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GOP just posted the "results" of tonight's VP debate, hours before it started

I was pissed about this in 2004 and being reminded about this again I am more pissed now on MSNBC

Is It Time To Start Talking About Doomsday Scenarios?

I know how I'm going to watch tonight's debate. hahahaha

Could Guliani actually be Skeletor? nt

Is Tweety On Crack???

Oops! It appears the GOP published their post-debate blog post early; declaring Pence the winner. (T

Were Bill's Comments On Obamacare A Campaign Debate Set-Up?....

Chuck Todd: NC is starting to look bad for Republicans

We need phosphate to grow food. But should we be digging it up from the sea floor?

The remedy for making America great again?

Human Rights Watch Head Appeals for More War in Colombia

I won't demean another woman, but did you see Mrs. Pence on MSNBC just now?

Debate: My Hopes

Hurricane Mathew

Interesting Tweet about North Carolina..from a Hillary hater

Man, that crowd of Canadians is REALLY fired up about this debate

Republican Obstruction Is Undermining The Supreme Court, Enough Is Enough --

Desrcibe Mike Pence with one word, two at the most, three if you really need to.

RNC Proclaims Mike Pence The Winner More Than An Hour Before The Debate

Human Rights Watch Head Appeals for More War in Colombia

No one should call themselves "Left" or "Liberal"...

Weld Will Now Focus on Stopping Trump

By "strong" does Trump mean, "chicken shit draft dodgers"?

I wonder who secured the LeBron James endorsement?

Middle class incomes had their fastest growth on record last year

Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine

Colombia: Farc willing to secure peace ‘the hard way’

RNC prematurely declares Mike Pence debate winner two hours before start time

Is Pence on drugs?

US protests over Russian 'harassment' as diplomats allegedly given date rape drug


I just turned on MSNBC for the debate and what do I see? Matthews, Joy Reid, and Hugh Fucking Hewitt

U.S. justices skeptical of Puerto Rican politician's bribery appeal

Obama’s Trickle-Up Economics - Krugman

Campaign manager: Trump and I have 'fabulous relationship'

As much as we hate Trump, don't forget...

***** LIVE stream 2016 Vice Presidential Debate - Thread I *****

POLL: Trump calls tax avoidance "smart," most Americans call it "unpatriotic"

Have y'all seen this NRA masterpiece?

This should be a train wreck-Trump will be live tweeting during the debate

Yesterday in Michigan, Bill Clinton met a man whose grandfather knew his grandfather in Hope, Ark

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Surprise! Live, Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

No quarter, Senator Kaine. None

'a war on coal'

Trump tweet explains it all:

No Pence, it was Shrub who stifled the economy and caused the mess in

13 mins in and it is damn dumb..going to bed.

Ask Pence about this!

Luckovich: "Chiselers in Granite" PRICELESS!

Holy **** I love Quijano

Tony Abbott tells UK Tories he believes he can be PM again

Mike Pence has converted to Trump's tanning bed...

The Mike Pence that could have been!

Pence Opens V.P. Debate by Begging Private Sector to Hire Him --- tells Borowitz

***** LIVE stream 2016 Vice Presidential Debate - Thread II *****

Kaine needs to stop interrupting.

The Big Dawg raised taxes in 1993 and we had surpluses.

Did Pence use to be Ted Baxter's understudy? nt

Tulsa shooting stirs memories of bloody race riot

VP debate

Pence is running for President. He keeps bringing it back to himself. He's there to assure worried

What is most pathetic about Trump supporters

Pence is terrifyingly good

Atheist Ale debuts in Sarasota

Big slobbering blowjob for cops from Pence . . .

I am really in the mood to rant tonight.

At the one third marker of the debate, are you still awake? Who's winning?

Pence is pathetic

Missed a moment...

KAINE is coming on strong now

Kaine is doing a masterful job

According to Trump in "The Art of the Comeback", he was $900 million in debt in the early 90's

SCORE - Apology

VP Debate

Pence, you're fighting a losing battle!

How Trump Ditched U.S. Steel Workers in Favor of China

I'm sorry, but Pence is winning this debate

"Is there a MODERATOR in the house?!"

Thank God HRC is at the top of the ticket

Luckovich Toon (MUST SEE) - Mount Rookmore

Why You Should Completely Ignore LA TImes/USC Tracking Polls

Many people call her Hillary

For those of you with your underwear in a twist about the Veep debate

Here's a live update as the debate takes place: from HuffPo

Bernie Sanders should have been the VP!

OK, I keep flashing on this as I watch Pence.

***** LIVE stream 2016 Vice Presidential Debate - Thread III *****

U.S. Considers Efforts To Help Religious Minorities Recover From ISIS

Interesting thing about Trump's Twitter

Kaine needs to let the email thing go.

Did the Trump campaign pay people to post negative

This moderator is terrible.

what's worse - Trump's insult of Mexicans are rapists-criminals or Pence calling the insult "small p

The moderator is getting rolled over!

Who is Mike Pence? The “evangelical Catholic” charged with defending Trump against Tim Kaine tonight

How do I remove spilled house paint from the floor of my trunk?

The Donald is tweeting insults about Kaine during the dabate!!

I wish Kaine would say...

Trump said we cant be world police

Ha ha !!! Pence WINCED ! When Tim said Trump did not support the troops !!!

One hour in, no mention of Benghazi and only one brief email mention!

Two thirds into the debate and I know who is losing:

The debate is going round and round in circles.

Kaine has done a great job of making the Iran deal a strength

Pence really has all the RW vile points--boring!; I find Kaine likable and therefore

Kaine just challenged Pence on defending Trump and Pence couldn't do it

Pence is following the Romney first debate strategy

I can't watch it any more - VP debate

Kaine comports himself with gravitas. Pence reminds me of a squawking chicken.

