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Where have all the Hot Pockets gone?

Every Trumpist should be challenged to do this:

This was down the page on a Tweet...

Former NFL player Brandon Marshall was trying to move into his new home. Security called the police

Outcry in Iran at nine-year sentence for man who beheaded daughter

The Troubles

NYC tenants say they were tricked into appearing in RNC video

NJ-02: Amy Kennedy raises $100k online around Van Drew GOP convention speech

MGM Resorts to lay off nearly 20,000 furloughed workers

New Jersey Legislature passes vote-by-mail bill to undermine Trump lawsuit

" I don't talk about my ass," Trump falsely claimed, while obviously talking about his rear.

NJ-07: Exiled, Disgraced Former Speaker Fundraising For Kean Jr.

Trump International Hotel in Vancouver is closed for good

Jacob Blake's father just said that "It's too late for Trump to call. He should have called four day

RNC: Key Takeaway

Anderson Cooper just played a snipped of MaryAnne Trump's audio tape: "He's tight as a duck's ass"!

Liberal Redneck - This Week in Hell

Liberal Redneck - This Week in Hell

OK, tell me ONE great thing any Republican Administration did in our country's history. Just one.

This needs to be asked again: if we can see Trump's wife naked, why can't we

Fox News should be ashamed of themselves.

Tracey Ullman - Melania Trump Robot

Where do I find the state to state Senate races numbers???

GA-SEN: Loeffler criticizes Atlanta Dream players for walk-off protests

Doc Rivers makes a powerful statement.

White boy kills two people and its self defense

Widespread confusion after Trump pontificates on his posterior at MAGA rally: 'He can't form a sente

Joe Biden calls Delaware Chabad torching 'deeply disturbing'

FL-18: A Black, female veteran could topple the Republican incumbent in her red Florida district

The anti-Semitic site behind the 'Jews want a race war' highway banner was removed from the internet

what do you think of "VOTE DEMOCRAT" ON A SIGN?

And so it begins...People Who Attended RNC In Charlotte Test Positive For COVID-19

The "government" of Putin's hellish colony in Eastern Ukraine (where disappearances, torture are com

The pool boy is on Anderson Cooper

How are they gonna explain THIS one away?!? And they say Biden isn't fit.

These were the victims of the shooting in Kenosha. Remember their faces!

Oopsy! Four Republican National Convention Attendees Test Positive for Coronavirus, Officials Say

Federal Charges


The pet from hell.

Trump seems to be raising the big bucks in his "personal" re election fund.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

Christian Crowdfunding Site Raising Money For Kenosha Killer Kyle Rittenhouse

New Hampshire crowd shouting "Ivanka!" when Il Douche said he'd like to see a woman president

Does the Biden campaign visit DU? Re Wisconsin

My officers did nothing wrong in allowing teen gunman to walk away after allegedly killing 2

Ratings for trumps speech lower than Biden.

"For What It's Worth" 2020

Protesters demand changes to lower COVID-19 cases at Georgia College

While Democrats, Civil Rights leaders, and the BLM movement have made it clear they are for

Kyle Rittenhouse Faces New Charges in Kenosha Shooting

Laurie Kilmartin: BREAKING: My vagina will be turned into a 2020 voting location.

Rachel just stated Iowa now has a 79% positivity testing for coronavirus

Another 481 COVID-19 cases found at University of Alabama

Trump's Remarks Granting a Full Pardon to Alice Johnson; August 28, 2020

For anyone who knows the area, what is Kenosha like, and why do they have a racist police chief?

Media should be asking about Trump's health:

U.S. state election officials say little evidence of absentee ballot fraud

"Commentary: I study liars. I've never seen one like Donald Trump."

Minneapolis remains under emergency declaration, but no curfew Friday night

Police Reform: Purge the police instead of defund

NBA: ALL league arenas will converted to voting centers for 2020 election

I can't be satisfied... Rory on guitar and some German cat on Banjo

For Trump, G.O.P. Created an Alternative America Beyond Covid-19

Read the criminal complaint against Kyle Rittenhouse:

The Melania - Ivanka rivalry captured

The Assault on Social Security is Underway

See what happened when Trump crowd was asked to wear masks

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats will win to get control of the US Senate in 2020.

When Skinner sold the site to EarlG, did he take the TrollAway with him?

Another don't-have-a-yard sign

Joy Reid On Trump: 'America Has No King, America Needs No King' The ReidOut MSN

'No one has done more.' At the RNC, Kevin McCarthy lauds Trump

RNC Week in Hell: Who Knew American Carnage Could Be So Boring? (Ferret/Shower Cap)

If somebody is good at statistics (I'm not)

Have we seen almost every room in Steve Schmidt's home?

