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My favorite site to follow elections.

projected wins Bernie and Tim Kaine win

I am getting anxiety attacks remembering

God! I can't take these early results. I'm starting to feel sick.

🔥Breaking: @BernieSanders wins a third term to the U.S. Senate.

🔥Breaking: @BernieSanders wins a third term to the U.S. Senate.

This says it all, plus it has a catchy tune.

MSNBC: GA-Gov too early to call at 7PM

Gillum is running stronger in Dem areas than Dem candidate did last election... that's good

Goddam there's little I hate more than...

Bohemian Rhapsody cover - Marc Martel

The Democratic Love Destress Thread - Check In here if you need to breathe

Manhattan subway bomber found guilty of supporting Islamic State

Whatever happens tonight

Streaming on a tv

Vermont Democratic Party Election Results Live Feed

Real Clear Politics has a great front page display! And auto-refreshes.

I missed the end of Judge Judy today (temporary power outage.) Did anyone see it all?

Did Trump say earlier today that 'you're voting for me'?

Vermont Democratic Party Election Results Live Feed

These 11 places could seal Trump's midterm fate

We brake for orcas: Killer whales surround ferries during Monday commute, cause delays

More potential 'El Chapo' jurors excused for safety fears

Gillum 52.6% DeSantis 46.8 with 1.2 million votes counted.

With 1% of the vote counted, Sen Tim Kaine wins!

Hey Backlash - YOU shut up and disappear!! Hillary Clinton matters now, and into history!!

General Vincent Brooks Departing Post as US Forces Korea Commander in South Korea

My sister was diagnosed with stage4 pancreatic cancer.

update good news on my Son

Nelson 52.8% Scott 47.2 with 1.2 million counted

Bloomberg Politic:A judge in Texas ordered Harris County to keep 9 of its polling places open

Rowan County - Kim Davis

I saw a lot of "I Voted' stickers out here in Macomb County today...

Here's something to, momentarily, take your mind off of the election

What are the big blue counties of Florida?

C'mon America!!!

Paul Mauriat -- Love is Blue (1968)

Nelson and Gillum ahead 5 points with more than 2.2 million votes counted but...

KY! Amy McGrath +6.7 with 41% in! Up 3 with 71%

Check in here to say a giant "you're unqualified" to Trump.

47of74's OP reminded me of this catchy tune:

Officials: Man Threatens To Get Gun, Shoot Up Polling Place

Georgia not looking good for dems ...kemp 72% Abrams 28% :( Too soon?

Mexican ruling party to present bill for recreational marijuana use

Mexican ruling party to present bill for recreational marijuana use

VA-10 is the first flip in the House!

When you post a result, pleease list parties for those of us who don't know candidates in all states

first flip Virg 10

Triumph the Insult Comic dog meets Beto and Cruz

Breaking: Wexton wins in VA!

Wow Gillum, doing good , good.

House Seat #1 picked up by Jennifer Wexton in Virginia's 10th District!

Blue Tsunami! Dems painting that house blue already baby!

Ugg Indiana

538 has us at 93.9% to win the house!

NBC calls the first flip of the night: Jennifer Wexton (D) wins VA-10

With a wiggle in her stalk ....


remember, the media needs races to be close. They will hold off as long as they can

I'm watching the forecast change in real time over at 538.

538 - Nate Silver has just predicted a 94% chance of Dems taking the House.

Midterm exit polls: Health care is top issue for voters

Looks like we have the House

Georgia.. Kemp way ahead with small number reporting, mostly red areas

Nate Silver: Predicts a 43 seat pickup for the Dems in the House. nt

I brought some help for the board....

Greg Pence just won the U.S. House seat that his brother, Vice President Mike Pence,

Nervous??? This is helping me......

Way to go Cher!

MSBC calls win for D-Sen Brown in Ohio...

NBC calls the first 🌊🌊🌊 #FlipItBlue #BlueWave20 flip of the night: Jennifer Wexton (D) wins VA-10

please god do not let KKKobach win tonight

Donna Shalala (D) won RosLehtinen's (R, retired) seat (FL)

Calling for Shalala in FL 27!!!

We picked up VA 10th. Cumstock is gone.


Live results updated -- Guardian US

Donna Shalala wins FL 27.

Edit-NYT calls it!! Spanberger (D-VA) closing on Brat. Brat +2 with 55%

2nd Blue wave 🌊🌊🌊 flip: Donna Shalala (D) wins in

CBS calling Bob Casey winning his (Senate) seat in PA.

Trump is mad at Paul Ryan: CNN

Donna Shalala is in the House!

Wow Republican Riggleman just won VA. district that includes Charlottesville

Get on the bus Tennessee!!! n/t

NJ-2 just went blue with Drew (called) - D pickup.

They moved my fucking polling place!

This was from facebook!

They need to make Hillary Clinton Speaker of the House.

Fox News rebukes Sean Hannity's on-stage appearance with President Trump at Missouri rally

Kim Davis' staff just asked everyone to leave the Clerk's Office. LEX18News has asked her several

Spanberger is ahead! (VA-7)

Q: GA Guv: How do Dem candidates usually do? Any GA Du'ers on now?

Florida is gonna screw us again, something funky going on there.

Beto ahead after 7 minutes of returns. CNN

will ferret face lose his senate seat

Beto 167,705 ahead!! Per CNN

Comey declares anti-Trump 'awakening' underway, as he campaigns for Dems in midterms

8 P.M. and the Blue Wave

King County WA predicting record 70-75%

Which website are you using for live results?

The final polls tell us why Trump may sink the GOP

538 numbers looking odd.. down to 75% chance on house,

Texas election official resigns after video shows her screaming at black voter

What will tRump tweet tomarrow?

Damn damn damn

Mother . . . . . . Fucker

The biggest spike in election searches Tuesday was for "donde votar"

Nicole Wallace is wearing a bright blue dress.

Starting to feel a little like 2016

BREAKING: Georgia Voters File for 'Emergency' Restraining Order Against Brian Kemp

Keep Calm! The districts with the most population in FL still are 50-75% reporting...

I am starting to get sick.

NBC calls....Bernie wins Vermont

Please, please, please, make sure you indicate D or r when talking candidates.......

Holy shit! 538 Republicans 1 in 2 chance win House

Check in... who's quickly losing their fingernails?

Stormy Daniels blasts Trump's 'staggering' request for nearly $350,000 in legal fees

If people are going to post OPs without any context...............................................

Something weird is happening in GA.

Russia hacking 538?

AP poll finds only group breaking for Republicans are Americans 65 or older

Republicans, have a miserable evening

Cruz 48.4%, O'Rourke 51.0% right now.

J.B. Pritzker elected Governor of Illinois

Election Protection hotline has received over 17,500 calls with voter problems

Do not pay attention to 538 Liveblog %

Carper declared winner

Just a note. The West Coast has not closed yet, and California has A LOT OF DISTRICTS

Menendez (NJ Senate) wins

Sen menendez returns to the Nj senate

OK, MSNBC projects Menendez wins NJ Senate with fewer votes...

Posting Results: If win give State, Winner, Loser, Office, & whether it's a pickup or keep (CLICK)

Looking now to Broward County to save Florida

Unraveling Trump's Voter Fraud Conspiracy Theory

Kim Davis, clerk who refused to sign marriage licenses for gay couples, loses to Democrat

Carville Not Sounding Optimistic

Switching cnn msnbc and fox

This is why we vote

James Carville was on MSNBC and saying the more he sees the less hopeful he is

Far Too Many House Seats Have Been Uncontested for Too Long

Young voters (18 to 29) are breaking for Democrats by a massive 37-point margin.

Bernie Sanders Wins Re-Election as Ballots Are Counted

Dems gain seats in Florida, Virginia in fight for House majority

Why is there so much concern about 538?

There are Texas Counties Going Big for Beto that Haven't in the Past Gone Democratic

Bless this Beto voter

Charles P. Pierce Goddamn Polk County. I hate that place. I truly do.

please ignore 538, their model is spazzing. Try the NYT

Democrat Jennifer Wexton defeats GOP's Barbara Comstock

We lost indiana

Here are a few The Dodo videos for your viewing pleasure (and calming effect on a stressful night)

Sen. Tom Carper (D) Delaware, predicted to be re-elected

NYT calls it for Andy Barr (R-Ky 6) over Amy McGrath

I can't watch. Had to look away.

Former Dem governor spars over caravan: 'Nobody with half a brain' believes they're carrying disease

HuffPo shows Barr (R) beating McGrath (D) in KY 6

Just for tonight...

Hope that Conor Lamb wins

NBC News projects Republican Andy Barr is reelected in KY-6, defeats @AmyMcGrathKY -- a blow for Dem

Maryland results slow to come in

Democrats pick up first GOP House seat -- Jennifer Wexton defeats Barbara Comstock in VA-10

Everyone calm down this night ends with winning the house...

Please don't stress out now. Tell me the name and your best memory of a pet that you have had ....

NAACP just won a lawsuit concerning Georgia

The dems will win the house

102 year old voter

Congratulations @CharlieCrist on your victory tonight!

Predicting recount in FL

How the f does that smarmy face Rick Scott keep doing it?

I am done with polls

Ok I will admit..Im starting to get nervous about the Donnelly Senate race

Florida votes to restore ex-felon voting rights with Amendment 4

1.5 million felons in Florida will regain their right to vote

I've spent a lot of money over the years in Florida. I'm done.

wow, 6% reporting and Rauner already conceding! BAM!

Well, no Senate for sure, Donnelly flipped

Steve Schmidt described Air Force One landing as

Is it time to walk the dog, take a hot bath, and go to bed yet?

Manchin won West Virginia

Manchin Holds the Line!

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! DUESDAY!

Manchin holds WV Senate seat.

Where in ND are the Native American homes?

Did Beto win?

I am being to feel a bit axnious!

MSNBC: Joe Manchin in, Joe Donnelly out

Tennessee stays red!


MN Senate: Tina Smith's race too early to call

Curses! MSNBC projects Blackburn in TN. n/t

Republican Representative Marsha Blackburn wins TN Senate seat

Indiana officially has NO Dems in statewide positions

Can anyone offer me hope for Florida? I'm Starting to get depressed.

I love my home but I can't and will not remain in a state run by racists!

It looks like Michigan Proposal 1 (marijuana legalization) is looking good

Florida old timers...

Cnn this is not a blue wave

Fucking Tennessee Senate race.

Any House flips in Illinois?

Let's face, half the people in this country are human garbage.

So are pundits saying we are unlikely to take the House?

Spanberger and Luria may be poised to win in Virginia.

My candidates for a major, life altering public humiliation are...

The six letters that are the root of America's problems

Manchin won.

This could all come down to the west coast -- and our paper ballots

By exit polls. Walker should lose narrowly in Wisconsin

Gov. Tom Wolf (D) / new Lt. Gov John Fetterman (D) - PA, giving acceptance speeches!

The only way that trump will be defeated.

Has anyone found a site following the results on the Arkansas Supreme Court race?

Look at the racial split in the CNN exit polls. Trump knows what he's doing

Senator Sanders: Victory Speech Photos

I'm feeling even more grateful to Joe Manchin and his popularity in West Virginia,

Eww, but we will still have two more years of him no matter who gets the House or Senate.

1st Muslim woman to Congress

Time to accept that a large part of the country is buying what Trump is selling

Beto May Have Coattails with About 5 US Representatives

So what does this from CBS mean?:

Still early, but current results in GA Governor's race aren't looking encouraging.

Arkansas votes to increase the minimum wage and to elect a Republican governor

Politico's site for ongoing returns

Flip in PA, Scanlon (Dem)wins House

Cnn republicans are very happy tonight

I don't smoke weed....

the talking heads on MSNBC are trying to be upbeat

I for one thought that Georgia would be the Democrats biggiest win.

Kristen Gillibrand projected winner in NY

Is there anywhere with easy to access data on state legislatures?

Is there widespread behind the scenes / programmatic cheating?

Ok, I'm feeling worse then 2016.

All Stations & Sites Are Saying WE Need 21 Flips On House But

We should legally challenge every loss & force recounts

Joy Reid and gerrymandering and Jim Jordan as an example.........

Did Barr win over McGrath in Kentucky?

Hey NY, Cuomo is expected to win he has 72% of the vote with 12% voting , still early

Dem Tammy Baldwin, WI holds her Senate seat

It's time to accept reality

Women will be the true winners tonight.

What the hell is wrong with this country!!!

This is starting to feel like 2016.

Florida sucks, Kentucky sucks, Indiana sucks, Tennessee sucks.

It feels like all of America is awaiting the results of a biopsy

Exit polls show Beto losing - White males went bigger for cruz then white women for Beto

Amy McGrath-D narrowly lost in KY-6 to Republican incumbent Andy Barr. KY-6 is +9R

Ron Desantis was exposed as a white supremacist, and we thought it spelled his doom

For the life of me

Election Distraction! Why 'The Rolling Stones' but not 'The REO Speedwagon'?

story of the night.. racial divide. Whites are going big GOP. sorry..that's the truth in exit polls

Moving forward, Amendment 4 passes and restores voting rights to 1.5M Floridians

MSNBC: Colorado's Jared Polis becomes first openly gay candidate to be elected governor

Just called: Jared Polis for governor Colorado - first openly gay gov in US!

Lets face it, people dont give a F*** as long as they have a job

Dems were expected to take House, nothing more. Calm the fuck down

Conor Lamb Dem pickup PA nt

Not that tv cares, but Rep Gerry Connolly (VA) wins with 70%

Why are there SO many idiot voters in USA!!

