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Well, that was disappointing. I just read the bio on Laurence Fox ( "Lewis" Det. Sgt.

Colombia police director removed who spoke about using "exorcisms" to catch fugitives

AI cast Ted Cruz as drag queen

Washington Judge Tells FDA To Keep Mifepristone Available As Usual In States Involved

I see two options for Clarence. Is there a third?

Ukraine stands firm on Crimea, wants Russia out of all areas

Sunset, southern MD 4/13

Go to the video threads and watch Joe B. speak to

NY AG Letitia James compels Donald Trump to sit for 2nd deposition in $250 million civil fraud suit

Clarence Thomas' Mom Definitely Still Lives in the House the Billionaire Bought

How is it that an Attorney General can be as powerful as a Legislature + Governor?

☦️ Eastern Orthodoxy - "Kalo Pascha!"

Unpacking the flawed science cited in the Texas abortion pill ruling

Someone in my circle is saying Anheuser Busch has lost 6 billion

Today's actual record high temperatures so far:

Suspect in leak probe talked about God, guns and war secrets

Archaeologists Discover 1,400-Year-Old Murals of Two-Faced Men in Peru

Who is Jack Teixeira, the Massachusetts Air National Guard member arrested in Pentagon leak case?


Clarence Thomas' mom definitely still lives in the house Harlan Crow bought.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about documents, discord, and developments....

Former 'SNL' star Victoria Jackson adds her rant to anti-LGBTQ sentiment in Tennessee

The Rising Chorus of Renewable Energy Skeptics

Justice Department to appeal abortion pill ruling - ABC News

Trump Supporters Are Swamping the Manhattan DA With Racist Threats

Will Calif. lawmakers end life sentences for its worst criminals?

Lauren Boebert humiliates herself with disaster during interview - Brian Tyler Cohen

Two selections

digby: Heckuva job Maga

Newsmax Host LOSES IT As Reality Sinks In

Huckabee Sanders Makes State Job Applicants Say What They Like Most About Her - Ring of Fire

BBC News Reporter accidentally gets a contact high

Michigan House OKs red flag bills to temporarily seize guns from those deemed dangerous

Well, once again, Tim Scott repeated the lie that all Republicans get away with....

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy thread! Robyn and Tara sub for Mike!

'Politically toxic': Chris Hayes on the abortion trap the GOP sprung for themselves - All In - MSNBC

Michigan Democrats on a roll after Whitmer signs gun-control bills

Daniel Perry, convicted of murder, wrote of wanting to kill protesters, Muslims, Black people...

Freedom is under assault in Ron DeSantis's Florida

WAPO Gift Articles: Discord Leaker: He's from a...patriotic family...

Missouri rule severely limiting trans care applies to people of all ages, AG's office acknowledges

Republicans Could Block Replacing Dianne Feinstein

I got your 2024 Dem congressional campaign issues right here!

Paraguay Shown as Key Link in Bolivia-Europe Cocaine Route

Nikki Haley Finally Takes Shot at Trump in Rare Moment! - Luke Beasley

Serious Question: What group will the Right attack next

Shooting in Ecuador leaves nine dead

Is an egg a chicken? Asking the anti-abortionists. nt

Brutal Polling for House Republicans

Daniel Urresti: Peruvian ex-minister complicit in reporter Hugo Bustios' murder

U.S., Panama, Colombia Aim to Stop Migrants From Crossing the Dangerous Darien Gap

Appeals Court Maintains Abortion Pill Restrictions - Raw News And Politics

In case you were worried about Bill Barr


Man arrested for burning ex-girlfriend alive in Peru town square

Traitor Tot: Suggested that military intel leakers may actually be 'heroes' (except Reality Winner)

New Metallica Master of Puppets video!!

Idaho AG Raul Labrador wants to intervene in federal lawsuit against abortion pill

Defamation Trial Judge Delivers DEVASTATING Blow to Fox News - Talking Feds

Voices of Ancestors: Listen to the Sound of 14 Ancient Languages (Video)

80% Plunge, Chinese Economy Lags; Negative Views of China Hit 83% in US - China Update

'Legal hell': Criminal defendant Trump goes back under oath in another case - The Beat - MSNBC

TCM later:

Poulenc's 'Flute Sonata' (movements 2 & 3)

'There is no alternative to Ukraine's accession to NATO' - Ukraine's defence minister - Times Radio

Insider's editor is asking reporters to use ChatGPT as a "bicycle for the mind" - but don't trust it

Martin Richard Institute for Social Justice

Trump Did Not Sue Michael Cohen

Some WC Fields on a Thursday.

Trump's Stolen Documents Crimes.

