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Archives: September 15, 2021

U.S. to reopen 1,400 family reunification cases for migrant minors

I don't like the new "music" on Jeopardy (CORRECTION: on Wheel of Fortune!)

U.S. officials, Native American leaders to meet on returning lands

Police investigate profane attack on sailor at Berlin pizzeria on Sept. 11

Larry Elder's conspiracies

New York Health Care Workers Get Reprieve from COVID Vaccine Mandate as Judge Blocks It

Outcry over killing of almost 1,500 dolphins on Faroe Islands

Couple die of COVID and leave behind 5 kids, including newborn daughter

Awful new revelations about Trump and Jan. 6 show Mike Pence is no hero

George Huguely appeal denied in 4th Circuit

How language shapes the way we think Lera Boroditsky

Gigantic Baby Donald Trump Reportedly Told Pence He Wouldn't Be His Friend Anymore if He Didn't Help

Update on my rescued dove. The Ragamuffin...or RG as we like to call him.

RIP Norm McDonald. "I'm Kinda Glad The Fonz Is Sittin Between Us. It Makes Me Feel Safe."

Trump secret memo ordering withdrawal from Afghanistan blindsided national security team

Colombo crime family brass arrested in crackdown on alleged mobsters

Milley Was 'The Last Guardrail' In Trump's Final Days According To Book - Deadline - MSNBC

Any baseball fans here watching the ESPN series on the Mets?

Beijing court rules against woman in China #MeToo case

GOP Lawmaker Leaves Party Over Vaccine Stance

Boy! If had Pence turned to Quayle for answers?

Kansas Rep. Mark Samsel, avoiding jail, must apologize to victims and stay off Facebook

COVID Hospitalization Crisis Reaches Fever Pitch in Southern ICUs

California Recall Election Results Being Attacked by Larry Elder BEFORE the Election is Even Held

Author Of 'Wildland' Highlights The Road That Lead To January 6th - Deadline - MSNBC

Fauci warns of possible 'monster' variant of COVID if pandemic isn't stamped out with vaccinations

New York Will Soon Lose 1 House Seat. The G.O.P. Might Lose 5.

How long will it take the networks to call the CA recall election?

Instant Karma Gets Man After He Vandalizes Louisiana Art Gallery

It's reportedly costing billions of dollars to treat hospitalized unvaccinated COVID patients

The Republican lies about election fraud are a ticking time bomb

Early Cleveland Mayoral Primary results

Waqrapukara - The "Horn Fortress"

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Then-CIA director Gina Haspel said the US was 'on the way to a right-wing coup' after Trump lost

Waqrapukara - The "Horn Fortress"

McConnell told Biden not to call TFG after the election, worrying it would send him into a fury

The NVC rejected my marriage certification. My wife's Green Card is dead

I didn't remember Norm MacDonald until I saw this:

If stuck for a pet name, try this

Two Lightning Fires In Sequoia NP Total 1,000 Acres, 0% Containment About 1 Mile From Giant Grove

California Election Worker Removed for Wearing 'Trump 2020' Attire at Polling Place

Election exit polls: California voters say Covid-19 biggest issue for state

Manchin-McConnell meet amid new voting rights push

'Their Crisis' Is 'Our Problem: Washington State Grapples With Idaho Covid Cases

Honest man at a protest rally

Experts seek ways to avoid 'dead zones' in Puget Sound caused by excess nutrients from humans

TFG calls Milley story 'fake news'

Poll: What is the reason Trump hasn't been indicted yet?

That Bill Gates - One sneaky bastard

Norm McDonald makes the same punchline funny over and over and over again

Fox News host Tucker Carlson tells interviewer: 'I lie'

Seth Meyers Remembers Norm Macdonald

Cahuachi - The Ceremonial Centre of the Nazca

Cahuachi - The Ceremonial Centre of the Nazca

May we have a moment of silent prayer.....

Anderson Cooper 360 - Sen. Sanders

Electric Light Orchestra - All Over The World

Getting booster! With update

Peru's New National Museum Is a Treasure Trove of Archaeological Findings

Watching Rachel Maddow?

Rachel Maddow is all over Gableman about the John Delta email

If an 1890 woman and a 2021 woman had a conversation

Well well well the MAGAban rally will be very wet

question: what do we do if elder take CA?

Dr. Fauci On Potential Vaccine Mandates For Air Travel, Booster Shots Data - All In - MSNBC

We do not have a public health crisis. We have a crisis of law and order. No one is talking about it

recall returns begin posting here at 8pm pst

App creates Religious Liberty COVID exemption for the workplace. R'Amen!

California Recall: Kornacki Breaks Down New Exit Polling

Boy Scouts settlements reached with major insurer, Mormons

I have seen enough.

What is the proper spelling of this?

Ecuador seeks to expand Galapagos reserve to protect marine life

Okay, maybe I'm overreacting, but

Okay, maybe I'm overreacting, but

@DanRather The Rule of Trump: No matter how bad you think it is. It's worse. Much worse.

GOP Science Deniers

Will Recall be the new way Republicans undo elections and maintain their power?

