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Ohio lawmaker says she refused to wear mask, was asked to leave Gettysburg Visitor Center

Let's Finish the American Revolution

Trump has spent a full year of his time in office, 365 days, at one of his properties

Daniel Snyder no longer has a choice, and he knows it. Battle over name has reached its endgame.

Two classic Dick Van Dyke shows in color now on CBS featuring Carl Reiner

Jimmie Johnson reports positive COVID-19 test

trump's mt. rushmore stunt is giving the finger to science.

Colleges Face Rising Revolt by Professors, Most universities plan to bring students back to campus.

US Senate seats the Democrats are likely to win in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Britain places US travelers on quarantine 'red list'

Garlic, anyone?

Ratcliffe proving to be a good little russian soldier

Holy crap, there's a band at Mt. Rushmore, mostly woodwinds.

I have a dream

Smithfield Foods pushes to quash subpoena in investigation of COVID19 outbreak at South Dakota plant

SMILE: Most wonderful video, only a camera could capture..posted by Detlefk in lounge..20 seconds..

Simple wildflower, simple beauty

Donald Trump's Niece Speaks Out in Affidavit as She Fights Tell-All Book Restraining Order

White House to Interview Defense Officials in Perceived Loyalty Test

Rubble, World's Oldest Cat, Dies at 31: 'He Was an Amazing Companion,' Says Owner

In the orangeviRussia's own words...

what time is trump due to speak?

Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Says Ghislaine Maxwell Raped Her When She Was 14

Some local bars here in Trump Country Mi are closing for the 4th of July weekend.

At least 8 Secret Service agents stuck in Phoenix with coronavirus after Pence trip

The Trump Show has begun. WARNING: Watch at you own risk.

Gotta be in the top 5 - his acts against humanity? What kind of POS

I bought something before the ivory ban

Hillary Clinton: 'I would have done a better job' than Trump handling coronavirus pandemic


Americans No Longer See U.S. as 'Shining City on the Hill'

LA's Covid-19 'explosion': overwhelmed hospitals, struggling workers, shuttered restaurants

Will YOU Declare Independence From Trump? Meidas Touch

'We need to live with it': The White House is readying a new message for the nation on the coronavir

This event tonight is footage for MF45's campaign commercials

Clinton Says Trump Would Have 'Locked Her Up' if She'd Done Anything Wrong

Police Reveal Photo In Which Officers Reenacted Chokehold That Preceded Elijah McClain's Death

Florida man finds himself quarantined alone with 200 parrots: 'no way to get out'

Sarah Cooper interview from a week ago

Live feed from Black Hills (Indigenous road blockade):

Woman Claims Ghislaine Maxwell Raped Her '20 or 30 Times' as a Teenager

Covidiots signing a release to ignore Pandemic Guideines should also

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

So how much money will Dan Snyder make on a name change?

Swalwell: Trump 'makes us look like geniuses every day for impeaching him'

Trump's Mount Rushmore fireworks show is a Fourth of July attack on Indigenous people

Trump unhinged

Top Trump Aide Vows People Will 'Go to Jail' Over Russia Bounty Leaks

Arrests starting now at Black Hills (Mt Rushmore) Indigenous blockade.

Rachel is not on tonight......turning to CNN.....

Joe Biden blames 'weak' Trump for Hong Kong clampdown

BREAKING: Cop who placed Elijah McClain in a deadly chokehold is fired along with two of three cops

Unknown White House Official Tried Convincing Trump COVID-19 Was Obama's Idea

'We need to live with it': White House readies new message for the nation on coronavirus

Barr Says Presidents Can Ignore Election Results They Don't Agree With

Colorado police officers fired for recreating chokehold in photos at Elijah McClain memorial

According to the Dashboard, 3 people died from Covid today in Seminole Cty. FL.

In pursuit of Ghislaine Maxwell, authorities allege mysterious financial dealings with Jeffrey Epste

Jimmie Johnson becomes first NASCAR driver to test positive for the coronavirus

Trump Threatens to Eliminate Obama-Era Housing Policy

Georgia COVID-19 cases exceed 90K on Friday, local death tolls hold steady

Protest versus Africa's 1st COVID-19 vaccine test shows fear

UK government has just made gatherings of more than 30 people illegal

A staggering 62 percent of Americans no longer see America as a 'shining city on a hill'

Trump abuses our national parks, and he's doing it again at Mount Rushmore

Tweet of the Day

Trumpsters are devolving.

First Ladies

What if you had a really nagging spouse and you wanted a break and took your dog to a state park

Twitter and JPMorgan are removing 'master,' 'slave' and 'blacklist' from their code

Total Proof that Trump only cares about himself, & NO ONE ELSE..Tonight's Rally..

