnerve' Kremlin

Hmmm, could UKR "no fly zone" be a misnomer?

Julia Ioffe: "The Death of Putin"

Air Marshal Philip Osbourn: 'Putin's in a hole"

Mehdi Hasan @mehdirhasan: "Polling shows that Americans are willing to absorb the higher gas costs

If you have HBO Max...David Bowie, The last 5 years. Documentary.

This may be controversial with Ozzy purist but this is actually my fave BS Album

So I see 2 kleptocratic, authoritarian regimes united in common interest

We, the people, are ENTITLED to justice. We don't expect perfection. We understand that even

Who could forget that cultural symbol from Harry Potter the Z.

I thought this was pretty good as far as a summation of the war in Ukraine.

40,000 freedom fighters in Ukraine...

Gableman goes on Tucker Carlson to lie some more about his "investigations..."

Thank you President Biden...

Seems like every time I refresh DU....

Fitch downgrades Russia's credit rating to imminent default

Calling For "No-Fly Zone" Over Ukraine, Artists Launch Hundreds of Paper Planes at Guggenheim Museum

I'm guessing Poland and Ukraine go way back

UK to phase out Russian oil imports by 2023 and explore ending gas imports

'Constantly afraid': immigrants on life under the US government's eye

'Pickles' cartoon

**'It means the end of Putin': Former NATO commander Wesley Clark explains Ukraine war.

A righteous rant-

oops ! (Pickles cartoon)

General Zinni: No-Fly Zone Could 'Easily Escalate' Russian Conflict - All In - MSNBC

Powerful Volodymyr Zelensky clip with Churchill's never surrender speech to parliament

Little Orphant Annie

Zelenskyy won 2019 election against previous president.

Should I be saying Zelensky or Zelenskyy?

Makes Me SMILE

Nine Russian commanders have been killed in Ukraine...

'Only defeat': Leaked Russian FSB report identifies Ukraine invasion as a 'total failure'

Russian intelligence states Ukraine war a total failure...

Umm....this is interesting Russian military equipment. Looks like it's made outta Legos

My cousin Ben was killed. +quick update.

AP sources: Venezuela frees at least one jailed American

You know who wins in this war?

Putin Is Acting 'Out Of Desperation' Says Ex-Russian Foreign Minister - All In - MSNBC

More from Rep. Lieu

Russia has moved an armored military train into Ukraine from Crimea, video shows

I love Mark Hamill so much!!

Rick Rolling the Russian Military UVB-76

Former Minneapolis City Council member (Samuels) looks to unseat U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar

Report: Minneapolis failed to follow emergency protocols during protests, riots in 2020

15 MUST-KNOW Shiba Inu Pros and Cons ( Before You Get One )

UKRAINE GETS HELP! Current Invasion Info With The Enforcer (Day 13)

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Truth Trial for the Napalp Massacre, Part of the Indigenous Genocide in Argentina

When your hero shows up to your birthday party!

Republicans Pushed For Russian Oil Ban, But Are Already Blaming Biden For High Gas Prices

Gas and Covid.

Barr Would Still Vote Trump 2024 Despite "Bull$&!t" "Clown Show"

Smartmatic can pursue election-rigging claims against Fox News, Giuliani

Foreigners travelling to Ukraine to fight against Russian invasion to be given Ukrainian citizenship

Venezuela releases at least two imprisoned Americans after rare trip by U.S. officials

The Great Gate of Kiev (Finale) - Pictures At An Exhibition - Mussorgsky

"Prince John uhh from uhhh uhh Prince John"

Yum brand suspending operations of its 70 KFC company-owned restaurants in Russia

If You Wanna Be A Bird

'Time Calculated In Human Lives Lost': Ukrainian MP On Delays In Aircraft Assistance - The ReidOut

Tiedrich Tweet:

Some New Steps the West Might Try in Ukraine - Seib

Tweet of the Night:

A rescue team evacuates premature American twins from Kyiv in a daring mission.

was watching TBN this weekend in my hotel room

The Wings of a Dove

Americans Do Not Want To Finance This War By Buying Russian Oil Says Rep. Cicilline - The ReidOut

I haven't heard trump lately...

I am boycotting Russian Roulette. What Russian things are you boycotting?