I've posted my concerns about suppression

Stacey Abrams (GA Governor's Race) is coming back.

Mike Pence older brother elected to Indiana state house

Conor Lamb!

Jared Polis becomes first openly gay person elected governor in America

So now we are certain that

CNN's Jake Tapper says Democrats are still on track to win the House...

CNN changing the narrative now.

One bit of good news so far...(Wisconsin governor race)

When does California races come in?

un-gerrymandered PA now delivering blue seats

I hate to say this but.. West Coast people are better people.

BFD Florida is being Floriduh

MSNBC says 90% chance DEMS take House!

Polls haven't closed in much of the country. Patience please.

Debbie Murcarsei-Powell beat Carlos Curbelo

It happens again, and again. Will we learn this time? It's not the candidate, it is the system

Jared Polis becomes first openly gay person elected governor in America

The Fox News Decision Desk can now project that Democrats will take control of the House of Represen

NYT. 95% chance Dems take House!

Note that so far 538's polling for Congressional races is 100% correct

Florida always disappoints when we need ! Nothing changes dynamics...

Nytimes forecast has us winning 232 seats, 95% chance of winning the house

Fox called the house for dems!

VA-02: Luria will win.

CO turns away the great grandchild of KKK member & five term Mayor Ben Stapleton to elect Gov Polis

Damn, damn, damn

MN-3 flipped to Dem (but we lost a district in PA)

Blueberry Pancakes at IHOP for Breakfast Anyone?

Lisa blunt Rochester wins

Tammy Baldwin re-elected!

TX Lt Gov is now tied

Sharice Davids wins in Kansas!! And Kobach is going down!! (eom)

Dean Phillips wins in Minnesota

Sharice Davids (D) (KS3) (Native American) (Gay) called the winner

Plus 7 in the house!



FL going red for Atty General, CFO and Ag. Gillum lagging. Nelson slim chance still

Predictit jumped to 91% Dems win house!

KS-3 flipped to Dem, net gain now 6, 17 more needed (nt)

Before I call it a night, I will stand by the Democratic Party and

Kansas Dem Sharice David wins! First Native American elected to Congress N/T

SPANBERGER- you have no idea what this meant

Took a while but flips are starting to roll in.

16 to go to take back the house. Finally starting to get some good news.

NJ-11 flipped to Dem

There are some very positive trends out there-Kris Kobach lost in KS Gov

Gay Woman Sharice Davids wins in KANSAS! Good Bye Asshole Yoder!!! nt

California has at least 5 house seats as possible pick ups---pollls still open

Kris Kobach just went down in KS!!! Just called by MSNBC. Laura Kelly just won governor.

KS governor called for Kelly

Kobach went down!

Kris Kobach - LOSER (KS gov) - Laura Kelly WINDS

Kobach just went down !!!!!

Down goes Kobach!!

Kris KKKobach just fucking LOST in KANSAS

YES ! Kriss kkk kobach lost .nt!

Kobach just lost

Kansas Repub and voter repressor in chief Kobach gets KOed in race for governor

Kobach loses!!!!!! His plans to become president/dictator someday are offically on hold!!!! (eom)

Laura Kelly beat Kris Kobach!

Kobach KRUSHED in Kansas

So happy Koback lost. Mr voter suppression.

Carville more optimistic...

Laura Kelly called as the next gov of Kansas!!!

Kobach goes down in Kansas!

Mikie Sherril wins seat in New Jersey. Dems need 15 more house pick ups to win House.

Kelly KS gov, Kobach lost! Yippee!!

I wish my fellow Tennesseans were as smart as Kansans. Congrats you guys!

FL-26: FLIP!!!!!!!

Thank you, Kansas!

A Native American, Liberal, Kick Boxer, and a Lesbian wins a House seat in Kansas and Kobach lost 2.

Mittens won Utah..


Heitkamp was a big underdog in the polls, but she's losing by 20 points with 14 percent of precincts

538 currently has forcasted the Dems picking up 30 House seats

Tammy Baldwin Winner in WI--just tweeted to stay in line--it is not over.....

Kobach lost....yes

Polis (D) wins Colorado governor and Jason Crow

MSNBC 95% chance Dems take House


VA-02 flipped to Dem, PA-06, PA 7, NY-11 flipped to Dem - 4 pickups net gain 11 so far - nt


Holy Cow! MSNBC just called NY-11 for the Democrat, Max Rose..

12 to go to take back the house. Now I can relax a little bit.

Florida has 13 million registered voters

There are now no Republicans representing New York City in the House

Everyone listen up: keep your fingers crossed for Iowa.

Are we kidding ourselves?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becomes the youngest woman elected to Congress, CNN projects

A record number of women appeared headed to Congress as polls closed Tuesday.

MSNBC has chance of taking the House at 95%!


We are kicking ass now

We got hung up on the splashy races not going our way, but eyes on the prize!

PA coming thru:

It doesn't look like Dade and Broward came through for Gillum.

Gretchen Whitmer projected to win governor's race

J.B. Pritzker wins Illinois governor race -- defeats Bruce Rauner

Anyone Here Remember the Watergate Hearings?

Per NBC News: Jason Crow has kicked Mike Coffman to the curb!

Mucarsel-Powell ousts GOP's Curbelo from Florida House seat


One lever of power is all we need to pry it open.

Hang on!

Luria Wins!

Heitcamp lost to Cramer in ND senate race. MSNBC talking about the suppression of the native vote.

OMG 538 has the House back up to a 9/10 odds -- after slipping as low as 1/3.

How is it that Kansas hasn't had a Democratic Senator in almost 90 years...

MI Gov: Whitmer declared winner over Schuette!

Aint no party

Ok, it's safe to look at 538 again! 90% chance for House, +34 D


ABC just called Texas for Cruz

Looks like Michigan has a DEMOCRAT for Governor!!

The House matters most.

Taking the House is a very big deal

MSNBC predicting Cruz as winner for TX senate.


Ted Cruz ahead 50.9% to 48.5% O'Rourke. Lots of votes left still to count.


I think Beto really has a chance to beat Cruz...I can't believe it...but it looks good. Nope Ted won

Ted Cruz wins.

Christine Hallquist (D) has conceded the Vermont gov race

Ok, this question will make me look stupid.

Ohio Gubernatorial Race

Ok. 2020. Calling it. Beto O'Rourke / Andrew Gillum!

What's next for Beto?

Harris County

I think we have our 2020 winners-BETO-GILLIUM

A shout out to Hedi!

WTF? Gillum was within 2/10 of a percent wih 97% in. Now he's a full percent behind?

Pete Sessions loses to Dem Colin Allred!

Wow. Pete Sessions goes down-thanks to Beto!

CNN 80% of the vote in in Texas. Cruz ahead by 100,000. Isn't there

TX-32 - Allred (D) defeats incumbent Sessions (R)

I hope Beto runs for President.

Pete Sessions is out in Texas -- Beto coattails!

Voter Fraud vs Voter Suppression vs Vote CHEATING

Woo-Hoo I'm Represented by a Democrat for first time in more than 2 Decades

One of the stories of the night: a ton of badass Democratic women winning elections.

"Everyone is going down in Dallas County tonight if they are Republican"

If Beto runs in the Democratic primary he will win

First Muslim women in Congress: Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

This is what we are doing here in Kansas tonight

Rep. Pete Sessions lost!

Pete Sessions loses to Colin Allred! This is huge.

Beto(D-TX) narrowly lost to Cruz-R 48-51, Beto-D should challenge Cornyn-R in 2020.

Living as I am, in Kansas

Guys, please put the state and the race when you post! We dont all know all the races in the country

MSNBC calls House for Democrats

TX-32 (sessions), flipped to Dem nt

Texas elections results from the Secretary of State's office

WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOUSE CONTROL

Democrats control the House

Dems take the House!

House wins are looking better.


MSNBC projecting Dems win the House!!

Speaker Pelosi will be back!

MSNBC just called the house for the democrats.

That call for Kevin Cramer in North Dakota clinches the Senate majority for Republicans. That's the


MSNBC calls House of Representatives for Democrats

We took the House. Hallelujah! Let the investigations begin!

NBC is saying the House is in the Dems' control!

Explain to Me How the Networks Are Calling Texas?

Has a call been made for VA 2nd cong. district? Scott Taylor?

Beto in 2020!!

Congratulations to the once and future Speaker!

Let's see those tax returns Donnie

This stuff stinks here

THis means Adam Schiff head of house intel! THis means...OMG. What a game changer.

Silver Lining (outside of probably taking the House): MI, PA, WI

I'm going to bed now, but here in Maine...

So if Neb, Miss, and Wyo were uncontested senate seats, how come...

Congratulations Speaker Pelosi

Evers, Kaul, Godlewski, and LaFollette pulling ahead...

Impeachment is #1 priority after the election!

Tax returns here we come!!

I have changed my avatar

Democrats Win The House

Michelle Lujan-Grisham leads by 8% with 28% reporting (NM governor)

We have a barn burner in Oklahoma

Not so silent thread. . .

Wo! The Tennessee polls were SO off! One thing...

Have they called the Ohio Governor's race? nt

Aftab vs Chabot

Time to read some President 's tax returns. Nt

Mama Maxine now was subpoena power.

Interesting blog post on 538 on flips - all flips to D in house, to R in senate

Kobach is gone in Kansas - that was my #1 race. Now, Wisconsin, get rid of Walker!

I am wondering how Dotard is doing?

The story

"Devin Nunez will now dissolve back into obscurity"

CNN calls Texas for Cruz. Damn.

Now we will see an avalanche of investigations and subpoenas.

Sinema took the lead

The unfortunate thing, even if we win the House, is that most Rethugs are getting the message


F-U Cheetolini!

Jon Tester 58% after 11%

my sister is winning

On the upside, Beto will be entirely free to campaign for President now

Is there a call for Georgia's 6th cong. district?

CNN is calling Cruz winning. :( nt

Pete Sessions went down...YES!

Haley Stevens Wins in Mich - a pickup

Our house.........

Happy we got the house, but

Are there mail in ballots for FL to be counted later maybe?

Democrats win one half of the two chambers of Congress and this is painted as a bad night for us?

Beto may be the next President of the United States

Folks, let try to put this in perspective here...

So far Dems are actually over performing in 538's Congress forecast

What about Dana Rohrabacher and Duncan Hunter?

What's more important

Brian Williams is drunk lol

Haley Stevens defeats drumpf humper Epstein to flip MI-11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boo Az Gov. Douchy is staying....

Brian Williams just called Charlie Sykes, Hugh Hewitt!

Debbie Stabenow is back in the lead! 52-48%

Colorado elects nation's first openly gay governor, CNN projects

It would be really fucking nice

Democrat Gretchen Whitmer wins Michigan governor race

Exit poll had 44% of Florida voters saying Gillum was too liberal for state

With regard to the election.

Women of America to GOP: "We grabbed YOU by the mid-terms!!!"

Ocasio-Cortez to be youngest woman ever elected to Congress

Picked up in OK?

New Mexico picks up a Democratic governor - Michelle Lujan Grisham!

NY-11 (D) pickup - Max Rose ousts Dan Donovan

A third of this country would kill a third of the people while a third watched and did nothing.

AZ-02, Fla-26 flip to Dem - nt

One of tonight's biggest winners

Eight long arduous years of the Republican iron fist coming to an end in the house!

Can the House protect the ACA?

Democrat Sean Casten defeats Rep. Peter Roskam to flip suburban Chicago district

Here's a little CSNY for this evening

Michigan had a blue wave tonight and transformed our state forever

Meanwhile, still can't count Fla even though Nelson is only down 138K votes!

Clerk who refused to sign gay marriage licenses voted out in Kentucky

Any Thompson/Estes info yet?

Caston Ill 06 Winner - A pickup!!

Congrats to Debbie Mucarsel-Powell


This is much better than that Russian-born nightmare we lived through 2 years ago! Nice!

Congrats to Nima Kulkarni

So, what happened with the huge surge in youth voting?

Dan Rather: Where I think the headlines look tomorrow:

Winning the HOUSE means the Mueller investigation will not be easily stopped. If nothing else the

Dems could pick up 2 seats in

Tax Returns right fucking now

Okay, I'll Say it: SPEAKER PELOSI

The House Dems is already asking for Trump's tax return!

Virginia shows the way....

ABC has Meghan McCAIN as a pundit!1 All she ever says on The View is "elites hate common peeps"

Something to keep an eye on. Trump is not popular in Iowa

Committee Chairs- We can get trump tax returns from the IRS

Has Steve King, Iowa 4, lost his seat?


Kinda sucks to be a Republican tonight.


Any solid results for Wisconsin District 1

ABC:Dewine Wins Ohio Gov - Fuck

US Rep. Maxine Waters is going to be the next chairwomen of the House Financial Services Committee.

Ranking member of the new Ways and Means Comm announces that they will seek the tax returns from irs

Abigail Spanberger Shocks Brat in Virginia.

Abigail Spanberger Shocks Brat in Virginia.

Who knows, maybe Nancy Pelosi will be our first woman president!

What's that sound? Shredding machines going into meltdown?

Haaland becomes one of first Native American women elected to Congress

what about the guy that wanted Paul Ryan's seat

Happy Dems will get the House. My night spoiled by Cruz winning.

Dems to take the house and the stock market futures sky is not falling...futures are up.

Rehash of my master theory

Lujan Grisham projected winner -governor of NM

Big win in Oklahoma

I cannot wait to see Maxine Waters in charge of Financial.....This is gonna be epic.

