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Mayor Adams Announces Plan to Combat Retail Theft in New York City

Mandy Patinkin responds to Musk after he compares himself to Inigo Montoya

Democrat Donna Deegan scores upset in Jacksonville mayor's race

Plenty Of UK Tory Leadership Hostile To Climate Science, Including Home Secy, At Right-Wing Confab

Merriam Webster: The fight for 'irregardless'.

NC House Republican believes his Democratic colleague only got into Harvard Law because he is black.

Sailing, sailing.....

Post image still 'sick,' so here's an old sunset, yesterday, with bird:

DeSantis signs 5 bills affecting LGBTQ in Florida - WPLG Local 10 South Florida

MT Paying $30K To Well-Known Climate Denier To Testify In Youth Climate Lawsuit

Spread of abortion restrictions in South puts pressure on Virginia

The Hanks interview on Ari.

Chris Hayes, stop it, stop telling the repugs what they are doing wrong.

11th Circuit Court is about to get its first Black woman judge!

Will a 3rd-party 'No Labels' ticket help Trump beat Biden in 2024?

Elon Musk spits the dummy: "I'll say what I want to say"

Proposed New EPA Rule Would Regulate Toxic Waste Dumps For Coal Ash From Power Plants

The 5th Circuit Is Furious That the Supreme Court Put It in Timeout

SKUNK in my yard!

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about polling on why people are leaving....

Sunset, southern MD 5/17

Democrats STUN GOP with EPIC Responses During Hearing - Meidas Touch

Accused leaker was warned repeatedly about his mishandling of classified documents, prosecutors say

GOP chief wants to make Kansas 'hostile' to push out 'bad people' he disagrees with Opinion

Sian finally ran out of energy.

Magnolia shades the house!

Ron DeSantis Signs Four Bills Into Law Restricting LGBTQ+ Rights in Florida

Pale Male, red-tailed hawk who nested above NYC's Fifth Avenue for 30 years, dies at 33

House Democrat flips the script on the GOP for "failing to keep the halls of Congress crime free"

Counties in MD that Alsobrooks is going to win in the 2024 MD US Senate Democratic Primary.

Link Wray, "Fire and Brimstone"

Republican Wants to Create Laws to Jail Political Enemies! - Pondering Politics

New: The FBI has revoked security clearances for 3 agents for Jan 6 issues.

May have been posted previously: Were marriages better in the "olden" days?

NJ Gov. Murphy on abortion fight: 'Everything is on the table' - MSNBC Reports

DeSatan moves $1 billion in state pension funds to high risk donor investments

Marjorie Taylor green --🚨Major announcement TOMORROW I'm holding a press conference tomorrow at 9

What Created This Mini Book-Shaped Rock on Mars?

Rep. Clay Higgins pushes an activist for asking questions

Many Texans must work for food stamps. But no work required for $92,000 payout.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the other new Rudy suit....

Stone Engravings of Mysterious Ancient Megastructures May Be World's Oldest 'Blueprints'

MyPillow Guy Loses His Last Marble Live on Stage! - Luke Beasley

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Republicans Could NOT Fumble The Biden Probe Any Harder

The Durham Report is 'an embarrassment' says Rep. Dan Goldman - Deadline - MSNBC

Every president since Reagan has had found documents at their personal homes!

Top Trump lawyer Parlatore leaves former president's legal team amid special counsel's documents pro

Michigan Gov. Whitmer changes abortion reference in civil rights law

SR 99 Tunnel's Financial Outlook Remains Negative Despite Cash Infusion, Traffic Uptick

Shit kicking music playlist. Maybe bookmark it for when ya have one of those days that require -

House Republicans stall effort to expel George Santos from Congress - All In - MSNBC

Ex-NFL player appears to be behind Swalwell 'execution' tweet: report

Democratic senators urge Biden to use 14th Amendment to raise debt limit

Daniel Boone Was A Man - American Pioneer Song

Charges Pressed After Cover-Up Revealed

12-Year-Old Shoots Sonic Employee In The Back With AR-15

Alito cast doubt that the Biden administration would obey the court's mifepristone decision if

Spammer activity on mastodon (under control)

'A steadfast defender of women's rights:' Biden honors Pelosi at EMILY's List gala

Jesse Watters: GOP Needs To Be Able To Blackmail FBI Director

Judge Gives Kari Lake One Last Chance To Prove She's Not Lying - The Ring of Fire

US attorney for Massachusetts committed 'egregious' ethics violations, watchdog finds

Ah! So much for family values!

