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Let's try for the best question for TFG.

Debt ceiling breach could wipe out 8 million jobs, White House warns

Restaurant owner in Tukwila pleads guilty to nearly $1M in wage theft

Sen. Whitehouse Opens Budget Hearing on Air Pollution, Public Health & the True Cost of Fossil Fuels

Yahoo Finance: Stocks slide after Fed announces 0.25% rate hike: Stock market news today

Trump forced under oath: What jurors in civil rape trial heard in court - The Beat - MSNBC

Winning! Judge throws out Trump's NY Times lawsuit & he pays their legal fees

Michigan school district bans backpacks: "We will not take any chances"

Relaxing in beautiful Vancouver, BC before the Chris de Burgh concert.

Special counsel probing Trump Organization's handling of Mar-a-Lago surveillance footage

Catholics in Kansas

Judge Orders Trump to Pay Legal Fees Racked Up by New York Times and Mary Trump After Dismissing His

Police confirm Jesse McFadden fatally shot six prior to killing himself

Suspect in today's shooting in Atlanta is in custody without further

Cause of Washington state ferry grounding near Bainbridge Island revealed

Emails Reveal 'Jaw-Dropping' Herschel Walker Money Scandal

We've all heard about subliminal messaging, right?

Fox Paid $787.5 Million For Trump's Election Lies. He's Repaying Them With a Punch in the Face.

On this day in 1898, Golda Meir, who served as Israel's first female Prime Minister was born in Kyiv

Tucker Carlson fired: New secret text on how 'white men' fight stokes 'panic' - The Beat - MSNBC

Records Reveal Extent of CIA'S Mishandling of Sexual Misconduct

Oak Ridge National Laboratory & University of Maine Print a House With Biobased Materials.

Calamari Jr. and Sr. have been subpoenaed

Thiel says DeSantis 'would make a terrific president'

Suit targets Kentucky ban on gender-affirming care for youth

Activists Face Felonies for Distributing Flyers on "COP CITY" Protester Killing

A Question for Lawyers

This is @TuckerCarlson in his own words.

Chicago Is About To Have The Gayest City Council In The Country

Which 2024 Democratic US Senate nominee has a better chance of winning?

Remembering the Memorial Day Massacre

Whitehouse: MAGA Republicans Try to Force a Choice Between Debt Default & The Default on America Act

You know Fox News has the same shameless views as Tucker Carlson does!

Whitehouse: MAGA Republicans Try to Force a Choice Between Debt Default & The Default on America Act

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about some off Republican primary polling....

You're Still A Young Man - Tower of Power 🎺

2019 documentary - Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind - can be watched free, streaming

Bombshell new Tucker Carlson leak is worst yet - Brian Tyler Cohen

Sen. Whitehouse Joins The ReidOut to Discuss the Ethics-Free Zone at the Court That Dark Money Built

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Tucker Carlson's Racism Was Always Real

Rick Beato video on Gordon Lightfoot passing + 2020 video on If You Could Read My Mind

This is what indoctrination looks like - The Bible Bee

Chicago Is About To Have The Gayest City Council In The Country

"Satanist" Hilariously Trolls Fox While On Fox - Waldorf Nation

Montana State Rep. Zooey Zephyr: Republicans 'want silence' from dissenting voices - Deadline - MSNBC

2019 documentary - Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind - can be watched free, streaming

What's up with MSNBC tonight?

Please, please, NO--not Noam Chomsky!

Hate group behind abortion pill ban lawsuit left 1000s of secret files on an open Google Drive

Trump Junior Cries About Not Being Invited On Fox News - Ring of Fire

Lindsey and Cruz accuse Biden of stealing Trump's thunder

Jim Justice Is Trying to Be the GOP's Version of Joe Manchin

Trump's New Anti-Biden Ad Has One Problem: It Shows Photos From His Own Presidency


Tanker Niovi Seized by Iran; 2nd Tanker Captured; Why No Response by the U.S. & World Navies?

'Unparalleled in its audacity and scope': Herschel Walker implicated in 'jaw-dropping' wire fraud sc

Newly revealed text confirms Tucker Carlson is also privately racist - All In - MSNBC

Speaking of Menendez:

Trump Campaign Busted Blaming Biden For Stuff That Happened Under Trump - Waldorf Nation

Sen. Manchin says 'we're not going to default' on US debt - CNN

What if

Trump town hall: How the media covers a seditious presidential candidate - All In - MSNBC

I have been crying all evening, get the tissues

Special Prosecutor May Use Mike Pence To Hit Trump With Additional Crimes - Farron Balanced

Judge throws out Trump lawsuit against New York Times

Berlin's changing Russia policy - Eastern Express - TVP World

What New York's natural gas ban means for other states - CBS News

Texas Republicans want power to overturn Harris County elections over mishaps at the polls

After 18 years in prison, he took over his old L.A. gang. A string of murders followed

Texas Republicans want power to overturn Harris County elections over mishaps at the polls

Is it wrong to want your doctor to wear a mask? Serious question.