Strong Broad Shouldered Leadership???

Red and Blue Ties

Pence trying to start another cold war to deflect Donald's close ties with Russia?

15 minutes.....on a 1 to 10 what are their numbers????

Actual quotes from Trump about Putin and Russia (in case you need them)

Pence is doing a terrible job of defending Trump.

Just got home, but Kaine is winning this debate

I think Kaine just won the debate


This whole debate reminds me of this (duck season, wabbit season). Is Pence getting more time?

Sanders Announces Bill to Close Tax Loopholes Used by Trump

So Trump is a chartiable cause?

Clintons Odds Going Up During the Debate

Pence indicated agreement with Kaine's Chinese debt hit.

Frank Luntz focus group results: pretty brutal

This debate will change very few minds

The partial birth abortion bullshit lie...

Pence: "I try to spend time on my knees everyday..." As Trump's VP I bet he does...

The Only Reason Clint Eastwood endorsed Trum is because he suffers from Alzheimer’s

So I missed the first hour of the debate because I went to a local candidate's forum

No, Gov. Pence, being pro-life does not mean being pro-adoption.

Ooh, Kaine whips out a Bible quote

So the VP debate comes down to abortion

Pence Just Stumbled on Abortion

No, Governor Pence, pregnant women do not need to become birth mothers, and all the pain involved

Pence, you need to asked Marla the question "how he(Trump) really feels about abortion"?

Pence is indeed a role model. For passive aggressives, that is.

Pence, shut up about the war on coal.

Ooh, America is so awful. So much worse than before that

Let the Spin Begin! nt

This moderator sucked.

A Draw

pence is as scary as trump

Elaine Quijano is the absolute worst moderator I have ever witnessed.

Pence was really running for president tonight.

First CBS clip shown was about Trump not apologizing for all the terrible things he said

Media Reaction?

Rachel Maddow on post-game calling debate incomprehensible at times

Projection much Donnie?

Messaging With Mondale: Real-Time Reactions From an Ex-Vice President

Fact checkers? For what???

On CBS, did these people watch the same debate I watch? WTF are these "undecided" voters think?

Luntz group: 10 of 25 more likely to vote for Trump, but none will vote for Trump

"Ok Senator, you've whipped out that Mexican thing again"

Matthews says Pence won. WTF was tweety watching. He's still mesmerized by Shrub's codpiece strut.

I say a draw. Pence creepy creepy mouthpiece. Kaine WAY too nice a guy with

CNN Group from Richmond, VA: Most think Kaine won

#mexicanthing on Twitter. LOL.

The 'winner' of this VP debate will be the one whose words hold up to scrutiny

CNN panel of Virginia undecideds

Dumbest Thing Said...

Pence spent the entire debate lying that Donald Trump never said anything

"Couldn't move the needle on he's nuts"

CNN Kaine clear winner according to focus group

538 Election Update: North Carolina Is Becoming A Backstop For Clinton

Steve Schmidt just made a good point!

Pence style - Kaine substance

MSNBC/ Steve Schmidt

CBS's team is completely in Trump's tank. All Trump/Pence all the time. Nothing about Kaine,

I can't believe Tweety was criticizing Kaine on the


Trump won't like Pence acting like the top of the ticket and pushing Trump off the cliff!

Begala: Pence threw Trump under the bus.

Pence just took a phone call and he does not look happy.

Breaking News at CNN...

Pences Record as a ONE TERM GOVERNOR

CNN playing the money line from debate. "Pence asking people to vote for a person he can't defend"

Prediction - Trump will say/tweet something that makes this debate irrelevant within 12 hours.

Begala is doing a good job of sewing paranoia in Trump

Look for a very modest Trump bump, reflecting Republican enthusiasm

Mother sues hospital for calling suicidal trans son a girl repeatedly

I think Kaine kicked ass...but the MSM are under orders not to admit it.

The question no one is asking about Donald Trump - By Garrison Keillor

Pence was in an un-winnable situation

More from these "undecided voters" from Ohio on CBS

Pence Was Smooth, But Sort of Just Hung Trump Out to Dry

Pence could have used a shot of sodium pentothal a couple of hours ago

Team Hillary got this one.

"Avalanche of insults"?

FAUX NEWS: 44 retweets by Dumbass Donald !!! Kaine GOT EM

Eric Trump is really dumb...

Eric Trump defending Daddy.

Well, Sunday night's debate might be a flame throwing show?

I wish someone had fact-checked Pence's claim that the Clinton Foundation

I think what will come out of this debate is: "Just call him DENIER MIKE!" :-)

Pence sounds like the kind of guy who goes to small-town school board meetings...

More from undecided morons in Ohio on CBS: Why Kaine Lost in their moron eyes


Eric Trump on MSNBC...holy crap that guy's creepy.

Running Out the Clock

I have a lot more respect for Tim Kaine tonight.

Oh Geez....Tweety and Eugene Robinson praising Pence?

Campaign Ad Idea

Pence just outright lied A LOT.

Unfortunately I think Pence's performance has sewed up

Don't care who won a close VP debate. I care who beat up the opponents Presidential

"Im On My Knees Several Times A Day"

The internet loses it after Pence accuses Kaine of ‘whipping out that Mexican thing again’

Trump and Pence claim to have disavowed David Duke but

Pence is a selfish pig

MSNBC you are dead to me - Matthews and Eugene ....Read this tweet...

I should have made coal my drinking trigger

Now, according to CBS and their Trump licking, Kaine is a sexist

THANK YOU, RACHEL - not one word about Pence's whole "religious freedom" bullshit!