Eric Trump Deletes Tweet After Getting A Savage Reminder About His Father

Love the Guardian UK for calling it as it is......

'The threat is real': Miami hospital flooded with critical COVID patients

Started while sitting in the car as hubby and elder son bought records.

Here's one more thing you're missing by not being a Trump supporter.

Take extra safe care of your dogs this 4th of July holiday.

So Maxwell is looking at 35 years - a life sentence at her age. She has every incentive to cooperate

Washington sees second-highest growth in COVID-19 cases one day after setting record

Steve Schmidt tweet

Biden seeks to supplant Trump in Georgia

Godamn Sam Seder

Air Force One flies over Mount Rushmore ahead of Trump's speech tonight

Biden holds poll position over Trump with four months to go to Election Day

Jeff Beck and ZZ Top - Ernie Ford's SIXTEEN TONS

This Week in Hell: Coronavirus and White Supremacy. Yes, Again. (Ferret/Shower Cap)

I haven't had a drink in ages, but I looked at Fox noise of a few minutes

Live Coverage Of Tonight's Rally

Air Force Band. Wind Instruments. No Distancing. At Six Grandfathers

NEW: Kim Guilfoyle, girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. & a top campaign official, tested positive for CV

What a fun group!

Gorecki: Symphony of Sorrowful Songs

Amanda - Boston

State police investigate 'white supremacist' group graffiti incident on Waterbury Dam

Trump supporters were yelling "Go home" at the Lakota protesters when they were being arrested.

Black Lives Matter is America's ray of light this Independence Day

Only Time Will Tell - Asia

whos the lady behind trump at mt Rushmore

The sordid saga of Ghislaine Maxwell

*TONIGHT, 10:05 PM ON HIST 269.Ulysses S. Grant defeats Robert E. Lee and wins the Civil War,

Noted orator and scholar

Treasury, SBA appear to miss deadline to disclose small business loan data

Fear of "Frivolous" COVID Lawsuits Misplaced?

Ohio lawmaker says she refused to wear mask, was asked to leave Gettysburg Visitor Center

Trump disregards public health warnings for speech at Mt. Rushmore


It's a hate rally.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Top Fund-Raising Official for Trump Campaign, Tests Positive

My three lost dogs.

So trump will do nothing about putin paying the Taliban to kill US soldiers

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Temperatures and carbon dioxide up, regulations down: Environmental headlines you missed this week

Be Sure To Remind Your Republican Friends

shoulder to shoulder

"Trump is having a hard time speaking tonight"

Joe Jackson - Nineteen Forever


Trump attacks the left

Trump tries to frame the threat against monuments as the biggest danger America faces right now

"Trump is very low energy tonight and his audience is sitting in silence"

Man who allegedly followed, confronted Black woman in Groveland to face criminal charges..

Just tuned in to the Trump thing...sweaty and low energy.

Trump is reading from Thomas Jefferson's Wikipedia page

Sculptor develops prototype of Trump's addition to Rushmore.

The battle of Auntie Em

tweet of the hour

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

President will emphasize America as a 'great and virtuous country'

Trump states that the left wants to "End America"

So he claims libruls are desecrating the soldiers who sang The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Jeff T: holy fucking shit, the president of the united states is deteriorating in real-time on live

CBS is showing Dick Van Dyke in COLOR now (PST)

Hong Kong Silver Russian River i can hear it i can hear it

Tom Brokaw On Native American Objections To Mt. Rushmore: 'They Want Their Land Back' - MSNBC

What do they call Karen's in Europe?

Mr. Cheat-on-his-three-wives talking about the "American family"

The real reason I wanted to watch Trump's rally tonight

Any comments on Trumps stage at the rally? Slate color with 2 seals . Creepy imo maybe just me

Friendly reminder -- Mt. Rushmore is located in the Black Hills, a holy site of the Lakota Sioux

He's signing an EO to build a national park

Trump's Speech Ending with Neil Young's Rockin in the Free world?

Joe Make Hillary Attorney General

Fauci praises Mass.; state reports 290 new coronavirus cases, 17 new deaths

Does Trump Even Know What's Going On In This Country?....

Epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch on the Risks Americans Face with Reopening - All In - MSNBC

On America's Voice News, as Trump show ends, Neil young's "Rockin' In the Free World".

Electric Light Orchestra - Evil Woman (LIVE) REACTION!!

And To Think I Used To Like Lee Greenwood....

Trump's 'Sleepy Joe' nickname for Biden isn't working. Even Trump knows it

I just watched the first half-hour of the "Really Big Trump Show". OMG

What Is Melania Wearing?....

European Workers Draw Paychecks. American Workers Scrounge for Food.

Murdering you with cuteness...