During the State of the Union, an attractive woman dressed in yellow dress and blue jacket

Jury picked for Michigan Gov. Whitmer kidnap plot trial

Argentina to welcome Ukrainian refugees

Texas county (Harris) finds 10K uncounted ballots from primary day

Malathion: US officials reverse course on pesticide's harm to wildlife

Metro's Yellow Line will partially shut down for around 8 months to undergo repairs.

The Daily Show: The Pink Tax And Why It Costs More To Be a Woman (feat. Rep. Jackie Speier)

What's the next screw to tighten on Putin;s coffin?

A good question from Ayman Moyheldin (MSNBC):

His Royal Diddler to pay bribe to accuser and then walk free

Informative map of the attack on Ukraine from Wikipedia.

Saudi, Emirati Leaders Decline Calls With Biden During Ukraine Crisis

MyPillow CEO Is Ripping The Republican Party Apart

watching so many incredibly courageous Ukrainians being interviewed

Ukraine says it successfully attacked Russian vehicles in Kyiv thanks to a Telegram tip

Why is the Russian offensive not going at full speed? Ukraine war latest

Russian Debt Default 'Imminent'

Saudi, Emirati Leaders Decline Calls With Biden

Select Committee Follows the Money

Researchers Decipher the Glyphs on a 1,300-Year-Old Frieze in Mexico

Researchers Decipher the Glyphs on a 1,300-Year-Old Frieze in Mexico

Our dear friend, Bayard, lost her 20+yo 🐴

Pentatonix - The Sound of Silence

Poland Offers Fighter Jets To Ukraine - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The Russian Oil Ban & Our Fear of High Gas Prices The Problem With Jon Stewart Podcast

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 10, 2022 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1960s Winners

Fossils Help Scientists Identify a 'Lost' Continent

(5 hours ago.) Wes Clark will be on CNN tomorrow (3-9) AM.

Chief Accountant of a Palo Alto Company and Her Children Murdered by Russian Troops in Ukraine.

Today the Senate passed the Postal Service Reform Act.

Happy International Women's Day from the #11thHour

How Sitting Bull's Fight for Indigenous Land Rights Shaped the Creation of Yellowstone National Park

Dual citizen charged with acting as Russian agent in U.S.

Jet Leasing Co's stuck holding a 10 Billion Dollar BAG. Russia says "the jets are now ours".

Putin Will Try To Use 'Unexpected, Unconventional' Means To Seize Ukraine - The Last Word - MSNBC

Biden's inflation plan upends thinking on jobs sent overseas

Mainers urge lawmakers to approve zoning bill in bid to address devastating housing crisis

Russian Attacks 'Pulverizing' Quiet Ukrainian Town - The Last Word - MSNBC

Hopefully the tech described in this article has been perfected and is operational..

As War Drags On, Russia Expert Says 'Putin Needs To Watch His Back' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Biden Bans Russian Oil Imports - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

How Milton Friedman Aided & Abetted Segregationists In His Quest To Privatize Public Education

The rise in gas prices

The Azov Sea

Corrosion Of Conformity - Drowning In a Daydream

The unofficial fifth largest military in europe

Is this Putin's superyacht? Will it be seized?

Yes, Texas is investigating parents of trans kids. We are two of them.

Pfizer's CEO says Jared Kushner wanted him to divert vaccine supplies from Canada, Japan, and Latin

A little Hallelujah for the Ukrainian families with the WCKitchen team at the Lviv railway station

Breakfast Wednesday 9 March 2022

Aleksandra Vrebalov - 'My Desert, My Rose'

How are we going to get Brittney Griner back?

Russia's denying that it's about to cut itself off from the global internet, but it's acting ....

Florida: Child Handcuffed By Cops After Being Accused of Stealing His Own Bike

Wednesday Morning Good Mood Spring Time Jazz and Bossa Nova for Chilling Live

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will definitely win by a solid to slight margin.

Wordle again-- brain dead tonight and it took six tries

Lawmakers move closer to merger of Granite State College and UNH

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and (Exceptional) Opening - 3/8/22

Ernest Shackleton's ship Endurance found off coast of Antarctica

Everything Is Illuminated- "Welcome to Ukraine "

UnitedHealthcare, UVM Health Network dispute could leave 2,900 patients searching for care

Sky News Breakfast is showing on MSNBC

Unilever and Kraft Heinz Stop Exports and Capital Investment in Russia

I doubt anyone cares that much anymore, but Doomsday Clock is...

Thinking about the US denial to Poland of the transfer of Polish Mig-29 fighters to Ukraine...

