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The fact that authorities haven't mentioned fatalities, except for the shooter,

BREAKING: Authorities respond to 'active shooter incident' at Texas outlet mall - American Voices MSNBC

Time to overturn Heller and use the originalist view of the 2nd Amendment

Abbott and Paxton can go to hell - says state rep Gutierez on msnbc

As long as you don't toss and turn at night you can sleep like this...

Alabama Democrats eliminate youth, LGBTQ+, disabled caucuses at contentious meeting

OR: Senate president clamps down on absences as walkout continues

Texas House committee recommends expelling Rep. Bryan Slaton (R)

The Daily Shooting Report. This time it's Texas. Surprise.

The Guardian found an AI expert who says AI won't harm us - it will just view us as ants

Colorado becomes the first state to ban 'abortion pill reversals'

Police confirm multiple fatalities in TX. CNN, MSNBC

Stand Up - Roy Wood Jr.-- full special ---- very funny!

As debt ceiling deadline looms, House Dems explore new option - The Saturday Show - MSNBC

Neighbors Solve Mysterious NJ Pasta Dump Case

Police provide updates on the shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets - CBS Texas

In one way MAGA is like old style Repukes.

ChatGPT can pick stocks better than your fund manager

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson shows his climate change ineptitude and disregards the world.

Just watched a video on twitter. Showed the body of gunman. *APPEARS* to

Throwing Bums Out

Florida lawmakers pass bill allowing radioactive material to be built into Florida roads

Gov Abbott, TX says he is embarrassed because Texas is only #2 in New Gun puchases!!

Tories could lose over 1,000 seats in Labour's local election landslide

This just popped up on my phone. 📸.

mass shooting near Chico State (Northern California) leaves one dead, 5 injured

"When is it time to talk about it?" (Very powerful video about guns in America)

Eight so-called fake electors took immunity deals in Ga. probe. What does that mean for Trump?

Senate Republicans Say No to Any Clean Debt-Limit Increase

It is way past time for a buyback program regarding guns.

Texas House Moves to Expel Republican Who Drank & Had Sexual Contact With 19-Year-Old Intern

Media missed how Proud Boys worked with FBI to bring down left-wing operations: report

Top Appropriations Dem on GOP default threat: 'They have to govern. They are in the majority' - MSNBC

Florida lawmakers pass bill allowing radioactive material to be built into Florida roads

My thundersticks

There is a video of the dead bloody kids and victims posted on twitter. I will

As a non gun owner, all of these mass shootings do NOT make me want to rush out and buy a gun. In

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Ukraine, Russia, and estimates....

State supreme courts up the stakes for Democrats in 2024

Trump gets nightmare legal news in Fulton County - Brian Tyler Cohen

So Crow paid for Clarence to send his grandnephew to a school using kids for slave labor?

Texas panel says lawmaker should be expelled for misconduct

Kyrsten Sinema gets the WORST NEWS of her career

Sen. Whitehouse: SCOTUS has to 'clean up the mess' on ethics issues - MSNBC Reports

As the pandemic winds down, anti-vaccine activists are building a legal network

For you lovers, admirers, fans of British royalty:

FDA recalls some home Covid tests due to bacteria risk

Allen shooting: Premium Outlets shoppers say what they saw Saturday - WFAA (ABC)

Demcrats dancing with republicans

My take on the shooting today.

The Bassist

Fox News's advice for life in America: "Have a plan to kill everyone you meet"

Has anyone ever made their own ketchup from tomato paste or tomato sauce?

Nine dead three in critical surgery

Press Conference Allen, Tx now

"It got very bad, very quickly': Families with transgender kids seek refuge in Minnesota"

Saturday cat nap

Okay! I'm an idiot! For sixty plus years, I thought the opening sequence of Bond movies was of the

Allen press conference seems a little disjointed. Why does a judge need to speak?

What if that cop (hero) had not been there?