Young People Turned Out to Protest, But Will They Vote?

"COVID-19 will be with us for a long time," says Gov. Newsom

Even if we believe---and I do---that Biden/Harris will prevail on November 3rd,

U.S. coronavirus deaths could top 300,000 by December

5 U.S. Code  7321.Political participation(survey at bottom)

12:00 AM -- CASABLANCA (1942)

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Pence Packs an Impressive Amount of Bulls**t Into His RNC Speech

This First-Grader Has Been Feeding the Homeless in St. Louis--and She's Starting Her Own Foundation

Dogs Lead Parents To The Baby Animal Stuck In Their Shed

'Black Panther' actor Chadwick Boseman dies at 43 after 4-year fight with colon cancer

There is a path out of America's COVID-19 mess--if we choose to take it

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This 19-Year-Old Went Full MAGA

OK-05: State Chamber president protests potential endorsement of Horn by national group

Rachel Maddow martini...

OK-05: The Case Against Stephanie Bice

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- 'Black Panther' actor Chadwick Boseman dies at 43 after 4-year fight with colon c

Using cheap non union labor gets you unsafe workmanship

"Melania Did. Not. Care": In a Blistering New Book by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania Trump

When a Black Man Yearns to be the Worst White Man

At D.C. march, families decry 'two systems of justice'

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's Boring-Ass RNC Speech

Something nice -- for a change. Music in a Japanese forest. (video)

It's Friday night ...

Chadwick Boseman's last tweet

Secret Service copes with coronavirus cases in aftermath of Trump appearances

The Daily Show: Are Republicans Talking About the DNC or RNC?

MI-SEN: John James' companies hit with tax liens, got tax breaks for jobs they didn't create

How Honest Should You Be When Applying For Unemployment?

Mary Trump Shares New Recordings Of Trump's Sister Criticizing Family - The ReidOut - MSNBC

OH-01: Chabot's sister slams him on Facebook for being 'intertwined' with Donald Trump.

In a late-Friday filing, Trump and @GOP ask Federal Court to BLOCK the counting of mail-in ballots

Insurrection Act My Ass!

The latest phone scam

The Calvert County Board of Elections informs citizens that applications for mail-in ballots

If Trump's Campaign Were A Curb Your Enthusiasm Episode:

IA-01: The bigger problem behind Rep. Ashley Hinson's plagiarism

Rescued baby crows learn to eat ripe berries from the bush during rehab

Ivanka Trump Beseeches American People: "I Can't Get a Job Anywhere Else"

Spied in the wild, Orange County, CA

Joe: The true power of @ChadwickBoseman was bigger than anything we saw on screen. From the Black Pa

Tweet of the Day

Constant Texts From GOP On My Cell Phone

I'm Nervous About Election Day, 'The Same Way I Was Feeling Four Years Ago' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Ex-Boston Police Union Pres. Charged With Raping 4 More Children

MN-01: Hagedorn deflects questions, terminates interview

Bruce Springsteen - Erie Canal (The Seeger Sessions) - Low bridge

It tweeted

Went into a store for the first time in 5 months. CVS in Sun City West.

Trump's RNC Con: Warm and Fuzzy Fascism

Give the devil his due: Donnie made me laugh out loud this evening...

Air on airplanes

Anyone else notice ...

In Maryland today, a state trooper shot and killed a driver.

Chadwick Boseman - James Brown - "Out of Sight" from "Get On Up", 2014

Ex-UAW boss Williams charged in embezzlement scandal as federal probe continues

Solid Senders - Your in my way

Enjoy. Then cry.


Some of the Biggest Lies From the RNC 2020 - NowThis

Even if your black and you comply with some officers

60 Seconds of Stella Leaf Jumps

Serious question: who on team trump is smart enough to figure our all this shit?

CO-03: Pork sliders sold by Republican House candidate gave customers bloody diarrhea.

Bezos Worth $200 Bill, Makes 4K Per Second As Millions Struggle, Protesters W/ Mock Guillotine

Fact Checking VP Mike Pence's 2020 RNC Speech - NowThis

Barbed Wire Blues, Wilco G&V, Norman Watt-Roy Bass and Salvatore Ramundo on drums

Vancouver's Trump hotel closes doors for good

A Well-Planned Retirement from The London Times:

Need help installing old software on new computer

Even Chuck Schumer is feeling the grief and stress. I totally agree.

Trump "enjoyed the frustration and anger he caused by holding a political event on the South Lawn.."

