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ONE WEEK AGO: VP Harris began the amassing of necessary unity. NATO against Putin.

Can you see a reason to enter the war in Ukraine?

Tom Cotton?..........????

A 15 mile long convoy or Russian vehicles approaching Ukraine?

Finnish lawmakers to discuss potential NATO membership


Alexander Vindman in WaPo: How NATO and the West Can Up Their Game in Ukraine--Right Now

This is not Iowa nice: Scott County residents question lawmakers over transgender ban, voting rights

Can't the Ukrainians bomb the convoy headed towards Kyiv?

any TinyKittens fans here? They are receiving 6 cats that came from Afghanistan

(photos) The bizarre, literal isolation of Vladimir Putin

Jeopardy Regulars

What are your favorite anime opening/ending themes?

I am totally focused on the destruction of the Slobfather

BBC: Russian convoy 'stretches up to 40 miles'

DOD: In Ukraine, Every Lost Soul is on Putin 

for info: He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union,

Rachel Maddow 9pm ET. Guest will be Hillary Clinton

Favorite TV Commercials '70s onward...


Biden to Deny Executive Privilege for Flynn, Navarro

House passes bill making lynching a federal hate crime

Which countries are providing Ukraine aid?

Anybody thinking of taking in a family from Ukraine.

Why Vladimir Putin has already lost this war

In growing National Harbor, eyes are once again set on a future Metro station.

Crystal Blue Persuasion

If Kyiv is put under siege

The Consequence Of An Evil Intent Isn't Always What Is Desired

Ukrainian pilots arrive in Poland to pick up donated fighter jets

"Mom, I'm in Ukraine. There is a real war raging here. I am afraid."

My Money Is On NATO Going Into Ukraine

"Slavery by Another Name" is starting on MPT, channel 22.1, right now.

"Slavery by Another Name" is starting on MPT, channel 22.1, right now.

"Slavery by Another Name" is starting on MPT, channel 22.1, right now.

Top Trump Prosecutors Cited Stalled Investigation in Resignation Letters

Poor planning, low troop morale and a fierce Ukrainian resistance. Why Russia is getting bogged down

Republican from Texas fighting alongside the Russians and filming propaganda videos for them

Sarah Palin seeks new trial, judge's disqualification in NY Times case

A tiny kitten was found stuck in the mud under a pile of steel on a freezing day

sanctions are real

McCarthy criticizes GOP members who spoke at white nationalist conference: 'Unacceptable'

Ukrainians serving up drive-by cocktails

Estee Lauder ceo "my n***a" Snuffy done got 'rona at ch**** concert"

What does nuclear annihilation really mean? We asked these patrons in an Iowa diner their thoughts

Russian tank column outside Kyiv 'is 40 miles long' - report Satellite images taken on Monday show a

MLB negotiations remain stalled as Monday deadline looms

Manchin joins with Senate GOP to block bill guaranteeing abortion access

Right now TFG is experiencing extreme jealousy

Dick Durbin is now at the center of a Supreme Court confirmation fight. Allies say he's more than re

Grateful for little visiting bird.

Putin, like Trump has never lost anything in their lives.

Candace Owens Is Mad Girls Aren't Being Taught to Make Their Future Husbands Sandwiches

Othello the lounge lizard..

McCarthy Chastises Marjorie Taylor Greene

DeSantis is playing politics in order to deny Black voters and Democrats legal and constitutional di

Sherlock Theme Medley on Violin - Taryn Harbridge

Fact check: False claim about Ukraine, Clinton Foundation resurfaces amid Russian invasion

Ongoing Armed Conflicts around the world

Russian Military Convoy Is Now 40 Miles Long

Rick Scott's rogue plan to 'rescue' America has become a fundraising 'godsend' for Democrats as they

Stuart Rhodes putting his law degree to good use...

GOP lawsuit looks to throw out absentee voting in Arizona

Lawmaker to offer measure allowing Americans to seize jets, yachts of Russia billionaires

Black female WWII unit recognized with congressional honor

US officials fear the worst is yet to come for Kyiv

Seattle bakery closes, cites excessive crime

NBC News' Kristen Welker Plays Stupid Games, Gets Stupid Prizes

Ukraine's blue and yellow colors 'everywhere' as the world demonstrates solidarity

Aside from vodka, here's what the US imports from Russia [FULL LIST]

Have the Russkies actually had 4000 troops killed?

Putin Has 'Bad Options That Are Likely To Get Worse' Says Col. Vindman

Lauren Boebert calls the CROWN Act "the bad hair bill."

Congressional Black Caucus is doing response to the State of the Union

Native Americans are at the heart of Yellowstone. After 150 years, they are finally being heard

Are we as a country suppose to just let Putin commit genocide on the

Pat Robertson once again predicting the end times

Justices Alito, Thomas, Barrett, and Kavanaugh Signal Willingness to Expand 'Ministerial Exception'

I vote we send the U.S. trucker convoy to Ukraine to face off the Russian convoy heading to Kyev

The rightwing US supreme court has climate protection in its sights

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Opinion: Romney is right: MAGA Republicans are 'almost treasonous'

Zelensky Says his negotiation took place with shelling in

Microsoft detected 'destructive cyberattacks' against Ukraine hours before Russian invasion

This brave Ukrainian mother of three is worth listening to

How did thirteen little colonies defeat the most powerful military force in the world?

Thanks Grandmother, retired economist, making Molotov cocktails....just onCNN

The Police Problem - Bigger Than Racism

Trumpian sister posted this on Facebook!

Arizona GOP pushes bills to require voters prove citizenship

Olena Gnes, breastfeeding her child in a basement, while being interviewed by Anderson Cooper

US intel agencies are debating whether Putin has lost mental faculties or is bluffing to unnerve the

Russian President Vladimir Putin Accused of Taking Steroids That Cause Aggressiveness in Bodybuilder

I hate to say this, but to me it seems that Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are more agressive

Godfather of Vladimir Putin's daughter among latest names on EU sanctions list

Rachel is back!

Mama Zelenskyy ftw

Black female WWII unit recognized with congressional honor

Here's your daily reminder

Are Manchin and Romney Representative of Each Party's Base?

You don't see Putin leading the tank in front.