What a bunch of simpletons

Panicked King Charles III Flails Wildly After Getting Head Stuck Inside Coronation Crown

What if King Charles sends the British Armada to take back the American colonies?

The author of the 2nd Amendment was

Shopping at the Clarence sale.

GRAPHIC IMAGE: What the reports on Allen TX aren't showing us. TRIGGER WARNING

Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio mayors easily win reelection

Inspired by tblue37's Post! What 3 puppy breeds (one at a time) would you like to be "attacked" by?

1988 Retro Kmart Ad for tapes

Poll: Still Statistically Tied In Philly Mayor Race

Tweet of the Day

fox news advice for life in America

Sunday Digit: 6/10 - Some sun and solid spring warmth make for a pretty nice day,

Isn't it about time that every Priest/Pastor/ Religious leader

Texas Panel Says GOP Lawmaker Should Be Expelled

Officials provide details of a deadly mall shooting in Allen, Texas - NewsNation Prime

Ohio Republican Party committee votes to support amendment change, oppose abortion rights

Prominent progressive Nebraska lawmaker leaves Democratic Party

We are obviously first hand living right in the definition of insanity with regard to mass shootings

Interesting video from a long time ago.

We Watched The Movie 'Champions' With Woody Harralson Today....

Regardless of facts or evidence, Trump supporters will never see any indictments as legitimate.


Kari Lake Does Most Insane Interview Yet, Horrifies the World! - Luke Beasley

Sundae🍨Good Morning Jazz and Bossa Nova Music To Brighten Your Day

NRA eliminates Foreign Terrorism in the USA

Vote out Republicans that proudly adorn themselves with weapons of war.

So much for that.

Shooting at the outlet mall in Allen, Texas.

06 May: Ukrainians survive dreadful bombing and go on full offensive - Reporting from Ukraine

Furious Texas Paul utterly EXPOSES Republican CORRUPTION and Brings Receipts

Calm Before the Storm. Waiting for the Ukrainian Offensive. [War Mapped] - Good Times Bad Times

My humble opinion on shooters

Gordon Lightfoot - Early Morning Rain

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony was Premiered on this (7th May) day at 1824.

Happy birthday to Tchaikovsky, who was born on this day, 7 May 1840!

This is why PROFESSIONALS don't recommend plastering graphic images all over.

Words (Between the Lines of Age) - Neil Young

Man who witnessed Allen outlet mall shooting describes carnage: 'It's just unfathomable'

Bee Gees - Words

Lucinda Williams/Emmylou Harris/Neil Young - Sweet Old World

That asshole Carnival Cruz post the same email after every mass shooting

Allen Premium Outlets Shooting: Witnesses describe chaos during deadly shooting - FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth

Kate Middleton-Did she pull off this outfit better than this Disney character

Should open/concealed carriers be charged as accessories if they refuse to take out a mass shooter?

ABC/WP Poll: Biden approval rating falls (36%) point off his low, Trump opens 7 point national lead


Stop reading this post and

That's right. I did it. I capped it off with cleaning my bathroom.

Here is something you don't see every day

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Bryan Slaton, Texas, expulsion, and a report

We hear about numbers, but what we won't hear about in all these mass shootings...

Democratic Star BLASTS Republicans to their face in MUST-SEE speech - Meidas Touch

"We have become a nation that is more focused on the right to kill than the right to live."

all attempts at protests were squashed in UK

Astrologer Anne Ortelee's take on the eclipses and their effect on major political figures

Ronald Reagan on assault weapons.

At least 9 killed, including gunman, after Texas mall shooting

☦️ St. Alexis Toth: American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of North America

"It's just incomprehensible that we don't realize this carnage is a choice. "

Drag Ron (Parody of "Rag Doll" by The Four Seasons) - Rocky Mountain Mike

☦️ Orthodox Christianity: St. Alexis Toth, Father of Eastern Orthodoxy in America, Nameday 07 May

This is one of the biggest Democratic counties in Texas.

Expected reaction to yet another mass shooting:


Wordle 687 (5/7) ***Spoiler Thread!*

Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children.

