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AOC on Inside with Jen Psaki: Talks Biden, abortion rights, climate crisis, Tucker Carlson, more...

Russia's War Is a Failed Answer to Its Demographic Crisis

Prior to the invention of night goggles in 1929.

Fantastic finish at womens london marathon today

'Write this down': 'Pro-choice' Republican governor warns GOP of electoral doom over abortion

Is Jamie Raskin going to seek the Democratic nomination for the 2024 MD US Senate Election?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about taking the win with Fox....

9,000th post

New Attack Ad Obliterates Fox News over Dominion Settlement! - Luke Beasley

Shellfish harvest restricted in select areas in Washington due to high bacteria levels

Clinic offering free dental, vision and medical care to return to Seattle for 8th year

Coachella 2023: BLACKPINK shows it's all about high energy, sisterly love on main stage

Lindsey Graham repeats false claim that Democrats support 'abortion at the moment of birth' on CNN

Roberts clarifies his position on Supreme Court ethics.

People in other countries do not live like this...(the threat of mass shootings)

30 northern US states will be able to see the northern lights tonight. Here's where.

Republicans Unite With Democrats To Take Down Lauren Boebert - Farron Balanced

Gov. Inslee: 'I hope the Supreme Court will get their fingers burned and back off' abortion - MSNBC

In case anyone thinks Musk is giving blue ticks to prominent Twitter users because he likes them...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia, China, the US, and peers....

So I wrote to Sen, Cornyn re gun regulation

President Biden's re-election plans - MSNBC Reports

Elon Musk Is Willing to Bet Tesla's Profits on a Driverless Dream

If a fetus is a person...

Norway's oil fund to vote against climate resolution at BP

Julie Chavez Rodriguez to run Biden's re-election campaign.

47 bodies found in Kenya where members of a cult were told to starve themselves

US Special Operations forces evacuate the American Embassy in Sudan - ABC News

The next voting rights battle could be on a campus near you

American diplomats successfully airlifted out of Khartoum, State Department says - Velshi - MSNBC

Top Psychiatrist Sounds SERIOUS ALARM on The Dangerous Case of you know who.

Gov. Inslee: 'I hope the Supreme Court will get their fingers burned and back off' abortion

'Wrong place' shootings highlight GOP's fearmongering over crime in America - American Voices

Originals. I realized that I usually do OPs about covers, maybe I've been doing this shit backwards

weird si-fi spoof; ginni thomas, jack smith, elon, trump's head explodes, ??? happy ending i guess

Biden poised to name Julie Chavez Rodriguez as 2024 campaign manager

We should call Republicans reactionary NOT conservative.

Justice Clarence Thomas OK With Death Row Inmate Being Executed BBefore DNA Lawsuit Concludes

Seeking a rebound, CNN turns to Charles Barkley, Gayle King

Panicked Trump Uncontrollably Rants About Legal Troubles in New Videos! - Luke Beasley

*Public Service Announcement* Friendly reminder that DU is still a public page.

Using lasers to cut tree branches around power lines

Why do you think British shows and specials are so much better then American shows. The productions,

Democrats increase calls for ethics probe into SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas - Katie Phang - MSNBC

Gun Violence Is Actually Worse in Red States. It's Not Even Close.

Tesla shareholder group complains Elon Musk is too distracted to run company

This Can't Be Right ...

SHOUT OUT FOR MR,Scorpio!! Earth,Wind and Fire The way of the world

For what it's worth -

Fiery scare on Dallas-bound American Airlines flight - GMA - ABC News

I really hope this doesn't offend anyone---above all, I wanna be nice--- but maybe we should send

basic transportation.

Lizzo brings drag queens on stage, protesting Tennessee law

Anti trans law fall out...

Hugh O'Brian as Wyatt Earp would blow up MAGATLAND.

San Antonio to vote on progressive wish list on abortion, marijuana, low-level arrests

Panel: Poll shows Biden is vulnerable but GOP 'can still lose' if Trump is nominee - NBC News

Fox faces NEW CRISIS as BIGGEST Lawsuit Yet Looms - Meidas Touch

Steely Dan - Hey Nineteen - 1980 Jazz Funk Purrfection Version

*Mystic Pizza on HBO now,

War Games: House Committee simulates Chinese invasion of Taiwan - ABC News

NY-17: Gretchen Whitmer's sister files for Congress.

