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Should Britain have a monarchy?

Jamie Raskin coming up on Chris Hayes

Democratic senators want to withhold $10 million in SCOTUS funding until it adopts a code of ethics

CRTC holding public consultations on removing Fox News from Canadian T.V.

What have you guys heard about the RSV virus?

Oak View Group makes bid to build new Seattle Memorial Stadium; others expected

Trae Crowder on the Problem with Ron DeSantis

Disability Denied: Unable to Work, COVID Long-Haulers Face Barriers to Benefits

we need to demand that

'I believed it then and I believe it today': last witness testifies in Trump civil rape trial

Great Poll Result

Maserati showcases first electric car at Milan design week

See Clarence Thomas confronted on air: You think you will get away with this forever? - The Beat MSNBC

Ivanka Trump refusing to hand over documents in Trump Organization fraud case, attorney general

My ears are cooler than yours.

*SOUNDS like Jamie Raskin is open to thinking about running for Cardin's seat!

Disability Denied: Unable to Work, COVID Long- Haulers Face Barriers to Benefits

Feinstein pushes back on claims her absence has delayed judicial nominees, doesn't say when she will

Lap Steel magician Freddie Roulette

US Justice Dept has won full or partial convictions in 100% of its Jan 6 jury trials

PM Update: 40s for lows again tonight, but temperatures try for 70 Friday

GOP megadonor paid tuition of Justice Thomas' family member, adding to ethics concerns - PBS NewsHour

May Contest Outline and such.

So what's Fucker Carlson saying tonight 😀😀

Dying Brain Activity Found in Consciousness "Hot Zone"

⚡️@MarkHamill 's fundraiser for RQ-35 Heidrun drones is complete - and it's the best #StarWarsDay gi

Empire State Building: Tonight, we're lighting in Rainbow to honor the @ACLU 's Drag Defense Fund...

Tucker Carlson floats moderating alternate GOP primary debate with Trump

CSN&Y - Find the Cost of Freedom

India braces for more intense heat waves after stifling April

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

Steppinwolf - Monster

What the f#*k CNN? Cooper not covering seditious conspiracy, Thomas taking bribes, etc.

(The Onion) Eric Adams Killed By Vigilante After Acting Erratic As Mayor

Florida Republicans pass school bills on pronouns, diversity

Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers for America

Trump Complains That He, a 'Rich Person,' Has to Deal With Rape Trial

California Cops Kidnap Man Eating Lunch In His Car

Dirty Fucking Hippies Were Right

I just saw the latest "Navy recruitment" video...

Fox opposes fellow journalists trying to uncover documents

Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction

HUGE WIN for the Justice Department Against INSURRECTIONISTS - Talking Feds

Summit Erupts Into Fistfight Between Russian and Ukrainian Delegates

Gil-Scott Herrin - The Revolution Will Not be Televised

Spoiler... the new champ on Jeopardy

Marvin Gaye - "What's Going On/ What's Happening Brother" - Live 📀

Waxing Gibbous, 97% visible

Proud Boys Verdict Is a Rebuttal to Those Claiming Jan. 6 Wasn't an Insurrection

Just want to thank everyone in NYC who is making noise for Jordan Neely!

Say cheese.

Kari Lake refuses to put a 'latter' on her kid.

Report: Judicial activist paid Clarence Thomas's wife, urged 'no mention of Ginni' - All In - MSNBC

Jefferson Air - Rejoyce

Skull Cracking The Debt Ceiling Christopher Titus Armageddon Update

Report: Bucks fire coach Mike Budenholzer after 1st-round NBA playoffs collapse to Heat

The trial is turning into She Said

Trump Was Behind The Saudi LIV Golf League

Ex-Russian lawmaker believes this is who carried out drone attack on Kremlin

North Carolina lawmaker switches to GOP, votes to ban abortion - All In - MSNBC

Laura Loomer Sics Current Lawyer on Former Lawyer

8 Dead in Shooting in Serbia, Day After School Massacre That Killed 9

Looking for more science & math on Mastodon?

So many tides turning against tfg $ magats

Clarence Thomas' code of ethics

Emerging Research Needs for Characterizing the Risks of Global Lithium Pollution of "Net Zero."

Studio Gang designs cave-like Gilder Center for American Museum of Natural History in NYC

Carrie Underwood Covers Ozzy Osbourne's "Mama, I'm Coming Home" - The Howard Stern Show

Having just seen an ice cream post.....

Readout of White House Meeting with CEOs on Advancing Responsible Artificial Intelligence Innovation

Trump asked to attend Irish High Court hearing over golf course legal dispute

Porn industry group sues over Utah age verification law

Chairman Whitehouse Closes Budget Hearing on House GOP's Radical Default on America Act

The 6th Mass Extinction Is Further Along Than We Thought

A cat lost her kittens found joy again with an orphaned kitten

My prediction on the 2024 Democratic Primary Election for the US Senate seat in MD.

