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Trump's Wall will destroy Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge and the National Butterfly Center

Trump's Wall will destroy Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge and the National Butterfly Center

Tax reform battle could be worse than health care brawl

So now that Mueller has step over a Red line

Republicans rally around Sessions after Trump criticism

The Ideologues Who Want to Destroy Democracy to Save Capitalism

What Harajuku Girls Really Look Like Style Out There

45 senators support bill that makes boycotting Israel a crime

Trump considers outsourcing American cybersecurity to Russia

What "highly acclaimed" T.V. series did you think was a waste of time?

How Korean Couples Do PDA Style Out There

The Undisputed Champ

2018 NJ US Senate Race-Menendez-D goes on trial for bribery after Labor Day this year.

7 brutally hilarious cartoons about Donald Trump Jr.'s damning emails

GOP senator says public wont have luxury of learning about health care plan before avote

How Korean Couples Do PDA

Officers involved in mentally ill man's death will no longer be employed by the city

Mueller "finding the strike zone", continuing to gather potentially relevant docs

Exclusive: Jared Kushner's White House connection still being used to lure Chinese investors

Interior Dept. ordered Glacier park chief, other climate expert pulled from Zuckerberg tour

Senators say Paul Manafort, Donald Trump Jr. will get subpoenas if they skip hearing

New Multi-Model Study: 1.5C Hotter Globally By 2027 (Best Case); By 2023 (Worst Case)

Trump - You Will Be Going To Jail - You Heard It Here First Folks

Seriously Cool Gavin Schmidt Graph Shows Monthly Temp Slide To Warmth Since 1881

Rand Paul: Dems running partisan witch hunt probes of Trump because they lost

i-D Meets: Tokyo's Genderless Youth

i-D Meets: Tokyo's Genderless Youth

Trump wants a talk-radio host to be the USDAs chief scientist

Florida kids laughed and joked while disabled man drowned and they wont be punished

Trump officially nominates climate-denying conservative talk radio host as USDAs top scientist

Cartoon: Trump's Ambassador to the Vatican

Cartoon: Obama on vacation

Inmates At This Jail Get Shorter Sentences In Exchange For Getting A Vasectomy

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! White Russian! Live Uncensored & a new Panda gif

Korean Girls Get Western Makeup

Korean Girls Get Western Makeup

It's the World Series of Poker 2017........

Fox blabbing cia director pompous hey yo

Ha - Rachel has the dominoes

Is there any chance that DT45 is an savant who can keep hundreds of general ledger accounts

Bioinspired tube robot can sneak round corners and turn on taps

Chester Bennington: Five of His Best Musical Moments

Korean girls read hate comments (Eng sub)

Hope for Liberation

Washington Post is reporting that WH is exploring pardoning powers

Trumps lawyers seek to undercut Muellers Russia investigation

Just nuts. Another day in Paradise.

Trump has asked his advisers about his power to pardon aides, family members ..according to WP

DU link: Abortion providers sue Texas for banning second-trimester procedure

60 years of Senate Johns'

Trump asked advisors about his ability to pardon self, family, aides

During "Made in America Week," President Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club applies to hire 70 foreign workers

Who is the fake prez going to pardon first and when?

LOSER 45 exhorts us to believe in ourselves!! And in America! And in - whatever!

My God. Rachael is on fire tonight.. So huge.

She was right. Say it. Hallelujah edition.

WaPo just release Trump's lawyers seek to Undercut Meullers Russia investigation

Josh Mandel, Ohio Republican Senate Candidate: I Stand With Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec

Josh Mandel, Ohio Republican Senate Candidate: I Stand With Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec

Anti-Semitism on rise in Berlin schools

Bernie Sanders & Al Gore: A Candid Conversation on Climate Change

Marc Kasowitz spokesman Mark Corallo resigns: Report

So, tRump is going to pardon himself and others for stealing the election with Russian help

Bernie Sanders & Al Gore: A Candid Conversation on Climate Change

*****BREAKING*****WAPO- Trump considering pardoning himself and criminal associates

I think that a small part of the Dems 2018 Platform

I wish that Obama could be in charge while the investigation is ongoing.

someone seems to be acting like a cornered rat

anyone watching Big Brother? One of the contestants is wearing a Pussy Hat

Blood-chilling says Beschloss

Holy Crap.. Turn on Rachael or watch rerun..Constitutional Crisis.

So ... does 'Family Finances' include your 'Family BUSINESS Finances', Don the Con?

Imo Mr. Trump....


155 protesters arrested defending health care at Republican Senate offices

Chester Bennington: Linkin Park vocalist 'took his own life

TCM Schedule for Sunday July 23 - Judy Holliday

Trump esp. disturbed after learning Mueller would be able to access several years of his taxes

Breaking with protocol, Trump met directly with a candidate for US Attorney.

So the Mueller team was supposed to be leakproof. Yet we have a swirling shitstorm right now

TCM Schedule for Monday July 24 - Starring Ava Gardner

Did Trump team fall for fake news that Kremlin had HRC's emails?