Ex-Colombia rebel urges armed groups to support government

Trump Lawyer Begs Judge To Delay Upcoming Assault Trial - Ring of Fire

Bill that would increase 'middle housing' options passes Senate

NWS Issues El Nino Watch

Ft Laud Gets 1/3 Annual Rainfall in Hrs, 20"; Flooding, Hospital Knocked Offline, Airport Closed

Clarence Thomas secretly sold properties to GOP donor Harlan Crow: ProPublica - All In - MSNBC

Does anyone know the technical term

Lawrence is on fire, breaking down the Clarence Thomas wrongdoing nt

13 Apr: Wow. Wagners are damaged more than anyone expected - Reporting from Ukraine

Two Americas: The way things have always been.

TN GOP Outed As Liars In Leaked Audio - Raw News And Politics

Bye bye Uncle Thomas

Tweet from Marc Elias (voting rights lawyer)

MTG Goes to Bat for Alleged Pentagon Leaker--Because He's a 'White Male'

"A really big deal"--Dolly is a free, open source, ChatGPT-style AI model - Ars Technica

What is the best photograph in music history?

We Found The Guy Who Invented Mass Layoffs - More Perfect Union

View of a flooded main boulevard in Ft. Lauderdale

Cutest kitten video I've seen this week so far...

The Kremlin's jester redraws borders in Europe - Break the Fake - TVP World

We *have* to stay in this fight

Anybody know how to reset a Maytag dishwasher?

Republicans 'playing the worst hardball' over Sen. Feinstein says Barbara Boxer - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Hear Giuliani's exchange with Fox host 'extremely relevant' to Dominion case - CNN

Something I haven't seen mentioned about the Bohemian Grove

The Beatles - No Reply

☦️ Eastern Orthodoxy: 'Evlogitaria of the Resurrection'

'They want to protect White power': Michael Harriot on reported leaked recordings of Tennessee GOP

Marco Rubio Says America's Global Reputation Shattered Due To 'Woke' Beer - Farron Balanced

Fox "News" guest goes OFF SCRIPT and turns on Republicans LIVE on air - Meidas Touch

Stevie Wonder - If It's Magic

Former AG Bill Barr on the case that he thinks poses Trump's biggest threat - CNN

Parliament - The Silent Boatman

Attack kitten:

Happy, happy wiggle dog:

Snow! Snow, snow, snow, snow!

The Spinners - The Clown

Wow. What an arm!

1 Million dimes stolen from Wal Mart parking lot.

African crowned eagle--gorgeous bird:

Lawrence O'Donnell: Manhattan welcomes Trump back with 'New York hates you!' chants - The Last Word

When mom picks out your winter jacket:

Kimmel: Trump's Crimes Keep Adding Up, Giuliani Can't Actually Prove Election Fraud & Disaster for

DeSantis signs Florida's six-week abortion ban into law

Having fun together:

Joe Cocker - The Letter

Little goat tries sooo hard to head butt nonchalant horse he can't reach:

Baby goat can't lure cat into a game of head butting:

GOP won't let Schumer replace Feinstein on Judicary unless it's with Sinema

This gene-splicing thing is getting out of hand:

'Defeated Russia' resorts to 'information terrorism', says Ukrainian soldier - Times Radio

Sort this out if you can:

Lawrence O'Donnell: 'Clarence Thomas has absolutely violated federal law' - The Last Word - MSNBC

At This Point, I Would Not Be Surprised If Pro Publica...

MN: House passes major elections bill over Republican objections that it's not bipartisan

Baby & puppy:

Former Alaska state representative (R) set for trial in November on election-crime charges

Gimme dat!

Lincoln mayoral candidates Gaylor Baird (D) and Geist (R) trade jabs over which is best for business

Nebraska lawmakers narrowly advance trans health care bill after internal chaos

Lioness & her cub:

Space Force Major General: 'US has strong leadership position in space' - ABC News

Tucker Claims 'American Soldiers Are Fighting Russian Soldiers' After Fox News Debunked It

Amazing that these birds can swallow such huge fish whole!

Ban on transgender care passes Missouri House, setting up possible clash with Senate

Life imitates art:

GOP lawmaker says the state should be "erasing" the LGBTQ+ community

The case for impeaching Justice Clarence Thomas - Mehdi Hasan Show - MSNBC

(Jewish Group) 'Real Housewives' star hit with backlash after blurting out anti-Semitic trope

(Jewish Group) Burning Judas, deriding Jews: Antisemitic Easter traditions persist in Europe

(Jewish Group) Synagogues, cemeteries, and settlements: Spain's hidden Jewish heritage

Just hanging out:

MT: Bill that says constitutional right to privacy does not cover abortion headed to governor

Not going to post any links on this, but the right-wing is jumping all over a story from TN...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about South Korea, the US, and a loan....

