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Correspondents' Dinner Thread

Sinclair Broadcast Cuts Entire Newsrooms at 2 Stations to 'Ensure Long-Term Success'

Random peacock seen on side of the road

Love C-SPAN's coverage of White House Correspondents Dinner......NO TALKING HEADS 👏 👏 👏

"He admits it": Ted Cruz describes "step two" of Jan. 6 plot in new leaked recording

Called the cops on a couple of god botherers today

Old Buildings South Greenwood County

Sunset, southern MD 4/29

Chapel in The Pines, Bradley, SC

If Martha Stewart got 5 years for

Tweet of the Day

Former VP Mike Pence testifies before January 6 grand jury - MSNBC Reports

Farms and Fields in South Greenwood County

BREAKING: North Carolina Republicans pull DEMOCRACY-ENDING move - Brian Tyler Cohen

New Democratic star Justin Jones utterly destroys GOP Member to his face during hearing

American voters saved us from T***p, for now.

Montana governor signs bill into law restricting gender affirming minors - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

Lehto's Law: Ford Says Explorer is Not a 'Motor Vehicle' Under Ohio Lemon Law

MT State Rep. Zooey Zephyr (D) works to serve her district after being banned from House floor MSNBC

Abortion ban rejected in South Carolina after GOP women join filibuster

Editorial: House Republicans want to balance the budget on the backs of America's kids

Newly Released Docs Suggest GOP Hid Evidence

WATCH LIVE: Biden attends White House Correspondents' Dinner, hosted by Roy Wood Jr. - PBS NewsHour

LIVE NOW: Roy Wood Jr. Hosts the 2023 White House Correspondents' Dinner - NowThis News

Young People Are SICK Of The GOP's Obsession With Age

The price for a bottle of Lagavulin finally came down.

TCM tonight, Crossing Delancey, 10 p.m!!!

British business chiefs described DeSantis' performance as "horrendous" and "low-wattage."

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Tuberville and promotions....

American Experience, WETA, ch. 26, CodeBreaker, NOW.

Quebec man who created synthetic, AI-generated child pornography sentenced to prison

Trump Visibly Annoyed with Don Jr. During Bizarre Interview! - Luke Beasley

Roy Wood Jr. sits down with Symone ahead of the White House Correspondents' Dinner - Symone - MSNBC

Buncha memes 😎

Yes - South Side Of The Sky (live + studio)

DeSantis' war on Disney is as un-American as it gets

I'm on my to Seattle and along the way, my eyes caught a sign on a fence line.

Baseball sure has changed since I was a kid:

DeSantis' war on Disney is as un-American as it gets

Slavery claims levelled against Dalai Lama labelled Chinese 'propaganda' - ABC News (Australia)

So, to the insane cult Motherfucker is like Jesus

Justin Jones takes time out from being guest at WH Correspondents Dinner to join protest outside

I just got my sixth Covid vaccination (second bivalent booster)

I just recognized Holly Hunter's dress from Broadcast News

Wonderful 6min clip of Jen Senko on Joy Reid's show this week (re Brainwashing My Dad)

In closing arguments, Proud Boys BLAME DONALD TRUMP for the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol - Kirschner


So Trump is going hold a rally April 31st?

Beau of the Fifth Column goes to church

happy bday willie. 90 photos for 90 yrs.

Last for the night. My Picture taking Buddies

Biden is killing it. (tweets with video added + FULL 21-minute video)

Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days

Which States' Legislatures will stop a Democrat

Bush - Machinehead

I never knew Biden was this funny, he's knocking it out of the park!!

The Church - Destination

Moving In Stereo & All Mixed Up - The Cars

2011 White House Corr. Dinner...tRump roasted and steamed

Chief Inspector Murphy patrols the couch

Helen Gym looks to be Philadelphia's activist mayor

Chico Plays the Piano with An Apple - The Marx Brothers 🍏

Pavel Chesnokov's 'Cherubic Hymn'

29 Apr: Ukrainians cripple Russian defense before the grand offensive - Reporting from Ukraine

Brazil's Lula, seeking to curb deforestation, recognizes new indigenous territories

The Philadelphia mayor's race is essentially a five-way tie, poll shows

Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again

Roy Wood Jr did a full frontal attack on Clarence Thomas.