8 Most Populous Mammals on Earth

Former World Champion Tori Bowie passes away at 32

We hate women!

They are consistent. Impeach Biden. Why? We don't know.

E Jean Carroll Trial is Shaping Up to Be VERY BAD NEWS for Trump - Talking Feds

Horrific events in Davis, CA

The Lincoln Project-American history is being reedited on behalf to the GOP

The Lincoln Project-American history is being reedited on behalf to the GOP

3 stories: Rudy's broke; Trump's defenseless; & Special Counsel Jack Smith is busy in the grand jury

GOP Nominee: It's gonna be Trump.

Tucker Carlson Reportedly Enraged Fox by Saving His Best Material for His Texts

American Life Expectancy Map - TIME

New Comcast problem

In The Heat of the Night: They Call Me Mr. Tibbs

Catalytic Converter Thefts Skyrocketing

Turkey's Interior Minister Sleyman Soylu claims US' attempting political coup in Turkey - WION

U.S., Mexico reach migration agreement as Title 42 deadline looms - ABC News

Checking out a new area for pics

NY Judge makes BRUTAL ruling against Trump - Meidas Touch

Texas Bill Lets Governor Overturn Democracy - Waldorf Nation

Florida's crackdown on LGBTQ issues in schools is getting worse

Can the Repulsive senators block filling Feinstien seat even if she resigns?

Florida's crackdown on LGBTQ issues in schools is getting wors

TRUMP RAPE Trial - May 3, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Private Bonespurs

Biden Expertly Dismantles Republicans Over Their Attempts To Gut Veterans' Benefits

Can we block TFG from the ballot in each state, because he incited an insurrection?

The 2024 elections and beyond--Examining and applying the lessons we've learned from our history

I think that this election was the funeral for the Republican Party as we know it," said Hawley,

Suspected gunman in Atlanta shooting captured - MSNBC

Former UK Athletics Director's Racist Comment about Black Runners gets him banned for 3 years

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Do refrigerated, uncooked eggs need to be covered?

Ever wonder who the voice was behind your favorite School House Rock songs?

Eric Holder: NC Supreme Court acting not on principle nor precedent--but on personnel - All In - MSNBC

Tyre Nichols' official autopsy reveals brain injuries from blunt force trauma, DA says

Still stuck on rape case DNA... Anyone else?

ELO Don't Bring Me Down & Roll Over Beethoven

Woman killed in Midtown Atlanta mass shooting identified as CDC employee;

Fun with Filters - Work Edition

Emails Reveal 'Jaw-Dropping' Herschel Walker Money Scandal

New College fires librarian, second LGBTQ faculty member dismissed this year

Wonka meme

Why Trump will not be at the Coronation.

A look at the history of racism in America and its role in today's divisions - PBS NewsHour

In honor of Mike Pants hanging with Jack Smith this week... (meme Tweet)

The fighting robot was fake

Chris Hayes right on target tonight about how the news media should cover a seditious candidate

Russia Staged Putin 'Assassination' to Justify Mass Mobilization: ISW


And that was just Wednesday... (John Fugelsang)

Newly revealed text confirms Tucker Carlson is also privately racist

03 May: Drone Attack on Kremlin and Oil Depots. Russians Brace for What is Coming Next

WHY is CNN promoting trump town hall as if he's a normal person?

Kevin McCarthy Made a Secret Deal With Tucker Carlson to Become House Speaker

North Carolina House passes 12-week abortion ban - NBC News

Vlad Vexler: The REAL meaning of the Kremlin attack

Lawrence: How could private racism get public racist Tucker Carlson fired at Fox? - The Last Word

Best ad I've ever seen for a Senate race - Colin Allred

Nordstrom Closing 2 Stores in San Francisco as Mall Complains of 'Rampant' Crime

Just when I think I can't love Biden more...

tonites moon

MT: Ballots are still being counted in Cascade County, Library announces emergency election meeting

Voyager 2 science mission extended another 3 years (

Stephanie Scott: Voters oust Michigan clerk who doubts election results

Texas utility commission chair raises threat of summer power outages and pushes for more gas-powered

Florida's Controversial Anti-DEI Bill Heads to DeSantis's Desk

Oregon Republicans stay home ahead of abortion, guns votes

Sepultura, the name is all the trigger/content warning you need

Joy Reid on Tucker Carlson text: White nationalist receipts can you get you fired, even from Fox

Illinois set to become first state to end book bans

Blast causes another train to derail in Russia near Ukraine

Soldier who Texas governor wants to pardon denied retrial

I just found out by a real, live anesthesiologist...