Is the House 'the body of the people'? - Velshi - MSNBC

Tweet of the Day

New Democratic Star utterly DESTROYS Republican to his face during hearing - Meidas Touch

Biden set to name Julie Chavez Rodriguez as 2024 campaign manager

Houston neighborhood 'little library' makes banned books accessible

Click bait MTG

Philanthropist Howard Buffett on need for humanitarian aid in Ukraine: "This is a War on civilians"

Freaking killer Rock and Roll from West Africa. Songhoy Blues live in Mali

Durbin: 'History will judge Roberts court' by his decision to reform after lack of disclosure - NBC

Governor: Massachusetts didn't wait for the SCOTUS abortion medication ruling. It protected women's

Top Republican Admits They Got NOTHING On Hunter Biden

Jack Smith makes MAJOR MOVE on Trump's Inner Circle - Meidas Touch

I am damn proud Kamala Harris is our Vice President.

What KIND of Asian are you?

Friendly Burmese Girl invites you to a street food walk in Yangon

Saw TV ad for 2023 NFL draft. Sponsored by Bud Light. Will

This morning I posted a description of my encounter with a UFO and asked if DUers would post

Latest National Enquirer - Trump on cover

'Stand your ground' laws under scrutiny again after recent spate of shootings - PBS NewsHour

They Saw the Horrific Aftermath of a Mass Shooting. Should We? This is real, not SNL.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai - Opening - Naraku no Hana - Romaji & japanese lyrics

Trump issues dangerous public threat - Brian Tyler Cohen

#VelshiBannedBookClub: Texas Libraries - Velshi - MSNBC

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai - Opening - Naraku no Hana -

David Gilmour: Barn Jam 121

23 Apr: Ukrainian Special Ops Decimate Russian Positions - Reporting from Ukraine

What makes Debussy sound French?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about hope....

How does Pizza Hut compare with Domino's? edited

Trump NEW PLOT revealed in DERANGED new video and it's HORRIFYING - Meidas Touch

Democrats' State-Level Comeback Hits Its Limits

I have questions... So many questions.

New doctors are avoiding going to red states.

OMB Dir. Young: 'Avoiding default is a basic responsibility of Congress' - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Bed, Bath & Beyond Plans to Swiftly Liquidate, Shutter ALL Stores

Horse discovers mirror for the first time..

moose goes into movie house

Velshi: Is it time to expand the House of Representatives? - Velshi - MSNBC

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Cryptocurrencies II

gojira - flying whales [april 21st 2023 at the kia forum]

Breakfast Monday 24 April 2023

American Airlines sucks

Cop That Fatally Shot Breonna Taylor Hired At New Sheriff's Department

(Jewish Group) President Herzog launches a Jewish Davos initiative to bridge the gap w/ Diaspora

Ex-president Toledo returns to Peru after US extradition - Al Jazeera

20 years ago @Mike_Pence , in his infinite scientific wisdom refused to allow people in Indiana acce

Wordle 674 (4/24) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Ben Shapiro Wants to Ban Men Wearing Dresses in Public? - Luke Beasley

John Kerry on the climate crisis: 'I believe we're in a transformational moment' - Inside w/Jen Psaki

Trout fishing yesterday 18-19 -16 went full Kirk Gowdy.

An example of why I don't conceal carry a loaded gun in public

Riverside County sheriff's investigators lose 60 pounds of meth in failed drug sting

LA Times LA Times Protesters disrupt talk by archaeologist Richard Hansen at book festival

PA: A pro-Matt Dugan poll shows he's got his work cut out for him in the DA's race

The Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays (Live Aid 1985)

Biden eyeing former Booker campaign aide for top reelection role

Control of the House goes through the Empire State

Top Trump Aide CAUGHT on Recording BRAGGING about CRIMES - Meidas Touch

When is Bannon going to jail? eom

Ron Desantis in Japan, when asked about his falling poll numbers against Trump...

On this day, April 24, 2013, 1,134 people were killed in the 2013 Dhaka garment factory collapse.

On this day, April 24, 1944, record producer Tony Visconti was born.

On this day, April 24, 1975, Pete Ham of Badfinger died by suicide.

