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Friday Talking Points -- Trump INDICATED!

Black hole jet changes direction as astronomers watch in cosmic first -- and it's aimed right at us

Karma is a Bitch?

Fox CEO Was Irate After Host Fact Checked Trump's Election Lies On The Air - Ring of Fire

Anti-trans ads favoring Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Daniel Kelly peddle fear, false info

Surprise! Icy 'rain' from Saturn's rings is heating the gas giant's atmosphere

chicago, that toddlin town( instruemtal)

Seriously Carlos Alcaraz plays beautiful tennis

Baby Elephant Separated From His Mom Cries For Help

Trump Charges Broken Down by his 'Art of the Deal' co-author - The Beat - MSNBC

Hear how some Republicans are defending Trump amid indictment - CNN

So trump attacked the judge in a post today. Good move dumbass. More!

Obamacare ruling gives Democrats new political ammo

Venezuela investigates possible corruption at state metals conglomerate

Abortion issue drives get-out-the-vote efforts in Wisconsin Supreme Court race

Jeffries urges McCarthy to hold vote on 'common sense' gun reform after Nashville shooting

I Went to a Trump Rally, This Happened! - Luke Beasley

Unemployment in Mexico reaches historic low

Daniel Kelly endorsed by sheriff who refused to investigate conservative voter fraud

Genrich, Weininger race for Green Bay mayor intensifies as they appeal to traditional supporters

Plunging enrollment, financial woes, trustee exodus. Whittier College confronts crisis

State Supreme Court suspends ordinances restricting abortion access

BREAKING: Judge Issues DEVASTATING Order Against Fox - Meidas Touch

Just turned on Chris Hayes.

Florida ranked third in homelessness in the U.S.

Brilliant how Bragg letter substantiates the republican Congress' collusion with Trump

Dirtbag Faces Justice: Can America Survive?

NV: Despite Lombardo opposition, lawmakers hear health care bills from Sisolak-created patient group

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about schools, legislation, and security....

Nevada Gold Mines, union agree to new three-year contract

WA bill would bring trauma-informed practices to sexual assault cases

Minnesota state senator blames domestic violence on women, abortion and pornography

Uruguayan authorities exchange data with CIA to fight crime

Mobilizing GA voters in a non-election year: A crucial strategy for voting rights groups

31 Mar: Genius. Ukrainians Deliver Ammo Underground - Reporting from Ukraine

Lindsey Graham CRIES on air over Trump's indictment - Brian Tyler Cohen

"He's hardly infirm": Judge pushes back as Fox lawyer tries to get Rupert Murdoch out of testifying

Seattle ranks among top metros for labor productivity

Tweet of the Day

1,000-year-old brick tomb discovered in China is decorated with lions, sea anemones and 'guardian sp

Happy Indictment Day Whiskey Buzz. Ask me anything.

Wisconsin GOP issues fake 'alert' text during tornado watch.

FOX Producer Will Testify For Dominion - Raw News And Politics

Lesley Stahl will interview Marjorie Traitor Greene on 60 Minutes

Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache

Temporary restraining order GRANTED against Tennessee's new anti-drag law.

Come On Already.....

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy thread!

Rachel on now.

Dr. Yusef Salaam, Central Park 5, on Chris Hayes rn

Online threats of violence but few signs of far-right organizing around Trump indictment

Many electric vehicles to lose big tax credit with new rules

Trump, DeSantis and other Republicans push antisemitic 'Soros' smear after Bragg indictment

Chris Hayes: Why Trump's indictment isn't actually some 'crazy departure from reality' - All In MSNBC

Roy Orbison - Crying (Monument Concert 1965)

Lindsey Graham tried to fundraise for Trump on Fox News hours after the former president was indicte

Judge Thomas Parker, Trump appointee: Tennessee's new drag ban is a content-based restriction on

Shake a Rattle and a Roll in So. Cal. just now. It was a 4.5 located

Check out this thread: "Minnesota state senator blames domestic violence on women, abortion and porn

Minnesota's 21-year age minimum for handgun carry permits struck down

Putin's getting nervous about Russia's sinking economy

These Days

I know who is secretly celebrating

Herb Alpert 88

South Florida Congressman Jared Moskowitz to Marjory Taylor Greene: "Dead kids can't read"

*Joni Mitchel special, PBS now,

Just learned someone I've known since the mid-sixties has ALS. Sterling was a brilliant musician and

Bridges is just playing at a whole different level now.

