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Benedict Cumberbatch sings Comfortably Numb

Friday Talking Points (410) -- Trump Backs Up Titanic, Hits Iceberg Again

9 Times American Presidents Told You To Check Out A Sex Tape

Dilbert Creator switches from Clinton support to Trump

Clinton launches final-stage turnout plan - Politico

The strange things tRUMP supporters do

WaPo Editorial Board: The clear and present danger of Donald Trump

Officer Betty Shelby On Terence Crutcher Shooting: I Was Temporarily Deaf!

Graphic Warning: Angry, on the toilet, at 3 AM, reaching for his phone.

Feminist Bookstore Says F*** Portlandia! for "Transmisogyny" and "Queer Antagonism"

Trump Praised Saudi Arabia's Shariah Law for Making It Easy for Men to Get Divorced

Md. bus driver honored for her bravery on burning bus.

Almost forgot to mention I got push polled after we came home from voting

Married Republican Politician in Louisiana Being Investigated by FBI for Sexting 17-Year-Old Boy

Senators Blame Obama For Not Helping Them Understand Their Own Bill

Frontline The Choice 2016 on PBS, 2 hr 2016

All quiet on the Facebook front

Ivanka Trump stars in new campaign ad to help her father appeal to women - The Washington Post

The size of this year's California voter information guide :O

Not easy being a Sixers fan these days

Delta Agrees to 30% Raise for Pilots After Nine-Month Standoff

Trump Is Triggering Domestic Violence Survivors With Textbook Abusive Behavior

Delta Agrees to 30% Raise for Pilots After Nine-Month Standoff

Delta Agrees to 30% Raise for Pilots After Nine-Month Standoff

We live in disturbed world.

Email Leak Reveals Clinton Ignored Calls for aid From Nigerian Prince

Video suggests police drove at California man they then shot

Greek anger at Turkey border treaty remarks

Football Players at Idaho High School Raped Black Disabled Teammate With Hanger

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! And Now For Something Completely Different!

Obama urges Bill Clinton to hurry up boarding the plane

When your work trip hotel room has a balcony...

Congress has 2nd thoughts for overiding Obamas veto on being able to sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11

Who's watching Rachel

Big News! Joy Reid Brings Great Ratings To MSNBC

Hillary Clinton: ‘Who Gets Up at 3 in the Morning to Engage in a Twitter Attack?’

Bid to block US net handover rejected

Bill let's go - Obama called from Air Force One

Some heroes wear pantsuits

Porn actor as President Only Donald Trump can offer this scenario

Counting the cost of the Cuban blockade

Counting the cost of the Cuban blockade

Trump Hotel guests received a complimentary USA Today declaring Trump unfit for the presidency

A friend of ours was upset. A parent is going to vote for Trump

CNN just now: Trump Will Try To Rattle Hillary Before 2nd Debate By Going After Bill's Indiscretions

🐦 Bernie Sanders to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa on Monday October 3, 2016

Good News for Florida on Zika, Restoring the Everglades, largest contract ever awarded by U.S. Coast

Rachel just cited an unconfirmed report that Trump may be looking for a 4th campaign manager.

It's Friday night And I'd like to have a cocktail-party style conversation about this:

🐦 Bernie Sanders to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Minnesota on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Trump’s Up-All-Night, Incoherent Twitter Rant Fuels The Fire Of Drug Abuse Rumors (TWEETS)

American and Israeli Jews: Twin Portraits From Pew Research Center Surveys

A pollster called me a few weeks ago

Rachel Sez Don the Con May Skip Second Debate

Airline Gave Woman New Seat, Because Monks Cannot Sit Next To Women

Trump demands Obama promise not to pardon Clinton

Zero Chances kitty rescue by Anonymous St. Louis, MO

Seeing lots of ads for ''Clinton, Inc.'' what's the deal?

The things you learn on Facebook.

Donald Trump Opens A New Line Of Attack On Hillary Clinton: Her Marriage

GOP Jesus - Appearing Soon at a Trump Rally

"She’s nasty, but I can be nastier than she ever can be,” Mr. Trump said.