2023 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner - C-Span - Repeating now on YouTube

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Lamar Johnson: Innocent man served 28 years now free

I have a question for cat owners

A genomic timescale for placental mammal evolution

PA: abc27 to host 163rd District State House special election debate

Pennsylvania to hold special elections to--once again--determine control of state House

Wow, never knew that it was a meaningful and could be traumatic thing for black people to cut

How go flag a thread to the powers that be?

list of mass shootings in Texas

Dr. Jill Biden is the FLOTUS. Referring to others this way is very disrespectful to Dr. Biden IMO

Chicago asking Congress for big boost in federal dollars for 2024 DNC security costs

Boston: Masked Neo-Nazis Crash World's Largest Satanic Event

Did they catch the shooter in Texas?

Two versions of Dvorak's 'American Suite'

Jeffrey Scott Brown: California man sentenced to over 4 years in Jan. 6 pepper spray attack

To continue the "Week Of We Love Willie" posts

Biden speaks at the White House Correspondents' Dinner - ABC News

Ding-dong ditch tragedy: Southern California man found guilty of murdering 3 teens

DeSantis Suggests He Personally Prayed a Hurricane Away From Florida

People who are older than President Biden:

Finnish Phase Out of Coal Power Using Nuclear Energy Nears Completion.

The reviews are in--DeSantis bombs in London:

Ex-Skinhead Gets His Racist Tattoos Removed After Becoming A Dad

TFG puts out a Vile Ad mocking our President Joe Biden and trying to Fear Monger

t**** jerks and me: I was on the Avenue, enjoying the weather and people-

Pres. Biden: 'This dinner is one of the two great traditions of Washington.'

Biden will win in 2024, and while there's muttering about age, it won't matter much in the long run.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Colorado, tractors, and farmers....

Dark Brandon makes an appearance at #WHCD

Federal judge blocks Illinois assault weapons ban

Pence testifies before Jan. 6 grand jury as insurrection investigation looms over GOP primary - MSNBC

On another Roy Buchannan kick. Doubt I'll never get over this guy

Al Franken: Jokes from MY White House Correspondents' Dinners

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

(UPDATED) I got invited to join "Bob Kennedy Jr for President" Facebook group

Tweet of the Weekend

Chasten Buttigieg discusses LGBTQ attacks, his new memoir for young adults - The Saturday Show MSNBC

Harpo Marx Plays Wreckmaninoff - The Marx Brothers 🎼

New Democratic star utterly DESTROYS GOP Member to his face during hearing - Meidas Touch

Today's Doodle celebrates Alan Rickman

A Sundae 🍨 Josef Bohuslav Foerster's 'Symphony No 1'

Breakfast Sunday 30 April 2023

WaPo article on Dark Brandon and the WHCD

Velshi: Understanding gender-affirming care - Velshi - MSNBC

Legal AF and GOP corruption.

What's black and gives you fainting spells....MHW

Sundae🍨 Go for Baroque - Fasch's 'Concerto for 2 oboes, strings and b.c.'

Get Out Of Denver

Clyburn '[McCarthy's budget legislation] will be dead on arrival...' - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

One more one Sundae🍨Vivaldi's 'La Notte', 2 ways

I swear to god people, it was just the other day...

3 college students accuse LA County deputies of racial profiling in viral TikTok video

FIRED. cop who stopped black man because he was at gas station too long.

Chairman Whitehouse Opens Budget Committee Hearing on the Health Costs of Climate Change

I have a theological question and I would like a serious answer please.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Not My Cat Edition

GOP women lawmakers defeat abortion ban in SC - Velshi - MSNBC

General Mills issues flour recall after salmonella discovery

President Biden complete remarks at 2023 White House Correspondents' Dinner (C-SPAN)

Lead plaintiff in abortion access lawsuit against Texas slams state's GOP senators - MSNBC

Ain't it grand to have a POTUS with a sense of humor?

