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Archives: December 26, 2016

Move Over, Marie Kondo: Make Room for the Hygge Hordes.

Trump is the Anti-Christ -- say some.

Who else here is a big fan of the animated show Rick and Morty?

Suffering from Trumpsomnia? "Now I feel like a madman has taken over"

Corrective action order issued in North Dakota oil pipeline spill

The RNC "clarifies" it's Christmas messaage...

Suit claims man was harassed at work for being gay

Does anybody know ,,,,,

George Michael has died.

White supremacist site offers to call off armed march in Whitefish, Montana

Let me tell you what I think is going on...

School choice debate likely to reignite in Montana Legislature

Arctic temperatures soar to 30 C above normal

A Christmas tradition must continue.

What Did We Get Stuck In Our Rectums Last Year?

I plan to take advantage of the next 4 years

The Official 2016 Can Go $@#% itself post.

Does anyone know why I can't see videos posted in threads here at DU?

Some 'Love Actually' shit is about to go down

Has anyone else noticed a big uptick in MANSPLAINING lately?

Did those white folks that switched really vote for Obama or for campaign Obama?

Worsening side effects from Herceptin

How offering free land in Cape Breton lured B.C. families for a life off the grid

RNC Press Release says it is time to celebrate a NEW King.

Colstrip at forefront of coal debate at Montana Legislature

Merry Christmas DU

Carmelo Anthony stuns cancer patient's family with car for Christmas

Homelessness on the rise in Wyoming

Knew You Were Waiting For Me - (Grammy Winning Duet) The Late George Michael & Aretha Franklin

Imagine if Obama sent a Christmas tweet with a clenched raised fist ?

How many made the break with family this Christmas because of the election?

Bus involved in crash was carrying UW marching band to Poinsettia Bowl

Hands down, the worst Christmas in my 65 years

Tom Arnold just went on a tweetstorm about the tapes

The Poinsettia - How a flower from Mexico became a world-wide symbol of Christmas

Feeling scared, depressed, for a bit after wandering into Republican echo chamber...

Austerity Is 'Complete Horsesh*t': Ivy League Prof Dismantles the Conservative Lie

Utility vs Style

Bah, Humbug! Eight Lousy Lessons From Classic Christmas TV Specials

christ mas chlasic

State Rep. Tim Leonard released from jail for contempt

Noel Ginsburg Gets Gubernatorial Campaign for Christmas

Would you please remove this thread I started?

Suspect held after one killed in suburban New York club shooting: media

Santa Monica synagogue vandalized as Hanukkah begins

NY Times - This Week in Hate

Bernie Sanders on Women's Rights

Now, if Only Walker Stapleton Would Show Up Once in Awhile

Hope all you comrades had a good holiday

Thousands without power in Boulder County as wind gusts top 90 mph

Koterba toon: Santa's Christmas dinner

Israeli PM Netanyahu Summons U.S. Ambassador Over Anti-Settlement UN Vote

My daughter and I had a quiet Christmas together. We did connect

TCM's Tribute to Those We Lost in 2016

"The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed...

With Voter Suppression Laws and Russian Infilatration a go-go

Indiana bill seeks to eliminate requirement for gun permits

You can't get much worse than this quack.

Inauguration Day Protests

Musicians that died in 2016

Byzantine Hymn of the Nativity

These are the senators that will vote party before country...

Voi, che sapete never sounded like this ------ car horns, scenery falling down and ..

Apollo 13

Dallas Principal Under Fire After Her Fort Worth Post Went Viral, Resigns

When does the Cactus League begin?

Apparently Elway Supremo has moved on as Denver has

About 50,000 lose power across Denver area as winds hammer Front Range

Fines soon possible as Denver gears up to enforce short-term vacation rental rules

Serial killers and trophy hunters like TRUMP'S KIDS are " terrifyingly similar" Please tell people!

Little Drummer Boy - Johnny Cash and Neil Young

For those who refer to the "Working Class" as though it were an alien form of life,

Mormon Tabernacle Choir will perform at Trump's inauguration

There's a "good chance" Tim Tebow will play in Columbia as a Firefly. Woohoo, Class A, baby!

Navajos who claim abuse in LDS program renew subpoena to church president

Navajos who claim abuse in LDS program renew subpoena to church president

It's our "national security" stupid

Enya- Silent Night (VIDEO)

Never bringing a political toy knife to a real political gun fight. Time to use their playbook

State program for needy fails clients, advocates say

Imprisoned Blagojevich awaits Obama decision on commutation

Last month's meeting of the Lounge Procrastinators' Society

The million word thing....

Archbishop attacks effort to reinstate food tax

Governors race could get crowded

Bankruptcy ... Well, here I go

70 staff members ill after Department of Health luncheon; eatery cited

This is not good...