Chris Hayes: Tricia Cotham owes an explanation to North Carolina on abortion vote - All In - MSNBC

Ok, top male actors........I got, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Kurt Russell, Matt Damon,

'Everybody is in a panic': New right-wing Florida bill threatens 'huge crisis' for industry

Ren and Sam Tompkins: Blind Eyed

Republicans Keep Having Bad Elections

Professional wrestling legend Superstar Billy Graham dead at 79

Why School Lunch Debt Exists -- And How These Kids Are Wiping It Out - More Perfect Union

The scariest killer robot in the world - Break the Fake - TVP World

Judge temporarily blocks NYC mayor from sending asylum-seekers to nearby county

New Jersey Claims It Can Remove PFOS/PFAS From Drinking Water, But Where Will It Go?

Appeals court hears arguments in case over access to mifepristone - PBS NewsHour

Pew Research poll of US twitter users

Great fun hearing Lawrence O'Donnell so excited about House and Discharge petition,

Geez, did AI go too far? Biden ad from the Daily Show

Peter Tosh

Why former Trump White House lawyer thinks Trump will go to jail - CNN Outfront

Members of Congress aim to revive federal reparations push

Pennsylvania GOP Doubles Down on Election Deniers, Including a Fake Trump Elector

Rosebuds are opening (this afternoon)

Miami (Ohio) University Faculty Vote in Favor of Forming a Union

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Ocular migraines

Dumbass racist clown

Biden team aims to compete in North Carolina, test ground in Florida

How Democrats pulled off a big upset in Florida

Trump SUFFERS Massive LOSS in Jack Smith Investigation - Meidas Touch

Russia and China are Using Triads and the Bratva to Undermine U.S. National Security

A few hours in and Kari Lake's trial is already over (or it should be)

What do you do when you're really really pissed?

The Movement to Stop Dollar Stores From Suffocating Black Communities

It's wild to watch extreme Republicans commit overreaches on abortion access: President of NARAL

There can be times teens can be fatally stupid.

More Election Warnings for the GOP - WSJ Editorial

Elon Musk's 'experiment' in free speech on Twitter has been a disaster for his bottom line - ReidOut

Why We Forget That Most People Are Good - written by MARK MANSON

has anybody seen anything in the New York Times about Rudy and the new law suit?

*New York Post Poll Exclusive: Biden up 7 points against Trump, would win bigger in 2024 than 2020!

P.M. Update: Chilly tonight, with sunny and cool conditions Thursday

Conservatives Bully L.A. Dodgers Into Dropping Charity Drag Group From Pride Night

Leak suspect shared classified secrets with foreigners, prosecutors say

Juno spacecraft takes an image of Jupiter.

In Mexico, new non-binary passport can now sidestep male or female box

Nauman Hussain convicted of manslaughter in Schoharie limo case - Albany Times Union

Lawrence O'Donnell: Bill Barr refuses to say Trump & Giuliani wouldn't sell pardons - The Last Word

It appears that there are enough Democrats in the House and Senate who will who will not vote for

Colombian children found alive in jungle weeks after plane crash

She killed a man while he was raping her, and a court in Mexico sentenced her to 6 years in prison

Rep. Goldman: GOP avoids expelling Santos with 'cop out' vote - The Last Word - MSNBC


Suspected arson damages St. Paul Islamic center, 6th attack on MN mosques this year

South Carolina advances 6-week abortion ban

Where life is going

Mastodon: On Tuesday, Calgary became the most polluted city in the world for a few hours.

Banning TikTok is politically insane.

Sen. Whitehouse on Clarence Thomas facing 'repeat offender' ethics allegations - The Last Word - MSNBC

Lauren Boebert Files for Divorce from Husband, & He Rages When Getting the Papers! Stephanie Miller

Chile's new law blazes trail for children of femicide victims

Officials warn of scams targeting Native Americans after alarming TikTok video

Electronic traffic sign in Orlando altered to show threatening, anti-gay message, police say

Pierre Poilievre is courting voters by capitalizing on immigration fears in Quebec

DeSantis' office has to deny report that National Guard deployed to block Disney entrances

Reuters: DeSantis to enter US presidential race next week (May 25)

We. Are. Fucked.