Poland claims Russian school by court order; Moscow angered

New York's subway will no longer post alerts on Twitter after Elon Musk demanded $50,000 per month

Wordle 680 4/30 ***Spoiler Thread***

Another tragic story out Texas.

In a break with Republicans, Biden declares "press is not the enemy of the people".

Navy Vet utterly SHREDS Republicans to their face over latest anti-American SCHEME - Meidas Touch

'He's Going To Be Dead In Five Years?!?' CNN Anchor Stunned By Nikki Haley Comment.

Okay, we NEED to make this a game-show: "Trump Jeopardy"

Boogs crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday no tears only good memories,my best boys obituary.

First up-close images of Mars's little-known moon Deimos

Lawmakers propose banning AI from singlehandedly launching nuclear weapons

Black people and our pets is top tier

Alabama gov forces out successful early child education chief b/c of a few passages in 800 page book

Ukrainian soldiers recapture position from polecat (Twitter video) :

Third ex-athlete sues NC State saying officials ignored sexual abuse by trainer

Al Franken: Dan Balz, WaPo's Chief Correspondent, EXPLAINS IT ALL

Ah, Dark Brandon!!

Biden denies 'bomb train' permit to ship liquid gas through populated areas

Roy Wood, Jr. COMPLETE REMARKS at 2023 White House Correspondents' Dinner

A new federal rule to subject good credit homebuyers to higher mortgage fees

SEC looks down on UpToken, imposes crypto fines

'It's hell': vigilantes take to Haiti's streets in bloody reprisals against gangs

Texas mass shooting suspect could be anywhere, sheriff says

Saw this: Banning drag queens won't work.

Wagner Group boss Yevgeny Prigozhin: "Russia is on the brink of catastrophe." Threatens Putin...

Fulton County DA says fake Trump electors are incriminating one another

📺 Bernie Sanders - CNN SOTU - April 30

How Scalia Law School Became a Key Friend of the Court

I don't ordinarily comment on other people's looks, but this is just too good.

Lauren Boebert Gives Bonkers Speech To Very Bored Crowd - Farron Balanced

It's time for the US to "let" Ukraine hit targets deep in Russia

Oklahoma's top education official embraces culture wars

Drag Queen Ron DeSantis in the house!

Reverend Gary Davis was born on this date.

S7:E16 (The GOP & the Theocratic Autocracy)

Anyone have news of shooting at Prescott Rodeo Grounds last night?

Sunday Funnies 4/30/23


Biden's two best jokes last night

Lebanon Economic Collapse. 264% Inflation, Debt Default, Currency Devaluation, Banks Shut- Joe Blogs

Black bear climbs tree and takes a nap in Madison

A rant from a step parent.

Meet the Harvard student who transformed a Korean folktale into a Disney-inspired princess

Ladies and gentlemen and everything in between, plus on the edges...please welcome Alok...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Brandon, books, budgets, and Biden....

Todays Google doodle- Alan Rickman

'[...] the murmur of an olive grove has something very intimate, immensely old about it...."

On this day, April 30, 1926, the number 66 was assigned to a Chicago-to-Los Angeles highway.

On this day, April 30, 1926, the number 66 was assigned to a Chicago-to-Los Angeles highway.

Oriental Haze

On the night of April 30, 2011, Donald Trump attended the WH Correspondents' Association dinner.

MD will get additional black US House members if Raskin and Sarbanes run for the US Senate.

On this day, April 30, 1904, the Louisiana Purchase Exposition World's Fair opened in St. Louis.

On this day, April 30, 1904, the Louisiana Purchase Exposition World's Fair opened in St. Louis.

On this day, April 30, 1939, the New York World's Fair opened.

New Twitter-feature: Clicking on a news-article will cost you via micro-transactions

On this day, April 30, 1975, American forces completed a helicopter evacuation of Saigon.