I see no mention of the insurrectionists bringing weapons with them.

8 fatally shot in Serbia town a day after 9 killed at school

Luke Skywalker Likes This 👍. To round out my May 4th.

Raffensperger sets Georgia primary date for March, despite Democrats' push for earlier

sound fx from forbidden planet. all analog.

So it doesn't seem like the Russians are doing very well...


OHIO - By Neil Young for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - May 4, 1970, Kent State Campus Shootings

Getting to elementary school

Thousands of texts from Trump allies stay hidden in Arizona a year after judge's order on 'audit'

Some music fans think it's great AI can make their idols "sing" anything they want

Who dumped hundreds of pounds of pasta in New Jersey?

Adversaries Would Use Debt Default Against U.S.

Florida Would Allow Trans Kids to Be Taken From Families

DOJ has cooperating witness in Trump documents case; issues 'wave of new subpoenas': NYT - Alex Wagner

Cops Brutally Arrest Man For Being Outside Home. then cop arrested for assault on another.

Bonus Quote of the Day

Proud Boys seditious conspiracy convictions moves the accountability needle closer to Trump & Co.

Van Morrison - Redwood Tree

Judicial activist 'directed $80,000 in fees' to Ginni Thomas with instructions to keep her name off

Today's El Segundo Farmer's Market:

So, I'm churning through the American College of Pediatrician files*

Dead and Company - Broke Down Palace

Four on the fourth

New reports broaden picture of questionable gifts, income to Clarence and Ginny Thomas - Alex Wagner

Republican admits to using debt ceiling bill as extortion

Jordan Neely's mother was choked to death

Ron DeSantis Has a Big Problem With Women Voters, New Poll Shows

Sympathy for the Devil - Stones - 1968

Lawrence O'Donnell: Garland hints Trump could be next after Proud Boy conviction - The Last Word

Eric Adams Says Children 'Start Off With Their Day Picking Up Cannabis Laced With Fentanyl,' 🤡

Dead - Beat it on Down the Line - 1972

Can I get running tally on how many ethics laws Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginni have broken?

US seeks help to find out who shot 4 bald eagles in Arkansas

The Murray Lab at Caltech is hosting a 5.7 terapixel mosaic image of #Mars

Lawrence O'Donnell: Report of an 'insider witness' is Trump's new worry - The Last Word - MSNBC

NRPS and Nicky Hopkins - I Don't Need No Doctor

"The state has the largest budget surplus in its history ($33 billion)." #FullyFundSBISD

Florida lawmakers OK Disney bills, including one targeting monorail

Democratic Senator absolutely DESTROYS Clarence Thomas with must-see takedown - Meidas Touch

On the day Clarence Thomas became a justice, I was in the offices of Charles Wendell Colson.......

The Band King Harvest -

See Clarence Thomas confronted on air: You think you will get away with this forever?

Funny comment from Frank Figluzzi on Proud Boys verdict

Airplane - Have You Seen the Suacers?

tried a new method for Red Velvet Cake

Rep. Goldman: Justice Thomas's relationship with GOP donor is 'un-American' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Grateful Dead - Casey Jones - 1971

How many ethics laws have Clarence and Ginni Thomas broken?

It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (Live) (feat. Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders)

'This is really a five alarm fire': Supreme Court in crisis after spate of scandals - Alex Wagner

Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder Screws up on Trans Kids' Care

Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder Screws up on Trans Kids' Care

Ted Lieu: Invoice fraud is a crime


'Financial Armageddon': What would U.S. default actually look like?

Ron DeSantis Opposition Research Hub

'When it comes to ethics Supreme Court is like out of control frat house': Richard Painter - ReidOut

How Much Have Record Corporate Profits Contributed to Recent Inflation?

Irina Kulikova plays Tarrega's 'Maria (Gavotte)'

Russian and Ukrainian officials got into a fistfight at a conference in Turkey and had to be physica

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about 3 trials, Trump, coincidence, reality, and Jaws....