FLA -26, NY-22 Dem wins and flips per ABC

Michigan update: Dem governor and marijuana in, gerrymandering out.

Elaine Luria (D) Tops Scott Taylor (R) to FLIP VA 2nd CD!

Did Abigail Spanberger beat Brat?

Tonight WILL be good news for 2020: All discussion will be about tonight.

We take NY22 - and NY19 Whooohoooo

I call bullshit in Ohio

Beto O'Rourke.....Speaker of the House!

Florida 15th cong. district. Has there been a call?

Strange the pace of precinct reporting

Ok, We Can All Take a Huge Breath, We've Taken a Big Step in the Right Direction

Glad I can be proud of my state again tonight.

A real nailbiter is underway in Wisconsin

and finally 538 has Dem house control at 100%. Whew.

Mayor Gillum!

Florida 6th cong. dist. Has there been a call on this one?

Desantis won.....I'm disgusted. Florida i suspect dodginess.

Andrew Gillum....class act.

Gillim concedes. Countless hearts broken but he will not be cast aside by the voters.

CNN calls Florida governorship for Ron DeSantis

Am I Blue, Hoagy Carmichael

CNN finally calls it for the House.....Welcome to sanity.

Fck! Fck! Fck! Gillum conceded

Dems are in the house


CNN calls FL governor - DeSantis. :( Very disappointing.nt

The precinct I worked today had 63% turnout, not including early and absentee voters.

CNN projects Democrats take the House

CNN and 538 call the House for the Dems.

The new House needs to laser focus on healthcare

Every single government official with a hand in this "Caravan" stunt needs to testify.

538 projects Dem's win house 100%

I will say it right now! Beto For President 2020

Three Texas Democrats got real damned close.

Ann Kirkpatrick heading back to Congress as Dems pick up seat in Arizona

My TV's still off. So, how did we do?

Gillum Needs To Challenge Rubio

NJ 07 flipped from red to blue

Maine's may flip for the Dems' governor!

Please explain how, without cheating, a state votes to give the vote to released felons but . . . .

Nate Cohn just called OK-05 for the Democrat

NM democrats sweeping state offices!

Claudia "Nancy Pelosi's Spiked Heels" Tenney is going down

Gillum-D has conceded in FL. It was a close loss. He should seek a rematch in 2022 or

Beto was a weak candidate

No blue wave but a rainbow wave.


**Breaking: John Dickerson of CBS-Trump meeting with his lawyers tonight!!**

We're going to see Trump's tax returns.

Jesus H. Can you ALL just give us in Texas an hour to mourn ?

Why winning the House is SO important

I hope to see a bunch of legislation coming out of the House

Brat is gone!

This tweet perfectly sums up FL


Woohoo! Spanberger called as winner in VA 7th -- Dems have done GREAT in Virginia

The ND native american vote supression a big contributor to gop power hold.

The House: Subpoena power; Controls the Purse Strings.

Buh bye, Dave Brat!!

Lizzie Fletcher beats Rep. John Culberson (R)

We flipped a lot of local races blue

Beto Flips Another Texas US Representative -George Bush's Old seat

Big pick ups in blue state

Spanberger spanks Brat

Has the Ohio Gov. race been called?

The tax returns WILL BE SEEN.

So where is this "red wave" Dump spoke of....

WTF, McKacskill lost???????????

Guillum, a black man conceeds his loss of a Governor's seat to a racist.

20 seat net gain in House so far per msnbc 11:08 pm nt

David Corn: "January 3, 2019, will be a good day for..."


Did Walker win?? I'm confused. One stations calls it for him yet the numbers show he is down.

Florida restores voting rights to convicts

Gavin Newsom and Kate Brown elected in CA and OR

Best news of the night for me...

As an aside, on MSNBC, Nicole Wallace is giddy about the Dem House takeover!

Is Manchin the only red state senator to keep his seat?

We've made history here in Colorado.

Cindy Axne (D) beats Rep. David Young (R) in IA-03. Another pickup, district Trump won.

Michelle Lujan Grisham to become New Mexico's first Democratic Latina governor

OK, it's clear. CNN is head and shoulders above MSNBC and PBS...

Pennsylvania 10th cong. district. Has there been a call on that?

The public used the House to check Trump tonight, not the Senate or Governors.

Oklahoma 5th is flipped blue! Kendra Horn

Florida needs to be two states

NBC News: Kendra Horn projected winner in Oklahoma-5. DEM PICKUP.

Kendra Horn won in the middle of Oklahoma!

NY-19: Hello Delgado, goodbye Faso

Great coverage by CNN so far.

Okla-05 flips to Dem bringing it to 21 net flipped (nt)

NJ-02 flipped to Dem (Lance) nt

One Small Town Result

First and foremost, this is a night to celebrate.

Could Iowa turn total blue for the House and the governor?

Florida: yes I hate my state

There were some great wins for us tonight and we should savor them. Some

Total 3 NJ districts flipped to Dem - woohoo!! And waiting for #4 nt

WH: No Scheduled Public Events For Trump Tomorrow

Kim Schrier (D) leads Dino Rossi (R) 55.3% to 44.7% WA - 8th district

IL-6 Roskam goes DOWN! Sean Casten wins!!!

Per these demographics voting numbers, more white women went for Cruz

According to the Google Machine - Racist POS Iowa Rep Steve King is down by 6 points with 41% in

in AZ mcsally R has a slight lead? are the cities in yet? msnbc is brushing past it nt

Who won MN attorney general race?

Lauren Underwood beat Randy Hultgren in the IL-14

The local news here in Nashville said the caravan was a major factor in Blackheart's win.

Stupidest remarks of the night, so far... (Sarah "Baghdad Betty" Sanders edition)

PA results with 96.3% reporting

And our democracy stands.

Obvious, but still, Congrats to future Governor Gavin Newsom.

We got Gavels !

A Democrat has won a US House Race in OK-5. Kendra Horn-D unseated Steve Russell-R in +10R District.

Dianne Feinstein won her Senate race, and it looks like at least 30 seat pickup in the House

Nancy Pelosi was correct

How can California be leaning Republican for governor?

Happiness... Horn is the new Congressional Rep of OK-05

Republicans' racist campaign against Antonio Delgado failed to work - he won Dem House seat in NY

Congrats to Angie Craig

Abby Finkenauer Defeats Rod Blum In IA 1st

Trump just tweeted: "Tremendous success tonight. Thank you to all!"

S.u.b.p.o.e.n.a. power

Colorado Democrats flip the State Senate

As annoying as Kornacki is, I'm impressed by his knowledge of all the districts and

So happy about Leonard Lance losing in NJ

Hey MIRT-thanks.I'll bet there are/will be trolls tonight

Abby Finkenauer defeats Rod Blum in Iowa's first congressional district

New York Democrats flip the State Senate many bozos won because the orange blob rallied for them??

Good news in Nevada. Polls closed hours ago, but they're still open in Clark County (LV)

Do you think the right wing are less willing to talk to pollsters?

IA-1 Iowa House 1 called for Dems- Abby Finkenauer

Kate Brown (D), OR-Gov elected to her first full term

TX, FLA, and GA are major victories in my book.

Well, I need to call it a night!

Hooray for Lauren Underwood winning in IL!!!

*A quick smile from Adam Schiff, on MSNBC.

Florida has been rigged since 2000.n/t

Democrats on the verge of taking the Minnesota House

Minnesota is looking pretty good - Both D Senators, Klobuchar and Smith, have won.

I absolutely love this

You know you're a geek when...

What happened to Paul Ryan's seat?

No matter what individual disappointments there were tonight, can we all just do one thing?

Any news on wisconsin

Hooray for Betsy Londrigan winning in IL!!!

Dems pick up 5 seats in PA

I am waiting to see what my fellow Californians


Pelosi about to speak on MSNBC............

More Than 4 Million Left Food Stamps Under President Obama

Well, a moron won for governor in Oklahoma....

BREAKING: Democrat Pramila Jayapal wins re-election to U.S. House in Washington's 7th congressional

Now the country will see what checks and balances are all about!!!!!! nt

J.D. Scholten 50.9%, Steve King 46.6%

Dem Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won NY's 14th Congressional district - youngest woman ever elected

Maine's 2nd cong. district. Has it been called yet?

IA: Buh Bye Blum and take Young with you

I think we need to thank Michael Moore for his demoralizing messaging, which was promptly

Michigan Proposal 1: Marijuana legalization leading in early results

House now 167D-164R!! Woo Hoooo!!!

ABC projects MN-2 for Angie Craig (goodbye Jason Lewis you RW hate radio f.head)

I hope some short-sighted people don't decide to reward Nancy Pelosi for her great success

nancy pelosi's grandson is learning the ropes at a young age.

Looks like the Republicans/Russians can only hack into statewide races

Iowa House District 2 to Democrat Dave Loebsack

Rohrbacher and Nunes...

So what's next for Gillum and O'Rourke and that female helicopter pilot - (sr moment) nt

Can anyone explain what is going on with the Mississippi senate race?

I feel safe posting this. Jerry Douglas playing Star Spangled Banner at Red Rocks

Being from Ohio I used to Joke about Kansas. Now Ohio will be the Joke

Hey Devin Nunes-Have fun- You have no power.

Does anyone know how state legislature races

Chairman Adam Schiff of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

Iowa House 3 to Dem Cindy Axne

The ads are over! (For now...)

This is what America looks like - those on the stage with Pelosi

How can anyone hate Pelosi after that speech?

Pelosi sounds awesome now live on TV. In not so many words she's telling Trump, McConnell & the GOP


So will we draw fair districts? Or will we gerrymander in our favor? nt

MSNBC: There are now over 100 women elected to the House. A historic record.

Could somebody from Florida explain the election results there?

What is happening in Wisconsin with Walker?

I posted that Dem Nate McMurray was beating Chris Collins in New York 27th, but Collins won.

I don't know about anyone in the country but this is really disgusting, a fucking hedge fund asshole

Hokum Hawley defeats Claire McCaskill

I'm bummed, I'll admit it. I've waited for two years for tonight.

So I just opened the bottle of champagne that I had hoped to drink in 2016. Cheers!

Where's the best place to find out what happened down ballot?

Another very important WIN..Letitia James NY ATTY GEN - least we forget...

As I told my daughter about two months ago when she asked me if Beto

We should learn from Munchin

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) wins re-election!!!

Some observations...


Claire lost

80% results in, Evers 49.3% verses Walker 48.7%

Democrat Spanberger knocks off Brat in Virginia

I have a hard time listening to concession speeches

538 Exit Polls: 51% of Voters were White 45yrs +

Steve KKKing won his seat. The devil is happy

What can you say for a state that re- elects Steve King?

Alabama and Abortion

Nate Cohn projects Kim Schreier to flip WA-08

Do you forgive Joe Manchin for the Kavanaugh vote if it kept him his Senate Seat?

Why wasn't Ned Lamont able to win anything after he beat Leiberman?

Why are there no results reported yet for Nevada?

How many women have been elected?

MSNBC: Cantaloupe King and Racist Reynolds win in IA

Is Trump the Frenchman Leaving the Cafe to Lead the Revolution?

And Kansas is #1 in NCAAB. And they beat #10 Mich St

Dems have taken control of the NY State Senate

Stabenow declared winner for Michigan Senate!

Just my opinion, but I consider FL, OH, and GA to be rigged. Discuss.

LEGISLATIVE FLIP: Minnesota Dems have picked up the state House in huge swing

Beto speaking live on now

Kennedy/Harris 2020. Here's why:

Trump, King, DeSantis, Kemp, Blackburn, etc., etc., etc.

re Beto...look at it this way....

This is where Dumpism doubles down on doubling down.

On this day in 1916 we elected the first woman to Congress.

Michelle Lujn Grisham defeats Steve Pearce to become the first Latina Democratic Governor of NM

How did the Minnesota races shake out?

Listening to CNN: WTF? When Democrats fight for their beliefs they are "pilling on?" (re Kavanaugh

I-1631 (Carbon fee initiative) not doing well in WA

Looks like we flipped WA08...

By tomorrow can we find out how many state houses flipped? Where? nt

drats--Walker takes the lead in WI Gov

Ok guys

With the Democratic win of the majority in the House tonight.......donald trump is ROYALLY fucked!

Beto Won Those Under 45 by About 16 and lost those Over 45 by about 18 we lost a few and won a few

Tally - Dems take back House! Gov for IL, MI, KS. State Senate in NY & ME!

Keith Ellison (MN AG candidate) 5 points ahead, 70% vote in, but his margin keeps shrinking

Voting in Michigan got easier

"I voted" stickers put on Susan B Anthony's grave

Anti-abortion ballot proposals pass in AL and WV

Hooray for Colin Allred winning in TEXAS!!!!

Scott Walker just pulled ahead in Wisconsin.

What did I hear Beto just say?

I am so fucking proud of you guys!

Lol!! Beto just used the word "fucking"

One as-yet-unmentioned benefit of flipping the House...

Love the home page:

What will the next 7 weeks bring?

Beto F bomb

"Sorry about the F bomb..."

Beto just dropped the F bomb on live TV!

I'm so fucking proud of you!"

Renewables reduced wholesale power costs by $5.7 billion in Texas

Hooray for Bourdeaux winning in Georgia!!!

Evers (D-WI) Gov. +0.1 with 86% in

Yesterday, I think, Steve Schmidt predicted that Trump would fire Sessions..

The year of the woman indeed.......

Jon Ralston: Washoe & Clark counties are still voting. Polls closed hours ago

Michigan has legalized pot, tackled gerrymandering AND will make it easier to vote!

