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Economic experts on what could happen if Congress fails to raise debt ceiling - PBS NewsHour

Two of the 8 new top-level domains Google just launched (.zip and .mov) create security risks

Marjorie Greene Says Calling Her A White Supremacist Is Like Using 'The N-Word' - Waldorf Nation

Christiane Amanpour has Tough Words for CNN management.

U.S. officials walk back claim drone strike killed senior al-Qaeda leader

On new Fla. immigration law, S. Florida farmer warns, 'Get ready to pay more at grocery store'

On new Fla. immigration law, S. Florida farmer warns, 'Get ready to pay more at grocery store'

This Nebraska Senator lays it on the line Speaking to Nebraska Senate

Chris Hayes on All In really taking it to DeSantis.

Plant a Figwort!

Update on the DMV Screw Up!

Both sides

Jimmy Buffett cancels South Carolina show after hospitalization

Just checking the wall.

Fox News legal earthquake: New billion dollar lawsuit over alleged lies - Melber breakdown - The Beat

New glimpse into documents case suggests a fateful new reckoning is looming over Trump

Missouri voters likely to reinstate abortion rights if given the chance, Republicans say

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Disney's non-move....

Giuliani's sordid story just got worse

Florida man goes on naked rampage

Texas bill barring anonymous reporting of Texas child abuse heads to Gov. Greg Abbott

Texas cities again lead population growth, and Austin is now country's 10th largest

George Santos gets heckled by Congressman on Capitol steps - CNN

One-third of Oregon Senate now ineligible for another term as Republican walkout continues

Dem Releases The Hound On James Comer For Wild 'Missing' Biden Informant Claim

Trump SHOT DOWN After Latest Desperate Move in to Hush Money Indictment - Talking Feds

$3 billion accounting error means the Pentagon can send more weapons to Ukraine

NH: House passes Medicaid expansion bill, rejects marijuana legalization amendment

Alabama Senate votes to ban government contracts with firms opposed to firearms, fossil fuels

News & Commentary May 11, 2023

Committee again backs Brewer on Nebraska voter ID; Slama pledges to kill the bill

A day after DeSantis denounces drag shows, Tampa Pride cancels Pride on the River event

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Montana judge temporarily ENJOINS enforcement of D&E abortion ban; hearing next week

Bills introduced to prevent conversion 'therapy' for minors in Michigan

Rep. Stacey Plaskett delivers opening statement during weaponization subcommittee hearing

Just conversed with my SIL. He is a contractor and insurance adjuster

In classified docs case, a Trump lawyer quits at a terrible time

Florida legislature listed on national Republican group's 'must defend' list

New Potomac Yard-VT Metrorail station to open Friday.

Chairman of Cranston RI GOP. Passed out with crack pipe. medicated kids for nightly sex w clients

FL: Sunrise man faces five years imprisonment for threatening elections staff

"JFK's assassination & Tucker Carson's cancelation are explained by Building 7 & the QAnon Shaman"

Montana judge temporarily ENJOINS enforcement of D&E abortion ban; hearing next week

Former Texas representative Charlie Stenholm (D) has passed away.

Looking at everything going on in the country...

Butterflies originated in North America after splitting from moths, new study suggests.

Manhattan prosecutors get a little more specific on Trump hush money charges

Anti-Abortion Crusader Died Tues In Plane Crash After Spending Cessna Budget On Failed Vote Recount

White House launches federal initiative to address homelessness crisis in Seattle, other cities

'Please Don't Move'

Could you imagine, you're out hiking, and witness the neighboring mountain exploding ?

Egregious both-sides reporting.

DeSantis pushes child health care bans, fights with Disney in his 'MAGA kingdom' - All In - MSNBC

Giuliani's LIES Come Back To Bite Him

County Executives and US Representatives in MD likely to endorse Alsobrooks.

