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Reporters reveal Republicans don't understand what a debt default means

Cronch cronch.... sound up

I could use some help with "Merlin"

Biden seems tired after his trip abroad.

Journalism 101.....

Looks like someone called Lindsey a wimp

Patriot Front member pleads guilty to child pornography charges in Utah

Over 100 Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws Passed In The Last Five Years -- Half Of Them This Year

Anyone watching Succession?

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Guy Finds A Freezing Kitten While Hiking In The Snow

Jimmy Garoppolo's contract gives Raiders protection against QBs injured foot, per report

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the GOP coming for no fault divorce....

A bus driver and passenger opened fire on each other on a moving Charlotte transit bus

PBS is hosting the National Memorial Day concert......on right now.

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

A1/6 conspirator filed motion seeking to...."TO DISCHARGE INVOCATION OF DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE"

President Biden's top economic adviser Lael Brainard gives inside look at debt limit deal - Jen Psaki

given the 2023 primaries people are irate at the GOP


New Mexico motorcycle rally ends in mass shooting between rival gangs

The MAGA right wing can smear Kamala Harris all they want.

This shouldn't be allowed. CA being denied insurance because of climate change?

Is there going to be a special election for the TX Attorney General's office next year?

I really hate the right wing conservative slander toward Planned Parenthood.

Crew shortages force WA State Ferries to cancel nearly a dozen trips

Money flows from people who have little of it toward the wealthy

Exhausting but Exhiliarating.

Irish trash talk: The hilariously savage idioms Irish people use as insults

McCarthy says "the GOBers are on excited about the deal".

Conversion therapy and coercion in the contemporary south

In Alberta, a bruising campaign invites political chaos

Tweet of the Day

Man fatally shot aboard Green Line train in DC

THIS is grooming/child abuse/indoctrination

Texas Legislature passes bill reining in "rogue" prosecutors

TX: Bill restricting sexually explicit performances in front of children heads to the governor

Texas lawmakers strike deal to raise the punishment for illegal voting to a felony

Prosecutors say they have a recording of Trump and a witness in Manhattan DA case

Succession Ending: anybody see that coming? No spoilers.

Elon Musk gets more like Trump every day.

TX: No teacher raises, no vouchers: Lawmakers fail to reach compromise on school funding bill

Gov. Greg Abbott can pick a fill-in attorney general. He's so far been silent on impeachment.

New 911 Tape RELEASED in NEW Massive GOP Scandal. (Boebert's son being abused)

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 30: Written by Ernest Lehman

Texas To Ban Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Efforts At Public Universities

Just found the "Spirits Network."

I grow more liberal with age.

I've heard hints from the media that Trump sold or tried to sell classified information to foreign

OH: Don't let Republican lawmakers torch democracy in August special election:

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 31: Star of the Month: William Powell: Later Roles

Ohio lawmakers are not conservatives.They are power monger at war with America

Bible stories, but it's about "Florida Man/Woman"

Found on FB

Biden speaks after striking tentative debt deal with McCarthy - ABC News

'Jewish Apple Cake' 🍎 Good any time! What's not to love!

Manchin Gets Mountain Valley Pipeline Deal Into Debt Bill

Thank You President Biden

Texas Republicans pass voting bills targeting large Democratic county

DeathSantis contends Casey DeSantis should be on 'fashion magazine' covers

DeathSantis contends Casey DeSantis should be on 'fashion magazine' covers

This Day in History -- May 28, 1830, Andrew Jackson Signs Indian Removal Act

MoscowMitch champions the Biden-McCarthy debt limit deal:

But what got cut in these budget "negotiations"?

TFG joins DeathSantis is attacking Disney for being Woke

Lawyer faces trouble after using ChatGPT for research


Concrete solutions

Democratic Leader SHUTS DOWN Republicans with PERFECT Message - Meidas Touch

My wife shared this with me...

American man 'stolen' as a baby finds family in Chile

President Biden ADDRESSES NATION on Debt Ceiling Bill - Meidas Touch

Apartment building partially collapses in Davenport, Iowa

Josef Newgarden's Indy 500 victory celebration was one for the ages

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries says he expects Democratic support for debt ceiling deal

Biden negotiating skills - Mastodon

I take it because it is Memorial Day....