Pa. GOP lawmakers to subpoena personal information on every voter in 2020 election review

Early Boston Mayoral Primary results

Clinton Fdn & Welcome.US invites all to welcome Afghan refugees across America

Women in New York prisons complain of contaminated water after Hurricane Ida

Trump Calls Allies to Demand Gen. Mark Milley Be 'Arrested' for 'Treason'

Temporary Restraining Order Issued Against NYC Vaccine-Or-Test Requirement For City Employees

Activists going after WI school boards are aided & funded by national conservative groups & donors

Fairbanks Alaska - temps in the 20's and rain to snow this week....

Will Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski Foster Fail This Pittie?

The Iowa HD-37 Special Election is close...

this evening's sky

Seth Meyers - Biden Will Lobby Moderate Democrats to Support Filibuster Reform - Monologue 9/13/21

Judge denies bond for man who had weapons in swastika-tagged pickup parked near DNC headquarters

To anyone who may be wrestling with going to medical appointments vs. not going.

FBI director faces new scrutiny over investigation of Brett Kavanaugh

Michelle Wu one step away from becoming Boston's first Asian-American mayor.

The Daily Show: Trump & Rudy Giuliani Mark 9/11's 20th Anniversary in the Weirdest Ways Possible

I may have been at this show.

**UPDATE on the kitties from the fire.**

Why it's more important than ever to keep our distance from local orcas

Tweet of the Day

Stacey Abrams On Voting Rights Bill: 'I Am Excited And Very Supportive' - All In - MSNBC

Meidas Touch-the GOP are the most despicable force for evil in America. #DespicableGOP

I can't handle Norm dying and Elders winning on the same day

MSNBC: "Too Early to Call" in CA Recall vote, but "anti recall is in the lead"

Meidas Touch-the GOP are the most despicable force for evil in America. #DespicableGOP

Got my first facial wrinkle today. I'm not happy.

Nicki Minaj's Controversial Vaccine Tweet, Trump Gets Bomb Blocked & Lunatics Run for CA Governor

Woman Accuses Fertility Doctor of Secretly Using Own Sperm

Election Center calls it for Newsom!

DOJ is seeking an immediate injunction halting enforcement of Texas's 6-week abortion ban

Dave Wasserman calls it for Newsom.

Can we call this?

Margin Call - How big was Newsome's win?

It doesn't look close

the World Anti-Doping Agency launches a review of its marijuana prohibition

How come Steve Kornacki hasn't said a THING about BAMBOO FIBERS!?!?!?

Just a reminder that we hate Steve Kornacki...unless he reports numbers that we like


My grandson has been exposed to COVID at school and has to quarantine for the next 10 days.

The republicans cost California 250 million because of this fiasco

Panama Is One Step from Legalizing Cannabis: The Drug War is Dead

Looks Like Its Going to be a Late Night

With more than 50% of the votes in, Newsom is over SEVENTY PERCENT, and trump lite....

The California recall may backfire on its supporters

6,300,000 probably the number to cement the No vote.

I'm Calling California Recall Now - Hell No

Mail in ballots are destroying this country HOWEVER how do we stop this in a state with 1 PARTY rule

Justice Dept.'s Emergency Motion Asking a Judge to Block Texas' Abortion Law.

Just realized: While Newsom can get a plurality of the vote and still lose

If Elder thinks that the recall election is rigged

Well time to break these out

If these results stick, Newsom will have a pretty huge mandate to push

MSNBC projecting recall fails. I would add

NBC Calls it. Recall FAILED

Kornacki calling the election at 68% to 32%. It is a landslide to keep Newsom.

Why the F* is CNN showing red areas of Nevada and Arizona tonight? Is this too humiliating...

CNN just called it for Newsom

NBC calls the results...Newsom wins, GQP BIG losers!

CNN too!

Marc Elias on the Freedom to Vote Act

ABC calls it for Newsom

You know who is shitting their pants right now about the recall?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

To all the losers who ran against Newsom in the recall.

20 Percent of Unvaccinated Delta Workers Receive Shot Within 2 Weeks of Surcharge Prompt

Twitter thread thanking Elder for making it easy 😂

I hope this is not only a referendum on trump and the republicans, but a bellwether for the

The New York Times called it too

FOX Nonsense Just Called CA a Big Fat...

Looks like 3 counties that will go for Newsom left not reporting.

Cook Political Report calls recall for Newsom

One in 500 US residents have died of Covid-19:

Either way CA turned out, it was going to be a bellwether

Tomorrow's Wingnut Circle Jerk re: the Recall (poll)

It was RIGGED!!!

Websites alleging a rigged recall went live . . . . . . . YESTERDAY

Tomorrow's Wingnut Circle Jerk re: the Recall (poll)

Elder live stream only has 1200 viewers

9 counties have not reported anything yet. Low population too.

Four hours since the Boston polls closed. And the total reported votes is.....549

What a waste of time, energy, and money.

Kasie Hunt is an idiot (recall)

I'm pretty sure Trump won't wear a mask cuz

It appears that the California Recall election is a big defeat for the Republicans.

CA recall election: 2/3 vs 1/3 isn't "staving off a challenge", it's...

Republicans Were Confused Because They Always Vote "No"!!!

The GOP Death Cult strategy is working

Umbrella time: forecast is calling for an overwhelming amount of MAGA tears & Larry Elder meltdowns

US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2022 to remain in the majority.

Ranking of alternative candidates in CA Recall election

Thank-you survey USA for your insight into the California Recall

"ive seen enough..." except for elder's concession speech. gotta line on that one?