Oye Como Va - Playing for Change, Ft. Carlos Santana, Cindy Blackman Santana, Tito Puente Jr 🌴

Sam Brinton, ex- nuclear energy exec, in news again. arrested, held without bond

Marjorie Taylor Greene says she feels 'threatened' by Black Democratic congressman

PoliticsGirl: Please Don't Move

Bowman calls out MTG for racist tropes after she says she 'feels threated' by him - All In - MSNBC

I'm wondering if others are having the

Ted Cruz: Bud Light should be investigated

I want to recommend a series.

Antiabortion groups push 2024 GOP candidates to embrace national ban

Unsubstantiated news sites: DeSantis considering SHS for VP, to be announced with his campaign

Kevin McCarthy SHUTS DOWN Reporter When Asked This Simple Question

Politico: Pence lifts words directly from old Trump speech

Politico: Anti-abortion leaders worry they may have to oppose Trump if he doesn't back national ban

Montana TikTok ban faces first court challenge

Found on FB

Did Shrewsbury's mayor err in praising a group of candidates in the borough newsletter?

An anti abortion crusader in Kansas died in a plane crash.

Kirie Octopus Cut From a Single Piece of Paper by Masayo Fukuda

Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor (Drumless Track)

Singing the hotel room blues again. CE conference in Kennewick, Washington.

Question of whether Scott Perry search warrant is made public rests with federal judge

Rep. Dean calls out Marjorie Taylor Greene for Rep. Bowman insinuation - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Astrud Gilberto & Walter Wanderley - Call Me

How to be a man? Josh Hawley has the (incoherent) answers.

Jan 6 "Whistleblowers" Stripped Of Security Clearance - Raw News And Politics

Producer Timbaland wants music producers to have exclusive rights to AI voices of dead singers

Sweet dog is obsessed with woman who saved her

FBI workers disciplined for inserting political opinions in work are now MAGA heroes: Legal expert

Just got home from Busch III. Wow what a game

Yunchan Lim, pianist, plays 'La Couperin'

7.7 Quake, Loyalty Islands...

Lawrence O'Donnell: The name of Trump-echoing liar Jim Jordan's committee is a lie - The Last Word

BTC: Jim Jordan abuses his power and position by turning his subcommittee into a star chamber

The Will Rogers Experiment (podcast)- E5

Petition for abortion rights ballot initiative

Equality in Abortion Coverage Act becomes law in Rhode Island

Election officials fine Oregon Democratic Party, seek criminal investigation into cryptocurrency exe

Ghost - Phantom Of The Opera

Haven't Checked Your Gmail in a While? Google May Delete Your Account.

"You hate him more than you love your own family."

If passed, bill package would create safeguards for Michigan's nurses

Trump Hit With Devastating Legal News! - Luke Beasley

Sen. Markey: Dems can't concede to 'radical right-wingers' on debt limit - The Last Word - MSNBC

New Democratic star shuts down Republican with clapback of the year - Brian Tyler Cohen

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about SCOTUS and Naperville....

PHILIPPINES: Duterte's Daughter Quits Party, Decries 'Political Powerplay'

What does it do to a people

Sen. Whitehouse and Lawrence Break Down the 2011 Ethics Complaints Against Justice Clarence Thomas

Republicans Literally Laugh At Idea Of Taxing The Rich - Waldorf Nation

LOL! Patriot Front "training" set to ABBA's "Dancing Queen"

Mexico Declares National Security Protection for Mayan Tourist Train

Since when is sales tax 8.025%?

New Mexico authorities describe caregivers' torture of disabled woman who died

Any night owls up?

Zelensky Will Travel to Japan for the G7, Seeking Arms and Aid, Officials Say

Brazil's Top Court Convicts Ex-President Collor on Money Laundering, Corruption

To Whom It May Concern ...

El Salvador gangs: Mass arrests bring calm but at what price?