DeSatan goes on Yes I Am Running For President So I Need The Foreign Stuff tour

Inflation eases as corporate profits fall from record levels

Sapphire-vented Puffleg (Ecuador)

UT professor to Oak Ridge League: Most recent terrorist attacks in U.S. made by right-wing groups

Russian Mobilizing 400,000 New Soldiers as Military Spending Soars & Oil & Gas Income Crashes - JB

Monday TOONs - Something Stinks At The Supreme Court

France bangs pots and pans in fresh anti-pension protest

Kim Potter, officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright, is released from prison after serving 16 months

So Far In 2023, 2.4 Million People In Thailand Have Been Treated For Respiratory Issues Tied To AQ

Keystone Arctic Algae Species Grows Beneath Ice Floes, And It's Already Full Of Microplastics

Chinese Authorities Authorized More New Coal Power In Jan-Mar 2023 Than In All Of 2021

BP Annual Meeting Blahblah Activist Green Investors Blah Net-Zero Blahblahblah Shareholder Value

Anyone supporting Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as a "Democratic" candidate for POTUS in '24 is in

Ex-Disney World employee told investigators he shot videos up women's skirts more than 500 times

Minnie This Moocher

Family sues cruise company for letting man's corpse decompose in drink cooler for 6 days

The Rundown: April 24, 2023

Sometimes it pays to listen to Washington Journal

National Poetry Month -- 30 Poems in 30 Days

Look who's wearing a Disney hat.

Apparently, this is what's known as a Northern Pygmy Owl

You raised $25.00 on April 23, 2023 unofficial DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate beat Senator Sinema

"RIP Pearl Harbor survivor Ken Potts who passed away on Friday, one week after his 102nd birthday."

Ex-Officer Who Fatally Shot Breonna Taylor in Louisville Hired as a Deputy

Why hasn't Santos been charged with any crime yet? Forget his lies, what about the reports of....

Update on Bridgette from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

I have something to say about the 2024 Presidential election

If a man says he will fix it,

Disney begins second, larger round of layoffs, bringing total to 4,000 jobs cut

Sharing a quick review

I turned 68 years young yesterday.

Republican voters would rather lose the 2024 election than concede liberals were right about Trump

Household Tips - How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

The Tragedy of John Roberts

I feel a little weird about wearing my Tennessine tee shirt.

Boom in labs handling dangerous pathogens not matched by biosafety and biosecurity regulation

The corporate attack on democracy

if MAGA Kevin even musters up the votes to pass his BS Debt Bill I imagine

The unequal treatment of Trump v. DeSantis: Who gets the advantage?

Susan Rice to step down as Biden's top domestic policy official next month

Biden's campaign team begins taking shape

Eleni Kounalakis first to launch campaign for California governor in 2026

The rape case tfg faces this week may cost him too many swing votes

DeSantis in Tokyo - GIF ready few seconds.

Home of the brave -by Tom Tomorrow

I recently read a story about Ted Williams.

If I'm Dreaming My Life - David Bowie

Biden's Approval Drops Among Young Voters

Tweet of the Day

Biden's 2024 campaign has been hiding in plain sight

Today I joined Substack 'Notes'. It was free...

Is it really so hard to tell "right" from "wrong"?

A challenging event over the weekend...

So I had a heart attack a week ago Sunday.

The Anti-Abortion Messages Haunting Florida's Highways

Somehow I Question Whether This "Improvement" in Silicon Etching Will Be Less Problematic.

-What 4 letter word can be a man's name, a part of a duck, or a proposed law? bill is the answer

Widow sues US cruise line after husband's body stored in drinks cooler

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost jumps into Florida abortion fight

Transgender Missourians consider leaving state after AG includes adults in emergency rule

Twitter Ad Revenue Plunges 89% Since Musk Takeover as Major Brands Stay Away (Report)

How sad how things change:

Bobble Head Ron is one weird guy

Florida man mistakenly tries to rob office building he thought was a bank

DeSantis in Japan - Candidates have lost elections for less weird clips than this one.

6 Ways the Heritage Foundation Makes America Less Free, Less Just, and Less Safe

LINCOLN MAYOR: Geist (R) and Gaylor Baird (D) face off in Lincoln mayoral debate

Just found the transcript from Desantis' visit to Japan

Supreme Court deals blow to oil companies by turning away climate cases

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 24, 2023

"No cheating: guess the "controversial" photoshoot location"

Sudan: Death Toll Tops 420 as Fear Grows Fighting Between Rival Generals Could Lead to Proxy War

New use for face cream

Try to convince me that Sarah Huckabee Sanders...