In my state, you pay a 5 cent deposit on each can of soda

And the program closes to the theme song of Monty Pythons Flying Circus!

His Lies Are Marching On.....

This headline did not age well: "Trump to give fiery speech at Rushmore"...

Almost Full...

Weird things you were taught in public school:

How many people showed up this time?

The Sonification of the Coronavirus Spike Protein (Amino Acid Scale)

Do any of you know about "random door to door" immunity testing in Georgia?

SO does anyone know what's going on with a coin shortage???

What. A. Godawful. Gaudy. Mess.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend, tests positive for COVID-19: report

I Don't Have Access To MSNBC or CNN - What Are They....

'They don't look like Indians to me': Donald Trump on Native American casinos in 1993

Columbia Gas to leave Massachusetts by fall, pay $56 million per AG settlement

"I Remember You" by Frank Ifield 1962...

speech writers should have known trump would not be able to pronounce "totalitarianism"

Trump's planned "Garden of American Heroes" is certainly intended to include a statue of himself,

Trump crowd was about half of what was expected.

Trump: Law Enforcement, fire, nurses, veterans, etc. are "working tirelessly to kill the virus"

Don Jr. and Guilfoyle are DRIVING back from S. Dakota to Washington to "avoid contact w/ others"

Eleven Films "The Dangerous Ones"

Amy Winehouse - Valerie live (glastonbury, 2007). HD 1080p

Neil Young reacts: Not OK with me!

The Rushmore Red Meat Speech to Whip Up a Second Civil War By TelePromptR

What is Microsoft Edge?

So, Trump Jr is dating Gavin Newsom's old trash?

Do you think

The irony of Trump warning that the Liberal Democrats want to blow up Mount Rushmore

Don Jr and Kim were at a packed,maskless Hamptons party 4 nights ago

At Mount Rushmore, Trump exploits social divisions, warns of 'left-wing cultural revolution'

Trump's EO not only creates garden of statues but statues of former presidents outside public bldgs

Friday Night Indica-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Colorado Experience, KKK: Rocky Mountain PBS

Lakota grandpa buried in the Black Hills says "I got six feet of it back."

FLIPPABLE: Jenn Alford-Tester for NH-SD8

Colleges are rescinding admissions offers as racist social media posts emerge

Boy, the Trump boys aren't having good luck lately!

FLIPPABLE: Bill Bolton for NH-SD02

Uh, you guys wanna get together and maybe start over? Get your stories straight?

Four more months, kids. Four more months.

Nancy Sinatra says Frank loathed Trump...

New bill would extend eviction moratorium by a year

Houston GOP powerbroker left Abbott a voicemail requesting National Guard "shoot to kill" rioters.

How one teaspoon of Amazon soil teems with fungal life

Looking for a quote. I don't know who wrote it but Cornell West said

How the Black Death made the rich richer

The Six Grandfathers, South Dakota (before Mt. Rushmore)

Drumpf the mirror

The virus is an threat to people's lives and drives them away from Trump so ...

Trump's statue at Garden of Heroes is unveiled!

Does Descovy For Prep Work For Coronavirus?

Florida Allegedly Altering Coronavirus Data NowThis

Man with Nazi flags charged in Sunday shooting in Oklahoma

!?! 14 flags on stage at Trump's Mt Rushmore speech!?! 14, the code number!!

Due to coronavirus, NFL players could be fined for 'reckless' behavior like going out to eat and

TX-24: Candace Valenzuela: The Black Latina on a mission to flip her Texas district blue

US Senate seats the Democrats will win in order to get back in the majority in 2020.

Is it just me? Did trump say everything exactly opposite?

The July 4 Speeches That Helped Define What America Is- Or What It Should Be, Lessons

NJ-05: Touting his record, Rep. Josh Gottheimer seeks to fend off progressive challenger

TX-10: Amid COVID-19, Health Care Is A Key Issue In Texas' 10th Congressional District

Face mask exemption cards and other US claims fact-checked

So what was the trophy wife thinking?

Rick Perry Joins Capitol Ministries Project to 'Disciple' Local Officials to Right-Wing 'Biblical

Got his crowd and peddled his fiction

Trump describes his own administration to scare his followers.

Trump Thinks There Is Enough White Trash Racist Nazi Klan Votes

Four months to go - where's Bloomberg?

Glenn Beck's Plan to Restore America's Covenant With God Thwarted by COVID-19

!! Whites learn importance of both Juneteenth and Mt Rushmore within 1 month---THANKS TRUMP!!

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Orders Masks, Is Liberal Socialist Tyrannizer Now, Sad!

The Moon is totally metal

Stone Mountain

3 idiots, illegal roman candle fireworks, and an open window ....