So who is Pence's runningmate. It was no one I recognized.

Didnt watch VP debate. How did it go

Brown Deer police chief releases 'horrific' video of dog attacking teens -- GRAPHIC

So, where was the secret meeting between Pence and all the other GOP cronies?

Trump's perfect running mate

VP Debate Zingers from NBC News

53 Minutes into Spin Alley and CBS finally goes to Clinton/Kaine side

Are Republicans trying to blame the annexation of Crimea on Clinton?

CNN Poll: Who won debate? Pence 48-42 Kaine

I'm not on Twitter. What was in the 44 Trump tweets?

Historian Michael Beschloss on MSNBC.

Any guesses as to how soon Trump starts sniping at Pence?

Enough of CBS and their Trump Licking. . .maybe ABC isn't blocked in China.

My letter to Morning Joe - now if I could figure out where to send it

Robert Reich wrote, about debate:

For people watching "the shows"... How many Kaine lines are being played and how many Pence?

Forget all the bullshit, Social Security is a real

Just heard Lawrence O' Donnell‎ say that he disagrees with other talking heads. Says Kaine won.

Think Clinton/Kaine Were Surprised That Pence Went Rogue Re Importance of Allies

CNN: Trump unhappy with reports that Pence did better.

Lawrence O'Donnell makes a good point...

Has Dumpster Fire been tweeting tonight?

I think they just showed the next Hillary/Kaine ad.

This. Is. Madness.

Maybe we should run with the MSM spin that Pence won, it will drive Trump crazy!

"How do we know?" "How do we know?" "How do we know?" (This was a GREAT moment.)

Pence Should Be at the Top of the Ticket!

More CNN numbers: Who better defended their running mate? 58-35 Kaine

someone from Trump inner sanctum says Pence for Pence (and not Trump) style not sitting well with Tr

The day that debates are renamed American Idol, style matters more than substance

"You whipped out that Mexican thing again."

scary thought Re: pence

Todd: Pence on style, Kaine relentless, exposed contradictions.

I just realized tonight who Pence reminds me of:

Trump reax to Pence: "He can't stand to be upstaged."

Will the gods be kind enough to give us an open Trump-Pence quarrel...?

Joy Reid is formidable. She is the heir apparent at MSNBC.

Bill Clinton did NOT dump all over "Obamacare."

Who else thinks Pence was running for President in 2020? He did not defend Trump.

Cliff Notes: Glad I Watched The Debate. Tempted To Blow It Off...

GOPers Weep That Pence Isn't The Top Of The Ticket

Omg, this is happening! "Pence won overall, but lost with Trump"

Ever Seen A VP Candidate Try So Hard to Distance Themselves...

Lovely Picture of Pence With His Family After the Debate

Just a thought, but maybe Trump is pissed at Pence for something he did NOT say

Here's another Pence lie that hasn't quite come up

Guys, I saw last 40 mins of debate and Kaine really dominated and won....

Why do DUers know more than "news" commentators

Wish Al Gore was 10 years younger

I cannot get enough!

What I got from the debate is that Pence is cutting his losses with his eye on 2020.

Mondoweiss: Kafka in Area C

"You whipped out that Mexican thing again", Mike Pence

Anyone else think Gary Johnson is just slightly unhinged?

Mike Pence 'won' the debate by pretending Donald Trump doesn't exist

GM and the US Army have developed a monster hydrogen fuel cell truck

The Vice-Presidential Debate: The BEST Line

"Mike Pence May Have Made Up An Ancient Russian Proverb"

If you can't defend anything your running mate has said, you didn't win the debate.

"You whipped out that Mexican thing again" - Mike Pence being Reaganesque.

Why isn't Hillary 50 points ahead... the answer by Bill Moyers

VP Debate Analysis

Meet Nutmeg - the Geordie cat believed to be the oldest in the world

***HRC +2 in NC (survey USA)***

Second debate in a row that Trump complains a mike didn't work for him

Question for this debate for the media is whether facts matter.

Regardless of style points, Kaine wins strategically because

Antique Made In England - Silver Plated Trump Marker...

Kaine probably shouldn't try to do zingers.

LIVE stream 2016 Vice Presidential Debate - Full video


Memorable line of the night: "You whipped out that Mexican thing again."

Istanbul's beloved curb cat honored with statue

Who wants to bet that someone is already painting a taco truck with......wait for it.

Pence is going to get dumped on for his lie: "Putin has been a stronger leader"

RNC suffers premature bowel movement.

How Pence prepared...

All the talking heads missed the line of the night - "You whipped out that Mexican thing again."

Hillary's first ad is up... Pence can't defend Donald Trump

12 year old arrested for posting threatening clown messages that he was going to kill classmates

So I ran across this headline on CNN

Pence had smirking down to a science, didn't he?

NBC: Pence Says Trump Didn't Say Those Insults. He Did.


30 bizarre vintage ads

Mike Pence’s Galling Amnesia

Mike Pence’s Fantasy Running Mate NYT editorial

is there any pathology to people who bold face lie on TV ... KNOWING there's recording of them

Storm eye moves off Cuba; Florida warning grows

Kaine's attacks, Pence's denials and Trump's quotes directly juxtaposed in a video.

This tweet wins the internet:

My take on the VP debate. Substance is more important than style.

So DU New Yorkers. Was Rudy Giuliani a decent mayor?