Kemp planning to temporarily suspend GA state gas tax.

Wordle 263 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

St. Louis County is expanding its reproductive health care services


Photo: Having more empathy would be an achievement for humanity

The Atlantic: The strategy that can defeat Putin.

BBC: Endurance: Shackleton's lost ship is found in Antarctic, March 9, 2022

Garland's first year leading Justice Department clouded by questions of investigating Trump

This Ukraine analysis is being praised by some experts (twitter)

Latest UK Ministry of Defense Ukraine update

About bringing a knife to a knife fight--there are rules

Boston's downtown at risk as workers stay remote

Putin to his people: Conscripted soldiers are not involved in combat operations

The Vice President is in Poland today.

Got today's Heardle too! Gonna be a good day.

NYT: Russia's other contest with the he West: Economic endurance

Wednesday TOONs - Tyrants' Fantasy Life

Electric Planes Are Coming Sooner Than You Think

"I still believe, in spite of everything ...

We just need $35 to reach our $1,000 goal for the Ukraine

So, no jets from Poland.

Twenty Twenty Twenty Four hours to go....

Eric Boehlert: Gas price coverage gives Big Oil a pass

Some of our states are passing laws that are evocative of dictatorships and the result is silence

UK Stocks rebound as EU says it has enough gas for winter

What would you have said to Jennifer?

Tesla, Musk Oppose Shareholder Motion To Ditch Cryptocurrency Because Of Energy & Climate Damage

Disney Guest Frustrated With $17 Meal, Portion Sizes

Disney Guest Frustrated With $17 Meal, Portion Sizes

If Georgia legal system can do this, why can't Jan 6th rioters be sentenced like this?

2002 Bowie documentary Sound And Vision (90 min) & 2002 Montreux show (2-1/2 hr)

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, March 9, 2022

After Harvey, Pee Bush's Agency Directed Zero HUD Funds To Houston/Harris CO - Storm's Epicenter

Biden to order studies on regulating, issuing cryptocurrency -source

Ukraine must win the war.

David Bowie: Sound And Vision (2002 documentary)

Live updates: Chernobyl site knocked off power grid

Puerto Rico scraps debt restructuring deal for power company

TX Oil Regulator: "Nice To Hear Black Rock Didn't Mean - Or No Longer Believes" Stance On Oil & Gas

Puerto Rico scraps debt restructuring deal for power company

The Weekly Pull: Superman: Son of Kal-El, X-Men: Legends, Little Monsters, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (3/9/22)

The Webcomics Weekly #176: Cat Brush (3/8/2022 Edition)

The Rundown: March 9, 2022

Argument with relative about Kamala Harris

Scotty From Marketing Steps On His Dick Again Visiting Flood-Flattened Lismore NSW

Thousands to protest against Brazil's 'death combo' of anti-environment bills

Thousands to protest against Brazil's 'death combo' of anti-environment bills

Scientists Predict Mass Dieoffs For Dugongs/Sea Turtles; Queensland Flooding Burying Seagrass

Daily Distraction 9/3/22

Supreme Court Rejects Legal Theory That Would Eviscerate Voting Rights - For Now

U.S. to Send Patriot Missile Systems to Poland

Chernobyl plant disconnected from power grid; Ukraine demands cease-fire for urgent repairs

You raised $125.00 on March 8, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fund raiser!

Australia moves towards a wartime footing

No kidding! Russia has been running influence operations inside the US, inserting Putin's propaganda

Asked and answered

Despite A Decade Of Expensive Flops, Carbon Capture Stumbles On, Now W. Generous Federal Support

100s Of Billions In Sewer Improvements Already Out Of Date, Thx To Use Of Decades-Old Rain Data

D.C. Health Lifts Mask Mandate For Schools, Childcare Facilities

Attorney seeks to stop special election for Inhofe's seat

March 9, 1964 📻 💌2️⃣🐞🪲🐞🪲

One More Thing to Worry About: Putin May Be Paving the Way to Use Chemical Weapons in Ukraine

How SCOTUS could let the GOP rule forever

Will We See the Emergence of a New International Government?

Difference between a Republican and a Ukrainian?

Twin lions fleeing Ukraine war arrive at Belgian refuge

Ornette Coleman was born on this date.

"Do you have any experience in motion pictures?"