New Hampshire Democrats flip both houses of the legislature.

Currently 538 is predicting Dems to pick up 34 House Seats.

Carville. Discuss his contribution tonight. nt

Maine Democrats flip the State Senate

"Tremendous success tonight. Thank you to all!" Don the Con, for real

WTF New England

Hooray for Lizzie Fletcher winning in TEXAS!!!!

Rashida Tlaib is first Palestinian-American woman elected to Congress

This was a reply, but I wanted it out there as a thread: Harris/O'Rourke 2020.

The pig won with no mess on him

Democrat Nicole Galloway keeps state auditor post

Tweet from Tom Perez

Despite some disappointments, a big victory for Democrats tonight.

So here is the thing.

NY 27th McMurray (D) leads by 0.4% with 67% against inside trader Collins (R)

Democrat Nicole Galloway keeps MO state auditor post

Kansas once again has a Democratic woman governor

DFL has put up a Facebook post congratulating Ellison on his win.

Florida... Really?

Some formerly purple states are no longer battlegrounds.

2018 US Senate Election results. 3 Democratic Incumbents have conceded defeat.

Democrats expect to break supermajority in NC House

Janet Mills becomes Maine's first woman governor

California Democrats poised to regain legislative supermajority.

America is bluer - Dems gain NM, MI, ME, KS, and Illinois Governorship. GOP gained none

On his way to the hoosegow, Chris Collins (NY) was reelected to the US House.

Democrat Anita Earls declares victory in NC Supreme Court race

Marijuana legalization

Thank you!

Republicans have sent criminals to congress

Duncan "Hoosegow Bound" Hunter reelected in CA 50.

Not to throw cold water, but to put things in perspective

Sarah Sanders: "Huge victory" for Trump, "He's happy. We had a great night."

So I'm watching the BBC show Bodyguard

Texas still won

Looks like we flipped MI-8 and MI-11.

In 2019 we will get breaking news stories

Nicolle Wallace: "This changes everything. They have no idea what's about to happen."

MSNBC: Janet Mills (D) elected Governor of Maine

Holy BuhJeezus. MN-1: 92 votes between the two (it was just 21 votes a couple mins ago)

Harley Rouda leads Rohrabacher by about 300 votes.

Holy shit look at all those Orange County ballots

Antonio Delgado wins his seat... Racist GOPr campaign against him falls flat!

The pre election MSNBC/Chris Mathews meme that candidates going full on progressive (FL, GA, TX)

Woodall (R) loss call in GA reversed!


I'm not sure which emotion ...

Ga is straight up shenanigans! No paper trail BS$#@

CA-25 Katie Hill (D) in dead heat with Steven Knight (rethug incumbent) UPDATE KATIE UP 51.3%!!!

Feast your eyes on all the Committees that the Democrats will be heading in January.

MSNBC: Democrats up 9 points in the popular vote over the GOPee


Close and closely watched 2nd District House race goes to Rep. Don Bacon

Milwakee has beaucoup absentee ballots that haven't been counted

amusing. FreeRepublican asks "what are the consequences if dems win the house?"

Big NC news! Republican super majority has been broken in the NC House!

45,000 absentee ballots in Milwaukee have not been counted

Democrat Joe Cunningham projected to flip SC-01

(MN) Ilhan Omar again makes history, becoming 1st Somali-American elected to U.S. House

Female demographics in key races

Yeah, Collins, Hunter and Nunes won their seats back...

Sinema may edge McSally in the remaining vote

I think this election says one thing very loudly, Howard Dean's 50 state strategy is a winning

Nebraskans approve expanding Medicaid to cover more of the state's low-income residents

Wisconsin Gov race -- fuckhead Walker ahead by 1544 votes (0.062% of the total), 96.8% precincts

President Trump called Leader Pelosi at 11:45 p.m. this evening to extend his congratulations on win

Ralston tweets that the "dead pimp," Dennis Hof, is going to win his race...

Elissa Slotkin takes the MI-8th

"I never lose. I either win or I learn." Nelson Mandela via Ben Jealous

100k more voted for Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) for senate than Evers for Gov??

Spending originates in the House so I guess the wall is dead.

Democrat Laura Kelly Defeats Kris Kobach To Become Kansas' Next Governor

Holy shit Montana Senate

Michigan elects its first LGBT statewide official

Thank you, grantcart and everyone else for the appreciation thread

Seems pretty clear to me the Dems won the suburbs and Repubs won the rural vote

Kris Kobach Loses Kansas Governor's Race To Democrat Laura Kelly

Fricken Nunes

I've been following NYT midterm election results live

Letitia James becomes New York's first black attorney general

Even with a couple of tight races

Stacey Abrams is even better at this than O'Rourke and Gillum.

Losing ground in the Senate stings but it doesn't reduce Democratic power.

impressive speech by abrams and she is NOT quitting nt

Count all the votes!


I'm so proud of my state tonight. Michigan just kicked Republican ass. And all women, too.

Anyone else notice how close all these races were tonight?

Evers has inched ahead of Walker...

What does it mean when republicans win in states that are against Medicaid expansion, yet the

GOP lawmaker who complained that he can't call women "sluts" anymore loses to woman

Idaho, Nebraska and Utah vote to expand Medicaid.

Should we assume that there was NO interference in any of these election results?

Milwaukee ballots in - Walker 7k - Evers 38k

Cunningham flips SC-01

Rosen (D) leads Heller 52% - 43% (Nevada Senator)

Jon Ralston is calling for it for Rosen and Sisolak in Nevada.

*A Night Of Firsts: The Candidates Who Made History In The 2018 Midterms

Beto Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth. So Fucking Proud Of You Guys!

Beto Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth. So Fucking Proud Of You Guys!

Exit polls: Most Democrats want Donald Trump impeached

Ever leads by 37000 votes based on the absentee ballots over walker (MSNBC)

Sound like Walker's OUT, in Wisc, so

Pennsylvania Senate Democrats break the Republican supermajority

Nevada looks very good for Rosen over Heller. That is good news for Democrats

From all indications Nelson in Florida is still in the race.

Dems kicked ass in Colorado tonight! ....

Jackie Rosen Nevada (D) Senate Winner(50.7% to 45.1%)

CNN just called it for Rosen in Nevada.

Keep on walking Mr. Walker!

Lots of Tester territory still uncounted, including most of Missoula...


Georgia's 6th House District Election Results: Lucy McBath (50%) vs. Karen Handel (50%)

Looks like Milwaukee absentees may be the final nail in Walkers defeat

CNN: Democrats' win in House provides crucial protection for Mueller investigation

Wanker goes down!!! Evers declared the winner... big happy dance

Congrats to Tony Evers

Scott Walker is out as Governor of WI - yay!

Who won or is close in these CA races?

The Success in Beto's Failure

one last glass of red...

Upset! Gina Ortiz Jones (D) squeaks out a win over Rep. Will Hurd (R)

Report: Donald Trump furious with Paul Ryan, blaming him as GOP braces for rough election night

Things went well in Oregon

TX-23: Gina Ortiz Jones has a small lead with 100% in.

How do we break the gerrymandered Senate?

Question for Wisconsin DUers


Idaho Medicaid Expansion Sails To Victory


Prop. 10: California rent control expansion defeated

Jacky Rosen-D has declared victory in NV.

Other notes from Nevada

Jacky Rosen just won the Senate seat in Nevada over Dean Heller

House National popular vote Dem. +7.1

It's pretty clear we need to spend billions on state constitutional amendments

Women just made history, winning more congressional seats in this election than ever before!

Are these issues now safe...

Democrats Win NY Senate, Secure Single-party Rule In New York.

The Florida senate race numbers haven't moved in hours. Is there a problem, Florida?

Dem Steve Sisolak takes Governor race in Nevada



How did FL and GA lose?

High-level US-North Korea meeting postponed without reason

My friend Rob Sand won in Iowa! It doesn't make up for Beto, but it helps

This was the 2nd biggest wave election of the last quarter century

MSNBC just called it for Evers over Walker in Wisconsin!

Beto's legacy will live on in Texas

10 proposals that could become law w/Democrats in charger of NY State Senate

GA-06: Lucy McBath grabs a small lead.

Beto O'Rourke may have lost, but tonight Texas Democrats gained...

Pic of Nancy Pelosi with John F. Kennedy

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders wants more bipartisanship, calls investigations a waste of time.

Iowa saw many close races

Not 1, but TWO Muslim American congresswomen officially WIN tonight.

Gerry mandering is still a real problem

Rachel Maddow trolls Trump on Twitter - LOL :-)

Sherrod Brown 2020?

Did I hear right several hours ago that 100 women got elected to Congress?Vindication for the March!

GA-06: Lucy McBath leads by 389 votes with everything in.

In Arizona all the counties are in save 3

Great! Green Party Space Cadet Moonbeam is %#!@ing Up the Senate Race For Sinema in AZ...

What? Come again? (My one unhappy thread for the night)

Looking like Russiabacker has lost, 100% in and 3000 down, 1.6%

The Daily Show: Trevor's Live Election Results From Key Races

The Daily Show: LIVE Midterm Election Coverage - The Dems Take the House

Scott/Nelson tied at 50 percent. 4:30 am

Fun reading free republic

I'm Happy Keith Ellison Won His Election

The Daily Show: Trevor's Live Election Results From Key Races

Sean, where are you?

The Daily Show: LIVE Midterm Election Coverage - The Dems Take the House

Boy, that Michael Moore was sure prescient, huh?

Lamont (D) has retaken lead for CT Governor. Mainly blue cities yet to report.

Seth Meyers - The New York City Marathon, the Midterm Elections - Monologue - 11/5/18

Seth Meyers - Democrats Take Control of the House: A Closer Look

In place of my weekly Wednesday Scandal post, here's a special presentation...

Stephen Colbert - Opening and Monologue - 11/6/18

In place of my weekly Wednesday Dance post, here's a special presentation...

Four Senate Seats are still not decided

German police raid BlackRock offices

Stephen Colbert: The Dems' House Win Is A 'BFD' Says Alex Wagner And John Heilemann

OK Mueller, elections over, get those indictments delivered.

Stephen Colbert: Guest Hasan Minhaj Won't Say Trump's Name On His Show

Video: Senator Bernie Sanders gives Victory Speech - Midterms Elections

I'm glad we took back the House but

Democrats rebuilt their 'blue wall' in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisc. It's a big deal for 2020

Maxine Waters -- shouldn't tney put her in charge of some committee? She'd INVESTIGATE !

Democrats surge to solid control of Maine Legislature

I would pay GOOD money to watch

Janet Mills wins race to succeed LePage as Maine's next governor

Texas sending its first Latinas to Congress: Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia

"The big message to Republicans is, lawyer up"

Maine's toss-up 2nd District appears headed to a ranked-choice count

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my existence

Why the Amazon effect on house prices may be muted in the chosen HQ2 cities

Angus King eases to re-election win over young challengers

I'm sorry I can't celebrate today.

CA-48: Rouda (D) still ahead of Russia's Rohrabacher (R)

LOL: Ann Coulter: "Kansas is dead to me!" America: Did it drop another house on your sister?

Hope we hear from Bob mueller team soon

First openly LGBTQ person elected to Indiana legislature

Florida's Senate race between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson might require a recount

Ted Lieu: "No more stupid hearings in @HouseJudiciary about Hillary Clinton's emails."

What can Democrats do with their majority in the House ?

Trump tweet "big win"

Spanberger beats Brat! 50.1%-48.7%

Dean Heller's "Everything Trump touches turns to gold" comment must burn like a m*th*rf*ck*r today.

Now, 2020.

I'll have to find new off ramp to piss at

A song for us this morning:

Steve King re-elected in Iowa House race despite latest controversy

Maxine Waters -- contemplate her as Speaker . . .

Dennis Hof (R), Dead Brothel Owner From Nevada, Just Won In A Landslide

Don't be fooled. The midterms were not a bad night for Trump (Cas Mudde, The Guardian)

Here's what I didn't see last night...

Thank you America

Per CNN trump to hold news conference at 1130 est

The vile MAGAcretin will be holding a press conference later this morning

Mother Jones: "Here Comes The Flood"..."The possibilities are almost endless for the Democrats."

3 States Legalize Marijuana For Recreational Or Medical Use

I feel good this morning.


Have we heard from Skinner this morning? (Nt)

Tester behind by 2,700 after 82%

I can accept our candidates losing an honest race.

Stacey Abrams refuses to concede Georgia governor's race

NBC News Exit Poll: Majority of voters don't think Trump should be impeached

Iam trying to feel good about dem victory

(Mass) Voters overwhelmingly support Question 3 on transgender rights

Tonight was an amazing night for LGBT candidates

Ted Cruz Defeats Beto O'Rourke for Senate in Texas

Out of many, several trailblazing 'firsts' elected across country

Greg Stanton won

Democratic Control Of The House Is Trouble For Trump, And 6 Other Election Takeaways

Trump decrees that those who did not embrace him in the Midterms must now "say goodbye!"

People, we won!

See the proof that Trump is now lying more than any president ever

Trump: "Received so many Congratulations from so many on our Big Victory last night"

Wait. House Dems can go after McConnell involvement in Russia too, eh?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker loses to Democrat Tony Evers

What I don't understand

Blue wave crushes in NV

Carole King is on Morning Joe scum now

So excited!! Libs take the house...Kansaas shows some sense!!!

Dana Rohrabacher, Putin's Favorite Congressman, Loses his Seat to Democrat Harley Rouda

Now THIS is SWEET!!!!!