Do Japanese People Understand English Words Printed On Their T-Shirt?

Waiting on a second source for the most imp news of the day.

I'm following the story about Trump tonight.

Six months in...and, finally, it is all falling apart.

OMFG - the Con is making up some shite about Mueller being a member of his golf club

5 Things OKAY in Japan (but illegal/rude in the USA)

Texas school district reportedly approves paddling as a disciplinary measure

Josh Marshall, TPM - "There It Is, Folks"

Trump Legal Team Spokesman Resigns..

Mark Corallo, who cautioned Trump/WH against publicly attacking Mueller, has just resigned

Judge refuses to remove block on Trump sanctuary city order

Judge refuses to remove block on Trump sanctuary city order

Maybe Chump can get the cell O J will be vacating

Gees i wish someone within the IRS would provide Trumps taxes !!! Whistleblower style.

Pardons for everyone

Russia, Venezuela discuss Citgo collateral deal to avoid U.S. sanctions - sources

Russia, Venezuela discuss Citgo collateral deal to avoid U.S. sanctions - sources

6 Things OKAY in the USA (but rude/prohibited in Japan)

A point to keep in mind--EVEN IF Trump could pardon, himself, his aides, and all family members,

Trump picks former U.N. spokesman Grenell for ambassador to Germany

In my opinion, the Congressional committees investigating Trump and company have a serious and

I Would Consider Any Lawyer Advising Trump On Pardoning That Knows That Trump....

Let's just stipulate that Trump will be implicated in money laundering. Duh.

Breaking and breaking and more breaking

they are evil: Trump Aides, Seeking Leverage, Investigate Muellers Investigators

Slate "Maybe What Russia Wants From Trump Is Permission to Launder Its Dirty Money"

Ryan says U.S. tax reform consensus nears, does not mention border tax

What NOT to do in CHINA: Top 5 Things

Help! My 3-Year-Old Is Obsessed With Trump

presidential pardons ONLY for federal crimes. if same crimes are also state and local then

OMG. This is an absolute nightmare. There's a mob boss in the W.H. and he won't leave...

Whasssup Marc Kasowitz, Ty Cobb, John Dowd, Jay Sekulow? Hey, is Michael "Says who?" Cohen

"Pardon me. No, seriously, PARDON me. And Jared, and Don, and...wait, I can DO that, RIGHT?"

Does Donald Trump actually think the IOKIYAAR rule applies to him?

Thom Hartmann had an excellent interview today with Tom Perez on

Watch out everyone:

News headline

What is Real Chinese Food?

Car bomb kills pioneering journalist Pavel Sheremet in Kiev 7/20

"Investigators can use the president's interview to establish facts and intent"

Judy Woodruff had two legal experts on tonight

Japans First Lady Avoids Talking to Trump By Pretending Not to Know English For 2 Hours

Is asshole Blotus stupid enough to push the red button

If We Wind Up With A Constitutional Crisis Here And....

An Open Letter to John McCain

Hey Du'ers!

Chinese Girl Tries American Chinese Food

Three Wimbledon matches raise concerns about fixing

because of trumps red line talk

Chinese Girl Tries American Chinese Food

From the WP story: White House aides stunned when Sessions didn't resign

Pardon Question: Does Trump lose his ability to pardon if the crime is related to his impeachment?

Herd of cows commit mass suicide

For Roger Federer fans, this is great, this video of a young Roger as a ballboy

The REAL shitstorm will be on 2018 pulitzer nominations date

Pardoning anyone would admit guilt, wouldn't that guilt be enough to impeach?

Robert Mueller better have bodyguards.

Do Chinese People Go Out For American Food?

Tribe: Presidential self-pardon unconstitutional, & anyone DT pardons could be compelled to testify

Does anyone here buy CBD oil online?

Putins Hackers Now Under AttackFrom Microsoft

If trump leaves office within the year, I will feel kind of proud of our country

My Chinese Parents WOULDN'T Let Me Marry an American!

US Senator Patrick Leahy Defends Normal Ties with Cuba

Welll...about those threats from, what, 23 hrs ago...

Mueller's book after this

3fer: Thanks to Kali/steve2470; testing PostImageOrg; and an bad artsy/craftsy jobber

Boy, I hope this week didn't break TheFerret because, you know...

Not seeing posts from a user

I've come to the conclusion that it isn't treason

BREAKING: Trump dumps his attorney

Marc Kasowitz out as @POTUS attorney...

Trump reshuffling legal team

I am really starting to wonder what Putin told Trump

Kobach repeats Trump's lie: 'We may never know' if Clinton won popular vote

It will not be this neat or simple.

If you get a chance watch a

I went to Freeperville. They're heeeeeeere. The Russian Trolls.

Mexico launches pioneering scheme to insure its coral reef

In Turkey, 80 sheep commit mass suicide

Mexico launches pioneering scheme to insure its coral reef

If Trump resigns or is removed from office

Marc Kasowitz is officially out, per CBS

State Department drops Cuba entirely from annual detail of terrorist activity

They dont have the f*cking balls: Billionaire GOP donor furious at Republicans afraid to stand up

The Daily Show: President Trump Casually Makes Another Damning Admission - 7/20/17


Linda Sarsour Echoes Donald Trump, Smears CNNs Jake Tapper

The Daily Show - Uncensored - Between the Scenes - Donald Trump, the First Black President?