MAGAt threatening reporter at trump rally

God...Chadwick was a really amazing person.

The Facebook group calling for militia to go to Kenosha was flagged *455* times

5 moons tonight

Liberal Redneck - This Week in Hell

Trump Will 'Undermine' Our Democracy, Set Up 'Barriers' For People To Vote - Deadline - MSNBC

A golden oldie--Donald Trump, our first African president

Trump Administration Allows Deferral of Social Security Tax

Why so much self-hatred among the RW

Ohio's infection rate dropped to 3.2% after the mask mandate.

Friday Night Sobriety Sucks Thread.

Trump knocks protesters against racial injustice during New Hampshire rally

Cartoons 8/28/2020

Facebook banned violent militia groups. We still found plenty of them on its platform.

Ex-pool attendant details relationship with Falwells

Selected cuts from "Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy)" by Brian Eno...

Thomas Paine

WGN America to launch 'News Nation' on Tuesday, aiming to transform the house that Bozo built into..

alan 阿兰《美人谷》Beauty Valley

Robert Jeffress Calls Cuckolding 'A Warning of the Destructive Power of Sin'

(Elon) Musk-backed Neuralink unveils upgraded brain-implant technology

Unhinged, Trump irresponsibly demands the return of college football

Panic attack

Olympus Launches The Break Free Program

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Video shows forceful arrest of Black man stopped while jogging in San Antonio

It obviously hasn't dawned on Trump yet ...

Beto O'Rourke and Bernie Sanders team up for Saturday event

Ivanka's convention speech introducing Trump was really about her

The cargo cult (*) of Nice Things.

Gas station secured small business bailout money, then paid for big expensive Trump billboards

Discussions underway to create polling place at Amway Center (Orlando) following NBA agreement

Obama and LeBron James are working together to overcome voter suppression

Why the Lightning's Amalie Arena probably won't be a polling place

Trump Hotel in Vancouver closes as company files for bankruptcy

Kamala Harris issues a statement on the death of Chadwick Boseman

tweet of the hour

It's late, I can't sleep, so here ya' go . . . clouds!

Leonard Cohen's estate slams Republicans' use of 'Hallelujah' as bid to politicize

US now using several hotel chains to detain migrant children

Republicans attack Texas congressional candidate Gina Ortiz Jones using homophobic slurs

NYC tenants say they were misled into RNC video appearance

Our country is being overthrown.

Where can I get the orange spackling paste his Lardship uses?

The digital divide in one picture

Ecuador couple certified as oldest married pair, nearly 215

RNC filled with conflicting moments

Voting Group Says It Is No Longer Allowed To Leave Voter Registration Cards In Post Offices

Some unsolicited advice for the GOP


Colombia admits lying about requesting paramilitary leader's extradition

The Constitution's fatal flaw

Messages and symbols.

Maximum number of US Senate Elections the Democrats are likely to win in 2020.

Ted Nugent Wants List of All U.S. Deaths From Past 5 Years to Show 'Chinese Communist Virus' Numbers

@HouseJudiciary The President pardoned Roger Stone to protect himself.

Four San Antonio Hotels Will Lay Off a Total of at Least 500 Workers Amid COVID Downturn

All Colombia's watchdogs fall under government allies' control

Trump Sister Calls His Son Eric a 'Moron,' Daughter Ivanka a 'Mini-Donald'

DCCC Adds $960K Into Philly Market Ad Buy

Florida Jewish leaders stump for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Donald Trump campaign knocks on 1 millionth Florida door

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 8/28/20

The Wildest Insurance Fraud Scheme Texas Has Ever Seen

With Texas House At Stake, Democrats Lag In Fundraising

Secretly recorded audio of Trump's sister prompts new call for investigation into his admission to

Latest COVID-19 outbreaks in Riley County linked to K-State sororities

N.Y.C. Tenants Say They Were Tricked Into Appearing in R.N.C. Video

Will This Be the Year Arizona Turns Blue?

California AG @XavierBecerra just filed his **100th LAWSUIT** against the Trump admin.

Maricopa County won't pursue charges over explicit photos of Arizona lawmaker (R) sent to lobbyist

Mail delivery suspended at L.A. public housing complex with over 1,800 residents

OMG this Image!