Gen Z is sounding pretty engaged, and all outta fuks...

NTSB: Fractured Rail Identified in Fiery BNSF Minnesota Derailment

OMG: Texas Republicans pull JAW-DROPPING stunt - Brian Tyler Cohen

Ties on I-90 Bridge Must Be Rebuilt for Sound Transit Service

If you can see Twitter video and hate Ron DeSantis, please enjoy this from Parker Molloy

Supreme Court to examine public officials blocking people on social media

What's Next in Legal Fight over Mifepristone? Supreme Court Protects Access to Abortion Pill for Now

In Russia It's A Crime To Teach Teenagers About Gay People

UN human rights experts begin US tour focusing on racial justice and policing - The Guardian

Grandpa, Tell Me About the Time the Supreme Court Picked a Fight with the Future

A certain RAPE Trial begins today. George Conway

Pilot who offered flights to women for medical care fired from seminary job

Tucker Carlson fired?

****Tucker Carlson out at FAUX NEWS****

Tucker Carlson leaves Fox News in wake of Dominion defamation settlement

Trump's lawyers gambling on new Michael Cohen testimony in $250 million business fraud case


Fucker Carlson out at Fox News

House Republican tasked with budget deal 'may have set a new low for the futility'

Tucker Carlson is out. Fired from Fox. YAY!!!

Welcome To Florida: Home of Carry Laws!

100 years young

US Supreme Court rejects computer scientist's lawsuit over AI-generated inventions

Bill O'Reilly to Tucker Carlson to ????

Streets of Florence

Witnesses' Lawyer Suggests Fox News Is Under CRIMINAL Investigation

I KNEW the sound of wailing and gnashing of MAGAt teeth meant SOMETHING WAS UP.

Jury selection in the rape of E Jean Carroll

Just got a CNN alert on my phone a minute ago about Fox's Bowtie Boy

Tucker Carlson canned by Fox News! CNN

China affirms ex-Soviet nations' sovereignty after uproar

Who should take Tucker's spot?

Tucker Carlson is leaving Fox News

Tucker leaving Fox WITHOUT even saying goodbye? Stunning.

Tucker Carlson and Fox News part ways

Tucker bites the bag!


Where do you think Tucker will go?

Israeli FM demands arrested Jordanian lawmaker 'pay a price'

Jury selection begins over 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue attack

Gayle King and Charles Barkley to host new prime-time show on CNN

Breaking: Carlson OUT at Fox.

Susan Rice, Biden's Domestic Policy Chief, Is Stepping Down

China walks back ambassador's claim that ex-Soviet states aren't real countries, a position that pla

LGBTQ+ people are leaving Florida. They blame the Legislature.

Tucker Carlson's final Fox News show last Friday: "We'll be back on Monday."

My father passed away....

Our FRiends seem to think Tucker's departure was a Fox sellout to the woke mob...

Hunter Biden's lawyer fires shot at 'unhinged' Marjorie Taylor Greene

Ron DeSantis is unstable

Len Goodman, former 'Dancing With the Stars' judge, dead at 78

I've been diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer

Scream Day is observed on April 24 every year as a way to release pent-up frustration

How Fishstick King Carlson's Morning Went.

Books with LGBTQ themes the most likely targets of bans, report finds

Pic Of The Moment: Tucker Carlson's Final Lie At Fox News

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 24, 2023)

Tucker Carlson out at Fox News - CNN

Tucker Carlson would have been an ongoing series of lawsuits.

Don Lemon out at CNN

Hunter Biden lawyer seeks ethics probe of Greene for 'verbal abuses'

Don Lemon out at CNN

Tucker news story in a nutshell.

Bye bye Tucker "my lying @$$" Carlson!

CNN seems to be spewing almost a PR campaign for Carlson by saying he is the highest rated

US launches Minuteman III ICBM with test warhead using E-6B Mercury doomsday aircraft

My guess Hannity and Inghram is going to be out soon too

Wait for it?

NH: Senate delays proposal to expand free and reduced price lunch eligibility

Let's take a quick peak at Fox stock....