Jordan's choice of witnesses raises questions about right-wing extremism within the FBI - Alex Wagner

18 May: Russian despair. Prigozhin begs soldiers not to run away for at least 2 days - Reporting-UKR

Gun violence is top health concern among Americans: poll - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Florence Price: 'Mississippi Suite', The Women's Philharmonic

House GOP appears to have reached 'nastiness' goal set by Gingrich - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Have you tried this Fantastic Fiction book website?

What sober men think, drunk men say - Break the Fake - TVP World

FEC complaint calls for federal probe of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema spending

Mastodon: When a billionaire wants to tell you what is morally wrong, always ignore them.

Yahoo Finance: Two Fed officials make case for another rate hike

Yahoo Finance - Debt ceiling: Support for 14th amendment solution mounts on Capitol Hill

Amid DeSantis attacks, Disney cancels massive development plans in Florida - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

'Shipping Up To Boston' (orchestral arrangement)

Fuck Biden - Jesus saves - 2A - Confederate flag - Trump 2024- Back the blue.

Federal Judge hits Ron DeSantis with BAD NEWS - Meidas Touch

Peaceful May Morning Positive Mood Jazz and Bossa Nova Music

Myrus Ramirez - Wala Man Sa'yo Ang Lahat (Lyrics)

Lifelong anxiety disorder. Long-winded. Sorry.

Frank Figliuzzi calls GOP-led weaponization hearing a 'sad spectacle' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Fact Check: Did George Soros Help Nazis Confiscate Jewish Property?

Moira & Jason - Ikaw At Ako (Lyric Video)

Not bad... ;)

Ungu - Dirimu Satu (lirik)

U.S. prosecutors link Chinese chemical firm to fentanyl crisis - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

How vulnerable is Gary Peters of MI is in 2026?

Ungu i will always love you(Video Clip).flv

First love by Gigi de Lana

What Montana's TikTok ban means for the popular social media app and its users - PBS NewsHour

Humprey - Nagloko ka rin naman (Official Music Video) [ Prod by. Pacific ]

Three states near deal on Colorado River water after decades of drought - CBS News


NYC Councilwoman Makes Stunning Admission - Waldorf Nation

Hollywood faces larger work stoppage as actors threaten to strike alongside writers - PBS NewsHour

ZATOICHI: The Blind Swordsman Season1 # 26 samurai action drama Full movie English subtitles

Russia orders arrests for criticism of war - Scott Lucas - TVP World

2026 US Senate Elections in GA,MI,and NC.

DeSantis Squirms When Asked About Trump's 2020 Election Lies! - Luke Beasley

Wordle 699 (5/19) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Arizona construction manager slaps female electrician across the face

Full movie ZATOICHI: The Blind Swordsman Season2 #5 samurai action drama SAMURAI VS NINJA 47.5K

95yo great-grandmother in hospital after being tasered by police - ABC News (Australia)


Parents concerned about man with assault rifle at school bus stop

Lindsey Graham seems a little, uh, loose tonight ..........

Some watercolors I've done recently:

G7 tightens Russia sanctions, looks to cut China trade reliance

Mastodon reminder

In my opinion, there is no lie Trump will not tell to shield himself from the truth about Russia.

Sanctions on Russia for Ukraine war promised as G7 leaders meet in Japan - BBC News

man portrayed himself as the victim. Review of video by DA leads to no charges

Disney v. DeSantis Gov's felonious misconduct alleged in sworn court filing

Breakfast, May 19, 2023

Putin is ambushed: Thousands of Russians surrender and join Ukraine. Deserters sabotage the army.

discussing trash rates, Odessa, MO Mayor Steven Wright: trash collectors 'not trying to Jew anybody'

Rhode Island governor signs bill to cover abortions for state workers, Medicaid recipients

It looks to me like they are threatening violence. I'm guessing they would deny it ...

Was/Is Christian Science the precursor to Dianetics/Scientology?