Court Files on Murdered Honduran Activist Berta Caceres Stolen

Vagina is expensive

Prediction: Trump will walk out of the town hall

Photos: Indigenous Sami of Scandinavia offered gifts, including reindeer hides at Standing Rock

Hurricane Matthew

Tulane archaeologists make Mayan discoveries at El Achiotal

Tulane archaeologists make Mayan discoveries at El Achiotal

Trump Hotel guests received a complimentary USA Today declaring Trump unfit for the presidency

MY TOWN! After 148 Years, The San Diego Union-Tribune Endorses A Democrat For President


Dakota pipeline - dropping tear gas from helicopters - blocking Facebook access - drawing guns

The Daily Show: Unpacking Stop-and-Frisk

Six divorces. Nine wives. Wildly public serial philandering. Ever younger wives.

Review: 'Luke Cage' Is The Gold-Standard For Superhero Television

Howard Dean Calls out Media for Creating Donald Trump

Scotland’s thatched buildings recorded for the first time

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 2 - Monster of the Month: Frankenstein

I think as president Trump would

TCM Schedule for Monday October 3 - Star of the Month: Christopher Lee

Trump Admits He Found 12-Year-Old Paris Hilton Attractive

Supporters Of Sniffles The Clown Are Now Unionized And Have Their Own Rallying Cry

Get in, let's go, there's no time to explain!

The CIA’s Air War During a 1954 Guatemalan Coup Was Nearly a Fiasco

The CIA’s Air War During a 1954 Guatemalan Coup Was Nearly a Fiasco

Donald Rump is right about one thing, but not in the way he thinks.

This is an example of someone who pays attention to what's going on...

Republicans fear Trump is playing into Clinton’s hands by lashing out on infidelity and impeachment

Isn't it time again, to talk about how much the Republican brand will be damaged

California opens pathway for cars that lack steering wheel

BU archaeologists uncover 6,000-year-old long barrow in the Cotswolds

Louisiana Governor sues State AG over LGBT Protection

He is a total idiot. Hillary told the world her strategy...

The Memory Code: how oral cultures memorise so much information

Real Time with Bill Maher was excellent tonight !!!

Windows 10 update today, now I can't shut it down

Don Lemon on CNN just mentioned Trump's cameo in porno, lol

Vanity Fair did a big profile on Trump 26 years ago ... pretty fascinating.

Politico: Trump asked for sex tape made by a 17-year old girl

The spiritual value of Donald Trump

***The Wheels are Coming Off*** LANDSLIDE

Alzheimer's Trump?

Cat 4 hurricane Matthew aims at Cuba

Just read where Trump said infidelity was never a problem in any of his marriages.


Eric Trump ‘Charity’ Spent $880K at Family-Owned Golf Resorts

Maybe Donnie Twitter IS on cocaine. It's a good explanation for the combined:

Denying Palestinian laborers access to justice

Group Apologizes for Giuliani’s ‘Unscripted’ Remarks at Awards Dinner

Quechua classes give students a look into indigenous culture

Help needed *update*

Johnson's running mate "'not sure anybody is more qualified than Hillary Clinton' to be president."

If you could ask Bob Dylan the question?

Lawyer says FBI agents posed as film crew in Bunkerville standoff investigation - #BundyTeaParty

I have a sneaking feeling

Bill Maher: "Welcome to Another Week Of 'Yes, This Is Really Happening' "

States' Push For Control Of Federal Lands Has Weak Legal Footing

Meet Jill: the most famous pet squirrel on the Internet

FFS! - A Yahoo insider believes the hackers could really have stolen over 1 billion accounts

Confederate flag sparks controversy at school (PA)

Students wear 'White Power' shirts to homecoming activity (MT)

Renata Flores Rivera "Earth Song" Michael Jackson - Versión en Quechua

Texas State Quietly Removes Confederate Monument

Renata Flores Rivera "Earth Song" Michael Jackson - Versión en Quechua

Texas student forced to remove slave costume

Philadelphia Orchestra Walks Out on Opening Night.

Giants' Angel Pagan body slams Dodger fan running on field

Midnight Special-Steve Miller Band "Fly Like An Eagle"

somebody help me on Ohio

How Bolivia curbed coca production by moving away from violent crackdowns

Wizards’ $50m practice arena renderings are scenes from a post-apocalpytic nightmare

Doctors vs Meatcutters.