Australia to spend $70 million on ammunition, small missiles to help Ukraine fight against Russia

Microsoft, Sabey commit to greenhouse gas cuts under new federal program

Cherokee on a smartphone: Part of a drive to save a language

Sorting fact, disinformation after Russian attack on Ukraine

8 EU countries support Ukraine's call to fast-track membership talks

BP and Shell divest from Russian oil and gas.

Good to see HRC (on Maddow right now)

World Rugby confirms sporting sanctions for Russia and Belarus

Chef Jose Andres Feeds Ukrainian Refugees - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Americans, Canadians answer Ukraine call for foreign fighters

Texan trolling for Putin and making propaganda films

International News Channels

The element of surprise

Gosar going after.......fluoride

IL State Police threaten legal action for traffic disruptions

Can someone clue me in on the Azov fighter stuff?

Finland to support Ukraine with weapons and ammunition

Fmr. Advisor To Ukrainian President Zelenskyy: 'We Are Not Going To Give Up' - Deadline - MSNBC

How Vladimir Putin Miscalculated the Economic Cost of Invading Ukraine

Rep. Crow: 'Ukrainian People's Ability To Survive Onslaught Is Incredible' - Deadline - MSNBC

Proving, once again, that you can bonsai anything that can't run away from you.

I'm Wondering, What Is There To Negotiate?

Ukraine live cams don't appear to much happening at this time

Multiple people killed in shooting at Sacramento-area church, including 3 children under 15

Putin told the head of the Central Bank & his Economic advisor to fix the economy!

Puttie the war criminal using vacuum bombs...

Why not use what's left of aircraft and armed drones...

As Ruble Crashes, Top Biden Official Details Sanctions Plan From White House - The Beat - MSNBC

Top Republican humiliated on air as he fails to answer SIMPLE question - Brian Tyler Cohen

How long will it take before sanctions force Russia out of Ukraine?

CPAC: Days 3 and 4 in 135 Seconds - The Lincoln Project

Black female WWII unit recognized with congressional honor

Tucker Carlson PANICS, tries to rewrite history of pro-Putin statements - MeidasTouch

Jury Selection In First Jan. 6 Trial Begins - Deadline - MSNBC

Black female WWII unit recognized with congressional honor

Milwaukee assistant city attorney who backed Putin on Russia Today TV is fired.

Black female WWII unit recognized with congressional honor

i am about to delete safari. it keeps loading on its own when i didnt choose it as main b

Hillary Clinton: A State of Emergency for Democracy (The Atlantic)

'Unprecedented Global Consensus' Of Resistance To Putin

My two cents on Ukraine

Chris Hayes On 'Unprecedented Global Consensus' Of Resistance To Putin's Invasion - All In - MSNBC

Russian Oligarchs Are on the Run

1st Jan. 6 Insurrection Trial: US v. Guy Reffitt. What to Expect from the Prosecution, the Defense

Ukraine and Russia are still fighting for control of the skies 5 days into the war, US defense

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & Rep. Gosar Attend White Nationalist, Pro-Putin Event - All In - MSNBC

People ask why our gas prices will increase...

When I see those long, long lines of Russian military vehicles...

What's the deal breaker when purchasing online?

We aren't done with the evil crazy in USA....

New international arrivals facility at Sea-Tac Airport set to open this spring

Ladies and gentlemen... the Tucker Carlson back-peddle in 60 seconds

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Ain't Gonna Give Up On Love (live at the Orpheum, Mempis, 1986)

To freeze all Russian Crypto Accts .."would fly in the face of the reason why crypto exists"

Ukrainian forces need more weapons, ambassador warns senators

Dear Anti-Putin Russians And Ukrainians Time To Take The Fight To Moscow

President Zelenskyy has earned his Lakota name -- Akicita Was'te Ke -- "Warrior of Hope." Also, I embr

And then there are the real crazies....

This is unfortunately my biggest question...

Russia Is a Potemkin Superpower

Ted Cruz Wows CPAC Crowd with Lively Lib-Owns, Trump's Stolen Documents & America's Most Wanted Bear

Arrest Warrants For War Crimes For The Oligarchs Supporting And Protecting Putin

Tuesday's digit - 8/10: Sunny bump in temperatures to add some "spring" to your step. Matt, CWG

These two kids on CNN are heroes.


"Just leaving classified briefing on Ukraine crisis."

John Cleese ...and now for something completely different 😆👍😁

Putin Reportedly Believed Ukrainians Would Welcome Russians With Open Arms: Keir Simmons - The ReidOut

Oligarchy Countries 2022: World Population Review

Allow Ukraine into NATO....

Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al

Could Speaker Pelosi expel MTG?

Day seven, and they still have no idea I'm a bear.

Has anyone noticed a decrease in the # of internet trolls now that Russia's money is frozen?

Whatever happened to McCarthy's promise to form his own investigation of Jan 6?

The real reason...

Man kills his three children, one other person, himself at Sacramento, California, church

Trump Babbles About Russia's War on Ukraine & QAnon Claims Jimmy Kimmel Has Been Arrested & Cloned!

Australia has decided to provide Ukraine with $50 million in missiles, ammuniti

Putin sent the weakest of his army, new recruits on a day trip, so many Russian soldiers who entered

DC Trucker Protest Fizzles As Organizer Revises Permit Numbers Down To Below 500 People

Pentagon was convinced Army would be greeted with 'flowers on rifles'

Shades of Gray - Monkees

Can you imagine if Trump were in office now. NATO would be fractured all over the place

Blockade on Russia Central Bank Neutralizes Defense Against Sanctions, U.S. Says

Malcolm Nance: Zelensky Showed His True Character When Russia Invaded - The ReidOut - MSNBC


The Russian convoy in Ukraine- Ok DU let's hear your mischievous side

Gotta love Volodimir Zelensky playing "Hava Nagila" with his genitals?

Can the west accept defeat in Ukraine?

Banned Militias Are Sneaking Back on Facebook to Grift Off the DC Trucker Convoy

Putin's Nuclear Alert: Apparently based on a U.K. Defense Minister Speech shown on Russian TV.

70 fighter jets arrive in Poland from the E.U. union

Seth Meyers - Putin Rattles World with Nuclear Threat as Trump Calls Him Smart Again: A Closer Look

I liked this one

Marjorie Taylor Greene Plays Dumb - WSJ Editorial

I understand that NATO air strikes on the convoy would be an act of war...