Trump deposed in NYAG case accusing him of 'staggering' business fraud - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Close to parody but not funny: Al Franken remarks on the state of Republican politics - Alex Wagner

No delay for Trump in rape accuser's trial, more discovery allowed

Brazilian President Lula arrives in China for economic talks - CBS News

Derek Green Suspends Run For Philly Mayor

Someone Please Remind Elon Musk SpaceX Receives 10,000 Times More Federal Tax Dollars Than NPR

Bunch of oldies, from 4/14/2022

Gov. DeSantis signs 'Heartbeat Protection Act' banning abortion after 6-weeks

DeSantis signs Florida's 6-week abortion ban into law

DeSantis signs Florida's 6-week abortion ban into law

As many as 1,000 children separated from families by Trump are U.S.-born citizens: NYT - Alex Wagner

so for seven hours

Question about this airman

Very Rare video of a Garth Brooks Concert from 1998

Wake up call

Mary Quant, Queen of British Mod Fashion, Dies at 93

Justice Department FIRES BACK against Trump Judge's DANGEROUS Decision - Meidas Touch

$7bn FTX cryptocurrency assets recovered, lawyers say - BBC News

My missive to a Friend trying to convince me 'eternal souls' are a real thing ...

'He spoke a lot': Donald Trump deposed by New York attorney general - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

at Picacho Peak State Park near Tucson, Arizona

man pulled $200k out of shared bank account and threw it on the freeway. Family wants it back

DeSantis signs Florida's 6-week abortion ban into law, Appeals court rules on abortion pill - 11th Hour

The power of understanding: School bridges the gap between English and ASL - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The power of understanding: School bridges the gap between English and ASL - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

mass killing of the day: Mother kills 3 kids and herself with gun

Hear what Michael Cohen thinks about Trump's lawsuit against him - CNN

Trump's Latest FRIVOLOUS Lawsuit Already BACKFIRES - Meidas Touch

owens lake over flows . first time in 115 years .

owens lake ca over flows 1st time in 115 due to atmosperic rivers .

What does the inside of a tornado look like?

Lordy There Are Tapes! Smoking Gun Evidence In FOX Lawsuit - Raw News And Politics

Police: 4 shot, including 3 teens, in Detroit after dispute

California Democrat defends Feinstein: Allow her to finish final term

Progressive groups, Google team to train Latinos to run for office in 2024

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/13/23

Wordle 664 (4/14) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Lady Gaga has been appointed to lead a presidential commission on arts and humanities by P

Biden addresses the Irish parliament in Dublin full video

photo of the day

Which Republican held US Senate seat up for re-election in 2024 are the Democrats able to win?

National Poetry Month -- 30 poems in 30 days

IAHCR orders Mexico to change laws on preventative detentions

Navy takes lead in conserving sea turtles and sets free 97 hatchlings to ocean

Macron's China Controversy Explained - TLDR News EU

Why You Wouldn't Survive Life in Feudal Japan

Dead birds get new life: New Mexico researchers develop taxidermy bird drones

New Mexico man arrested on suspicion of taking part in Jan. 6 riot

N. Korea says it tested new solid-fuel long-range missile

The 2026 and 2028 US Senate Election Cycle are more favorable to the Democrats.

Tennessee Is Waging a Culture War -- Against Its Biggest City 

Republicans look to stave off chaotic primaries in Senate races

On April 13, 1976, actor Jonathan Brandis was born.

PA: Abortion becomes a main topic in an Allegheny County judicial race

Breakfast Friday April 14 2023

VP Kamala Harris coming to Reno to discuss abortion

Wagner is crushed in the most obnoxious attack ever. 230 lost. Ukraine Prepares "Black Sea Surprise"

On April 13, 2018, Art Bell died.

New Yorkers welcome TFG New York style........

Anti drag Texas GOP rep is accused of "inappropriate relationship" with intern

Giorgio Moroder, "Chase," or "The Chase," in memory of Art Bell, who died on April 13, 2018.

Exxon CEO's Shocking Record Pay Hike Amid Ukraine War Sparks Outrage - WION

Chagas disease kills 10,000 people a year in Latin America

United Nations fears 400,000 migrants may cross Darien Gap in 2023

"Wow": Trudeau challenges young PPC supporter after anti-abortion statements

Why New Mexico has one of the top rates for killings by police

April 14, 1945: Franklin D. Roosevelt's funeral procession on the streets of Washington, DC

Red Cross: Yemen rebels, Saudi coalition begin prisoner swap

Marine vet, not seen alive in a year, declared dead in Ukraine

Pink Pelican Portrait - Walvis Bay

Rep. Ro Khanna defends fundraiser at David Sacks's home after supporting Silicon Valley Bank bailout

UFO become mainstream

On this day, April 14, 1935, the Black Sunday dust storm blew through Oklahoma and Texas.