A Company Backed by This Mega Oligarch Helped Kill Clean Power in Maine

China to provide Ukraine about $790,000 in aid: official

"Becuzza Joe Biden, I haven't been able to fill this baby for a week now"

The dangerous Ukraine invasion issue no one is talking about

Keely Smith (Louis Prima's wife) was born on this date.

Robin Trower has a birthday today.

Dark money. Public schools. Anti-Covid measures

The Look of Love

Charles M. Blow: Who's Tucker Carlson to demand anyone 'Show Her Papers'?

'I'm not saying it'

Pic Of The Moment: Today In Disingenuous Republican Horseshit


GOP's violent rhetoric keeps getting worse -- and almost nobody is paying attention

UK is exploring "the donation of Starstreak high velocity man portable anti-air missiles"

Adorable - parrot raises Ukrainian flag

Biden signs order on cryptocurrency as its use explodes

I'm really glad that everyone in the Lounge is so smart, but

Private jet linked to oligarch impounded in UK

Amnesty International is calling Russian 'dumb bomb' strike in Chernihiv a possible war crime

BLS Report: January job openings, hires, and total separations change little

There are lots of old games on YouTube to get us through this lockout

mesmerizing. Watch how 1000 years of European borders change. Time Lapse Map

Patient in Groundbreaking Heart Transplant Dies

4 UK soldiers go AWOL to fight for Ukraine

"They're Putin Republicans. We're Zelensky Democrats."

Any Blues Fans in San Diego (near Balboa Park?)

Tweet of the Day

Russia Says They Won't Overthrow Zelensky, Occupy Ukraine

Russian Communications Intercepted by British Firm Shadowbreak

Good "independent state legislature" explainer

It's 90s metal, with a cool home made video

Dire Straits, for Ukraine

'Black Panther' director Coogler handcuffed in January after bank staffers mistakenly thought he was

You want to go walkies? But it's 3am. (Twitter)

And now another word from a guy' and his company that committed 300+million in fraud in Medicare

Some days I just need loud-ass fast guitar jams. Like this - Songhoy Blues. Soubour

In (on?) my local non-DU forum (NextDoor) ...

Zelensky on fighter jet logistics: Solve it faster. Do not shift the responsibility.

How the Soviet Union Helped Establish the Crime of Aggressive War

BREAKING: Russia 'warns' The West There Will Be Counter Sanctions ... again ... lofl !!!

'We told you so!' How the West didn't listen to the countries that know Russia best

Russian Terrorists, Errr Soldiers, Bomb Maternity Hospital In Mariupol

What is this thing? It has the oddest butt. (Twitter video)

6549 new cases on the AZ Dashboard for week ending 3/8; 382 new deaths

Endurance: Shackleton's lost ship is found in Antarctic

Newly indicted Russian spy was helping to promote Donald Trump

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

So, why can't the Ukrainian pilots go to Poland and fly the planes out of the country

Latest from President Zelenskyy

Robin Trower - Little Bit Of Sympathy (live studio 1974)

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 9, 2022

Private jet linked to billionaire Russian oligarch impounded in UK

Just waiting for his Mom to drive him to the Ukraine

Full impeachment hearings in one hour- Youtube video compilation

Who is going to win the 2022 US Senate Races in

Lawmakers reach $1.5T deal on government funding package

Two monkeys were paid unequally. Watch the response.

Chinese state broadcaster CGTN ran at least 21 Facebook ads in recent weeks promoting pro-Russia,

Who among us hasn't invited a war criminal to their beauty pageant?

How Did This Many Deaths Become Normal?

Meme of the moment

Chernobyl station and all nuclear facilities in the Exclusion Zone are without electricity.

This description of the 40-mile Russian convoy outside of Kyiv is brilliant:

Across the Desk - S5:E5 (The Oklahoma GOP Attack on Medical Marijuana)

⚡️ Russian airstrike destroys maternity, children's hospital in Mariupol.

Futures markets sharply favorable this morning

Antarctic explorer Shackleton's ship found after a century

CREW's table of 48possible crimes committed by TFG is here.

Warship Vasily Bykov reportedly damaged, possibly sunk

Russian Disinformation Tracking Center

Republicans pushing to adjourn rather than vote on Govt funding & Russian oil ban

Boycott Flordia!

Russian Invasion Shows Risks of Addiction to Fossil Fuels; Will Biden Fund Shift to Renewables?

I've just looked at the TASS website.

Cannot find Wordle2 site

Job openings totaled 11.3 million in January

Time to declare the armed forces of Russia as Foreign Terrorist Organizations?