Prehistoric ochre mining operation found in submerged Mexican caves

Tone Deaf GOP 4th of July.

New Biden ad that MeidasTouch says destroys Donald Trump

I guess we are in the phase of Trump paying pollsters again,sudden upswing in pro Trump pollsters.

Visits to Rhode Island nursing homes can resume next week

'An ashram for the hummingbird': the Trindad haven for world's tiniest bird

R.I. Assembly plans brief return to deal with gun background checks, gay parents' rights, and more

Take a Flight Over Korolev Crater on Mars

Naked gas giant offers first ever glimpse of a planetary core

California governor warns local officials on enforcement

Giant Sea Scorpions Were the Underwater Titans of Prehistoric Australia

OrangeViRussia's brownshirts wearing white hoods are recruiting in TN.

COVID-19 heightens tensions over shoreline access in Rhode Island

Local students scramble after URI limits on-campus housing of Rhode Island students to freshmen

Trump responds to calls to tear down monuments with creation of 'National Garden' of statues

Executive Order on Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes; July 3, 2020

If only we followed Putin's example!

Dear Mr. Trump:

Connecticut Voters Sue To Get Access To Absentee Ballots

Donald Trump's Guide to American History...

The MAGA Church (Teaser)

Breakfast Saturday 4July 2020

Mike Pence calls his wife 'mother' -- and just referred to Trump as 'my father'

Cleveland Indians looking into changing team name

Donald Trump's Guide to American History - NowThis

Raise your hand if you saw this coming...

Vehicle strikes multiple protesters in Washington, 2 people sent to hospital (WARNING Graphic video)

Trump, Biden Top Primary Ballot in Connecticut

Let's be real. Is Trump trying to kill as many people as possible? No other way to look @ it.

Trump's paean to inanimate objects ends with him desecrating one of the greatest rock n' roll songs

NASCAR star Jimmy Johnson has Covid

Now they're trolling Trump. Trump: Get Russia back in G7. Russia: Hmm, feels incomplete w/o China

NPR tweeted out the Declaration of Independence on July 4th ... Trump supporters have a meltdown

Boycott all Hain Celestial Products! Save the Prairie Dogs

Was Trump heavily medicated last night? He can't pronounce words with more than two syllables

You can request an absentee ballot in Ohio any time now

Do you have your "We Need to Live With it" tee shirt yet?

Florida Sheriff: I'll Deputize Gun Owners To Stop Any Violent Protests That Can't be Handled

Man rips face mask off employee at beer store: 'You don't need that'

Protest marchers advocate removal of Confederate monument in Gainesville

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

110 Years Ago Today; Boxer Jack Johnson defeats Jim Jeffries, sparking race riots across nation

Toxic masculinity in times of pandemic kills all of us...

Chump struggled to say "totalitarianism" last night. Really sounded stoned.

Trump is like a bug bomb, drawing his followers out in the open where we can see them.

Make America Great?

Earl Cameron, 'Britain's first black film star', dies aged 102

Canada Day: Trudeau and his family harvest vegetables at Ottawa Foo

2 women hit by car on Seattle highway amid protests


In case you haven't seen it...The Ro-Na song

Daveed Diggs ("Hamilton") delivers a 4th of July message.

Seattle to L.A. on Amtrak's "Coast Starlight"

Last night's puke fest

Why can't Dump clap with both hands?

After Gov. Ron DeSantis' latest media bashing, we get close to telling him to go to hell

My nominations for the Garden of Heroes

"What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?" Frederick Douglass July 5, 1852

Headlines for trump's race fest

Recall of One Lot of Natural Balance Ultra Premium Chicken & Liver Pat Formula Canned Cat Food

GOP scrambling to pay for Jacksonville convention after Trump yanked it from North Carolina: report

The deliberate racist imperialism, it burns...

Who knows what blew up in this Russian weapons explosion accident? August 2019.

Proud to be a bad, evil person!

"Official" Presidential Event

New Idaho Laws Target Transgender Residents

Trump advisors futilely trying to get him to stop ranting about statues as his re-election prospects

At this point, Trump has clearly despaired of surviving...

You raised $3,107.14 on July 3, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link (FIXED)

Joe Lockhart: If Trump had been around in 1776, he would have conspired with Kin George.

Grateful Dead - US Blues - with Empire State Building (NYC) light show

White House denies report that the Garden of American Heroes will use plans drawn by Albert Speer.

QUEEN fans....THE SHOW MUST GO ON.......WOW!!!!!!

2 Texas counties urge residents to shelter in place as hospitals reach capacity

Bitecofer: Every young voter seeing little difference between Trump & Biden should look at Hong Kong

And he still hasn't explained the bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan.