As Haitians arm themselves with sticks and machetes, where are the country's friends? Opinion

What makes us smart? Mastodon

Trump could lose millions and face criminal charges if he keeps discussing court cases - American Voices

Rick Wilson responds to the Debt Ceiling deal with characteristic grace and generosity.

Texas Becomes Christian Theocracy

In the Amazon, Brazilian ecologists try new approach against deforestation and poverty

Navy Operations 'Captured';Cause Surprise Among Residents Of El Fuerte, Los Mochis: Sinaloa (Update)

Ensenada, Baja California: The Arzate Brothers, Masterminds Behind Recent Massacre

Disney World governing board member quits three months into the job

Ambitious Democrats Mull Delaware Options

Breakfast Monday 29 May 2023

Human Rights Commission: Yurcuaro Self-Defense Leader Tortured by police

Jen Psaki: Despite being a laughingstock, don't ignore what DeSantis is actually saying - Jen Psaki

Traveling, importing and sending packages to Cuba: What should you know?

Proof that Trump shared Mar-a-Lago docs 'changes the game' for Jack Smith indictment: Guardian reporter

Obama official takes down Marjorie Taylor Greene - Brian Tyler Cohen

4 dead in string of Mesa, Phoenix 'horrific' shootings

Trump Employees Moved Boxes Before FBI Visit - Raw News And Politics

debt deal helps Machin - would approve West Virginia pipeline, curtail environmental law

28 May: Unexpected move. Ukrainians get around Russian defenses - Reporting from Ukraine

Hitler Fan Crashes Into White House Barricade - Raw News And Politics

The Things You Don't Say to Your Wife, Tim Hawkins

Corrupt Texas Republican Impeached Over Bribery Scandal! - Luke Beasley

San Miguel volcano (El Salvador): near-constant eruptions continue

Women who support Trump cite party, economy over sexual misconduct

Any plans for Memorial Day dinner.

DeSantis: "We will be aggressive in issuing pardons"

Explosive Evidence Suggests Energy Companies Helped Finance Colombia's Civil War

China plans to dethrone the dollar - CaspianReport

Barks and Wooo wooo from Dunc pup this morning.

Jan. 6 rioters are raking in thousands in donations. Now the US is coming after their haul

Prime minister's opponents boycott opening of new Indian Parliament

How Democratic Secretaries of State are fighting for reproductive rights - American Voices - MSNBC

Is the Wagner Group trying to Topple Putin? - TLDR News EU

JFK quotes for his birthday

Military contract price gouging: Defense contractors overcharge Pentagon - 60 Minutes

FQX Toon

DeSantis Gave Murderers And Kidnappers Thousands Of Dollars To Become Cops In Florida - Ring of Fire

Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is scheduled to start her prison term on Tuesday.

CFO of e-commerce start up Fabric secretly transferred $35M into his crypto biz, it's now worth zero

'When LGBTQ people are under attack, everybody loses': Far-right wages war on Pride merch - MSNBC

Cruithne: Legendary King, His Seven Sons And The First Celtic Tribe That Inhabited British Isles

Now it is the Kevin McCarthy problem.

Uganda's president signs anti-gay bill into law

Protesters decry Hebrew edition launch of book criticizing 'transgender craze'

How anti-LGBTQ sentiment is affecting Pride

How anti-LGBTQ sentiment is affecting Pride

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Pride Fest defies crackdowns

Broken Arrow Pride Fest defies crackdowns

I left Russia. Am I scared? - The Russian Dude

On this day, May 29, 1917, John F. Kennedy was born.

China in Deep Trouble as Profits & Steel Industry Crash, Unemployment, Deflation & Demand Concerns

Here's What Happens When Your Lawyer Uses ChatGPT A lawyer representing a man who sued an airline re

Iowa had two major disasters this weekend.

On this day, May 29, 2012, Doc Watson died.

The Amazon rainforest: The wonders of Earth's most unexplored wilderness, explained

Monday TOONs - Memorial Day

North Korea notifies neighboring Japan it plans to launch satellite in coming days

Wordle 709 (Memorial Day 2023) *SPOILER THREAD*

Wow Lindsey Graham!