( Tweet ) Norman Ornstein @NormOrnstein: The Saudi's are not our ally

World class trolling by President Zelenskyy: "We'll beat the enemy with its own weapons."

Today's Image Dump (3/9/22)

Confused about nuclear war...

"Good morning friends. Due to the bad weather today we won't be running. It's a safety concern."

My 90 year old father has been hospitalized and I'm at a loss.

After Putin loses, the West should demand Russia de-nuke

Fox News reporter rebukes Greg Gutfeld for saying media wants 'emotional response' in Ukraine...

A strange new defense of Trump's coup effort is both wrong and dangerous

Re Guardian reporter Luke Harding: Mariupol mayor Orlov describes genocide

Scientists think they could 'de-extinct' the Christmas Island rat. But should they?

Fmr. Ambassador on Fmr. Colonel support of Ukraine No-Fly Zone: IT'S A DECLARATION OF WAR!

2fer: Faux getting fixed a tiny bit by a couple of its own employee reporters

I'm not really glad that everyone in the Lounge is so smart, but

Fear creates indecision.

Rittenhouse Square - A Sunday walk - From 2009

Since my anxiety is 8/10, down from yesterday, I thought I'd share this

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 9, 2022)

I'm picturing Lin Manual-Miranda writing the play about Ukraine..

On Gas Prices

Mine must be the size of a peanut!

Damn you, Biden!...Oh...wait....

Just saw that two more seasons of Silent Witness are available on BritBox at no additional fee.

A front-row seat to history: 45 years inside the Supreme Court

Right-Winger BETRAYS Democracy On Live Show - Rebel HQ

Ballmer crafts new funding strategy to confront gun violence

A plea from Ukraine for a CAP:

DC Police: Man struck and killed by vehicle that left the scene in Northwest

Virginia school shuts down social media account used to bully students who identify as LGBTQIA+

Ukraine accuses Russia of strike on children's hospital

UAE to encourage fellow Opec members to boost oil production

Photos: Irpin Evacuation Elders

UK's Johnson Condemns Reported Mariupol Hospital Attack

wow, what? Mark Meadows is *also* registered in Virginia (on top of that mystery trailer ...) ...

Ukrainian Officials Report Maternity Hospital Hit By Russian Attack

Which people are the most misinformed - the Russians or the Americans?

When Ukraine Needed U.S. Backing, All They Got Was Donald Trump's Corruption

An all too perfect post from 'The Irish Times'.

Daily touch of France - Wednesday edition - Mr Rock and Roll

Fux Noise Loses Effort to Dodge Smartmatic Suit Over Election

A Good Hearted Woman - Waylon - Willie

President Trump's staggering record of uncharged criminal misconduct

CORRECTED-Finland detects GPS disturbance near Russia's Kaliningrad

Jimmy Buffett - Son Of A Son Of A Sailor (studio version + live with Zac Brown, 2010)

"Bittersweet announcement but after an amazing 2 years as an infectious disease expert I am ..."

Winners of the 2021 World Nature Photography Awards

Texas regulators seek punishment for pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell

As War Drags On, Russia Expert Says 'Putin Needs To Watch His Back'

"Exposed: The Trump, Putin & Saudi Connection to High Gas Prices" - thom hartmann

A debunked conspiracy theory about US bio-weapons laboratories in Ukraine was seized on by Russian

I understand that labor pains are so bad that women can almost feel what it's like when men have

Russia says they found WMDs in Ukraine... Sound familiar?

Leo DiCaprio donates $10M to Ukraine - his grandmother's homeland

Venezuela frees 2 American prisoners after talks with U.S.

Nothing Scares Putin More Than Informed Russians

Stephanie Grisham says Trump greatly admired Putin and 'wanted to be able to kill whoever spoke out

On this day, March 9, 1951, Frank Rodriguez, of ? & The Mysterians, was born.

Court upholds order stopping child abuse investigation into Texas trans teen's family

Moscow patriarch stokes Orthodox tensions with war remarks

Retired Houston astronaut using social media to cut through Russian President Putin's propaganda

First MLB player to play all nine positions in a single game

SD bill restricting 'divisive concepts' in higher ed heads to Noem's desk

Echoing Churchill, Zelenskyy vows Ukraine will fight to end

Measure Would Undo Police Accountability Law

Ottawa-led coalition helps Black international students escape war in Ukraine

Ukraine's Next Ordeal: It's Going Down to 20 Below

"I'm regularly asked what Russian media are reporting about Ukraine..."