Tucker can't understand why people say he supports Russia. Let's roll the tape...

Three steps to WW3

Who needs a drink? Presenting the Fuck Putin Shot

LockPickingLawyer: Is This Paperweight Better Than a Master Lock?

Ukrainian vs. Russian leadership ...

Russia's economy bleeds, as negotiations starts. Day 5.

Just saw this on Colbert's Late Show:

It took 10 years in Afghanistan for the Soviet Union to lose 15,000 soldiers

How to Pronounce Ukraine in Ukrainian? (Україна)

Marjorie Taylor Greene Defends Her Decision To Speak At White Nationalist Event - Ring of Fire

Russia's G-20 Participation Must Be Reviewed

The Bodies Are Not Going Back To Russia

The way its going

Biden Revises State Of The Union After Ukraine Invasion - The Last Word - MSNBC

Hillary's on Rachel tonight...

I wonder what the GOP fundraising will look like without Russian Rubles in 2022?

Subpoenas will ramp up Maine investigation into national conservative group (ALEC)

How are people keeping from panic?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about peace talks between Ukraine and Russia....

Make Col. Macgregor the face of treasonous trumpism in 435 House districts.

(Jewish Group) For many Jews watching Ukraine's war, Volodymyr Zelensky is a 'modern Maccabee'

Ukrainian Parliament MP On Her 61-Year-Old Dad Saying He'll 'Crawl' To Defend Kyiv - The ReidOut

Truth Social Users "Losing Interest" in Trump's Social Media App (Newsweek)

Time to call the bomb disposal unit...

(Jewish Group) Joe Biden attended a Zoom shiva for his childhood crush as Russia's Ukraine invasion

(Jewish Group) In Brooklyn's 'Little Odessa,' Jews from Ukraine and Russia find the war 'terrifying'

Hillary Clinton tells #Maddow that Russians need to stop Putin.

(Jewish Group) In Ukraine, a long history of Russian crimes against Jews

Hillary Clinton on "The Rachel Maddow Show" tonight

Great image re: Ukraine

Hillary on "The Rachel Maddow Show" (2/28/22)

Israeli organization launches fundraiser for LGBTQ+ Ukrainians

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump at CPAC....

Queer activists gather in NYC to support Ukraine -- Jewishly

The Daily Show: Russia Punished & Media Shocked By Invasion in "Relatively Civilized" Ukraine

Tweet of the Late Night:

Tweet of the early morning:

Three House Republicans vote against Emmett Till anti-lynching bill making lynching a hate crime

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Psaki, Hawley, energy, and national security....

Idaho Lt. Guv Triples Down on Racist Appeal as Home-State Backlash Mushrooms

the full Proud Boy - punches woman video

Florida Candidate Is No Stranger To Throwing Temper Tantrums

Russian sites hacked across country to show their war dead

UN Estimates Over 520K People Have Fled Ukraine

Thomas Friedman: Putin's Best Days Are Behind Him - The Last Word - MSNBC

Kyiv Holds As Ukrainians Erect Barricades

Trump Babbles About Russia's War on Ukraine

QAnon *knows* why Putin is invading Ukraine.......he's destroying Deep State Bioweapon Labs

Putin May Order Escalation Of Violence

Aeroflot plane ignores international flight bans, just landed in Slovakia.

Russia Punished & Media Shocked By Invasion in "Relatively Civilized" Ukraine

How U.S. Special Forces Can Fight Putin Without Starting World War III

Putin May Order Escalation Of Violence - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Florida Republican Introduces ALEC Bill to Protect Dark Money in Politics

1st Jan. 6 Insurrection Trial: US v. Guy Reffitt. What to Expect from the Prosecution, the Defense

Smetana's 'String Quartet No.1'

Marjorie Taylor Greene at a white nationalist conference? Probably Joe Biden's fault.

Midas Touch: Tucker Carlson PANICS, tries to rewrite history of pro-Putin statements

Kids with cancer in Ukraine shelter in hospital basements, hoping to evacuate

"There are moments in history when the great struggle between freedom&tyranny comes down to 1 fight

I Would Bet A Considerable Sum There Is Already A Bounty On Putin

Target aiming to entice workers with pay up to $24 per hour

Like hitler, putin's a madman. He failed with trump, and has nothing to lose.

Fiona Hill says we are already in WW III


REMINDER: Trump Removed Arms-to-Ukraine Plank From RNC 2016 Platform. Maybe It's Time For Congress

Grassley And Ernst Let Russian Gangster Off The Hook

Russia To Send Mobile Crematoriums To Ukraine To Conceal Evidence Of Casualties: Report

Morale Remains High In Kyiv Despite Concerns About Food Supply, Basic Needs - Rachel Maddow

Disney becomes the first major Hollywood studio to suspend all theatrical releases in Russia

"I think our society is run by insane people for insane objectives" John Lennon, 6 June 1968.

We don't need an all-out exchange of nuclear missiles to declare a winner

A Russian soldier to mother before he was killed

Hillary Clinton Hails Global Unity Against Putin's Threat To Democracy - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Another source of support for Ukraine: Direct Relief International

During the Cold War did the US trade with the Soviet Union?

convoy supporters are angry that it disbanded.

Disney, Warner Bros., Sony pausing film releases in Russia over Ukraine invasion

2021 Ukrainian 24 Hour Field Ration Review Pork Tushonka & Kasha MRE Meal

Steve Schmidt: Trump Slams Biden And Praises Putin At CPAC - The Last Word - MSNBC

This Time The Iron Curtain Will Be On Our Side

Breakfast Tuesday 1 March 2022

Refugees Fleeing Ukraine Facing Long Lines, Freezing Temperatures - MSNBC

Why can't planes be used to stop the long Russian convoy?

GRAPHIC: Russian missile strike in central Kharkiv

Why Sanctions May Be The West's Most Powerful Weapon Against Putin And His Oligarchs - Rachel Maddow

Reagan revisited

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/28/22

☦🌻💙🇺🇦💛🌻☮ Orthodoxy: Psalm 27:4 about David

Toyota to restart Japan production after cyberattack on supplier triggers 1-day halt

Tuesday A.M. Jazz - Great Relaxing Bossa Nova for Coffee Time

Questions remain about videotaped Mexico 'massacre

NYTimes Wordle 3/1

Is there a Russian General Milley ? Two articles worth a look...