LOL! Tim O'Brien just posted the sign for anti-maskers outside the Chicago Bagel Authority

Perhaps the most un- American speech ever delivered by an American president, on the eve of July 4th

In 60s, someone published the Bill of Rights. Responders claimed they were communists!!

I had a long, non-verbal 'conversation' with the feral cat, this morning

Florida Man Blows Hand Off With Firework On July 3rd In Palm Bay

Fake news or not!

Trump tries to drag America backward on a very different July 4th

Does Mike Pence think Trump is married to "Mother" Pence?

Wanna piss off the rw'ers in your social media/circles?

***** Biden's July 4th declaration: Trump erodes America's foundation. I pledge to rebuild it. *****

Trump is the best President

Every American has been duly warned about coronavirus.

We should have seen Kim Guilfoyle's Covid infection coming. One of the symptoms is a lack of taste.

trump claimed in his speech that 'children are taught in school to hate their own country'

Mean while, climate change is still happenin

Great new VIDEO message from Biden on this Fourth of July, on Twitter

BTRTN: Is Trump Going, Going, Gone?

BTRTN: Is Trump Going, Going, Gone?

Best of the signs

Slavery a founding belief of America--Why the surprise? It's EMBEDDED IN CONSTITUTION

NY Primary Results: Clarke, Meeks, and Suozzi declared winners

VIDEO: Frederick Douglass' Descendants Deliver His 'Fourth Of July' Speech

The Good, the Bad and the Cat

Remember when you were small and your aunts would smother you with unwanted kisses?

Don the Con Quixote turns Mount Rushmore into a used car lot

This is just about the most chilling image I've seen of Dear Leader & his concubine.

Is policing a tainted vocation?

Ahh. There's nothing like a nice, warm cup of coffee.

Bears bearing lite sabers

If, by some miracle Trump resigns...

Barack Obama's 4th of July message:

When is Trump's next Covid Party?

Happy 4th

WATCH: Maskless Kimberly Guilfoyle gives speech to Trump supporters the day before her positive COVI

Maybe he's born with it. Maybe it's tangerine.

On the Fourth, under these circumstances, I want to share this song: "Black Hills"

The new frontier of medicine

Should Billy Joe Wardlow Be Executed for a Crime Committed When He Was Eighteen?

So the GOP who supports this cretin knows he's lost it

Trump's talking points and "the most popular white supremacist slogan in the world."

This put tears in my eyes.

Speculation. BunkerBoi has tested positive

Neil Young says he is "NOT OK" with Trump using his songs at Mount Rushmore event

Old News! Florida sets new daily record.....

N Korea says no US talks plan as Bolton hints 'October surprise'

"This isn't a happy birthday. This is like visiting a friend in the ICU."

Trump did not mispronounce Totalitarianism. He read exactly what his aides put on the teleprompter.

"Kill 'em." Texas Republican's message to TX governor..

Fanfare For the Common Man -- Aaron Copland

Trump tries to drag America backward on a very different July 4th

Profiles in Perfidy, XXV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Perfect sign for a store entrance

Lakota - Joni Mitchell

Minnesota, Uggh 7 day average of daily new cases up 36% since June 19 low point

Racist verse of the Star-Spangled Banner that is left out today

2 Texas counties urge residents to shelter in place as hospitals reach capacity

2695 new cases on the dashboard today and 17 new deaths.

Al Sharpton: GOP's 'Shotgun Wedding' To 'Fat Elvis' Trump To End Soon

Republican internal polling signals a Democratic rout

put a fork in him, he's jumped the shark, the emperor has no clothes

Maya Wiley, de Blasio's former top counsel, considering 2021 mayoral run

Does anyone have a recipe they like for bread dough enhancer-improver-conditioner?

Ali Velshi to Trump spokesperson Peter Navarro: Clearly what you are saying is not true

Trump Uses Mount Rushmore Speech to Deliver Divisive Culture War Message

Mississippi could drop Jim Crow-era statewide voting process

Re Trump praising Sinatra last night: Sinatra told Trump to go f*ck himself after their one deal

Another Florida record for COVID-19 cases to start the July 4th weekend

'It's a constant barrage of hate': how Trump sparks heated clashes in Florida's retirement resort

MAGA Magic Show

Infectious disease specialist: Florida 'heading a million miles an hour in the wrong direction'

11,458 more COVID-19 cases in Florida today

Trump's strong wall' to block COVID-19 from China had holes

Link to Joe's July 4 ad?

Two injured, one critically, after car plows into protesters on Seattle interstate

'America is filled with traitors!' Trump 7/3/20? No. Fred Schwarz 50s,60s!

I love blueberries.

