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democrattotheend's Journal
democrattotheend's Journal
November 9, 2022

CNN: VA-2 (Luria) falls but VA-7 (Spanberger) holds

Per the NYT analysis I read yesterday, this points to signs of a Republican ripple, not a wave. The NYT's analysis was something like:

VA-2 falls --> Red Ripple
VA-7 falls --> Red Wave
VA-10 falls --> Red Tsunami

We held VA-7 and VA-10, so it's looking like the worst case scenario isn't happening, at least.

November 9, 2022

CNN Projection: Democrat Jennifer Wexton will win reelection in Virginia's 10th

This district was expected to stay blue, but I read somewhere, I think NYT, that losing this district would be a sign of the worst case scenario for Democrats. So the fact that she has already been projected to win seems like good news. If Spanberger is projected to win soon that would be even better news.

January 31, 2022

Breaking: Novavax files for EUA with the FDA


This may not be a big deal to most of you, but I've been caught between vaccine hesitant family members and the rest of the family for the past year, and Novavax might be the solution I've been waiting for. It's based on a protein subunit technology that has been in use for years, it seems to have fewer side effects than the other vaccines and potentially be more effective against Omicron, and even a right wing site that I stumbled on by accident when looking for news on it, which obviously I won't link here, called it a "pro-life" vaccine, so maybe some people with bogus religious exemptions will take it too, as well as many people who are hesitant about the current vaccines for health reasons. I'm really hoping this gets approved quickly and that my family members keep their promise to take a "traditional" vaccine once one becomes available.
September 13, 2021

Is the J&J vaccine no longer available?

I finally convinced someone who was vaccine-hesitant to get the J&J shot, but now I can't find it anywhere within a 50 mile radius. She's concerned about the mRNA vaccines and is only willing to get that one, but suddenly it doesn't seem to be available anywhere. Has it been paused again, or are places just not doing it anymore because the other two are more popular? Grrr!

August 31, 2021

Are there any traditional (attenuated) COVID vaccines in the works? What is their status?

I ask because several of my vaccine-hesitant relatives say they would take a COVID shot that works like a traditional vaccine, with a live, dead or attenuated virus. I believe them because they are not anti-vaxxers in general and had no problem with checking if their immunizations for things like MMR and TDAP were up to date before my son was born.

I found an article about one such candidate, a nasal vaccine that is currently in trials. But it seems like this is years away from becoming a reality. There's a vaccine with EUA in India, Covaxin, that seems to be a more traditional vaccine, but with my limited scientific knowledge I am not sure. My understanding is that Covaxin was denied an EUA and told to apply for full approval because there were enough vaccines already with EUA. If Covaxin is a more traditional vaccine, I think that is a big mistake on the part of the FDA, because at least some people would take the COVID shot if a more traditional vaccine were available.

Does anyone know if any other attenuated COVID vaccines are in the works or available in other parts of the world?

November 6, 2020

Wacky suggestion: Biden should offer to split the cost of the WI recount

I recall reading that the recount would cost the Trump campaign about $3 million, so half of that is probably trivial for the Biden campaign in light of how much they raised. And I think it would be a good PR stunt to demonstrate his commitment to making sure every vote is counted fairly. Offering to chip in for a recount that won't benefit him and could conceivably hurt him (but won't) would make Biden look magnanimous and truly committed to a fair process, and would go a long way to undercut the baseless but sadly somewhat effective (in terms of public perception) lies that are being told about him trying to steal the election. Of course, those lies won't affect the outcome of the election, but they will potentially impact the approval rating he starts out with and the amount of good will he gets from the American people in the beginning.

What do you think?

November 6, 2020

I called it: Monroe County, PA back in the blue

This was looking like the one Clinton 2016-->Trump 2020 county in PA, but as I predicted, it's now back in our column.

There's still one Obama 2012-->Trump 2016 county, Luzerne, that we probably won't flip back. Trump is leading by double digits with 95% counted. But I expect it to narrow a bit when they finish counting mail ballots, if they haven't already. Biden is leading in every other Obama 2012-->Trump 2016 county in PA.

November 6, 2020

NBC News about to interview Al Gore

This should be interesting. Very curious to hear his thoughts on this election, given what he went through 20 years ago.

November 6, 2020

CNN Chevron: "Biden on the Brink of Win; Waiting for PA"

Do you think that means they're planning to call PA tonight?

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