How to visit Lake Titicaca's floating islands, an ancient engineering marvel

US man kills himself, three daughters, one other at California church

There's No Sugarcoating Hershey's Abuse of Workers and Union-Busting Tactics

Alex Walker on Boebert

Dave Ramsey Endorsed Timeshare Exit Team Closes Its Doors; Leaving Paying Customers High and Dry

International Criminal Court prosecutor plans to investigate potential war crimes in Ukraine

I'm enjoying watching the old Burns and Allen TV show this morning on the CW

Russia pummels Ukraine's No. 2 city and convoy nears Kyiv

Missing Arkansas man found dead with dog still alive by his side

Morning waiting on our one son 17 to get his hair right for a walk dog park

Gov. Asa Hutchinson calls for review of Arkansas's business contracts with Russia

Arkansas lawyer that stood up for civil rights may not be in history books, but will soon be on big

So... We got a new microwave a few weeks ago and it's really bothering me

BBC: Ukraine crisis: 'This place will always remain Ukraine'

Biden's Schedule for Monday, February 28, 2022

Biden's Schedule for Tuesday, March 1, 2022

These Three Republicans Voted Against Making Lynching a Hate Crime

rightwinger pretends he wants pic with Dem Governor to verbally attack

Happy 150th birthday to the nation's (and the world's) first National Park, Yellowstone!

Browder on Putin: When you believe your time is almost up, you start a war

Rapid escalation of Ukraine crisis fuels fear of confrontation between Russia and the West

Charlie D'Agata apologizes for his "poor choice of words"

Zelensky just spoke to the EU Parliament.

If everyone is allowed to be armed to the teeth,

I have a question about sanctions

Tuesday TOONs - Ukraine's Finest Hour

Zelensky's address to EU

Bette Midler on Putin

Wordle 255 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Chinese Egg Tarts

I'm a Former Russian TV Anchor. Fox News Mimics State TV.

How to make Matcha Green tea Ice Cream

Al Johnson -- Carnival.Time

NEXTA tweet: EU accelerating procedure to consider Ukraine's application to join

The Meters -- They Ask'd For You

European Union parliament has approved Ukraine's application; vote scheduled for 16:30

Professor Longhair -- Big Chief

Mass Walkout Of U.N. Meeting As Russian Foreign Minister Joins

UK Cmte On Climate Change Can't Say If New North Sea O&G Exploration Would Change Climate

Reuters: Top Photos of the Day, March 1, 2022

Pat Robertson: God is "compelling" Putin to bring on the End Times

Most Americans say the coronavirus is not yet under control and support restrictions

Munich mayor fires Munich Philharmonic conductor, a Russian (there since 2015), for supporting Putin

A clock for these times

Cardiologist Opens Up About His Own Heart Attack: 'I Went Through Denial'

Peace Rally for Ukraine in my town...

Justices Chug And Nonentity Seem To Favor WV Coal Case That Would Strip Fed Power To Take On Warming

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 2/23/22

Boomb Tube: The Week of Comic Book Television, 2/20/22-2/27/22

The Rundown: March 1, 2022

Breaking on Twitter: EU accepts Ukraine application

I have no problem with "Only God can judge Putin" as long as we understand it is

Fifth Circuit denies Navy a stay of a district court decision telling the SEALS they have to ...


Let Ukraine join the EU immediately! Today! Now!

great sarcasm on MTG

President Zelenskyy speech today 3/1 one minute video about undisguised terror:

Just wondering

Russia-Ukraine crisis has unleashed even higher gas prices

Charles M. Blow @CharlesMBlow: Our children will ask us how we let this happen.

It's March 1, so you know what THAT means: Happy St. David's Day!!!

Prominent conservative judge endorses Biden's Supreme Court nominee

European Parliament Accepts Ukraine's Application to Join EU, Work Remains

Joe Biden is doing a good job

You raised $210.00 on February 28, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund

On this day, March 1, 1810, Frederic Chopin was born.

Russia's War Against Ukraine ( Updates )

Ukrainian deaths are on putin's hands, his inner circle, fox bullshit news

Pandas! "Wondering how does this species survive in the wild.."

"F'd up" obit of a Capitol rioter

The Staple Singers - I'll Take You There

Russian missile bombs city center in Kharkiv

Marco Rubio to boycott State of the Union because it requires a Covid test: 'I don't have time' to t

Every damn relative, friend and associate of Putin and his supporters now in western countries

Would you be this brave:

An explanation on EU membership

Ukrainian Refugee Numbers Cross 600,000, Says UNHCR

Manhattan real estate owned by Russian oligarchs

Today's Image Dump (3/1/22)

Truck Convoy Deflation

All that military on the road to Ukraine...whose protecting the Russian cities? nt @MeidasTouch: Tucker Carlson just said "it's an awful thing" that people are saying

Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You (Top of the Pops, 1973)

Why the hell can't I get a good Jaffle maker in the U.S.? 🤬

Zelenskyy Addresses European Parliament As Russian Invasion Intensifies (MSNBC)

Russia says Meta, Google should be held accountable for 'inciting war' -Ifax

March 2017: Moscow on the Beach....Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings

Anyone else here have bad neighbors?


Grim days ahead. Resistance is not crumbling anywhere & that is going to make this war much grimmer

New York City to lift vaccination mandate for businesses, events

The Isolation of Putin

Does Tucker Carlson really think he's being clever by repeatedly calling AOC "Sandy"?

Kyle Griffin tweet -- surprised this hasn't happened before

Tass: Russian Defense Ministry warns about strikes being prepared on military sites in Kiev

Trump Supporter Thinks Russia's War Is Like JV Football - Rebel HQ

"He works in mysterious ways." . . . Please come CAPTION Pat Robertson!!!

Uriah Heep - The Wizard (your morning musical treat)

Jan. 6th insurrectionists have one big thing in common with Ukrainians:

GOP leaders denounce Greene, Gosar for speaking at white nationalist event

Australia: Stranded people and horses wait on the Court Street bridge at Woodburn as floodwaters ris

Russia is temporarily banning western companies from exiting Russian investments

Putin Reportedly Believed Ukrainians Would Welcome Russians With Open Arms

Happy First Day of Meteorological Spring!