All I want is the Truth

Governor meets with state troopers caught flouting mask mandate in coffee shop

Trump's Remarks at South Dakota's 2020 Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration; July 3, 2020

I had a busy dream last night

Not Just Sinatra: Trump f**ks over the U.S.A. Freedom Kids

Anyone remember Elvis' "In the Ghetto"?

Florida w/21 mil ppl has 10,109 new CV-19 cases; EU plus 9 other countries w/2.6 bil ppl has 6,760

Trump will host a scaled-back July 4th party at White House as coronavirus cases spike

This Is Why the U.S. Is 'Losing the War With Coronavirus, Doctor Warns

Video was a glimpse into political discourse in 'America's friendliest' retirement community

Trump ridiculed for plan to build a 'National Garden of American Heroes'...

'Eviction crisis': Housing advocates fear waves of homelessness as moratoriums expire

Did trump even mention the virus last night?

"What is owed" by Nikole Hannah-Jones of NYT magazine and the "1619 Project

Did Trump actually say last night

Posted in a rural penny saver today by a well known Republican.

'Not OK': Neil Young denounces the use of his songs at Trump's Mount Rushmore event

Dr Fauci:US CV-19 outbreak perpetuated due to locking down at 50% vs European countries at 97%

Something has changed.

Joe Biden: Trump erodes America's foundation. This July 4, I pledge to rebuild it.

A little birdie told me

Chris Hayes:"The President Has Gotten People Killed, "Needs to Resign" 4min, 7/1/ Weds.

Are you proud to be an American today?

New names for the Washington NFL team

Glorious, contact-free fresh produce from the local farm

These kids are brilliant, brave, and strong. Quick but wonderful video for today. Must see:

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Missing the Olympics

How A July 4th Meal Exposes The Coronavirus Risk For Thousands Of US Food Workers

Susan Collins, CONCERNED about the "devastating effects the pandemic has had..."

Trump coronavirus 'Death Clock' truck heads to Washington ahead of July 4th celebration

Oh look! Looks like Jr. and Kimberly picked up the covid at a Hamptons party June 28.

Trump's push to amplify racism unnerves Republicans who have long enabled him

WAPO OP ED: Trump's push to amplify racism unnerves Republicans who have long enabled him

Meet WA State Supreme Court Justice Raquel Montoya-Lewis

The Imagery Of Trump Coming Down The Escalator To Declare His Running For President Has Always....

Being serious: Alternatives to "Washington Redskins."

once again: if the u.s. had the same covid-19 death rate as the rest of the world,

Meet Bob From Central Pennsylvania

How we got here- wealth inequality.

So was Guilfoyle tested positive there on site at the event yesterday? A pre-event test?

Gettysburg - Lincoln Project

How credible is the Henry Ford Health System?

Former Army officer knows his friends are in danger because Trump is their commander-in-chief.

Did Mary Hart flash "white power" sign at Trump event

America the Beautiful

America's Sad Birthday

Finally, a conspiracy theory I can hang my hat on

Cartoons Independence Day 2020

Bernie Sanders: Happy Fourth of July 2020

Trump's bad, but Barr ties to make it all look legal

Steve Schmidt July 4th thread

A major fish barrier on the Pilchuck River is coming down

Donald Trump Is Now 'America's No. 1 Traitor,' Says Veterans Group

Hung my flag upside down

So, is the Revolution going to be televised after all?

American pride falls to record low, poll shows

Kimberly Guilfoyle is a contact tracer's nightmare

Anyone know how many people showed up for trump's rushmore rally??? n/t

The only one qualified.

Carl Reiner's Daughter Tweets Final Dig At Donald Trump On Her Late Father's Behalf

I think Trump isn't fighting to be elected anymore.

1776 coming up! TCM

Our Independence Days will be November 3, 2020 and January 20, 2021

Maybe one or two wearing a mask.

Ivanka Trump's 'Gaslighting' Fourth of July Coronavirus Advice Backfires

I believe Donald Trump may have received a message from McConnell and Republican leaders?

Mercury Blues

What Trump wants. WARNING: Viewer Discretion Advised

Unhappy voters could deliver political shocks beyond Trump

Most American 4th

Happy 4th of July from John Fugelsang

Trump's niece says 2001 NDA based on 'fraudulent' financial information

If republicans fail to get us to attack each other

Racist Redneck Regatta hits Pittsburgh on 4th of July

Happy 4th!

Billy Graham statue proposed for US Capitol

"America today feels like 1929 or 1930 Berlin. Things that couldn't be said five years ago in..."

Boris Karloff having tea while on break on the set of Frankenstein in 1931.

promote the general welfare

We are going in the wrong direction.