Wait... What year is this?

Lindsey Graham snaps, loses it on air over Trump's indictment - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump set to be arraigned on his criminal indictment on Tuesday. Then, it's on to "The Trump Trials"

Rachel just made a great point

Sen Fetterman: "I am so happy to be home."

'Karma': Exonerated Central Park 5 member reacts to Trump indictment - All In - MSNBC

95% Collapse In Profits, Businesses Bleeding; Chinese Economy; US, China & Taiwan - China Update

Digging through old boxes stored at my Mom's house

I'm all in for Iowa.

Surprising result in Tennessee legal world

Vermont cannabis grower pays heavy fine after posting Instagram video of New York delivery

Lawrence shared an Agnew memory with Rachel

AWS for the Haters in 100 Seconds - humor and info (YouTube)

🎭 This Masquerade - George Benson

Mummy, the Indictment Fairy Finally Came! (Ferret)

NY Young Repubs: We Said 'Trump Is Our Soul' To Get Attention

Kentucky lawmakers override veto of gender-affirming care bill - ABC News

Biden did not get advance notice of Trump indictment, White House says - ABC News

Trump FACES DEFEAT Again in Federal Court as Trial LOOMS - Meidas Touch

Key Points: Five things you need to know about Sweden and Nato

A corporation truly helping the world:

Social Security Reserves Projected to Run Out Earlier Than Expected

There's one phrase Trump's defenders simply don't use: 'Not guilty'

I have found the food with a more screwed-up name than Spotted Dick

Michael Cohen on Donald Trump: He can put on fake bravado but 'he's petrified - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Trying this again - some diva stuff -

Social Security Board of Trustees: Projection for Combined Trust Funds 1 Year Sooner than Last Year

ring【Full Spec Edition】

Trump makes DESPERATE APPEAL as he KEEPS LOSING - Meidas Touch

Biden calls on Russia to release US journalist - ABC News

Real Time With Bill Maher (3/31/23)

Anyone see "Unstable" on Netflix?

ALERT: HIGH WIND WARNING issued for DC area Saturday afternoon and evening for gusts up to 60 mph.

BREAKING: Judge puts last minute temporary hold on Tennessee drag ban - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Sweden should follow Denmark and reconsider Brexit deportations

Who else would you like to see indicted?

Cohen testimony backed up by documentation, lawyer says - NBC News

Rep. Thompson calls out 'Lock her up!' Republicans now claiming Trump's a victim - The ReidOut MSNBC

Georgia State Rep. discusses bill to remove prosecutors - Dan Abrams Live - NewsNation

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 3/31/23


Officials asking people to stay away from mysterious orange liquid near Prescott

New Video Shows San Mateo Woman Missing in Mexico

BBC - Defendant One will not appear in court in handcuffs, says a law enforcement official.

TFG Indictment Bingo

Lawrence: Key Trump case detail confirmed thanks to Jim Jordan's rank stupidity - The Last Word MSNBC

There are two kinds of dogs:

Would it be a little bit far fetched in thinking that....

Pupper settling in for trip:

5 + 3 + 34 + 1 + 2 equals .... 45

Arctic hares are very cute in a snowball type of way.

Senator Fetterman is back home.

The Cocaine Wine That Was Endorsed By The Pope And Inspired Coca-Cola

A federal judge has just ORDERED Llano County Texas to return "all books" that were removed from

Evidence against Trump not about Michael Cohen's testimony says Lanny Davis - The Last Word - MSNBC

·Mama Golden Retriever playing with her puppies:

Donald Trump Likely to Be Subject to Gag Order

Amazing dolphin jumps!

Scary comments on Bill Maher comparing the "price" of the 1st and 2nd Amendments

Bonus Tweet of the Day

What to expect from the prosecution of Donald Trump - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Roof of the Apollo Theatre in Belvidere, Illinois has just collapsed during a concert

Capybaras on parade:

New Rule: Atheists Day

60 Minutes tv show is being skewered on Twitter for the MTG interview... some examples:

When Trump is weighed

A baby rhino getting some love:

Trump Raised $4 Million After Indictment

Couple gets a cat. Guess who the cat likes more.