Ukrainian soldiers storm positions of Russian occupiers

'Sinema sold out': Arizona voters slam senator as she weighs reelection bid - CNN

Mendelssohn's 'Concerto for Violin and Piano', Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

TRUMP RAPE Trial - May 4, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Will Bunch: Jordan Neely, Tucker Carlson, and 'rooting for the mob' as America unravels

U.S. District Court drops gavel on Kansas' unconstitutional attack of advance mail-in voting

Sweet Happy Friday Morning Coffee Jazz and Bossa Nova Music Getting Ready for the Weekend

Trump HUMILIATED in SHAMEFUL Trip to Scotland - Meidas Touch

Louisiana lawmakers consider softer qualifications to attract more uncertified teachers

Moscow never sleeps - Break the Fake - TVP World

George Santos calls for "Divorce" of LGB from queer and trans

MT: SJ Howell on delivering for Missoula and being the 'last transgender voice' on the House floor

Four Proud Boys found guilty of seditious conspiracy - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

04 May: Russians Panic!!! Ukrainians attack in the forgotten direction - Reporting from Ukraine

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's 'Othello'

Bnei Menashe community member killed, 2 synagogues torched in India violence

(Jewish Group) Bnei Menashe community member killed, 2 synagogues torched in India violence

Trump loses another major court case in New York - Brian Tyler Cohen

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the right vs Disney....

UK: My one and only post on King Charles III's coronation

Rishi Sunak's Tories Suffer Big Losses Early in UK Elections

Politics in Sweden: Sweden's government has its 'here's Jimmie!' moment

Tensions brewing in the Middle East - Eastern Express - TVP World

the pilot episode of the august 1972 midnight special was also a push to get young people to registe

Texas Is Test Bed For Christian Nationalism - Waldorf Nation

Match Game

Ted Cruz defends three-times-a-week podcasting side-hustle, says it's a 'critical part of the job'

Sarah Palin Vomits Word Salad During Incoherent Newsmax Interview - Farron Balanced

Having some surgery this morning

Wordle 685 (5/5) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Trump Interview in Scotland is a Disaster! - Luke Beasley

When you know that they are hiring morons to be police

Why America's Banks are Constantly Failing - TLDR News Global

Yevgeny Prigozhin: Wagner Group boss says he will pull troops out of Bakhmut

Presidential campaign ads for Ron DeSantis running in some states

D.C.-area forecast: Trying for 70 today, with fewer clouds and showers.

My wife told me I had to stop acting like

bigot experiences instant karma

Utah State Board of Education considers removing 'climate change' from curriculum

UK Election: The councils to watch later today

Rep. Ted Lieu: Dear Justice Alito: Nobody is defending you because the behavior has been indefensibl

Learning German

What does the Moon smell like?

Jobs report: Hiring expected to slow in April as rate hikes weigh on growth

Ron DeSantis has washed out.

Ukraine's counteroffensive will 'split Russian forces in two' & threaten their supplies- Times Radio

This week's major U.S. economic reports (May 8 -- May 12)

On this day, May 5, 1942, Tammy Wynette was born.

Moving Day

What Washington DC restaurants can DU'ers reccommend?

Ted Turner asks Carl Sagan if he's a socialist:

On this day, May 5, 1973, Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby in 1:59-2/5, still a record.

On this day, May 5, 2011, Dana Wynter of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" died.

GOP frontrunner for NC governor mocked school shooting survivors, once justified shooting protestors

Breakfast Friday 5 May 2023

After Grassroots Efforts Block LA Plastic Plants, Oil Majors Create "Sustainability Councils"

FL: Abortion rights groups take on DeSantis and his six-week ban

Biden, Harris meet with CEOs about AI risks

UK Election: Which councils have changed hands so far?

"HIMARS on steroids": Russia loses territories around Bakhmut. Putin's dark secret revealed

UK Election: Brexit-supporting areas returning Labour councils

Mr X having endoscopy this morning

Sit Down Young Stranger

Ex-UC Davis student arrested in serial stabbings that have terrorized city

Colin Allred raises more than $2 million for Senate campaign against Ted Cruz in 36 hours.

massive fire in Commerce California

Big losses for Conservative Party in local Council elections

New York's subway is back to sending alerts on Twitter

A Time For Everything

Utah Hot To Revisit Failed Foreign-Owned Oil Shale Project That Makes Zero Economic Sense

Great Horned Owlets

THIS Is Why Americans Are So Obsessed With Guns (It's not what you expect)

Trump opens up a 36% lead over DeSantis in new poll.

2 USC journalism students covering NFL draft arrested, snuck into Talent room, took $1000 jerseys

Spanish Government Limits Irrigation Flows From The Tagus, Longest River In Iberia

Life's ok

So did Leonard Leo bribe Clarence Thomas via Kellyanne Conway & Ginni?