Democrats win majority in New York's Senate, ending GOP control

Democrats win majority in New York's Senate, ending GOP control

Today is better than yesterday, way better. We are on the road to bipartisanship finally. A big

Ok mueller ready when you are ....

Bottom line: the nation is much bluer after the election. The house, at least 7 more governorships

Happy on one level, very worried on another. Economy has been feeling like 2007

Wednesday TOONs - Immediate Aftermath Edition

Our Revolution Congratulations List:

AZ Green Party cost Sinema 2.4 Percent of vote at polls.

The Rainbow wave materialized and women broke boundaries yesterday

AZ Green Party cost Sinema 2.4 Percent of vote at polls.

Why didn't we see more of this?

Can Devin Nunes be called to Testify before congress by an investigative hearing?

So what is the process of making a new state of South Florida?

Democrats won about 60% of the women's vote. That's significant because we've seen a shift in 3 key

Trump just tweeted to bitch about "the pundits or talking heads that do not give us proper credit"

Indicted GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter wins re-election after a bitter fight in California

Trump demands "proper credit" for "this great Midterm," otherwise "remember two words - FAKE NEWS!"

Dem Jennifer T. Wexton defeats Rep. Barbara Comstock, turning a GOP stronghold district in Virginia

A list of possible subpoenas:

We need to control the narrative and push back hard

Dem Jennifer T. Wexton defeats Rep. Barbara Comstock, turning a GOP stronghold district in Virginia

Here come the subpoenas.

The Dems flipped SEVEN governorships. That's a big deal. (+ Guam...let's not forget Guam!)

I want the chance to vote for Beto.

Senate vote totals are revealing

Senate popular vote, Dems 55.4% Reps 43.0%, Senate seats +3 Rep.

Trump now threatening us:

I have mixed feelings this morning

Three Deep Red States Vote to Expand Medicaid


Josh Hawley Defeats Claire McCaskill in Missouri Senate Race

The Parkland effect revisited

Wow. Preet Bharara's PERFECT dismissal of Laura Ingraham's snark

I'm not sorry, I AM celebrating...don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good

Trump: Candidates that did not embrace me can 'say goodbye'

The Frightened Orange Doofus is Already Threatening Obstruction for Democratic Oversight

Some of the questions that Democratic majority in the House that will need to ask

And the Dow futures are up.

Opponents of Abortion Win Big

Any news on state-level legislatures?

Basically, we saved the world last night. So quit yer complainin'!

Trump will crow about last night--but really he lost ground over 2016

Kremlin sees no prospects for better U.S. ties after elections

Link for following Tester results

Ohio and Florida are no longer swing states. Does it matter?

The Twit tweets: If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us...

The biggest tragedy from last night is that Putin must now choose a new favorite Congressman. SAD!

Lion Air crash: Boeing and FAA to issue advice to airlines on 737 Max jets - report

Trump rips pundits for not giving him 'proper credit' for 'great' midterm

Bloomberg, Sahil Kapur: Rust Belt Defeats Are a 2020 Warning for Trump

Russian Meddling in the Midterms. - NY Times

Hey Beto voters!

After losing House, Trump threatens Democrats with leak investigations

Did you realize that the Democrats have won the popular vote in both House and Senate?

Okay I'm over any disappointment and focusing at the bright side

crazy ass sick sob trump retweeting quote "he has magic about him"

Please have perspective that the Dem Senate map last night was always going to be

Keith Ellison defeats Doug Wardlow in Minnesota attorney general race

Well, Florida . . .

Looks like the Green party played spoiler in the AZ race.

Guam Catholic church to file bankruptcy amid abuse lawsuits

Guam Catholic church to file bankruptcy amid abuse lawsuits

Ben Stein tried to set a world record in sucking up to Trump last night. Trump loved it.

Wanker hasn't yet conceded.

Fresno Bee thinks that "maybe" Nunes will now "be our congressman"

Ivanka Trump hit by ethics watchdog over China trademarks

Hello everyone

Florida result sux, but it reminded me of this funny Chris Rock show bit...

Neil Young on Trump: "This man does not represent the character of the people in the U.S.A."

American people will see Trump's tax returns, senior House Democrat predicts

Trump, Putin to meet at a working lunch in Paris on Nov. 11: Kremlin

Trump: "If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us..."

Don't worry Trump, the House won't be coming after just you...

I'm tired of the doom and gloom people.

Since 2004 I have not understood this place. I never got a "hats off."

FFS, he's having chronic Tweet-arrhea this morning. I can feel the tone softening already!

"We owe it to Puerto Rico and the thousands of souls lost to have at least one public accounting"

Missouri voters say yes to medical marijuana

Missouri voters say yes to medical marijuana

Last night theDemocratic Party won 10 million more votes for Senators than

Look who is celebrating with us!

Conservatives now wonder if transactional Trump might leave them in the cold

Rohrabacher goes down. The Nazi finally got what he deserved

Harwood: Trump WH "faces mortal danger from Robert Mueller" who "now has a wingman" - Dem House

Should We Suspect Any Interference By Russians In These Midterms?......

Nevadans side with Buffett's Berkshire in energy spat with Adelson

Hey, guys----I think I just might be on to something here!

Scottsdale AZ had a 50% turnout yesterday.

Fellow Du'ers...WE WON THE HOUSE...BFD

28 seats? Is that the final tally on houses won?

Can anyone tell me

Kellyanne Conway's spin about Trump winning midterms gets shut down: 'You lost the House!"

Can people stop quoting Trump in subject lines?

Sorry, gotta agree with Bugs Bunny on this one

LOL! Love this meme: "Twitter Tantrums Are Coming"

Trump is playing the game of nice today.........

AFL on Snotty Walker's loss

Watching the polls come in last night on MSNBC (Topic: Mueller probe)

Eyeing conservative U.S. top court, two states pass abortion measures

With governor's race deadlocked, Milwaukee WI delivered for Democrat Evers w/ late absentee ballots

The Rundown: November 6, 2018

One election isn't going to solve the authoritarianism and nationalism crisis in the US

The Webcomics Weekly #9: Spooky Scary Polar Bears (11/6/18)

This Month in Comics: October 2018

North Dakota voters set to reject marijuana legalization measure

So disappointed in Florida.

Meet some of our Newly-elected @HouseDemocrats Congresswomen...

Does the Senate have oversight of the House?

Illegal Immigrant in Trump-Promoted Ad Entered US Under Bush, Released by Arpaio

Trump Threatens People Planning to Vote Illegally (Mostly Republicans)

Lucy McBeth has won in Georgia!!!Yesssss!!!

Welcome new House Dems, 116th Congress!

This is what hurts so bad...

Missouri voters say yes to medical marijuana

Florida Dems- you have a comer if you want her

Did Kansas teach us a lesson?

I am pulling for Stacey in a run-off. Pulling for Tester, he has a real chance.

Idiot still cannot react to defeat except through insults and threats.

ladies and ladies: the new faces of congress!

Whoever the Speaker of the House is, he or she will have to be the honorary leader of the free world

Being a Democrat in Florida this morning feels like...

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Warns Democrats: Don't 'Waste Time' Investigating Trump

34 House Flips for the Democrats (12+ females unseat white Republican males)

Walker is hoping to get to the 1% recount through military ballots and challenging absentee ballots.

Thank-you Wisconsin. You did it. You sent Scott Walker packing!!!


Minnesota - 64% Turnout and Two Flipped House Seats

What Happened In Paul Ryan's District?.....

Need Lamont! CT! Gov.

"To All the Boys I've loved Before". Charming high school romance

In Startling 180, Trump Says Pelosi 'Earned,' 'Deserves' Speakership

Clarke Tucker ran a great campaign.

Deceased Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof wins state assembly race, weeks after he was found dead

So, it was "productive" for GOP to continuously investigate Dems but it is just a "waste of time and

Opposition to Nancy Pelosi as Speaker is what Republicans do.

Wisc, Mich, Penn electoral votes total 46.

Dems Defeat Roskam, Key House Architect of GOP Tax Plan

Anyone have updates on where Tester's race stands?

Anyone here have crumbling foundations?

Heitkamp, Donnelly, and McKaskill did the right thing in voting against that scumbag, rapist judge.

Ryan: 'We Are A Divided Nation, And Now We Have A Divided Washington'

Interesting - Repubs won in Senate where Trump's approval rating was positive, except W VA

Question about recounts here

Black mayors elected in El Dorado and Camden

6 a.m. PBS house map. Big, scary Orca coming to devour you, Mr Drumph.

Lucy Mcbath beat Karen Handel!!!

To the tourism sites of Arizona and Florida, I will never visit your states again

Democrats Make Big Gains In General Assembly And Capture State Senate And Increase Majority In House

My niece worked with Kaine campaign and this is her beautiful account of what happened:

Why Aren't We Celebrating The Best Parts Of Last Night?

We could be headed for a recount. FL law requires one when the margin is within 0.5 percent.

Loves me some Native American Kick Boxing Lesbians

Do YOU realize how monumental the Dems victory last night was..and how damaging 2010 still is?

They love to talk about how unpopular Pelosi is.

Trump 2020 'begins today'

Don't forget Nevada last night was a big bright star

North Carolina - no flipped House seats, but

Borowitz Report: Putin Loses Control of the House

My friend lost his re-election bid

Mueller has powerful new House allies as he bears down on Trump

European leaders see Democratic House gains as a blow to Trump's "rudeness" and "racism"

More than just Trump, the following committees can help defend the US from right wing terrorism

Voter turnout

Let's face reality for a few minutes

Here are the top 4 investigations that Trump faces now that Democrats control the House

Whoa!! This was unexpected.

GOP running out of time to grill Russia investigators

Whoa!! This was unexpected. . .

Catch a Wave and You're Sitting on Top of the World...

Does anybody know what areas are uncounted in Montana and Arizona and are they good for Dems?

Video: BookExpo May 31, 2018 - Senator Sanders - Where We Go From Here

Exasperated Steve Bannon: 'Thank you, Fox News'

Pic Of The Moment: Scenes We're About To See

WI Dems: with the turnout of Walker, what is the status of state legislature? Can new Gov

Trump attacks media for accurately reporting that Democrats won the House: 'FAKE NEWS'

Beto 2020

Additional potential House Pickups

What Kind Of Damage Can The Repugs And Trump Do Before.....

Does Rick Scott expect us to believe this is possible?

Is there a link to a running list of FLIPS? Governorships, State Houses, State Senates, etc

IOWA: LGBT Ally Zach Wahls Elected To State Senate

Trump won electoral college by a total of 70K votes.

Voters Approve Major Changes To Redistricting And Other Voting Laws

Comstock loss means D.C. region's congressional delegation is entirely blue

George Takei's tweet this morning made me smile.

I hear Scott Walker wants a recount and I am thinking Jill Stein might be able to help him with that

Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC Deserve a lionshare of the Credit this Morning

Hello from Florida

Green Party Strikes in AZ

the period of serious investigation of Donald Trump is about to begin

Dead Brothel Owner Wins Election For Nevada Legislative Seat

Important call

Well they elected the Medicare thief again.

Oregon won BIG!!

Nelson won't concede, said there will probably be a recount!

Now they're saying on MSNBC that people within the Gillum ranks are saying

The founder of 'Gays for Trump' got trounced in his North Carolina election

US abruptly postpones top-level North Korea talks

we won the house -- they said it wasn't possible

Funniest Tweet Of The Morning: QAnon Crowd has been really shaken up by Dems taking control of house

Reality is about to ensue for the whole 'Trump as "CEO of America"' mindset.

(Retitled: ) Should I send this to my re-elected Blue Dog representative?

For The First Time In 30 Years.....

Trump will declare victory at morning news conference

According to local Dem party - Dems won the trifecta in Maine

Step Right Up, Folks. Place your bets.

It simply defies logic that there wasn't widespread institutional cheating yesterday.

Montana: Jon Tester. W.T.H?

Betty Bowers gets it perfect

Democrats planning to call Mueller for nationally televised hearings if he's removed from the Russia

We have 23 governors now? Much better than sixteen.

Rohrbacher Out

Georgia Governor race, is there any doubt

Will Mueller act before the new Democratic House is sworn in?

Kentucky clerk who refused to sign same-sex marriage certificates loses re-election bid

Boeing Jet Crashed in Indonesia After Key Sensor Replaced

Am I dreaming? Did WI go BLUE?? OMG!!!!! 🌊

Last night was a very good night.

I think 3 of the so-called losers are 3 of our biggest winners

We have to consider the good things that happened last night.

I hope we haven't seen the last of Beto O'Rourke and Andrew Gillum.

By winning the house does this

So now when Trump mentions his wall we can laugh at him

Overall a good night - with dark shadows

Dems score string of upsets on way to winning House

Republican states voted for Medicaid expansion...

Ok you fucking bastards....

Im still not believing that Joe Donnelly lost by that large of a margin

Voters In Two States Approved Abortion Restrictions On Tuesday

Ten year prison sentence for election tampering. (as opposed to voter fraud)

Steve King, Congress's Most Shameless Racist, Has Won Reelection in Iowa

"You scared bro? You sound scared"

Marijuana stocks rally after Michigan votes to legalize recreational cannabis

Micheal Avenatti is getting to be a bit too much:

Senate Vote Totals Democratic Party: 45.2 million votes Republican Party: 39.3 million votes

Marijuana stocks rally after Michigan votes to legalize recreational cannabis

The FL Amendment restoring voting rights is a game changer for this state

Beto's future...

Nelson, Scott race headed to recount

Going to see this today!

OK, Mr Mueller, let'r rip!