If I Were Biden, I Really Would be Building a "Deep State" and Developing Contingencies

Washington state makes it extremely difficult to actually receive Working Families Tax Credit

Downpour here

I played baseball for many years.

Washington State makes it extremely difficult to actually receive Working Families Tax Credit

News at 3: Easter Special

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 2, 2023 - Pre-Code Classics and an Emphasis on Realism

TCM Schedule for Monday April 3, 2023 - Great Directors at Warner Brothers

Mourners wear pink bows at heartbreaking funeral of nine-year-old girl who pulled fire alarm

1 dead, 28 injured as roof of Belvidere's Apollo Theater collapses in storm

Couple gets a cat. Guess who the cat likes more.

History offers a bleak legal prognosis for Donald Trump - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

How to prosecute a prominent political figure with a hostile base of supporters - Rachel Maddow MSNBC

carjacking rampage in California today involving 8 cars

New College launches athletic department, names director and baseball coach

President Biden On Transgender Day of Visibility

Exotic animals deployed as California's Delta 'Weed Whackers'

What Trans Visibility looks like

When you go grocery shopping, do you use paper or plastic bags?

Asteroid City trailer

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Dolly, Miley, and Garth....

Share this with the next idiot who says "There's only two sexes"

Sources: Trump facing multiple charges in hush money case - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

What I find the most amusing of the indictment of YKW

Will Republicans support Trump if more indictments drop? - Dan Abrams Live - NewsNation

New York City increases security ahead of Trump arraignment - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The Optics of Corruption in Los Angeles in the Trial of Mark Ridley Thomas

Tornadic weather not done yet

I heard that if Rump is indicted in a Federal case...

Besides the Supreme Court, there's another high-stakes election for judge. Why it matters for Milwau

MAGA Ramps Up Threats, QAnons Say Trust The Plan - Raw News And Politics

Florida House passes parental rights bill restricting pronouns in schools

MS Gov. Tate Reeves gives Biden thanks and warm welcome post-tornado

Breakfast Saturday 1April 2023

Seth Meyers - Dr. Anthony Fauci Sells Memoir for Just Under $5 Million - Monologue 3/30/23

Wordle 651 (4/1) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Extended version of I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

As Wisconsin braced for tornadoes, Republicans text 'Wisconsin voter alert' complete with emergency

Sharing Space - Episode 1: Daniel Radcliffe


Let's get something straight about the Mueller Report...

Pope Francis leaves hospital after recovering from bronchitis

Does Running for President Protect Donald Trump From Legal Issues?

Top Former Prosecutors REVEAL What's Next in Unprecedented Trump CRIMINAL Prosecution - Talking Feds

On this day..

Hummingbirds & Blossoms

Yes I'm alive.

If the Democrats lose the majority in the US Senate in 2024, they will get it back in 2026 and 2028.

Joe Lovano - Straight Shot

Art Pepper - Shaw 'Nuff

Orleans - Still The One (Live)

Neil Diamond - America (Live At The Greek Theatre / 2012)

Russia suspends "great offensive". Putin's inner circle is pissed. - The Russian Dude

Queen & George Michael - Somebody to Love (The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert)

Omaha Central High students walk out of class to protest trans youth bills

Billie Holiday - Moonlight In Vermont

Pics from the Angkor National Museum in Siem Reap

Funny egg whites

Johnny Hammond - It's Too Late

Montana 'closer than ever' in restoration of southern rail passenger route

Montana 'closer than ever' in restoration of southern rail passenger route


Ocean Rivers Slowing in the Great River Ocean

Let Me Make this Pellucidly Clear


Elvis Presley - I've Got A Thing About You Baby

High wind warning begins NOW for DC and surrounding areas

Tom Waits - Shiver Me Timbers

🇺🇦 The First Marked Branch arrives, in Ukrainian Flag Colors - Chesapeake Osprey Nest

Peter Frampton - The Lodger

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Indicated Edition

Trump ATTACKS Manhattan Prosecutor's WIFE - Meidas Touch

On this day, April 1, 1921, Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith was born.

It's revenge or is it just not right?