Venetian Grand Canal turns green: Police are investigation who is responsible - Al Jazeera

Sian has proved herself too skillful an escape artist to be confined to the den

'Start the Kevin McCarthy death-clock' after compromise with Biden: Rick Wilson

The most straight forward way to humiliate the GOP over the Debt Ceiling deal

Biden negotiated new SNAP work requirement EXEMPTIONS for veterans, the homeless,

Head of RT Calls for Lindsey Graham's Assassination After Edited Video

Rescue operations underway after apartment building partially collapses in Davenport, Iowa

Hmmph.. Why has the MAGA cult got it out for Prince Harry???

A moment of reflection on this Memorial Day...

Sullivan Ballou's letter to his wife

Hey Kevin!

LBJ: 1965 - 'There goes The South for a generation'

Flip Flop And Fly

Road letters being painted in the UK

" Guys, I gotta say, I think Dark Brandon & team absolutely nailed this."

Why The Chinese Economy Is Once Again Looking Shaky - China Update

Sudan Darfur crisis: 'Everything civilians can use has been burned or destroyed'

The bloated tick's Memorial Day Message

You raised $100.00 on May 28, 2023 unofficial DU for Biden-Harris 2024

Reporters reveal Republicans don't understand what a debt default means

Huge day today for the garden...

Foo Fighters - Show Me How (featuring Violet Grohl)

My babies are starting to smell

A Small Town's Tragedy, Distorted by Trump's Megaphone

Reporter: What do you say to members of your party who say you made too many concessions in deal?

Fox News Host's Wild Michelle Obama Claim Gets Immediately Shut Down

GOP's cut to IRS funding in debt limit plan would backfire

Venetian Grand Canal turns green: Police are investigation who is responsible - Al Jazeera

From: US seeks to fine 1/6 rioters to claw back donations they raked in, comes this little tidbit:

Lawyer Demolishes Two Cops (Two of the stupidest cops on the planet.

The accounting crisis -by Tom Tomorrow

Captain Angel F. Espada, U.S. Army, Killed In Action 12 November 1944

I am glad Biden negotiated

**Remembering Those Who Have Passed on this Memorial Day**

I'd like to share some valuable advice for all of you in a long term relationship.

Free Julian Assange: Noam Chomsky, Dan Ellsberg & Jeremy Corbyn Lead Call at Belmarsh Tribunal

Texas legislature passes Uvalde reform bill to require an armed person at every school

Gonna have to turn on our air conditioning.......what's the temperature you set yours for

Cops Illegally Raid The Wrong House And REFUSE To Leave (Audit the Audit)

'Aggressive' Cat Meets A Tiny Kitten And The Cutest Thing Happens

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what's next for McCarthy....

former trump budget director: "The bill is worse than a clean debt limit."

China plans to land astronauts on moon before 2030, expand space station, bring on foreign partners

This Memorial Day....

Fox Family Has Surprise Litter

Question about senility?

China Might Have 65 Million COVID Cases a Week by June. How Worried Should the World Be?

Uganda passes law allowing death penalty for gay people

"For the Fallen"

Memorial Day is a day to remember those who.....

Republicans react to Trump's Memorial Day message.

Trump's legal team is an epic disaster


Funky Cookout Playlist That'll Have Everyone Dancing On Memorial Day

Name the song/songs that puts you in a good mood. Mine is In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

"Black people may have started Memorial Day. Whites erased it from history."

Texas drag performers no longer focus of proposed ban on sexually oriented performances

A Case that Mimics Gabby Petito Almost Exactly

Brass Ceiling -- The Journey of General Ann Dunwoody -- By the US Army Field Band & Soldiers Chorus

'Star Fleet Commander' Kari Lake still thinks that she is Governor

'Star Fleet Commander' Kari Lake still thinks that she is Governor

Desantis: "I will serve two terms, and I will be able to destroy leftism in this country

TX: Bill allowing chaplains in schools raises some concerns

Joe Biden is a great POTUS and not too old.

How can you tell the difference between drunkenness and diabetic hypoglycemia?