Maine could crack down on employer intimidation during union drives

Now Don Lemon is out at CNN

MI: Senate passes bill to ensure safe drinking water at schools and childcare centers

who did what in who's backyards without who's permission? Cable news on the warpath

Brian Kemp ducking GOP convention after extremist takeover

Very Sad & Horrific Sentences about U.S.A. Compared to Other Countries.

Waterfront reopening ceremony, preview event to be held Monday

Carlson, then Don Lemon. I think I "respect" them equally.

Producer Tony Visconti (Bowie, T.Rex, many others) has a birthday today. Happy 79th birthday, Tony!

Drag storytime returns to Nelson, B.C., 2 months after cancellation over online threats

At U.S. behest, Ukraine held off anniversary attacks on Russia

Carlson Ejection was NOT Amicable

Hey, Russia Today! Tucker Carlson is available!

Did Donald fire Tucker?

"Look at the scoreboard" "... ok"

I feel we made a step back from fascism today.

Steve Schmidt reacts to Tucker Carlson parting ways with Fox News

Buy low, sell high.....

Are the polls about Biden vs Trump accurate?

Senior street cat gets his first taste of indoor life

The other networks should remember Megyn Kelly...

I don't like Mondays -- except ones where Tuckstick Carlson gets fired

Trump is indicted. Tucker is fired. DeSantis is...weird.

How many scandals will it take for DOJ to investigate Clarence Thomas?

Offering a wager for all those predicting Carlson will end up at CNN

Keith sings The Shadenfreude Song (Beethoven's 9th) and celebrates the firing of 2

Drug possession bill voted down last-minute, possibly shifting enforcement power from state to local

Marjorie Taylor Greene SHREDDED by Navy Vet for latest TRAITOROUS rant

For Tucker Carlson

Any bets Jesse Watters gets Carlson's slot?

CNN and FAUX will just hire new insufferable personalities

Woman Rescues A Baby Shark

Post your Tucker's Fired celebration song here:

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Facebook and Twitter....

This Baby Goat Is Smaller Than A Cat

Any "bad bug" solutions that don't deter good bugs?

Bombshell: Tucker Carlson fired from Fox News - Brian Tyler Cohen

Tucker Carlson went after Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and Merrick Garland on his last show

Death of a Reasonable Fox News Viewer

Carlson was on CNN on that political show with Begalia. When Jon

Tucker Leaving Fox To...

Free Republic melting down over Tucker Firing LOL!

Why just Tucker? Window dressing? And these things tend to happen in threes. Who's next?

Kyrsten Sinema Has a Net Favorability of -23, Per New Statewide Poll

Biden To Announce Re-Election Bid Same Day Trump Rape Trial Begins

The cable tv Triple Crown!

I can't get my iPhone to play on my car stereo.

Guardian Trump headline

Kyrsten Sinema Is Deeply Unpopular

The Guardian is featuring both the Carlson and Lemon firings

Spring cleaning?

Tell Tucker, I want him to know that it was me

B,B & Beyond, more Vulture Capitolism

Borowitz: Fox replaces Tucker Carlson with Lying Chatbot.

ICE to test smartwatch-like tracking devices for migrants facing deportation

Borowitz: Fox replaces Tucker Carlson with Lying Chatbot.

LA Times - Carlson fired on Murdoch's orders over discrimination suit: report

Midwest City, Rose State College, Oklahoma active shooter. 1 dead.

Fox Staffers Celebrate Tucker's Departure: 'Pure Joy'

Fucker was fired for getting caught hating the Slobfather

Even DC's WTOP will be covering the firings at 1415 EDT

Cucker Tarlson got the treatment....................

BREAKING: Rupert Murdoch fires every Fox News employee. 22,400 individuals are given pink slips.

Fox Replaces Tucker Carlson with Lying Chatbot By Andy Borowitz

BREAKING NEWS: Fox News to debut new primetime show, "Test Signal Pattern Tonight"

After Bolt Creek, Western WA gears up for another fire season -- in April

Looking forward to a slew of toons about Carlson being gone. Hee Hee

Dazed and Confused, Tucker's resting face was perfect for the moment.

I Wonder If tfg Will Turn On Tucker Now

I wonder if Rachel will have anything to say about Carlson?

Advice? I'm getting items from Amazon that I did not order

Cartoons 4/24/2023

Walgreens, Safeway, CVS, etc. are giving COVID boosters but Kaiser isn't

Was Don Lemon fired for this??