New Maryland Laws Go Into Effect October 1, 2016

Oldest parish created by African-Americans celebrates 175 years

The Media Has Grossly Underestimated Hillary

If you haven't seen Nate Silver today, you must.

The Closer with Keith Olberman

Crisis at Germany’s Deutsche Bank intensifies, ripples through to Commerzbank

Boston - More than a Feeling


Does Donald Trump Realize That He Is Being Systematically Destroyed By The Main Stream Media &....

Question: did any of the GOP primary "town halls" have a format

Rape Allegations Refiled Against Donald Trump

Young and Millennial voters are the strongest for Clinton by far, I am tired of BS saying otherwise

A Casey Anthony attorney has just joined the lawsuit alleging Trump raped a 13 year old.

Maine dissolves 27 local public health groups with little explanation

As I was going to St. Ives...

Here's how the changing energy field is impacting TVA and other utility companies

Chief Executive Officer of Pharmaceutical Company Charged in $100 Million Fraud Scheme

It's 0342 Eastern time. Is anyone monitoring for tweets?

Ew. Adam ruins opposition to big game trophy hunting

Customers at Sonic Drive-In location in Fort Worth find racial slurs on receipts

Affluenza teen’s request for a new judge denied

Matthew strengthens to Category 5 storm headed for Jamaica, Cuba

The Media Wants Trump to Bring up Bill Clinton's affairs

Despite cuts and fund transfers, ND budget still projected for $7.6 million shortfall

Oilfield waste facility must close, clean up site

Airport worker arrested for terrorist threats

South Dakota candidates split on how to pay for college

State Supreme Court rules in favor of $150M ethanol plant

Some Legislature candidates sign pledge never to vote for increase in Nebraska's gas tax

Some velvet mornin' when I'm straight

Appeals court upholds voting order, dealing another setback for Kobach

Kansas, contractor to pay $412,000 settlement in death of 4-year-old boy

should gay/bisexual atheists

Chipotle investigating after Topeka report of razor blade found in burrito

Leaked emails show Russia giving precise instructions to ukrainian rebels

Think Russia isn’t directing rebels in Ukraine? Then read this about leaked emails

Governor Prepares Puerto Rico for Control Board's Takeover

Real Time with Bill Maher (full program)

Casper's Gerald Gay says media twisted words on women

Daily Holidays October 1

Opal fire penalties went unpaid due to state clerical error

It is great we are winning, but

N.J. Officials Approve ‘8THEIST’ License Tag To Settle AU-Led Lawsuit

Stop putting religious liberty in scare quotes

Quebec cardinal won't refuse funerals for those choosing assisted death


Gingrich on Fox: "You can’t tweet at 3 o’clock in the morning. Period. There’s no excuse ever.

Trump: Corruption to its core; Will anyone investigate?

Weekly Address: It’s Time to Give Families Access to Paid Sick Leave

Trump Made Cameo In Softcore Porn Video

Democrats Rake In the Big Money

Egyptian lawmaker says women should prove they are virgins to go to college

Most people grow out of middle school. Not Donald Trump.

"I never discuss it. I never discuss it. It was never a problem. I don’t talk about it. I don’t..."

Let Hillary be Hillary while

Would the vetoed bill that was overridden allow citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan

Barack Obama's presidency: A handful of the best photos by Pete Souza

US court: $1,000 tax on handguns unconstitutional

Attorney: DOJ close to indicting officer who shot John Crawford III

Meanwhile, back in the locker room at Trump Tower

best political adds for Hillary to run are:

Understanding the white working class and how to talk to them in this election.

Week Recap of Drumpf Dunkin


Nigel Farage to coach Donald Trump before next presidential debate [UPDATED]

Cartoon: Hey! Look! One Of The Trump Boys In Uniform!

RNC Goes After Bill Clinton's Half-Brother in New Memo

"I can be nastier than she ever can be."

Ukip denies that Nigel Farage is coaching Donald Trump for next debate

I'm with her & her adorable shoulder shimmy!