UN admits refugees have faced racism at Ukraine borders

Shipping giants steer clear of Russia as Western net tightens

President Zelenskyy's full speech to the European Parliament

D.C. braces for possible protests around State of the Union address

Joe Biden is doing a GREAT job

Just ordered my yellow-blue lapel pin

About that Russian convoy

Historic times!!! Here are some pictures of true patriots fighting to save their country!

Putin takes aim at his enemies, and smacks himself in the face

The MAGA Trucker Convoy Is Mad Ukraine Is Getting All the Attention Right Now

'How Many Children Have To Die?': Ukraine Parliamentarian Pleads For Help Against Putin

The world uniting with Ukraine

European Court of Human Rights tells Russia to stop military attacks in Ukraine

"He is a crazy psycho that is now the number one terrorist in the world."

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about a Russian article from the future...

Avlon: Biden's State of the Union comes at a 'moment of high drama' (CNN)

Russian news is saying "Ukraine is hiding.....

Let's cheer on the trucker convoy!!! Don't let it fizzle!!!

Sorry for the "visuals" this may trigger, but it sure is great to have a POTUS who

Blinken condemns Russia for killing civilians in Ukraine

Amazing! The Statue of Liberty #StandswithUkraine

U.S. manufacturing activity regains speed in February; hiring slows - ISM

John Bolton pushes back on Newsmax host: "[Trump] barely knew where Ukraine was...It's just not accu

Joy Division - Singles 1978-80 (Full Vinyl 2LP 2011) Unofficial

"DFW Deplorables" Exposed: The Far Right Take Over of the TX GOP (Part 1)

"What the fuck are YOU gonna do about"?----Putin to the world leaders "warning" him

US-Ukraine friendship is being honored on overpasses in northern Virginia, this hour:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rips Kevin McCarthy's Criticism Of 'His Little KKK Caucus'

US-Ukraine friendship is being honored in Delaware at UDelaware with students

So we knew what putin was going to do ahead of time. What's plan B?

Russia just struck a TV tower. They released a statement saying they were going after communications

Russian military just blew up Kyiv media tower!

Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair

Happy Women's History Month / Respect

51% of Americans think US is in a recession or depression.

Russian propaganda piece accidentally published too early, yanked from internet but archived

UK Ministry of Defense Ukraine update:

Nick Drake is in my headphones as I edit a report

Kupiansk, Ukraine. Citizens take to the streets

DAMMIT,That's enuff with the stupid ass grooming

Some good news on Russian convoys:

jamie raskin tests positive for covid

Des Moines Bridgestone plant cancels shifts amid cyberattack

Video of Russian troops surrendering

Five vile things Trump did to Zelensky and Ukraine that you forgot about

WORDLE2 #83 3/1/22 and WORDLE2 #84 3/1/22

Table Genius

Want to bet every Democrat will be wearing something Blue and Gold tonite...

Federal judge upholds Georgia redistricting for 2022 elections

Ukraine hospitals could run out of oxygen in 24 hours, WHO warns

The Ruble Has Collapsed. Here's What It Means for Russia.

The Ukrainian Army just captured a Russian TOS-1A thermobaric MRL

Zelensky "This is the price of freedom" interpreter's voices cracks.

Stunning Tweet from Zelensky's official account.

Putin and Xi's evolving disinformation playbooks pose new threats

Tiny, Scared Kitten Becomes Perfect Birthday Surprise for 14-Year-Old Girl

bernie & starbucks & corporate greed (oh my!)

Russian Move On Kyiv Is Stalled - US has indications that some Russian Units have surrendered

Russians attack Babyn Yar Holocaust massacre site in Kyiv

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 1, 2022

From the BBC: Russian column near Kyiv hampered by breakdowns

Ukrainian pilots arrive in Poland to pick up donated fighter jets

Russians may have cut off links to insulin in Ukraine

Watching tennis on tennis channel and OMGOSH.....a female tennis player just walked out on

Russia tries to stop Western companies fleeing the country

The Dorsey/Toussaint cut "Yes We Can" is the perennial front runner for Funkiest Of All Time (FOAT).

EXCLUSIVE Ukraine's Zelenskiy tells Russia: stop bombing before ceasefire talks can start

It is clear, Putin has lost his mind. The Russian people must remove him before it's too late.

What is Fox Nooz saying about Belarus?

Kadyrov forces unit, which aimed to kill President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, eliminated: Ukrain

Sanders Urges Tax on Windfall Oil Profits as Companies Exploit Ukraine Crisis

'Keying our own car': Democrat hits out at Tlaib for State of the Union response

Despite high oil prices, people are scared to buy Russian oil.

Across the Desk - S5:E7 (The GOP Attack on LGBTQ Americans)

US and allies agree to release 60 million barrels of oil from their reserves as Russian invasion of

Who has given what to help Ukraine? - UK Defence Journal

Democrats, Republicans begin to rally around large Ukraine aid package

Russia may have the tanks but Ukrainians have the armchair generals!

we cut up russia's mastercard and the "trucker convoy" ran out of gas?

The Adam Project - Official Trailer - Netflix - 3/11/2022

Putin is turning the EU into a foreign policy superpower

Tracking Social Media Takedowns and Content Moderation During the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Primary Day in Texas Will Offer Preview of Midterm Battles Ahead

Can the West hold the line when the economic hardships hit it as a result of the Russian sanctions?

The Supreme Court could make it very easy for federal law enforcement to violate the Constitution

Tweet of the Day (Sanity Tweet)

Ukraine confirms arrival of Starlink satellite internet hardware after plea to Elon Musk

San Francisco's D.A. Says Angry Elites Want Him Out of Office

Trucker convoy in DC not going so well. 🤣

Chopin was born on this date.

Some of dis and Some of dat

Glenn Miller was born on this date.

When Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia, Nixon promised not to 'embarrass' LBJ

andrea creep on MSBC has trump enabler rubio on her show

Does anyone know if any promised new weapons have arrived in Ukraine?

Harry Belafonte was born on this date.

Not quite sure exactly when it occurred, but at a certain age I became a lot less

"DirecTV is dropping RT America, citing Russia's invasion of Ukraine"

Roger has a birthday today.

Is it time to charge fox news with treason and sedition?