Dianne Feinstein Suffering From Previously Unknown Complications From Shingles Illness

China Crashing as Manufacturing Slowdown in April Raises Concerns Over Full Year Outlook - Joe Blogs

Watercolor kitty

Biden administration considering national marine sanctuary in Lake Erie

The cruelty is always the point-the short life of baby Milo

EXCLUSIVE: DeSantis' Secret Invitations for a Wednesday Campaign Announcement

It looks like Madoc has come to terms with the latest arrival

Economic cost of firearm injury hospital care in US-nearly 2.5 billion in 2 yrs.

Friday TOONs - Taking His Toll

On this day, May 19, 1952, Grace Jones was born.

Should have thought twice before endorsing this:

What happens to the Republican Party if Trump is indicted?

Car rushes Vatican gate, is fired on by gendarmes; driver apprehended after reaching courtyard

Man with an AR-15 has been showing up for weeks at a school bus drop off for elementary school kids

Womanizing and Perverted Affairs; very much like today's filthy right wingers

The Slobfather called his failed coup a beautiful day

How stupid do you have to be? 🚨Possible Spoilers🚨

Rick Beato: This Insider Spotify Data Is MIND-BLOWING

Steve Schmidt on the Fall of Rudolf the red nosed;... I mean guliani.

475 Fires, 1.5 Million Acres Burned By Mid-May & Alberta Politicians Dare Not Say "Global Warming"

On May 18, 1934, Dwayne Hickman was born.

In Northern Italy, Half A Year's Rainfall In 36 Hours; Worst Flooding In 100 Years

DeSantis' Surgeon General has a "no work, no show" job.

Kenneth Roth@KenRoth: Why are Arab leaders welcoming Syria's Assad.

Legality of AI Art Could Be Affected by Supreme Court's Warhol Ruling

2023 Eisner Awards Reveals Manga Nominations

The Rundown: May 19, 2023

The origin of Super Villians: Manchester Black

"The Boot Girls" of Atlanta - Modern Robin Hoods Unlocking Car-Wheels, Locked by Parking Enforcement

Pete Townshend has a birthday today.

It's On For Fani This August

Wendy's Wants to Use Underground Robots to Fetch Your Order

Miami Mayor Pounces On Ron DeSantis Over 'Personal Vendetta' Against Disney

Potomac Yard Metro station, decades in the making, opens in northern Virginia

Myanmar raises death toll from Cyclone Mocha to 54, but full extent of damage still unknown

U.S. officials walk back claim drone strike killed senior al-Qaeda leader

Who are your favorite comedians-male, female. You can include all that made you laugh out loud

has desantis said anything about the Disney

Why border crossings have fallen since Trump-era rules expired last week

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 19, 2023

Bruce Bartlett @BruceBartlett: The other day, Senator John Kennedy (Confederate of Louisiana)

Malcolm X at 98: Angela Davis on His Enduring Legacy & the "Long Struggle for Liberation"

Fox News's 'vitriolic lies' present clear threat to US democracy

Israeli forces assault CNN reporter 𝗕𝗲𝗻 𝗪𝗲𝗱𝗲𝗺𝗮𝗻 as he tries to cover 'Flag March'

Could anti-immigration law backfire on DeSantis and turn Florida blue again? - Opinion

The Supreme Court Is Hiding Important Decisions From You

DeSantis' deal with the devil: Chasing the Christian right won't help him

"By Any Means Necessary": Watch Malcolm X's Speech on Racism & Self-Defense at Audubon Ballroom

Ex-FBI assistant director torches Jordan's "whistleblower" hearing: The FBI just "called his bluff"

Bezos' Blue Origin wins NASA astronaut moon lander contract to compete with SpaceX's Starship

Happy Endangered Species Day

"Why Dianne Feinstein Shouldn't Quit" (Time): potential issue I hadn't realized

Georgia Prosecutor Signals August Timetable for Charges in Trump Inquiry

I am CA bound! June 12 - 17

Hello I Love You

Is the Photo Contest Prelims going to be fixed?

In America, just shaking my head. In America.