Today's Political Survey (10 Questions)

Farmers Warning Of Wheat & Barley Failures In Multiple Regions; 60% Of Spain Deep In Drought

Friday TOONs - A Mind Is A Terrible Thing

BTRTN, The Wendy Rant: On the Llano County Library Closures

BTRTN, The Wendy Rant: On the Llano County Library Closures

As Greenwash Flows, World's Top 60 Banks Financed $673 Billion In Fossil Fuels In 2022

"On the 14th day of April of 1935, there struck the worst of dust storms that ever filled the sky."

NPR: Private opulence, public squalor: How the U.S. helps the rich and hurts the poor

Delaware Little League Coach Suspended over anti-trans Tweets

On this day, April 14, 2005, the Oregon Supreme Court nullified same-sex marriage licenses.

2,000 Residents Of Richmond, IN Evacuated From Massive Fire At Plastics "Recycling" Facility

Multiple central Indiana school districts cancel in-person learning Friday due to alleged threats

Lucifer Hummingbird

Tlaib Leads Letter to DOJ to Drop Charges Against Julian Assange; Defends Freedom of Press

Kerry Emmanuel, Jennifer Francis, Other Climate Scientists Talk Extreme Rain - 3 Years Ago

The Court That McConnell Built: The Erosion Of Ethics, Justice, And Public Trust

Snowmelt spurs flooding from Southwest to Rockies, 2 rescues

"Masterful. The judge waited to release these texts until AFTER Greg Abbott called for the pardon."

Wow. What a photo.


Ali Akbar Khan was born on this date.

Both parties are clearly not the same.

Indiana police will no longer be able to lie to children to gain confessions

Shorty Rogers was born on this date.

Trump Answers Questions For 7 Hours In New York AG Fraud Suit

Loretta Lynn was born on this date.

'I have much to do': Rupert Murdoch sent brutal email to end marriage with fourth wife

Tony Burrows has a birthday today.

The Rundown: March 14, 2023

The origin of Superheroes: Catwoman

The Passage Of Time

One Of UK's Largest Suppliers Sold Mislabelled And Rotten Meat For Years; Tories Might Have Hearing

MAGA goes for the jugular.....

The Boston Marathon Bombing Manhunt

Head Of UK's Most Polluting Private Water Company Made Well Over 1M Pounds At Retirement

Don't celebrate the latest abortion pill decision -- it's an assault on all reproductive rights

Edited video sparks false claims Joe Biden snubbed Rishi Sunak

GOP Mega-donor Who Bought The Constitution Now Owns Harvard's Grad School

Sen. John Fetterman gets ready to chair a hearing his first week back in Washington

Puddin' fingers ad - masterful DeSantis burn...

What is the most logical time frame for a DOJ indictment of Donald Trump?

For fans of Alien

Ron DeSantis signs 6-week abortion ban

So MTG supports the traitor who divulged private information on the internet

Joyful clip of a 3rd grade music teacher teaching Stevie Wonder

Alexei Navalny in 'critical' situation after possible poisoning, says ally

Republicans, facing devastating fallout from "Dobbs effect," refuse to quit abortion bans

For those worried about the Looming Debt Ceiling...I found this helpful

drump offered Asylum in Russia by an Arms Dealer. thomas Museum? Countdown

Pittsburgh robotics companies should be able to build more in Pa., top official says

Kristina Karamo, the gift that keeps on giving

Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler meet Brad Blanks

How MAGA Conspiracies Infected Autism Groups

Backyard bees disfigure yards in ways we are only beginning to comprehend

Hold On I'm Coming

I painted a sunset using cheaper paints.

JPMorgan Chase profits jump 52% amid banking turmoil

What were the conditions on trumps bond

Here's an explosion of color to wake you up, this morning

A little bit of ranting for a Friday morning.

The nra is in trouble.

President Biden wraps up overseas trip to Ireland

Clarence Thomas' Mom Definitely Still Lives in the House the Billionaire Bought

I hope this thought can become a prediction: Rep Three Name / Three Toes will soon become . . . .

Mike Luckovich-Kevlar build a bears

Justice Department and drugmaker ask Supreme Court to block abortion pill ruling

Ohio SOS gives yet another reason to make it a lot harder for voters to amend Constitution

Author Carol Anderson on How Anti-Blackness Drives U.S. Gun Culture & Right-Wing Assault on Democrac

DC/MD/VA: WMATA final phase of 7000 fleet's Return to Service Plan

Unable to view Mastodon posts-

Any publicity is good as long as they spell your name right......

The Biden administration has requested an immediate administrative stay of Judge Kacsmaryk's ruling.