Seems to be a bit of debate about showing victims. Remember...

"voted republican..."

Music from Chechnya

It's time

All the graphic pics and videos

Trump investigation in Georgia gets MAJOR UPDATE in Court Filing - Meidas Touch

(Jewish Group) Society exposes us all to anti-Jewish tropes and attitudes. Notice them.

Who will be the next Democratic US Senator from KS?

Republicans are crazy! Vote Blue!

2024 Democratic US Senate Nominee from each state.

The Evolution of the Airport Lounge

Sunday Funnies 5/7/23


Lauren Boebert Calls Out Trump For Being A Coward - Ring of Fire

This is beyond stupid behavior (NYC)

China and the upcoming strife from within - perspective from the ground

Democrats could easily pass legislation regarding gun violence

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Just Nudge It Edition

Why didn't the son just donate the dry pasta to a food bank?

Republicans Pass Bill That Could Oust Georgia Prosecutor Taking on Trump

Match Game Blooper

Two more horses euthanized at Churchill Downs; death total at 7 before Kentucky Derby

I will not print the link but this statment is enough for the hearts of

Progressive causes lose big in San Antonio and El Paso charter elections

Breakfast Sunday 7 May 2023

Allen, Tx. shooter 'lived along with his parents'.

Al Franken: NYT Columnist Paul Krugman on The Debt Ceiling

Pecos Hank: MONSTER HAIL Smashing Windshield Next to Tornado

Pianist Cat 🐈🙂❤️

OK, that's disgusting. "Good kitty," I guess (no photos)

On May 6, 1939, Chet Allen of "Amahl and the Night Visitors" was born.

On this day, May 7, 1939, Johnny Maestro was born.

On this day, May 7, 1955, George Lee was assassinated in retaliation for registering voters.

Gun nuts love to trot out the

A California panel has called for billions in reparations for black residents

Oregon GOP boycott hits 4th day, delays Democrat-led bills

Hey Gov. Abbott! Isn't time for you and your state figure out what is happening in your state?

Charles Ramsey on CNN: I think by now authorities would be providing more information than they

Watching the final season of Picket Fences. I forgot how many social issues the program explored

On this day, May 7, 1960, steam locomotives made their final run on the Norfolk & Western Railway.

It all seems Darwinian

Dostoevsky saw the vile Orange Garbage Barge coming long ago.

Feinstein 'hopeful' she can return to Senate next week

On this day, May 7, 1885, Gabby Hayes was born.

Oakland A's broadcaster *suspended* for using racial slur

On this day, May 7, 1943, Rick Westwood, lead guitarist of The Tremeloes, was born.

Fox News's advice for life in America: "Have a plan to kill everyone you meet"

James Cleveland & The Cleveland Singers - Without A Song

You can't go to work, to the MALL, to the grocery store, to your church, to the movies or the bank.

Aretha Franklin with the Ray Bryant Combo - Over The Rainbow

Hakeem Jeffries was ON FIRE last night.

The perfect crime does exist.. 😂 Watch until the end.. 😊

71 year old road rage suspect had 40 guns, inc machine gun, and 10,000 rounds of ammunition

Leftover grilled salmon means

Laurence Tribe -- Why I Changed My Mind on the Debt Limit

Todd Rundgren - Never Never Land

Rep. Eric Swalwell: "Never Forget"

Viral Pink Beret Capitol Rioter Identified by Ex Thanks to Viral Tweet

This is completely insane.

Hundreds March through NYC Streets for Jordan Neely

My 2nd amendment argument

2023 mass shootings map

What do plutocrats and Supreme Court members get from being friends?

Middle Age Riot is on a roll today:

For the past 2 years ted cruz has been praying and pushing more guns. Has it worked?

S7:E17 (Special Guest: Senator Julia Kirt)

Fox host blames "fatherlessness" and "weed" for Texas mall shooting.