DeSantis Won't Stop Whining About Trump Kicking His Butt - Farron Balanced

Ugandan president signs anti-LGBTQ+ law with death penalty for same-sex acts

I don't think the anti lgbtq rhetoric will effect pride month

Drunk woman speeds down beach, nearly hits several families, ends up in the water: Deputies

Saving democracy from the ground up: David Pepper on how to fight the GOP and win

Melanomia charging $6,000-18,000 to Trump Pac for her hair stylist!

A poem for Memorial Day

Biden giving Memorial Day Speech now

They say people die twice

Even At 92 Warren Buffett Can't See Beyond The Money, As 2023 BH Shareholder Meeting Showed

Turkey's LGBTQ Community Dread Future Under Erdogan

Bears repeating: Why I am a Democrat.

.I felt I should keep this post out of the heartfelt tributes of the day, lest it seem flippant.

More from Bologna

Greek chicken salad

Embiggen the G7

School children running to the bomb shelter. Kyiv, today.

Biden marks Memorial Day nearly 2 years after ending America's longest war, lauds troops' sacrifice

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 29, 2023)

My dad was for a time a crewmember of two PB4Ys that were lost with all hands in the

Work requirements for TANF and SNAP are counterproductive cruelty

Wagner mercenary group accused of atrocities in Africa

Very Special - a Memorial Day message to the United States from President Zelenshyy

2 types of dogs.

Seems like Joe Manchin got his energy permitting reform in the debt ceiling deal

Bouncing, bounding fox kit:

How much work is enough?

Biden's Memorial Day address honors troops who "sacrificed everything to keep democracy safe and ...

The Conservative Boycott Against Target's Pride Month Collection, Explained

Ron DeSantis - Busily Perfecting Politics For The Age Of Extinction

Typical Traits of Humanity

Sweet hug:

Cartoons 5/29/2023

Trump:: 'Happy Memorial Day' to WWll enemy

Fire damages Arlington bar that received death threats

Thrilling, but scary AF:

County Council OK's Stanwood behavioral health center

Russia issues arrest warrant for Lindsey Graham over Ukraine comments

The Democrats (mostly) won the debt ceiling fight

Federal student loan repayments need reforms

Whew! Just in time:

Bernie Sanders to hold rally in Durham for minimum-wage increase

Washington state parks surpasses 40 million visits

Its the third dog that really cracks me up:

Toddler immediately enchanted by his newborn sister:

Almost a 1/4 Century in, still waiting for Spoon to put out a bad song

The Democrats (mostly) won the debt ceiling fight

Online class on "How to catch that damn mouse."

2nd tweet -- Put yourself right here, pal.

Fans Flock to Tina Turner Hometown Museum after Her Death, Tributes: The Tina Turner Museum,TN

"To unblocked your account, you can click button..."

Moscow Mitch endorses debt limit deal, calls on Senate conservatives not to delay it

Border collie puppy confused about high fives:

Trump's Lawyers Warn Him: Get Ready to Be Indicted by the Feds - Rolling Stone Mag

FIELD TRIP: A Hollywood Visit to the Writers Guild Strike Line

Can You Solve This Cat Murder Mystery? 🤔😂

Beautiful Strawberry Finch!

David Hogg -- What grooming actually looks like.

Cat *really* enjoying the sun:

Tiny Kitten Follows A Couple A Kilometer Into Their Car

2nd tweet -- a series of contagious yawns:

my morning jacket - golden (live bonnaroo 2004) if you've never heard this song

This is a flat-out violation of privacy, Texas!

Nun whose body shows little decay since 2019 death draws hundreds to rural Missouri

Tom Nichols on Trump's crazy post today: Supporting this man is a moral and civic failing.

Way to go Lindsey, you've pissed off Russia...

A 'natural death' may be preferable for many than enduring CPR

Work requirements on SNAP Suck

Texas's use of 'invasion' clause against immigrants is racist and dangerous, rights groups say

Seen on facebook

Russia issues arrest warrant for Lindsey Graham over Ukraine comments

Another Tinykittens video!! A lap full of purring kittens

🇺🇸 Memorial Day 🕯️- around 1,000 military pass each year even in ☮️ "Peacetime"

At least 16 dead, dozens injured in shootings across the U.S. over Memorial Day weekend

It's churches, not drag queens who are grooming children.