Republican Senator: "Let's Don't Have Elections Anymore" - Luke Beasley

Help, please

ZATOICHI: The Blind Swordsman Season1 # 25 samurai action drama Full movie English subtitles

Texas man pleads guilty to smuggling gun linked to deadly Mexico kidnapping

Ron DeSantis Just Took Two Big Steps to Make Trans Lives Illegal

Guatemala: No press freedom, no democracy

🍨Sundaes🍨on Thursday/Scriabin, Bach, Walker

A Blast from the past:"Trump accuses Cruz's father of helping JFK's assassin"

The Durham report and the inevitable end of Fox's anti-Mueller farce

Shopping agreement

Sunny Thursday Morning in May Positive Jazz and Bossa Nova Music

Tiny Amerindian village in Guyana fights gold mine in key court battle over indigenous land rights

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Democratic messaging issues....

Scan of Titanic reveals wreck as never seen before - BBC News

Denials of health-insurance claims are rising -- and getting weirder

Mexican Ex-Mayor Sentenced to 92 Years for Kidnapping

Jim Jordan Gets Torn To Shreds By Colleague For Abusing His Power - Ring of Fire

Sargassum surges in Mexico: From nuisance to new green industry?

@RepClayHiggins pushing an activist for asking tough questions:

DeSantis Tries To Act Human, Fails Miserably - Raw News And Politics

Political turmoil in Pakistan - Eastern Express - TVP World

Legal Scholar Says Supreme Court Could Become a "Pointless Institution" - Amanpour and Company

ZATOICHI: The Blind Swordsman Season1 # 19 samurai action drama Full movie

AZ: Lake witnesses seem to shoot her own election case in the foot

Bill banning puberty blockers, hormone treatments for trans kids sent to Texas governor

What to know about celiac disease and why people shouldn't self-diagnose with gluten intolerance

Complaint from progressive group alleges PAC for Republican senators isn't reporting campaign contri

Initial returns show changes coming to school, library boards across Oregon

(Jewish Group) Musk takes aim at the ADL after CEO says his tweets 'will embolden extremists'

NC: House Democrats condemn 'hurtful' GOP remarks about Black colleagues' abortion, education

(Jewish Group) Dan Stein is a New Orleans icon. 'Queer Eye' just didn't get his Jewishness (spoiler)

WORDLE 698 (5/18) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Dan Stein is a New Orleans icon. 'Queer Eye' just didn't get his Jewishness (spoilers)

Minnesota lawmakers approve 9 major worker-friendly changes

Appeals court appears likely to limit access to abortion pill - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Teacher who allowed student to wear KKK costume banned from school (Pulaski County, Kentucky)

China's Xi Jinping is 'rooting' for a default on U.S. debt, Rep. Krishnamoorthi says - NBC News

Texas: "great teacher" shoots 13 yr old son/adult stepdaughter after assaulting asst principal wife

Biden and McCarthy agree to meet directly on debt limit - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

2024 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will have a net loss of 1 seat to a net gain of 1 seat

17 May: New gains secured. Ukrainians conduct a successful assault - Reporting from Ukraine

A cyclist came upon a White supremacist march. Here's what he did next - CNN

This [the abortion issue] Will DESTROY Trump's 2024 Campaign! - Luke Beasley

Russia fires 30 cruise missiles at Ukrainian targets; Ukraine says 29 were shot down

British MP gives best explanation of trickle-down economics:


DNC warns Alabama Democratic Party over bylaw changes

Nasri Warsame campaign manager accuses Minneapolis Council Member Ellison of assault; Ellison says u

Conservative school board candidates losing in Newberg and North Clackamas, leading in Crook County

The Republican plan to take over school boards may be backfiring

Judge who ruled for Trump on 2020 election loses Pennsylvania primary-- A seat is up for grabs on

Who was the first President to take part in a drag-show performed in front of children?

We picked up Boog the chocolate lab ashes. We were thinking of a Big Lebowski ceremony.

Russia agrees to renew Ukraine Black Sea grain deal for 60 days - Al Jazeera

Battle of Hayes Pond

Breakfast, Thursday, May 18, 2023

'No generics' deals blocked pet owners from cheaper flea-and-tick treatment, lawsuit claims

California freeway Karma. Man yelling "fucking n*gger" , taps freeway wall at 65 mph

A white legislator in the North Carolina House @mcneely_jeff interrupted his Black colleague @repab

On this day, May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted.

On May 17, 1999, Henry Jones died.