S7:E17 (Special Guest: Senator Julia Kirt)

With guns, we are not in the Wild West. Instead we are in the late Middle Ages

And she did it in high heels!

According to this republican ; "god and prayer is the answer to shootings"

Supreme Court - Unelected tyrants and activists OR Sacred institution?

I was asked a really dumb question last night:

An obvious, transparent, effort to redirect attention away from yourself by attacking your accusers

Jimmy Ruffin was born on this date.

Johannes Brahms was born on this date.

Tchaikovsky was born on this date.


Climax Blues Band - I Love You

The Right To Bear Arms - a historian's perspective

No one wanted this special needs duck

Rude Pundit tweet

We've had more mass shootings this year than days of the year. Thank about that.

Quebec offers public childcare for $6 a day. Why can't the U.S.? Rethinking Childcare

Texas weather report.... It'll be sunny and warm today, be careful, good day for shootings.

The way gun forums handle mass shootings

Ringo Starr - Wrack My Brain

All black men look the same to Ted Cruz

GRAPHIC WARNING: shows moment mass murderer in Allen TX began rampage

What a clever goodboi:

Why Trump Went To Scotland And Ireland

Dracula parrot:

Being a member of the "cult" requires one to look beyond criminal acts.

Cheetahs cuddle up to sleep with their ranger buddy:

Lock It Or Lose It

Is Greg Abbott getting his retribution for

Naughty koala kid:

Broad interpretation of the 2A contradicts the preamble to the constitution.

Stunning coat on this dog:

I respectfully disagree with some here in reference to mass shootings...

Fierce baby elephant challenges photographer:

O hai

Cumberland County Dems file suit over Speaker Sexton's residency

Scoop: Tucker Carlson ready to torch Fox News

Young bird confused when food doesn't go into its mouth by itself:


Chicken & pupper play chase:

Hillary/Cowardice Meme

I need dat! (2 amusing tweets--watch until the end of each):

The Gift You Are - John Denver

Golden Retriever blissful at meeting newborn kittens:

Gun legislation and a (paraphrased) quote from an authority

The judge put a kink in Trump's plans...

Rarely seen Three Stooges nude shower scene

I watched some of the coronation last night

So, do you really know the history behind Cinco de Mayo?

Climate change: Vietnam records highest-ever temperature of 44.1C

The Psychiatrist who actually got it right:

Don't usually post sports stuff, but thought this was pretty cool!

Goodboi teaches kittens to climb stairs. I love how he waits & watches at the top of the stairs:

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 7, 2023)

Is "showboat" attention hogging receding with the pandemic?

Cat: stop with the computer & play with me!

Nice ears!

What Fiction are you reading this week, May 7, 2023?

Senior Ukrainian officials fear counterattack may not live up to hype

Smooth criminal--watch this sneaky baby work himself up to his theft:

Well, here it is. Last unceremonious ending to a 35 year career today.

Mmmmm, corn!

Are psychology and psychiatry real sciences?

Jennifer McCormick announces for Democratic Nomination

He Self Owns the Access Hollywood tape: Stars have 'historically' grabbed women

Dog excited that human speaks his language:

Dining alone isn't the same:

Recall the photos of missing kids that were placed on milk cartons.

"Risky Business" performed by a silverback:

Ladies and gentlemen; the Baron of Boffo, the Wizard of Whoopie,......

Creepy Nuts - first Take

Wagner group signals it will stay in Bakhmut after Prigozhin threatened to pull forces

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about 2 question about Texas from Germany....

Will Bunch: The Supreme Court ethics mess is today's Watergate. Let's treat it that way

Compilation--funny cat videos:

UVERWORLD - Colors of the Heart

Yellen calls invoking 14th Amendment a 'constitutional crisis'

Texas mall shooting updates: Domestic terrorism probed as possible motive

Call It Trump's Coup Attempt, Because It Damned Well Was

I apologize.

Let's review...

Russian Disaster as Current Account Falls 73%, Oil & Gas Income Down 45% & Economy Loses $29BN in Q1

"The Republican Party has got to go."