Zelenskyy honors U.S. soldiers who 'sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom'

Fans Flock to Tina Turner Hometown Museum after Her Death, Tributes: Tina Turner Museum,TN - T

A Small Town's Tragedy, Distorted by Trump's Megaphone

Chicago shootings: 43 shot, 9 fatally, in Memorial Day weekend gun violence across city, police say

molly tuttle & golden highway - crooked tree (live-2022) excellent playing, very touching

The Eastern Sierra this past weekend.

Christian Nationalism is an internal threat to democracy. How do we handle that?

Funny meme:

Remembering my Grand Uncle on Memorial Day

Family of man fatally shot by Walgreens security guard files $25M wrongful death lawsuit

Great tweet by George Takei on the budget deal

Can the Boston Celtics become the 1st team in NBA history to come back from a 3-0 deficit?

News & Commentary May 18, 2023

Republicans finally go too far with horrific stunt - Brian Tyler Cohen

Philippines, U.S., Japan to hold first-ever joint coast guard exercise


New Details in Debt Limit Deal: Where $136 Billion in Cuts Will Come From

Jen Psaki: Despite being a laughingstock, don't ignore what DeSantis is actually saying

TFG's Memorial Day message: "It's all about me!"

5th Circuit panel that will consider the stay motion in challenge to Obamacare's preventive services

(Video) France 24 reports from the frontline near Bakhmut

Attacks on Russian military bases in south Ukraine increasing, Ukrainian officials say - CNN

Trump's Lawyers Are Now Telling Him He's Definitely Going To Be Indicted - Farron Balanced

What's for Dinner, Mon., Memorial Day, 2023

DeSantis tries to prove he's not wearing women's clothes in AI-generated deepfake "The Office" clip

from bedroom window!!!

Greece heads to the polls again on June 25

TCM Schedule for Saturday 6/3/23 - Tony Curtis, Goldie Hawn, ABBA(!)

How to Save Chinatowns From Disappearing

Rain finally made it to southern MD.

Record early voting in Alberta as Canada's green agenda hangs in balance

Alberta voters go to the polls, expected nail-biter between UCP, NDP

Keith Olbermann's analysis of the debt deal is best I've heard

Keith Olbermann's Countdown podcast analyzing the debt deal is the best one yet

Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2023: Press on till Japan Changes

Spain's Socialist Prime Minister Calls Early General Election

Full movie ZATOICHI: The Blind Swordsman Season2 #9 samurai action drama

Conservatives ruled during 2023 session of Nebraska Legislature like never before

For you, for us today on Memorial Day. Barber's Adagio

This Trump Could Admirer Could Well Be Argentina's Next President

Anti-Trans Republican Gets Fully Dismantled

Republican Tries To BLOCK The Display Of MTG's Bogus Tweets

Hundreds of bills at risk as Oregon Senate Republican walkout stretches on

Ron DeSantis vows to 'destroy leftism' and 'woke ideology' if elected president

Has anyone seen "Searching"?

The Ukrainian Air Force Formed A New Strike Squadron--By Arming Reconnaissance Bombers

Mexico Rulers Tipped to Win Historic State Election as Presidency Race Looms

Panicked Trump Gets Hit with Even More Devastating Legal News! - Luke Beasley

Trump Praised Those Fighting 'Misfits and Lunatic Thugs'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 30 May 2023

New INCRIMINATING Evidence Brought in ANOTHER Complaint Against Trump - Meidas Touch

Slaton, Paxton, And The Republican Civil War

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia's nuke promise....

Corpse Flower at Houston Museum of Natural Science promises to live up to name

Ex-intern sues Idaho lawmakers for harassing her after rape

Speaker McCarthy says student loan payment pause 'gone' under debt ceiling deal.

How drag bans have made clothing a political statement, according to a queer style expert

Osprey hatchling! 5/29 2019!

Why The Hell Would Anyone Ever Vote Republican? - Ring of Fire

Russia strikes Kyiv in daylight after hitting Ukraine's capital with series of nighttime barrages

What is AI and why are experts terrified about its future? (60 Minutes Australia)

Archaeologists at the ancient Tequesta site in Miami are getting sick, at risk of cancer


I am getting Malwarebytes alerts for a Trojan in certain threads.