Somewhere in El Paso

At Pride march in Paris, activists demand racial justice too

The Full Ballot Or The Bullet -- Political Seeds of Today

Paul Birkhauser

My neighbor has an american flag today

There's going to be an October Surprise

Susan Collins tweets and it doesn't go well......

Anybody experiencing a lot of fireworks where they live For the last two weeks?

Christopher Columbus statue in Connecticut is beheaded

How I'm celebrating today

Trump steps back, done with being 'daily voice' of coronavirus response

So, Ronald Reagan is supposed to have a statue in this "Garden of Heroes" ...

X - Fourth of July

Museum or mosque? The battle over the fate of Turkey's historic Hagia Sophia

*July 4, 1894...My grandmother's birthday*

under Scalia, OSHA is not investigating reports of workplace safety violations related to C19

Protesting Mt Rushmoore??? I DONT THANK SO

Florida breaks record with 11,458 new COVID-19 cases

Are The Good Times Really Over

Pine Street re-opened to traffic for first time in a month after 'CHOP' is cleared

"Metropolis:" Fritz Lang's 1927 Dystopian Sci Fi Classic, Early Films That Paved The Way

Trump Supporter Flips Out Over Ventura County Mask Rule

It looks like he has an egg white glaze;

Governor Paying $350,000 Rushmore Fireworks Bill With State Economic Development Dollars

NY-02: Democrat Jackie Gordon wins New York primary in race to replace Peter King

WaPo: "On Capitol Hill, some Republicans fret -- mostly privately, to avoid his wrath..."

Trump Supporter on MSNBC

So, I just watched "The Art of Racing in the Rain"

When in the course of human events . . .

QAnon scores wins, creating GOP problem

So, I'm talking to a friend recently retired from Olympus.

Anti-Masker Founder of ReOpen Movement Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Given who he's always been...

Joint effort by two Democratic super PACs raised $107 million so far in election cycle, groups say

Boston + New York - Mobs tearing down statues (tweet)

young people today are more knowledgeable than founding fathers

Shaun King tweeted (i.e. stole) this info/image without giving appropriate credit to the source:

New White House rules restrict use of grant funding to deal with COVID-19 impacts

Joey Chestnut does it again..

Trump sings (lyrics included)

Watching bits of Hair Fuhrer's MAGA rally from last night I'm certain

Blowin' in the Wind

Rural Oklahoma on July 4th and I am not hearing any fireworks.

Steve Schmidt on Lawrence O'Donnel:.. July 2, 2020, 4min :10 secs

Former President's Service Dog Is SO Excited To See His Mom

Trump signs extension of COVID-relief fund for businesses

Inside the Cult of Trump, His Rallies are Church and He is the Gospel

Kitteh orders at meat counter:

Alan Dershowitz Writes Essay Defending Longtime Jeffrey Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell

Twenty-five years ago today was the end of "the happy little trees."

A new & more bizarre Joe & Hunter Biden conspiracy theory:

Pupper excited about making a hole in one!

Chris Hayes.July 2, Thursday- 5:26

White Supremacist Ideas Have Historical Roots In U.S. Christianity

Happy 4th! This is the picture of freedom.

Enough is enough! (Pupper & doggo.)

A serious question..

Whoa! What was that?!

How to you operate a death camp

Dog helps human do yoga:

Biden seeks to supplant Trump in Georgia

Doggo dressage:

Declare Independence From Trump! - new MeidasTouch ad

Happy Birthday Malia Obama!

The one thing more stomach churning than footage of the Nathan's hot dog eating contest is...

Anyone else getting the sense that Trump WANTS to infect as many Americans as possible?

Over 200k Minnesotans request absentee ballots for state primary so far.

Sounds for the Fourth

Michael Moore actually has a great idea.

The second phone call...blown away.

11,458 new cases of Covid in Florida

Are our rights 'inalienable' or 'unalienable'?


Heavy rain floods southern Japan; over a dozen presumed dead

Stroke blood clot on brain coma ICU line to administer drug COVID19

Free land and free labor to work it. What a concept.

WHO halts hydroxychloroquine, HIV drugs in COVID trials after failure to reduce death

Fearful and frugal: Coronavirus wreaks havoc on America's shopping psyche

About the republican party being destoryed. An historical perspective - 1972

Susan Rice tweets a link describing how Trump could lose election and still remain president...

Wonder if he bought this at the Trump 2020 store?

Swiss zookeeper dies after tiger attack inside enclosure

Brass knuckles Google ad on DU

Trump voices frustration with soaring COVID-19 totals: 'Cases, cases, cases!'

Republicans are

Ringo Starr 80th Birthday, RUSSIANS are using it on FB to trick you ??