Clooney/Roberts in Ticket to Paradise romcom

Trump appeals Pence testimony to Jack Smith

The three most dangerous words in any language.

In shadow of Nashville school shooting, Ohio high school holds a gun raffle, including for an AR-15


Harlan Crow is a major donor for NO LABELS (per Rick Wilson)...

Where is Ron De Santis on Day Two of the Ft. Lauderdale flooding?

More about the racist murderer that Texas Gov Abbott wants to pardon ...

Axios: Fetterman back to Capitol Hill with swing voter support

Suspect in classified documents leak makes 1st court appearance

Axios: Conservatives plot text warnings on "woke" products

Robert Reich: His actions drip with corruption.

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- April 14, 2023

Sen. Feinstein's absence is only part of the reason for the judicial logjam in the Senate

The only thing I will say about Dick Cheney finally passing away....

Minneapolis has now paid more than $35 million because of Derek Chauvin's excessive force

WAPO: What we know about 21-year-old accused of leaking top-secret documents

And the Jeopardy answer is: "The Lateran Pact 1929, The Concordia 1935, and Amy Coney Barrett 2020

Russian T-90 Tank From Ukraine Mysteriously Appears At U.S. Truck Stop

Welp, it's official! We're at SCOTUS. DOJ and Danco have filed emergency apps

This is pretty cool.....Lady Gaga co-chair of Arts and Humanities......

Jack Teixeira: suspect in Pentagon leaks appears in court.

A major difference between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to problem solving.

Is stealing Classified Documents less of a crime than leaking Classified Documents?

for STAINED GLASS hobbyists, collectors etc. a estate sale i found has some exceptional glass.

Rutgers on Strike: Meet One of Thousands of Profs & Grad Workers Demanding Better Pay, Job Security

Re: abortion - The most immediate solution is the Florida Supreme Court. So... we're fucked, right?

Prospects for Labour victory in the UK

Finally got a nominee for the 5th Circuit vacancy: Judge Irma Carrillo Ramirez

Division Remains Deep in Northern Ireland as Biden Marks 25th Anniversary of Good Friday Agreement

TCM later:

US energy secretary says G7 can lead global emissions cuts

Didn't we learn last week that trump shared classified documents with friends?

DeSantis Signs Six-Week Abortion Ban in Florida; Legal Fight Intensifies over Abortion Pill

Roland the Farter

Outside Trump Tower last night

Patrick McCaughey SENTENCED to 7+ Years in Prison for Jan 6

Cisco still faces caste bias suit; engineers' case dismissed

I dreamed

Axios: Dems aim to flip the script on GOP's crime hearing

Cuban Journalist: U.S.-Cuba Talks on Migration Come as Ongoing Embargo Creates Economic Refugees

Top French court backs unpopular plans to raise retirement age to 64

Look who's at the NRA today

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (April 14, 2023)

Donald Trump Loves Dictators

Donald Trump Loves Dictators

A law professor condoning rank corruption and violations of disclosure

China vows not to sell arms to any party in Ukraine war

Last Witness to Pres Lincoln Assassination, April 14, 1865: TV Game Show Guest, 1956

CREW files civil and criminal complaint against Clarence

On this day, April 14th 1906

Eindhoven graduate designs a gun for firing her tears

It's spring. That means that it's cat planting season.

Foo Fighters - Walk (live on Conan, 9/8/2011 + interview with Dave and Taylor)

***April Photography Contest UP CLOSE -Macro Round One***

***April Photography Contest UP CLOSE -Macro Round Two***

***April Photography Contest UP CLOSE -Macro Round Three***

Foo Fighters - Walk (live on Conan, 9/8/2011 + interview with Dave and Taylor)

***Prelims Are Up in GD!!!***

Discord's rise punctuated by leak of classified documents

Stray Cat Chooses a Woman To Flee Frost And Becomes House Cat

Expelled Russian diplomats are spies, Norwegians say

The FL ban is not really 6 weeks, it is shorter, 6 weeks from your last period, so around 2 weeks

'Danger City': Crime levels in Jim Jordan's rural district reported to be much worse than NYC

Mini hydro company raises $18M to generate power in canals

Russia's prized Spetsnaz commando units have suffered a 95% casualty rate in Ukraine, leaked documen

Thousands to lose aid under Iowa bill backed by lawmakers

Biden to nominate two Latina judges to appeals courts

Ruth Marcus: Clarence Thomas enters the danger zone

FACT SHEET: Fact Sheet: President Biden Announces Plan to Expand Health Coverage to DACA Recipients

Texas Could Push Tech Platforms to Censor Posts About Abortion

Question about the "woke beer" war

Elie Mystal: The Fifth Circuit's Abortion Pill Ruling Was All About Sowing Confusion

Disneyland After Dark Celebrates First Pride Nite at Disneyland Resort, June 13 and 15, 2023

"Mama, what kind of guns do they got up in heaven?"