So, now that we successfully and decisively fought back the CA Recall...

A Different Perspective on How Many Billions of Tons of CO2 Equivalents We Dump Each Year.

BREAKING: California Gov. Gavin Newsom Survives GOP-Led Recall Effort (MSNBC)

Gov. Gavin Newsom thanks Californians after landslide victory over recall

Faux news is focusing in Afghanistan hearings

D.C. prepares for far-right protesters during day of festivals, gatherings

Progressive ideas/reforms can be abused and needing reform, too: Talking the Recall

The Alt-Right Playbook: You Go High, We Go Low

How 'Spider-Man' and 'Pac-Man' immune cells team up to fight invasive bacteria

It's reportedly costing billions of dollars to treat hospitalized unvaccinated COVID patients


Trump Lies About 9/11 Again - The Last Word - MSNBC

I meet weekly with a group of 12 ... 3 had Covid deaths of family or friends.

Gavin Newsom to supporters: 'I am humbled and grateful' (CNN)

the 5th Dimension says thank you to California...

My Trump flag waving, Covid denying neighbors have been housebound sick for the past 12-13 days.

Governor Newsom gives his victory speech after defeating the recall

CA-GOV: Fmr. San Diego mayor Faulconer getting cold feet tonight about running in 2022

"Fools love a fool." Who said it?

Kasie Hunt is a better fit for FOX NEWS. These tweets of hers are 100% Right Wing.

Spiced Eggplant and Tomatoes With Runny Eggs

Was this recall election the Republican plan to Benghazi a Democrat they think is a

How The GOP-led California Recall On Gov. Newsom Got Started - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

larry elder finally speaks - let's be gracious in defeat, we may have lost the battle but we are

Rudy Giuliani Claims NOT DRUNK at Off the Rails 9/11 Dinner

House moderates rebel against Pelosi drug pricing plan, leaving bill's fate uncertain

Newsom's emotional moment

Newsom recall: all week long I was hoping he'd hit 60%, to send a message to trumpsters.

Lawrence O'Donnell just reported on MSNBC that Schumer is set to nuke voting filibuster next week!

Southern Illinois reported zero available ICU beds this week, amid COVID-19 surge

Vermont sues 4 oil companies, alleges false info on climate

Vermont sues 4 oil companies, alleges false info on climate

Teeth of fallen soldiers hold evidence that foreigners fought alongside ancient Greeks, challenging

It's ironic that people are protesting mandates...

Pastafarians now offer vaccine exemption letters!

I knew Newsom would win in a landslide, and I obviously didn't jinx anything by saying so

New evidence supports idea that America's first civilization was made up of 'sophisticated' engineer

The PSL-Lover's Guide to the Pumpkin Spice-Flavoured Treats

Trump tried to steal the election, no doubt about it.

Man Arrested In Murdaugh Assisted Suicide Scheme!

Well, we have our issue for the midterm elections.

On Concerns Of Trump Instability, Gen. Milley Built Shadow Authority Claims Book - Rachel Maddow

"Vote Was So Lopsided, It's Basically Elder Abuse" George Takei

Lush wetlands in Arabia lured waves of early humans out of Africa

YouTuber with 1.6 million followers urged fans to get vaccinated before dying of COVID-19 complicati

New evidence points to a clash between two ancient Mesoamerican cultures, Teotihuacan and the Maya.

New evidence points to a clash between two ancient Mesoamerican cultures, Teotihuacan and the Maya.

Czech, German scientists identify hitherto unknown prehistoric migrations through Bohemia

Gavin Newsom just became the second governor in U.S. history to beat back a recall attempt. The only

NBC News Projects California Recall Vote Fails - The Last Word - MSNBC

Tollund Man, Otzi the Iceman: What Their Last Meals Reveal

bjork: tabula rasa

The first Dutch Neanderthal now has a face


There is a reason its called Deviljo ... Monster Hunting

let's just call this a social science experiment (for extra credit)

Well, Californians did their job!

Norm Macdonald on Bowel Cancer

It cost the taxpayers $276 million for the attempted recall in California!

Journal of Anecdotal COVID Medicine

North Korea fires two ballistic missiles into East Sea, says South

WADA to review cannabis banned status

Following Arizona's Shambolic Example, Wisconsin GOP Starts Election Spectacle - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

New Zealand bill to ban LGBTQ conversion practices receives record 100,000 submissions

New research shows embalming fluid prevents reinfection of COVID in 100% of patients

☦ Greek Orthodox Christian: History and Sept.11th Memorial at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, NY

Appeals court orders trans professor reinstated at Oklahoma university

Missouri cave with ancient Native American drawings sold

Texas Is Underfunding Unemployment To Keep Business Taxes Low. Now It Owes $7 Billion And Counting

Haiti PM sacks prosecutor who accused him of links to president's murder

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/14/21

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sues San Antonio ISD a second time over vaccine mandate

Anti-LGBTQ former San Antonio councilwoman Elisa Chan shows interest in running for Texas House

Stephen Colbert: Guest Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer

Abolish Trump-era 'China Initiative', academics urge, amid racial profiling criticism

Abolish Trump-era 'China Initiative', academics urge, amid racial profiling criticism

Information Society - What's on your mind

Why Democrats Are Losing Texas Latinos

Justice Department to investigate Georgia's prisons after reports of violence, deplorable conditions

Abba - Chiquitita (Official Music Video)

FBI fires agent who failed to pursue tips about sex abuse by USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar

Danse Society - Heaven is Waiting

Grieg, Liszt, 3 from Axiom Brass

Dum Dum Girls - Lost Boys and Girls Club

Nearly Everyone in Dimmit County Is Infected or Vaccinated. Now What?