Rex Tillerson's favorite book in college: Atlas Shrugged

State budget crisis could affect makeup of juries

All I wanted was for Obama to undo the Constitutional damage W caused.

New Mexico losing fourth Arizona-based provider of substance abuse/mental health services

Las Cruces Transit District to expand service into El Paso

New Mexico health exchange wrote letter in governor's name

How do we get help for someone who is taking 3 narcotics prescribed by different doctors?


Trump gets 103 court vacancies to fill. Plus Supreme Court.

Handing Out Food Probably Isn't the Best Way to Help the Homeless in Phoenix

I get a gnawing feeling that this will be my last chance to enjoy the holidays for some time...

Arizona Says Most DES Firings Were Handled Properly But 40 People Will Get Their Jobs Back

Hey Tom Arnold again, please shut the fuck up

Is Tom Arnold our Scott Biao???

Apprentice staffers call BS on Tom " Arnold

I wonder if our allies will eventually have to storm the shores of our

Daily Holidays - December 26

China's aircraft carrier passes south of Taiwan

Progressive causes see 'unprecedented' upswing in donations after US election

Lawmaker wants to make it easier to deny unduly burdensome publics records requests

Lawmakers seek to question S. Korea's detained 'Rasputin'

The Coming of Americas Second Civil War?

Superior Court judge refuses to block minimum wage hike

"Viola Davis for the win" in Fences

Ryan proposes punishing grandstanding House members

The Quiet War on Medicaid

The Reid machine will be big part of retiring senators lasting legacy

Wielding Claims of Fake News, Conservatives Take Aim at Mainstream Media

Ryan Bundy asks judge in Las Vegas to free him pending trial on standoff charges

Nevada Supreme Court ends 5-year fight by denying gun club appeal

M$Greedia's coverage of Groper Don the Con's 'conflicts' is hystericaly

Dan Rather: Nuclear weapons are not for petulant, ill-informed 'king' to boastthey can end us all

China's 10,000-Head Dairy Farms Produce Mountains Of Waste; Petri Dishes For Disease

EPA Nominee Used 2013 OK Tornado As Excuse For Gratutious, Multi-Year Attack On US Humane Society

Judge: Michael Mann's Defamation Lawsuit Against Right-Wing Bloggers Will Proceed

Moving Toward Universal Health Care: Exploring policy trends in countries rich & poor

Why registration? What is gained by having a list of guns and owners?

Can we call this what it is in terms of what the rw will understand?

After a Long & Hard Fight, D.C. Passes One of the Most Generous Paid Family Leave Bills

The Israeli settlement UN Resolution Vote

How long will Republicans resist an increase in the federal minimum wage?

Once more unto the breach, dear friends

Why Trump Voters Are Not Welcome In My House This Holiday

Donald Trumps Pick for Health Secretary Traded Medical Stocks While in House

Trump corruption fail: Eric Trumps pre-inauguration pay-for-play scheme collapses

NEVER forget: Trump sends investigators to Hawaii to look into Obama

Monday Toon Roundup

Benjamin Netanyahu is Mad

Big Pharma, Inc. royally reaming American people - NY Times.

Obama signs Emmett Till Act to reopen unsolved civil rights cases

I just received my Social Security Statement for 2017.

Any sightings/news of Meredith McIver? Is she in body form? or mostly ghostly?

Obama's Overtime Law Was Overturned, But Still Helped Thousands

The Problem With Trumps Admiration of General Patton

Way Too Much Pipe Organ at Christmas

Politico: The Problem With Trump's Admiration of General Patton

Question about Brexit, and Rupert Murdoch financially benefiting from it.

Was William Butler Yeats a Prophet? Perhaps so...

Alternative Children's Mental Health

RIP George Michael

Joy Reid warns Trump's properties are about to become instant terrorist targets

Democrats need a message!

It's not always clear from context what FTW stands for

I hope there is no Competing Concert for the Ignorgural

After Trump victory at Electoral College, world views collide

4 things Democrats need to do (plus 1 they shouldn't) to rebuild in 2017

The Russian plane crash

Hole in one - sums up 2016

O'Reilly always whining about "his" books not getting reviewed, gets his wish - annnd he's *burnt*!1

Interesting take on Trump's financial entaglements and tax breaks

A message for Trump voters

Bernie Sanders: The Democracy Now! Interview

A rare glimpse into how an underground Chinese Catholic church celebrates Christmas

This Modern World - 2016, A Year In Review:

Ellison: Trump's populist image and the reality of his policies are on a collision course

Mark Zuckerberg goes from Atheist to Its Complicated

Obama: Clinton campaigned defensively, faced 'double standard'

Could Trump help unleash nuclear catastrophe with a single Tweet?