Elon Musk threatens to reassign NPR's Twitter account

'I won't rest until we get something done': Warnock calls for gun reform after Atlanta shooting

IA: Lawmakers approve bill loosening restrictions on home-based food businesses

Myanmar pardons more than 2,000 political dissidents - Al Jazeera

Oklahoma killings: Sex offender fatally shot 6, then killed self, official says

Bach, Ralph Vaughan Williams

How Gen Z Changed Its Views On Gender

Blackpink's Jisoo breaks bandmate Lisa's Spotify record with solo debut

Anyone wondering about the 5/1 deadline for responding to the motion to quash Fulton Co's report?

Colin Allred on running against Ted Cruz: He only cares about himself - The Last Word - MSNBC

Pro-Tucker Carlson Progressives: Glenn Greenwald, RFK, Jr., Tulsi Gabbard

UN rights experts denounce planned Saudi executions of megacity opponents

Where does Firefox save a file listing current open tabs/windows (Manjaro Linux)?

Tori Bowie, World Champion Sprinter, Is Dead at 32

Lincoln's Democratic mayor overcomes expensive effort to beat her in Nebraska's capital city

OH Supreme Court: Man took leaf blower so brazenly, it wasn't burglary

Jacksonville mayoral runoff is May 16: Who are Daniel Davis (R) and Donna Deegan (D)?

May The 4th Be With You

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Twitter, free speech, and a new feature....

☦️ Christos Anesti! Alithos Anesti! 'On Prayer' Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

Trump's Team OUTMANEUVERED in High-Profile Trial - Talking Feds

The Circle of Life! **WARNING: Not for the squeamish.***

Former homeless man rushes to stop stroller from rolling into Hesperia traffic

Trump Lawyers Make STUNNING ADMISSION During Federal Trial - Meidas Touch

Cops arrest 14 activists who stormed Ron DeSantis' Florida office over "don't say gay" law

🪻A Good Sunny Spring Morning Positive Mood Jazz Music🪻

Any night owls up?

For Trump, GOP primary debates a question of risk versus reward - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

'Waves of volunteers' lend resourcefulness to Ukraine military - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

Don't get your meds...shoot everyone in the clinic.

Controversial text reveals nature of Tucker Carlson's white supremacy on Fox - Alex Wagner - MSNBC

☦️ Antiochian Orthodox "Al-Maseeh Qam! Haqqan Qam!" 8 Resurrectional Tones

Tucker remarks on 'how white men fight' ignored previous day's rioting by Trump supporters - Alex Wagner

AI writes poems for you on 1800 flowers or popcorn factory... "momverse"

Texas gunman's wife tried to help him escape to Mexico, investigators say

Sen. Warnock's emotional plea for gun safety legislation following Atlanta shooting - The 11th Hour

Ukraine war: Zelensky visits The Hague after new strikes in Ukraine

Wordle 684 (5/4) ***SPOILER THREAD***

Russia accuses Ukraine of assassination attempt - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

The Daily Show: Roy's Experience Hosting the White House Correspondents' Dinner - Beyond the Scenes

Democratic candidates in the 2024 MD US Senate Election will be Alsobrooks,Raskin,Trone,and Jawando.

Sunset this evening for Baltimore was at 8:00 PM EDT.

Not for the squeamish

What would it mean for AI to have a soul?

Wyoming mayor: Sorry for fiery abortion clinic Facebook post

Herschel Walker Implicated in 'Jaw-Dropping' Wire Fraud Scheme

Incoming US Senators of 2024.

Sha-Na-Na Live @ Woodstock

How Putin is using an alleged Kremlin drone strike to turn himself into a victim - Times Radio

Ol' Dirty Bastard ft. Kelis - Got Your Money (1999)

Breakfast Thursday 4 May 2023

Mama irisblue is 89 today

Dog Brothers Claim Newborn. . .


Justice needs to work MUCH faster or we are doomed

Not today:

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Hot Functional Testing Complete at Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant Unit 4.

Dems & media are not 'trying to make the Supreme Court appear illegitimate'. It IS Illegitimate!

Puppies making a new friend.

Weighing a snow leopard cub

Duckling with a cute fluffy head:

Adorable raccoon hands:

Japanese rice field art.

Michelle Obama launches company to improve child nutrition

I halp.