Kinks - Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Turtles - Happy Together

Jefferson Airplane - Someone to Love

Here's why Gov. Healey has an empty frame hanging in the Statehouse

Animals - Sky Pilot

Second Research Firm Told Trump All His Fraud Claims Were False In 2020

The Wicked Mr Wilson Pickett - Land of 1000 Dances

Willie Nelson inhales the love at 90th birthday concert

Temptations - Psychedelic Shack

The Love Boat (1982) and The Jefferson's both had episodes about transgender people

A comeback line I would love to hear Biden use.

Kinks - All of the Day and All of the Night

Help low-paid workers or face curbs to bosses' pay, fund managers tell UK firms

What a Black man discovered when he met the white mother he never knew.

CBS Sunday Morning: Bruce Springsteen on his landmark album "Nebraska"

CBS Sunday Morning: Bruce Springsteen on his landmark album "Nebraska"

Roy Woods Jr's Tucker audition tape

tiedrich on the cleveland texas mass shooting and america's founders

A magnificent griffon vulture shows its beauty when released back into the wild:

You only live once, so live dangerously and have fun...

Emptywheel- Where the Trump investigations stand: January 6 conspiracies

Keith Olbermann's 4/28/2023 podcast

New Weekly CO2 Concentration Record Set at the Mauna Loa Observatory, 424.40 ppm.

Thread@SenBlumenthal:Judicial Conference, including the Supreme Court, needs an Inspector General

Now it's Wire Fraud

Emptywheel- Where the Trump investigations stand: Stolen Documents

Which MD US House Member is going to endorse Which MD US Senate candidate in the Democratic primary?

I haven't been here for a long while

Emptywheel- Where the Trump investigations stand: Georgia

What ever happened to trump's Hydroxycholorquine?

S7:E16 (The GOP & the Theocratic Autocracy)

S7:E16 (The GOP & the Theocratic Autocracy)

NV: Tenant protections addressing hidden fees, rental applications move forward at the legislature

HE DOESN'T GET IT! David Brooks' elitism is fully displayed in his article and Morning Joe.

Tennessee Rep Justin Jones: Bait & Switch is all Republicans have got. We beat them with this.

Democratic AGs are using the courts to win on abortion, gun control

Ro Khanna warns media about repeating 2016 mistake that got Trump elected by the Electoral College.

Gives me the creeps-

Sitting here listening to an old Paul Ryan staffer saying how Biden better start negotiating.

A Politico article confirms gun violence is much higher in the Red States. Here is the solution.

Utah judge to rule next week on state abortion clinic ban

How I used caller using the 'Ilhan Omar 'married-to-her-brother' trope to make the larger point

Poco - You'd Better Think Twice

How I used caller using the 'Ilhan Omar 'married-to-her-brother' trope to make the larger point

Super PAC ratchets up pressure on fight to make Ohio constitutional amendments harder

Republican Rep's gift to Dems: Take the bill we passed 'that hurts their voters' and make it law.

Kinks - You Really Got me

Suspected drone attack causes fire at Crimea fuel depot

Ohio lawmakers debate increasing voting threshold to 60% to pass statewide ballot initiatives

I hope people listen to this guy.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders "stomped" Arkansas' poorest during the "worst session ever"

Tornado flips cars, damages homes in coastal Florida city

What Fiction are you reading this week, April 30, 2023?

Helen Gym could be Philly's 1st Asian American female mayor

Eric Herschmann testifying on Dr. John Eastman's plan for Pence to overturn the election.

DL Hughley talks about how most sex abusers and serial killers are white men

Any Hot Wheels collectors here? Got a question.

How do Kansas Repug lawmakers define female under their new Anti-transgender law???...

Saw a blip on CBS Sunday morning this morning.......writers in Hollywood are worried if

That's a LOT of people.

A Northern Cardinal in Central Park's Conservatory Garden - NYC

In San Francisco, a Troubled Year at a Whole Foods Market Reflects a City's Woes

Decided to try something new...

Siegal Schwall Band - Easy Rider (fer the Prof)

If the Democratic candidates in the 2024 MD US Senate Election are Alsobrooks and Trone, Who wins?

A local take on Jerry Springer.