Over/under on how many pardons the Don issues

One suspected neo-Nazi and three counter-demonstrators charged in Capitol riot

Sterling Archer Hangs Out With The Kingsman

We're on the Brink of an Authoritarian Crisis (Brian Beutler)

Trump, feeling heat, attacks Justice Department independence MSNBC (Rachel)

Dear Mr Dump, It's Time to Cut Your Loses and Run Like Hell

Just Inquiring About Pardons Trump Is Admitting To The American People....

Trump Asks About Pardons As Lawyers Look At Ways to Derail Mueller Probe

Trump and the Russian Money Trail

MSN: Usher reportedly paid woman $1.1 million after allegedly giving her STD

Seth Myers - Trump Turns on Sessions Amid Russia Probe: A Closer Look - 7/20/17

Schiff Trump one on one with Putin is risky MSNBC

America will not be destroyed by immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ, BUT by Trump...

Damn, I am getting so old. Neil Young, submitted without further comment.

Stephen Colbert rents the 'Trump Pee Pee Tape' hotel room for a night

Stephen Colbert monologue - 7/20/17

DT Jr. said he met with Russians. 32% of Trump-supporters say that meeting never happened.

Can Jeff Sessions unrecuse himself to fire Mueller ?

After Dyke March Scandal, SlutWalk Chicago Bans Zionist Displays From Upcoming August Protest

As I got out of bed this morning I recalled my paternal grandmother's words

Alt-Lite Furious With ADL Over Hate Speech List

Bernie Sanders makes first move against a bill with bipartisan support that could increase fracking

Our Revolution: The Summer for Progress: Lets Move Our Country Forward

a new low for the alt right

Turkey and Greece hit by strong earthquakes -two dead, hundreds injured

Just talkin' 'bout adoption. Who is... Artyom Kuznetsov?

Exxon Mobil Fined for Violating Sanctions on Russia

U.S. set to ban N.Korea travel

An open question for lurking Trump supporters

Fraudsters Sentenced for Operating Nationwide Home Mortgage Scam

Scaramucci under consideration for White House communications post

Could it be that Trump is saving us from Fascism?

Testing image hosting service.. (our male cat in a onesie)

Tour operators say U.S. to ban citizens from travel to North Korea

Poetry corner...

Exxon sues U.S. over fine levied for Russia deal under Tillerson

ISIS-linked network may be preparing attacks in Singapore and Asia

Six Defendants Charged in Expanded Securities Fraud Conspiracy

Never thought to see the day POTUS was one bringing down US. Pardons & poss. firing Mueller.

Trump Aides, Seeking Leverage, Investigate Muellers Investigators

Anthony Scaramucci Expected to Be Named White House Communications Director

Dallas Names Detroit's U. Renee Hall as Next Chief of Police

Rasmussen is showing a decline in those who strongly approve of Trump's performance.

Does Hugh Hewitt have a mental defect?

Saw Dunkirk last night

Genealogy and ACA

Genealogy and ACA

President Trumps Contempt for the Rule of Law

Exclusive: Jared Kushner's White House connection still being used to lure Chinese investors

Paul McCartney sticks it to Westboro Baptist Church.

Oh, Elon. Building Infrastructure for the Hyperloop Doesn't Work Like That

Incoming W.Mich.U. student faces imminent beheading in KSA for peaceful protests

During Made in America Week, President Trumps Mar-a-Lago Club applies to hire 70 foreign workers

We are living in a chapter of Dante's Inferno

When Will Republicans Learn That Donald Trump Hates Them? - Rick Wilson

STAND BY YOUR MAN. Immigration Hardliners to Donald Trump: Don't Mess With Jeff Sessions

Trump and Putin May Have Met More Times Says Russias Sergei Lavro

Breaking News: Lawyers of President Clinton researching whether she can pardon herself.

Trump legal team spokesman resigns

Durbin, Graham file Dream Act, hoping to ward off legal challenge to DACA

We're on the Brink of an Authoritarian Crisis

"I'll fire the entire Justice Department! I'll lock the doors myself!" Come CAPTION Donald Trump!

From The Atlantic Board

IMO, Think big and build a system 29minutes from NYC to WashDC at 700 mph.

The Fall of the Deal-Maker

Russia says Trump and Putin may have had more than 2 meetings at G-20...

I still contend the media helped Trump because they WANTED this.

"...very unfair to the president..." said trump to the New York Times interviewer. So now trump

Important Topher Spiro Twitter Thread on SHitler/GOP latest KILLING plan:

Growing Impatient

"Tire Salesman w/ Zero Skills" Anthony Scaramucci as Trump's new WH Communications Director. MAGA!