Clarence Thomas Had a Child in Private School. Harlan Crow Paid the Tuition.

Harlan Crow paid for the tuition to a private boarding school for Clarence Thomas's nephew.

Cambridge, MA is giving $500 a month to needy families.

Pro Publica-Harlan Crow paid tuition for Clarence's grand nephew

Super cute bunny enjoying strawberries:

MD-SEN: David Trone Launches Senate Campaign in Maryland

Is Colin Allred going to beat Ted Cruz in 2024 or is he going to narrowly lose to Cruz in 2024 then

Gimme dat hat!

MT: Gianforte signs 5 anti-abortion bills, plans to sign more

Papa stork brings a blanket to keep mama stork warm:

"It's started": 70,000 Ukrainians push across multiple frontlines. Attempt on Putin's life was made.

I suppose it's too much to hope that Gryff will tire of playing fetch

Thursday TOONs - Backwards "Blessing"

Texas representative, speaking about the bill to require 10 commandments posters in schools

Freedom is just another word...

My guess as to why TFG agreed to the CNN Town Hall proposal:

Colin Allred got elected to the US House in TX-32 in 2018 when TX-32 was R+5 district.

'Unparalleled in its audacity and scope': Herschel Walker implicated in 'jaw-dropping' wire fraud sc

TX Senate Bill Will Penalize Renewables, Prop Up Costlier NG Plants, Because Freedom

I thought CNN was "fake news" and "an enemy of the people"?

May the 4th Be With You....Star Wars Day.

If I unsend a message on my iPhone, it says "you unsent a message. "

Speaking of corruption and "entitlement"...

Billionaire paid tuition for Justice Clarence Thomas's grandnephew, report says

The Latest Tactic: Climate Liars Lying Because They Care So Very Much About Poor People

Guns don't kill people, emojis kill people!

Dirty Russian Oil Being Refined & Sold to USA, Europe & the West by China, India, Turkey & Others

I am re-reading James Howard Kunstler's THE LONG EMERGENCY.

Single Side Band Radio to keep track of magats and other pus-heads?

TN: New law puts schoolbook sellers, distributors at risk for criminal prosecution

May 4, 1970 - Kent State. Never Forget

Republicans kill $10 minimum wage proposal for Louisiana

Missouri auditor says AG trying to falsely inflate projected cost of abortion amendment

Texas government

NC House passes 12-week abortion ban along party lines. The NC Senate votes Thursday.

Behind Trump's musical tribute to some of the most violent Jan. 6 rioters

Alabama Senate approves ban on transgender college athletes

NC: House Republicans pass children gender-affirming surgery ban over Democrats' objections

New data shows how little the electorate looks like the population

For Chocolate ice cream lovers. Today only.

AL: Senate committee approves legislation banning teaching of 'divisive concepts'

ECB slows rate hike pace but signals more to come

Cosmetic surgery used to be

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/3/2023

Soliciting Multiversity: Marvel's Top 10 for July 2023

This Week in Shonen Jump: Week of 4/30/23

Art of the Week: Week of 05/01/23

The Rundown: May 4, 2023

squirrel monkey in the rain forest

It's a shame elected officials around this country

When Republicans talk about trickle down, they're talking about something different

May the forth be with you. :) nt

Peru robbery: Shoe-shop thieves get off on the wrong foot

remember, free comic book day is this saturday May 6th.

Did Harlan Crow ever pay for YOUR tuition?

Grassley, Comer allege bribery scheme involving Biden and demand documents from FBI

Tucker Carlson's 'White Men Fight' Text Sparks Outrage--But Critics Say It's 'Embedded In Fox's DNA'


When the hate comes home: It's not just an act with Tucker Carlson and Steven Crowder

Dick Dale was born on this date.

Republican insanity might just destroy the world's financial infrastructure

Ex-Wisconsin student gets 17 years for school officer attack

Women against reQublicans poster

Ed Cassidy of Spirit, was born on this date.

Maynard Ferguson was born on this date.

Reagan vs Тяцмp meme

Ohio- Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Virginia's probe into State Police hiring of 'catfish cop' ends with no investigative report

Aht Uh Mi Hed

This is dedicated to Clarence Thomas and Harlan Crow.

Paul Gosar to share stage with members of party founded by Nazis: report

Really Truz Ceddy(aka Ted Cruz)! You got the nerve to ask a stupid idiotic question?

Oliver - Good Morning Starshine ⭐

New College fires librarian, second LGBTQ faculty member dismissed this year

Int'l Criminal Court @IntlCrimCourt 🎥: The President of #Ukraine

I got a distress call yesterday that had to be a deep fake.