Is Trump's targeting of the F-35 for "cost" really about crippling NATO's ability to deter Russia?

Wisconsin Exit Polls - Beware the False Narrative

Relationship of Father and Son

Geneticist on a Mission to Bring Geneticists and Religious Leaders Together

Trump pushes breaking the law, expects everyone to roll over for it.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin 'united to trash Hillary Clinton', former US ambassador says

Also, bc venting is good, I think they slipped something in her drink last summer


War and Democracy in the Age of Trump

Dont fight sober

There's no one right way to be a man.

Bernie Sanders Is On A Mission To Stop The Donald

2016 was the year solar panels finally became cheaper than fossil fuels. Just wait for 2017

Meet Emma, a transgender woman who voted for Trump

Robert Reich on dt's cabinet picks

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me- George Michael and Elton John

Capote: a leafless, birdless coming of winter morning (a couple hawk pix)

Joy Reid warns Trumps properties are about to become instant terrorist targets

Awww, Trump is having a sad about the new $20 bill.

BAWAWAWAWWAWAWA- "Why not ask Ted fucking Nugent?"

Happy Boxing Day, Everybody!

Trump asked his pal, Steve Wynn, to get Celine Dion for his Inaguration.

Nobody likes a smartass Santa Claus.

The Obama administration fires a dangerous parting shot (at Israel)

Will the GOP try to sabotage the California economy?

The Obama administration fires a dangerous parting shot (at Israel)

Celine Dion Turns Down Offer to Sing at Trump's Inauguration

People won't forget how President Obama was treated

2016 begins and ends with music deaths

Elizabeth Warren Asks Newly Chatty FBI Director to Explain Why DOJ Didnt Prosecute Banksters

At least in House of Cards we have a politician...

are the rockettes really going to have to perform at the coronation?

Trump Builds War Room to Defend Cabinet Picks

How did this happen? The journey of discovery continues.

Gingrich Warns of Obama's Final Weeks

Trump to inherit more than 100 court vacancies, plans to reshape judiciary

Trump repeating some behaviors he criticized in Clinton

The Toughest Man in America

Alleged rapist sues Indiana University for 'gender biased, hostile environment against males'


Obama pulls a bait-and-switch on anti-Israel Security Council vote

A Trump-filled Christmas in editorial cartoons from around the world


Today's petitions

Republicans HATED Putin, until...

Whats the Evidence?: Don Lemon Challenges Israeli Amb. Over Claim Obama Behind UN Resolution

Do the Palestinians Really Want a State?

We always have leftovers

We've heard Donald Trump on this

Not Going Back: Drawing a Line in the Sand to Defend Our Rights

Not Going Back: Drawing a Line in the Sand to Defend Our Rights

Not Going Back: Drawing a Line in the Sand to Defend Our Rights

I stopped imagining ... It is too scary

Hillary won Independent Women ! Independent men? Not so much, They went for Donald

Five Steps to a Feminist Foreign Policy

Five Steps to a Feminist Foreign Policy

Five Steps to a Feminist Foreign Policy

Reindeer boobs????? Have you seen the newest version of Christmas sweaters??? (boob warning)

Lawmakers to consider $10.25 minimum wage again

I think Ive finally figured out where hes headed

messin w success. oy.

Kellyanne Conway to Trump critics: Be careful what you say

Is it possible for a rational person to understand the mind of an irrational and unstable person?

Rendezvous with destiny: Newt Gingrich's long war against FDR and the New Deal enters its final...

Americans-- you had one job: keep the crazy guy away from the nuclear weapons.

Trump's pick for ambassador to Israel sparks hot debate

Congress Must Impeach Trump On Day One......

The Second Amendment absolutist position on SCOTUS

Elite donors push Democrats left on climate and immigration, but right on taxes

Four Cabinet nominations that could blow up in Donald Trump's face

Trump to inherit more than 100 court vacancies, plans to reshape judiciary

From the beginning...

Empire State Building

Could Trump help unleash nuclear catastrophe with a single tweet?

Trump Glasses: See the World Through the Eyes of a Trump Voter

Bernie Sanders: Corporate Media is a Threat to Democracy

Julien Baker-"Sad Songs Make Me Feel Better"

I'm a coffin nail atheist but if a Muslim registry gets implemented you can add my

Humor for the day.

Since Ive been a member here..I never

No Clothes...

Are You Sure You Want The Clenched Fist?

Israel will brief Trump on intelligence it collected on Obama.

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1 was on.

The Rockettes practicing for Donald Trump's inauguration

Julien Baker-A Beautiful Artist with a Beautiful Soul

Good King Wenceslas Looked Out, on the Feast of Stephen.