Dancers at Los Angeles bar to become only unionized strippers in US after 15-month battle

Happy National Cheese Souffle Day! Yay or Nay?

Obama and his hoops buddies... can you identify them?

Anti-Chef: Cooking Bulgaria's Famous Foods... just don't call it feta!

Harry Belafonte - Troubles

Wicked motorcar analogy quote

Ultimate Spinach - (Ballad Of) The Hip Death Goddess

Much Of MT Choking On Smoke (In May) But At Least Now They're Free From Pesky Climate Laws!!

unpopular take-

Cannonball Adderley with The Oliver Nelson Orchestra - Cyclops

Penguin Random House Sues Escambia County, Florida School Board

Putin is scared: Inner circle wanted to ambush him. Russians "tactically retreat" - The Russian Dude

Communications director for Rep. George Santos resigns

Deutsche Bank to pay $75 million to settle lawsuit by Epstein accusers

Amtrak trains detour across Nebraska due to severe weather.

EPA Is Urging FTC To Drop 3-Arrow Recyling Symbol From Plastics That . . . Y'Know, CAN'T Be Recycled

*@*@* May Contest Submissions are closed*@*@*

Russia? Russia? Russia?

Air Quality In Calgary Off-The-Charts Bad From Forest Fires - Between 500 and 600

New House bill would block pay for members of Congress if the U.S. defaults

The Crystal Ship

data fallacies to avoid

Democrats race to avoid a Biden embarrassment in New Hampshire

F.B.I. Revokes Security Clearances of 3 Agents Over Jan. 6 Issues

Alberta UCP candidate apologizes for comparing transgender students to feces in food

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/17/2023

We should have a Warriors for Freedom gallery to support those organizations and people

This Week in Shonen Jump: Week of 5/14/23

Art of the Week: Week of 5/17/23

2023 Eisner Award Nominees Announced

The Rundown: May 18, 2023

Real Time (2008)

Christiane Amanpour stands up to CNN: she would've "dropped the mic at 'nasty person'"

"...But I'm not necessarily giving him that advice. It's against my interest."

An awareness about what Phony Soprano and MAGA are all about:

8-year-old girl dies in Border Patrol custody in Harlingen, Texas, as agency seeks to ease crowding

KFoglePA-C @RepClayHiggins pushing an activist for asking tough questions is supposed to be normal?

Feinstein's primary caregiver: Pelosi's daughter

Lauren Boebert's divorce exposes the dark little secret of red state life

Change your hair or leave: Knoxville anchor says she was fired by WATE for her appearance

todays prefast reading was 116 . have a grand day

Billions Pulled: Wall Street Banks Reduce China Exposure ; Currency Market - China Update

Ford recalls SUVs, some for a second time, to fix rear camera display

"Very damaging": Legal experts say new Mar-a-Lago evidence could "blow up" in Trump's face at trial

You raised $10.00 on May 17, 2023 unofficial DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate (beat Senator Sinema)

3 day extended forecast for sonora ca. chance of thundershowers on the sierra nevada crest.

Lauren Boebert's divorce exposes the dark little secret of red state life

Lauren Boebert goes for the hat trick...

Caitlyn Jenner Says Transgender Population Is Growing at 'Disturbing' Rate

How DeSantis can clinch the Republican nomination (129K views)

I missed William Barr's interview re: allegations of Rudy and Cheetolini selling pardons......

I hope the msm does not give desantis any more free passes as they did for tfg

Rep. Plaskett: "This hearing is evidence, as if we needed any more, that MAGA Republicans are a..."

the so-called "University of Twente" ... no way! That just looks so fake

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 18, 2023

Sian is having quite the morning. So am I.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the new Trump evidence....

Any ideas about what's going on?? I'm not tech-savvy and something fishy is happening...