Sources: US to ban Americans from traveling to North Korea

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - The Collusionist

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Failures

PINO Trump Needs to Be Put on a Putin-Free Diet

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Juice is Loose

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

Donald Trump Tells His Voter Fraud Panel: Find Me Something

Outside the box, inside the frame . . .

Don't get distracted: The GOP's cruel health-care plan isn't dead yet - By Eugene Robinson

Millions Of Democratic Voters Info Will Be Lost By Fraud Commission.

Nixon's Justice Dept. Didn't Think the President Could Pardon Himself - Said VP, Congress Could

A New Documentary Focuses on the Religious Nones

Heres How Atheist Parents Raise Their Children

Obama stood up to Russian interference. Now Trump must follow through.

Trump's breathtaking surrender to Russia - By Michael Gerson

A 10-year-olds overdose death reveals Miami neighborhoods intense struggle with opioids

Kellyanne Conway Suggests Robert Mueller Team of Lawyers Are Hilary Clinton Partisans

Sessions Will Be A Witness Against President Donald Trump

When Mother Nature wants to put on a show, she does not put out an advance schedule

Heartwarming Kelly Anne story:

I think Trump will resign.

Steve Bannon's disappearing act

Anyone without their own "high level security clearance" who is really curious about Trump/Russia:

JD Vance, Hillbilly Elegy, may become President

Schiff, Warner launch preemptive strike on Trump pardons

Justin Bieber banned from China for 'bad behaviour'

Trump weighs dumping Garrett as Ex-Im nominee

MSNBC TV: reporting Anthony Scaramucci is new White House

Trump: I Wouldnt Have Hired Sessions

Exclusive: Moscow lawyer who met Trump Jr. had Russian spy agency as client

NYT rejects Manafort's retraction request

Exclusive: Moscow lawyer who met Trump Jr. had Russian spy agency as client

WTF? Slate - "News. Traffic. Weather. Trump."

Natalya Veselnitskaya had Russian spy agency FSB as client

Why Did Trump Warn Mueller Not To Go After His Finances?

"The Alt-Right Side of History Will Prevail"

I'll Get You, My Pretty...

Back By Popular Demand- LMFAO

Trump: "The public has nothing valuable to learn from my tax returns" May 24, 2016

Body-slamming Rep Greg Gianforte R, MT follows Trumps lead, refuses to comply with court order


There is no escaping "Trumpcare" for Trump, Republicans

Imo, in 72 hours Trump will fire Sessions.

How Russia Mercilessly Played Trump for a Fool

Hits on federal retirement advance as bill is introduced to fire feds for no cause at all

This a.m. email from Fareed Zakaria: 45's missed opportunity

Majority Report: Mick Mulvaney Announces MAGAnomics

The Closer Mueller Probe Gets To Trump, The More He Cracks

The Religious Left is getting under right-wing medias skin

Trumps could be impeached but still remain in office - doing all the harm he is doing.

The first lady of Japan pretended not to speak English to avoid talking to DT

Ex Trump associates helped fugitive Kazakhs in visa scheme

Bizarre Trump Interview Suggests Serious Mental Instability

Will a Trump Turncoat Appear at Some Point?

How Trump signed a global death warrant for women

Trump's "NAFTA Renegotiation" INCREDIBLY Similar to TPP

In break with Trump, top intelligence and homeland security officials affirm Russia's election med

The Energy 202: Pruitt accused by watchdog of breaking law by bashing Paris deal

Dozens of foreign workers sought for Trump's Florida clubs

Crazy article, but something to watch

What Would It Take for You To Spontaneously Protest The Trump/GOP Regime?

Coming up: Friday afternoon!!!

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze abruptly resigns, investigated for calling escort service on school phone

Hannity melts down in humiliation after conservative group rescinds his 'Media Excellence' award

Kellyanne Conway: "That is what's fair is fair."

Media Research Center RESCINDS Hannity's "William F. Buckley Award for Media Excellence" award.

If Sessions is gone, Rosenstein becomes acting AG. But if Rosenstein has a connection with

Joy Behar says film from her camera was removed at Trump/Marla wedding

TRUMP Laying Groundwork To Fire Mueller?

Russian Foreign Minister Drops Major Trump Bombshell In NBC Interview

Trump personally interviews US atty nominee Jessie Liu.

Open Burns, Ill Winds

These birds play homemade drums, a first for a non-human species

Hey Du'ers!

Funny thread started by Rick Wilson - if anyone thinks Ty Cobb will be able to discipline Trump...

Mueller asks WH to preserve all docs re: Junior/Russia mtg. - CNN breaking

There's been so many bombshell news stories in just the past year....

hes gonna pardon everyone....

Takei poem

I called on the White House Counsel to disclose all @potus' pardons

Exclusive: Mueller asks WH staff to preserve all documents relating to June 2016 meeting

Mueller asks WH staff to preserve all documents relating to June 2016 meeting

Trump not close in claiming he has signed more bills in first six months than any president

Twitter search for keywords Trump & pardon & #MAGA isn't finding many Trump supporters

CNN *****Breaking: Mueller asks White House to preserve all notes related to Jr.-Russia meeting*****

Fighting for Democracy in the Democratic Party: An ACTIVE (New York State) Case Study

123 arrested across Texas, including 13 in Austin, in immigration sweep

Whoa! It's friday so who knows?