Republicans are trying to survive an anti-Trump wave in the Philly suburbs

Kamala's Husband Interviewed by Pete's Husband, Kamala and Pete join in the middle

Rep. Schiff On Trump's Disregard Of Hatch Act: 'Lawlessness Is The Point' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Secret Service Copes with Coronavirus Cases

Far-Right Threatens Extreme Violence After Ban on Berlin Anti-Lockdown Rally

Trump's schedule for Saturday, August 29, 2020

Breakfast Saturday 29 August 2020

Watch it fall, Billy Strings

Judge grants Trump motion to block absentee ballot requests in Iowa county

Are you registered to vote in November?

A police captain's widow used his story at the GOP convention. His daughters say it was 'despicable.

Attorneys representing Kyle Rittenhouse say he was wrongfully charged after 'acting in self-defense'

I keep hearing the polls are neck and neck and it's going to be a

Fall foliage expert offers bleak outlook for some of Pennsylvania this fall

65 days until the election. I just received voter information from the Santa Clara County

Sources of Water Contributing to Sea Level Rise Since 1900.

SS: disability payments would end in mid-2021 and payments to the elderly would stop in 2023

Federal Judge Orders Texas to Make Online Voter Registration Available

Hm-m-m------Trump hired someone to take his SAT and Penn entrance exam----so who

Is a using a racial slur free speech or a crime? CT Supreme Court reinstates conviction of man ...

I still believe the Con will withdraw from the election

This militia is just destroying my fashion choices

a knife to a gun fight...

NORAD NEWS NORAD conducts three intercepts of Russian aircraft entering Air Def. Identification Zone

Appeals court rules due process rights don't apply to Guantanamo detainees

Judge orders Texas to allow online voter registration with driver's license renewal

How does Trump get out of the debates? I was predicting his making ridiculous demands, then

Despite Pandemic, Trump Holds Crowded NH Rally After Crowded RNC Speech - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The RNC weaponized exhaustion

Vocal husky has a lot to say while solving puzzle toy

Arkansas County sheriff resigns after racist comments recorded

Opinion: The assault on Social Security is under way

Chadwick Boseman, Gone Too Soon...

At sales I'm always looking for memorabilia from the 60s and 70s

Trump people are so stupid

Chadwick Boseman text: 'Catch the rain'

My order wishlist for Biden Presidency

A dictator on downers: Slow-motion mass hysteria at the Republican convention

Canada By Train - A Short 7 Minute Video

Choose your own culture

Annoyed Parrot Tells Dog Off For Barking Too Much

Florida man arrested with pound of cocaine, some kept on stack of bacon, deputies say

You all need to read this, seriously...

Your weekly naked Florida Man story

"I Hope You Can't Sleep At Night": My Former High School Teacher Has Some Words for Ron DeSantis


N.J. teen who held Black Lives Matter protest gets hit with $2,500 bill for police overtime

Passenger sues easyJet after crew told her to move seats to satisfy ultra-Orthodox Jews

Dinah Washington was born on this date.

There's a Very Good Reason Why HBO Max and Peacock Aren't on Roku

Capital One cuts credit limits as millions struggle with income cliff

Capital One cuts credit limits as millions struggle with income cliff

Charlie Parker was born on this date.

"Michael Phelps Breaches Surface To Ask If Coronavirus Still Happening Before Returning To..."

The Kenosha shooter's self defense argument and mass shooters

Why hasn't he got it yet? People close to him have had it.

You raised $24,292.45 on August 28, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

Pretty much sums it up!

Trump launches baseless attack on Kamala Harris.....

Rio governor Wilson Witzel suspended during corruption probe

The highlight of my week? Finding a pair of dark blue denim jeans that fit.

Facebook CEO admits 'operational mistake' in failure to remove Kenosha militia page

The ghost of Herman Cain spotted by sharp eyed ghost buster

Hmmm. Laura Ingraham admits that Robert Trump died from Covid-19?

A fireman and a clown walk into a brothel, a little history that led to Toronto's police reform

Americans as refugees!

It's tweeting up a storm (plus endorsements)

*Biden maintains fourteen point lead in prestigious USC-Dornslife poll*

Revealing Hot-Mic Video of Trump From a Fraud Case Deposition

As Trump appointees flout the Hatch Act, civil servants who get caught get punished

Joe: A Biden-Harris Administration will always listen to scientists.

What percentage of seniors have Social Security payments as their only income?

Joe: as president, I promise I'll protect your children's health care as if they were my own.

Candidate Announces Landmark Write-in Campaign for Denton County Sheriff.

Donald Trump will do anything to win

Mail delivery suspended at L.A. public housing complex with over 1,800 residents

Who can spot the difference?

Weekend TOONs - The Two Most Beautiful Letters: M E

McConnell's campaign hires Covington graduate Nicholas Sandmann

Trump touts online viewership for GOP convention after trailing in TV ratings

Concerning yard signs, are you seeing the same thing I'm seeing?