Hillary Clinton: Republicans Are Playing Into the Hands of Putin and Xi - NYT Op-Ed

Trump says he will 'probably attend' E. Jean Carroll trial to 'confront this'

DOJ Needs To Open An Investigation Into Clarence Thomas

Strong earthquake hits Japan, killing one, injuring 13

CPKC, Teck Resources pilot program to use hydrogen locomotives in coal train service

Steven Beschloss airs his thoughts on the Thomases

DOJ finds 'insider witness' in Trump Mar-a-Lago documents probe: report

Early May; Hay River In Canada's Northwest Territories, @ Same Latitude As Helsinki, Just Hit 88F

Burkina Faso interim leader hails Russia as a strategic ally

11,000-Acre Blaze In Northern Alberta Forces 3,700 To Evacuate From Multiple Towns

Republicans 'investigating' Arizona's COVID-19 response will conveniently ignore the dead

Soldier won't get new trial to sue police over violent stop

Anti-Muslim Twitter feed in Spain: 'A recipe for disaster'

The Rundown: May 5, 2023

The origin of Super Villians: Firefly (DC Comics)

Clarence Thomas -- said being a Supreme Court justice 'is not worth doing for what they pay' (2001)

"Ukraine shoots down Russian 'unstoppable' hypersonic missile "

Hearing MAGA Alito's words

Job growth totals 253,000 in April, beating expectations even as the U.S. economy slows

Biden adds 253,000 jobs to the economy, UE at record low of 3.4%

Buckingham registrar charges $200 'convenience fee' in FOIA feud with county official

Trading halted in shares of two more US lenders as fears of banking crisis mount

Trump still says his supporters weren't behind the Jan. 6 attack -- but I was there

Fears grow in North Carolina as ultra-extreme Republican eyes governor's mansion

more nasty remarks unearthed from GOP frontrunner for NC Governorship Mark Robinson


A potential porn blockade in Virginia and more state headlines

Here's the penalty 4 Proud Boys are facing after being convicted of 'seditious conspiracy'

"It's not how white men fight": Tucker Carlson and the death of Jordan Neely

What seditious conspiracy means in Proud Boys' Jan. 6 case

US to control land sales to foreigners near 8 military bases

Trump better beware! Proud Boys guilty verdict shows America wants Jan. 6 ringleaders to pay

Leonard Leo used Federalist Society contact to obtain $1.6B donation

I bought 3 joints yesterday.

'World's coolest neighbourhood' threatened by Danish ghetto law

The Fed, the Supreme Court, and Their Legitimacy

DeSantis vendetta targets Monique Worrell, sends shrapnel flying

Blind Willie McTell was born on this date.

It's so weird how there's no pictures of Joe Biden smiling and

George Jones- The Race is On

Gov. Newsom announces launch of statewide anti-hate website and hotline

Democratic US Sen. Martin Heinrich seeks 3rd term in NM seat

WHO downgrades COVID pandemic, says it's no longer emergency

Ocean temperatures are off the charts right now, and scientists are alarmed

UK Election: Labour make key gain in bellwether council of Swindon

A group of Democratic senators want to withhold $10 million in Supreme Court funding until it adopts

Yevgeny Prigozhin loses it.

Ex-Uber security chief sentenced for data-breach cover-up

Is it time for Biden to clean house?

What is Next for Clarence Thomas: A Poll

UK Election: Conservative sniping starts over election losses

1 more for Gordon

The Thomases have rarely spoken publicly about the very legal and normal practice

An abandoned kitten

You raised $15.00 on May 4, 2023 for the OFFICIAL DU for Ukraine

Gen Zers say they need an average salary of almost $125,000 to feel like they've 'made it

High-speed rail a $100m conversation starter in early Michigan budget

Derby Entrant Is Scratched as Four Horse Deaths Renew Safety Concerns

Pic Of The Moment: Supreme Corruption

If a co-equal branch of the government can not rein in the corruption of the SCOTUS, then it is weak

Active shooter reported at Howard Industries in Laurel, Mississippi

How Gov. Ron DeSantis deploys state police to enforce political agenda

How are we going to handle a future

Two amazing songs by Judy Collins

Top U.S. & World News -- May 5, 2023

The headline about Clarence THOMAS is all that's needed

In E. Jean Carroll's "Heroic" Rape Trial Against Trump, His Team Calls No Witnesses

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Trump banned from publicly discussing evidence in DA Bragg 'hush money' case

The Southern Baptist Convention has an opportunity to shed its racist image.

TurboTax set to pay out $141 million settlement to defrauded tax filers

Nike co-founder Phil Knight contributes $2 million more to help elect Republicans to OR Legislature

Pandas love somersaulting more than is quite believable.

Stray Puppy Gets Rescued And Can't Stop Jumping For Joy

Posted without comment

Guess who flew from Ireland to West Palm Beach.