Is it possible for Hillary to win without huge

Trump believes his adultery is his exes fault.. So NATURALLY

Trump Surrogate: Obama Was Given Everything ‘Because Of The Color Of His Skin’

I think Hillary needs to let Trump ruin himself and concentrate on a positive agenda

Maddow last night: Trump looking for new (fourth) campaign manager

Hillary Clinton rides wave of enthusiasm after debate: 'One down, two to go'

Warren Corners Trump: ‘You Never Tweet At 3am With Ways To Create New Jobs'!

Trump wanted Tiffany aborted...newly unearthed video reveals..

Gary Johnson’s VP: I’m Not Sure Anyone’s More Qualified Than Clinton to be President

Matt Schlapp on MSNBC now.

Trump offers goodies to fat pigs.

Hawaiian bees are first on US endangered species list



Bill Maher panel goes off the rails when Trump surrogate won’t STFU: ‘I must f*cking stop you’

Republicans now blaming Obama for their unbelievable incompetence.

German economic ministry: A Trump presidency would destroy the US economy

The right’s Sean Hannity problem: Conservatives loved the Fox News host until he became Trump’s...

Here's a photo that is begging for a Trump make over

The Moron’s Case For Hillary Clinton…because some of you really are that stupid.

Monica Lewinsky was not “violated” — and Rudy Giuliani’s sleazy claims minimize the seriousness...

Duterte, Citing Hitler, Says He Wants to Kill 3 Million Addicts in Philippines

Come into my web...

Tracking Matthew folks - what if he does not turn North

Happy Birthday to Jimmy Carter!!

Happy Birthday, Jimmy Carter!

Group Apologizes for Giuliani’s ‘Unscripted’ Remarks at Awards Dinner

23 Baby Pandas make their debut

U.S. History Must Be Revised To Stop Glorifying Indian Killers

Robin Williams’ Widow Writes A Devastating Account Of His Final Year

China is cutting off cash to Venezuela

Gingrich critical of Trump on Hannity: "You can't tweet at 3:00 a.m.-period. There's no excuse ever"

How hypocritical of the right to attack Secretary Clinton

Do you sense a pattern here?

Dog/cat break - Momma brings kids to her friend

Absentee ballot requests favor Clinton in key battleground states of FL and NC

Momma Cat introduces her kids to her friend

A Closer Look at Students for Justice in Palestine

Now on AM Joy

Ileana Garcia - Latinas for Trump

Dean deserves much praise for his cocaine "truthieness" statement!

And still the press doesn't serve the public interest.

Electoral Vote: Nevade Blue HRC 323 tRUMP 215

The chipmunks don't like trump either.

Red state, purple state, blue state -- we need to a resounding rejection of rump everywhere

Oct 9 7:30 MST Town Meeting of Uncommitted Voters

Mark Cuban on AM Joy shortly... also Eichenwald on Cuba/Trump story

What It’s Like to Be a Female Reporter Covering Donald Trump

Last living Doolittle Raider recalls America's revenge attack

How it is to be a "white helmet" in todays Syria.

The Probability That 40% Of Voters Would Choose Trump? Really Really Scary.

"Narcissists may start out popular, but people see through them in the long run"

WaPo: Both third-party candidates would be terrible presidents

After the election....

Can't stop watching Bill and Barack at the airport

Trump Pleaded The Fifth 97 Times To Avoid Admitting To Adultery

"Hugh, you are an expert at pivoting...."

If you thought trolls were sadistic psychopaths and losers, you were right!

Strictly my opinion.

Saw Disabled Scooter Bound Middle Aged White Guy W/Don't Tread .. Flag. ???????

Time sensitive. Off to canvass NH in an hour.

Washington Post editorial: Trump, Breitbart 'normalizing bigotry'

The ninth Justice

Financial group apologizes for Giuliani's 'unscripted' event speech: report

Clinton camp on Trump cameo in Playboy film: 'a strange turn of events'

Republican Official: Don’t Raise The Minimum Wage, Because Workers Will Just Spend It On Heroin

Boston to taxi group: We can’t change Uber regs

A chart of issues and positions: Clinton, Johnson & Trump. #Vote

A chart of issues and positions: Clinton, Johnson & Trump. #Vote

Trump says he may not accept result if Clinton wins, in reversal from debate

Imagine a woman....

So what's his excuse if we hear 'sniffling' during the next debate?