Uvalde teacher who survived the mass shooting feels 'abandoned' by the school district

Chasten Buttigieg gives perfect response to Fox's vile attack - Brian Tyler Cohen

Go!Go!7188 -Koi no uta

SUV driver hits crowd at Texas bus stop near border; 7 dead

So even when there is a good guy with a gun onsite, lots of people die.

'This is all on you,' rapist wrote to woman set to testify against him before 7 found dead in Oklaho

Day 127 of the year. Mass shootings* SO FAR: 199. Dead: 291. Wounded: 650.

Home Made Kazaku - Shooting Star

For those keeping score at home . 7th day of May. 14 mass shootings. 20 dead.

New Trump deposition video shows his defense of 'Access Hollywood' tape - Katie Phang - MSNBC

TED: The Rise of the "Trauma Essay" in college applications

For Bodily Autonomy Reasons I Now Identify As A Corpse

A lack of - *fading* of? - ATTENTION. "Losing" stuff, not lost, just placed automatically.

IMHO there needs to be an investigation

Home made Kazoku-Thank You!!

Statement from President Joe Biden on the Shooting in Allen, Texas

There is only on way to end gun violence in this country at this point

Nul. -Xstream

Cartoons 5/7/2023

Almost one-quarter of Edmonds school's students join Bike to School Day

TX: 7 dead after driver intentionally runs over them in front of migrant shelter

Iran hid weapons among earthquake aid to target U.S. troops, leak says

Friendly tip.

I found a YouTube channel that you might like.

JinnyOops -You and I

First responder: " wasn't mental health that killed these people, it was an automatic rifle."

The Unexpected Women Blocking South Carolina's Near-Total Abortion Ban

Dunc and his best friend Chelsea lab they dig a hole back yard and then they bark into the hole

The debt ceiling must be raised to avoid 'economic calamity': Janet Yellen - ABC News

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema says she has no interest in becoming a Republican

this shit with clarence thomas kills me

Is something going on in Texas? Are they targeting Migrants and Mexican Americans?

Gov. Greg Abbott makes Texas mass shooting about immigration. That's despicable.

Rie Suzuku - Last Pirates + Jamaican Dreams

Just did a check on the kitten

Chief justice must implement strong ethics code, Sen. Dick Durbin says

Well, I learned from watching Fox News what caused the shootings.

7 Dead in Brownsville, Texas in Possible Car Ramming Attack - Agenda-Free TV

Senator Ben Cardin FTW

How the $4.5 Trillion GOP Debt Limit Plan Could Hit Your Wallet

Conservative Pundit Wildly Mocked After Claiming Trump's 'Masculinity' Intimidates Democrats - RoF

Iran hid weapons among earthquake aid to target U.S. troops, leak says

Polish jet loses control after 'aggressive' Russian fighter plane crosses five metres in front

'We Just Want Someone Sane': What Happens When a Small Town Goes MAGA

Serbia Responds to Mass Shootings With 'Almost Total Disarmament' Instead of Thoughts and Prayers

Vendetta off the rails? Gov. DeSantis protects Floridians from Disney monorail

Israel hands lawmaker held in gun-running case over to Jordan

America's Lowest Standard

Israel demolishes Palestinian school, drawing EU rebuke

Long distance macro. Spider warning.

AquaTimez-(Rainbow) Niji

Ron DeSantis May Be Plotting To Topple Another Democratic Prosecutor In Florida

Israel publishes tenders for new West Bank settlement units

Oregon Senate Republican walkout hits day 5, Knopp acknowledges 'partisan' bills as factor

Russian court orders arrest of theatre director and playwright

This isn't going the way Dean Cain expected

PA: Allegheny Co. judicial candidates spar over labor endorsements

Gun meme (Mastodon):

Real Clear Politics has went full Fux, they were already RW for ages, now just cray cray level.