Trial ordered for firm accused of requiring cult-like acts

Leader of armed standoff describes what led him to US refuge

Daily Holidays October 5

veterans last song

Trump Rape Case

APNewsBreak: Donations fund Iowa State leader's plane use

Part 1 : Vice presidential debate at Longwood University

Part 1 of vice presidential debate at Longwood University

Lies, fearmongering and fables: that’s our democracy (George Monbiot in The Guardian)

Rocket from Gaza Strip hits Israeli border town - police

I heard this Zach Britton had a pretty good year

Backlash mounts after Abbas ‘betrayal’

Street artists are covering Colombia with rainbow-colored pleas for peace

Street artists are covering Colombia with rainbow-colored pleas for peace

2 words....Elizabeth Warren

Jean Pierre Sauvage, Sir Fraser Stoddart and Bernard Feringa win Nobel prize in chemistry - live

Trending on Twitter now - #ThatMexicanThingAgain

basic trust in allowing women to make their own decisions about their own lives

The media and the GOP are both instruments of the business model.

where does a conservative VP candidate think that denying and lying about facts that are all easily

Can you describe the Republican Party after the election?

In true Donald Trump intellectual fashion, he tweets this observation of the VP debate.

2 LIVE Streams @ 2pm CT: Bernie Sanders Campaigns in Madison, Wisconsin 10/5/2016

LIVE Stream @ 5pm CT : Bernie Sanders Campaigns in Green Bay, Wisconsin 10/5/2016

Death in the sands: the horror of the US-Mexico border

Death in the sands: the horror of the US-Mexico border

HRC Staffers let Kaine down last night. can answer..about the upcoming World Series...

Sources say Trump unhappy with Pence at VP debate

Cornish cod may need to learn Scouse to attract a mate, scientists fear

Bernie Sanders stars in latest ad supporting drug pricing ballot measure

Bernie Sanders stars in latest ad supporting drug pricing ballot measure

Former accountant refutes Trump’s tax brilliance: I did all the work

Bolivian Dances Declared Cultural Heritage by UNESCO


Why does Pence get away with shaking his head all night?

The Russians are Coming

"Tax Hypocrisy"

Clinton dominating Trump among Florida Hispanics in new poll

Pence created a cognitive dissonance amongst the talking heads.

Tim Kaine didn’t win Mr. Congeniality — but he got the job done in V.P. debate

I just realized Pence called Mexicans "Things"

Kaine just ripped the Trump/Pence ticket in half.

All this nonsense about Kaine interrupting during the debate...

A poem from 1815 that eerily predicted current elections.

NYT editorial: "Mike Pence??s Fantasy Running Mate"

Urban dictionary: to whip something out

An amusing aside

McCrory Chief Of Staff Refuses To Answer Coal-Ash Questions Under Oath

Hey Trump-STOP saying these #vets are WEAK!!-->"PTSD by the numbers: Hundreds of thousands of soldi

Pence won!

DKOS 10/5/2016 Electoral Votes

Global Temperatures Now Highest In 115,000 Years - Guardian

"That One." "The Mexican Thing." "The Blacks."

Huh. First Iowa poll with Clinton "ahead" in weeks.

Projected Temps In Siberia, Greenland, Arctic Basin 18-32F Above Averages This Week

This is the best illustration of the patent absurdity of climate change denial

Truth is, I've had mornings like this.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: Vexing and Taxing

'He Invented A Running Mate And He Just Lied'

Per NBC Nooz, Al Gore to campaign for HRC

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Kaine was the set up man last night (not 3D chess)

Ind. office raided in growing voter fraud case

Welcome to Opposite World...

The resemblence is uncanny.

Pence was not interested in defending Trump: The GOP’s revisionist history of the Trump candid

How the M$M judged the VP Debate

Kaine was earnest. Pence was slick.

Pence was extremely low energy. Worse than Jebbie Bush.

There was that one really awkward moment in the Vice Presidential Debate...

It's better to lie than to admit to anything... Republican values at work!

Love this ad from last night's debate...

30 seconds w/Mika on Morning Joe ..... about 10 minutes ago

NYTimes: Mike Pence’s Fantasy Running Mate

Al Gore is set to stump for Clinton: sources

Iraq warns Turkey of 'regional war' in row over troop deployment

Iowa and Ohio have turned light blue on 538 NowCast

Let's accept that Pence was prepared, poised and had good "temperment" last night...

Remember the Repub idea that lower taxes meant more money to charity?

So R Pie Hole is really touting his animal protection program. So put him in charge of the dog pound

‘I did all the work’: Ex-Trump accountant slaps down candidate’s ‘brilliant’ knowledge of tax code

Whatever Mike Pence Won On ‘Style,’ He Lost By Shamelessly Lying - by Joe Conason

Mike Pence To America: Trump Never Said Those Things He Said. Huffington Post


Jamelle Bouie: This Wasn’t a Debate. This Was a National Gaslighting.

ha are some responses regarding Megyn Kelly's performance last night......

Most important thread re: Putin

I like Tim Kaine

Debate coach: Defending Trump? Too much for Pence

"That Mexican Thing" tweets top story now on CNN!

September 2016 Atmospheric CO2 401.01 ppm; September 2015 397.50; September 2014 395.40

Lying Pence

Trump tweets: "The constant interruptions last night by Tim Kaine should not have been allowed."

Governor Pence could include the development of diesel trains and gas furnaces in the "war on coal."

SEIU Responds to Pence:

Does anyone have number for the total lies told by Pence in last night's debate?

Chicago Tribune's Rex Huppke: Pence fights — and lies — to keep the stench of Trump off him

Thar she blows

Libertarian VP Candidate Bill Weld Gives Up, Will Focus on Preventing Trump Presidency

ADP Private Payrolls Rise 154,000 in September

Arctic methane gas emission 'significantly increased since 2014' - major new research

How the Attack on Science Is Becoming a Global Contagion

No country on Earth is taking the 2 degree climate target seriously

HRC/The Briefing... NEW VIDEO: Pence Wouldn’t Defend The Indefensible

He obviously lives on a different planet, apart from the rest of us mere mortals...

