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Member since: Thu Oct 13, 2005, 03:25 AM
Number of posts: 27,812

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Please be advised, Trump supporters ...

... that your feelings, beliefs, emotions, and opinions are no longer of any consequence. The only things that matter from now on are the facts and the law.

If you choose to believe that Trump and his allies are being persecuted simply because they "exercised their free speech" by "questioning" the outcome of the 2020 election, you are free to do so.

If you choose to believe that the 2020 election was rigged, tampered with, stolen - that's your prerogative.

But the fact remains that whatever deranged and baseless beliefs you may hold, they will not play any part in the legal proceedings that Trump and his cohorts are now about to face - and all of the protests, the threats of violence, the screaming and gnashing of teeth on your part won't change that fact.

Just curious, GOP

What do you figure the shelf life is on the whole "Biden crime family" thing?

You've already made fools of yourselves with 'missing' witnesses who turn out to be fugitives from justice, and 'blockbuster testimony' that gets laughed out of hearing rooms.

How do think statements like "we're still gathering evidence and will impeach Joe Biden any day now" are going to play out six months from now, nine months from now - a year from now?

We all know that Republican voters aren't terribly bright - but even the dumbest MAGAt will eventually begin to question why you keep claiming that Biden's corruption is blatantly obvious - and yet you can't produce a shred of evidence to prove it.

Like sooooo many other things, you really should have thought this one through.

In case you haven't noticed, Donald ...

... the people lined-up outside Jack Smith's office - who are looking for a deal in exchange for their testimony against you - is close to being a bigger crowd than showed up at your last rally.

If you had a functioning brain (which you clearly don't), you would have realized long ago that given a choice between loyalty to you and a stretch in the slammer, loyalty wouldn't even be considered as an option.

Once upon a time ...

... the question was who would throw Trump under the bus in order to save their own skins.

The question now is who won't.

It hurts me to say this ...

... but I will say it nonetheless.

I moved to Canada in 1974, when my then-husband was offered a lucrative, career-advancing job. When we split-up three years later, I chose to stay here. Neither decision had anything to do with politics - in fact, I was rather apolitical at the time.

But I always took pride in the fact that I was an American. Over the years, I amassed a sizeable collection of American flag pins and brooches, which I always wore. I owned an over-sized American flag, which I displayed on my front porch on every US holiday. My place became known as 'the house with the flag' among neighbours and fast-food delivery people alike.

I always made it known that I was a US citizen, because I took pride in the place I came from and its people. I took pride in the fact that my country - for all its faults and mis-steps - was always striving to form "a more perfect union".

I was proud when my countrymen united after the attacks of 9/11. I was proud when my nation elected its first black president. I was proud when same-sex marriage became the law of the land.

But now my pride has turned to shame - shame that so many of my fellow citizens have chosen bigotry over inclusiveness, hatred over love of country, violence over the peaceful resolution of our differences.

I am ashamed of self-proclaimed "Christians" who have abandoned the teachings of Christ, of politicians who have abandoned their oaths of office, and of citizens who have abandoned every principle my country was founded upon.

Above all else, I am ashamed of my own gratitude that I live in a country that isn't the United States, but in a country where my lesbian daughter is safe, a country where school children are not gunned-down by assault-weapon-wielding murderers, a place where bigotry is not welcomed nor accepted, no less openly encouraged.

My giant American flag is safely packed away, along with my collection of "I'm a proud American" jewelry.

I hope for the day when I will not be ashamed to display them as proudly as I once did.

Money-saving tip for MAGAts (with additional info)

Instead of parting with even more money when Trump begs you for financial contributions, simply donate your Trump-bucks, Trump-coins, and Trump trading cards.

He told you they'd be worth more than you paid for them - so now's your chance to fund his latest grift with the increased value he promised!


Melania is now selling her own grift-maker - a series of photos of American locales (Mount Rushmore, the Liberty Bell, etc.) for 50 bucks a pop.

She announced that "a portion" of the proceeds will go to "foster children". However, neither she nor her spokes-people will divulge exactly what 'portion' will be allocated to this charitable cause.

Looks like the grift-bug is contagious.

Name your price, SCOTUS

How much money would it take to buy a decision or two?

Does payment have to be in the form of lavish vacations, or a bogus real estate transaction - or do you take cash or major credit cards?

In other words, what's the going price for your principles, and your duty to We, The People?

--- Asking for over 300,000 million citizens.

It only get's worse from here

There won't be any evidence forthcoming that exonerates Trump for his crimes.

There won't be any last-minute witnesses crawling out of the woodwork with information that can save him.

There won't be any lawyers showing up with some brilliant legal strategy that gets him off-the-hook.

There won't be any GOP propaganda that will alter the course of justice.

There won't be any whining about being persecuted that will change the law.

There is nothing that Donald Trump or his party can do to stop what is already in motion, or to stave off the inevitable consequences thereof.

All they're left with at this point is a bunch of rats who are deserting a sinking ship in order to save their own skins.

There isn't a day in Trump's life that isn't worse than the day before - and I, for one, am savouring every moment of that reality.

No Unreasonable Offer Refused

My Fellow Republicans:

After years of churning out excuses for Trump's statements, actions, and behaviour, the legendary GOP Bullshit-Generating Machine is running out of enough material to continue as a viable tool to counter the attacks on our "pResident".

As you are no doubt aware, the Democrats are using facts, audio-tapes, the testimony of witnesses. etc., to bring Trump down - in other words, there is no low they won't sink to in their quest to hold Donald accountable for his crimes.

If you are a Republican who has any ideas as to what we can do to save Trump and our party from being annihilated by the truth, we are open to any-and-all suggestions, no matter how ludicrous and/or insane.

In addition to the aforementioned, our Propaganda Catapult is showing signs of malfunctioning, and our Spaghetti Spewing Apparatus is missing the wall at an alarming rate.

If you are as bereft of ideas as we are, a large donation of cash would be greatly appreciated, as many of us will need your hard-earned dollars to pay our legal fees in the days to come.

Thanks for your attention to this pressing matter.

Your friendly GOP

Just Get a Life

It's that simple, MAGAts - just get a life that doesn't involve being perpetually outraged about how other people are living their lives.

I guarantee that your blood pressure will go down, your overall mental health will improve, and you'll have lots of time to devote to making your own life more fulfilling, more productive, and all-around more satisfying.

Try it! Millions of people do it, and are happy with the results!

You're welcome.
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