The "Caravan" Card

Now they should have an investigation into Stacy Abrams/Kemp race.

Tom Leonard concedes the race to Dana Nessel. Michigan has a new Democratic Attorney General!!

The defeat of Dana Rohrabacher is being celebrated all over the world. It's even trending in London

So is it clear now that committed women running on Dem platforms will win?

Segregation is dead, how long, how violent, how expensive is the funeral

Conservative pundit bewildered by dejected Democrats after midterms: 'You won!'

Macron's plan to pay tribute to Nazi collaborator Petain stirs anger

Happy 75th birthday, Roberta Joan "Joni" Mitchell

Only one Dem served as Colorado Secy of State since 1963

Trying to see a Silver Lining on the Senate ass-whupping ...

What's everyone listening to this am?

I live in Ohio and used to live in Florida

Poppy Harlowe is annoying the crap out of me this morning.

Cazzie David struggles to contain her pride.

Republicans elected two people under indictment.....

Did Rs add to their Senate majority? Looks like 51 right now, same as what it was Monday.

Trump is calling himself the Magic Man"

CT-GOV: Stefanowski conceeds to Lamont

Victory! Cuyahoga County Council Passes LGBTQ-Inclusive Non-Discrimination Ordinance (Cleveland)

Election was slam dunk for women in Michigan

Science Returns to the House

'Single-use' is Collins' word of the year for 2018

Election was slam dunk for women in Michigan

Albeit slower than we want, this eleciton shows,,,,,,,,

McConnell is very restrained at his press conference.

Devin Midnight Weasel Nunes loses his chair on the Intelligence Comm...

Bigfoot Erotica Writer Republican Goes to Congress (not the Onion)

Warsaw bans nationalist march marking Polish independence centenary

Best response to Ann Coulter's tweet about Kansas (ROFLMAO!)

Ocasio-Cortez to be youngest woman ever elected to Congress

We didn't take the Senate, but I think we can still influence judicial nominations.

U.N., Western powers quietly bury December plan for Libya election

Fourteen percent of Florida African Americans voted for Ron DeSantis, only 10% for Scott

GOP congressman, who once lamented not being able to call women 'sluts,' loses to a woman

Donald Trump Jr. Expecting to Be Indicted by Mueller Soon

Democrats flip six State Legislative Chambers

The house needs to challenge the constitutionality

What can a Dem house do to Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins?

these boots were made for walking

The Eagle Has Landed

Note to our new Democratic House membership

Twitler endorsement record. 12 out of 33. So much for the "magic man"

Question regarding gerrymandering

McTurdle is confused

Statement from President Obama: "Our work goes on.

Washington passes gun control referendum...

Pro-Russia Dana Rohrabacher set to lose to Harley Rouda in California congressional race

With Trump shackled at home, Europeans fear more disruption abroad

Why are the state polls almost ALWAYS wrong in the same direction?

If the Dems are smart...

Jon Meacham on Trump - "...that's Archie Bunker who became president."

Peru arrests ex-police chief, others on baby-trafficking charges

Elijah Cummings is Coming for those tax returns Trumpy.

This morning I'm already sick of this word.

Why are so many people trying to manage other people's feelings this morning?

Which Republican losses are your favorites?

Lindsey, Lindsey Graham, where are you?

Sharice Davids makes history: Kansas' 1st gay rep, 1st Native American woman in Congress

Today: The end of political ads

Rick Scott is a political cockroach.

I don't remember a victory being this important

Some words of hope from Mumford and Sons

Some big firsts in MN!

Why are white rural voters so supercharged nowadays?

Democrats sweep state offices in NM

They are freaking out

Please post anything you know about this election and fight against gerrymandering.

C-Span: Majority Leader McConnell on 2018 Election Results

IMO, good start for House Investigations ... a Simple, Slam Dunk ...

Debra Haaland first Native American woman in Congress

Shareblue lists tRumps unchecked corruption, items that Dems can new investigate

Never ceases to amaze me.....

This explains FL turning redder over time...

Why no celebrating African American Lauren Underwood's historic win?

Now that we have won the House, it's time for serious bipartisanship!

WSJ: Pentagon dropping the name "Faithful Patriot" from Trump's Military border stunt

23andMe's genetic test for how you'll react to medication is ahead of its time

This should be one doozy news conference?

Senate popular vote

So about last night & the NJ House Delegation

Basic Facts: Republicans have lost more seats under Trump than they have gained.

The difference between tRump and a flying pig is the

I don't expect to hear a peep on the so-called caravan now that the election is over.

Dennis Hof, the brothel owner who died last month, wins election

Phil Knight tried to buy the Oregon Governor's office

post election thoughts, catching my breath

Exit Polls: How Voting Blocs Have Shifted From the '80s to Now

Dems appear to have won a veto-proof majority in the Vermont House and added to Sen supermajority

Parkland Survivor Sends 'Thoughts And Prayers' To Defeated NRA-Backed Candidates

Texas Democrats flip the State Board of Education

My favorite Outer Limits episode! Can you name it?

I guess the troops on the border will be going home now that they've been used by the 'president'

WINNING? 2018 midterm election represents worst House retention by any potus in 100 years

Jon Tester now up by 2,030 votes in #mtsen with 99% reporting

John Lewis says it!

GOP made it easier to subpoena presidential administrations in 2015. Now Democrats have that power.

The sweetest thing about Tester winning is that Chump hates him.

Give us the top five House Committees and what they should be investigating:

The five longest held seats by republicans won by democrats

I'll take a Senate election like last night every two years

NY Mag: Donald Trump Jr. Expecting to Be Indicted by Mueller Soon

Dana Rohrabacher (R-Putin) appears to have been defeated.

Tester takes the lead

Television goes rogue...

We looked through the fake Russian Instagram accounts pulled down yesterday. Here's what we found.

Proverbs 6:12-14

Saints sign Dez Bryant

GA - Abrams now thinks she can go to a runoff

Info on GA Gov. race

Ohio gerrymandering

McConnell, when talking about scrutiny of President Trump by Dem: "presidential harrassment"

MSNBC: Jon Tester has taken the lead, and appears to have secured reelection

The effect of Trump's tax cuts tilted toward the rich is running out of steam

Tester YES!! Still not settled but just took the lead with more out in blue areas.

Karma, meet Scott Walker. Scott Walker, meet Karma.

Voters approve additional public education funding in several states

Tom Brokaw

There Is Now an Institution of the American Government That Isn't Controlled By--or Afraid of--DT

Pelosi needs to pass the torch

The world didn't end last night. Democrats were not losers. In fact, we are the bigger winners.

If I could ask Ted Cruz one question this morning

Gerrymandering suffered big, potentially permanent blows last night

Trump has the countenance of a whipped dog

Holy fuck-45 looks like warm crap this morning!

Peesidential press conference: Cheeto looks crushed.

Good news from North Carolina

Don . . . . . . shut up and go away. You're a LOSER this morning.

What else....trump starts out's all about who he supported

Is Rogue Melania!

LGBTQ Candidates Record Midterm Wins In Rainbow Wave

He just has to lie and make it all about him. He will never change so bi-partisanship is out.

Prediction from Michael Avenatti:

McConnell says Dem House oversight of and investigations into the Trump/admin is "harassment"

Besides the obvious, another reason why some Floridians were conned into voting against Gillum:

Some DU-ers are saying Trump looks terrible this morning. Doesn't he look terrible every morning?

Asshole is on tv trying to justify, looks like he is scared shitless actually of whats coming.

Trump is reading a prepared statement, seems out of breath, looks like shit (more than usual)

Trump Not Going To Change

The most Graceless Man in the Universe speaks.

Yeah, Donald, spin the House loss all you want. This ain't changing:

First item of business for the new House, pass a hike in the minimum wage

Trump's speaking now. He looks and sounds unwell.

Kyrsten Sinema is not conceding, like Stacey Abrams she wants every vote counted

For 2020 I am a Single issue voter

VA-7 Brat concedes to Spanberger 😁

Trump is sounding terrible at presser

Trump: Votes for Senate Republicans were clearly a rebuke for Deomocrats' handling of Kavanaugh

S. King just tweeted- Gillum just gained 4k vote and now is 9,776 votes short of triggering recount

He's One Mean Sonofabitch

Chump is taking shots at the Republicans who distanced themselves from him.

Tell me again what a bad night it was for the Democrats.

Dear Leader demands greater loyalty...

Trump looks terrible today, however I don't look too good either

Trump is reading a list of GOP politicians who didn't support him that lost

He is actually throw those who lost under the bus!

He's running down the list of Republicans who lost because "they didn't want the embrace"

Be honest. Have you ever seen or heard a more narcissistic sociopath?

WHY the fuck are the MSM even covering this piece of shits news conference?

Slave labor - 20 cents a day and half a bottle of beer weekly.

Tell me I didn't hear Twitler just suggest that the Republicans that lost did so because they

I am screaming and laughting as I drive down the street at this man, drumpf.

Cannibalism in the morning

trump is now threatening the house with senate investigations....

FCC pushes carriers to implement caller ID authentication by 2019

Trump on prospect of Dem investigations in House: "They've got nothing. Zero."

He is near the edge. Bring in the white coats and take him away!!!!

Aren't our hands still effectively tied until the new Congress is sworn in?


He wants bipartisanship....What the actual fuck.

Trump cracking me up. Calling for unity and a beautiful bipartisanship.

Trump: Dems have better options because Republicans didn't win by 1 or 2 or 3, or 4 or 5

Confirmed from the Sinema campaign. Walk in ballots (almost a million) are the remaining ballots

Some of the new faces of the House of Representatives

Gin and Tacos: I Know Why You're Sad

Did he throw Pelosi a bone cause he fears impeachment...

My new bumper sticker

Cold comfort, but some notable news from the results for Florida governor's race.

"I speak with Democrats all the time. They agree that a wall is necessary."

Tweet:I'd rather see my tax dollars spent on investigating ur fraudulent taxes than 1 MORE golf trip

Bullshit Trump, still trying the whole under audit thing...Auntie Maxine aint gonna buy that.

oh cripes..the tax audit again...

Analysis: How an FBI investigation and a broken relationship tanked Andrew Gillum's campaign

Nancy Pelosi

Trump said he consulted with the generals for his transgender military ban way back

Speaker Pelosi should publicly tell Trump "No money for wall. You said Mexico would pay for it!"

Please no "reaching across the aisle"

this guy is the biggest ASSHOLE i've ever seen in my many years.

I will vote you out as a woman

Here's a note to those who complained that under DNC leadership Democrats lost....

Trump has lost the plot now, he really just lost it.

Goddamn this is crazy.

My Vote for Speaker of the House is ... HILLARY CLINTON ...

Despite Florida loss, Democrats pick up 7 new governorships - including Wisconsin, Kansas and Nevada


Dems won the popular vote in a landslide - by 7 or 8 %

OMG! This presser is beyond belief!

WOW! The press just grew a spine and he is losing it!

OMG!!! I cannot believe this press conference. He must be drunk or he is

Trump just had a meltdown aganist CNN and MSNBC/NBC reporters

Peter Alexander and Jim Acosta PISS OFF Trump in the most beautiful of fashions!

CNN coming up with boxing gloves in this presidential presser.

Place your bets on a fist fight breaking out before press conference is over. n/t


Drumpf and Jim Acosta are

Facts Matter: Democrats won 26 House Seats and 7 Governor Seats. Repubs picked up 2 Senate seats.

So, to sum up this press conference, Trump is happy to work with those lying evil angry

So this is what it is like to have dinner in the Trump household.

I have a feeling that next 2 years will be a combination of entertainment, enlightenment, and fear

Anyone else watching the trump melt down on TV

Trump is not in control the way he was yesterday. And knows it.

Trump is a complete and total jackass!

Parkland Students & Pain After Pro-Gun Candidates Win: 'I'm Shaking With Anger'

10-ish posts about whiny ass titty baby's meltdown

My vote for Speaker of the House if she'd do it - Michelle Obama!

"Seperately...Separately...SECRETARY Azar..."

"The Democrats didn't let us repeal Obamacare"

When you look up "asshole" in the dictionary, a picture of Donald Trump...

So how did evangelism score in the election?

trump says he could end the Mueller probe anytime he wants.....Bwahahahahahaaa

Trump's Presser - 5 min. ago. Did he just bark at April Ryan to "sit" twice?! It was disgusting.

Suck it up Donnie

WE'RE very happy with me....did you catch that?

All this nonsense on Mueller and cost

Wonder how Mia Love feels after the put-down by Trump? Proves he is a small

I only had ME

This is going to be very handy and funny to use

Trump Stops Briefing To Berate CNN's Jim Acosta: 'You Are A Rude, Terrible Person'

Just shoot me!

Russian tycoon a formal suspect in Monaco graft probe: prosecutor

God damn it, you do NOT describe it as "the Obama REGIME"!!!

Live feed of the Trump presser on CBS:

An obituary for old Orange County, dead at age 128

Donnie expresses his joy for a successful election night.

U.S. SEC fines Citibank more than $38 million for mishandling ADRS

Obama Preaches Message Of Unity, Hope After Elections

damn I wish one if them would ask if Obama ever told reporters to shut up

"EVERYBODY wants to work in this White House! We are a HOT White House!"

Trump says he will bring gov't to standstill if House executes it's Article 1 Constitutional duty

US clerk of court Kim Davis (pictured standing between two unidentified primitives) loses bid.

Tester just pulled ahead by 4000 votes...91 percent counted..

Gianforte, praised by Trump for attacking a reporter, wins reelection

Please end this news conference

Trump To Pence: 'Mike, Will You Be My Running Mate?'