Diverse Republican presidential primary field sees an opening in 2024 with voters of color

More Guns Won't Make Election Officials Safer

More Guns Won't Make Election Officials Safer

"I'm sorry, are you a drug addict or a TV junkie?"

Doocy: Where are you on the idea of presidents pardoning Trump? Biden: *laughs*

Texas Lawmakers Pass Ban on D.E.I. Programs at State Universities

Thank God (and Greyhound)

There probably is nothing more heart warming and beautiful than a mother breast feeding.

Breaking Down the Biden/McCarthy Debt Ceiling Deal - Pondering Politics

Heading out? Here's how to do it with people and the planet in mind

US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2024 by a landslide to narrow margin.

NYC Mayor Adams rails against 'socialism and communism' in Memorial Day speech

Dogs are a gift to humanity.

Doctors say this is the most important virus you've never heard of

Turkish vote distribution

China's largest fuel-cell producer Sinofuelcell expects sales to double as gov promotes H2 vehicles

Anyone do Wondrium?

On this day I remember a childhood friend's older brother. He didn't even make 19.

Deputy Can't Stop Begging For ID - LackLuster

15 history-making LGBTQ+ veterans who fought for equality

Today's google doodle is simply a black field with unadorned grey lettering.

BREAKING: FOX News reporter Steve Doocy confronts President Biden as Biden is about to board Marine

Cool Optical illusion....

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Calls for Drag, Pronoun Ban at Colleges

For those who have not seen Ken Burns' version on Sullivan Ballou . . . and his letter:

Happy Sine Die

Ex-Fox News Host Kimberly Guilfoyle Threatens Ron DeSantis for Joining Presidential Race

Uganda Anti-LGBT Law

On this day, May 29, 1950, Norfolk and Western Railway locomotive # 611 entered revenue service.

Conservatives are making Pride merch 'toxic.' Their real goal is much worse.

Conservatives are making Pride merch 'toxic.' Their real goal is much worse.

Another song for Memorial Day ...

Finally: Major development in Trump prosecution in Georgia - Brian Tyler Cohen

Statement from President Joe Biden on the Enactment of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act

Statement from President Joe Biden on the Enactment of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act

AI means everyone can now be a programmer, Nvidia chief says

Some states are changing child labor laws. Are they doing this

The Ken Paxton impeachment literally just entered the Texas Senate.

Missouri AG told to "Google what police do" after telling cops to enforce trans healthcare ban

The Ken Paxton impeachment literally just entered the Texas Senate.

Plastic recycling in focus as treaty talks get underway in Paris

Texas Republicans pass voting bills targeting large Democratic county

Spy agency warns Canadian MP that she's on Beijing's 'evergreen' target list

Trump takes big lead over DeSantis among California Republicans

Exclusive White House deliverers Major Update

What California's Ravidassia community believes and why they want caste bias outlawed

I am so glad that President Biden is our POTUS compared to TFG. Just look at this comparison

DeSantis Issues a Fascist Fatwa on FOX News to 'Destroy Leftism' - Meaning Millions of Americans

A New Mechanism by Which Air Pollution Kills: Does It Drive Obesity?

I lost 120 lbs and my cardiologist asked how? I said, "mostly meth and I swallowed a tape worm!"

Babushkas in space! Hello, this is Earth calling - Break the Fake - TVP World

Hard to Build. Easy to Break - Cowboy Junkies

This is the man I married-

DeSantis reminds me of Rabbi Glickman on Seinfeld.

Ethan Schmidt, the right-wing activist who went viral for destroying Pride merchandise in Target, ha

The City of New Orleans - Arlo Guthrie

The Trump Trials Updates on E. Jean Carrol case; Georgia DA's case; & a tape in NY DA's case - Kirschner

Afternoon visitor.

Watching MSNBC's Guiliani parts.

I hope it's okay to post a song that is probably my favorite song.

My new theory about Ron DeSantis

Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

religious conservative politics will go the way of the dodo bird

AI tools like ChatGPT are built on mass copyright infringement