Kansas newspaper's post equates mask mandate with Holocaust

MT-GOV: Greg Gianforte suspends in-person campaigning after event event with Kimberly Guilfoyle

The risk of catching coronavirus has started to 'frazzle' some Secret Service agents

I hope someone does some fact checking of Florida

Man in famous 9/11 photo dies from COVID-19 in Florida

Democratic Indiana state senator calls on GOP colleague to step down over.comments on Black Lives Ma

I'm sick, not proud of my "Country" today at ALL

Only 3,700 actually showed up? Really only 3,700? About 1/2 planned for??

Chris Hayes lays into President: Trump must resign for COVID-19 catastrophe

Scuba diver killed in Australia shark attack

What's for Dinner, Sat., July 4, 2020

D.L. Hughley: Can't be a black Trump supporter & be redeemable human

Red Tails

You cannot trust your government guidance re: COVID19

Carnegie Mellon Lecture: Ordinary Men as Holocaust Perpetrators

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Brighter than any firework

The truth about cats and COVID-19

US Coronavirus deaths per day...

Rich Mitch

'Magically Protected': Why Hardcore Trump Supporters Won't Wear Masks At Rally

As coronavirus cases spike in Arizona, a neighboring Mexican state tries to shut out Americans

Michigan is in for a world of hurt.

Damn. Covid-19 has hit my veterinarian's office.

'People aren't stupid': Pence's virus spin tests credibility

Sanjay Gupta: America, I hoped never to have this conversation

Maskless Covid Kimberly gave speech to trumpers the day before her positive covid test.

Never gonna happen, asshole!

OMG on eBay now - Damn Handy Products Donald Trump Corkscrew - Novelty Wine Bottle Opener

Llama (alpaca?) gets in taxi with others in Cuzco, Peru

How California Went From Coronavirus Success to Hotspot in Just 5 Weeks

He managed to bring back the 1918 Pandemic, the 1929 Depression, 1930s Fascists, and the 1968 Riots

*Some goodies, to watch on TCM:

Lorde - Royals [Live on Later with Jools Holland]

I have untill Jan 20, 2021 to learn this dance

Republicans wish you a Happy 4th of July

New Zealand's health minister resigns after virus blunders

LOL this t-shirt

I had a talk with a more "mature friend" about the .."polio vaccine"

Anyone else see a house today flying an American flag with the stars arranged in the

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's empty assurance on controlling virus

Listening to Trump now....he is doubling down hard on his bizarre claims....

Omg the building is on fire

Bay Area town had BLM painted in front of courthouse this morning, and a few hours later...

Since when was it appropriate for the U.S. Flag to land on the ground?

Happy 4th from the ICU

Trump is unravelling live on telly. He is insane. Every statement is either a lie, or an attack or

Gettysburg -Given the atrocity of what occurred in S Dakota yesterday, this is clearly appropriate

Paging Sean Spicer, paging Sean Spicer. Traitor needs a crowd estimate. nt

Civil rights activists from 1960s cheer on Black Lives Matter protesters leading new fight

Mattiel - Count Your Blessings

*lump*: "Our testing is the best and the most in the world." MSNBC

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 7/4/20

Is this true, Canadians?

"Scientists Say WHO Ignores The Risk That Coronavirus Floats In Air As Aerosol"

Well, at least he's not using music from artists...


The Shot...

It's Time for Mexico to Tax the Rich

Hard to be offended when it's true.

Mr. Rogers' commencement speech at Dartmouth is exactly what we need right now

Joe Biden MUST win in November, and today I *partially* did my part....

Here's a story that needs watching on Trump:

Classic John Oliver "Daily Show" segment mocking nostalgia for the "good old days"

Tammy Duckworth for VP..Stacey Abrams for Attorney General..Kamala Harris for Supreme Court..

"Kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit!"

The Japanese Ambassador to the United States plays the Star Spangled Banner...

'Happy' Fourth of July.

tweet of the minute

CNN: Aircraft from the Vietnam War do a flyover of Washington DC.

Trump's July 4th message to the nation

1800 and 1830 in Washington DC

Trump calls out the names of historic figures he's never heard of until today

Don't Shoot I want To Grow Up.

He has even politicized the 4th July

Watching Asshole's July 4th party and everyone looks bored.


"...a swift and swippian, you know that schweeping..."

Blueberry Thief!

The Coronavirus Is Bringing Back Aztec-Era "Floating Gardens"

Kim Guilfoyle passing out the Covid-19:

The Coronavirus Is Bringing Back Aztec-Era "Floating Gardens"

Texas Woman Calls Her Boss the N-Word After She's Fired

I FUCKING HATE STUPID PEOPLE..... Especially when they're relatives

In Trump's new version of American carnage, the threat isn't immigrants or foreign nations.

Armed NFAC Black Militia marches on Stone Mountain GA today