This appears to be the statute upon which the Trump indictment is based:

On this day, April 1, 1975, the Bay City Rollers TV show "Shang-a-Lang" premiered.

Will somebody please give me the facts about the Statute of Limitations as it applies to the

The Tale of the Cat and the Forbidden Fruit

DU experts

Just a reminder to those speculating...the payment to Daniels is NOT A CRIME

April Fools Day -canceled

Please help me understand why drag shows are NOT protected by the 1st amendment.

He's already in his cell

Intense Close Range Intercept of Violent Wedge Tornado - Iowa High Risk Tornado Outbreak - 3/31/23

At least 18 dead after tornadoes rake US Midwest, South (UPDATED)

On this day, April 1, 1976, Conrail was formed.

These "boys' nights out" are getting out of hand:

Weekend TOONs - TRUMP INDICTED (continued)

Why do dogs chase parked cars?

Hillbilly Vance and Dewine are happy!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump and New York going first....

Funny how Republicans were OK with Gov. Don Siegelman being indicted, tried, and convicted.

Justice Comes for Donald Trump (& Gwyneth Paltrow) - What a Week - Lovett or Leave It

Woman Buys House And Finds Out It Comes With 4 Cats

China's Corporate Losses Skyrocket In 'Bloodbath'; Chinese Economy; Taiwan; Ideology - China Update

Citizen Trump

Alvin Bragg, 7 years, so what!, Trump had 4 years where he couldn't be indicted. I keep hearing

The line between legitimate legislative actions and obstruction of justice

As doctors flee state, Idaho bill expands exceptions for abortion. Health isn't one of them

Jeff Pocaro's birthday is today. RIP

Whittier Blvd

Trump campaign says it raised more than $4 million in the 24 hours after his indictment

A Look Inside Putin's Secret Plans for Cyber-Warfare

Nothing like a power outage in a blizzard.

Тяцмp/Jesus Billboard

He Had It Coming

April 1 at Wikipedia

Woman Can't Hold Back Tears After Being Reunited With Cat She Lost 11 Years Ago

DeSantis outlaws fart and booger shows in Florida schools.

03-31-2023 Little Rock, AR - Tornado Damage via Drone

Will the text of Trump's indictment be legal in Florida schools?

For those who recall the musical "Oklahoma!"---

Тяцмp / Stormy Meme

The kitcats weren't too happy about last night's thunderstorm

Texas Lege is trying to punish EV owners.

When it comes down to it, how many people want to go to war against the U.S. Government?

Hillary Meme

Ford to drop AM radio in new models, except commercial vehicles

Anna's Hummingbird

Get a load of this crap

Video statement via Twitter from UVA president

One Mistake, And All Hell Broke Loose

The rhubarb is making an appearance

A man wearing a dress and make up is not a crime.

His victimization is the key to his success - WTF are you talking about woman

post your april fools jokes here . no nastyness please .

White Supremacist network busted with enough fentanyl to kill over a million people.

If our democracy faces a "test," it's because Republicans are declaring Trump above the law

the number six tastes like moth

Is there anything more heartbreaking than the tears of a conservative?

They're for gun control when it suits them

Unleashing the Laughter: The Funniest Dogs Caught on Camera

President Joe Biden with Damar Hamiln

I haven't felt this bad for Ivanka since her G20 fiasco......

2001: A Space Odyssey (2012 Trailer Recut)


Joni Mitchell: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian

Aaron Rodgers or Lamar Jackson? Four reasons why Jets should add star QB from Ravens, not Packers

April fools'!

Setting Electric and IC Cars Afire to Test the Toxicology of Extinguishing Water

Alternative theories to Trump's Tuesday surrender.

60 Minutes set to do a Puff Piece on Taylor Greene

North Dakota governor vetoes bill restricting transgender students' pronouns

Steve Schmidt explains what comes next

Trump Faces at Least One Felony Charge in Manhattan

Outrage In Serbia After Chinese Construction Company Destroys War Monument

Wisconsin GOP Sent 'Emergency Alert' During Tornadoes

Happy 50th Birthday (April 1) to the great Rachel Maddow.