Texas sheriff linked to a rogue US intelligence unit under criminal investigation

TWO MONTH "undercover" operation at MD Burger King "DRUG HOTBED" ends with 5 gram / 2 pill arrest

For Trump: Electus Interruptus

Scuzzziness and Criminality Aside...

UK wanker Farage to help Trump prep for debate

Ava DuVernay’s 'The 13th' Opened Yesterday at The New York Film Festival

Poor Donald.

38 days to go -- We are in the meat & potatoes days of the campaign - voter registration

Question: Are gun buyback programs like offering...

I think with some effort, Arizona could go for Clinton.

Celebrate National Taco Day

Halloween is coming #1

what are you folks seeing...saw a couple unexpected layoffs from firms with folks close this week

Monday, Loveland Colorado: Loveland Trumps Hate

3AM Call. Who Would Trump Bomb First? What Would He Tweet?

Halloween is coming #2

For those worried Hill is not working Ohio

New Slogan

Halloween is coming #3

UN appoints first expert on LGBT violence and discrimination

Halloween is coming #4

Halloween is coming #5

Trump Points to Establishment Conspiracy

Schilling Says He Wants to Challenge Warren

Missouri Senate Race Suddenly Close

Don't lick the spoon!!

Is Johnson going to almost totally collapse nationally?

Best Donald Trump jokes

I checked my Facebook friends list.

Trump supporters verbally attack CNN reporter

Trump Diversity Leader: Journalists Would Have Kept Slaves Enslaved in Early America

Two high school students wear "Trump 2016 - White Power" to homecoming

Luke Cage's' show runner: I will never get tired of seeing a bulletproof black man

Group Apologizes for Giuliani’s ‘Unscripted’ Remarks at Awards Dinner

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Trump: Misogyny, cocaine flap, debate, and more

Just saw a teamsters ad for Rob Portman on the Buckeye game

I think I found another Trump alias ... he's commenting on Hollywood Reporter!

Allan Lichtman Seems to be Hedging on His Little Ol' Prediction

Millennial Women: Donald Trump is a Perv!

The New Trump Tower

Trump's Florida spokesperson resigns as campaign responds to allegations of Cuba payoffs

How a Combat Photographer Named a Phenomenon to Honor Soldiers

British reporter loses it and reports the news

Trump Praised Saudi Arabia's Shariah Law for Making It Easy for Men to Get Divorced


To People Who Have Answered Polls by Choosing Gary Johnson:

I'm teaching a course on social activism and need suggestions for group activities! (details inside)

Now HILLARY'S up past 3 am tweeting!

Hillary Clinton unleashes her own 3:20 a.m. Twitter storm

Jon Husted wants feds to keep out of Ohio elections

40 Years of Reaganism Behind This Disastrous Train Crash

Musers' Big Tex interview:

Voting for a Third Party Candidate?

I was just polled on my cellphone by Donald Trump for President!

A suggestion was made to make this twitter post a op

HRC tweet - Nobody here was “having fun” except for Trump

Trump has succeeded in making this election all about him:

Not evil enough, I guess.

How to minimize/background radio/audio while on to other visual/reading websites?

WAPO article being flogged to prove Hillary "destroyed" Bill's women. Doesn't look that way to me.

Profiles in Cowardice

Donald Trump Hates Women

We are witnessing the beginning of the end of Trump

Our Nation’s Culture Is Gun Culture

Suit demands town remove 'Christian' statue honoring veterans from library

Roseburg marks one-year anniversary of mass shooting

What’s wrong with white evangelicals

I am sorry

46 funny Tweets about the debate

In Georgia, Francis makes veiled criticism of Russian aggression

Where was Melania?

GOP Playing Defense In State Legislative Battles

Donald, please go after Hillary!!

Hillary Clinton on the Issues! Plus Her 2 Latest Ads

Trump Lied On Candidate Disclosure Form


Hillary Clinton on the Issues! Plus 2 Latest Ads

Trump keeping Ms Universe in the conversation to avoid more damaging issues..?

Instant Senate Remorse - WSJ editorial


David Plouffe is not worried, An interview and excerpts

Syria war: Aleppo hospital bombed for second time

Noonan, begrudgingly on the debate

Hillary Shimmy vids

Roger Waters not Comfortably Numb about Trump

If Fox said it, it must be true.