Civil rights leader Andrew Young, turning 90, keeps up fight

U.S. officials prepare for Russia to escalate attacks. (Gen'l Clark)

Disney CEO says company 'unequivocally' stands with LGBTQ employees after FLA passed 'Don't say gay'

900,000 Deaths From Covid-19, in U.S.A. posted by Nevilledog at link below, HORRIFIC!!

LIVE 1PM: White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds news briefing

*Breaking* Grand jury indicts Mesa County clerk Tina Peters & deputy clerk in election system breach

Russians flee Putin's crackdown as Ukraine invasion reshapes Moscow's future

Cowboys for Trump co-founder won't seek reelection

I might have to change Madoc's name to 'Renfield'

White House eyes new sanctions on lawmakers in Russian parliament as part of financial attack on Mos

McCarthy Breaks with Trump Over Ukraine

Ukraine's Conflict Has Rippled All the Way to the Arctic Circle

Wonder what the "pro-life" Putin-loving evangelicals think of the maternity hospital being bombed?

How long does the world stand by as it watches crimes against humanity and genocide?

Here's what happens to Russian oligarch yachts after they're seized

Inside the Jan. 6 committee's effort to trace every dollar raised and spent base on Trump's false...

Ukraine accuses Russia of bombing children's hospital (CNN)

Bolton: 'Putin saw Trump doing a lot of his work for him'

Amazing rare video - The Great Caterpillar Migration of 2021

UAE Ambassador: "We favor [oil] production increases ..."

Ukrainians trapped by Russian forces unable to receive aid

Ask Me Again Why I'm An Atheist

Ukrainians trapped by Russian forces unable to receive aid

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

Yale University Cuts Ties With the Sacklers Over Opioid Disaster

The spending bill just gave Congress its secret weapon back

Uh Oh !! Bodies are coming home and Putrid is getting a lil nervous

Russian Agent Maria Butina Claims Ukrainians Are Bombing Themselves

Wednesday Dance - Detroit Style!

Huge Solar Eruption May 'Sideswipe' Earth on Thursday

U.S. oil prices take sudden leg downward, now off 10%, following a March rally to 13-year highs

Flashback: Fox & Friends' Tells Viewers Now Is The Time To 'Buy A Gas Guzzler'

Top lawmakers reach deal on Ukraine aid, $1.5T spending

The Kids are Alright: Thousands of students in Cypress Bay walk out against the Don't Say Gay bill

Ukraine: Russia claims Ukrainians planning chemical weapons attack

If Repubs were in charge right now, they'd use Ukraine as an excuse

Kevin McCarthy reaffirms pledge to give Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar committee assignments

Russian and Ukraine Foreign ministers to meet tomorrow

Thieves no longer need a mask and gun

Wild Fox Comes To Hear This Guy Play Music Every Day


Hillary Clinton Says No to 2024 Presidential Bid -- U.S. News & World Report

Stephen Miller's mommy and daddy pay for his phone...🤣🤣🤣

So peaceful

County Clerk Who Pushed the 'Big Lie' Is Indicted for Election Data Breach

U.S. Oil & Gas Companies Trying To Profit From War In Ukraine

Europe faces pressure to join US, British ban on Russian oil

More Than 2 Million People Have Fled Ukraine. The Most Vulnerable Are Left.

Radical Plan to Make Earth's Deepest Hole Could Unleash Limitless Energy

Florida's latest anti-health political stunt is to cast doubt on kids' vaccines

Life In Ukraine Amid Invasion: Russian Air Strikes, Humanitarian Efforts

Cross this line Vlad

CNN is saying the U.S. is sending Patriot missiles to Poland...

The Texas Anti-Trans Directive Is Pure Evil (Doe v. Abbott)

Requiring masks in K-12 schools cut Covid-19 infections, CDC, Arkansas health dept. study shows/CNN

Cartoons 3/9/2022

Putin Isn't Just Insane. It's Far Worse Than That.