Suggestion for future Democratic POTUS, consider how old your vice will be if he or she runs 8 years

No one was adopting this cat. Then one family took a chance on her.

Probe ordered after shots fired at errant Instacart driver

Trump Stupidly Promises Revenge Against Every Prosecutor Investigating Him - Ring of Fire

Joe scarface gets 8pm prime-time msnbc special tonight.

Kyrsten Sinema Has a Net Favorability of -23, Per New Statewide Poll

Tucker, You're Fired - Luckovich Cartoon

Curious, how do you count out one, one thousand two, one thousand, three, one

jyuratodus- Hard to capture, hard to spell!! MHW

The GOP Civil War Over Abortion Is Just Getting Started

Being fired is good news for Tucker. Now he has time to tan his testicles.

Re-thinking Al Jazeera vs Google News

T U C K E R - an acrostic poem

Tucker Carlson Permanently Removed From Fox News - Ring of Fire

Russian propagandist offers Tucker a job

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

The Spinners - Could It Be I'm Falling In Love (1973) (HDTV)

George Takei FTW

what happens to the tapes that McCarthy gave to Tucker??

Mastodon meme:

Letter Chain. I will post a word-let's say i use apple, The next person has to begin their word with

Apparently one reason for Don Lemon being fired was over his criticism of Republicans

Florida surgeon general altered key findings in study on Covid-19 vaccine safety

Besides being a lousy person Tucker is an antisemite.



Reminder from 2014: Don Lemon to Bill Cosby's rape accuser

The Look on Your Face When You Hear Tucker Has Been Fired.

Clarence Thomas's Billionaire Friend Did Have Business Before the Supreme Court

Wow, didn't realize Hollywood beat everyone to the punch with Pirro and Carlson

Well! How fitting? Eating pizza may be is the last thing you do on air?

Look at it this way, Tuck the Fuck

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Democratic primary debates....

Orange Drumpf turns green with envy over MURDOCH's *direct* firing of *ucker

Tucker Carlson "pushed out" by Rupert Murdoch

milk frog.....yes, that is what these are actually called...

Tucker Carlson Is Out At Fox, And Twitter Users Are Dancing On His Grave (HuffPo)

MAGA Extremism is on FULL DISPLAY in TARGETING of Biden Family

Carlson's "Parting Ways" with Fox is 12th story down on their website.


Call me crazy

EIP presses OSHA to tighten PSM mandates on nitrogen fertilizer facilities

LOL! RFK Jr believes Tucker was a victim of Big Pharma.

MSBNC is focusing too much on 2024. effn idiots.

Ukraine war: Kyiv secures bridgehead across key Dnipro River in Kherson region - reports

Saishuuressha (LAST TRAIN) MUCC

It rules that this is the last frame from Tucker's last Fox broadcast

Moscow Marsha Blackburn rehearsing post-senate career as infomercial hawker,

My sleep patterns have been nuts for a bit but I'm gonna sleep in more often.

Jordan Keppler's Memorable MAGA Moment

Sometimes, the Federal Government Moves Quickly

Chinese Economy: 'Growing Crisis' Pensions, Labour & Foreign Capital; EU-China - China Update

I can't tell you how happy I am today that Tucker wont be polluting our airwaves anymore

Tucker Takes a new role on the view! Babylon Bee

Greg Kelly at Newsmax proves Jeff Jackson (D-NC) right.

What will be decided by the 2024 election? Simply this: whether a majority of Americans who

This brings me peace.

George Santos attacks @MittRomney for being one of the few Republicans to call out Santos for his i

Tabby hops

All Tuckered Out - The Lincoln Project

Let's have some video of the Tennessee Three at the WH with

TCM tonight:

Florida surgeon general altered key findings in study on Covid-19 vaccine safety

Will Greg Gutfeld be...

Will Mike Lindell send Carlson one of his MyPillows?

What's for Dinner, Mon., April 24, 2023

I have already picked out a (selfish) Christmas present for each of my sons.