"You whipped out that Mexican thing" seems like a porn line

Climate change was not brought up at all. I wish Tim Kaine would

Trump's Tweet Storm:

How did Trump lose $916 million in a year that was very good for Atlantic City casinos?

Assange did not fail: He made a brilliant move.

NYTimes: Mike Pence’s Defense Strategy: Dodge and Deflect Donald Trump’s Words


What all Americans Should be Lamenting...

Only in the corporate TV world

France's Jean-Marie Le Pen protests party expulsion in court

Scam-Riddled Trump Foundation Ordered to Stop All Fundraising by Atty General

Trump Too Unhinged for Own Incompetent Spokeswoman, She Quits

Clinton Holds 41-Point Lead Over Trump Among Asian-American Voters: Survey

He won, accept it and know had the other guy delivered so often

That whole "paid leave" bennie is something, ain't it?

Some women already are being punished for abortion, including in Pence's state

Pence infers that Mexicans are like his penis

Kim Kardashian robbery?

Blue Origin rocket to test escape system, webcast at 10:45am EST today

My thoughts on Single-Payer

As seen on FB, RE: VP debate...

Nation’s Women Fantasize About Some Future Election That Isn’t Absolutely Pivotal To Their Well-Bein

BTRTN: Pence Beats Trump in VP Debate

Colombia peace crisis ‘within national security interest’: White House

Colombia peace crisis ‘within national security interest’: White House

The media is shredding Pence's debate lies today.

The Muslim cleric who stumps for Trump draws ire and confusion

Brussels stabbing: two Belgian police officers targeted in suspected terror attack

Watch Mike Pence whip.

Win a debate = Stay calm while you lie, lie & lie! EASY PEASY!

Debate moderator outsourced all of her questions on the economy to a group of fiscal conservatives

New Hillary Ad: 'It's Okay, Mike. We'd Have a Hard Time Defending Him, Too.'

Here's a TV ad idea

Canadian college to launch marijuana cultivation course next year

Brazilian Creator of 'Snowden Treaty' Elected to Legislature of Rio de Janeiro

NBC News: Fmr VP Al Gore to begin campaigning for Hillary Clinton, in effort to appeal to millennia

VP candidates have been traditionally the attack dogs...

Hours Before VP Debate, Trump Melts Down And Blames Hillary Clinton For His Tax Cheating

Andy's Atomic Adventures Propaganda Comic Book

What the heck happened to Ubaldo Jimenez?

Corporal punishment is still legal in US public schools in 19 states

White Women Rise Up And Power Hillary Clinton To A Commanding Lead In Pennsylvania

Friend from Alabama just reported that a weather forecaster said...

It’s the gun industry vs. Mass. AG Healey

Planet at its hottest in 115,000 years thanks to climate change, experts say

Coming to America - colorized pixs of immigrants at Ellis Island

Trump Killed ‘Rust Belt’ Steel and Aluminum Manufacturing Jobs in Secret Chinese Deals

I can't wait for Cheeto to complain about Kaine interrupting Pence

Charging Rhino tries to run down zoo keeper - running for their lives

Climate Change Is Threatening to Exterminate the Wayúu People

Climate Change Is Threatening to Exterminate the Wayúu People

Tim Kaine Rubbed Mike Pence’s Nose in Trump’s Crazy "He also showed that he can lie as well as Trump

Pic Of The Moment: Recap Of The Vice-Presidential Debate

The courage of dogs

Someone's going to introduce Mike Pence to his running mate today and he's going to be horrified.

Halloween is coming #7

Research uncovers evidence that ancient Japan was ‘more cosmopolitan’ than previously thought

This school staged a ‘Color Wars’ pep rally. Then students showed up in ‘White Pride’ shirts.

If Pence Won, Why Are His Many Lies The Big Takeaway From The Debate?

Why does the Trump team keep talking about "33,000 emails"?


Halloween is coming #8

I knew I'd see this sooner or later...

Polish government signals U-turn on total abortion ban

Polish government signals U-turn on total abortion ban

Feeling very good today!!!! Anyone else?

Well-Preserved, 2,500-Year-Old Marijuana Found at Chinese Tomb

Invitation for advocates of GMO crops.

The Coming Public Health Disaster

Kaine lost the night but won the morning

Billy Graham: 2 things Christians can do to lead Atheist friends to Jesus Christ

Police arrest Minnesota Republican for attacking wife and stepson in pizza dispute.

Al Franken Reveals The 3 REAL Reasons Donald Trump Got Into Politics

Trump, Who Repeatedly Interrupted Clinton, Complains About Kaine’s Interruptions

Female candidate fights claims of body-shaming for tackling childhood obesity

Imagine if Kaine and Pence Were Switched...

Twitter Tells Mike Pence What #ThatMexicanThing Is Really All About

Bernie: Yes on Prop 61

Archaeologists uncover massive 2500 year old Iron Age Mound

Clinton’s Lead Over Trump With Millennials Jumps To 32 Points As Post-Debate Surge Grows

Hacking an election is about influence and disruption, not voting machines

Trump’s Doing Worse Than Romney Did Among White Voters

UN makes power play against Trump

Do you think "The Mexican Thing" will come up this Sunday?

HRC opens 10-point national lead in new poll.