Petition to Democratize the NY State Democratic Party. TIME SENSITIVE!

As a Reminder, Here Is Ford's Pardon of Nixon,

Do you like Bruce? Do you like horn lines? (I sure do)

Zeke Miller: FAA says Trump is scheduled to be at Bedminster golf club from August 3-20

i'm glad so much great journalism is happening now regarding Trump et al. ties to Russia

Earworm of the day!

The Battle for America

If You Didn't Think We Experienced A Coup d'etat In Nov......

OMG - now I will have to boycott The Onion!

America, Don't Let Donald Trump Fire Robert Mueller

If Trump fires Mueller

If trump does get rid of Mueller?

Awkward Exchange and General Musings

MSNBC just had on a North Dakota GOP congressman...

To Trump: Resign Forthwith and Save Yourself from Humiliation!

Pastor at The Woodlands First Baptist Church arrested and charged with prostitution

Trump's wall would end public access to one of the world's top bird destinations

Former CBO Directors To Congressional Leaders: Back Off, We Have A Job To Do

A Friday chuckle

Toon - Checking in with Hillary

Anybody remember the idea that Ford pardoning Nixon allowed Nixon to steal diamonds?

Super Discount!

When did the Trump-Russia investigation begin?

Texas Bill Would Revoke Medical Licenses of Doctors Who Perform Abortions

Sorry. Trump's Attacks Aren't Remotely Like Clinton and Starr

Louise is at it again. More nonsense

Russia, if you're listening, I hope you have made copies of Trump's crime family's emails

Why is Ty Cobb on White House payroll but Trump's other lawyers aren't?

Disabled and disdained: In rural America, towns are divided between those who work, those who don't

Disabled and disdained: In rural America, towns are divided between those who work, those who don't

Judge GRANTS ACLU $222,695.00 in attorneys' fees in #KimDavis marriage refusals case

Just thought of this. If Mueller gets Trump's tax returns they can also

The paper shredders are running so fast in the Trump Tower

Texas actress gets 18 years for mailing ricin to Obama

Who would you be happier to see in jail?

Sean "the Easter bunny" Spicer says screw you guys I'm going home

Spicey Resigns per Glenn Thrush

Sean Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary

Hey, Spicey, I'm sure if you have any juicy little tidbits about your boss....

Spicer Resigns After Protesting Scaramucci Appointment

Well then... fine! (video tweet)

Does anybody feel sorry for Sean Spicer ne Streicher ?

Wot? No more Spicy?

Pictures from Justice for Justine march

The Wurst Day of the Year this Sunday

Friday News Chump Dump: Bye,, I mean, "Sean." It's been real.

"You won't have me to kick around any more." - Spicey (R)

On CNN now, Spicer resigns.

The Room Where It Happened - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

KO:The Media Must Fight Back-The press is playing by its old rules while Trump laughs at those rules

KO:The Media Must Fight Back-The press is playing by its old rules while Trump laughs at those rules

As Spicer Slinks Out, Watch Scaramucci Do the Fandango

All this chaos in the WH is fun and games till we have a serious crisis run by non-serious people

The problem for Groper Don the Con is that no PR team on earth

McMurray : The spokespeople for Trump and the Trump legal team have resigned in the last 18hrs

OK, who had six months on the Anger Spice WH career Dead Pool? YOU WIN!!!

We have seen lots of vile comments from Alex Jones but this one is beyond the pale....

The only people upset about Spicer quitting are the cast and writers of SNL

CIA Director Pompeo: Russia Loves To 'Stick It To America'

Spicer In IN MEMORIAM...

Born Poor - Staying Poor- Only 4% Rise to Middle Class

Mark Corallo, Marc Kasowitz and Spicy....high diving...

African-American Group: Is this proposed TV series just a horrible idea ?

I'm going to miss Melissa McCarthy

Heres Exactly How Many People Will Be Uninsured Under Each Republican Health Care Bill

Level39, some anonymous tweeter, has an interesting argument about pardons

I usually feel sorry of Press Secretaries because they have the worst job in the White House

Good Bye, Scott

We have Spicer Resigning and Rumors of Priebus about to give his notice

Spicey: Good news/Bad news

An Incoherent President Trump

Is This What Repukes want us to go back to?? Illegal Abortions

I hope Spicer sings and tells his story of his time in the White House as revenge.

We have not seen the last of Spicer...He'll be hired by CNN or MSNBC by EOD

Kris Kobach has shot off his bazoo again, the jokes just write themselves.

Exhumation of Dalis remains finds his mustache still intact

Scaramucci: "Hedge fund seeding" "Fake it til you make it" former Goldman Sachs guy

If only there was a competent businessman in the White House

Newt Gingrich talked about Trump pardoning people back in 2016

BYU Professor Fired for Post Supporting LGBT Community on Facebook

Hard hats are for safety

Laundering Money For The Russian Mob Government Is Legal

It looks like someone else may be out today.