Seven killed outside Brownsville migrant shelter after car crashes into pedestrians

Allen outlet shooting suspect identified as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia

Texas Republicans Want to Take Over Elections in This Democratic Stronghold

The most expensive Philly mayor's race in history has now topped $31 million

What counties in MD each 2024 MD Democratic US Senate candidates will win?

An open note to anyone who murders or injures someone with a gun:

A Doctor Published Several Research Papers With Breakneck Speed. ChatGPT Wrote Them All.

TOKYO DRIFT- Teriyaki Boys

PA: Ten candidates running for 5 West Chester Area School Board seats in primary

Vida Blue, legendary Oakland A's pitcher in the '70s, dies at 73

Jeffries insists on clean debt ceiling: Full interview - NBC News

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a total joke!

'America deserves better': Fred Guttenberg reacts to the outlet mall shooting in Texas

Legislature declares victory after badly failing Floridians

Has anyone seen a new show on Netflix, The Diplomat?

Hole Hearted

Orange Range -Shanghai Honey!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 8 May 2023

Question on phone cases.......3 types of cases.....soft, hard, and a combination of both.

repairing plastic lawn chairs - best method?

Texas congressman slammed for prayers comment after mall shooting

Miki Matsubara -Stay with Me

Talking Heads - Take Me To The River

Conservative Says Republican Donors Are Starting To Have Buyer's Remorse - Ring of Fire

Allen outlet shooting suspect identified as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia

Dear Mr Gates, Mr Soros, Mr Bloomberg, Mr Steyer etal...

What to tell a RW family member slamming Biden over budget cuts

199 shootings so far this year!

Oakland Athletics' announcer suspended indefinitely after using racial slur

1st Cent Marble Roman Bust Bought for $35 at Texas Thrift Store To Be Returned to Museum in Germany

The Pillows -I think I can

Israel court denies bid to force demolition of West Bank village

Suspected shooter interacted with neo-Nazi and white supremacist content online, officials

"Right Wing Death Squad" patch on vest of Mauricio Garcia, TX mall shooter.

Worries grow about Ukraine nuke plant amid evacuations

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about races, rockets, and Ukraine....

Get Rid of Republicans

John Stewart Obliterates Anti Gun Regulation, Anti Trans Oklahoma State Rep.

What thoughts? What prayers?

Czech president warns Ukraine against rushed counteroffensive

Pulao - pakistani/afghani spicy beef and the best rice you ever had

Gunman in Texas mall shooting may have had neo-Nazi beliefs based on patch on his chest

The consequences of DeSantis's abhorrent anti-immigration law

E. Jean Carroll demands Trump follow judge's order and take down social media posts on rape case

Gackt -Redemption

US Senate seats Democrats have to win in 2024 in order to have net gain of US Senate seats.

Ayumi Hamasaki -Voyage

Why Russians are fleeing Crimea across the Kerch Bridge - Times Radio

Kirk vs. Picard

Nurse shocked as she watches men try to touch bison "I'm going to be first responder"

Otsuka Ai -Daisuki Dayo

This deranged Julia Child aspic creation should be sent straight to hell

What's for Dinner, Sun., May 7, 2023

And now the kitten is getting a little curious

Article for Dean Koontz fans with pictures of his gorgeous house and 2 libraries

I'm close to the point of just giving up and moving to a safer country with proper health care.

Shintaro Katsu - Otento San (Zatoichi theme)

A warning

GA and MD could be the 2 states that will have 2 black US Senators in 2030.

Shintaro Katsu -documentary Zatoichi (1978)

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison banned UVA students from keeping guns?

What we know about the slain Texas mall massacre suspect Mauricio Garcia (NBC)

The solution to guns is simple.

Got a crazy, stupid idea on how to blunt Texas's influence

Trump will not testify in E. Jean Carroll battery trial

Republican candidate humiliates herself in worst interview ever - Meidas Touch

How to fool the producer with Leland Sklar

And now I present the handsome young Owain

How to fool the producer with Leland Sklar

Sinema, weighing re-election bid, rules out joining the Republican Party

Allen, Texas mall shooter was removed from Army over mental health concerns: law enforcement sources

I smell a big fat KGB rat in all this.