Trump: CNN's Polling Was Voter Suppression

So here's the problem

Trump: The White House is being invaded! Jim Acosta: That's just the tour group sir.

Your turn, Mr. Mueller. Take your best shot!

Meanwhile, Tester just won!

"I think I am a great moral leader".

So how long are the networks going to let this man

He's supporting Pelosi in order to spoil her chances

He really has no clue. He thinks the nastiness was just because of the election and now it's over.

Does Trump know that Democrats gained 7 governorships?

Joan Walsh tweet: regarding the Scott Walker defeat - it's spot on

Dear Republicans...Dear Donnie 2 Scoops

George and Amal Clooney My current picks for 2020 POTUS and FLOTUS!

Democrats became more diverse, while republicans became more white and racist

republican pollster trying to explain to rightwinger how unpopular Trump is to suburban voters

He's clearly insane and off his rocker

This press conference is pure, unmitigated psychopathy on display.

Rudy Giuliani claims he's broke in divorce filings despite making $9.5 million last year

One of the R Congressmen Trump called out today for not supporting him responds

Trump continues his bigotry at press conference - making fun of journalist with accents

Meet Colorado's new first family --

Reporter: The free press is vital... Trump: Earned media is important.

UPDATED - Democratic Sen. Jon Tester holds on to Senate seat in Montana, AP projects

I think it's *somewhat* safe to say nothing crazy happen will happen during the lame duck period

What a pathetic performance...

Hey, where is Syringis?

God Bless Our President.

So which one of you guys ran over Trumps dog-

does anyone know which

This is unfuckingbelievable

Move aside blue wave....

'the tone can get better and it starts with the media'

When we subpoena his tax returns

'The Change we need will not come from one election'

Scary thought: Kobach replaces Ross as Commerce Secretary

Meanwhile at Fox News...."Angry Aftermath" & opinion pueces

Something is fishy in Florida

Everyone is saying he sounds insane...

McCarthy launches bid for House minority leader

I fully support Stacey Abrams' insistence on counting all the votes.

McConnell says he will push for border wall funding

If there was any doubt about who won last night

And now the country is hearing and listening to calm grown-up speak from the

Vroom vroom

My favorite Trump question & answer

Trump says 'we've done a lot of work' on election security

Trump wants Pelosi as Speaker

Donnie junior to be indicted soon...

Any news on the propositions?

Greece Church agreement to take 10,000 priests off payroll

Results of NDRC targeted races.

Nancy Pelosi LIVE..

Excuse my "French"

Not exactly a silver lining, but it will do . . .

What a contrast watching Nancy Pelosi speak about goals and the American dream after trump's ranting

In seven years, Zach Wahls went from an activist to the Iowa state Senate

Voters Relax Marijuana Laws In 3 More States: Michigan, Utah, Missouri

GOP made it easier to subpoena presidential administrations in 2015. Now Democrats have that power.

Just remember, this will be Republicans in a couple of months...

"The children of America are not rebelling for no reason.

Pelosi is saying Thank You to the grass roots efforts.

Trump indicates he'd consider raising some taxes to win middle-class relief

McConnell: 'Presidential harassment' may not be a good strategy for House Democrats

BOOM Pelosi "We have a constitutional duty for oversight."

Trump suggests he won't turn over tax returns even if Democrats demand them.

CNN has not cut the Speaker

Trump to candidates who rejected him: 'Say goodbye!'

Montana (D) Tester EMBARRASSED Humpty-Trumpty. It wasn't just another Senate seat to him

Everytime I hear tRump, a conservative, or fundie evangelical talk, all I hear is

Nancy Pelosi holds news conference after Democrats take the House - live updates

The GOP is the party of values.

Lest We Forget candlelight memorial walk on Boston Common

The 5 longest-held GOP districts that Democrats won (video)

Trump touts "Big Victory" in midterm elections

Newly elected members with STEM back rounds... it's SCIENCE!!

Pentagon drops 'Operation Faithful Patriot' as name of military mission at border

Support thread for Nancy Pelosi. Madam Speaker.

I must have missed it...where is the Armageddon the RWNJs promised

We have to do this again in 2020 with an eye to state races. Too soon?

Democrat Kelly narrowly beats Kobach in Kansas gubernatorial race

Looks like the 15th Congressional district is stuck with Stivers again....

Rosen defeats Heller in Nevada Senate race

The stable genius showed himself today to be an unstable penis

I saw online that 91% of Trump endorsed candidates lost

Trump says he will refuse to release tax returns as long as they are under audit

The Senate: So Rigged That Democrats May Never Control It Ever Again, Ian Millhiser

Jim Acosta appreciation thread here ... he is fighting very well this monstrosity in the press core

America's urban-rural divide deepens

Two years after a Republican sweep, Democrats show they still have role in Iowa politics

Trump suggests he'll weigh in on embattled Interior secretary's future next week

Is this a good thing - Romney replacing Orrin Hatch?

CNN responds to tRump's meltdown.

Sent an email to my sibs before the election.

Man on a mission to find Jesus arrested

I'm with Pelosi!

DU Election Experts

Trump says he has 'solution' to abortion debate

Remember Khashoggi? Because White House may not

Which Democratic win was your favorite last night?

"I love our country. I do."

Ron Wyden speaks truth to power

Why were we never taught about Nikola Tesla?

Trump is saying if house investigates me we won't collaborate on deals

Aly Raisman Is Experiencing Anti-Semitic Harassment. Her Mom's Not Having It.

Women shatter barriers

Retiring GOP lawmaker rips Trump over midterm criticism

I am looking for total vote counts

NYT predicts only a +2 gain for pukes in Senate. Hope so!

Giuliani claims he's broke, but made $9.5M last year

It's Mueller Time B*tch!

Michael Moore owes Nancy Pelosi

Avenatti predicts indictment of Trump, Jr. (again)

How Democrats won the House

YES, We had a blue wave....

Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah Vote To Expand Medicaid

Thousands of racing greyhounds in Florida will need new homes by end of 2020

What Happens in the Georgia Governor's Race Now?

Rep. Keith Ellison wins bid for Minnesota attorney general despite abuse allegations

Trump sends message to Republicans: "Embrace me...or else"

Let's prosecute sitting Republicans.

Schumer live on C-Span shortly. nt

Trump boasts GOP defied midterm odds, knocks losers who didn't 'embrace' him

2nd only to the wave of women who were elected, Pennsylvania is a very....

The stock market seems to love yesterday's election results.

Denton County post election email blast

36.9% voter turnout in CA. Still fucking pathetic IMO ...

We may still win the Arizona Senate race - link

Trump says he would take a 'warlike posture' if House Democrats investigate him

Reporter Vows To 'Press On' After Trump Calls Q About White Nationalism 'Racist'

BREAKING - Jeff Sessions resigns

sessions resigned?....

Trump tells April Ryan to 'sit down' at press conference


Ex-Texas Rep. Stockman Will Serve 10 Years In Prison For Conspiracy

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions has resigned. Trump asked him to.

Breaking: Sessions out as AG

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns at Trump's request

Ladies and Gentlemen, the new Chair of the Financial Services Committee:

With Sessions out, Whittaker in, Rosenstein no longer over Mueller. Can we expect a storm?

***Pete Williams just reported Rosenstein no longer in charge of Mueller invrstigation***

Scott Walker, who rose to prominence attacking teachers unions, toppled by a former teacher

He FIRED Jeff Sessions.

White Americans need to find some courage.

Ex-Green Party candidate earns more votes than difference between Sinema, McSally

Hubbell won eleven of ninety-nine counties

Man without pants falls through Waffle House ceiling

Was Rosenstein fired like Sessions? What is going on?

Is Jeff Sessions Out?

The stock market is liking the election results today.

You can bet your ass Trump fired Sessions!

Beauregard, we hardly knew ya

Two Months ago - Trump Political Protection Plan Replace Jeff Sessions with Robert Mueller saboteur

Whitaker is the Cons Haldeman

The Senate said they would not approve a new AG during a "Lame duck..."

Brian Kemp's lead for Georgia governor may be smaller than the number of voters he suppressed

The Dotard firing Sessions. Next will be

Not at all surprised. 76% of White Women voted for Kemp in GA

Bloody Wednesday

With Sessions out, is this a MoveOn rapid response moment?

Trump replacement for Sessions wrote that investigating Trump finances is a 'red line'

BREAKING: Scott Walker concedes

Rosenstein is not fired (yet). Trump is using Recess Appointment to appoint Whitaker.

My suspicion? Trump wants to try

The only bright side of +2 Republican pickup is no more Susan Collins charades

Now that Jeff Sessions is out, and the actiing or next AG fires Mueller, the Democrats will be

Trump's free ride from Congress just ended

Seems clear to me that drumph is going after Mueller now

What recourse do we have to protect Mueller until new Dem House takes over in Jan??

Turn Mueller loose now!

Jeff Sessions will run for Alabama Senate in 2020 against Doug Jones

Mueller has apparently been blunted or neutered

Op ed by Whitaker 2017

So if Mueller tommorow wants to issue an indictment against, say, Roger Stone....

On Ballot Measures, A Progressive Sweep

Sessions and Mueller

What's for Dinner, Wed., Nov. 7, 2018

Will the lame duck congress take a shot at Social Security and Medicare

#FloridaMan bitten after breaking into crocodile exhibit featuring 3, 12ft long nile crocodiles.

World's 'oldest figurative painting' discovered in Borneo cave

'Go The Distance'- Katrina Velarde (Cover)

Don Jr is going down

All I Can Say About Sessions Firing Is.....

Matthew G. Whitaker worries me....

The remainder of Saturday's meatballs have found their calling! They are resting in a crockpot with

CNN says Kelly was sent to fire Sessions

Democrats must have a "smart" strategy.

So, that crazy press conference

Lindsey Garaham last year re Sessions

Trump's Acting AG Matthew Whitaker, who has criticized the Mueller probe, will now oversee it

California voters reject efforts to repeal gas tax and rent-control limitations

Ex-Texas Rep. Stockman (R) Will Serve 10 Years In Prison For Conspiracy

IMO makes no sense to fire Mueller

This is power grab of historical proportions

Arkansas and Missouri just approved big minimum wage increases, a liberal victory in red states

So happy there will now be some oversight over Chump!

Souldn't Rosenstein be the acting Atty Gen?

At this moment, I'm such a mixed bag of conflicting emotions.

So the Trump plan may be to kill the Mueller investigation before Dems take control

Does anyone feel sad for Sessions?

Is it too much to have one day to calm down after the election? Just one stinking day?!?!?!

The Wednesday Morning Hissyfit

Robert Reich on what the Sessions firing sets up:

This tune is for you, Jeff Sessions

The Republican Senate majority was saved by white people with no college education...

Leonard Leo, head of the Federalist Society, handpicked Sessions' replacement.

Napolitano says Trump violated the law by appointing Matt Whitaker as acting attorney ge

At least he can concentrate on what is important......

MSNBC Legal Expert Distinguishing Between Grand Jury Indictments and Report to AG

Post-Election Day, Pentagon drops name for border support mission

Post-Election Day, Pentagon drops name for border support mission

Sinead O'Connor doesn't want to spend time with "disgusting" white people.

Record Number Of Women Headed To Congress

Matthew Whitaker, acting A.G., CNN op-ed, 2017: "Mueller's investigation of Trump is going too far"

The new house will subpoena sessions for sure

we are now in the car chase part of the movie..everything speeds up..

Excellent idea per State of the Union Address

Whitaker's ideas about how to end Mueller...

Ah, and so it begins. With the announcement today of Sessions' resignation

Marines who drew phallic flight pattern in sky grounded

It's too late to shut Mueller down

Ladies and Gentlemen... It's MUELLER TIME

Sen. Schumer Calls On Acting Attorney General Whitaker To Recuse Himself From Mueller Probe

John Dean thinks it's highly likely that Mueller already has

Alabama man gets jail after pulling gun at immigration rally

Alabama man gets jail after pulling gun at immigration rally

What happened? Sessions got fired?

Trump's problem is Mueller is so much smarter than Trump and his synchophants

Were trumps cronies at his presser yelling at

Task force calls for whale-watching boat tour ban in Northwest U.S.

Congrats Michigan....

One thing is for sure?

People currently in the Trump administration need to be careful...

Election update on a previous post about Democratic women in and running for office

Moveon has a plan for Session's firing, it's not break glass time yet.

Sessions will now be called as a witness in the Mueller probe.

Jeff Sessions: Cartoon history of Trump's whipping boy

An acting AG can serve up to 11 months.

Marine Corps aviators grounded amid investigation into phallic flight pattern

whatever else, the timing of firing sessions speaks volumes.

SNL must have a Sessions firing skit!

New question from Joyce Vance

Whitaker nomination is "red alert time" for Mueller investigation

Oldest known animal drawing found in remote Indonesian cave

CNN reporting that Rosenstein's on his way to the WH right now.


Rod Rosenstein has just been called to the White House--

Rosenstein headed to WH for 4pm meeting

Trump has to get rid of sessions beforee the Democrats take charge and have

Matt Whitaker Can't Prevent Mueller from Unsealing Any Sealed Indictments (Marcy Wheeler)

Turn on the news an d Jeff Sessions is fired.

MSNBC Is Giving Trump Too Much Credit For This Move.....

Rod Rosenstein no longer overseeing Russia probe

Trump seen leaving White House after Tuesday's Election

79 kidnapped Cameroon students freed, says church official

Can someone tell me why Sessions didn't say Fuck you to RUMP?