Federal judge blocks Tennessee law restricting drag shows

when does trump do his help me raise bail fundraiser

Every hour another conservative man cries on TV about Donald Trump's indictment

I Am Not 80 Yet, but Among These 80-Year-Olds Is Where I Like to Be

Trump Is Going On Trial, but You Won't Be Able to Watch

The Eiffel Tower: The tallest slide in the world will be installed on my summit from July 1st!

At least Sen. Graham's tearful defense of Trump answered one question we've always asked:

When The Counts Of Tr**p's Indictment Are Made Public On Tuesday - Will We.....

Tooning Out The Trump Indictment Chaos

Michael Murphy's Artwork for the DNC

Why does God need a star ship?

Jill Biden: ... the Cesar Chavez Rose will bloom in the White House Rose Garden...

Lauren Boebert Rips Gun Bans: 'We're Not A Democracy So Quit With That!'

Tax Cuts Are Primarily Responsible for the Increasing Debt Ratio Without the Bush and Trump tax cuts

'Delay, delay, delay': How Trump could push his trial into the heart of campaign season

When a 9-year-old girl didn't want her goat to be slaughtered, county fair officials sent deputies..

Some in media upset that Biden had no comment on Trump's indictment.

If you are on Facebook, check out this 'day in the life' post from the prairie:

Puppy tests his mirror reflection:

This just in! When we break news, it stays broken. ...

Twitter meme: Justice Department confirms: Trump will be tried...

I never understood the QANON theme about

Cat seeing himself in the mirror:

How do you get 30+ charges out of the Stormy Daniels payoff?

Donald Trump using antisemitic rhetoric to get political donations after indictment

AND...the Trump trial is off to a rip-roaring start.....

Elon Musk broke the law with a tweet about Tesla stock options, court rules

Who needs an alarm clock?

Coming soon to a State near you...

GOP needs its own special schools

'Get off the sauce, Lindsey': Former GOP adviser urges 'parasite' Graham to dump Trump

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 1, 2023)

Aaaand the Trump/Hitler Indictment mashup. Screengrabs for non twitterers

DeSantis statement on extradition

Happy birthday... to me!

What is the highest sentence Trump could receive if convicted of tax fraud?

Mastodon meme:

Pathetic Group Of Rednecks Protest Trump's Indictment Outside Mar A Lago

Street-Fighting US Neo-Nazi Leader Captured in Romania

Haven't seen nor heard much from the pillow guy the past few days

Former leaders have been jailed or charged all over the world

Who needs fancy cat beds when they have their mom's lap and she's watching a Harry Potter marathon

A explanation for Mike Pence

Baseball phenom, 13, dies by suicide. He came home from school, left video: 'I hate my life'

A Compassionate Discussion of Caring for the Dying.

Breaks my heart in a beautiful way!

"Who among us hasn't paid 3X mean US income to cover up one f**k before?"

Google Co-Founder, Other Billionaires Are Issued Subpoenas in Lawsuit Over JPMorgan's Ties to Jeffre

yahoo!news knows the difference between Small "d" and Big "D" democratic/Democratic, yet

The 'Anti-Life' Implications of State Abortion Bans

The 'Anti-Life' Implications of State Abortion Bans

The 'Anti-Life' Implications of State Abortion Bans

The 'Anti-Life' Implications of State Abortion Bans

We All Deserve the Freedom to Control Our Bodies

Patches help me a little worried, any advice? He has a rash on his belly

We All Deserve the Freedom to Control Our Bodies

We All Deserve the Freedom to Control Our Bodies

Every hour another conservative man cries on TV about Donald Trump's indictment...

War on Women Report: World Athletics Bans Trans Women; Maternal Mortality on the Rise; E. Jean Carr

At The Encouragement Of A Fellow DUer...

War on Women Report: World Athletics Bans Trans Women; Maternal Mortality on the Rise; E. Jean Carr

Flora Purim - Uri (The Wind)

War on Women Report: World Athletics Bans Trans Women; Maternal Mortality on the Rise; E. Jean Carr

What's your "Don't knock it until you try it" food/food combo?

Cartoons 4/1/2023

How Will Trump Supporters Respond When He's Arrested? - Vice News

Taliban Arrests Prominent Education Activist

Taliban Arrests Prominent Education Activist

"White Lives Matter" member Aimenn D. Penny became angry watching news feeds about drag shows

Tulip Festival brings spectacular traffic jams, blooms to Skagit Valley

Taliban Arrests Prominent Education Activist

Taliban Arrests Prominent Education Activist

How about this as a pizza topping?