Crucified -- Army of Lovers

Brazil, Bolivia Eager to Boost Ties with Iran

Justified and Ancient -- The KLF

Alex Murdaugh accused of arranging own shooting in $10M life insurance scheme

GOP's Elder concedes California recall, hints: 'Stay tuned'

The Rock That Ended the Dinosaurs Was Much More Than a Dino Killer

The Killing Moon -- Echo and the Bunnymen

DOJ asks judge to block Texas from enacting abortion law

Virgin Islands government to absorb costs on increased employee health insurance costs

1 in 3 COVID cases in Wisconsin are children, Oak Creek parents push for mask mandate

Friday is Last Day for Most Limetree Bay Refinery Employees as Closure's Economic Impact Ripples

Tales of Paste & Madness in Dumbfuckistan: Covid Hospitalizations Hit Crisis Levels in Southern ICUs

Arizona Republicans' attempt to hide 'audit' documents from the public goes down in flames

Larry Elder's mammoth defeat may signal the death rattle of Trumpism. [Maybe]

U.S. Responsibilities in Freely Associated States

A Constitutional Amendment for Statehood?

Caption this pic...

Transition to SNAP would mean more food assistance for Puerto Rico

Newsom soundly defeats recall attempt

Twitter Users Taunt 'Biggest Loser' Larry Elder After He Was Trounced In California Recall

Fox News recap of California recall "But...but...but..."

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, September 15, 2021

George Takei: Overheard: The vote was so lopsided, it's basically Elder abuse.

On this day, September 15, 1963, a bomb went off in the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham.

Ivey inferred Facebook banned campaign account due to post about Biden

Wednesday TOONs - By The Book

If Manchin and Cinema were FOR the people they could stop the GOP move against debt ceiling

Alabama's COVID-19 hospitalizations declining, ICU bed capacity still critical

The government helped Tesla conquer electric cars. Now it's helping Detroit; Elon Musk isn't hapoy.

TACO SUBSCRIPTIONS 🌮!!!! okay it's Taco Bell but taco trucks on every corner can't be too far away!

Latest: WHO Reports Big Drop In New Coronavirus Infections

Traitor Josh Hawley Threatens To Block Every Defense And State Nominee Unless Blinken And Austin Res

No more COVID restrictions at Alabama Statehouse

The sociopathic style in American politics.

A stranger injected a woman with semen while she was running errands. Now he's going to prison.

'We the People' rally featuring Mike Lindell and Mike Flynn expected 10K -- less than 300 show up

COVID-19 relief money could help pay for Alabama prisons

Breakfast Wednesday 15 September 2021

Opinion: This is how a Republican lie is born

The kittens are going in for their first vaccinations, this morning

Has TFG been heard from today?

A peaceful moment for you today

Boris Johnson is using Biden's campaign slogan,lol

The $3.5T Bill Corporate America Is Terrified Of Robert Reich

Caitlyn Jenner got 1% of the vote in the California recall, but probably 25% of the airtime.

Sanders says Senate Democrats weighing $1,000 voucher for seniors to purchase new Medicare benefits

As a former Californian, I felt that voters would take out the trash

Her sources unlisted but likely fairly accurate. We need this statistic solidified to shaddup

Fed-Up Women Swarm Kansas Frat House After Alleged Rape

The story around SC lawyer Murdaugh is getting crazier and crazier

Orange hitler's losing power, his recent rally he couldn't even draw 300 supporters,

What Elder's loss tells us about white privilege

George Wein, Who Led Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals from the 1950s Forward, Dies at 95

Head of armed group that bombed Minnesota mosque in act of 'domestic terrorism' gets 53 years...

Bela Fleck has a new album out

New York Will Soon Lose 1 House Seat. The G.O.P. Might Lose 5.

TX GOP's 6 week fetus speaks: "I wuv you mommy"

The Weekly Pull: Batman: The World, Pennyworth, Primordial, and More

Kasie Hunt the biggest loser in the California recall

The Webcomics Weekly #154: Batman Comes to Webtoon (9/14/2021 Edition)

The Rundown: September 15, 2021

Rival Koreas test missiles hours apart, raising tensions

Milley acted to prevent Trump from misusing nuclear weapons, war with China

This racist POS thinks everyone else is stupid. And he's a teacher.

Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley was born on this date.

Alaska's largest hospital implements crisis care standards

Oldest US veteran of WWII celebrates his 112th birthday

Democratic Combat Vet Running Against Madison Cawthorn Calls Him A Traitor

Bolsonaro Uses Military To "Crack Down" On Illegal Mining - For Two Months, Ending This Week

Tennessee COVID-19 Cases Climb to Top in the Country

From Al Jazeera: "Pakistan, Russia to 'coordinate' positions on Afghanistan;

Missouri cave with ancient Native American drawings sold

FBI's failures in Larry Nassar probe on display as Senate hears testimony from top gymnasts

C-Span: Simone Biles and Other Olympians Testify on Larry Nassar Sexual Assault Investigation

Fires shut Sequoia National Park, could threaten huge trees

House Democrats promise 'meaningful' relief for state and local tax deduction cap

Newsom didn't "get lucky." Elder was the ONLY thing the GOP could offer.