This May the Fourth, Carrie Fisher gets Walk of Fame star

Bruce Springsteen statement

Backpacks banned by Flint school district for safety, weapon concerns: 'Difficult decision'

A house. Swanky private school tuition. But did Harlan even try to buy decency for Clarence's wife?

Elie Mystal: One Man Killed Jordan Neely--but We All Failed Him

This Dog Is Proof Things Can Work Out Perfectly In The End

Republicans reject abortion bans as 'campaign-enders' in warning to party

Trump Says He's Returning to New York to 'Confront' Rape Accuser E. Jean Carroll and 'Extremely Host

US bank PacWest seeks buyer as confidence crisis spreads

What are the odds that a Texas billionaire and the weakest member of SCOTUS....

US claims for unemployment aid jump, but remain low

Wimpy Matt Gaetz Has Woman Arrested For Spilling Drink On Him - Farron Balanced

May 2 1927 Buck v Bell US Supreme Ct, Sterilization of Unfit; Eugenics,1924 Immigration Law, Nazis

I went to McD's and ate a kids meal

53 Years Ago

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about two Senate plans for the debt ceiling....

New York Has Serious Concerns With Chick-fil-A

Violence erupts at Sunlake High School (Florida) spring football practice

Sudan generals unwilling to end fighting - UN

Nothing says "God loves you" like heavy metal, tanks, and guns

Make room for Shohei! Ohtani joins Babe in another club

New LEAKED Video of Tucker Carlson after DEPOSITION Released

Silent Running - Mike and the Mechanics

Who has control of the live viruses at the medical lab

'A sea of misinformation': FTC to address industry greenwashing complaints

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 4, 2023

White House Gathers A.I. Chief Executives to Discuss Risks

Why Did President Biden NOT invoke The Insurrection Act after his inauguration?

Pete Seeger & Judy Collins - Turn, Turn, Turn 🌼

Ivanka Trump Is Focus Of New York Attorney General Lawsuit Claim

Partial Verdict reached in Proud Boys Sedition Trial

Belize likely to become republic, says PM, as he criticises Rishi Sunak

Two of my best friends delivered Jeffrey Miller to Kent State in 1970.

"Automated Apartheid": How Israel Uses Facial Recognition to Track Palestinians & Control Movement

(Newburyport, MA) Explosion rips roof off pharmaceutical plant; worker missing

DjT's announcement that he's returning to N. Y.

Russia says U.S. was behind Kremlin drone attack, drawing quick denial

BUD Stock Rises On Anheuser-Busch Earnings Beat; Bud Light Boycott Causes Hangover

Jury has reached partial verdict in PB trial.

Look who has joined forces:

50% Collapse As 'Investors Flee' Chinese Stocks; Chinese Economy: April Contraction - China Update

OHIO They cut short their rise on the charts of "Teach Your Children"

I have CNN in the background and there is an ad trashing DeSantis by... Trump!

U.N. Warns Afghan Humanitarian Crisis Still Urgent as Taliban Expands Crackdown on Women's Rights

4 Proud Boys found guilty of seditious conspiracy

Proud Boys guilty of seditious conspiracy

**** Four Proud Boys Found Guilty Of Seditious Conspiracy****

Passing through..

4 guilty of seditious conspiracy.

News & Commentary April 28, 2023

Feds charge 45 people in takedown of 2 Minneapolis gangs

Proud Boys leader convicted of Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy

Watching the legislative proceedings in North Carolina

Jack Smith makes surprise move INSIDE the courtroom in Trump trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

Devo's Jerry Casale Looks Back at Kent State 50 Years Later (2020 Rolling Stone article)

300 minors, including 10-year-olds, found working at 3 McDonald's franchisees: DOL

Top 6 Ways California is Preparing for Wildfires

Biden Admin Urged to Accept Afghan Families Who Have Languished in Greece for Over 18 Months

Cruz says he believes President Biden's 'mental faculties' are diminished

Florida Republicans pass bills on pronoun usage at schools, ban on diversity programs

Florida Republicans pass bills on pronoun usage at schools, ban on diversity programs

Greenpeace USA Wins Free Speech Battle Against Canadian Logging Giant's $100M SLAPP Lawsuit

Proud Boys found guilty of seditious conspiracy.

Decorum always matters to those who want to keep others silent

Everyone but Pezzola facing max of 50 years, Pezzola facing max of 30 years.

Trump jurors see video of ex-president mistaking rape accuser for ex-wife

4 proud boys members found Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy

I'm going there. Would CNN have given Hitler a town Hall after the Beer Hall Putsch?