Russians attack Babyn Yar Holocaust massacre site in Kyiv

So if you happen upon a russian APC and want to drive it away....

Tim Miller - RT: Go Fuck Yourself

60 million barrels of oil to be released from global strategic reserves amid war

How to play Wordle.

Potato farmers conquer a devastating worm--with paper made from bananas

How Elon Musk is helping the people of Ukraine with Starlink and Tesla

It's amazing how fast things escalated in 6 days.

If true this is a big deal: Chechen assassination team eliminated.

What if the US makes the Kremlin this offer: You give us Putin and we give you...

Russian news agency accidentally posts victory dance article

The U.S. did not double oil imports from Russia in the last year

Three Dem lawmakers test positive for COVID-19 ahead of SOTU

Live, from DC, it's the trucker convoy.

Ukranian Soldier Sends Message to Russian Invaders

I would like to ask a russian politician...

The Secret Service Spent Big Traveling With Trump Last Year

Seems putin has ignored funds for army training whilst depending on windows and poison.

140 million Americans have had coronavirus, CDC estimates

Dog clears traffic jam

NEW: Democrat Henry Yanez, and three-term Macomb County state lawmaker, announces campaign for...

Record rain causes Seattle-area mudslides, flooding, and road closures

U.S. construction spending surges in January on homebuilding

Observations from IT guy on Home Router port scan activity - Russian source

Emotions on guard for thee: Ukrainian, Canadian anthems to be sung at Jets-Canadiens NHL game

Five Vile Things Trump did to Zelensky and Ukraine (with full backing of the GOP)

anything on the EU vote yet? nt

Viatris Agrees to Settle EpiPen Antitrust Litigation for $264 Million

Tucker Carlson Slams Efforts at 'Censoring' Kremlin-Backed RT, Claims 'No Dissent Is Allowed'

Pentagon daily brief on Ukraine:

Corporate Media is slacking on Fact Checking Trump

When I was a kid I thought it would be cool to be able to read other peoples minds. Now that there's

Talia Lavin: The Battle of Kyiv - Russia's forward advance in Ukraine is a journey backward in time

Biden extends FEMA coronavirus aid for states through July 1

The Rolling Stones - Tumbling Dice (live)

Ukrainian black humor - Bayraktar Song

Daily touch of France - Tuesday edition - Faces and musicians.

Abandoned Cat Was Antisocial Until A Tiny Kitten Forced Him To Play With Her

Daily touch of France - Tuesday edition - Faces and musicians - In Photography

Documenting Equipment Losses During The 2022 Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

The Rolling Stones - All Down the Line (live in Texas, 1972)

Some countries wanted to stay neutral: How Russia's invasion has quickly reshaped Europe

TCM tonight:

Police PR Departments Keep Showing Their Asses

Led Zeppelin - How Many More Times (live Danmarks Radio 1969)

Pooty waves his nuclear peepee.

It seems that AT&T has eliminated the RussiaToday channel.

The European Parliament has now voted to give Ukraine candidate status in the EU.

Congresswoman DelBene tests positive for COVID-19

The Virginian Blockade

Paul McCartney's surprise appearance at Billy Joel's Last Day at Shea

Wild Cat Gets A Pittie Sister Who Can Keep Up With Him

Post your favorite "What's the difference between..." joke here.

Republicans are on the horns of a dilemma

A nice little song about the Turkish drone "Bayraktar".

Anti-abortion group targets Kelly in $1 million Arizona ad campaign

Two of Cuba's greatest guitarists to perform in Otley

Babyn Yar Synagogue by Manuel Herz Architects

Translated to inflation, what % inflation does the collapse of the ruble represent?

The Beatles live in Australia 1964 - yeah, these guys are pretty good.

EU considering asylum for some Russian soldiers: report

Russian assets went into freefall on Tuesday, plunging 50%

Is there a chance Ukraine wins? Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wes Clark answers.

Russia Warns Kyiv Residents to Leave Homes Ahead of Bombing Blitz

Texas officials have begun investigating parents of transgender adolescents for possible child abuse

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

Some Russian troops are surrendering to Ukrainian forces without a fight as morale drops

Charge this fucker with election interference

Three Republicans Voted Against Anti-Lynching Bill

Nord Stream 2 has filed for bankruptcy in Switzerland.

Hospital chief not interested in ivermectin debate with Kan. senator

Moscow Mitch: "There's no place in the Republican Party for white supremacists or anti-Semitism."

Middle Age Riot tweet on Marco Rubio:

JUST IN: Youngkin vetoes Arlington police auditor bill

China Ready to 'Play a Role' In Ukraine Ceasefire

missing in action, real news. media is all blabbering talking heads this morning...

Florida Rep. Ted Deutch joins exodus of retiring House Democrats

Ukraine's Ambassador to the U.S., Oksana Markarova, will be attending tonight's State of the Union

Russia's NHL hero Alex Ovechkin has a rare chance to hit Putin where it hurts

Tweet about Ukraine, with video of speech, from the President of the EU Commission

So Fox was playing on the TV

Mark Hamill being wonderful, as usual:

Rep. McGovern goes after McCarthy 👏👏👏

Everyone is invited to a Custom Car Show Circa 1991

Chris Christie Says What We're All Thinking Of Trump Calling Putin 'Savvy'

Walker Pulls Out of Marjorie Taylor Greene Event

Why does MSNBC destroy their afternoon ratings with Andria Mitchel and Chuck Toad?

Peter Frampton: Return of The Phenix

Q: Listed alphabetically, Henry Aaron is first on the MLB Hall of Fame roster. Which player is last?

Tipping; how are tips shared/split?

Partying All Night With the Anti-Woke Right at CPAC

Russian op-ed on Putin

Legislature, Congress must update cannabis rules

Trying to decide Pro-Putin or not? Here's a checklist to help with this tough choice (sarcasm)

Putin Popped

Ukraine Pushes to Unplug Russia from the Internet

Rep. Jim McGovern just nailed McCarthy on the House floor:

Pakistan sides w/RU. Agrees to buy 2 million tons of Wheat & Nat gas from Russia.

Cartoons 3/1/2022

Today on Russia Today:

Biden Speaks with Zelensky for 1/2 hour

Sleepless nights for Ukrainian immigrants in Snohomish County

When will you stop wearing mask ?