Eric Boehlert: Zero lessons learned --New York Times gives GOP a pass on election lies

A recent Amazon Prime TV series offers insight into today's Republican Party

Spanish Harlem

CA Recall Debacle Should Give Republicans Pause

The parasite is almost completely done consuming its host.

Recall election points out the obvious: the GOP has become so narrow it can't field candidates

Politico: How Wisconsin is ruled by a shadow governor

We need to make it clear that assigning divine traits to politicians is more damaging than kneeling


Can you imagine being such a toady and still getting the boot?

I realized, today, that Morgan is STILL full of spit and vinegar.

Newsom showed Dems how to win the mid terms. Legislate and tie Republicans to Trump.

from what i have read , the ca recall was a dismal FAIL for the rs .

"The largest living thing on Earth is mostly hidden from view"

i am breathing a sigh of releif as i hear that gov newsome has his job.

TIME: 100 most influential people - MVP Harris' blurb written by Madame Speaker Pelosi

Sloop John B - Brian Wilson and Al Jardine

Israeli research: 3rd vaccine dose produces 10 times more

I see they are going after Milley for putting China at ease that Cheeto was only blustering

Biden to meet with Manchin, Sinema on party-line megabill

Fred Guttenberg: Language matters! Newsom didn't "survive" a recall, he thoroughly defeated it.

I'm in a great mood this morning thanks to that Elder whipping

Was there a "Jay Leno effect" in 2003 California recall?

Stelter: OAN's handling of GOP defeat in California is so weird I have to tell you about it

COVID-19 killed more than 6,200 unvaccinated people in Pa., but just 213 who got the jab

Saudi Arabia camel carvings dated to prehistoric era

Cartoon: Horrifying fashion By Clay Jones -September 15, 2021 9:12 AM

Who remembers the Polio Pioneers?

Vindman calls for Milley's resignation: 'He usurped civilian authority'

Meanwhile at Fox: Ballapalooza 😆😆😆

Food bank at St. Stephen's Phoenix

And the new pie hole.....who should be expelled...

Milley's dillema: Protecting this country from a mad president will always look like treason

Is Newsweek a conservative magazine?

Governor Freedumb - TLP

Stelter: Fox & Friends is spinning Newsom's win as due mostly to donations from Big Tech

Man, the Gaslight was a real clip joint!

Good weather news!

Shout Out to the D-produced anti-recall TV ads. They were great.

A Lawyer Hired A Man To Kill Him So His Son Could Get An Insurance Payout, Police Say

Caitlyn Jenner angrily lashes out at California voters after getting 1% in recall

Long video of psychiatrist with Trumper/racist/homophobe. I'm finding it amazing

Larry Elder Claims Widespread Evidence of Him Losing

Trump Aides Aim To Build GOP Opposition To Afghan Refugees

Gymnasts are testifying before Congress about the sexual abuse.

Gee what happened to the California Doomers?

In election fraud quest, GOP seeks details on who voted

Judge throws out latest Minneapolis policing ballot language

Officer dressed as a woman was pistol whipped by attacker who then stole his puppy

CNN: Woodward/Costa book details GOP infighting over how to handle Trump after election loss

It's things like this that got Norm McDonald fired as the host of "Weekend Update."

GOP effort to oust California's Democratic governor fails spectacularly

Pic Of The Moment: Now Let's Check In To See How The GOP's "Owning The Libs" Campaign Is Going

Melania Trump announced as guest for 'Log Cabin Republican' annual dinner

Growling Pittie Turns Into A Playful Puppy The First Time She Runs On Grass

Good news: Finally, some rain in Western Washington. Bad news: The clinic roof is leaking.

Simone Biles: "How much is a little girl worth?"

The surprising power of daily rituals

HRC endorses McAuliffe, Ayala, Herring in Va.

Ex-Infowars Star Sells Mysterious Gadget Dubbed the 'Cucks'

Will the recall loss jolt the California GOP out of its death spiral?

These young women testifying on the Nassar case my put Gym Jordan back in the headlines.

Where people live in harmony with lions

Anonymous Claims to Have Stolen Huge Trove of Data From Epik, the Right-wing's Favorite Web Host

Brian Mast is an embarrassment.

It's not just young women who are subject to sexual abuse in sports. It's young men too.

Does the US still have a "No First Use" nuclear policy?

**1 in 500 Americans have died from COVID-19: Grim Milestone Reached**

A woman will be Boston's next mayor

Unvaccinated TikTokers Are Calling Themselves 'Purebloods'

Good Day DU (September 15, 2021)

FBI hearing about gymnasts' ignored abuse is a rare example of Congressional agreement!

2432 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 29 deaths

CA Recall

Charles Pierce: The California Recall Results Were a Resounding Win for Common Sense

Two Amazing Ancient Artifacts Found Inside Giant Mississippi Alligator

Simone Biles, elite gymnasts blast FBI over failing to stop Nassar abuse

Trump Die-Hards Launch MAGA Voter Suppression Center

George Takei for the win!