Nonprofit offers access to free, low-cost medications

State must bolster poorly funded public defense system

Red State paradox: Why voters overwhelmingly favor liberal policies but not politicians

How an interview with a rapist fired up Serbia's feminists (trigger warning: graphic)

How an interview with a rapist fired up Serbia's feminists (trigger warning: graphic)

How an interview with a rapist fired up Serbia's feminists (trigger warning: graphic)

TFG is coming out swinging. Why Biden won't be taking the bait.

Crackdown on Food Stamps Would Cut Aid for More Than 10 Million

Manhattan DA's counsel says House GOP collaborating with Trump

As summer looms, India orders coal power plants to max out

One of my signs that was torn down and reposted 5 times in 2020

Indigenous Bolivian women are organising against the right

Fast learner

joe walsh & sheryl crow - still the good old days & walk away - CAN'T believe I only just now found

Former Tacoma Catholic nun and priest added to clergy abuse accusation list

Worst. Restaurant. Ever.

Tacoma's 1972 Olympic champion 'Sugar' Ray Seales living in men's shelter due to high rent prices

Wisconsin Democrats Play Hardball

Intensity and insults rise as lawmakers debate debt ceiling

Trump's Niece Says He Is "Having a Tough Time Grappling" With Indictment News: He 'May Not Actually

I can't wait for the day

The GOP is "all in" with Trump.

Russia's war in Ukraine exacts heavy toll on women, says UNFPA (trigger warning)

Russia's war in Ukraine exacts heavy toll on women, says UNFPA (trigger warning)

Ron DeSantis launches NEW SCHEME that will WASTE MILLIONS of dollars - Meidas Touch

I need ideas for board games...

Russia's war in Ukraine exacts heavy toll on women, says UNFPA (trigger warning)

Did Fox News Melt This County's Brain?

Lucia Perez: Argentina court convicts two in femicide case

Lucia Perez: Argentina court convicts two in femicide case

Lucia Perez: Argentina court convicts two in femicide case

Nashville Shooting Survivor's Son Blasts 'Vile' GOP Response

'Window into history': Tapes detail LBJ's stolen election

jason isbell - brothers in arms (live at ryman 2019) jaw-droppingly good!

How Feminists and Academics Are Fighting the Right's 'Anti-Woke' Agenda

UAE Mars orbiter creates stunning new map of the Red Planet

How Feminists and Academics Are Fighting the Right's 'Anti-Woke' Agenda

How Feminists and Academics Are Fighting the Right's 'Anti-Woke' Agenda

How Feminists and Academics Are Fighting the Right's 'Anti-Woke' Agenda

Denise McCann - Midnight Madness

Friend & Lover - Reach Out Of The Darkness

Reps. Cori Bush and Ayanna Pressley Launch Congressional ERA Caucus--'Because Equality Is Overdue'

Reps. Cori Bush and Ayanna Pressley Launch Congressional ERA Caucus--'Because Equality Is Overdue'

Reps. Cori Bush and Ayanna Pressley Launch Congressional ERA Caucus--'Because Equality Is Overdue'

How Wisconsin Democrats learned to play hardball in the country's biggest judicial election

At a Nashville hospital, the agony of not being able to help school shooting victims

Still Waiting for U.S. Constitutional Equality?

Still Waiting for U.S. Constitutional Equality?

Still Waiting for U.S. Constitutional Equality?

A deadly disease so neglected it's not even on the list of neglected tropical diseases

Windy, but here he is.

JJ Cale - Call Me the Breeze - Live ⭐

Women Displaced by Climate Change Are Telling Us What They Need. It's Past Time for Us To Listen.

Women Displaced by Climate Change Are Telling Us What They Need. It's Past Time for Us To Listen.

Ukraine asks court to put Orthodox leader under house arrest

Women Displaced by Climate Change Are Telling Us What They Need. It's Past Time for Us To Listen.