Guilty: Four Proud Boys Convicted of Seditious Conspiracy for Role in Jan. 6 Insurrection

What you get when you shampoo, condition, & blow dry your cows:

Kangaroo love:

Little boy & a gang of attack puppies:

Talented Aussie Dog And Mom Perform Yoga Sessions Together

Transparent butterfly:

Wait for it:

Clarence Thomas took bribes to sell his vote on the SCOTUS

its kinda unsettling the debt ceiling

14-week old Great Dane puppy knows he's all thet:

Freedom to Learn: Nat'l Day of Action Targets Ron DeSantis, "Anti-Woke Cabal" over Book Bans & More

How many minds do you think Beau has changed? Lots, I think.

How many minds do you think Beau has changed? Lots, I think.

Judge sends felony charges in dogs' gunshot deaths to Franklin County grand jury

Cinco De Mayo / Happy Cinco De Mayo And Full Moon


All jackals, all today (sorry, jackals): Clarence, "the New CNN," and Leonard LEO

Cat presses the spin button:

Rick Beato - The AI Effect: A New Era in Music and Its Unintended Consequences

Kitten keeps pouncing on the water in his bowl:

Life imitates art:

Rick Beato - The AI Effect: A New Era in Music and Its Unintended Consequences

Clarence Thomas: Siegleman was convicted for so much less.

Baby has some serious moves:

Madison Cawthorn pleads guilty in case over bringing a loaded handgun through TSA checkpoint

Humming birds & Orioles in Greater Omaha area

Guaranteed protection against earthquakes, tornadoes, nuclear attacks:

Another Significant Advance with an Alzheimer's Drug

"After hitting a home run, I had a habit of running the bases with my head down. I figured the

EFF to Congress: Oppose the EARN IT Act and the STOP CSAM Act

and beware of...the revenge of the...fifth. ;) LOL nt

Getcher Schadenfreude Right Here

An "Unequivocally False Claim"

Tweet of the Day

Five Things Scammers Are Hoping You Google

BIden speaking on the economy now n/t

6-year-old Sir'Antonio Brown shot to death while playing in Kansas front yard

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 5, 2023)

Lawrence Jones (Tucker's temp replacement) pulls a double shift on Fox

Houston Chronicle dropping paywall for stories posted on Reddit

Lewis Hamilton will wear a rainbow flag on his helmet during the Miami Grand Prix to protest

more forbidden planet sound fx

how the orginal dr who theme was made.

This Cape Kiwanda sand formation is extremely rare, geology professor says

While advising Trump on judges, Conway sold her business to a firm with ties to Leonard Leo

Ted Nugent show canceled in Birmingham Alabama

Kansas election law ruled unconstitutional as federal judge sides with voter advocates

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Lucky Man (Live)

Thanks to Clarence Thomas it is clear that America now has

Geraldo Rivera Says His Fox News Appearances This Week Have Been 'Canceled'

Ornstein: Staying Clear-Eyed About Republican Radicalism on the Debt Ceiling

Fox sends cease-and-desist letter to Media Matters over leaked Tucker Carlson footage

College used to be affordable. What happened? w/Ellen Schrecker The Chris Hedges Report

Romney is--hate to say it--right

I cracked three joints yesterday,

Fox News Slaps Media Matters With Cease and Desist in Effort to Stop Tucker Carlson Leaks

Do you have to pause and think about how old you are?

I am so proud of Meghan Markle not going to the Coronation!!!!

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky to step down June 30

Two indicted for allegedly stealing more than $800,000 in equipment from WA Home Depots

How We Can Repair Our Democracy and Build a More Perfect Union

Fears grow in North Carolina as ultra-extreme Republican eyes governor's mansion

A nasty turn in the classroom wars invades an affluent N.J. suburb

The White House warned that a debt ceiling crisis could be just as bad as the Great Recession -- and

T-Mobile HQ in Bellevue under investigation after norovirus outbreak

Italy's government calls crisis meeting over surging pasta prices

"I'm Totally Fine". This is why I love indie films!

Feds investigating Donald Trump for LIV Golf ties

Corporate media's 1984 word play of the day, a few minutes ago on John King CNN

Why is the Slobfather hunkering down at Mar-a-Lardo

Tory voter suppression: Voter ID AND steps to stop tally of voters turned away for lack of ID.

Carlin Interview: Just enjoy the Entertainment

What Jesus told Saint Peter joke

Deadly earthquake strikes Japan, leaves trail of damage

America's Lowest Standard

Ocean temperatures are off the charts right now, and scientists are alarmed

Manchin Still Sounding Out Third Party Run

Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany mocks Black people protesting the killing of Jordan Neely

Last Letter chain.Theme-animals. Use the last letter of the animal to post another animal

perhaps my fave jt lyric-

Ukrainian delegate punches Russian official over flag at summit

Most Americans Support Anti-Transgender Policies

DeSantis-backed libel bill appears to fail in Florida Legislature

Texas is Fabricating Abortion Data

Steve Schmidt in Frontline interview

Wolfgang Schivelbusch, Polymathic Cultural Historian, Dies at 81

Russian ex-deputy defence minister joins Wagner as feud escalates - war bloggers

Florida abortion rights supporters want voters to decide the issue

Florida abortion rights supporters want voters to decide the issue

What is this Total Vomitous Bullshit; tfg claims he saved womans life as Biden was "letting her die"

'Everybody Is Welcome Here.'