Corporate Tax Dodgers: 10 Companies and Their Tax Loopholes

I heard that trumph was born is turdistan

Philippine defense chief says Duterte may be 'misinformed' on U.S. alliance

So a meteor lit up the sky last night in parts of western PA and elsewhere

The Short Hard Life of Alfred Olango: From U.S.-backed Persecution to U.S. Police Execution

Anti-GMOer Latham Attacks Kevin Folta With Trumpish Dishonesty

The reasons Tim Kaine interrupted so much.

McCain Backs Up Trump And Blames Media For Backlash To PTSD Comments

Trump was absolutely correct that something was wrong with his microphone.

Momentum shifts in battle for Senate

Duterte’s Death Squads, and Ours

Baghdad bridles at Turkey's military presence, warns of 'regional war'

FDA Warns About Homeopathic Teething Products

Sarah Palin Wonders Why She Had To Stand In Heels During 2008 VP Debate

Duterte’s Death Squads, and Ours

Aleppo aid convoy hit by air strike: U.N. expert

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The 273 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List By NY Times

Proposed U.S. anti-inversion rules enter final review

Whip it out, Mike.

It's About The Stigma, Stupid. (Trump shows ignorance, as well as crass scumminess, on PTSD.) redirects to Hillary Clinton's website

Mike Pence’s Galling Amnesia

N.S.A. Contractor Arrested in Possible New Theft of Secrets

Mike Pence’s VP Debate Lies, Easily Debunked -GQ

They've run out of generators in Miami

Mission Accomplished - by Josh Marshall

How do your hands measure up to Deplorable Don's?

Nearly 11,000 migrants rescued in last 48 hours off Libya - Italian coast guard

Kaine to Pence...

A Letter to my Father, The Man Who Chose Donald Trump Over Every Woman in His Life

I hope Texas cleans Toronto's clock!

U.S. condemns new Israeli plan on settlements: State Department

So what are the odds now?

Pence used campaign $ to pay his mortgage

Yalla, Vote: Registering Muslim and Arab Americans

Who won the vice presidential debate? - CNN

Kaine's interruptions: effective if also rude as hell.

Florida..Florida..FLORIDA! If Trump loses Florida, it's OVER for him. But...about that Hurricane:

The VP debate won't change anything,ratings were very low,lower than 2012.

Portugal's Guterres set to be UN head

It wasn't Pence Vs Kaine, it was Pence Vs Trump

Princeton Election Consortium: Clinton now up to 91% odds

US government contractor 'stole classified files'

Mall of America takes bold stand by closing on Thanksgiving this year


patton oswalt

Every Mike Pence Lie From The Vice Presidential Debate

****Monmouth OH poll Clinton +2******

Latino group registers 100,000 new voters in time for the election

Has Pence selected his running mate for 2020?

Russia suspends nuclear agreement, ends uranium research pact with United States


Scary satellite picture of Hurrican Matthew

Democrats Don’t See Many Undecided Voters

Control of Communicable Diseases: A Proposed Rule by the HHS Department on 08/15/2016

Russian roulette: Mike Pence caught lying during debate about his own Vladimir Putin remarks

‘The Blaze is over’: Sources say Glenn Beck’s website is dying as his media empire collapses

Food service workers at Harvard go on strike; some students join picket, others prep

Champion debate coach gives win to Kaine: Pence’s refusal to defend Trump was ‘painful to watch’

Journalists Are Calling Out Mike Pence For Lying About Things Donald Trump Has Said - Media Matters

Did Colombians actually reject the peace deal? Not if you look at the statistics.

Did Colombians actually reject the peace deal? Not if you look at the statistics.

Don "Candy Corn" Trump

The Trailer for Ava DuVernay’s New Netflix Documentary "13th"

What's the difference between a Trump rally and a porcupine?

Mike Pence and the Failure of the Republican Establishment

How Senator Tim Kaine ultimately won the Vice Presidential Debate in 34 seconds

what was Pences strategy regarding deductions?

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #44: Tweets From The Toilet Edition

So how do you like "Pinocchio Pence" as a nickname?

Tim Kaine’s (Successful) Debate Trap for Mike Pence - WaPo

Vice president candidate Stockdale: a POW and Hero.

Did the rooster crow after Pence's Peter-like performance?

Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone catches fire on Southwest plane

No, Mike Pence, It Wasn’t Hillary Clinton Who Agreed To Pull Troops From Iraq In 2011 -HuffPost

Pence sounds like George W. Bush without the 'charm.'

Children Continue to Die from Malnutrition in Venezuela

‘Keys to the White House’ analysis predicts a popular victory by Trump

Why 7 Bees On the Endangered List Is A Disaster

Venezuela: Health Crisis Means Kid's Scraped Knee Can Be Life or Death

Trump isn't the solution--he's the problem.

UN court throws out Marshall Islands' nuclear weapons case

is Hurricane Matthew the October Surprise?

as the children chant:

"we're going to have to see"-- the most un-american thing a candidate has ever done

7-year-old girl with disabilities escorted from Trump rally

Poll Finds Deep Split on Climate Change. Party Allegiance Is a Big Factor.

Anyone have a problem finding the game?

If an issue that is important to you isn't the primary focus of the debates...

538: HRC 75.5%, Donald 24.5% - IA & AZ move towards blue

Is that suppose to be presidential? To lie to the American people?

Russia suspends nuclear agreement, ends uranium research pact with United States

President Obama's visit to Miami Gardens on Wednesday has been canceled due to Hurricane Matthew.

Maximum human lifespan has already been reached, researchers conclude

Maria Sharapova meldonium suspension reduced to 15 months

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 5, 2016

"If nothing else, Pence has taken his first steps towards dropping out of the 2020 Presidential

Ohio GOP chairman can't put Trump sign in his yard

Barbara Walters Reveals Most Fascinating Person of 2013: Hillary Clinton

Combine right-wing politics, greed, religion, and rank stupidty...