Ed Sheeran didn't copy Marvin Gaye ... he copied a different soul song - David Bennett Piano

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 30, 2023)

Stanley Brothers - Oh Death

13 arrested for stealing millions from low-income Southern Californians

Florida Legislature emboldens quackery of lying Ladapo

Etta James - Somethings Got a Hold on Me

Janis Joplin - Ball and Chain

Cuba cancels workers' day parade as severe oil shortages bite

Cuba cancels workers' day parade as severe oil shortages bite

MTG strikes again. Bless her heart. Not much else to say...

Solar Developers Seen Safe From 254% Tariff After House Vote

AOC is 'not planning' to run for Senate in 2024

Bonus Quote of the Day

Sam Harris's take on the Orange Degenerate and his cult.

Witness STRIKES BACK against Marjorie Taylor Greene's VILE Stunt

Beastie Boys - Sure Shot

Beastie Boys HD : Adam Horovitz & Kathleen Hanna Interview 2021 (with Dan Rather)

California approves rule phasing out big diesel trucks

SNAP tweet of the weekend - Pres. Biden to Fox News at WHC Dinner

With debt bill adopted, far-right House Republicans declare war on America

A better tent city: tiny houses for the homeless: Kitchener - Waterloo, Ontario

Mauna Loa Observatory: First Observation At/Above 425 ppm CO2 In Instrumental Record

GOP election officials walking fine line on fraud, integrity (yes that's the headline)

Does anyone one have a gentle method of removing glass stoppers?

The secretary who helped uncover one of America's strangest Ponzi schemes

House GOP Whip Tom Emmer declines to outright guarantee U.S. will not default on its debts

Head Start for Onions

'We need to read the room': GOP divided on abortion as Democrats unite for 2024

California man gets 4 1/2 years for role in US Capitol riot

Big Mama Thornton - Ball & Chain

Church bombing set off alarms over rise of white supremacists in Ohio

Big Mama Thornton - Little Red Rooster

Rolling Stones - Little Red Rooster

Senate Democrat pushes back on questions about Biden's age: 'He's in fighting form'

Russian commanders are brutally punishing their own soldiers by putting them in 'holes in the ground

Biden Torches Fox News, Tucker Carlson At White House Correspondents' Dinner

Pay close attention to upcoming school board races!

Just Because: Shakira - I'll stand by you & Norha Jones Tell me why

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 1 May 2023

What's with the crazy YT headlines from Christo Aivalis?

It's the "cogs in the wheel" that are running the show and other idiocies....



Portugal: Four dead after suspected pigeon racer dispute

Despite some criticism, Tucson High students put on drag, variety show to large, adoring crowd


@NBCNews:Supreme Court has resolved 15 cases as of May 1st, leaving 75% of its caseload undecided

Joe's Best Zingers

Engineers develop water filtration system that permanently removes 'forever chemicals'

Does anyone know who sat to Biden's left at the Correspondents Dinner? nt

Ukrainian Energy Planning Calls for the Construction of 20 Nuclear Reactors by 2029.

Cartoons 4/30/2023

Avoiding gratuitous and (especially) self-destructive confrontation

Roy Wood Jr. Takes Down Clarence Thomas At White House Correspondents' Dinner

'Ukraine must not appease the aggressor' The advisor to Ukraine's defence minister

In a Win for Ron DeSantis, Appeals Court Upholds Florida Voting Law

Washington man pleads guilty to vandalizing 4 substations and knocking out power for 14,000 people o

Washington man pleads guilty to vandalizing 4 substations and knocking out power for 14,000 people o

"I see him dancing in the dark in Barcelona last night, and it feels like justice."

We love DARK Brandon !!!!

GOP presidential candidate wants to 'shut down' the FBI

Legendary Women's College Basketball Coach Is Furious With Republicans

Will SC, then, not be the first to select the Democratic candidate in 2024?

Tonight is Walpurgis night

Willie Nelson and Farm Aid-Willie reviews each grant and signs the checks himself.

How Scalia Law School Became a Key Friend of the Court

Beneficial to remember.