Charles Pierce - How to Hide Your Bullsh*t Abortion Politics: Three Ways

GOP advances bills that could let it throw out future election results in Texas' largest blue county

In 'major breakthrough,' new test can detect Parkinson's disease before symptoms appear

WTF?? MSNBC giving so much time to the NRA...WHY? nt

Space Needle ditching orange paint job, returning to 'Astronaut White' in May

US charges dozens of Sinaloa cartel members, sanctions Chinese entities in fentanyl trafficking

Bernie Sanders - the top 15 hedge fund managers make more than every kindergarten teacher combined

Supreme Court lets challenges to federal agencies go forward

Dogs Kill Twin Cities Man

This plan for a third-party presidential bid in 2024 is dangerous

Tennessee National Guardsman Caught Trying to Moonlight as Hit Man, Feds Say

See what Fox News tried to redact in the Dominion defamation case

"Bad news: on this day, April 14th, a year ago we lost two Neptune missiles. They sank."

The Veteran Lawyers Who Will Lead the Prosecution of Donald Trump

Trump is a malicious, dangerous moron. But Ron DeSantis is pure evil.

"Plane maker Boeing said it is pausing deliveries of some 737 MAX jets ..."

President Biden Names Thirty-Second Round of Judicial Nominees

SoGood Effin'Grief Chris Jansing Democrats are not in a 50-50 tie plus the Vice President

On this day, April 14, 1948, actress/photographer/model Berry Berenson was born.

'Bregret'? Many Brits are suffering from Brexit regret

Oh boy! I'm a billionaire!

"RIP to GILBERT GOTTFRIED on the 1st anniversary of his passing."

Clarence's quid meet Harlan's quo?

Clive Lewis urges Keir Starmer to pledge to reduce size and cost of royal family

Where to Find the Best Brunch in New Orleans

The Message Is Clear: Symbolic Consumer Violence and the Right Wing

On April 13, 1939, Paul Sorvino was born.

Massachusetts man sentenced to 68 months in prison for assaulting police during Jan. 6 riot

Cat Burglar and her accomplice breaking in:

When the Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather's DNA kicks in:

'You hung us out to dry': Leaked audio shows hot tempers inside GOP caucus after expulsion vote

MTGoofball is committed to save our country?

Come at me, Bro!

Some creep punched in my car window last night--took nothing

Cat finds dog fluffy:

Trump Targets DeSantis on Social Security

An obscure, 150-year-old morality law has resurfaced in the legal battle over abortion medication

GOP Senate Hopefuls in Swing States Not Backing Trump

Cheney Says Greene Should Lose Security Clearance

Feds expand 40-year mortgage eligibility. Experts say it could lead to more.

An Acute Attack of Trumpism in Tennessee

Tim Scott's streadfast refusal to answer direct questions is a signature GOP move

Elephant returns child's shoe that fell into zoo enclosure:

WA bill would increase real estate taxes to fund affordable housing

Steve Schmidt Dumps on Lindsey Graham for the Joke he is. A Pilot Fish with Sleazy Sharks.

Sample the Best Parts of Asia in This Unparalleled Island City

Biden Asks Justices to Restore Availability of Abortion Pill

Ron DeSantis Couldn't Wait to Restrict Women's Rights

Shadow play:

Drones sold at Walmart help keep Ukraine in the battle for Bakhmut

It Was Senator Tillis' Brother Whose Seat Was Urinated On

Rep. Marjorie Traitor Greene Trashed For Cooking Up Wild Defense Of Alleged Leaker

Katie Porter shows that unreasonable "Corporate Profits" are a MAJOR source of inflation!

He really is the dumbest MFer on the planet.

South Floridians mop up, recall fear after historic deluge

Cocaine Bear- Streaming on Peacock is hilarious 😂

Bus Stop

Amazing acrobats:

Domino's Pizza in Japan has created a Monstrosity

Four Sons of El Chapo Face Sweeping New Charges in Fentanyl Indictments

2 Traitors -One Arrested

House portrait for a family friend. What do I do next?

Grumpy Trumpy Felon from Jamaica in Queens! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

The Band - The Weight - Live, Woodstock 🎸


figured i'd be better off sharing this here.