Coronation Rehearsal: You Certainly Don't See This Everyday! Majestic horses

Bombshell conviction signals nightmare scenario for Trump - Brian Tyler Cohen

I could be wrong, but I believe Charles has been

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Biden, the FBI, and Republican pursuits....

Trump says Carroll loved being sexually assaulted

Cartoons 5/5/2023

Fears Grow in North Carolina As Ultra-Extreme Republican Eyes Governor's Mansion

Whoops; Wrong Apartment

Arlington Pride event delayed after mayor questions 'drag story time'

Video of Trump's E. Jean Carroll deposition made public amid lawsuit trial

Biden Officials Urge CEOs to Pressure Congress

After state law stalls, Everett bans public drug use

I wanted to draw a picture of a Mass Shooting Counter

Louisiana Shields Police With Unheard Of Protections That Lets Abusive Officers Keep Their Jobs

Charlie Sykes: Try to imagine Trump surviving in any other segment of our society

Doctors Behind Mifepristone Ban Called 'Christians' a Top Threat

Harrop: Fuss over transgender issues is for political effect

Texas lawmakers look to kill solar, wind with red tape

Hard to read? Oregon GOP boycott comes down to reading level

WHO declares end to COVID global health emergency

Clarence Thomas's problems multiply at Supreme Court

Silo - new Apple TV series...

Living and Breathing on the Front Line of a Toxic Chemical Zone

Orders of Disorder: Who Disbanded Iraq's Army and De-Baathified Its Bureaucracy?

the sun

'We Can Think of Few Things as Irresponsible': 7 Former Defense Secretaries Blast Hold on Military P

A little Puccini for you...played by the gorgeous cellist, Hauser...

Judge Torches Trump Family After They Stop Cooperating With Investigation - Farron Balanced

White House hopeful Nikki Haley takes a calculated risk on abortion

Jonathan Hayward - BSO Music Director Designate

Moderna Rakes in Surprise Profits Ahead of 400% Vaccine Price Hike

Deaf and blind dog amazes with use of her nose

Producer Tells All: How Tucker Carlson Became the GOP's MAGA Puppeteer

As winter recedes

The drone-attack on Putin gives him the perfect excuse to... (Not what you think.)

Don't Strip-Search Eighth-Graders Over Nonexistent Vape Pens, Please

NEW: Supreme Court issues a temporary stay of execution for Richard Glossip.

Thomas biographer calls report on megadonor's tuition payments 'despicable'

The Calamari Family and the missing video.

Pre-dawn, southern MD 5/5

Woman Drives Across Country With Her 3 Dogs And An Airstream

Insect on window (!) and small bird in tree

Trump deposition clip where he identified Carroll as Marla Maples

UK ELECTION: Why have the Greens done so well in rural Tory areas?

Grab Your Balls: Josh Hawley Speaks At Stronger Men's Conference

Michigan commission: Discipline 'Kraken' lawyers for lawsuit to overturn 2020 election

UK ELECTION:1,000 loss milestone shows a worse election than predicted

Every time I hear Harlan Crow refer to Clarence Thomas as a "dear friend", I'm reminded ...

Australia's prime minister wants Julian Assange released - Times Radio

TCM later:

Government Watchdog Group Asks Feds to Investigate Herschel Walker Money Scandal

Father of baseball player arrested for punching 63-year-old umpire, sheriff says

Anti-LGBTQ+ hate group accidentally leaks membership & other sensitive records

Olympic Gold Medalist Tori Bowie Was '7 to 8 Months Pregnant' When She Was Found Dead

Debate over holding back third graders roils state legislatures

Alpine Lake (Elevation 7800 Feet)

I'll just leave this here

Chinese Economy, Investment & Gold Week Numbers; US - China: Technology & Trade Frictions - China Update

Upper Napias Creek and Road

AZ: Pinal County's election director saw glaring errors, cashed out, then fled

Hot River Rocks, Frosty Mountain Dawn

Texas House debates bill banning puberty blockers, hormone treatments for trans kids

Indiana governor signs "Don't Say Gay" bill that forces teachers to out trans kids to their parents

Alabama bill would require schools to play 'The Star-Spangled Banner'

Is life better today, or was it better 50 years ago?

VA: Buckingham registrar charges $200 'convenience fee' in FOIA feud with county official

Why are Michigan legislative Democrats polling so well?