Trump's Only Competent Lawyer Finally Ditches Him - Farron Balanced

US Jobless Claims Tumbled Last Week After Fraud-Inflated Jump

Devastating floods in northern Italy

Florida Democrats think the unthinkable: We're in play

Florida Democrats think the unthinkable: We're in play

Why Pascal Was Right Benefits of Being Alone

Interesting follow up on this discussion

Pentagon leak suspect 'caught' before - ABC News

On eve of hearing, FBI says it revoked security clearances of 3 agents over Jan. 6 attack

Cinderella - Shelter Me

Simple Seaweed Miso Slaw Recipe (video)

CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou: Giuliani Aide Told Me Presidential Pardon Would Cost Me $2 Million

North Carolina's Rush to Restrict Abortion - What Next Podcast

Ron DeSantis finally gets what he deserves in stunning development - Brian Tyler Cohen

From Waterboarding to Rape, Abu Zubaydah Depicts Torture at Black Sites & Gitmo in Graphic Sketches

Mott The Hoople - "Rock N Roll Queen"

I don't know where politicians go to the bathroom but I would love if someone accused him of being

Texas, Florida laws have Latinos rethinking where they live

Rock & Roll playlist, Sun Records style

Randy Rainbow takes on Little Ronnie Puddingfingers ...

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, May 18, 2023

Surprise! MSNBC's Morning Joe actually gives positive perspective on Biden's poll numbers!

Supreme Court sides with social media companies in suits by families of terror victims

'A Bit Spooky': The New Demon Catshark Species With Bright, White Eyes

Home sales fell in April as buyers contended with high prices, fluctuating mortgage rates

A big difference in the Mar-A -Lago documents case


Why Pascal Was Right Benefits of Being Alone

Florida College Students Rebuke Ron DeSantis By Hosting Their Own Graduation

Robert Reich on Kroger-Albertsons merger:

Mr X had endoscopy - stressing

Pete Buttigieg is such a wonder.

AI Expert: We Urgently Need Ethical Guidelines & Safeguards to Limit Risk of Artificial Intelligence

GOP congressman assaults protestors

China's loans pushing world's poorest countries to brink of collapse

Randy Rainbow takes on Kevin McCarthy

Black Hoosier children top the nation for likelihood of DCS investigation

8-year-old girl dies while in federal custody on the border

Why a New Hampshire special election shows Democrats can retake the state House

Mr X endoscopy stressing

Should Robert DeNiro Still Be Having Kids? - Rant Wheel - Lovett or Leave It

The Chemical Brothers - Chemical Remix 💊🧪🩹🧬 (mixing done by Elektro Dark)

Florida Democrats think the unthinkable: We're in play

TSA is testing facial recognition at more airports, raising privacy concerns

Circumcision is genital mutilation even if most don't want to believe it.

That Gen Z midterm boost for Democrats might be real

Akron man shot and killed in road rage incident on I-76 in Norton

Tracking Supreme Court decisions in this term's major cases

Michigan Protects Workers From Retaliation For Having An Abortion

The Deep Data Is In. And Democrats Should Cheer. Jay Kuo: Satus Kuo

Today's episode of stupid republican theater

Asia - Only Time Will Tell (Live In Tokyo)

How Philly's Black Moderate Mayoral Candidate Beat a Bernie Sanders/AOC-Backed Progressive

The 5th Circuit Is Furious That the Supreme Court Put It in Timeout

Great headline: "Governor chooses criminals over the safety of everyday Nevadans"

Justice Michael Morgan (D) not running for re-election to NC Supreme Court

Affectionate male lion:

It's the Russia, stupid.

Smart pupper!

Court of Appeals to weigh Indiana near-total abortion ban case in September

Ohio board approves August ballot question meant to thwart abortion rights push

Compilation -- escape artists. The last one is especially funny:

the cure - shake dog shake (live - rock and roll HOF induction 2019) We're Seeing Them TONIGHT!!!

Mother cat fosters baby otter:

Another rough day for election deniers

Pentagon leak suspect was warned multiple times about mishandling of classified information

Watching ted cruz Combust.

8-year-old girl dies in Border Patrol custody as agency seeks to ease crowding

A ? For Stratocaster players perhaps a riddle

FBI says it revoked security clearances of 3 agents over Jan. 6 attack

Abortion pill case moves to appeals court, on track for Supreme Court

Trump re-wrote Presidential powers to suit his whims, so...

Anti-Fascist. Armed to the Teeth

Now actors may strike, too - SAG-AFTRA's board asks members for strike authorization

Took a chance with watercolor this time -

Takeaway From Day One of Kari Lake's Second Trial: Lake's Losing Streak Continues

Ted Cruz working hard at solving the most serious issues facing Americans.

This is personal...

Politico: Biden admin expected to withdraw controversial judicial pick

Fuller Overby stacks cypress-wrapped spaces for North Carolina lake house

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 18, 2023)

Goldman elicits from two of the Republican witnesses that they have been paid by Kash Patel

( NBC news ) The school put the teacher on administrative leave, causing her to resign

NC Rep. McNeely asks Could you have gotten into Harvard if you weren't an athlete or a minority?