Judge orders jury trial in Sarah Palin libel suit against New York Times

Trump touts online viewership for GOP convention after trailing in TV ratings

Elon Musk unveils pig with computer chip in brain

UVa sticks with plans for in-person classes

'Destruction everywhere': Photos show Hurricane Laura flooded streets, shredded buildings

Amy Klobuchar calls it!

Leonard Cohen's Estate Slams GOP For Using 'Hallelujah' At RNC

Joe: We have a president more interested in beating people at golf than beating COVID-19.

Sneak Peek of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

Can we sue Trump for using taxpayer money to pay for the RNC and his campaign?

LIVE FEED of Rand Paul being assaulted by protesters

Moderna failed to disclose federal funding for vaccine patent applications, advocates say

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020.

One of this week's updates.

Maryland Trooper Kills Drunk Driving Suspect Who Dragged Him Down I-95: Police

White House installed OAN reporter as FDA spokesperson. She lasted 11 days

Yesterday we couldn't even score 3 runs to make it look like a football score

Being nice hasn't worked...........

#WakandaForever. ##update, LA based network is running it ## Black Panther (re)watch, 8pm local time

The kids at Ron Clark Academy turning up because they're all going to see #BlackPanther is the best

I just put my DU sticker on my back windshield!

Ten children killed by lightning in Uganda

629 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 29 deaths

It looks like I won't be killing my 97-year-old mother.

Posted This Yesterday Evening on My Facebook Feed

Police union releases statement on Blake shooting

Arkansas sheriff quits after racist slurs against Piggly Wiggly employee were caught on tape: report

Another 481 COVID-19 cases found at University of Alabama


Not finding the word "vote" or "voting" on "Black Lives Matter" sites.

Rand Paul demands FBI arrest peaceful protesters for yelling at him

Be careful out there - Predator sightings by states

How to Constructively and Safely Reduce and Realign US Forces on the Korean Peninsula

Police Officers Patient With White Suspect -- Black Suspect Brutalized

Dear America: Pick a Torch

Question: If we lived in Opposite World--

Wow -- even TMZ gets it

Trump Motorcade Greeted With 'Too Many Middle Fingers To Count' On His Way To New Hampshire

On a positive note- every time I have gone to YouTube recently, I have seen Biden ads, where before

White Supremacists Were 'On A Hunting Spree' In Kenosha, Says Wisconsin Lawmaker

Remember when we on the left all rallied around the guy who shot up...

He looks like you - fuck you woman

Trump administration allows deferral of Social Security tax

How the University of Arizona used No. 2 to solve its No. 1 problem: The coronavirus

Attorney for accused Kenosha protest gunman says teen acted in self-defense

Alleged Kenosha Killer Loved Cops, Guns, Trump, and 'Triggering the Libs,' Former Classmates Say

We can easily defeat covid-19 without a vaccine. Easily.

'People's worst fears' came alive in Kenosha: Guns, militia inject chilling dimension into protests

Pompeo tries to extort cash from struggling Sudan

Trump Program to Cover Uninsured Covid-19 Patients Falls Short of Promise

DMR has a pretty good summary of the fucking mess Covid Kimmy has created:

Republicans Obviously Want Government Destroyed

4 year old drifts out to sea on an inflatable unicorn.

Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder - This week in hell

I just found a leaflet in my door for the GOPer who's running for Congress

Trump Takes Aim at Protests Amid Washington March

'Only 20% NBA players registered to vote'- Chris Paul leads change amongst NBA players post boycott

Lab confirms 1st coronavirus reinfection in the US

Teach your children well. Your kid, too:

A harsh new anti-Trump ad shows how Never Trumpers view the race

Once again, FDA expands use of COVID-19 treatment without research to back it up

Doug Mills captures lightning and Trump

The quiet part Trump won't dare say out loud

CDC director walks back testing guidance, but does not alter recommendations on website

I think biting outside the ring should be a foul.

Leonard Cohen's Estate Slams GOP For Using 'Hallelujah' At RNC

Robert Schumann Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 54

Voting question: If you haven't received your absentee ballot in the mail

'My brother cannot be a voice today': Loved ones of racial violence victims rally for change


Trump aides interviewing replacement for embattled FTC chair

Despite DeJoy's vows to halt changes, serious problems persist, postal workers say

Did i read this correctly: "When you take on the swamp, the swamp fights back"

Michelle Obama: 'Systemic racism' coming from the White House

Trump and the GOP want voters to fear 'chaos and anarchy' under Biden, but not the coronavirus

This Was the Week American Fascism Reached a Tipping Point

Trump decries DC protesters as 'thugs'

Really Great RVAT Biden ad featuring John McCain:

Joe: The only thing this president has done alone is fail America.