ID State Rep. admits he hadn't thought about the abortion ban and how it might impact obstetric care

Oregon GOP senators are boycotting their jobs to obstruct vote on trans-friendly bill

WATCH: Trump insults attorney, confuses E. Jean Carroll for ex-wife in deposition video

Wisconsin GOP invites QAnon, Jan. 6 conspiracy theorist to speak at state convention

US proposes new checks on land sales to foreigners near military bases

George Santos: Story of a Lying Failure - Steve Hofstetter

On the river

MT: Judge issues restraining order against new abortion requirement

"High fives!"

Raccoon Can't Walk But She's Unstoppable In Her Special Stroller

Lawyers battle in court over fate of abortion rights in Wisconsin

On Motherfucker taking the stand, I put forward

Good news! Biden is no longer feeble, now he's a mastermind.

DeSantis Is Already Toast And The Horserace Press Is Unhappy

Jacksonville's first Black sheriff criticizes ads attacking mayoral candidate Deegan (D)

Ginni Thomas to Be Listed on New York Stock Exchange

Trump defends his comments from the "Access Hollywood" tape in his taped deposition

Why nearly all the King's realms want to say goodbye and good riddance

I like__________________on my hamburgers. Include any and all that you would put on your burger.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about how a fake debt ceiling can hurt....

HD-163: PA House Majority Rides On Outcome

Walter Masterson gets gutsier by the day

A young gay Orthodox man died by suicide. We must confront how Jewish teachings harmed him

Georgia's GOP governor signs bill that could remove local prosecutors and DAs from their jobs

(Jewish Group) A young gay Orthodox man died by suicide.

Ford recalls some vehicles for air bag inflator installation

Act confident and BS about how wonderful the reception is. Pretend you are doing serious things....

PA: Innamorato uses modern political tactics in county executive race to counter rivals' advantages

I Would Love to Have You Join Me!

I Would Love to Have You Join Me!

I Would Love to Have You Join Me!

Look up tonight! You'll see the full Flower Moon and you *might* catch

I Would Love to Have You Join Me!

Mass shooting in Annapolis

Barr: Trump is "a horror show"

OH: Prohibition on gun insurance requirements getting first Ohio House hearing

Supporters Furious After Kari Lake's 'Exciting Announcement' Turns Out To Be A Grift - Farron Balanced

4:38 Neal Katyal: Paraphrasing Him;

Finally! The lilacs are blooming!

Lenny Kravitz - How Long Have You Been Blind (Harry Belafonte Tribute)

Texas AG probing Austin children's hospital following video of social worker discussing transition-r

Clarence Thomas said being a Supreme Court justice 'is not worth doing for what they pay'

Right now on msnbc: Nicole Wallace: Guest Frank says FBI helped Jan 6 invaders

A trio of Texas churches donated to political candidate despite clear IRS prohibition


What's for Dinner, Fri., May 5, 2023

Republican's highly-anticipated scheme blows up in their faces - Brian Tyler Cohen

Oregon GOP-led Senate walkout enters third day

A word of interest

Amy Coney Barrett Pissed She's Been Doing Whatever Conservative Donors Want For 30 Bucks

Ladies, what would you do if TFG grabbed you?

Hard feelings over mission change for NASA's Pluto spacecraft.

At least eight Trump electors have accepted immunity in Georgia investigation

Texas Imprisoned an 11-Year-Old. Five Years Later, He Returned Home in a Casket.

Who is this little guy?

Democrats successfully delay Texas House debate on medical treatments ban for transgender youth

Public opinion poll: Will Tarrio and his co-conspirators get the full 20 at their sentencing?

Dear Admins. I've been on DU sInce 2005...May 31. Why does my name never show up on the list?

Jan 6th insurrectionist receives longest sentence to date - 14 years 2 months

At least eight Trump electors have accepted immunity in Georgia investigation

Breaking - at least eight Georgia ReTHUGs have accepted immunity

DeSantis Signs Bill to Void Disney Development Deals

This Is Who He Is

A.I. thoughts

Texas Investigates Hospital Over Transgender Care

Kayleigh McEnany Accidentally Calls Republicans "Crazy" on Fox News! - Luke Beasley

Capitol rioter with 'jaw-dropping' criminal history should serve 24 years in prison, DOJ says

Where is the guy Sid something.....knows EVERYTHING about horse racing??? I need him now.....

Baby seeing mom's twin sister for the first time...

Kellyanne Conway is now caught up in Clarence Thomas' latest ethics scandal

Trump defends comments from 'Access Hollywood' tape during deposition: 'True with stars' - MSNBC Reports

Has anyone seen, Beef?