Rental assistance applications closed for now

Rep. Sutherland investigated after argument with security chief

Trump's Stephen Miller was on his mommy's and daddy's phone plan

War halts Snohomish family's Ukrainian adoption

The truth about L.A.'s most notoriously expensive gas stations

Liberal ruling party candidate Lee Jae-myung concedes defeat in South Korea's presidential election

Plane carrying Donald Trump made emergency landing in New Orleans after engine failure over Gulf of

Border authorities find 52 reptiles hidden in man's clothing

Analysis: A judge uses Tucker Carlson's own words against Fox News

More States Are Proposing Single-Payer Health Care. Why Aren't They Succeeding?

Pfizer to begin late-stage testing of Covid-19 antiviral for kids

Microsoft Edge is bogarting my internet access.

Russian steel billionaire calls the invasion of Ukraine a huge tragedy that is impossible to justify

Shipwreck Endurance still 'bold and beautiful' after a century in Antarctic waters

Ukraine bans exports of wheat, oats and other food staples

Ukraine bans exports of wheat, oats and other food staples

Zelenskyy warns Russian soldiers to not believe their commanders 'when they tell you that you still

Russian tourists in Indonesia without cash as sanctions bite

Turkish News reporting: Trade with Russia to continue using Rubles, Gold or Yuan.

Pootin's exit strategy?

Damage in Chernobyl

When We Start To Eat The Rich - We Should Begin With Kelcy Warren

Washington Commanders trading for Indianapolis Colts QB Carson Wentz, sources say

Ted Lieu to AF: Transfer US air assets to Ukraine

Russia MFA *ADMITS* To Hitting Hospital !!!

Zelenskyy Speaks Out After Leaked UN Email Instructs Staff Not To Say 'War'

Storied women of the Civil War era-- National Portrait Gallery

Russian ceasefires are murder

Latest on Arctic front + bomb cyclone predicted to form along it Fri-Sat:

UK ports are asking for government help to identify which of more than 6,000 Russia-affiliated ships

Trump 'admired' Putin's ability to 'kill whoever', says Stephanie Grisham

Taiwan says China is too busy with party congress to raise tensions now

I found a way for Democrats to win a US Senate Election in KS.

The inside story of how Disney turned its back on the LGBTQ community

Ronna McDaniel slobbers all over TFG

Pittie Absolutely Lives For His Mom

Moron parade not planning on leaving DC anytime soon

Photos: Enormous Hyperrealistic Flower Drawings in Colored Pencil

We're all thinking the same thing, right?

Pig Heart Guy Dies

PRIORITY UPDATE INFO on our Ukraine fundraiser!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and the Supreme Court...

Beware the "Independent State Legislatures doctrine" -- it could checkmate democracy

Selling vintage comics?

This is the moment Putin acknowledges things are not going perfect

"You're such a wonderful person. You've been so great to women."

Dems drop COVID-19 funds, clear way for OK of Ukraine aid

President Biden announced a ban on the import of Russian oil, natural gas, & coal to the U.S.

Charles Pierce: Let's have a semi-standing ovation for the U.S. Senate.

3000 US Marines headed to Norway for cold weather exercises

Stephen Miller, at 36, is on his moms phone plan y'all. So he doesn't want to give access to records

Russia dropping butterfly mines

Some things we encounter lift us up.

Governor's Elections the Democrats will win in 2022.

Russia confirms it intentionally targeted a Ukraine Maternity hospital

So, you bought a HUGE pick up truck to 'compensate', and now gas prices.....

British say Russians have used thermobaric weapons-twitter

tiedrich & the restrained reply

Judge Slams GOP Lawmakers for 'Delusion' Over Jan. 6

The trump team texted to me multiple invitations to sign up for his new

I learned on my TV that sending old MIGs to Ukraine is high risk.

Conservative candidate squeaks to victory in South Korean election

Finding someone to listen to your woes and troubles

Colorado Official Indicted on 10 Felony Counts

Is Russia preparing to launch a chemical attack by way of blaming the Ukrainians for it?

Putin Bombs a Children Hospital

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 10 March 2022

Cawthorn Charged with Driving on Revoked License

Best outside the box ideas to bust thru & get truths out to the Russian people

Do we care mostly about invasions of majority white countries?

Saturday's big East Coast storm: What it could mean for D.C. area

Adopt-a-City program?

Will the GOP Dump Trump?

Putin loves propaganda so much that we should get Republicans to give him some of theirs...

Right now, we have 22 photos. And today is Wednesday.