D.C. police lieutenant indicted with tipping off Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio about arrest

Police officer charged with lying about leaks to Proud Boys leader

Folks here at DU MA should check out Gems on VHS

Fox News's 'vitriolic lies' present clear threat to US democracy , top expert warns - The Guardian

Happy birthday, Lorraine Hansberry.

Is this checkmate? I'd like your thoughts on this article re: Barre Seid and Leonard Leo.

Re. Ukraine at G7: "Things are moving really fast in Japan. Faster even than we had dared hope."

A little weirdness for you

After seeing what Senator Feinstein is going through I got the shot

Fed Chair Powell says rates may not have to rise as much as expected to curb inflation

Experiments with light pollution

Beautiful photos of World War Two in color

Do *not* spread this: Long list of suspects as Zodiac includes Cancun CRUZ

Incredible: Fleetwood Mac - The Chain - Live - 1982

Sen. Tim Scott makes it official: He's a Republican candidate for president

Story of homeless veterans displaced by migrants was false

Before, every village had an idiot. With social media every idiot has a village.

'Matewan' Massacre, Miners Strike, May 19, 1920, Key Struggle for Workers Rights, Unionization

Michigan boy who used slingshot to save sister says he 'was just lucky'

U.S. OK's training Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16s.

Weird......just had a guy come to my back door asking for my patio that he purchased.

NY-03: The 29-Year-Old Long Islander Coming for George Santos' Seat

Texas Republicans single out one blue county as they push election bills

The U.S. 'Fast-Tracked' a Power Project. After 17 Years, It Just Got Approved.

Biden tells G7 allies the US will support joint F-16 training effort for Ukrainians

Supreme Court Rules Andy Warhol's Image of Prince Breaches Copyright Laws

If you're furious with Tricia Cotham now, just wait until she votes to dismantle public education.

Key supporter of Texas school chaplain bill has pushed for evangelism in schools

Biden Appeals-Court Pick Michael Delaney Withdraws

Trump's OWN cabinet member abandons him on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

After optimism, debt ceiling talks on 'pause,' McCarthy's top negotiator says

Uber will lease out entire office building in San Francisco

The Big Lie About Nuclear Waste

Hillary knows a Russian SPY, he should be in jail

Humorous anecdote from my childhood.


I think the Lyme is back

Recreational marijuana bill on edge of becoming Minnesota law

"One Republican who wasn't happy with Youngkin's candidacy and eventual victory was Trump ..."

Bass guitarist Andy Rourke of The Smiths, one of Britain's most influential bands, dies at 59

Question about Youtube subscriptions

The 'rusted-out' Democratic machine: Why Pittsburgh and Allegheny County progressives keep winning

Story of homeless veterans displaced by migrants was false

How one northeast Pennsylvania county runs drama-free elections with just 2 people on staff

Primary Recap: PA Democrats Hold Onto House and Women Make History in Local Primaries

Killers of the Flower Moon -- Official Teaser Trailer - In theaters 10/2023

Young Voters Were Key to Democrats' Success in 2022

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 19, 2023)

No one really wants Ron DePreying Mantis being the decider!

"A clipboard! Seriously!"

The Gospel of Trumpism

US and allied naval commanders in Mideast transit Strait of Hormuz, in show of force against Iran

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about expanding confidence in SCOTUS....

Biden Announces Program to Reduce Homelessness

Radical Ronbo. He's on his way toward bankrupting Florida.

Cartoons 5/19/2023

Sean Penn, backing WGA strike, says studios' stance on AI a 'human obscenity'

Former New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney withdraws name from consideration for judge no

Mountain Loop Highway to partially reopen Friday

Pittie Is A Zen Master

Elon Musk told a Twitter advisor at 4 a.m. that the company would only pay rent over his 'dead body'

Home care providers win $21 minimum wage, more in new state budget

What a peek at three Mother's Day 'cards reveals

On this day, May 19, 1938, bassist Herbie Flowers was born.