Worker unaccounted for after 'violent explosion' at chemical plant in Newburyport, Massachusetts

Four Proud Boys members found guilty of seditious conspiracy

House lawmakers could have as few as 12 working days to raise the debt ceiling before Americans expe

How Bidenomics Has Finally Defeated Reaganomics

At what point do we start calling this straight up terrorism?

Macs Just Got a New Virus

Debt ceiling back-up plan? GOP lawmakers shoot down idea of a short-term extension

ICYMI: Peter Good, Who Designed the Hartford Whalers' Logo, Has Died

Russian Soldiers Camped in Chernobyl's Radioactive Forest. Guess What Happened Next.

As an observation- one of the most delusional republican claims ever

Torpedo Factory to host LGBTQ-focused 'Pride Prom' next month

A breakdown of the proud boy guilty verdicts (Twitter thread)

AI was discussed today on "Morning Joe" by FTC head Lina Chan...

Pan-Fried Breakfast Bao Recipe (video)

Trump to call hotel Doonbeg on the Ocean because 'we have the ocean and nobody else does'

Inuk child in her first parka.

Florida Lawmakers Pass More Bills Targeting Disney Amid Legal Fight

Chokehold killed man restrained by NYC subway passengers

Kent City Council unanimously passes drug possession ordinance

Who paid for Ron DeSantis' trip overseas? No one will say. ...

PacWest confirms strategic options talks after US bank shares plunge

Virginia plant flagged by feds for repeated chemical releases

Ron DeSantis Is Losing Popularity Contest With Disney

2 other charges that it looks like the Proud Boys have been found guilty of ...

Elizabeth Holmes x Jennifer Shah's Prison Collab Will be Everything - Lovett or Leave It

🛩️1958 - 2 men flew for 64 days straight days (oil changes in flight)

Ted Cruz "Not Just A Joke" Warns Congressman, Saying He "Tried To Overthrow An Election"

Pilchuck, Big Four, other trails to close for part or all of 2023

Oh, the adventures they'll have!

Which legislators organized the Jan 6 mob??? Time to name names.

Everett City Council votes to expand controversial 'no sit, no lie' ordinance

'We can't let hate scare us': Edmonds vigil pushes back at hateful flyers

Oh those "Proud Boys" aren't so proud now!

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 4, 2023)

Mental health advocates urge Congress to crack down on 'ghost networks'

Will the Proud Boys disband? Will they be rightfully tagged as a terrorist/criminal organization?

Small Banks Rush to Reassure Investors as Shares Plunge

Odetta - Woke Up This Morning (w My Mind Stayed on Freedom) 1964 - Voice of the Civil Rts Mvmt

Snoop Dogg Bids to Bring Black Ownership to the NHL

Supermarket hit by Russian missile today. NSFW

Welcome to Florida. We can explain the state we're in (we think)


I'm not sure I'll every get used to calling Tomatoes - berries ..

San Francisco DA Releases Man Who Reportedly Killed Banko Brown, a Black Trans Activist

Tweet of the Day

Broke down and bought a car.

Fill in the blank: I won't be attending the coronation because I'm going to ________________.

The Devastating Impacts Of Gerrymandering Texas

Bud Light Sales Plunge 26% As Anti-Trans Backlash Ramps Up

Paul Gosar to share stage with members of party founded by Nazis: report


Cartoons 5/4/2023

Homelessness in Snohomish County at highest since 2012, count finds

Baby works hard at reading:

Red states racing toward authoritarianism

Administration Announces New Actions to Promote Responsible AI Innovation.

Ed Sheeran found not liable for copyright infringement in Marvin Gaye lawsuit

Covid was fourth leading cause of death in 2022, CDC data shows

Happy National 5/4 Day!

538 rates Scam Pollster, Rasmussen Reports, as a "B".

Michelle Obama Starts Food-and-Drinks Company

Trump Super PAC Powers Surge in Spending

4/5 on 5/4

Biden Races to Come Up with AI Plan

This helicopter pilot has some amazing skills.

Thousands of texts from Trump allies stay hidden in Arizona a year after judge's order on 'audit'

If I Had A Hammer- Peter, Paul & Mary - How I Got Over- Mahalia Jackson: March on Washington, 1963

happy star wars day

Ed Sheeran not liable in Marvin Gaye copyright battle, jury rules

Tarrio (Proud Boy) wasn't at the Capitol

Trump Defense Fights DA's Bid to Limit Access to Evidence

This is what I've been waiting for 💜

'80s rock anthem dropped as SF Pride's theme after singer's controversial tweet

The school Clarence Thomas sent a child to has been accused of forcing students into hard labor.

Pile on! Dad is barely hangin on, kid is stranded in Albuquerque, can't help either...