Call It Trump's Coup Attempt, Because It Damned Well Was

Shocking no one....Trump won't be testifying at his rape/defamation trial

Ted Nugent's Alabama Concert Canceled Over Public Outcry: 'Lose This Show or Lose My Business'

Regarding guns -

The RWDS patch on the Allen mall shooter is itself a smoking gun.

Full, 5/6 3:20 a.m.

Wombat seems to think this human's his mom

Yesterday sunset, southern MD

Beatles - And Your Bird Can Sing

On the River, southern MD 5/7

63 year old Skateboard pioneer and Champion

Critter/groundhog visiting me and river, southern MD

Wild Butter - Oh Martha

Maybe a really dumb question, BUT here goes. (looking ahead)

LOL! Watching a South Korean show and having a laugh with the English subtitles and Spanish

Biden Asks Republicans to Take Action on Guns

I could be anything you like.

Top women's skateboarding pioneer and Champion 63 year old

Jen Psaki: Actually it's Republicans like abbott and cruz who are Politicizing gun Violence


In response to Greg Abbotts assertion that it is a mental health issue

Marty Stuart - "Running Down A Dream" (Tom Petty)

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Ready To Try To Impeach President Biden Again - Ring of Fire

Allen TX shooter was Neo Nazi

So where were the good guys with guns in Allen?

Climate change: Vietnam records highest-ever temperature of 44.1C

Cheers, you guys!

Guy runs over and kills 7 migrants in his Range Rover

'Midwife' on PBS @ 8 p.m., DC area.

Ren - Love Music Part 3

Has the shooter been identified officially yet?

DJT or U. S. A . - we can't have both

Biden puts "age" question to rest with must-see response - Brian Tyler Cohen

Extreme - Rise (official video + Nuno Bettencourt playing the solo live for the first time)

Got this ahole before he could shoot people in Fort Worth

The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love (Official Music Video)

So I didn't watch the Coronation. Harry was invited but Meghan wasn't?

Texas mall shooting prompts Biden to renew call for gun control

Do we know if any of the 102 minors they found working in slaughter houses

" It's not the guns. It's a mental health issue"

'Spare us your prayers': Ted Cruz faces backlash after Texas mall shooting kills eight

Bonnie Raitt & Lowell George & John Hammond Jr & Freebo - Can't Find My Way Home

Don't kid yourselves: it's all about fucking money

Rie SUZUKU -Heika Sojo

Average White Band - Only a Schoolboy Crush

Seems there is no well regulated militia. So endeth the 2nd

Anybody else watch Naked and Afraid?

As I have said before:

Senate Republicans oppose vote just to raise US debt ceiling, push for other priorities

10CC - I'm Not In Love

Vulture capitalists buying up hospitals & bleeding them dry

Trump ad paints former president as political outsider amid legal woes

America's ballistic free-for-all will end when

Investigators examine Texas gunman's white supremacist views after 8 killed

Misogynist dating coach Gonzalo Lira, aka Coach Red Pill, arrested in Ukraine for Russian propaganda

Democratic senators urge Biden to allow states to sponsor noncitizens to expand workforce

How the Philippines makes the invasion of Taiwan difficult

Squee baby red ruffed lemur at Nashville Zoo!

Worries grow about Ukraine nuke plant amid evacuations

Does anyone here watch the CBS morning show every day??? Not the Sunday show, but

What % of gun violence victims/witnesses are/become in favor of regulation?

Here's a couple of iPhone photos that aren't my normal photos:

Amnesty International slammed for using AI-generated fake "photos" of Colombia's 2021 protests

Guernica, Picasso Masterpiece - What He Told the Gestapo About It, WW2 Paris: Spanish Civil War

End of this video just pure gold for a Democratic ad maker

God's in charge

There's a war raging. It's against normal politics.

Tank preformed live (Cowboy BeBop)