Earth Day at Union Station

Fox ex producer Abby Grossberg will be on Nicole Wallace show tomorrow

Southern and northern lights sweep planet in stunning display of auroras

The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog (1969) [The Reflex Revision]

And so for Confederate Memorial day: Fire Tucker Carlson

Do you think Athletes are paid too much? There are many people in the US making so much less, but

Tucker Carlson out at Fox "News", Don Lemon out at CNN - MSNBC Reports

Kari Lake Cries To Steve Bannon About Reporters Calling Out Her Lies - Farron Balanced

US Supreme Court rejects computer scientist's lawsuit over AI-generated inventions

Re: Cucker Tarlson

Here's a #Tatra 603 promo...

New Texas Law Requires Schools To Display Image Of God Hung Like A Horse In Every Classroom

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 25 April 2023

Keep your eyes to yourself, keep you lip under control, keep your dick in your pants.

Tucker Carlson FORCED OUT at Fox "News" - Meidas Touch

who's to blame for tuckers ouster

Sen. Schumer Promises Vote on Equal Rights Amendment Before April 2023

Debt-limit plan won't be changed, House GOP leaders tell holdouts

Chinese ambassador sparks European outrage over comments - CNN

Nightly visits from Rebecca Alynn

The View co-hosts sing "Goodbye" to Tucker Carlson.

Some Blues for your day

My FAVE Tucker Carlson meme!

Nice Headline at Huffpost

Joan Walsh: Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass, Tucker Carlson!

House GOP Leaders Won't Change Debt Limit Bill

Antisemitic, transphobic flyers found in east Atlanta community; police release statement

On this day, April 24, 1914, film director and producer William Castle was born.

(Jewish Group) Antisemitic, transphobic flyers found in east Atlanta community; police release state

(LGBT) Antisemitic, transphobic flyers found in east Atlanta community; police release statement

William DeVaughn - Be Thankful for What You Got

RT wants Tucker:

I have this overwhelming feeling of schadenfreude. Wonder why?

Ayumi Hamasaki - Voyage

Ron DeSantis acts like a Bobblehead in this tweet. Very weird. (Not Photoshopped.)

Trump probe: DA urges law enforcement to prep for indictments this summer

Breaking - Fanni Willis will announce indictments in summer

MSNBC reporting possible Georgia indictment this summer

Breaking on MSNBC: "Fulton County DA Tells Law Enforcement To Prep For Indictments This Summer"

Fani Willis indictments this summer?

When you see the Brand name Hobart, what comes to mind?

What the major shake-ups at Fox "News," CNN mean for media networks - CBS News

TCM Saturday 4/29/23 - Super Fly, No Time For Sergeants, What's Up, Doc?

Yesterday I watched Red Dragon and Hannibal. Thinking about the franchise, I'd rate them thusly:

A new era at Fox? Fox headline dumps on Trump.

Headline of the Year (or Decade!):

3-day Sudan ceasefire announced by US Secretary of State Blinken

NYPD Gangsters Violate Man In Every Way Possible & Lie To Cover It Up! MASSIVE Lawsuit!

PM Update: Frost or freeze possible north and west suburbs tonight

Mass text sent out to Ammon Bundy's followers sparks worry of another standoff

'I Cry Quietly': A Soldier Describes the Toll of Russia's War

Cops Arrest Kids Home Alone No Warrant, No Crime

S. Carolina Senate weighs abortion ban it recently rejected

Rough out of the impact of the $787.5 million Fox settlement.

Hunter Biden's legal team requests Treasury investigate former Trump aide - MSNBC Reports

My anecdotal abortion observation

Rick Wilson: Tucker Carlson is leaving Fox to spend more time with his fascism.


They Actually Put Him Away For This... LAWSUIT!

Tucker's Replacement: WHO YA GOT?

Trump legal team in COMPLETE CHAOS as trial set to begin - Meidas Touch

I've done enough

Little Miss Sweetness

Will you miss the Tucker pucker?


'Tennessee three' meet with Biden at the White House

Schmigadoon! (Schmicago) - Kaput

I thought Jeanine Pirro was fired also???

With Jets Trade, Aaron Rodgers Gets His Ask -- a Team Desperate for Him

In honor of the Monopoly Guy's nephew getting fired.

Will CNN replace Don Lemon with Fucker Carlson?

"Suddenly silent" Tucker Carlson lawyers up:

Calls to ban books hit highest level ever recorded in the US

Mastodon meme #2:

Afghanistan today. (WARNING)

Sudanese Armed Forces and Rapid Support Forces agree ceasefire, says Blinken

'Suddenly silent' Tucker Carlson lawyers up: report

Tonight 8 PM EST Joe Talks Tucker Carlson

Question about Imgur's new policy.