Another Chadwick Boseman tale

Biden/Harris putting domain to good use

Were they a threat? Police shootings reignite legal debate

House Schedules Historic Vote on Decriminalizing Marijuana at the Federal Level

Donald Trump's Pronounces Words, using that Big Brain of His.

The betting markets have lost all contacts with reality

Louisiana suffered 'tremendous devastation' at height of Hurricane Laura's power

NPR& All Things Considered & Ari Shapiro

President Obama on Chadwick Boseman

Iran: Outcry At 9 -Year Sentence For Father Who Beheaded His 14 Year Old Daughter; 'Honor Killing'

Top general says no role for military in presidential vote

Derek Chauvin: Former officer in George Floyd killing asks judge to dismiss charges

The thing that sticks with me about that teen in Kenosha is the grin...

Trump is the president of the loud minority, not silent majority

Should Joe Biden give a speech on the civil unrest and rioting in our cities?

Can people be held to account by law enforcement after they're out of office...

Dear News Media

No, the "silent majority" isn't a bunch of loud crazy uncles. This needs to be called out.

About OUR South Lawn. .How much of OUR money will it cost to fix the damage done by the kkk

The Cat Bird Seat...

I Know How To Stop All The Rioting And The Carnage

Masks are a new slant on racism?

ODNI will not longer be briefing Congress in person on election security issues

Why the stock market is doing so well in a crap economy?

National Intelligence agency will no longer brief Congress in person on election security

The little shit Sandmann is now working for McConnell

What's everyone's favorite Orange juice?

Really American is airing this ad in Ohio and Pennsylvania

Sweden: Riots Rock City of Malmo After Far-Right Swedish Activists Burn Qur'an

Donald Trump is backed by the 'most prejudiced American voters we've ever seen': John Dean

King County exec's new climate plan proposes building code updates

Cartoons 8/29/2020

BREAKING: Office of DNI will no longer give Congress election security brieifings in person, only in

"You're gonna get shot one of these times." Jeannie told me.

As COVID outbreak continues, Trump returns to perennial obsession: TV ratings

It tweeted some gaslighting

I think that Smerconish survey question is the core of the elections

"...They're all saying 'we want Ivanka.' I don't blame them."

"Christian" Fundraising Site Raises Money For Kyle Rittenhouse. Says He Was A Victim Of Antifa

Census, like the Post Office, politicized this election year

So is Sen. Blumenthal going to continue to keep the horrifying info on Russian interference secret?

Half of seniors rely on Social Security for AT LEAST HALF of their income.

Holy Fuck, trump is such a damaged human being. What he says about his niece.

At first I laughed, but then...

Only Love Can Break A Heart

Bill Maher's "Don't Mail Your Unnecessary Shit Til After 11/3" Campaign

Chris Murphy tweet - STONE. COLD. KILLERS.

Why is everyone freaking out about this poll?

"That damn Ivanka" - how Trump's sister Maryanne refers to his princess

Mitigating the Impact of Thermal Binder Removal for Direct Li-Ion Battery Recycling

See what happened when Trump crowd was asked to wear masks

Anyone up for a DU Fantasy Premier League this year?

For those who liked the Ballad of Joe Biden, and love the Doors and the Kinks

Biden and Dems have to be as desperate to win as Trump is!!!

Remember when trump wished Ghislaine Maxwell well?

Thousands march in Mauritius over dead dolphins, oil spill

No wonder that thing is going nuts today. 😂

47 years later and the "Cancer on the Presidency" is expoentially worse...

Ghislaine Maxwell is first federal inmate in NYC to receive in-person visit since start of pandemic

Censured by the VOA on how VOA's foreign journalists are being expelled

One Of The Things Most Surprising To Me About This Election Cycle...

CNN: Trump is the president of the loud minority, not silent majority

'The fix is in': Internet hits the panic button after Trump intel head refuses to meet with Dems on

Who wore it better ?

Caught the last half hour of "Return to the Planet of the Apes"...what a movie!

Federal Judge Orders Texas to Make Online Voter Registration Available

Oompa Loompa time

Donald Trump likes to pretend he is the fireman when he is the arsonist. We must #VoteOutHate!

The New Yorker on Trump's scare tactics:

Non-Christian Erix Metaxas assaults a protester.