A billionaire donor gave $535,200 to Herschel Walker for his senate campaign, but it went to his per

So many worries. So little time.

Large Marge Upset About Pornhub

Watching Downton Abbey movie 2. (Spoilers)

In 2021 Canada designated the Proud Boys as a terrorist entity

Republicans Hype More Unsubstantiated Allegations Against Joe Biden

"Stand back and stand by"

King Charles' Coronation Shows Just How Out of Touch He Is

Skies are busy in Kyiv today.

Chairman Whitehouse: MAGA Republican Hostage Taking Is the Definition of Extremism

All those missiles Russia is launching at Kyiv -

Russian representative tried to disrespect the Ukrainian flag,Ukrainian rep intervened.

Trump revealed his sick plan in his announcement speech

What is this trick called?

Very unlikely drone attack on Kremlin is Ukrainian assassination attempt.

From DUer Bev54 ..... Great Work ... Here is what the verdicts look like on the Proud Boys

New York, California probing workplace discrimination at NFL

Biden admin says Alabama heath officials didn't address sewage system failures disproportionately af

Anyone having interesting local elections?

Elephant Runs To Be With Two Babies Who Call Her From Far Away

How deep does this go?

Bird with unusual face was rejected by his mom. But a human gave him another chance.

Education Sec's brother was training "Project Veritas" to infiltrate teacher unions

Does Clarence Thomas's reliance on Billionaires prove he's a horrible provider for his family?

CNN reporter on significance of 'rarely brought charge' in Proud Boys trial

As a result of this verdict today the Slobfather is further up

Saw the nutritionist today

Hillary used the right word; Deplorables

I need to sing.

-Why did the banana go to the doctor? --- It wasn't peeling well.

Tiny Chicken Learns To Walk By Wearing Boots

Ohio Sec. of State LaRose won't comment on election-denying financier of constitutional effort

This is interesting, what is behind this move?

GOP plan to advance 60% amendment in August looking wobbly after second hearing cancelled

OR: Senate grinds to halt as walkout enters its second day

Alabama House passes bill criminalizing assistance with absentee ballots

Re: Mango Menace's choice of rape trial lawyer

Bill adding abortion protections to Michigan's civil rights act heads to Whitmer's desk

Nothing happened today on Fox News happened again: the Hard Right is pissed about something else that's over.

Rick Reacts: Proud Boys GUILTY! - The Lincoln Project

Hundreds of pounds of cooked pasta mysteriously dumped in New Jersey woods

Nebraska Democrats expecting 2024 gains after strong showing in local races

Final Proud Boy seditious conspiracy verdict is in: Pezzola Not Guilty

Prime's Citadel was a nice surprise.

JACKSONVILLE MAYOR: Absent a debate opponent, Donna Deegan (D) meets the press

Four dead in killings in south Georgia town, coroner says

The many covers of Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind"

Just saw a De Santis for President commercial on HGTV

PA: Berks County: Who's Running For Office?

PA: Luzerne County: Who's Running For Office?

Intel chief says China and Russia will likely use a US debt default to portray Washington as chaotic

Brides in chains call on Michigan to end child marriage

Heads Up for Merrick Garland's Press Conference at 4.15ET

NYC judge signals he'll sign protective order against Trump, as former president's lawyers ask to mo

News & Commentary April 30, 2023

WI: Coln campaign: Announces campaign for Wisconsin Court of Appeals

Proud Boys - The Lincoln Project

Florida Passes Bill Allowing Trans Kids to Be Taken From Their Families

Apple Annie's Orchard loses fruit crop in cold front

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 4, 2023

Lauren Boebert hit with new campaign finance complaint for 'illegally spending $60,000'

TW (Rape). Explanation of No Screaming Or Yelling For Help

CNN: Trumps Seditious Army convicted of Seditious Conspiracy...pull the damn plug!??

Attorney General Merrick Garland Holds News Conference on Proud Boys Convictions

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about what happens if we default....

100% conviction rate? Thank you AG Garland!

AI is changing everything

Michael Fanone claims CNN declined to run op-ed critical of network for hosting Trump town hall

GOTV ain't enough

Ex-Democrat Florida gov nominee not guilty of lying to FBI

just wrote a letter to Senator Feinstein

Alex Jones Would Like You to Know He Was Brutally Pranked by a Guy Pretending to Be Tucker Carlson

Brazilian police search Jair Bolsonaro mansion and arrest aide

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 5 May 2023

About voting

We Need To Abolish The "Exonerative Tense" Of Headlines

Police: Over 50 firearms stolen from Newington gun shop, reward offered for suspects

BREAKING: St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is resigning from office.

breaking news: Judge gives Trump until Sunday night to make motion on testifying in rape case

Trump Interview with Steve Bannon Goes Bad Very Quickly! - Luke Beasley

PSLF + Mohela, Status?