After Tenn. expulsions, lawmakers, academics warn of fascism

Found on FB

The Article 5 road to Gilead

Fox Replaces Tucker Carlson with Lying Chatbot (Borowitz)

There once was a cable "noose" guy named Tucker who knew his viewers were suckers.

So, I was curious what the headlines are on faux tonight: No links: Just the headlines

The people who believe Biden is too old and tired to run for President again

Is this why Tucker was kicked to the curb? (NYT gifted article)

Just remembering the times when a photo or even a GIF would put a time dent in reeading DU

Republican Frontrunner for NC - Governor is .....a Piece Of Work

Texas agriculture commissioner orders employees to wear clothes "consistent with their biological ge

Tucker Carlson left a lot of bodies by the roadside. Remember Tiffany Cross?

North Dakota governor signs law banning abortion at 6 weeks

Flashback Sarah Cooper, April 24, 2020:

Actually It looks pretty good

Restaurant shuts down for a 'day of kindness' after verbal abuse from customers makes staff cry

FAA to ground the SpaceX Starship Super Heavy launch program pending a "mishap investigation."

Imagine if Republicans were just as pro-life about preventing deaths

Southern and northern lights sweep planet in stunning display of auroras

I really thought this was an SNL parody

S7:E15 (The GOP; Losing Women Over Abortion Policy)

As much as I am enjoying tuckums' downfall, I am looking forward to not seeing

I bet that Smartmatic is breaking out the bubbly tonight.

"We are the truth alone in the whole world" - Break the Fake - TVP World

Riverside sheriff's 'embarrassing' sting goes wrong, leaves 60 pounds of meth with trafficker

A German plane lifted off from Khartum with 1 German Citizen and

What Tucker Carlson's departure could mean for the future of Fox and the GOP - PBS NewsHour

I'll pass, CNN

Remember Glenn Beck, Megan Kelly, and Bill O'reilly

Sean Hannity Tried To Slam The Green New Deal With On-Air Graphic-And It Backfired Hard

Robert Reich urges secretaries of state to refuse to put Trump's name on 2024 ballots

Lawsuit: Mississippi violates rights by appointing judges

China affirms former Soviet nations' sovereignty after European outcry - NBC News

Tucker Carlson fired on Murdoch's orders over discrimination lawsuit, report says

GOP-led Florida House panel approves subpoenas to groups supporting gender-affirming care

Magnitude 7.3 earthquake hits Indonesia, triggers tsunami warning

'Let Her Speak!': Trans Montana Lawmaker Stands Firm In Dispute

Are Republicans Only Just Pretending to Fight Over Abortion?

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon: Drag is an Art and Drag is a Right

About 4 million people watched tucker Carlson. There are about 150 million voters in the country

Why Tucker Carlson's Exit From Fox News Looks Like an Execution

Sen. Ron Johnson renews call for Wisconsin abortion vote

Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass, Tucker Carlson!

Louisiana's proposed tax credit for anti-abortion pregnancy centers clears first hurdle

Reynolds wants Iowans to see her front and center in abortion fight

Danny Deraney marks the Armenian genocide today

President Biden Meets With the Tennessee Three

GUAM: AG: Conduct long-delayed abortion vote

Civil Rights Groups Sue Over Anti-Democratic Laws Targeting Jackson, Mississippi

Recording Fox prime time tonight for first and last time. Prediction....100% waste of time.

SC Senate set to consider a near total abortion ban.

Georgia DA says she will announce charging decision in Trump case this summer

After 22 years, LGBTQ+ anti-discrimination legislation clears hurdle in Pa. House

As much as I am Glad Tuck'ems got Canned I am wondering if Rupert just cost himself more money?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Names The Far-Right Lawmaker Controlling Kevin McCarthy

Exclusive: Biden would veto legislation to block solar tariff waivers

Fani Willis states indictments will likely come between July 11 and Sept 1.

They Fired Tucker Carlson

Southern MD 4/24

Dr. Ruth: "If Fox can break up with Tucker Carlson, maybe today is the day..."

Our Age of Cynicism and Cynicism Over Age Are the Only Things Holding Biden Back

My ex-wife died today.