Remember that moron who paid for the recount of the Kansas vote protecting abortion?

Cartoons 5/18/2023

Texas republicans Gregg Abbott, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz

Great Egret Reflection

"I attended a secretive anti-trans dinner in San Francisco. And then I puked"

Republicans Protect George Santos From Accountability! - Pondering Politics

County releases new 2-part, 'holistic' plan for opioid, fentanyl crisis

Do you love seeing the Milky Way?

This year's Bilderberg Meeting has AI at the top of the agenda

Should we blame debt on presidents or circumstances?

Trump's first act as President?

Speaking of Don Cheadle, he's now on ESPN(2) alternative to the real PGA Championship show

Constitutional argument for an assault weapons ban

First full-size 3D scan of Titanic shows shipwreck in new light

Corporations Are Bringing Back Child Labor in America: Robert Reich

Nation needs poll workers; they need protection

STOP cheering about the Colorado Springs election

Where Actors Could Make a Deal With Studios on AI (Hollywood Reporter)

Racist MTG says she feels threatened by Jamaal Bowman.

GOP Rep. Clay Higgins Manhandles Activist At Press Conference

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Names Dennis Kucinich as Campaign Manager

Stephen A. Smith discusses when he left ESPN and his support for the WGA

Sam Zell, 81, Tycoon Whose Big Newspaper Venture Went Bust, Dies

Trust in Supreme Court fell to lowest point in 50 years after abortion decision, poll shows

Solemnity - formal or ceremonious observance of an occasion or event.

BREAKING: Crews battling massive fire at south Charlotte construction site

Great interview on Pete Buttigieg, "God, Beer, Electric Mustang".......

Alberta Premier Smith breached Conflicts of Interest Act, says ethics commissioner

Neo Nazi Who Dined With Trump Says He Wants a 16-Year-Old Wife in Disturbing Rant

GOP Playbook

Aaron Rupar twitter thread on House Republican "weaponization of government" hearing.

Cyber Ninjas Still Hiding Thousands Of Texts From Trump Allies A Year After Court Order - Ring of Fire

If conservative Republicans were expected to pick oranges.

It's time to guarantee healthcare to all Americans as a human right Bernie Sanders

A 150-year-old law could help determine the fate of U.S. abortion access

Bumper sticker idea... Gerrymandering is American Apartheid

Antiabortion groups push 2024 GOP candidates to embrace national ban

WTF Happened to Nuclear Energy?

NOW VOTING: Confirmation of Nancy G. Abudu to be United States Circuit Judge for the 11th Circuit

on cedar!

Jim Jordan hearing descends into chaos after GOP withholds 'whistleblower' testimony

New Head of FBI's Washington Field Office Shares Updates on Hunt for Jan. 6 Pipe Bomber

This Land is Your Land - Live - Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Judy Collins, Joan Baez & Friends

McCarthy tries to protect George Santos while Florida Rep wants to expel Adam Schiff

JUST IN: A federal judge has *denied* pro-DeSanits PAC "Ready for Ron" effort to deliver readymade

Corporations Are Bringing Back Child Labor in America: Robert Reich - Labor

Document cases. President Joe vs. Phony Soprano

Weapons: Ukrainian Civilians Build A Missile

Brett Favre makes huge Donald Trump statement

New York City May Be Sinking Under the Weight of Its Skyscrapers

Sarah Huckabee Sanders 'Frontrunner' Being Considered by Ron DeSantis For VP Pick

Disney scraps plans for new Florida campus, cancels mass employee relocation

Judge rejects lawsuit by Nantucket residents to block wind turbines, protect right whales

Something just occured to me. I don't think you can tell if a person has sex reassignment surgery

Ever wonder how many insects you've unknowingly eaten or how much bug/rodent poop?

Feinstein Suffered More Complications From Illness Than Were Publicly Disclosed

MAGA moves to impeach Biden for the 10th time in 2 years! - Pondering Politics

Disney Pulls Plug on $1 Billion Development in Florida

As debt ceiling fight rages, Democrats bring up an old idea: Abolish it

For all my fellow Veterans

US weekly jobless claims fall; labor market defying recession fears

DeSantis Allows Anti-"Woke" Giveaway To Big Wall Street Donors

North Dakota Republican Gov. Doug Burgum likely to run for president

Jordan: "The whistleblower does not want testimony to be made available to the Democrats."