4 dead after Georgia gunman kills relatives and McDonald's worker, then himself

Clarence Thomas should get out his checkbook and reimburse Harlan Crow

In case you missed it Pastafarians

Hear what led to a new round of subpoenas for Trump Org. employees - CNN

If Fox makes its money from cable license payments, why isn't CNN profitable?

Jury Acquits Andrew Gillum, Former DeSantis Rival, of Lying to the F.B.I.

This'll send chills down your spine, folks.

Matt Dowd on Wallace

Chicago-St. Louis trains begin 110-mph running

Kenneth Copeland

North Carolina advances veto-proof abortion ban to governor's desk

As Joe Tacopina Says Trump Will Not Testify Bid To Unseal Motions, Exhibits and Deposition

Why investigation into Proud Boys was one of the 'most complex' DOJ has ever taken on - CNN

When Your Allies Refer To You As "Cancer", Maybe They're Not Really Your Allies

I'm home now

Romney Laments That Democrats Didn't Raise The Debt Ceiling Themselves Before His Party Got Involved

Tucker Carlson Helped Broker The Deal That Got McCarthy The Speaker's Gavel

Alex Murdaugh admits lying about dogs causing former housekeeper's fatal fall

HelloFresh Recipe: Chicken Fajita Bowls

On this day, May 4, 1954, Pia Zadora was born.

Farewell from Frustrated Lady

Pre-dawn, + southern MD 5/4

The Orange Fascist Degenerate wants to "redo the Universities"

HelloFresh Recipe: Pub-Style Shepherd's Pie with Cheddar Mashed Potatoes

Video of Trump confusing E. Jean Carroll for his ex-wife Marla Maples shown during lawsuit trial

Goose on nest, hidden as usual.

Reposted: My Sonnet for TFG. As things progress there might be more.

Not Every Man Will Be As Dumb As Marcus Silva

Female ruby-throat seems to really like this little clip-on feeder

7th Circuit allows enforcement of Illinois' assault weapon and magazine bans for now

This meme is EXACTLY my experience with adulthood:

If CNN Insists On Holding A Town Hall For A Seditionist, The Least They Can Do Is Ask...


Out on sandbar

HelloFresh Recipe: Mediterranean Couscous (can be made with Salmon)

Republican Lawmaker Admits He Hates Gay People in Stunning Moment - Luke Beasley

Is there a link to the prank call to Alex Jones

Clear view of owl box, no owls or ospreys around.

Donald Trump seeks to move NY criminal case to federal court

Help kids stand up to bullies.

Renting and returning 10 books a day from my local library...

The U.S. warms to a role for China in resolving the Ukraine war

BREAKING: Trial of Trump Co-Conspirators Reaches STUNNING Conclusion - Meidas Touch

HelloFresh Recipe: Pork Sausage Rigatoni in a Cream Sauce

Attorney General Garland Delivers a Statement Following the Jury Verdict in the Proud Boys Trial - DOJ

Trump is everywhere.

Kim Gardner to resign as St. Louis circuit attorney, leaving a legacy of turmoil

Story of the $2.50 song

What month were you married in? I ask because June was the month for marriages. I was married

BREAKING: Arizona Supreme Court sanctions Kari Lake and her attorneys "

Liberal Redneck - The Problem with DeSantis

'The Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys are not going away' says Andrew Weissmann - Deadline - MSNBC

Justice Dept. Intensifying Efforts to Determine if Trump Hid Documents

Billionaire Offered Tuition to Send Ginni Thomas to Law School for Second Time

Napoleon XIV - They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha, Ha

Henry Thomas - Going Up the Country (1928)

First car stories

The Wire (HBO)

Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs -- Wooly Bully

Paul Revere and the Raiders - Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon

The Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday

Sen. Whitehouse Bashes Fossil-Fuel-Funded GOP Attacks on Solar Energy and American Workers

Judicial activist directed fees to Clarence Thomas's wife, urged 'no mention of Ginni'

Tracey Ullman - They Don't Know

313 Presents bringing back $25 all-in ticket deal for Concert Week

Leonard Leo directed fees to Clarence Thomas's wife, urged 'no mention of Ginni'

Why did Kids Stop Walking to School?

News & Commentary May 1, 2023

SDOT to expand No Turn on Red restrictions throughout Seattle

Guilty: MAGA militia faces prison after Trump said 'stand by': Melber report - The Beat - MSNBC

Sunset, southern MD 5/4