Did Sessions actually sign letter of resignation? Why is it not dated??

Less than 24 hours from the midterm

How far away are we from marching with pitchforks and torches down Penn Ave?

There is only one reason trump pushed him out --Trump wanted someone who would "protect" him

I will say one thing - firing Sessions sure took the focus off of Democratic victories

Did 45 go to NYC yesterday to vote or did he vote via absentee ballot?

Can We Call This A Constitutional Crisis Yet.....

This just got posted but INFORMATION for protest - if needed - see details. I hope not !

Alert the Washington Post and New York Times.


Sinema trailing by

Likely there are sealed indictments in hands of the grand jury foreman. Edit: BRENNAN says imminent.

The Orange Menace lost yesterday and has now successfully changed the narrative.

Hey Floyd, Remember if 4 out of 5 people suffer from depression,

Thousands of racing greyhounds in Florida will need new homes by end of 2020

It's Clear To Me That Trump Will Stop At Nothing To Save Himself.....

Voters in three U.S. states reject initiatives to curb fossil fuel use

BREAKING: Andy Kim takes lead in NJ-3

Trump: "I would do that, yeah. I would look at that" (regulating Social Media companies)

Man pleads guilty in fatal hit-and-run of cyclist along Mall

McConnell Now Wants to Fix Obamacare

Matthew Whitaker needs to recuse himself

Supreme Court divided over USS Cole bombing lawsuit against Sudan

Adam Schiff...We will protect the rule of law...

Stacey Abrams Still Hoping for a Runoff

Democrats: Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, et al need to hold a joint press conference by this evening.

Jury chosen for U.S. trial of Mexico's 'El Chapo'

Florida Senate Race Headed for a Recount

Bye bye Bilbo Bigot...

The earth sucks! So what? If it didn't we'd all

Trump is likely to pick Kobach - WH political operative

Nancy Pelosi....

Is it possibly against the law for trump appoint this particular person

Millionaire Rudy Giuliani Cries Poor in Divorce Court After Spending Big on Alleged Mistress

Our government is a house of cards

McConnell warns about "presidential harassment."

Alyssa Milano condemns Women's March for refusing to condemn Louis Farrakhan

Paul Manafort's ex-son-in-law Yohai charged with another real estate scam in LA

When you hire a mortician to be the make up artist for a music video.

David Frum...Trump is a walking constitutional crisis

You know what I was reallllly hoping for from our taking back the house? It's kind of selfish but...

We still remember you Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham

If Mueller or Rosenstein is fired protests in over 900 cities within hours...

Kris Kobach might be up for AG...

David Frum: Forcing Out Sessions Is an Attack on Accountability

Long Twitter thread on sessions. Rosenstein still in charge of mueller??

Two Indicted Rep. Congressman Win Re-Election and One Rep. Nazi Gets over 56,000 Votes in Illinois

Adam Schiff: Trump just removed Jeff Sessions. He wants an AG to serve his interest, not the public

Democratic women make unprecedented gains in DuPage County

Historic wins for farm animals in California, greyhounds in Florida

A Weed Dispensary On Every Corner? Bowser Will Send Tax-And-Regulate Scheme To The Council

"Just got a terse message from the same friend. Three words: Fuck this guy"

CA-25: Steve Knight concedes to Katie Hill

Morning in America; or, at least, in the Western suburb

MSNBC is reporting that trump just fired the Attorney General

Federal judges in gerrymandering case toss Maryland's congressional voting map

What can Whitaker do to Mueller and what should Mueller's next step be?

No date on Jeffy's resignation letter

So, how long will be it before Rosenstein & Mueller will be fired?

Trump and the Republican Party just declared themselves an outlaws and an organized crime party.

Pelosi lays out vision of competent governance for nation, a welcome salve at a critical time

Even if Whitaker doesn't fire Mueller

Holy Shit

The M$M seems so fixated on what Democrats "need to do"

I hope that Mueller has enough stuff by now to reach some conclusions

Hoyer announces bid for House majority leader

Rep. Diana DeGette to run for House Democratic whip, challenging James Clyburn


Damn it all!! Democrats need to be and must be proactive...being reactive is always too late!!

i think rosenstein is actually the acting a.g. -- hear me out

Whitaker,now in charge of the Mueller inv, chaired the 2014 campaign of Clovis, a grand jury witness

GA-06: Lucy McBath declares victory

What picture will define 2018 elections...

The Hill is reporting that Rosenstein is removed from overseeing the Russia Investigation

Dem Mike Levin wins Issa's open House seat in southern California

Some past tweets from Whitaker (note the last one in the article)

Im speechless, I just watched Trump's treatment of Jim Acosta

Ranking member of House judiciary...

When I think of all the worries that people seem to find!

Fox legal analyst; Trump violated the law by appointing Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general

If Mueller is interfered with by the new acting attorney general you can bet that Mueller will be

Ally Maynard Twitter Thread on All the Candidates Who Lost Despite Trump Endorsements


"You are the enemy of the people"

This is insane - the orange buffoon's bizarre presser (he is indeed insane) - now the Sessions thing

Ted Lieu...

did kemp just dox absentee voters?

Georgia's Stacey Abrams refuses to concede, says victory 'within reach'

An opinion piece the new Acting Attorney General wrote in August 17

New York AG tweets in response to Sessions firing

Los Angeles Voters Reject First Public Bank Bid for U.S. City

Ranked: The Best and Worst State Economies

The working man is the tough guy!

Trump accuses black reporter of asking 'racist' question

Holy moly, Florida again..

Schumer Warns Of Constitutional Crisis After AG Exit

Mic drop on Walker by AFL/CIO

538 op ed "What Jeff Sessions's Resignation Could Mean For The Mueller Investigation"

Retirement account statement arrived today.

Nationwide protests...

Trump celebrates GOP gains, threatens House Democrats

"Feminism is Cancer" Acceptable apparel in a college classroom?

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #5-19: The Blue Wave Begins Edition

Of course he did....

Oregon Voters Reject No Abortion Funding Ballot Measure 105

Zach Wahls, Who Defended Lesbian Moms In Viral Speech, Wins Iowa State Senate Seat

AFGE says midterms bring 'a better tomorrow for federal workers'

Why Democrats' Gain Was More Impressive Than It Appears (gerrymandering & wasted votes in urban area

Schumer Warns of Constitutional Crisis After AG Exit

The Uber 420 Reef Blower 5000 FTW !!!

Mark Whitaker chaired 2014 campaign of Sam Clovis, & Sam Clovis is represented by Victoria Toensing

Largest Federal Union Hails Pro-Worker Majority in the House by NH Labor News

"The Bob Mueller that I know will have prepared for this contingency long ago--"

"It's not where you come from. It's what you're made of."

Missouri Republican slammed as 'homophobic' by his kids loses election

Isn't the plan that if Sessions, Rosenstein or Mueller were fired

Next chairman of Ways and Means Committee plans to demand Trump's tax returns

Despite marijuana becoming in legal in Michigan it could be 2 years before any shops can open

"You Are a Rude, Terrible Person" "And you are a horrible, despicable excuse for a human..."

For last 10 yrs, Matt Whitaker was a failed would-be Iowa politician practicing private law.

Post a line from a novel & see if anyone knows what novel it's from without using Google..Part 2

Sessions' interim replacement said there was 'strong case to bring against' Hillary Clinton

Lindsey Graham, July 2017: Firing Mueller "will be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency"

Grade AAA tweet...

UPDATED: Florida DUers your help is needed on absentee ballots (Gillum speaks out)

Science candidates prevail in US midterm elections

In other news, I think agents for Dean Norris (of Breaking Bad fame) will be getting some calls...

As Session's career fades away into the sunset. a quick peek at yesteryear

The Lord of the Flies just killed Piggy.

Jim Acosta - just now on his twitter feed....Whitaker...2014 campaign chair for Sam Clovis..

World's 'oldest figurative painting' discovered in Borneo cave

Will the House be able to subpoena Mueller's report if the DOJ doesn't release it?

So is it obvious Sessions will be running against Doug Jones in 2020 now

Dems plan to bring in Mueller for televised hearings if Trump fires him: report

Step one in impeachment of President:

Florida DUers your help is needed on absentee ballots for Governor race.

The successful Democratic electoral strategy: Inside, Middle, and Outside

Illinois Republicans

Watching Chuck Todd on

Tweet of the night:

What can we do, Ohio Dems?

The US just elected 8 new scientists to Congress...

If you didn't go to bed thanking heaven we won last night, do it tonight.

what is the date that the Democrats take over the house

Don't let Sessions's firing erase what happened to Jim Acosta.

Don't forget that the US attorney in New York is busily working away with Michael Cohen,

Trump Unveils Reelection Campaign Plan To Drive Bus Into Crowds Across Country

DOJ employees are cordially invited to watch their former boss leave building after getting fired

Trump said the GOP had "Tremendous success in the governors' races"

who was the comm staffer who pulled the mic out of Acosta's hands???

Oh crap. I just got a call from Rachel at Cardholder Services.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 8 November 2018

Minority Candidates Experience Success And Veiled Racism

Florida passes Amendment 9, banning both offshore oil drilling and indoor vaping

Executive director of "Identity Evropa" tweeted that he was at the WH today

White Supremacist leader of Identity Evropa at the WH today...

CNN: "This is the first step to ending the Mueller Investigation" My questions...

What happened to the murderous CARAVAN? A distraction perhaps?

David Corn: Trump wants his own Tom Hagen--or Roy Cohn--as attorney general.

We're Stuck With White People

What's going to happen in the Arizona Senate race?

Forget Excuses. What Counts Is Winning Elections.

Victorious U.S. House Democrats could stymie census citizenship query

Best summary I've seen of problem in Florida

I'm an old-timer here

If Mueller really does have indictments ready to go,

Buh Bye Whitaker

sessions replacement may have to recuse himself

Trudeau apologizes for Canada's 1939 refusal of Jewish refugee ship

"Mia Love gave me no love-and she lost" says Trump.

Georgia's Governor's Race Not Settled Yet

Saudi king shows support for heir on public tour despite Khashoggi crisis

Pakistan blasphemy case: Asia Bibi freed from jail

Time to Bring Science back to the House Science Committee

What does 'ensuring domestic tranquility' mean

I think we are seeing the destruction of the Republican party

Promise not to kill anyone? After losing election, TX judge wholesale releases juvenile defendants

Old SNL sketch. Liza Minelli tries to turn off a lamp:

Why are Republican men so WEAK? (Sessions)

"I don't understand anything, but I trust my pastor,"

House Democrats need to appoint their own Special Counsel

Can we start a gofund me fund to help Mueller to keep investing Trump and his goons?

I know some of you hate this...

Trump Won't Change Course -- He Thinks He Won

Urgent to those who cast GA provisional ballots

NYT says a Blue Wave did happen

Rachel Maddow tweet: Nation wide protests to protect Mueller are Thursday at 5pm your local time

No Beto for 2020 😞

No time to decompress

South Korea apologises for rapes during 1980 Gwangju protest crackdown

Florida Dems: they need help counting rejected absentee ballots

I remember today hearing that maybe the new ATT. General might have to recuse himself depending on

Turbines Kill So Many Birds They're Effectively an Apex Predator

S.E. Cupp... Wow! Holy Crap!


Canada Apologises For Turning Away Jewish Refugee Ship In 1939

So I would like to write a book with somebody about the midterm elections

If what we saw tonight is echoed two years from now, it will be devastating to the GOP.

Trump Has Found His Roy Cohn in Mark Whitaker

And now for something completely different (come on - you must know where this is heading)

'Trump Is Not Above the Law': 400,000+ People Await Word of Rapid-Response Protests

CNN VP Rips Chris Wallace After His Criticism of Acosta: 'At Least Acosta Doesn't Work for State TV

THIS IS THE HEADLINE: 45 Million More Americans to Live in Dem-Run States

Mail-in ballots just flipped another race to the Democrats!

Hope is always a good thing, Chuck, but there's no way in hell that I'd back that horse in a race.

I have a sense of calm on how the USA will deal with any threat to Mueller

Election results 2018 California Propositions: Gas tax survives, hens freed from cages

Trump just reminded us he's still a dangerous authoritarian who will burn it all down

Mark Hamill with the smackdown on our "moral leader"

Flashback Quote of the Day

Rep. Nadler wants answers why tRump is going over Mueller's investigation

For the first time in a long time, I actually have some hope for this country

Re: Whitaker's conflicts-of-interest/recusal-need b/c of being Sam Clovis's 2014 campaign manager...

A White Nationalist Leader Just Posted Pics From His White House Visit

So anybody know what reason Rump used

This has to be Satire? Right?

PressSec said the white supremacist guy at the WH today was there for Fall Garden Tour

So, the answer to Jim Acosta was "Yes".

Luckovich-Trump: you are being rude, sit down

Jeff Flake has some thoughts on what McConnell "should" do in the wake of Trump's Wednesday Massacre

Trump saying no tapes exists of him using racist language

Macron's Plan To Pay Tribute To Nazi Collaborator Petain Stirs Anger

VF: Don Jr. is telling friends he's worried about being indicted as early as this week

Don Jr. Has Reportedly Told Friends He Thinks He Could Be Indicted

GOP scheming to strip just elected Democratic governor of power -- before he's even sworn in: report

Wait, what?

Democrats Just Retook the Rust Belt. Can It Deliver the Presidency in 2020?

Bakari Sellers rips Graham: He's the prime example of when Donald Trump breaks an individual

Pelosi ain't playing

Did Pelosi Call for Bipartisanship?