Manhattan Prosecutor CALLS OUT Republicans' Trump COMPLICITY in New Letter

So let it be written; so let it be done

Best (maga) playlist: brilliant satire

Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto #2 in C Minor, Op. 18

Pets Reduce Allergy Risk For Kids: Just Don't Get a Hamster

Wisconsin Supreme Court control, abortion access at stake

The Curious Case Of Sidd Finch, the best pitcher that never was.

The April 4 Election for Wisconsin Supreme Court Represents a Clear Choice

Officers in 'Cop City' raid shot pepperball gun into activist's tent first

Update on Miss Beaulah Mae

Oral arguments scheduled in Wisconsin abortion case

WI-SD08: Habush Sinykin (D) campaign thanks organized labor for their support

WI: About 15% of Madison voters have already voted in April 4 election

Tweet of the Day

brandi & wife catherine carlile - you and me on the rock (live 2022 the daily show) don't miss!

CHICAGO: Here's a Look at Where Voter Turnout Stands With Mayoral Runoff Election Days Away

Two Iranian women arrested for not covering hair after man attacks them with yoghurt

How these seven top Denver mayoral candidates could make the runoff

This One Strategy Will Reveal if Someone's Lying With 80% Accuracy, Study Finds

What does new medical cannabis law mean for Kentuckians?

NE: Mayor (D) calls on opponent to denounce flyer saying she doesn't live in Lincoln

Lazarus Heist: The intercontinental ATM theft that netted $14m in two hours

Depluralized film titles:

Bragg warns GOP effort to oversee ongoing Trump case is 'dangerous usurpation'

WI: A mayoral showdown shaping up in Racine ahead of Tuesday's election

Jeb! hammers Bragg... "very political"

Col. John Spencer on one of the seminal moments in modern European history: The Battle of Kyiv.

Big Basketball Day for me Today!

They are saying no African American can be their president

Effort to put abortion on Ohio ballot faces challenges

Texas wants to take over the Austin ISD next

Defiant transgender children, filled with love and rage, march on Kansas Statehouse

Florida COVID-19 caseload doubles in late March over early in the month

MT: New Cascade County elections officer fields questions at heated meeting

Re: Democracy vs Republic... I've seen the topic again today. Facts below.

is paul vallas rly maga? roll the tape-

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Trumpy can't decide if he wants handcuffs or not?

US Senate seats the Democrats will win in 2024,2026,and 2028 by a landslide to narrow margin.

Question for the smart people on DU. (conviction of Trump's business)

Follow me, guys. Wait...never mind!

Horse makes friends with infant:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis endorses Daniel Davis (R) for Jacksonville mayor

JACKSONVILLE: Daniel Davis (R) and Donna Deegan (D) to debate at UNF ahead of runoff in mayor's race

Dancing little goatlet:

Sharon Acker, Actress in 'Point Blank' and 'Perry Mason,' Dies at 87

Jacksonville drops appeal over city voting maps lawsuit

Regeneration -- Ending The Climate Crisis In One Generation

The reason (speculated) why repukes are defending him BEFORE charges are known...

A measure to create partisan school elections passes in the Florida House

We are not the first country to hold a former political leader to account. We are actually late to

British Museum Offers Greece "Exclusive NFT" of the Parthenon Marbles

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Republican solutions to Nashville....

Post-indictment poll: Trump surges to largest-ever lead over DeSantis

Bryant Gumbel asks about the future of home computers (1983)

Sergei Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. Op. 43: 18th Variation

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live)

Will judge make him forfeit passports as flight risk?

US Senate Seats the Democrats won by a less than 2 percent margin in 2020 were GA and MI.

Texas Republicans Propose Granting Immunity To Vigilante Groups Hunting Migrants - Ring of Fire

Happy 150th birthday to Rachmaninoff, born #onthisday in 1873!

"Arrest me Daddy." MoMA to Co-Curate Exhibition With NYPD

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 1, 2023

How much does Biden have to lose the popular vote in OH in order for Brown to get re-elected?

You Don't Protect the Community by not allowing citizens to breathe.

My prediction re TFG:

Panicked Trump Has Total Meltdown over Being Indicted! - Luke Beasley

"Twitter is dying" (TechCrunch)

East View from Pinyon Peak with Rainbow

Argentina found liable in multi-billion-dollar suit over 2012 YPF oil firm takeover

Argentina found liable in multi-billion-dollar suit over 2012 YPF oil firm takeover

Let's talk about TFG getting spinchter-printed...