Only 10 showed up after predicting massive turnout for Trucker's Convoy to DC

Report: Immigrants have outsize impact on state's STEM workforce

Russian radio station taken off air over Ukraine coverage

We love our sweet cat on Friday she was almost 17

So here it is Election Day and we began the day with 20 voting centers without

John Bolton just stunned a Newsmax reporter by saying that Trump barely knew where Ukraine was

Ukraine official confirms urgent request for Western satellite data

That's The Difference

Biden's State of the Union Address to Highlight Economic Plans, Russia Sanctions

"They call us fascists, Mama, this is so hard."

Your Moment of Calm with Nikai the Wolf

Are we already in WWIII?

Lumen Field lit up in Ukranian colors

The Welsh designer whose 'TIME cover' fooled the internet

Judge Rules Against Montana Law Limiting Abortion Providers

Judge Rules Against Montana Law Limiting Abortion Providers

As the Tanks Rolled into Ukraine, So Did Malware. Then Microsoft Entered the War.

The International Court of Justice said Tuesday it would hold hearings on March 7 and 8 over the war

Russian-backed investment fund tied to influential U.S. corporate consulting firm Teneo

Is this the biggest military blunder since Hitler's Operation Barbarossa?

language question out of curiosity

More heavy shelling on Kharkiv this evening, once again it seems that Russia are using cluster

Molotov Cocktail Training In Zhymotor Region Ukraine

Why Is Our Eyesight Getting Worse?

Ukrainian Pravda leaks apparent personal data of 120,000 Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine

Twitter suspends US Senate candidate for hateful conduct

"Genius and savvy": A phrase used to describe something that is not "genius" nor "savvy"

"White Kid Sings The Blues In Guitar Shop Like It's Nobody's Business!"

"White Kid Sings The Blues In Guitar Shop Like It's Nobody's Business!"

Ukrainian journalist confronts Boris Johnson: 'NATO is afraid of World War III, but it is already

SWIFT Responds to Putin

Really SALON?! Chris Hedges?

Joyce White Vance tweet on what Putin's accomplished so far

Turkey's Erdogan calls for immediate Ukraine-Russia ceasefire, supports NATO enlargement

Putin's War and Biden's Presidency

Turkey rejected Uyghur citizenship applications over "national security" risks

Just finished recording to CD a shitload of vinyl a guy has...

Russia's Fridman and Aven to contest 'spurious' EU sanctions

Today's Image Dump (3/1/22) Part 2

A penny is worth more than a ruble.

Marine Le Pen's party getting rid of more than 1M copies of election pamphlet showing her with Putin

Putin's war in Ukraine underscores the necessity of supporting democracies everywhere

How does one buy foreign currency?

I need to start reading things twice.

Former Russian foreign minister calls on Russian diplomats to resign

Premiers of Baltic states & Poland call on U.S. social-media giants to stem flow of Russian disinfo

Here's A Transcript of A Russian Soldiers Last Text Messages To His Mother

New NLAWs and Javelins in Ukrainian hands

Covid-19 is killing more people now than during most of the pandemic. Here's who's still at risk

The Feline version of a bunk bed

If, for any reason, Vladimir Putin were to die suddenly,

Canada will ban Russian-owned or registered ships from Canadian waters and ports

Mexico declines to impose economic sanctions on Russia

Operator of Nord Stream 2 files for bankruptcy and fires all employees

We Were Warned - The Lincoln Project

Ukraine Ambassador to Attend State of the Union

The mysterious lack of engagement of the Russian Air Force

My opinion: Putin WAS NOT baited into starting this war.

Treatment resistant depression

Tweet of the Afternoon:

Yemen in focus

Asteroid No Longer Predicted to Hit Earth

Donald Trump Brigade

Breaking MSNBC: New Subpoenas from J6 Committee: Cleta Mitchell & 5 others

Trump made a ZOOM call to legislators

I wonder if the EU will gift Ukraine several dozen Exocet Anti-Ship Missiles. nt

"Does anybody have a clue who I am?" unknown Ca. Republican congressional candidate yells to crowd

FOX News decided that it could praise Zelenskyy and Trump and criticize Biden at the same time...

Russia banned from international ice skating events after Ukraine invasion

If you know or see someone wearing this T-shirt

The Internet lives forever Elise Stefanik

Seen on Kyiv news thread

DirectTV pulled RT off the air

Jill Biden has a special guest tonight.

Not so big rally. LOL.

Tonight behind President Biden will be Vice President Harris and Speaker Pelosi

Just voted for Beto!!!

(Jewish Group) Russia strikes Babyn Yar Holocaust memorial site in Ukraine

Niecy Nash & wife Jessica Betts are the first same-sex couple on the cover of Essence

Niecy Nash & wife Jessica Betts are the first same-sex couple on the cover of Essence

Not this year

What Trump actually did to Ukraine (Tweet):

Vandals ransacked Ukraine LGBTQ center and savagely bit one of its workers

Map: Suspected War Crimes in Ukraine (Amnesty International)

Chechen leader behind gay torture & execution campaign killed in Ukraine

Ukrainian LGBTQ activists fought & captured a group of Russian soldiers

Ukrainian LGBTQ activists fought & captured a group of Russian soldiers

Dr Strangelove

On the creek behind my house

'Multiple' Jan. 6 calls between Trump and lawyer on Texas election lawsuit, panel reveals

AZ Anti-Semite Wendy Rogers being censured now

Can Trump survive without $ from Russian oligarchs?

Auditor: Iowa Gov. Reynolds must return $450K in COVID funds

Unarmed people in Ukraine attempting to stop Russian vehicles with their bodies

Rep. Tlaib: 'It's simple: I'm giving a speech about supporting Pres Biden and his agenda'

Putin's Biggest Problem

Jan 6 committee issues new subpoenas, including Cleta Mitchell

The Scorched Earth Politics In The Texas House Republican Primaries

Nigerian Govt to Start Repatriations from Ukraine's Neighbours

Michigan state Rep. Steve Carra's latest door message weighs in on international relations:

As Tanks Rolled Into Ukraine, So Did Malware. Then Microsoft Entered the War.

Chechen fighting unit sent to kill Zelensky---eliminated!