So where are the sensationalistic national headlines....

Texas Democrats on Commencement of Hispanic Heritage Month

US mistakenly killed NGO worker and kids in Kabul drone strike

Is anyone else having trouble seeing tweets automatically open in posts?

The Code of Ur-Nammu: When Ancient Sumerians Laid Down the Law, Everyone Obeyed

Running out of Ivermectin? - Sack catoon

How many people are dying of COVID in your Florida county? New White House data releases details

Anderson Cooper has Written a Book about his Family: The Vanderbilts

How many people are dying of COVID in your Florida county? New White House data releases details

Compare 2 maps. California Recall vote and Covid cases

3 days of B.S. from 2 desperate con men

(MN) Supreme Court overturns third-degree murder conviction against Mohamed Noor


Fifth Conservative Anti-Vax Radio Host Dies Of COVID Within Six Weeks

White House praises Fox for its new Covid policy

Minnesota House DFL caucus expels embattled state Rep. John Thompson

(MN) Supreme Court overturns third-degree murder conviction against Mohamed Noor

Report Reveals Alleged Actions Of Capitol Police Officers Facing Jan. 6 Discipline

Biden set to meet with business leaders on vaccine mandate

The Rich History of Black Westerns Enters a New Era

On this day, September 15, 1907, Fay Wray was born.

On this day, September 15, 1907, Fay Wray was born.

Justice Dept. seeks emergency order to block Texas abortion law

Send Thatcher back to Hell

There's no upside for the GOP from the California recall

Pfizer plans to seek COVID-19 vaccine authorization in November for kids under 5

Taliban leaders had a massive brawl after disagreeing over which of them did the most to boot the US

Court reinstates Nunes suit over reporter's tweet

Current Covid hotspots vs 2020 US election.

Please, won't someone think of Caitlyn Jenner???

TFG's mental health becomes an issue again

OAN pretending that Newsom didn't win the recall

Moscow Mitch plays chicken with the debt ceiling

U.S. Army says soldiers who refuse COVID-19 vaccine could be dismissed

Have you played the "Florida Man" game yet?

Some thoughts about the CA recall

TFG ignored pleas to intervene during Capitol riot and kept watching the violence unfold on TV

A bit of dis n' dat

Looks like Dr. Masters and Dr. Benson

Mark Milley Accused of Treason As Republicans Urge Joe Biden to Fire Him

How Clemente Got the Players' Union Behind Curt Flood

Florida landlord says tenants must get the covid vaccine: 'You don't want to get vaccinated

Pope Francis criticizes US Bishops...

Modern media 101:

LIVE: Today's White House news briefing

It's now Larry Elder's California GOP. What's his next move?

Hilarious Betty White "Golden Girls" scene:

Simone Biles Breaks Down at FBI's Nassar Failures: 'I Blame an Entire System'

Possessed goat

So, the GOP gave Newsom an opportunity for a second landslide victory for the same term

Well, the dad loves Famous Dave's - The girls have a different opinion

CNN Poll finds Americans angry and dark...

"Texas girl, 4, dies of COVID-19 after being infected by anti-vax mom"

I think/hope that the more the R's "cry wolf"

Brave Raccoon Cub Stays The Night At Fox Den

AZ Republicans Sue to Block Biden's Vaccine Mandate, Claim It Discriminates in Favor of Immigrants

"...Milley discovered the President had signed a military order to withdraw all troops from

Donald Trump just proved he is

Subpoenas Issued for Info on Every Pennsylvania Voter as Part of 2020 Election Probe

Trump Lost Control Of Nukes In BOMBSHELL Report - Rebel HQ

AZ has the fifth highest per capita death rate in country

Seattle, Western Washington to see soaking rain this weekend after dry summer

I honestly have some problem with what Milley did as a precedent

Faces of Denial and Regret (antimask,antivaxers intubated) These aren't pretty pictures.

Angelina Jolie meets with White House officials on reauthorizing Violence Against Women Act

No, The World Is Not Welcoming Afghan Refugees as It Should

CNN Poll: Most Americans feel democracy is under attack in the US

An orange sun sets over #InAmericaRemember. Soon the Mall will be filled with 662,000+ flags.

Skagit County issues new rules for COVID-19 testing

Ok, I'll admit... it's kinda fun watching Repubs try and spin the recall...

Cat and deer love each other so much!

Mount Shasta is nearly snowless, a rare event that is helping melt the mountain's glaciers

Tucker Willing To Judge Them Swollen Balls For Himself

Riley Roberts (AOC's boyfriend) is adorable! Isn't he?

As they move to 5G, I am getting worse and worse reception.

If Milley resigned it would take a huge meme weapon from the GOP. They really don't want him

Rebecca Kleefisch's husband standing with a bunch gents flashing the white power sign.

A blast from the past. Can you name them? They're all in The Hall of Fame.

Newsom's win was actually much bigger than people are reporting.

It just struck me how badly Trumpism did on September 14th, even if it was California.