Politico -"Democrats race to avoid a Biden embarrassment in New Hampshire

Looks like Rudy has issued a statement... It's as batshit crazy as you'd expect.

Indiana Army veteran convicted in road rage killing of Muslim man

Confirmed: Nancy G. Abudu to be United States Circuit Judge for the Eleventh Circuit

Bill Barr loses again: See a Trump conspiracy theory go up in smoke - The Beat

Fetterman to Biden: Forget the debt ceiling and invoke the 14th Amendment

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 18, 2023

Demographics, Democracy, and Determination: The Texas Equation

Seattle startup's ex-CFO accused of diverting $35M, losing it in crypto crash

Gun control foe Greg Abbott will sign ban on gender-affirming care

Judge Chides Abortion Pill Lawyer for Being Mean to Trump Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk

B&S @_B___S: this is the best thing i have seen all week

Dozens of LASD deputies ordered to show suspected gang tattoos, reveal others who have them

TCM tonight:

Tweet of the Day

Miami-Dade police said they won't ask for paperwork in stops ahead of sweeping immigration law

Feinstein Suffered More Complications From Illness Than Were Publicly Disclosed

The NYPD Took This Dog Into Custody Because His Owner Filmed the Police

Against the House rules, Jim Jordan withheld documents from the Democrats.

California's high-speed rail is running out of money, but progress has been made

Disney Pulls Plug on $1 Billion Development in Florida

Any good, concise, objective material on the Durham report?

Cornyn says Trump can't win in 2024, GOP needs someone else as presidential nominee

Teen facing charges after loaded 'ghost gun' falls onto gym floor at Md. school

Bodycam: Councilman Arrested After Allegedly Smoking Crack, Passing Out in Car After Court

My New (Twitter) Tattoo - Luckovich Cartoon

Popocatpetl volcanic activity puts area on high alert

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about TikTok and bad information....

A real $#i+ show from Gymmie Jordun and Trumping tap dancers!

Does anyone ever check out Chuds of TikTok?

Disney World's costly Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser in Orlando to close in late September

Region 31-Los Angeles Secures Settlement Agreement Requiring Star Garden to Reinstate and Bargain...

Connor Ryan Hennessy with a song that deserves showcasing here on DU

USA Today blows

Biden Invites Papua New Guinea Leader to Washington

CNN getting more Republicans on-air as it seeks political diversity

GOP tries to prop up Durham report dud with attack on Adam Schiff - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Elon is fully in Ye territory--except far more powerful. - Jeff Sharlet on twitter

Nebraska Republican: Filibusters made her miss her grandson's preschool graduation.

Democrats Pledge To Protect McCarthy From His Party If He'll Budge On Debt Ceiling - Ring of Fire

Jim Jordan left sputtering as Democrat shuts him down at hearing - Brian Tyler Cohen

More malfeasance by Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves (R)

Still hunting Monsters

its time to pressure companies to leave florida and texas

MT: Judge grants temporary restraining order against Montana abortion restriction bill

Religion and Congregations in a Time of Social and Political Upheaval

Gop tactics: Find a small low power group, demonize it, try to destroy it

NH: 'Parental bill of rights' defeated in House; blocked from returning in 2024

NC Republicans prohibit the state joining an organization meant to keep voter rolls clean

When I'm mad at my husband

No Default, No Cuts - Senator Bernie Sanders

CNN Colleagues Praise Christiane Amanpour After She Criticizes Network's Trump Town Hall

Teixeira was caught multiple times

With clock ticking on legislative session, Texas Democrats delay debate on university tenure bill

MI: Senate panel weighs bills prohibiting landlords from income-based discrimination

Creepy dolls washing ashore in Texas are being used to help birds and sea turtles

Neighborhood watch fully activated and on duty

PA: Sara Innamorato's victory in primary for Allegheny County executive energizes progressives

Check out the new Wal-mart electric delivery van

Abortion rights were the key issue in Democrat Heather Boyd's 163rd House District victory

Hear in LA: Zachary the USC Whistleblower

Marjorie Taylor Greene escalates feud with Jamaal Bowman after Capitol confrontation

The Arch-Conservative Bradley Foundation Is Waging A War On Democracy

Major corruption scandal unfolding in Russian Ministry of Defence that implicates Generals/Ministers

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 19 May 2023

Supreme Court ends dispute over Trump-era asylum-seeker policy

"You hate {my son} more than you love your own family. That's why you're here."