Which of us are on active duty in the"army of trolls"bullying the"Dilbert"dude for hisDRUMPF-love?!1

No, Mike Pence Did Not Win The VP Debate

The 2nd or 3rd time Pence whined, "Don't put words in my mouth" ...

We're all out of D batteries in my section of Seminole County.

Monmouth University Polling Institute Ohio

I think it will be worthwhile to make one of the alerts more specific

Why Mike Pence Didn’t Defend Donald Trump - Time

Do you know the ASL sign for Donald Trump? Watch:

So Now The Media Is Saying The Debates Are Unfair Because....

USA has a history of paying bounties for humans they wish to detain. Will RW pay for undocumented?

GOP declares Trump winner 5 Days before debate---SATIRE.

The Media Keeps Talking About Pence 2020 Presidential Run

"No Defense Pence"

Doing a project for a class where I have to analyze contributions to presidential candidates

GoPro View of Cheetah Run - Cincinnati Zoo

interesting how, when people can see hillary and trump side by side, her popularity soars

*** Breaking *** Donald Trump’s Charity Scandal Is About to Go National

Central Economic Question

Syria: Hospitals hit repeatedly by Russian and Syrian airstrikes, condemning hundreds to death

Hurricane Donald: a call to arms for artists and creative types.

Trump reportedly angry after being 'upstaged' by Mike Pence

What is this nonsense about Pence's demeanor and style?

There may be something to this.

How many stars in a flag?

Robert Reich reveals the real scandal of Donald Trump’s failure to pay his taxes

Trump Advisor Who Supports Animal Torture Must Be Dropped

I didn't watch last night, but I get a sense that Kaine deployed Muhammad Ali's "rope-a-dope"

Trump Tax Attorney: 'He Didn't Understand the Code'

Pssssssssst! Just a reminder - ReTHUGs cut NOAA's hurricane research funds last year

Ammon Bundy continues testifying in Malheur trial - #BundyTeaParty

Pence Bet Big On Gaming... After Big Donations! (w/Guest: David Sirota)

Were The Questions The Weirdest Part Of The VP Debate???

Boston Globe: Mike Pence's lies don't make him a winner.

Turn off the microphones during the next 2 debates?

Republicans outraged that Kaine interrupted Pence's constant lying

Man Who Broke Puppy's Bones and Burned Her With Boiling Water Gets 16-Week Sentence

India arrests 70 call-center workers accused of duping U.S. citizens

Is Trump Illegally Fueling Campaign With Money From His Charity?

Funniest Vice Presidential Debate Memes

I just voted!

Please help my good friend pick a song to sing!

Trump: Pence had biggest victory in history of VP debates

Katy Tur...

Obama's presidency has been like watching Blazing Saddles for 8 years

Proofing and constructive comments welcome! ( Defining "projection")

Why No Veteran Should Ever Consider Voting for Trump

Donald Mussolini back to fear mongering.

I just noticed Iowa turned pale blue on 538 Now Cast!!!

Can GD:2016 get an "I voted!" sticky thread please?

New Mexico Poll: HRC: 46% Racist: 33% Johnson: 14%

California Proposition Guide

Evacuating in path of Hurricane Matthew

7-year-old girl with disabilities escorted from Trump rally

Before You Donate to Goodwill READ This..............

Against Donald Trump (The Atlantic Endorses Hillary Clinton)

When every other word is a superlative, superlatives lose their effect

Indiana voter registration office raided by police

LIVE Stream: Oct 6, 2016 7:30pm - Des Moines Stop TPP Town Hall Meeting with Larry Cohen

Trump says that Pence was his pick, his 1st pick and his only pick!

Mike Pence walks on water for Republicans.

I Feel I Must Say This:

Trump fans heckle 7-year-old girl with disabilities for trying to leave Colorado rally early

FiveThirtyEight Has Some Really Bad News for Trump and the GOP

NYT: The Dizzying Grandeur of 21st-Century Agriculture

Christian group falls on its face raging against a ‘transgender’ H&M model who isn’t even trans

Politico WH reporter wonders if SNL will "just lean in to the Trump as jealous Gollum psychodrama"

Trump took Polaroids, interviewed models in 1994 Playboy video

Thought this was a very respectful analysis

Princeton Election Consortum - Sam Wang

What we know about Trump's foundation ~ by David Fahrenthold

Trump Is Losing Educated GOP Women—and Splitting Up Families Along the Way

Rod Temperton: Thriller songwriter dies aged 66

Hello from Belgium

Sniffles tries to take credit for Pence's debate performance.

The claim that if wages go up, jobs will go down is not a theory — it’s a scam - Nick Hanauer

Donald Trump Has Turned Mike Pence Into a Vice Liar

I don't think the egg board intended this to be a tRump sandwich but that's what I saw


CLINTON Campaign Trail: EVENTS 10/5- 7 Who's Speaking Where

I wonder if there's a Bleever in the house? Or maybe a friend of Bleever?

Republicans don’t care about Asian people.

Here Are Three Of Donald Trump’s Full Bankruptcy Filings

Proposed new law to fine oil, coal trains through downtown Spokane would target shippers

Why Anti-Zionists Who Say They Aren’t Anti-Semitic Usually Are

Mandatory evacuations are underway in South Carolina as three states brace for Hurricane Matthew

Pence is no party savior. He’s just playing to cynicism. - By Jennifer Rubin

Watch What Happened When A Food Truck In NC Refused To Serve Gays

"You know, the words don’t always come out exactly the way he means them." Pence about Trump

Oberlin Prof Suspended for Antisemitic Posts Accuses College of Scapegoating Her for Being a ‘Black

Defying the Nazis: The Sharps' War (Ken Burns film - Watch for free today)

The breathtakingly repulsive, horrifically violent misogyny towards Hillary (DISTURBING IMAGE)

Marijuana legalization is leading in every state where it’s on the ballot this November

Anyone know how to deal with deadbeat bidders on eBay?