Iran says the US is violating the nuclear deal. It has a point.

Spicer Book Title: "Riding the Bear"

Trump said he left his seat at G-20 dinner because the Japanese first lady spoke no English. She's p

Father Pleads With Trump to Let Him Enter the US to Attend Slain 11-Year-Old Daughters Funeral ..

Rare tiger cub born in Philly to be adopted in Oklahoma

One of the most important stories you'll read about those "adoptions."

I hope Mueller has been coordinating with NY AG Schneiderman.

Joy Reid : GOP source to me just now: "Priebus is next."

Texas now has zero staff political cartoonists, as Houston Chronicle fires Pulitzer winner

Disabled and disdained

I miss the days when the White House wasn't run like a Russian Driving Video on Youtube

If Mueller uncovers evidence of a crime but Trump fires Mueller before the trial...

Senate GOP: Knowing Health Care Plan Is 'Luxury We Don't Have'

This song goes out to "Sean":

Trump will fire Mueller and Republicans will do nothing.

Rats Fleeing CCCP tRump!

MSNBC reports Priebus is 100% behind his great friend

BOOM. Spicey Bails, White House Flails, As Mooch Prevails

Reince really likes the 'mooch. He's not gonna quit! The 'mooch is a GREAT choice! NOT quitting!

Maxine Waters congratulates Sean Spicer for having 'more guts than Jeff Sessions'


spicer has more integrity than sessions. who would have guessed ?

Ben Carson is glad everyone is mad at Trump so they forget about him

FFRF to KY Leaders: If Ark Encounters Now a Non-Profit, Rescind the Tax Rebate

This Inspirational Story About a Doubting Mormon is Horrific

MSNBC cancel the stupid OJ special tonight and give Rachel 2 hours

Photo of Spicer immediately after he tendered his resignation

Breaking news from two weeks into the future:

Limerick from George Takei

I know almost nothing about Scaramucci

The video the new White House Communications Director doesnt want you to see

Rick Wilson: This whole thing will burn to the ground before the leadership (Repubs) will man up

Wouldn't it be great if Spicer crashed the presser and took away Ms. Huckster's mic ?

Scaramucci--- The NRA will not like this guy:

German president signs marriage equality into law

Kentucky GOP chair arrested & punched after he exposed himself in a store bathroom

When Trump resigns, they're going to have to have a major

Trumps Only Pro-Gay Advisor Anthony Scaramucci Already Fired ...

I'm giving you a " republic, if you can keep it."

MSBNC - Spicer to hang around thru August

Okay, this is stupid but....

woman-hating gestational slavers to show "abortions" on jumbotron in KY to shut last clinic

I wonder if Trump has seen this clip of Scaramucci trashing him yet?

woman-hating gestational slavers to show "abortions" on jumbotron in KY to shut last clinic

Are there any Oscar-winning movies that you absolutely hate?

Per MSNBC...Trump's new favorite is GORKA. Just now.

woman-hating gestational slavers to show "abortions" on jumbotron in KY to shut last clinic.

State of Kentucky must pay nearly $225,000 in legal fees for Kim Davis case

It's Friday... Talk some trash about a coworker who annoys you.

WH Press Conference--there are cameras allowed!

This news cycle...

Ominous sign: Former Attorney General just RTed his call to @TheJusticeDept & @FBI:

White House taps new acting ethics chief, elevating general counsel over chief of staff

Spicer on fugs gnus tonight:

Now Trump wins

Is there any way to adjust the time on DU? I thought there was, but can't find it

Sen. Flake's GOP challenger: McCain should resign

Trump Announces New Liaison to Mueller Investigation

Here's some direction for Sean Spicer.

Well, look who crawled from under a rock: Michele Bachmann

It was long over due! Sooo long Spicerman!

Session ends with Hirst unresolved, budget not passed

Senate heads to new healthcare vote with no clear plan

Remind me again why reputable lawyers want to work for Trump.

Will Trumps base turn on him for immigration double talk?

Sanders in flaming ReTHUG

Maxine Waters is joking about 2020 but not about Trump

Moscow lawyer who met Trump Jr. had Russian spy agency as client - Reuters

"Melissa McCarthy requests privacy at this difficult time."

Scaramucci primed to be Chief of Staff instead......?

New White House NEW chief called Trump anti-American hack with a big mouth

Hucky Sanders to be new Press Sec.. msnbc

When Will Republicans Learn That Donald Trump Hates Them?

Limericking page from Twitter

How close did that Air Canada plane get before averting disaster in San Francisco? 81'

Lawrence And Maddow On Donald Trump's Probe Of Pardon Powers

Trump takes vacation from mounting scandals to spend entire month of August golfing

OK, so I'm trying to practice taking photos for the eclipse.


Smary Scaramucci Already Making Stomachs Churn With His Euphemistic Biz-speak

Scaramucci keeps repeating that he "loves" the president.

Mueller to Trump: Don't destroy any info ....