Whew! Watch This Angry Mom On TikTok Do The Covid Math

PA Senate voted to approve 17 subpoenas for personal information on every voter in PA

CNN - 1 in every 500 US residents have died of Covid-19

Meet Trey Hunt - Candidate For Texas' Congressional District 12

This narrative that General Milley should resign or is a traitor is a wonderful distraction from

Is t possible that a Brett Kavanaugh impeachment may be on the cards since the FBI failed to

Pfizer says COVID booster shot warranted after 6 months

Majority Back Vaccine, Mask Mandates

How a rogue doctor who called the vaccine 'needle rape' was made an Idaho public-health official in

How a rogue doctor who called the vaccine 'needle rape' was made an Idaho public-health official in

COVID-19 Vaccines Won't Affect Your Sexual Performance, but COVID-19 Might

"Dueling maps" in NYS redistricting

Cartoons 9/15/2021

Here's how many California voters left question two of the Gavin Newsom recall ballot blank

Local hospitals continue to fill while COVID cases plateau

California Recall Question

COVID-19 vaccine expert not as concerned about full stadiums as people not getting shots

Bernie Sanders on Joe Biden (Time Mag 100 Most Influential)

The peril of Trump keeps growing nearly 8 months after he left the White House

LIVE at 3PM: Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby holds a briefing

Medical exemptions for COVID-19 shots cover very few conditions

Steven Spielberg's "West Side Story" Official Trailer 20th Century Studios

Report: Most nations fall far short in plans to curb warming

The Dandy Warhols - Godless

High Steel Prices Have Manufacturers Scrounging for Supplies

You Have No Idea How Pissed Off My 21 Year Old Friend Is About Climate Change Being Ignored

French Laundry

Unvaccinated French health care workers face suspension

Russian feminist runs for Duma to take on domestic violence

Largest colleges push student vaccines with mandates, prizes

Wait... So... magats are justifying their suicide by covid because... VP Harris?

Get Involved, Redistricting Input Opportunities Calendar

Hopeful poll about growing willingness to take vaccine:

South Carolina officials want out of mask mandate ban suit

Big Majority Say Recent Covid Deaths Were Preventable

The Fatal Flaws of Conservatives Championing the 'Recklessly Unmasked'

Today's Republican Party

Biden's vaccine mandate: Expert would be 'surprised' to see legal challenges prevail

Supreme Court overturns third-degree murder conviction against ex-Minneapolis police officer Mohamed

New York passes law that will ban all gas-powered car sales by 2035

Boston will elect its 1st female mayor as 2 women advance in preliminary election

Read today.

Kim Jong Un's sister warns of 'complete destruction' of South Korean ties if slander continues

VP Harris " We did it Gavin"

Why couldn't Michigan State find a female doctor for its female gymnastics program?

Haspel warned Milley, "We are on the way to a right-wing coup."

Draft NY plan would merge districts of GOP Reps. John Katko, Claudia Tenney

The only tweet from Larry Elder today

Subpoenas Issued for Info on Every Pennsylvania Voter as Part of 2020 Election Probe

Sandy Hook Promise PSA Teenage Dream

Pastafarians offer Religious Liberty letters to be exempt from working in proximity of unvaxxed

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg

Trinidad & Tobago Health Minister re: Minaj claim: No such case reported

(from a DCCC email) Mariannette Miller-Meeks' Hometown Newspaper Editorial Board Slams Her

I am sick of people who pick up their cell phone, full of silicon chip technology,

(from a DCCC email) Mariannette Miller-Meeks' Hometown Newspaper Editorial Board Slams Her

OMG am I ever nervous...

The Fox Virus - The Lincoln Project

Canada: Alberta healthcare system on verge of collapse as Covid cases and anti-vax sentiments rise

here is the final report from Political Data/Paul Mitchell. 9.7 million votes cast

Not Giving Up On Happiness: Self Care, Wellbeing During Plague- Gratitude, Hope, Optimism Creativity

General Milley

Senate Republicans vow to again sabotage government rather than play any role in governing

Trump OUTED By New Bombshell Report - The Damage Report

New Yorker cartoon: re new book by Woodward and Costa re: TFG

Mexico rescues foreign guests abducted from hotel

Budget reconciliation bill contains $80M to help firefighters purchase PFAS-free gear

Sounds like my friend wants to take Squeaky and one of the girls. Just not sure which one

Gallatin County real estate report shows prices up, inventory low

Re: inaccuracy of WP's & Woodward/Costa's framing of Milley call as "secret":

Fed-Up Women Swarm Kansas Frat House After Alleged Rape

On this day, September 15, 1930, Eliot Ness started his job with the ATF.

The Jan 6th Sedition Brought to You By....MANY Corporate Funders...

State of Vermont files lawsuit against oil companies for misleading consumers

California (under attack) taxpayers paid for Elder's rise

Democrats suffer blow on drug pricing as 3 moderates buck party

B.C. man wins job back after post-chicken wing diarrhea mistaken for COVID symptom

At Dutch COVID protest, men dressed as Nazis make mock arrest of participant wearing yellow star

(Jewish Group) 22% of adult Jewish gamers faced antisemitic harassment while playing, survey finds

Fungus that's killed millions of bats found for the first time in Saskatchewan

FBI/Chris Wray Failed to Investigate 4500 Tips about Kavanaugh's SCOTUS nomination. -Glenn Kirschner

Biden meets with business leaders on COVID vaccine mandates

Paranoia and accusations cloud efforts to launch 'Justice for January 6' rally

"Well, I don't need to meet with him." Junior's work ethic/intellectual curiosity in nutshell.