Say something nice about a red state.

Donovan - Ride-A-Mile

Trump Shuts Mar-a-Lago Down for Weekend Before Arraignment, Flag at HALF MAST

Who's up for some Banjo tunes?

Tom Nichols FTW

'It's pronounced WAT-ER-BRR-GRRR' Beloved burger chain causes a stir on social media

Scientists studying psychoactive drugs accidentally proved the self is an illusion

MAGA on the streets.... Socal

Where is that overnight Slobby tweet about what the judge did to 75 year old

Let's be honest here

DO NOT buy into any of the rank BULLSHIT that Trump and his bobblehead cultists

Grateful Dead - All Along The Watchtower - 9/30/89 (Pro-Shot)

Teflon's Gone

Seen this one?

"Dexter" type stuff available at Walmart. 😳

Trump May Ask to Move Trial to Staten Island

Trump Could Cost Republicans Control Of The Senate Until Next Decade - Ring of Fire

Florida House passes partisan school board elections

What's Going On, What's Happening Brother - Marvin Gaye - Live 🎹

Not all heroes wear a cape...

Basia - Run For Cover

Father of missing St. Petersburg boy booked in Pinellas jail

A.I. is B.S.

THE POLICE - Omegaman

I made a new button for the GOP

UN food chief: Billions needed to avert unrest, starvation

Anyone besides me think the rendition of The Star Spangled Banner just...

US Vice President Kamala Harris wraps up week-long tour in Africa - Al Jazeera

CNN preaches patience as ratings tank during turnaround

Kozar, how are you today? Check in when you can

The Love Unlimited Orchestra - Baby Blues

Oh Marjorie! Bless your heart...

(my gf in Iowa saw this!) Intense Close Range Intercept of Violent Wedge Tornado - Iowa

Question for our current & former DU Lawyers. Excuse my ignorance on this matter...

Helicopter - Bill Burr

Judge orders books removed from Texas public libraries due to LGBTQ and racial content must be

We just got a tornado warning in New Castle County Delaware

Scuffle at pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach leaves 2 injured

Wisconsin TV stations pull 'false' and 'harassing' Supreme Court Candidate Kelly's (R) ads

Betty Davis - If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up

Ron DeSantis' response to Trump's indictment is a frightening new low even for him

Ronnie and Hubert Laws. My big brother's favorites...

Women all over the nation understood the Dobbs decision and registered to vote in record numbers

Far-right influencer convicted in voter suppression scheme

Judy Blume Annihilates Book Ban Efforts With Scathing Takedown

The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism: New Book, Martin Wolf, Chief Econ Commentator, Financial Times

This may be a dumb question, but I just saw a Twitter about Susan Collins leaving the Senate...

Evening, southern MD 4/1

US says far-right activist convicted over 2016 voter suppression scheme

Trump pulls dangerous last-ditch stunt against Manhattan District Attorney - Brian Tyler Cohen

A tee shirt that says...."death before disco" comedy movie, John Candy, Bill Murray, Harold Ramos..

CHICAGO: Latino Voters Overlooked by Campaigns Could Swing Mayoral Election

Illinois Republicans do an about-face on mail-in voting

Crying watching Born Free

Drunk on Power: Christian Nationalism's War on Democracy

Trump will be in fine company at the courthouse on Tuesday afternoon

Federal judge: 18-20 year-olds can get Minnesota gun permits

Update On Odyssey Of The Minds Competition.

I'm a fifty-four year-old man who calls pajamas "jammies".

Where to shop for cookware?

Trump's Indictment Stretches US Legal System In New Ways

NYC-COUNCIL: Bronx GOP endorses Kristy Marmorato, sister of county chair, for Velzquez's district

Graeme Barrett, Witness

NY: Attorney Turquoise Haskin announces run for Kings County Civil Court judge

French carbon intensity is 32 g CO2/kwh as of this hour.

Unpacking the history of former Pres. Trump in New York - Symone - MSNBC

Arizona governor must appear in court on pause of executions

Texas Bill Allows Secretary Of State To Take Over Dem Elections

Justice Reforms Not Expected to Make It Out of Albany Budget Talks

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia, North Korea, and missteps...