Trump Seeks Advice On Pardoning Himself, Family

"I did not serve" in military,"

'Its a Miracle': Embalmer Says Salvador Dali's Mustache 'Still Intact' After 28 Years in Grave

Among the many things i love about Kamala Harris is her laser focus on her issues on twitter

Do you know why Scaramucci has no lipstick on?

Scaramucci is like a used car salesperson with a Harvard JD.

Watch. Scaramucci ripped into Trump in August 2015: "He's a hack politician."

Hmm. Is Trump gearing up for a Sat. Night Massacre this weekend?

Slimy mobster, timeshare salesman, or tv preacher? I can't tell what Scaramucci reminds me of most.

In Memoriam: The best of Spicer

Happy 92nd anniversary, verdict in the Scopes trial

Those who are "with it" call him Tony "The Tongue" Scaramucci

Crowd gathers outside WH to say goodbye to Spicey

White House com director illegally advertises his own product within first few seconds in office

Breaking: Scaramucci and Sanders eat elephant to cover up Don Jr's crime

Unlike Angry Spice, S.H. Sanders is very comfortable with lying her ass off.

slate -" Trump Can't Escape the States"

Doesn't he just make you want to gargle with really strong mouthwash?

I knew I had seen the new WH comm director before

If Trump fires Mueller, Dems need to default on the debt and shut government down in September

Where's Ivanka?

Sen Kamala Harris‏: Add your name to mine: Tell the Trump administration to keep funding the #ACA - trump just hired....BUELLER!

Exclusive: Moscow lawyer who met Trump Jr. had Russian spy agency as client

Adam Schiff proposes Constitutional Amendment to end Citizens United

Scaramucchi rants on the Big Con...

Why do all these guys look like ,,,,,

Democratic Coalition's Scott Dworkin: Trump should build a wall around the White House

How long til we find out how well Scaramucch can

The Triumph of Obama's Long Game - By Andrew Sullivan

Ew. Scaramucchi...

Exclusive - Goodbye, Sean Spicer: The Daily Show

Anagrams for the day - Scaramucci - Circa Sumac

CBOh no they didn't

Hey Donnie, I can't make it to the White House today, I think the FBI is after me.

Trump's Friends at the 'National Enquirer' Float a New Theory: Hillary Framed Don Jr.

Trump follows up asking about pardons by unexpected Office Govt Ethics appointment

Trump Seeks To Discredit Mueller

Are the media lapping up the Moochfest, or what?

Man is let go after failing his 6-month probationary period.

This presidency can't be saved. It's all downhill from here. - By Jennifer Rubin

Hold your horses, it's not that easy to fire Mueller - Read this by John Dean

From his second day on the job, we knew Sean Spicer wouldn't last

Anthony Scaramucci?

Pardon me? So all of this investigation can be stopped dead in its track by drump pardoning

Breaking From Campaign Rhetoric, Trump Brings Terrorism Suspect to U.S. for Trial

To call the multiple stories RE: Trump's mental health a "shitstorm" is an understatement.

First on CNN: Rice privately meets with Senate Intel on Russia probe

So he really does scream at the TV:

What's for Dinner, Fri., July 21, 2017

This is puzzling

Question about Scaramucci:

The Walking Dead - Season 8 Trailer from Comic Con

MOBILIZE when Mueller's fired and pardons are issued. Fill the streets and shut things down!

Tony the Mooch clarifies what "winning" means in a Trump "presidency."

I give Sanders till about the end of the summer before she's gone...and the new Used Car Salesman..

Yemen cholera to spread with rains; Oxfam sees 600,000 cases

Shelling From Royal Caribbeans M.S. Allure Sinks Carnival Cruise Vessel That Crossed Into Disput

I would like a conservative Republican give me their rationlization

Way to go, Nancy.

Kentucky Officials Have Ended the $18 Million Tax Rebate Deal With Ark Encounter

Antony Scarammuch?

Is money laundering a crime or is it not?

Judge grants temporary buffer zone outside Louisville abortion clinic ahead of weeklong protests

Did you serve?

don't forget to go see the movie DUNKIRK

Republican billionaire megadonor says no more money for GOP because Trump's an 'abortion of a human'

Is it just me

"Mooch" claims Americans love trump

On "eating elephants.."

State Of Kentucky Nukes Ark Encounter: No Further Sales Tax Incentives As Of 28 June, 2017

Putins Hackers Now Under Attack From Microsoft

"Press at whitehouse briefing were eating from their hands"

Reminder:Midnight EST to perform binding ritual to prevent 45 from harming others.

Nancy Pelosi: Out of Fucks to Give on Spicer

What's with the voice timbres?

Mueller has broader authority in his Russia investigation than Trump may realize

slate - "Anthony Scaramucci Might Be Trumps Trumpiest Hire Yet"

Holy shit fox news believes spicer

Is Anthony Scarmucci the new Zoolander??

Scaramucci's Statement Was A Bit Odd.....

Sean Spicer jumps ship

Koterba toon: A bipartisan "Get well soon"

For the millionth time, it's Sarah Huckster- Slanders...and she has theme song

Trump Demoting Scientists In Hope They'll Quit --- That's gotta be illegal, not?