California Governor Gavin Newsom out with a statement this afternoon, praising Disney

Allies step up supplies. Has the Ukrainian counter-offensive begun? - Good Times Bad Times

California Governor Gavin Newsom out with a statement this afternoon, praising Disney

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Fulton Co. charges may come last week of July.

Dog With The Kindest Eyes Saved From Shelter Just In Time

FBI employees testify on GOP politicization claims after losing clearances

Aggressive Dog Turns Into The Biggest Mush As Soon As Takis Is Kind To Her

As Trump's legal woes mount, Republicans prep with a new talking point: Jury verdicts don't count

Incredible shrinking lakes: Humans, climate change, diversion costs trillions of gallons annually

Kari Lake's STAR Witness Hilariously Sabotages Her Case - Waldorf Nation

Those Who Fail To Learn The Lessons Of History Are Doomed To Repeat It

Scared Pittie Wouldn't Leave The Plum Box He Was Found In

Muskrat - Don't call MTG a white supremist. That's mean.

Fani Willis trashes Trump's attempt to quash special grand jury report

Ron DeSantis is diverting state pension and investment funds into private equity firms - Rick Wilson

Always working: border collies herding their human:

The Casey DeSantis Problem

SAY SHE SHE - Don't You Dare Stop

Debt ceiling: Support for 14th amendment solution mounts on Capitol Hill

Clever dog invents his own game:

Clarence Thomas Shadiness - Luckovich Cartoon

Moon River

Taking on the FBI, Trump Allies Single Out a Former Agent

It's Friday!

Former 49ers FB Bruce Miller reported to Capitol Police after allegedly threatening Rep. Eric Swalwe

The Ironsides - Changing Light

Excited baby penguins are soooo adorable:

States with abortion bans could drive away young doctors, especially OB-GYNs, survey finds

Chris Christie expected to weigh in on the Presidential race.....

I'll have that jacket, please:

Plunge In Chinese Housing Investment; Developing World Debt; China & Central Asia - China Update

Argentina president, protesters slam IMF debt, austerity

Mom teaches her puppy how to play with tennis ball:

Rep. Gym Jordan Gets Brutal Reminder Of His Past After Tweet About Whistleblowers

Maybe Putin is our best friend after all ROFL 🤣

Oregon Senate walkout continues as 6 more Republicans banned from re-election

"Go. Go love your children as much as you hate mine."

Contaminated eye drops outbreak climbs to 81 cases, 4 deaths

Marjorie Traitor Greene Announces Articles Of Impeachment Against Biden

Charlie Javice, the startup founder accused of defrauding JPMorgan, is indicted

Mother Fox and babies:

The Birth of Homo Putinus. "Z" reminds of all fascist symbolism.

Chile converts torture chamber to human rights academy

'We were treated as disposable beings': Waste pickers in Colombia fought for their rights after 11 m

This cat!

Ted Cruz Launches Senate Probe Into Bud Light's Ad With Dylan Mulvaney

G7 summit: Zelensky accuses some Arab leaders of 'blind eye' to war ahead of Japan trip

Georgia prosecutor signals charges in 2020 election inquiry may come end of July

Dog saves his human from a sneeze:

Satanists Sue Chicago For Not Allowing Them To Say 'Hail Satan' At City Council Meetings

FBI broke rules in scouring foreign intelligence on Jan. 6 riot, racial justice protests, court says

Duckling on a slide:

Anything you can do . . .

It's not just Dems touting a 14th Amendment debt ceiling solution

For every action, there's a weird reaction - Cat's Law

Gorgeous cat shows off her kittens:

NY High School SUSPENDS 13 Female Athletes Who Started Petition To Wear Sports Bras For Training

Zoomies catch:

Spotify Playlist of The Smiths songs, in memory of Andy Rourke

The cat licked its paws

No Default, No Cuts

The 14th Amendment Section 4

Did the Durham Report have even one charge of illegality by the FBI?

Florida turns red: Can Democrats make a comeback?