'We dont support Satanic Jews': Trumps neo-Nazi fans freak after he posts a 'Happy Hanukkah' tweet

Will The Sapin II Anti-Corruption Law Shepherd France Into A New Era Of Transparency?

The campaign emailed out Holiday wishes...

Go Maxine Waters...

Who are these fools

Newt Gingrich - Ignore the law

We must cultivate the anger

Why does Trump ignore those that voted against him?

Israel: humbled Netanyahu places hopes in Trump

Recounts or no, US elections are still vulnerable to hacking

No Need To Make This Up: NK Dictator Praises 'Glorious Leader' Trump

Wake up Trump, Leading the USA is not a campaign...

Journalism is Community-As-A-Service (Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard)

Charged a Fee for Getting Arrested, Whether Guilty or Not

North Carolina flushes away its chance to do the right thing

Debbie Reynolds says daughter Carrie Fisher still in stable condition

Syrian militant who sent daughter on suicide mission in Damascus, killed

As Gov. Haley joins Trump, a Trump supporter succeeds Haley

New CDC Overdose Study Reduces Role of Pain Meds

Long Before Trump, Kellyanne Conway Worked for Anti-Muslim and Anti-Immigrant Extremists

WTF does this matter...chasing windmills!

Sony Music's Twitter hacked, fake Britney Spears death tweets sent

Democrats are naturally inclined to consensus, compromise, and working together.

Cheetahs heading towards extinction as population crashes

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 26, 2016

An Unpresidented Presidency

An answer for their "bathroom issue" (mic drop)

Now this is an aquarium

Ciudad de Mxico. Zcalo Capitalino en streaming. Holiday ice rink at El Zcalo.

Israel has reportedly suspended ties with 12 UN Security Council nations

Israel set to brief Trump on intelligence it collected on Pres. Obama

I would never have thought....

He whose name shall not be spoken

Prat-Gay fired as Argentine Finance Minister after one year

How difficult could it be to divest from businesses that only have your name on their hotels?

These 2017 contests are important...

And there it is. Our problem with future elections...

New Planned Parenthood logo

Obama: It's Been 'The Privilege Of My Life' To Serve As Commander In Chief

Prat-Gay fired as Argentine Finance Minister after one year

Prat-Gay fired as Argentine Finance Minister after one year

I ignored Xmas this year, but Xmas did not ignore me. I got this gift reminding me of WHO WE ARE.

Commander in Thief...

Naughty or nice?

Choosing between affect and effect can be scary.

Revenue windfall wont lower Idahos taxes, but roads or other programs could benefit in 2017

Idaho House leader, lawmaker marry and theres precedent for this

So Obama still hasn't pardoned Don Siegelman?

Giddy Up Donny

Seed corn thief must pay $425,000

Gas masks, grenades and a bat: The best of TSA's carry-on catches of 2016

Happy Holidays Email from Hillary to supporters

Democrats plot collision course with Trumps tax plan

Members of Congress Want to Ban Vinpocetine Including Claire McCaskill.

Mom who used pot butter to control daughter's seizures denied custody

Woman Faces Hate Crime Charges in Harlem Subway Slashing

2017 White House Correspondents Dinner

No middle class, no republic: GOP plans to destroy Americas safety net will also kill democracy

The Emperor has No Clothes...

Jesus Was Not a White Conservative; Jesus Was a Jewish Palestinian Dissident.

Careful what you wish for Israel...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Breaking the Trump Illusion

The Decline of Empathy and the Appeal of Right-Wing Politics

I have spent almost 2 months now avoiding the news and DU.

Schools warn of increased student fears due to immigration arrests, Trump election

Atheist group offers church-like gathering in Salt Lake City

From GD: Will the GOP try to sabotage the California economy?

Year-End Best Books in Race and Religion in American History

Kissinger, a longtime Putin confidant, sidles up to Trump

Agent Orange: I could have beaten Obama

Not usually a fan of pets dressed in holiday costumes, but

Back to the beginning: visiting my childhood parish

Merry Christmas, Hillary

Where is the fight from the Democrats?????

Framing: Republican ACA Repeal Is Really Starve, Steal, and Screw

In what way is the Republican Party platform more "populist" than the Democratic Party platform?

"Willing To Die"- Gin Wigmore

Trump couldn't resist to Obama article today and is tweeting again...

George Michael vs Dubya, Blair and the Iraq War

Israel threatens to give Trump 'evidence' that Obama orchestrated UN resolution

Whats that waterproof fabric that is laid down in gardens for the soil?

Since the election a mystery person in my clinic is leaving "The Nation" magazines around.