The Two-Decade Red State Murder Problem Widening Red States Murder Gap

Clarence Thomas meets the definition of NFT

Just read the thread on Hollywood writers being worried about how a writer's strike...

Does anyone see KY Governor Andy Beasher being on the 2028 Democratic Ticket?

Homophobic DeSantis Campaign Staffer Cheers at LGBTQ+ Families Fleeing Florida

Homophobic DeSantis Campaign Staffer Cheers at LGBTQ+ Families Fleeing Florida

Pope says Vatican involved in secret Ukraine peace mission

When the DMV rejects your anti-Trump plate...

What is Temu? Is at a legimate site. When I am on my tablet, ads come up for them. They have some

Meet Unicorn, the extremely rare male calico kitten who landed at a Loveland rescue

The world is waking up from a long stupid slumber...

This train is in trouble

In the 70s there were two opposite portrayals of police officers.

What's for Dinner, Sun., April 30, 2023

Raising a trans kid in Missouri has become a 'dystopian nightmare' for families

The Dutch lost one of their greatest pop stars, Henny Vrienten, a year ago.

Second US-led convoy evacuates private American citizens from Sudan conflict

DeSantis Now Polling at Same Level as RFK Jr.

Joe Manchin's only hope of getting re-elected to the US Senate is a divisive GOP primary that will

THIS IS INTERESTING. Fox's OWN poll shows Republicans favor MORE gun restrictions to curb gun

When states limit care, some trans people do it themselves

Most recent update to my Website . . .

Updated my Website . . .

RNC Chair Says Candidates Must Talk About Abortion

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump taking credit for failure....

Updated my website with pics from Smith Oaks Sanctuary.

Michelle Obama joined Bruce Springsteen on stage to do backup vocals for his concert in Barcelona

(Jewish Group) Hundreds condemn Polish government's attack on Holocaust historian

(Jewish Group) Dutch archives on accused Nazi collaborators to open to the public in 2025

Dutch archives on accused Nazi collaborators to open to the public in 2025

Switzerland to erect first national memorial honoring Nazi victims

(Jewish Group) Switzerland to erect first national memorial honoring Nazi victims

A powerhouse US doctor slain in Sudan, 'killed for nothing'

Viral: Biden humiliates Marjorie Taylor Greene live on stage - Brian Tyler Cohen

How an antisemitic flyer campaign that began in the Bay Area went national

(Jewish Group) How an antisemitic flyer campaign that began in the Bay Area went national

Court reinstates charges against leaders of Holyoke, MA veterans' home

Hate crimes will likely spike during 2024 election, civil rights group warns

(Jewish Group) Hate crimes will likely spike during 2024 election, civil rights group warns

Devin Nunes' Lawsuit Backfires As Judge Says His Family Did Employ Undocumented Immigrants - RoF

Who is your favorite artistic painter?

they haven't caught the Texas mass shooter yet

What's behind shortages of Adderall, Ozempic and other meds?

Roy Wood Jr. calls out the misogynistic attacks on VP Kamala Harris

We know the Supremes are partisan. We know they act above the law. Let's assume TFG gets . . . .

Do you have your coronation outfit ready?

OKAY GANG!! WHAT's a ViberKadachi? It's a Vile creature with poison spines in its fur!!

Made A Turnip Puree Today

Rude Pundit: Of Course We're Fucking Gleeful Over Tucker Carlson Being Fired. Do You Blame Us?

How do you think this story ends...?

Marjorie Greene Makes a Fool of Herself Responding to Tucker Carlson's Firing! - Luke Beasley

Chester community mourns after two children fatally struck by Amtrak train

DNA ties man who died in prison to 1984 NJ killing, AG says

Ben Crump @AttorneyCrump: Powerful. This is the unfortunate and heartbreaking reality we are living

Today is Pie with a Y Day.

Foggy southern MD morning 4/30, and stormy afternoon

Democracy Docket: Texas Senate Passes Bill To Seize Control of Elections from Local Authorities

GOOD news, clear view,

On April 27, 1951, RKO Radio Pictures released "The Thing from Another World."