LIVE at 5PM: Biden to announce new national security initiative

Trump and the secret red button on his desk.

Fox News TOO EMBARRASSED To React - The Damage Report

**New** Pew Poll on who is vaccinated (today we passed 1 out of 500 dead to COVID-19)

Anti-Doping Group Will Review Cannabis Ban After Sha'Carri Richardson's Suspension

SpaceX better know what they're doing.

So, at this point, do we believe the FBI is really going after the Jan 6 insurgents hard? (wink wink

remember the school district that changed the dress code to require masks?

BREAKING: The UK, Aus and the US have agreed a "landmark" partnership to boost their defences

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 15, 2021

Did you belong to a Greek organization in high-school or college?

Looks like another Oath Keeper has flipped:

Why did Trump try to steal election? & Why was he behind Jan 6 insurrection? Simple Answer:

Surrendering to Republicans on Voting Rights Won't Save Democracy

Pets Are Good For Our Health & Wellbeing: Get Healthy, Get A Dog

Kamala Harris advocates for increased childcare spending (The Hill)

Is there a limit on how many 'bookmarks' I can archive here in D.U.?

Opinions needed to settle a debate at work!

In 2020 Jason Isbell promised Georgia a special "Georgia Songs" album

Fairfax County board passes 5-cent tax on plastic shopping bags

Anti-Vaxxers Are Now Gargling Iodine to Prevent Covid-19

Jacqueline Du Pr - Bruch: Kol Nidrei, Op. 47

I think there is some hope on the horizon regarding the filibuster

I don't get it. The same people who refuse the vaccinations --

Mercer family played bigger role in 2020 election than thought, giving nearly $20 million to...

Should we tell American televangelists?

Dear Nicki Minaj:

Review of Lauren Boebert - Trae Crowder

Crowdfunding Hate in the Name of Christ

I'm sure going to miss having this big bundle of four fluffy kittens sitting on my lap.

Biden meets with Sens. Manchin, Sinema as Democrats try to build support for $3.5 trillion bill

I atone for nothing!

The Biggest Deficit You've Never Heard Of Robert Reich

Tucker Carlson's latest

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 16 September 2021

General Milly prevented a madman to wag the dog.

In The Garden

Drumpf says the grass is blue. Where is the media and his base in this? Who are the

Grimm Reaper MAGA Guv Doozy of AZ

A Cornerstone of Democrats' Agenda Is Suddenly in Deep Trouble

"Every time you think you reached basement of Trump's awfulness..."

'Exit TX': Republicans' extreme politics send Texas-based tech companies into crisis mode

Post a little-known fact about someone famous, Part 3

Joe Biden has 'great confidence' in top general Milley after Trump revelation

GOPers say Miley should be charged with treason?

She was vaccinated but was infected by others who chose not to be. The cost was her life.

Today being Roberto Clemente Day, does anyone remember...

One of my neighbors died a couple days ago from Covid

Rice tanked prescription drugs. Dem leaders picked her over AOC

Federal judge denies Trump's request to stop E. Jean Carroll lawsuit from moving forward

Path to the Beach

Norm Macdonald, Comedian and 'Saturday Night Live' Star, Dies at 61

SC Police open Investigation into Death of Murdaugh Housekeeper and Financial Settlement

Waxing Gibbous, 63% visible

Waxing Gibbous, 63% visible

Reactions To CA Recall Election: 'This Had Nothing To Do With The Public Good' - Deadline - MSNBC

Sanders' Introductory Remarks for Historic Judicial Nominee Vermont Justice Beth Robinson

Sanders: We must show the American people that government can work for all of us.

Capitol Cop Told Friend Where Lawmakers Hid on Jan. 6, Report Says

Colorado's Polis Weds, Marking The 1st Same-Sex Marriage Of A Sitting Governor

They came to Texas for the big houses and barbecue - they also got new laws on abortion, guns and

'Death By Anti-Science': Dr. Peter Hotez On Vaccine Disinformation - Deadline - MSNBC

Sanders: I'm very disappointed in the vote today on prescription drugs ...

FOGHAT - Fool for the City

Joy Reid still has the best before 9 show to me.

Biden to host Boris Johnson at the White House next week

'It's very culty': the bizarre billion-dollar downfall of fashion company LuLaRoe

The FBI has a Woman Problem.

Watch the beginning of Joy Reid today if you have a chance!

Ex-House Speaker settles child sexual abuse payments suit

Sen. Angus King Hints That Changes Are Coming To The Filibuster

How Storm Larry socked Greenland and unleashed an unusual blizzard

GOP 'Rejected Voting Rights Bill Before Even Reading It' - Deadline - MSNBC

Afghan killed by drone praised by co-workers in US aid group

My patient's dad tested positive. I am livid!

Nicki Minaj gets called out by top Trinidad official over vaccine misinformation - Brian Tyler Cohen

Represented by Rep. Scott Peters? Let him know you oppose his

Jeopardy Spoiler - but seriously

Jeopardy Spoiler - but seriously

Florida Oaf Creepers member pleads guilty to Jan. 6 Capitol riot charges

Study: Pentagon reliance on contractors hurt US in 9/11 wars

Sunset is purple tonight.