What a surprise - 'Teixeira shouted racist and antisemitic slurs on video'

Calls for Feinstein to resign elicit accusations of double standard for women

Supreme Court lifts abortion pill restrictions for now

BOLD PAC aims to elect more Latinas to the House and Senate

BREAKING: Alito issues administrative stays halting Kacsmaryk's mifepristone order

No one was home, and foliage starting to intrude.

march of progress , key system transit, before bart , before ac transit there was the key system,

U.S. elections official takes part in secretive GOP conference, sparking backlash

Very Interesting

Maryland Sen. Cardin raises just $15,000 amid retirement rumors

Assassination Classroom Manga Removed From Florida, Wisconsin School Libraries

Texas House panel advances bills banning puberty blockers and hormone therapy for transgender kids

How does a state that was Democratic for 150 years turn this bad this fast?

Marsh Family posts parody on our latest security snafu-- 21 minutes ago, hot off the griddle

Andrew Weissmann on Nicolle Wallace show: If not hours, then days before Pence sits at Grand Jury

Texas Senate passes school library bill meant to keep "harmful" materials off shelves

Giuliani admits it: Leaked audio bomb puts heat on Fox "News" - The Beat - MSNBC

Hey Los Angeles, let's find David.

MI: Muskegon man charged after making gun threats against state officials during court proceedings

Parler Abruptly Taken Down By New Owners -- Site Replaced With Brutal Statement on Conservative 'Twit

Quiz: Could You Pass A History Class In Ron DeSantis' Florida?

Leaked Pentagon documents suggest Russian government infighting over Ukraine

Alvin Bragg: Jim Jordan's Sham NYC Hearing

Been thinking about the process of target profiles with respect to the contrarian decision by Alito

Iris is BACK!!!

Joan Baez and Justin Jones in airport - We Shall Overcome/We Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turns Us Around

Marsh Family parody on our latest security snafu-- 21 minutes ago, hot off the griddle

Joan Baez - Extended interview with Stephen Colbert

AG Merrick Garland Announces Fentanyl Trafficking Charges For Members Of Sinaloa Cartel

BREAKING: Dominion v Fox Jury seated; trial begins Monday

NOAA @NOAA (1 of 5) It's official: Earth just had its 2nd-warmest #March on record

'I'm killing me a [racial epithet]': Man slapped with terrorizing charge after 'outrageous threat of

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about new developments in the Thomas case....

Washington Post: Go inside the Dominion v. Fox courtroom with our daily newsletter

Sen. Whitehouse & Lawrence Talk Justice Thomas's Latest Apparent Brazen Disregard of Disclosure Laws

Before Cocaine Bear, there were Cocaine Hippos

Gender-Affirming Care for Adults Is Now Basically Banned in Missouri

Video shows Rocky Hill man fighting suspects trying to steal his car in broad daylight

Nashville Florist Refuses RNC Job: 'There's Blood on That Money'

Great Horned Owlets

BREAKING: Supreme Court temporarily blocks ruling that limits abortion pill access - MSNBC Reports

More Jacksonville residents expected to vote in May 16 election as high-profile candidates square of

Minneapolis OKs dawn Muslim prayer call, 1st for big US city

Iran Is Recruiting Militant Allies to Launch Attacks Against Israel

JACKSONVILLE: Statewide leaders lend their voices in Duval's mayoral race

Ron DeSantis screws himself with fatal mistake - Brian Tyler Cohen

Is 'Democracy' a Dirty Word Now? (for Republicans) - Henninger WSJ

Right-Wing Travel - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

Hey anyone else a fan of RxCKSTxR? He does pretend animal voices on vids and is freaking HILARIOUS.

PA: 81 candidates running for 46 open seats in 9 area school board races

Taegan Goddard Tweet:

Oh my, guess who a "wrinkly Demon Scrotum" is.........🤣 😂 🤣

China's Car Buyers Have Fallen Out of Love With Foreign Brands

What's for Dinner, Fri., April 14, 2023

SCOTUS Temporarily Returns Full Access to Key Abortion Med

PA: School Board Candidate Dana Foley Wants To Bring Progress And Stability Back To Central Bucks

National Air Guardsman charged after he submitted his resume to 'hitman for hire' parody website

Yahoo Finance: IMF urges Biden administration to cut spending, help Fed bring down inflation

Liberals haven't controlled the Wisconsin Supreme Court for a lot more than 15 years, if ever

Wisconsin bill would block taxpayer-funded guaranteed income programs

Florida to Set Lower Death Penalty Threshold

Pa. Medicaid reenrollment: What you need to know to keep your health insurance or find other options

Yahoo Finance: Fed's Waller says inflation 'still much too high'

Victims, families in FedEx mass shooting file lawsuit against gun distributor

Jack Teixeira, the National Guard leaker: The new MAGA hero.

Trump says he will build 10 new Trump Freedom Cities in the US, which will be free of government reg

It's raining lightly down in Ashland.