Standing w/these exhausted #HurricaneLaura first responders w/out wearing a 😷seems callous, even a m

Navajo Nation voters file lawsuit to force Arizona to count mail-in ballots that arrive after Electi

Poor Donald Trump

This Could Come In Handy

I support this debate condition!

Farmer's Market Cherry Tomatoes

Try this again.

Obama vs Trump

Chadwick Boseman's Public Service Announcement to young people to VOTE

Cat Decides To Move Into This Guy's House

More evidence that "law & order" campaign issues need far more scrutiny.

James Gang - Walk Away

Biden's Voters Appear Far More Likely To Vote By Mail Than Trump's FiveThirtyEight

Pics allegedly showing injured cops in Portland and Seattle actually old pics from Australia

Alice Cooper - I'm Eighteen

BIG. Lawyers that used to represent Derkatch (the guy feeding deza to Giuliani) are cooperating

The latest battlefield in a heated presidential campaign: front yards bearing Biden signs.

Schiff & Pelosi statement on foreign election interference briefings being cancelled.

Tracking the suspect in the fatal Kenosha shootings (CNN/NYT)

Anyone get their Biden/Harris sign yet?

Best shade: 'Attorney for Cohen estate says it would have considered "You Want it Darker" For RNC

Are DU members doing anything to help win the election?

Yep, that's exactly how I feel, too.

Tired of this 👇

What does the GOP do when Trump is prosecuted after he leaves office?

Let's talk about Biden beating Trump at his own game....

Don't waste your money trying to beat Mitch McConnell: Play "democracy moneyball" instead

I got a FB ad this morning from the RNC encouraging absentee ballots...

Rosh Hashanah starts on September 18th

Laura Ingraham says Trump lost his brother to COVID:

Nancy Pelosi on the DNI's decision to cancel all election security briefings for Congress

More than 10,000 COVID conspiracy theorists gather in London

Brandy Chambers (TX) may be the most important state legislative candidate in the country.

Biden's Voters Appear Far More Likely To Vote By Mail Than Trump's.

The NC House is a better flip opportunity than the Senate.

[Perfect. Just perfect] Mitch McConnell's campaign hires Covington teen Nick Sandmann

Trump's speech was nasty, brutish and interminable

News flash! The tenor singing "Nessun Dorma" at spanky's arrival in Lake Charles

Top intelligence office informs congressional committees it'll no longer brief on election security

Georgia missing children rescued by US Marshals during 'Operation Not Forgotten'

270 To Win August 29 Electoral Map

Where do you see yourself in the future ? me :

Vote question. I have requested an absentee ballot. If I receive it does

We are letting Trump frame the debate!

Dogtor Kono getting her picture taken for a new work badge ♥️

Download Free Biden Stuff at the Official Website

How has he gotten so far, unchecked?

Police in Germany shut down protest against coronavirus restrictions

Little Fox Stuck In Well Screams For Help

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 29, 2020

Sick Street Dog Completely Transforms With Love

The Voting System In Many States Exploits The Kryptonite of Younger Voters

NEW goal for DU for Biden & Harris

Hey love that advertisement of s'mores.........but my husband came up with a better alternative

Astronomers say artificial intelligence discovered dozens of new planets in old telescope data

Miami Herald: As 'COVID fatigue' sets in, testing is down and few cooperate with contact tracing

270towin current Senate map...

Black Lives Matter: US teen billed for police overtime after protest

Trump's favorite trade-war gauge sank in April as exports plummeted a record amount

Biden, Harris offer tributes to 'Black Panther' star Chadwick Boseman

Major typhoon predicted to hit South Korea next week.

Kenosha Militia Facebook Event Was Reported 455 Times. Facebook Said It Didn't Violate Any Rules.

Father of Fallen SEAL Condemns President Trump in Political Ad

Kamala Harris, Rep. Mucarsel Powell pitch to Miami Hispanics

The Twit: "Here, sell this tonight on eBay. You'll get 10,000."

US Marshals find 39 missing children in Georgia during 'Operation Not Forgotten'

Trump was 'infuriated' by efforts to stop Russian election meddling, ex-DHS official alleges

The Trump's know that they are done if Donald loses

Concerned Voters Announce Intent to File Lawsuit Challenging Kanye West's Legitimacy on Va. Ballot

Whoever recommended Midnight Diner, thank you.

Teen Who Organized Black Lives Matter Rally Gets Billed $2500 For Police Overtime

State report shows hundreds test positive for COVID-19 at Florida schools in August

Takis Finds Sick Labrador And Transforms Her Life

I wish Biden supporters would stand on the shore and wave large BIDEN/HARRIS

Would DUers please explain the meaning of national security to me?