"No Defense Pence" Gets CREAMED The Day After 'Winning' The Debate!

4 useless words at an ATM

from a German social scientist.

If Trump's rich dad hadn't bailed him out in 70s-Trump would forgotten, failed real estate developer

Everybody Won at the Vice-Presidential Debate, Except Donald Trump - NewYorker

News not commenting on Jesse Watters' controversial Chinatown segment

Has Donald Trump given up on Ohio?

Financial Ties Between Fossil Fuel Industry and Clean Power Plan Opponents

Polish Gov't. makes U-turn on total abortion ban.

Looking for a paid internship with Bernie Sanders? Apply now:

Sanders, Senate Democrats Call for Justice Department to Hold Wells Fargo Executives Accountable

Sanders, Senate Democrats Call for Justice Department to Hold Wells Fargo Executives Accountable

Well I've never been to Spain, but I kinda like the music ...

Grim trigger warning: Google "pictures 1928 hurricane."

Running on empty

Is that hurricane gonna swing back and come around again??????

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 6 October 2016

I don't quote Mark Halperin very often but just now on MSNBC, he just nailed it

António Guterres to be next UN secretary general

Extreme biking for the fearless

In case you missed it, last month, TCM is running 'A Face in the Crowd' AGAIN, tonight at 8 est

Foreign election observers to cast their eyes on the U.S. presidential vote

What you can do if you go to Wally World and find it closed.

Now-cast at 538 has Iowa blue....

Trump got caught w sales tax evasion for jewelry purchased for mistress

Sam Harris roasts drumph

Second debate in a row where Trump can complain of a Mike that wasn't working for him.

I think I found the reason Keith Olbermann doesnt get to be at MSNBC anymore

More good news for Democrats - PBO favorable ratings all headed up

Asian-American voters are spurning Trump — and threatening to spurn the Republican Party

So this is what passes for comedy for repugs

Another tax bombshell: Daddy Trump had to set up $38 million slush fund to bail Donald out prior...

How is giving in to the "style" idea wise?

Pence and Trump deserve each other. Both are PATHOLOGICAL LIARS.

TWO BIG ENDORSEMENTS FOR HRC: The Nation & The Atlantic endorse Hillary Clinton

GOP seeks to block ObamaCare settlements with insurers

Trump interviews models in newly found 1994 Playboy video

We're getting more rain from Hurricane Matthew now

‘Fake sheikh’ Mahmood verdict could herald another legal nightmare for Murdoch’s British newspapers

The Veep Debate Told Us One Important Thing About A Trump Presidency

Those of you who know me know that I don't make shit up.

A Brief Reminder That Mike Pence Still Wants To Control Your Uterus

Evangelicals Hope Trump Will Be Eliminated After Winning the Presidency

Trump Doing Worse Than Romney Among White Voters

60's Mix

"I published this photo of Hillary Clinton and the response was overwhelming"

Mike Pence Lost the Debate Because He Lied About the Wrong Stuff - NYmag

Republicans Ready to Pretend Trump Never Existed

Where is Don the Con's Florida International Golf Club? n/t

Nate Silver has Iowa in Blue on Nowcast

Clinton Opens Up Wide National Lead

PPA (Philly) eases taxis regulations, vows to enforce laws against Uber

TOON: Kaine-Pence Debate

Florida DUers, check in, let us know you are safe

Georgia DUers, check in let us know you are safe

South Carolina DUers, check in let us know you are safe

North Carolina DUers, check in let us know you are safe

The Kaine-Pence Showdown Was One of the Lowest-Rated Vice-Presidential Debates Ever

Five Thirty Eight

Tweety loves him some Pence!!! Arguing with Katie Tur now!!!

Judge asks attorney to remove Black Lives Matter pin.


To avoid tax, Trump may have used a loophole Hillary voted to close in 2002

Playing star wars battlefront on PC right now.

"In the midst of what seems so unreal, the harsh reality. This is not a dream."

Weren't we supposed to have a new Wikileaks dump against HRC today?

Justices see racism in inmate's death sentence

What do you think Trump supporters will do after he loses?

Trump Tower: Home to family, empire and claims of kickbacks

The best thing to happen for Trump/Pence this week may be Hurricane Matthew

After testy VP debate, Trump rebuffs claim he 'loves' Putin

Luckovich Toon - Mike Pence Prebuttal

Ricky Vaughn Suspended From Twitter (Alt-Right Trump lover)

Geez! I am tired of all the political commercials now

"I am not very smart": NW University professor wins Nobel Prize & uses occasion to mock Trump

323-215 HRC

Police arrest at least a dozen accused of traffcking hundreds of women into the US as sex slaves

Lol. A pundit on Tweety called fRump the Troglodyte Candidate!

FYI: Chelsea Clinton on Late Night w Seth Meyers

Bernie Sanders talks to Wisconsin State Journal about why Wisconsinites should vote for Hillary

If Trump Is The Teflon Don, Why Are His Poll Numbers Crashing?

Cute pictures show gorilla getting an eyeful of baby boy at Omaha zoo

Nostradamus Predicted The Rise Of Trump

Jim Cantore had lunch in town at my fav taco place today.

Demographics. I don't get it.

People Are Calling Out This “O’Reilly Factor” Segment For Mocking Asian-Americans