Missouri lawmaker suggests 12-year-olds should be able to get married

This Week at Justice - April 14, 2023 - The Justice Department

Mike Pence at the NRA get-together in Indy

Texas Sen @JohnCornyn on Biden's 5th Circuit nominee, Judge Ramirez

"A lot of diversity in the NRA"

Biden receives a heroes' welcome before Friday night speech in Ireland

Tiny Trucks -Japanology plus

Does Pres. Biden have the authority to revoke and/or deny security clearances? If so,

Joe Biden and I

Only the best staff.......

Montana becomes first state to pass bill completely banning TikTok

The most underrated President of my lifetime.

Florida to allow death penalty with 8-4 jury vote instead of unanimous

11th Circuit lifts block on Florida sanctuary city law

Morons. They are the " I just wanna be a badass" members in a motorcycle gang Killers.

Jack Smith expands criminal probe, investigates Trump's wire fraud by fundraising off the big lie

REALLY; right wingers and qPublicans? This is the best you've got???

Lay your hands on me - Boom Boom Satellite

Private Planes and Luxury Yachts Aren't Just Toys for the Ultrawealthy. They're Also Huge Tax Breaks

Montana Just Passed the First State TikTok Ban

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about US troops in Ukraine....

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D) vetoes the first anti-abortion bill passed after 2022 vote

MTG drops $65K of Campaign Funds for "additional security fence for residence" at her GA home.

Schumer and Warnock Lead Call for DOJ to Probe Expulsion of Tennessee Democrats

Fox News Host is Worried Kids Are Going to Beat Him Up! - Luke Beasley

My 84 year old mother has been a long time Fox News fanatic

BRAND NEW Federal Investigation into Trump Campaign Opened by Jack Smith - Talking Feds

Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Trump For Being Dumbest President Ever - Farron Balanced

County Mayo welcomes President Joe Biden!

I made an ass out of myself yesterday. I let my past get ahold of my present. I took a acet/cod

This is for Ari Melber

A New Movement of Anti-Authoritarian Resistance is Gathering Strength in America

Bodycam Footage Of Deputy Shooting Man Outside Macy's in Santa Clarita, California - PoliceActivity

Leaked secret documents detail up to four additional Chinese spy balloons

Trump ATTACKS New York Attorney General Before DEPOSITION - Meidas Touch

Flumpool -Magic

Mike Pompeo bails...

'I'm just getting started': Musician Jon Batiste on the next phase of his musical journey - PBS NewsHour

'Drop it': Trump argues Letitia James should let him walk after spending an 'interesting day' toget

Sinking of the Titanic April 14-15, 1912 North Atlantic Ocean Voyage UK-US: Survivors Interviews

Sunset, southern MD 4/14

Horisone - How I Lost Her EP (2020) Progressive House from Ukraine

AZ: Hobbs and Fontes call for sanctions, accuses Lake of continually changing arguments

Kansas governor vetos "born-alive" bill, K-12 NRA gun safety training program

Miwa - Live Fast Die Young

US Charges 28 Sinaloa Cartel Members, Including 'El Chapo's' Sons, With Fentanyl Charges

Colorado Gov. Polis signs 3 abortion-related protections into law

When Ego Controls a Cop - LackLuster

Trump to the NRA: Crime is going crazy..."big stuff" being stolen from department stores

Biden makes Ireland visit a family affair--except for Jill.......

Louisiana's down ballot statewide races require voters' due diligence

MAGA Moron Exposes Just How Brainwashed He Truly Is - Rebel HQ

Gov. vetoes Kansas bill on live deliveries during abortion

Arizona Supreme Court tosses GOP Senate candidate's defamation lawsuit against radio talker

I am losing my trust in Dean Phillips. Unfortunately the alternative is worse

This warms the cockles of my heart.

Why Is America Still Flying the A-10 Warthog, a Cold War Relic?

Bulls DeMar DeRozan's daughter Diar escorted out of Raptors' Scotiabank Arena after online threats

Antioch police scandal: 2nd DA's report reveals more racist texts

Wagner Group Leader calls on Putin to declare end of war

Top Republican suffers the ultimate humiliation on stage - Brian Tyler Cohen

Minnesota House advances automatic voter registration, donor disclosure requirements

Trump, other 2024 hopefuls seek NRA's blessing amid spate of shootings

Trump CORNERED by Manhattan DA's BRILLIANT Chess Move - Meidas Touch

Explosive Leak: Scandalous Ethics Complaint Against Bryan Slaton

China Debt Crisis as Belt & Road Initiative Loans Default & China Faces Economic Collapse - Joe Blogs

Mayor of a rich New York suburb says wealthy communities 'are losing their minds' over Gov. plan to

Arizona State Lawmaker Expelled After Making False Claims of Cartel Bribes to Governor