Rosetta's last from Comet 67P!

The Doors - LA Woman (VIDEO)

Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko-Bop

Vallejo couple parks gigantic bra in front yard to show support for Hillary Clinton

Bay Area couple parks gigantic bra in front yard to show support for Hillary Clinton (xpost from CA)

Seven things about Don the Con's supporters -delish!

Let's hear it a chorus of "They'll never do that". Will the GOP reduce

IHM nuns lacking voter ID; call law 'unfair and ridiculous'

Donald Trump Does NOT "Mean Well"

Hillary-Hatred Derangement Syndrome

Bill Moyers: Immigrants Don’t Steal Jobs or Wages. Billionaires Do.

I now work for a small architectural firm. Three of us guys in our fifties

Is Hillary doing debate prep today?

Anyone who calls Trump a "steaming pile of crap"

The Trump Files: How Donald Made a Fortune by Dumping His Debt on Other People

Clinton Response to Trump Attack on Bill's Indiscretions During Debate

I read Kurt Eichenwald's tweets! He's fighting the media, and Trump supporters everyday!

Trump Pressured Second Wife to Pose Nude for Playboy

VOTE in the FINALS! September Photo Contest

"Would you let your teenage daughter ride alone in a car with Trump?"

‘Apples to apples’: Advocate claims Trump calling woman the ‘c-word’ is like Hillary’s ‘deplorables’

September Finals are up in GD!

How To Draw a Pig

The Moral Machine

Trump Attorney Fires Back After ‘Jane Doe’ Refiles Rape Lawsuit with New Witness

May I speak to you about our lord and savior, Neptune?

Some Sanders Supporters are Betraying Sanders

Trump Bait? This toon captures it.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 1, 2016

Christie Aides Reportedly Planned to Use 9/11 Artifacts as ‘Assets’ in His 2016 Campaign

DC Court Judges ‘Very Skeptical’ of Challenges to EPA’s Clean Power Plan, NRDC Says

"Lesser Publications" Who Have Endorsed Trump (Maher)

Biographer Wayne Barrett: Trump pitched his employees to Playboy for a nude spread

McConnell asked for a show of hands of who Thought Trump would win. No one raised their hands.

head over to GD and VOTE (for your favorite photo!!)

Studied To Death — Solar Customers Don't Harm Non-Solar Ratepayers

***HRC up 6 in Sept 29 Reuters/Ipsos poll (4 way)***

At closed-door funder, McConnell asked for a show of hands of who thought Trump would win. No one r

Donald Trump to Michael Jackson - "You, too?"

"And if they can be educated they certainly will come over to the side of Donald Trump..."

Volkswagen debut I.D. concept electric car with 600 km range (Modular Electric Drive kit)

Baltimore Orioles play Woody's "This Land is Our Land" for 7th Inning stretch (Friday home games)

So not fair

New India-Pakistan salvos as UN chief makes offer to mediate


Jacob Hall has passed. He was the 6-year-old shot at Townville Elementary in SC.

Donald Trump Reportedly Pressured His Second Wife To Appear In Playboy

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Joe Hirsch Turf Classic

Female reporter: Trump called me the c-word

If you like... go VOTE

Libertarian VP: Clinton might be the most qualified to be president

***new Nevada poll show tied race***

just for fun...

Designated Survivor TV Show: Mass arrests of Muslims. Preview of a Trump administration

"Russia warns of terrible consequences if US attacks Syrian army" - anybody surprised?

Donald Trump Charity Gave to Jenny McCarthy’s Anti-Vaxx Crusade

5 Days later and Trump is still tweeting that he won debate...if only it hadn't been for

Clintons Comments Show that she Gets It!

70 members of Star Trek's cast and crew just wrote an epic anti-Trump letter.

Trump said that Mike Tyson should not go to jail for rape because his victim humbled him in court.

Fellow DU women: what woman in her right mind would "advocate" for a woman who slept with her

Donald Trump Charity Gave to Jenny McCarthy’s Anti-Vaxx Crusade


Donald Trump polls 0% in Detroit, WDIV/Detroit News survey finds

Learning about Republican people of privilege, from recent Republican candidates I have

First rain in months is in the forecast for San Francisco!!