I'm going to need a new wardrobe

I absolutely f*****g HATE that TFG is going to be in the history books as POTUS.

I don't understand why

Trump Viciously Attacks Accuser For Going After 'Rich, Famous, Political Guy' - Ring of Fire

Great Britain to donate $100 million to Brazil's Amazon Fund

Trump under oath! Confronted with 'Access Hollywood' tape in civil rape trial - The Beat - MSNBC

David Shire - The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3

Coronation News Now: It has to go here, else the world is too painful to contemplate

Finally: 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3' Is the Best Marvel Movie in Years

Kellyanne The Con Way

Man gets 14 years in 1/6 case, longest sentence imposed yet

Hey ya buncha hippies. First Dead (Warlocks)live performance May 5 1965

Biden criticizes 'draconian cuts' in Republican budget proposal - MSNBC Reports

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Reminder!!! Tomorrow May 6 is the last day to vote

GOP's Chuck Grassley admits his 'criminal scheme' allegations against Joe Biden may be false

Sneak Peek at the Coronation Ceremony Rehearsal

Rick Scott Claims Debt Ceiling Crisis Is A 'Made-Up' Issue

Charles Earland - Happy 'Cause I'm Goin' Home

Public Education Is A Mess. This Candidate Has A Plan to Clean It Up. - More Perfect Union

New texts put Bret Baier right into the middle of the Big Lie!

We're all the lady in blue...

Prigozhin Attacks Shoigu & Gerasimov

Lou Donaldson - Bag Of Jewels

A Thought Provoking Perspective: Elvis's Army.

Judge Amit Mehta issues longest sentence in any Capitol riot case so far - 14 years

Excessive force, cover-ups: LAPD whistleblower expands 'SWAT Mafia' allegations

Guardian interview with Geoffrey Hinton: Why the godfather of AI fears for humanity

Iowa Supreme Court overturns 2017 ruling that allowed constitutional claims against state

Mississippi "church leader" arrested on sexual abuse charges

Animation in 3Step with AI

Sagan ruminates about Technical Failures and Madmen who achieve High Office

DOJ intensifies efforts to determine if Trump hid documents - Deadline - MSNBC

No One Is Talking About What Ron DeSantis Has Actually Done to Florida

No One Is Talking About What Ron DeSantis Has Actually Done to Florida

Ukrainian delegate punches Russian in scuffle at Black Sea summit

Gene Ammons - Tastin' The Jug

Elon Musk's Boring Company plan for a 69-station 'Vegas Loop' is anything but nice

'Most agitated that he has appeared': Video shows moment from Trump's deposition - CNN

See the Trump testimony that legal expert calls a 'huge blunder' in E. Jean Carroll case - CNN

Watch all released portions of Trump's deposition in E. Jean Carroll case - MSNBC

A nice story about Zooey Zephyr

Freddy Robinson - Black Fox

The ultra-wealthy who fly private are costing average flyers who won't ever use a private plane

"Where is our ammo?!" - Break the Fake - TVP World

The Next Fear on A.I.: Hollywood's Killer Robots Become the Military's Tools (NY Times)

Supreme Court blocks execution of Oklahoma death row inmate

Payments made to Justice Thomas' wife raise more ethical questions about Supreme Court - PBS NewsHour

'Godfather of AI' discusses dangers the developing technologies pose to society

Marjorie Greene Hilariously Contradicts Herself - Waldorf Nation

Ian & Sylvia w/ Gordon Lightfoot -"Early Morning Rain"

Trump, in deposition, doubles down on 'Access Hollywood' remark about grabbing women

Conservatives Have A New Target For Their Moral Panic: High School Musicals

More no-turn-on-red signs installed in downtown Seattle

Fox News could be banned from Canadian TV as CRTC considers allegations network promotes 'hatred and

Texas Could Push Tech Platforms to Censor Posts About Abortion

I am gonna watch the King being crowned.

Michigan legal watchdog pursues Trump-allied attorneys

Ever feel you can't relax

Old Rock Quarry

Re: All This Discussion About How Nobody Can Replace TFG In Primary

The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Upendo Ni Pamoja (Love Is Together)

Montana Jewish Project asks Speaker Regier to explain why rabbi taken off prayer schedule

Charles will always be the prick with the married girlfriend

Ted Nugent's Alabama Concert Canceled Over Public Outcry: 'Lose This Show or Lose My Business'


I actually miss Ken Jennings

Old Dirt Road

Jamie Raskin DEMOLISHES Lauren Boebert and the GQP

Central Florida officials consider adopting 'stupid motorist law'

A mole at Mar-a-Lago: person who works for Trump becomes confidential cooperator for prosecutors- GK

Trials have become an endangered species. A new effort is trying to change that