Northbound I-5 to close overnight Friday in Seattle

kangaroo flexing muscles to attract females

I have a question for our lawyer types here, pertaining to Debt ceiling talks. (14 amendment)

Just got a call from Medicare.

Fox News Is Furious That CNN Isn't Being Sued For Airing Trump Election Lies - Ring of Fire

OR cities, counties say Measure 110(Drug Decriminalization & Treatment) blew a hole in their budgets

White House vows more federal aid to reduce homelessness in 5 cities and California

Are the MAGAts prepared for the indictment and conviction of ex-president, Donald J Trump?

Is it true Florida no longer recognizes drivers licenses from other states?

Kitten with special way to demand belly rubs:

Biden's Schedule for Friday, May 19, 2023

Fox News Just Axed Its Investigative Unit, Sources Say

California pot industry facing 'extinction event'

A message to America from inside Florida

D.C. police lieutenant indicted on charge of tipping off Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio about arrest

Sen. Megan Hunt to Republicans: "You hate him (her trans son) more than you love your own family"

Yahoo Finance - Fed's Powell: Rate decisions made 'meeting by meeting' after aggressive hikes

Fanni Willis announces that she and her staff will be working remotely in August

Maybe one of the greatest covers ever... and I LOVE her voice

Jim Brown, a Pro Football Hall of Famer, has died at 87

All-time NFL great running back, social activist Jim Brown dead at 87

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I bought a new car . . . and I was pretty then . . . in 2006.

Ukrainian Pie

Ukrainian Pie

RIP NFL Legend and Activist Jim Brown

So this Pastor hired his brother-in-law to paint his

Republicans hit pause on debt ceiling negotiations - CNBC Television

Jim Brown R I P

"Ask Gorsuch about his cousin and a little real estate deal in Aspen...😉🤔"

The short life of Baby Milo

Joe Russo's Almost Dead - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

Andy Rourke's 10 best basslines for The Smiths (Far Out magazine, with the videos)

Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffett - Live - Onward & Love, JB! ❤

Post-9/11 wars have contributed to some 4.5 million deaths, report suggests

We Exposed the True Cost of Republicans' Top Priority - More Perfect Union

Chris Christie on 'kamikaze mission' to sink Trump: report

Gov't Mule - Dreaming Out Loud [feat. Ivan Neville and Ruthie Foster]

Pentagon leaks suspect to remain detained as he awaits trial

Justice Department wins lawsuit to undo JetBlue, American Airlines partnership in the Northeast

The sport's world has lost another great mentor.

Trump is starting to face much harder head winds in reaching the 2024 nomination.

an alternative to the debt ceiling besides the 14th

U.S. and G-7 allies agree to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine - NBC News

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about planes, runways, and Ukraine....

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC: Ok, then undo the yacht and private jet tax breaks GOP passed

Big ass tree

Your top song/songs of all time!! And the winner/winners is/are___________.

I'm getting sick and tired of business packing everything in plastic

Artifical Intellgence-the population is asleep - watch the human destruction coming!

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - Andy Rourke w/ Johnny Marr, 10/1/2022, Madison Square Garden

The Upper Atmosphere Is Cooling, Prompting New Climate Concerns

Senate Candidate 'Patriot Whistleblower' Admits to Fabricating Sex Trafficking Story

BREAKING: Trump case in Georgia gets MAJOR UPDATE from Fulton County DA

Republican councilman arrested asleep at wheel holding crack pipe

Learn to Fly

Legislative panel advances bill to expand Maine's child tax credit in bid to reduce poverty

Target recalls nearly 5 million Threshold candles after severe burns, lacerations reported

April: Legality of OSHA Safety Rules Challenged in Federal Appeals Case

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 19, 2023

Bruce Castor dumps Rudy Giuliani as a client: 'He's not cooperating, and he's not paying me'

Employee held at gunpoint during unannounced active shooter drill at MI psych hospital files suit

This Marjorie Greene Interview Will Horrify You! - Luke Beasley

The Geologic Oddity in Arizona; The Wave

The Geologic Oddity in Arizona; The Wave

FBI misused surveillance tool on Jan. 6 suspects, BLM arrestees and others

Ben Shapiro MAD About Martha Stewart's Sports Illustrated Cover

Was Florida man justified in killing gunman after the shooting stopped? A jury decides.