SWIFT Responds to Putin

Ukraine Ambassador to Attend State of the Union

Apple has confirmed that it has paused all product sales in Russia in response to Russia's attack on

EU Considering Asylum And Refugee Status to [RA] Soldiers Who Haven't Committed War Crimes

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 1, 2022

Six of Donald Trump's lawyers subpoenaed by Capitol attack panel

Herschel Walker pulls out of Greene event after her speech at white nationalist conference

MTG to Deliver America First Response to the SOTU

Sacramento church shooting leaves 5 dead, including 3 children

Coming up on CNN: Full interview with Zelensky.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Ukrainian Citizens Are Taking It Upon Themselves To Capture Russian Military Vehicles

Milwaukee assistant city attorney who backed Putin in Russian TV appearance fired

A truly evil f__k - Father kills 4, including his 3 daughters, before shooting himself at Sacramento

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 2: 31 Days of Oscar: 1950s Winners

Gableman makes a total Trump-loving ass of himself...

TCM tomorrow:

Oh great. We have some Putin sympathizers acting out. Actually that is what they mostly do.

Paraguay capital choked by colossal smog cloud from Argentina wildfires

As the Russian Army's morale plummets..

Please. Make it so.

Apple to stop selling products in Russia

Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas 6 Attorneys Who Allegedly Promoted Election Fraud Claims

Pro-Trump trucker protest organizer dismayed only 10 showed up after predicting massive turnout

I just tried contacting Verizon Communications about dropping Russia Today

Just heard something on NPR, but didn't quite get it all.

I am seriously considering going to Ukraine to fight

Nevada governor and his wife accosted at restaurant by men shouting 'racist threats'

What Happened When Oakland Tried to Make Police Pay for Misconduct Decades Ago

Putin's missiles just struck the Babyn Yar Holocaust memorial in Kyiv

Republicans have a "deep bench" of pricks

Colombian Front-Runner Says He'll Declare Emergency if Elected

The Russian People May Be Starting to Think Putin Is Insane

📺 Colbert Late Show LIVE Tonight - Sen. Sanders

Do Democrats have anyone remotely as insane and obnoxious as the dozens of Republicans like that?

Fake Donation Sites Are Surfacing Amid Ukraine Crisis, Experts Warn

Ukrainians stopping the onward advance of a Russian convoy and chanting "Occupants!" and "Murderers!

Ukrainian activist confronts Boris Johnson over West's failure to do more

Not surprisingly... Bitcoin is up 16% in the last week. Coincidence?

I really hope at the STOTU tonight, when President Biden talks about Ukraine, he lays the blame

Funny meme images about Putin and Republicans

Biden is not a strong (man) leader

Republicans skipping the State of the Union address should have come up with a better lie

MLB cancels opening day after sides fail to end lockout

Ukraine's Secret Weapon Against Russia: Turkish Drones

my republican neighbor...


Russian forces are communicating without digital mode, making them fully audible by everyone

First Ukrainian anti-tank dancing video. Mixing old anti-tank weapons with the new.

African nations condemn reports of racism against students at Ukrainian border


Feeding the Bear: A Closer Look at Russian Army Logistics and the Fait Accompli

Mexico sees 2nd major win for independent unions

Mexico sees 2nd major win for independent unions

International Court of Justice to start hearings on Russian invasion of Ukraine NEXT WEEK

Ukraine is teaching the world how to do psy-ops.

The Ukrainian Army just captured a Russian TOS-1A thermobaric MRL.

Arizona Republican who backs white nationalism is censured

Attack On Europe: Documenting Equipment Losses During The 2022 Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

Anyone here ever take on a condo association?

Speaker Pelosi: Putin Is 'Afraid Of A Democracy On His Doorstep, Which Ukraine Proposes' - MSNBC

Crow - Cottage Cheese (come and get some for dinner)

My 'state of the union'

I won't EVER forget Trump, the GOP, and Fox News defended Putin before this invasion.

This is one way to deal with a thug

Arizona Republican Posted Anti-Semitic Photoshop Before Speaking at White Nationalist Event

☮🌻💙🇺🇦💛🌻☮ Latest attack. More citizens killed. Destruction.

Sunset, southern MD

Dr. Ironfist

Ukraine invasion: Russian foreign policy advisor 'depressed' by Kremlin's actions

Opinion: Five vile things Trump did to Zelensky and Ukraine that you forgot about - Washington Post

John Eastman, Trump's lawyer on overturning election, under investigation by California Bar

The differences between Russian and Ukrainian languages...

We can't lose the House in November.

Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin Tests Positive for COVID-19

WATCH LIVE: President Joe Biden's 2022 State of the Union address - PBS NewsHour Special Coverage

NEW: Zelensky assassination plot foiled, Ukrainian authorities say

Boeing: We have suspended parts, maintenance and technical support services for Russian airlines


Putin "Is Going to Unleash Holy Hell" in Civilian Areas, Says William Cohen Amanpour and Company

An assassination attempt on Zekenskyy has failed- these are all tweets

So, how does it end for Putin, round #2?

CNN tv screen is showing the DOW UNCH. LOL

Putin's War is Going Badly: 3 Reasons Why - TLDR News

Awesome Politics Girl:

Russian progress on Kyiv has 'stalled' with units 'surrendering without a fight', US official says

Massive cargo ship carrying cars sinks in mid-Atlantic

Cawthorn & Rosedale introduce bills to ban aid to Ukraine until Mexico border is secured

Seems Trump calling Putin's military moves on Ukraine "brilliant" is a ready made TV ad for Biden

WATCH LIVE: 2022 State Of The Union Address - The Choice/MSNBC on Peacock

Russian military convoy, up to 800 vehicles, destroyed near Bashtanka.

CNN or MSNBC, which is best for watching the SOTU Address. I hate a lot of talking, chatting among

Atheist Do The Right Thing Because ...

Let's Recall What Exactly Paul Manafort and Rudy Giuliani Were Doing in Ukraine (ProPublica)

Rep. Himes Says Putin's Assault On Ukraine Will Lead To More Devastation - Deadline - MSNBC

Ukraine Invasion: An analysis of Russian troops on the ground

Dear UN: Please send silver iodide generators.

Karen Throws A Fit Over BLM Merchandise

Maybe I've read and watched too much about the rise of Hitler

So P* is sending death squads...

Trump Gets Slammed After Trying To Take Credit For NATO - Ring of Fire