NYC: How City Council District 9 campaigns are adjusting to Kristin Richardson Jordan dropping out

Gym JORDAN's "whistleblowers" were Jan. 6 insurrectionists. Wingnut propaganda words.

Big Joe Turner was born on this date.

I am having my car detailed and he has been here to FIVE HOURS!

Happiest Travel Trip Ever?

GOP Hearing COMPLETELY BACKFIRES Live in their Faces - Meidas Touch

George Strait has a birthday today.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #14-15: Trumpty Dumpty Shat On A Wall Edition

DeSantis Vows to End Disney In Florida

DeSantis Vows to End Disney In Florida

Democrat Puts Republicans On Blast During Crime Hearing - Pondering Politics

Gotta go?

Don't forget this about Jim Jordan

DeSantis says Florida 'sending help' to Texas border

DeSantis says Florida 'sending help' to Texas border

Jim Jordan's whistleblowers just admitted they have been paid by former Trump adviser Kash Patel

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) (50 years old) under attack by SCOTUS in Haaland v. Brackeen

A good way for the New graduates to set themselves up for success

Jeopardy, love the guy from Green Bay......👍🏻

"Lauren Boebert is a Free Woman Again" - Mangy Fetlocks

Picture if you will, DMV messes up and does not put an expiration date on your ID.

hannity tonight

Feinstein suffered more complications from shingles than publicly disclosed - MSNBC Reports

Get Together - The Youngbloods - with lyrics

Audioslave - Like a Stone

Futurama It's back!

Ron DeSantis is much like Tucker Carlson...

MAGA Goon Manhandles Activist, Lawsuit Incoming - Rebel HQ

They are blatently dehumanizing transgendered kids now:

Dahlia Lithwick: Conservative clique of judges increasingly seen as unconcerned with judicial propriety

The Daily Shooting Report: Shot at for honking horn

Target warns theft, crime-fueled losses could top $1.2B this year

"Bandanas Across America"

So According To DeSantis' New Bathroom Law This Man Has To Use The Women's Restroom?

Florida parents sue to block enforcement of state's gender-affirming care restrictions

Found on Mastodon: poem on metaphors.

Mike Luckovich-Twitter symbol is the new preferred tattoo for Nazis

Weezer are entertaining the WGA writers strike:

Nobody Gets That Mad Because They're Winning

Two experts debate 14th amendment and the debt limit - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Trump Interview Goes Bad Quick, Lies Uncontrollably! - Luke Beasley

Pence Lifted Words from Old Trump Speech

FDA panel recommends the first shot to prevent RSV in infants by vaccinating pregnant mothers

Do six cylinder cars cool your car better than four cylinder cars?

Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People (Official Video)


U.S. Won't Block F-16s to Ukraine

Rep. Connolly: FBI agents testifying were there to 'fulfill a conspiratorial narrative' - Deadline MSNBC

Pro-DeSantis PAC Fears They Attacked Trump Too Hard - Farron Balanced

On this day, May 18, 1927, the deadliest school massacre in U.S. history occurred.

Giving a hissing feral kitten a bath

Gary McBride wore an Ashli Babbit tshirt at Gym Jordan's circus. Check out his family's youtube

May Photo Contest Voting #1

May Photo Contest Voting #2

May Photo Contest Voting #3

***May Prelims are up in GD!!!!***

Intel leak suspect caught twice taking notes about classified documents - MSNBC Reports

China filling the void in Central Asia - Eastern Express - TVP World

Devo - Here To Go

May Contest Voting Thread #4

Drunken driver in Colorado tries to claim his dog was driving.

Some popular Chinese-made Android TV boxes sold on Amazon are laced with malware (TechCrunch)

Borowitz: Floridians Demand to Know Where Disney Is Going so They Can Come With

Jack Smith UNCOVERS New Evidence of Trump CRIMINAL INTENT - Meidas Touch

Tampa Pride Event Canceled Over Gov. Ron DeSantis' Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws

Sunset, southern MD 5/18

Axios-Ipsos poll: Gun violence soars as public health concern

More than 30 million US drivers don't know if they're at risk from a rare but dangerous airbag blast

First look: 6 in 10 want employers to call out racism

Photo contest mechanics post-

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