Former Adviser Says World Leaders Viewed Trump As A 'Laughing Fool' - Ring of Fire

STRANGERS ON THE RIGHT - a Parody - The Freedom Toast with Parody Project

NE: Megan Hunt doesn't want to be your Democratic hero. She just wants to protect her trans son.

Pipeline Companies Use Expired Materials to Cut Costs, Flouting Regulations

Drone footage shows ferocious battle for Bakhmut

MI: State canvassers approve upgrade to Dominion voting systems

It's not your imagination: There really is a MAGA migration to Florida

Senate bills seek to provide Michiganders with paid family and medical leave

The Upper Atmosphere Is Cooling, Prompting New Climate Concerns

Nebraska Legislature passes restrictions on abortion, gender-affirming care

Editorial: These 8 proposals from Bowser would help D.C. fight violent crime

VA: Buckingham GOP nominates recently fired registrar for seat on elections board

Biden's 14th Amendment message to progressives: It ain't gonna happen

Faux "news" story about veterans turns out to be fake.

At graduations, Native American students seek acceptance of tribal regalia

Department of Justice EXPOSES Jim Jordan and GOP Cover UP - Meidas Touch

NJ challenges Hanover Township schools' new rule to out LGBTQ+ students

YouTube's recommendations send violent and graphic gun videos to 9-year-olds, study finds

How Putin Actually Thought the War in Ukraine Would End - The Infographics Show

How one North Carolina lawmaker's defection from the Democratic Party upended abortion protections

Hundreds of Sinema's Democratic donors migrate to Gallego

NYC: Knocked out of Dem primary, challenger Gonzalo Duran pivots to Conservative Party ballot line

If you care about racial gerrymandering...

Two things not being talked about?

Zatoichi season one

Rudy Giuliani's raw reaction to sexual assault suit by employee he 'dated' was quietly edited...

Former Federal Prosecutor BREAKS DOWN an Underreported MASSIVE Takeaway from Trump's Town Hall

Trump Brags About Taking Away Women's Rights In Disgusting Interview - Ring of Fire

The Writers For Your Favorite Shows Are On Strike

Pre-dawn, southern MD 5/19

President Zelensky addresses Arab League


Did Being Called 'Woke' Cost This Iowa Teacher A Principal Job?

PM Update: Scattered showers and storms late Saturday, then a beautiful Sunday

Top Trump lawyer leaves his legal team: What it means and what it doesn't - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Republican strategist slams MTG's latest comments - CNN

hey du youtuber producers , im one of them! have a question if i may.

Chris Christie Mulls a Kamikaze Mission

I am in an argument with a lady on Tiktok

A TGIF aside for those who read Asimov's Foundation Trilogy...

Trump Ally Could Face Perjury Charge if He Doesn't Cooperate With D.A.

Democrats Target Vulnerable Republicans Over Santos

Jack Smith's Timeline to Indict Trump Has Been Expedited! Glenn Kirschner

What the plan to provide F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine means for the war against Russia - PBS NewsHour

How was Rome split in two?

What do pigs learn in the Army?

Men's "beauty contest" from 1919

The GOpee are frightened of everything.

Tweet of the Day

Debt Ceiling Talks Resume

USC athletic director Mike Bohn resigns after criticisms over management

Zatoichi season one #21

EST 9 pm Tonight ABC 20/20 ( 'It Happened here: A Year in Uvalde' )

Doris Kearns Goodwin: We've gone way backward in time with these book bans - Morning Joe - MSNBC

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Canadian salad:

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Been trying to Google what all will be affected by the shutdown.