Where are the Hill yard signs? I just spent $20 for a piece of thin plastic that will rip....

Has anyone watched the new Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix?

New Jersey Will Increase Gas Tax 23¢, Ending Long Political Stalemate

Donald tweeting again

Bridge Trial Focuses on Christie’s Political Tactics

Watched a Fox News's interview with Curt Schilling.

What would happen..

Goodbye cruel world: we’ve passed the carbon tipping point

(Tonight) Big names, big viewership: 'Saturday Night Live' gets ready to mock Trump and Clinton

Female reporter: Trump called me the c-word

Why More Debate Prep Won’t Help Trump

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Vosburgh Stakes

“I want to do the next debate, but everybody is talking about the mic.”

Most 3rd Party Backers Could Still Change Their Mind


What are your favorite podcasts, besides Slate's Trumpcast?

CNN: Female reporter: Trump called me the c-word


I Hope That We As Democrats Are Feeling GREAT About The GE

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Could Run in the U.K. by 2030

@BillClinton back to MI! He'll be in Saginaw, Flint and Rochester Hills Monday to campaign for @Hill

Really, the "letters to the editor" of the New York Times regarding editorials about Trump are well worth reading!

Trump Hotel guests received a complimentary USA Today declaring Trump unfit for the presidency

Fellow male Clinton voters: Apparently we have testosterone issues.

Hillary Clinton comments on Bernie Sanders supporters in leaked recording

An Australian Went to a Trump Rally and Here’s What Happened

Clinton mocks Trump with her own 3 a.m. tweetstorm

Trump does not drink alcohol, but he hosts Whine & Tweets tastings.

"I will not be bullied or silenced. I'm standing with women and the Latino community everywhere."

when drumpfy loses, and with all the publicity about how he has screwed every contractor,

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Beldame Stakes

Giants rookie Blach outduels Kershaw to maintain wild-card lead

PM May to introduce 'Great Repeal Bill'

Miami Herald reprinted Trump 6/99 op-ed supporting Cuban embargo today--They Should Have Print THIS

New York Daily News cover today: TRUMP`S PORN TAPE. Donalds tiny part in Playboy video


To follow early voting

What's the best way to dispose of the "emails issue" in a debate with a Trump supporter?

Reporter: Donald Trump called me the C-word

The 7 Stages Of Grief When A Loved One Supports Trump

Ancient global cooling gave rise to modern ecosystems

Thank you SF Giants.

If You Tell Me You Are Supporting Trump, I Already Know Seven Things About You.

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Awesome Again Stakes

Forward to Clinton Campaign: Trump was accused of destroying email evidence in lawsuit 10 years ago

Food Additive Key to Environmentally Friendly, Efficient, Plastic Solar Cells

Female chess Grandmasters suggest boycott if they are forced to wear hijabs at tournament in Iran

Taliban declares Donald Trump a 'non-serious' candidate after watching debate

Google Searches for Voter Registration Have Surged in Hispanic Areas

The Doonesbury Trump retrospective proves that Garry Trudeau had Drumpf's number all along

Fukushima Prefecture study could lead to world’s largest hydrogen plant

Some kind of "gotcha" quote from Hillary about to be unveiled at Trump rally now

Please invite Rosie to sit in the front row at the next debate!



What percentage of Trump supporters also support McConnell and Ryan?

NREL Report Shows U.S. Solar Photovoltaic Costs Continuing to Fall in 2016

Caption the orange one at today's rally

A Peek Into The Locker Room At Trump Tower

'What a nightmare': Top Republicans aren't too happy with the Trump campaign

The recording of Hillary about Sanders' supporters is GOOD. What's wrong with it?

Timber Company Tells California Town, Go Find Your Own Water

Trump "OutRomneyed" Romney: Disparaged 50% of the U.S. population as Deadbeats

Atheists still waiting for proof that God exists

California Governor Signs Controversial Assembly Bill 1671

Trump "OutRomneyed" Romney: Disparaged 50% of the U.S. population as Deadbeats

The Tory Party Is Bracing Itself For All-Out Brexit War