Three Israelis reportedly killed, one wounded in West Bank stabbing attack

Burr: Nunes 'created' unmasking allegations against Rice

Scaramucci reminds me of Wayne Newton

Here is how orange is the new oranges pardonmania is gonna go down, imo

Florida Teens Will Face Charges After Mocking, Filming Death Of Drowning Man (UPDATED)

Colombia creates biological corridor for spectacled bear

It has to be said: Anthony Scaramucci looks like a mob enforcer

Scaramucci Apologizes For Calling Trump A 'Hack' In 2015

Well, well, WaPo just tossed Trump under the bus and then over a cliff.

Abortion fight rages in Kentucky, which has just 1 clinic

Sean Spicer would rather help OJ find the real killers.

Tax incentive suspended for Kentucky Noah's ark attraction

U damn right its a Witch Hunt,,,,,,,,

Sean Spicer: "I resign & retire, forever known as the worst press secretary in White House history"

Moscow "Misha" Mike Flynn opens new consulting firm

NRA Spokesperson Doesn't Seem Happy About White Houses Scaramucci Hire

US seeks dismissal of charges in 'London Whale' case

I offically start work Monday 9:30 am

Anthony Scaramucci Might Be Trumps Trumpiest Hire Yet

Who will play Anthony Scaramucci on SNL?


Sen. Sanders statement on Trumpcare being unable to pass under reconciliation

Blaming you predecessor - WOW what a turn of events - Ole Miss football

Ohio argues against execution delays for 3 condemned inmates

Browns cap-and-trade deal could eventually kill high-speed rail

Parliamentarian deals setback to Republican healthcare bill

Don the Con to tap coal lobbyist, industry attorney for top EPA posts

Putin Suggests He Might Not Leave Office

SMH-Trump supporters send anti-semitic mail to Maggie Haberman's home

Trump Is Setting The Stage To Fire Mueller

Scaramucci: The New Chief Bum-Smacker

White House officials forced to crack jokes and kiss ass to keep Trumps attention during briefings:

Solar Eclipse Delayed Two Weeks, Rescheduled for Labor Day

How to Protest Safely and Legally

Sessions discussed Trump campaign-related matters with Russian ambassador, U.S. intelligence interce

Sessions discussed Trump campaign-related matters with Russian ambassador, U.S. intelligence

Sean Hannity will no longer receive Buckley Award after controversy

🐦 Aug 30 - Bernie Sanders - Two Book Events scheduled in Aurora and Naperville, IL


Medical bankruptcies decline

US friendly fire kills at least eight Afghan policemen in Helmand

Parliamentarian deals setback to GOP repeal bill

Parts of Senate GOP Health Care Bill Break Rules, Parliamentarian Says

Wells Fargo order to re-hire whistleblower

What is your favorite Neil Diamond song?

Sessions should have all his property seized.

Add Beauregard to the pardons list, unless he refuses un-recuse himself and fire Mueller. Sad!

So how long before Trump tweets Putin who.

Slate on the new Slime - "Anthony Scaramucci Loves All of You, Even You Hacks in the Press"

The upcoming Total Solar Eclipse is an Omen

WATCH: Obama once gave new Trump hire Scaramucci an embarrasing Wall St. history lesson

Breaking, WSJ - Kushner releases revised version of personal financial disclosure:

Minneapolis police chief resigns in wake of shooting death of an unarmed Australian woman by officer

If not for Al Franken, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions might have gotten away with it!

Which Journalist Is Going To Be Brave Enough To Ask About Ivanka's Attorney?

Senate Intel Chair: 'The Unmasking Thing Was All Created By Devin Nunes'

The Latest: Teens may face charge after watching man drown

Trump Takes His Contempt for the Law to New Heights

AP: Manafort and Jr don't want to testify in open hearing

These Americans Hated the Health Law. Until the Idea of Repeal Sank In.

Jared Kushner Discloses Dozens More Assets in Revised Financial Filing

Mueller has so much leverage over Jr, Kush, Beauregard, and Flynn

'I'm surprised he didnt pull his shirt up to show us his MAGA tramp stamp': Ex-GOP strategist...

Ack! Pttthhp!!!

I think the "BREAKING NEWS" chyron from both CNN and MSNBC

Trump's New Hail Mary For O'Care Repeal Is A Total Freaking Mess

Trump Jr. and Manafort reach deal with Senate panel to avoid public hearing

Lawmakers nearing deal on Russia sanctions

I have Faith! Lol

Juice is Loose - Luckovich 'toon

"It's like there's a new revelation every three hours."

My guess... Trump and the White House leaked the Sessions meetings

Betting pool on how long Sessions lasts?

Nixons Justice Department warned that the president cant pardonhimself

criticism vs alt lefting

The Chief of the Minneapolis PD just resigned over a cop shooting of a citizen

Anyone getting hit with a phone scam purportedly from Apple ID?

Yeap, Hugh Hewitt calling for Sessions to resign is big indicator Session was setup by Red Don