Whether it translates to votes or not, trump is one of the most despised presidents in modern

"They count on the sheer volume of misinformation

The Pledge of Allegiance... and Voting

Couch Potato

The D (dark) factor and Trump: framing the election between light (Joe) and dark (Trump)

VOTE Like There Will Never Be Another Burning Man -- Because There Won't!

If you want to stop NC Republicans, these 10 districts deliver the biggest bang for your buck/time

Received my DU bumper sticker today.

What is tRump hiding under that makeup?

Can someone clear this up for me?

Trump's Apocalyptic Acceptance Speech in 60 Seconds:

Alabama National Guard members deploying to Wisconsin to maintain peace

Alabama National Guard members deploying to Wisconsin to maintain peace

'7 bullets, 7 days': Protesters march for Blake in Kenosha

Sanders: Trump's Broken Promises

This is how MLK was depicted in 1967 to scare white Americans

Donald Trump still hasn't figured out how to close an umbrella on his own

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats will win from Safe/Landslide to Tilt/Narrow margin.

Vote in person because our democracy might depend on it.

Shady dealings at Mar-a-Lago

Coke, American Air, MGM: Big companies unleash pink slips as coronavirus reshapes global economy

Wiyaala - Woyaya (We Are Going) - Osibisa's Inspirational Hit Song

'How dare we not vote?' Black voters organize after DC march

My Democratic Headquarters is Lame

Susan Collins faces battle of lifetime in Maine

"this sheriff's county delivered (Trump) the highest percentage in the state"

Did you know that "Ivanka" is not her real name?

Comedian Jim Gaffigan Breaks Silence And Goes To Town On Trump--Lights Trumpsters Up!

What do you make of this Michael Moore opinion? Michael Moore warns that Donald Trump is on course t

More than 1,200 students tested positive at the University of Alabama

Trump wanted 'tanks and choppers' for inauguration--reportedly gave order to 'make it look like DPRK'

Perhaps it's time to fight back with our own avalanche of lying propaganda

Tweet of the Day

Incoming US Senators of 2020 if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Today's Women's March in Belarus

Irony alert: drumpf is in Orange, TX

I voted yesterday, mail in ballot which I...

Plastic Wars

Right wing nut cases promoting terrorist acts against US citizens

Texas officials want to cut funding for women's health services while preserving an anti-abortion pr

Trump won't condemn Kyle Rittenhouse

Pelosi, Schiff pan director of national intelligence for canceling election security briefings

FL-26: Kamala Harris, Rep. Mucarsel Powell pitch to Miami Hispanics

Massachusetts governor activates up to 1,000 National Guard members (no reason why)

anyone else see those jim oneill ads?

Adam Schiff tweet - As usual, President Trump is lying and projecting

TN: FedExForum won't become polling place after NBA's request,

ODNI cancels future election security briefings for Congress

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like Trump got the benefit of the conventions...

There was nothing unlawful or improper about Trump's acceptance speech

After reading confessions of a former cop I'd like to tell you about an experience I had.

Hundreds of trump supporters saying they're heading to Portland tonight (Mike Baker)

Jacob Wohl Allegedly Punched in the Head at Black Lives Matter Protest in Washington, D.C.

ME-SEN: Bank lobbying group launches ad backing Collins reelection bid

So when do we go "all in" with only 60 days to go.

What do you guys know about Don Winslow?

John Bolton blasts Trump for making 'a complete mess' of US coronavirus pandemic response

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats win to get majority of US Senate seats in 2020.

Biden to resume in-person campaigning as race with Trump kicks into gear

A Carnival of Disinformation

Joe: I don't know a single person who believes any part of this pandemic has been a "good thing".

Trump blames media after DNC tops RNC in TV ratings

Joe: I believe we're so much better than what we saw this week at the RNC.

Just for fun I googled "What is the best way to gaslight a gaslighter"? Quora response:

Democratic Party needs to organize a peaceful March On Washington

Republican National Committee used stock footage from a 2019 protest in Spain to show rioting

New Covid-19 Layoffs Make Job Reductions Permanent

Artist Banksy on migrant crisis: 'All Black Lives Matter'

Dozens of new coronavirus cases reported at ICE facility in Arizona

Biden needs to go to Wisconsin immediately!

As is my wont on a Saturday evening I tune in to watch Three Stooges episodes on MeTV

***8:00 PM -- NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959)

The View from the Tenderloin

Florida men used fake IDs, bank accounts to steal more than $3M from COVID-19 relief.