Chile's Leftist President Moves To Nationalize Reserves Of Clean Energy 'White Gold' - Huffpost

How morally reprehensible is Abbott? Statement about 5 shooting victims

Are voters in PA,GA,MI,AZ,and WI willing to vote for a gay POTUS/VP if Polis is on the 2028 ticket?

the best calvin and hobbes of all (not really the comic)

President Joe

I truly fear the next election will be stolen

US Army: Helicopters crashed in mountains, fair weather

On this day, April 30, 1943, Bobby Vee was born.

On this day, April 30, 1926, Cloris Leachman was born.

"RFK, Jr. is mentally unstable and an uninformed boob who repeatedly makes false claims."

Dear CongressMAN,


Fired up? Ready to go? Dark Brandon lit the fuse. I think we are going to win big in 2024

Shirley Brown 1974-75

Some schools are cancelling trips to see a children's play because the actors are cross-dressing

Note to Cancun CRUZ: No, not because he's Black. It's b/c he's like you & we don't mean *Cuban*

CNNSOTU: Bernie Sanders: If Biden does this, he'll 'win in a landslide'

Bernie Sanders: If Biden does this, he'll 'win in a landslide'

*** Official Dark Brandon ***

"The only thing this piece of shit has to say about them is that they were 'illegal immigrants.'"

Beatles - Watching Rainbows

No birds today . . . Snake warning.

Green Sweater: A Knitted Reminder of Holocaust Horrors

Rolling Stones - Get Yourself Together

The Orange Shit Tinted Liar claims Democrats want to "execute babies after birth"

Doors - Old Stone Road

U.S. Navy P-8 Flies Over Taiwan Strait, Causing China to Scramble

Trump's embrace of Jan. 6 defendant shows pardon power -- and danger

Truth Social, another Trump disaster quantified

Ok, I need to clean up the kitchen after dinner. Send things please like this

U.S. Navy ship arrives in Sudan to assist evacuation

A powerhouse U.S. doctor slain in Sudan, 'killed for nothing'

Why is Russia's Wagner Group in Sudan, and what does it have to do with the war in Ukraine?

Steph and Malcolm: Now it's time for the Cops to Sue the Fox Propaganda Network.

Which state is going to elect its first black female US Senator in 2024? DE or MD?

On this Sunday evening, let us consider perspective, scale, & positivity

How all the Various Legal Actions ought to put an END to TFG's Sad Career:

Hanne Krogh - Rare Lina

Joe Biden Breaks Out 'Dark Brandon' As He Takes Aim At Trump

This one could be a monster!

Hey, guys. My sister told me about a new series called Will Trent. I really like it...

Today's google honours Alan Rickman, one of my favourite actors. From Harry

How Russia's plan for an easy victory in Ukraine fell apart

I attended the Democratic Women's Club of Florida annual convention this weekend

Civilian deaths top 400 in Sudan fighting

Sunset &, southern MD 4/30

Navy Veteran DESTROYS Republicans TO THEIR FACES during public school board hearing

We're Going To Talk About This Monday!' CNN's Kate Bolduan Stuns Berman With Hilariously Loose WHCD

The most dangerous people in the United States?

Poland's Orlen Synthos Green Energy Seeks Approval for Six Nuclear Reactors.

"Strong Men and Josh Hawley Have Zero In Common" - Harsh Reaction To Senator's Speech

Saudi alfalfa sparks tension in Arizona's Sonoran Desert

anybody have a rec for "sport" sunscreen

Phil Knight gives $400M to benefit Black Portlanders - OPB

Okay, Hold Everything: Tucker Carlson WASN'T Fired, Says 'I'm Still Employed by Fox'

Gov. Sarah Sanders' 1st 100 days were filled with 'embarrassing fumbles' as she 'stomped on the poor

what will happen to world order if Russia collapses?

Ronna McDaniel to losing GOP candidates: Double down on taking women's rights

McCarthy gives business leaders some dubious political advice

The fake blond skank from Georgia just went there...