Besieged Ukraine city of Mariupol buries dead in mass grave

It is absolutely useless to make reference to rules and laws when discussing what Putin

Hillary Clinton: It's important for the world to stand with Ukraine - MSNBC

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Are the UN and Nato

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 9, 2022

Just Filled Up $9.17 Per Gallon

Hillary Clinton: It's important for the world to stand with Ukraine (MSNBC)

Pentagon says it would oppose any plan for NATO nations to provide fighter jets to Ukraine

Amazon Halts Shipping In Russia

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win.

'They Have Nowhere To Go, Nowhere Is Safe' UN Rep In Ukraine On Humanitarian Crisis

As always, Democratic President equals deficit cut in half if not surplus

War by Edwin Starr

What about armed drones to Ukraine ?

Current President going after former President's BFF, this how we win?

Child of wealthy parents who parlayed sex tape into career has thoughts on bootstrapping.

mark hamill, a complaint from germany using the word "gay" & twitter response

so why not just sell the old migs to ukraine? buy one get one free?

My fishie almost died 8-(

Trump begs for money for his plane after 'emergency landing'

Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees

Michigan candidate's daughter urges people not to vote for him in viral tweet

Received a poll from the RNC asking to rate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris..

FYI: Ukraine does have pilots who can fly A-10s (according to CEPA)

Russian tanks advance towards Kyiv from east

The Truth About the Cucumber Chucking Ukranian Grandma

Obi-Wan Kenobi Teaser Trailer Disney+

Cold rain on the daffodils-today

Cold rain on the daffodils in Wilmington Delaware today

First they came for the Nazis..

Pelosi rushes to salvage $1.5 trillion spending package after tense feud over pandemic aid

Nuclearule by Nuclear Chicago (ca. 1958-1965)

No 'Justification' For Russian Forces 'Bombing A Maternity Hospital'

What if the Migs somehow found a way to Romania or Hungry

A ride-sharing app just for women hopes to prevent future attacks from rideshare drivers

Belarusian exiles have created a battalion in Ukraine and are reportedly defending around Kyiv city.

Joe Trippi on Bannon

'Just Put the Body Outside.' The Bloody Siege of Mariupol

D.C. would remain barred from legalizing marijuana sales under federal budget

Today with Othello.

University of Iowa basketball player discusses growing NIL gender pay gap

Maybe put the MIGs on eBay or even Craigslist?

Reuters Amazon board approves 20-for-1 stock split Wed, March 9, 2022, 4:45 PM In this article: AMZ

CPI preview: Consumer prices likely set fresh 40-year high

Russian Terrorists, Errr Soldiers, May Use Chemical/Biological Weapons in Ukraine

State Bar of Texas seeks sanctions against Dallas lawyer Sidney Powell over Trump 2020 vote disputes

This is interesting - marbles as archaeological artifacts from old farms.

Judge in EASTMAN case rules in favor of Jan. 6 select committee,

my strategy regarding gas...

My brothers sister in law and her family are fleeing Texas

Silicon Valley tech worker was the Ukrainian mom lying dead on street in brutal photo

What The Convoy Is REALLY about...

Putin is a Republican.

If Putrid uses chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine

Smartmatic's $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News can proceed


If it looks like a Nazi...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about why analysts are sure Russia won't win....

NATO is trying hard to avoid...


Please be aware!

If the Olympics wanted to do the right thing....


Russian military vehicles

India has lots of MIG 29's.

I hadn't heard this.... TFG's plane

Mystery deepens on whether 12-year-old boy was armed when police shot him in the back

Pelosi strips Covid relief from massive spending bill after Democratic revolt

If you were dying of cancer, how important would it be to achieve world domination first?

Sorry to bother you...CNN communications from Russians

Tedeschi Trucks Band - Angel From Montgomery/Sugaree (live)

Denmark says sorry to children of failed experiment

Update on friend in Ukraine. My son was able to speak with her for a few minutes early

Vindman will be on Lawrence O'Donnell tonight.

Yale professor creates list of businesses still operating in Russia

Select Committee Subpoenas RNC Fundraising Info

Court will conduct a privilege review of John Eastman's disputed emails in chambers.

How the invasion of Ukraine will spread hunger in the Middle East and Africa

Dancers live and breathe their art

Has anyone sponsored refugees in their homes?

Starbucks workers at 3 more NY stores vote to unionize

Wash U study aims to find out how divorce affects young children

Rolling Stone Correspondent Details His Journey Out Of Ukraine

Michael McFaul, former US ambassador to Russia, will be on Colbert's Late Show tonight