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Archives: October 31, 2016

Huge "Hillary for Prison" banner behind commentators at World Series. WTF!

Please correct me if I'm wrong regarding how the emails got onto Weiner's laptop:

FBI discovered Clinton-related emails weeks ago

An "interesting" twitter thread

Tom Fuentes Ex-Assistant Director of FBI says there is nothing Hillary can do

Justice Department Obtains Warrant to Review Clinton Aide’s Emails

Has anyone heard from SheilaT?

Why Donald Trump’s fundraising efforts fell short in Texas

Koch brothers mournfully scale back operations; now they'll only spend $750 million

African mom's don't play! If you love yourself, you better vote for her candidate 😂

Trump, skeptical of mail-in balloting, encourages voting more than once if necessary

If Harry Reid is correct and Comey is selectively concealing information on tRump and exposing info

What do you know about

Reid: Comey may have violated federal law

"Don't Go." Obama Tribute

Man dressed as Freddy Krueger shoots 5 people at Halloween party

Questionnaire for the MSM

SATIRE: Christian Man Kicked Off Airplane For Harassing Praying Islamic American

From Fox News of all places: Comey knew about emails on Weiner laptop prior to last week

Trump cannot accept a black President and LOSING TO a female President... so it must be rigged!

So it's politically inconvenient to fire Comey right now.

El Salvador ex-President Saca arrested on fraud allegations

If you have twitter please retweet this tweet of mine. A few folks have retweeted already

Per WP: Trump pushing into WI, MI, and NM in a desperate gambit to turn them red.

The Science Behind Our Fear Of Clowns

Brian Beutler: "The impunity pro-Trump FBI agents feel liberated to operate with is a fun little

Help Build a Wall to Keep Out Trump - AFL-CIO

Pro-Russian candidate leads in Moldova presidential election

‘All he had to do was shut up’: Mark Cuban squashes Fox host whining over ‘negative’ Trump coverage

***CBS/yougov Colorado early vote results HRC 55 trump 38 ***

Paul Manafort tricked Trump into switching from Christie to Pence by faking airplane malfunction

Anyone else find it odd...

FAA Says North Dakota Cops Commited Felony by Shooting Down DAPL Protester Drones

At the very least, Comey should be made to point out that Trump is misrepresenting what he wrote.

We do not need a last minute dump on Trump, or any other election unicorn...

Cop’s Wife Accused of Staging Robbery She Blamed on Black Lives Matter

PBS news hour just said Comey sitting on "explosive" information re connection between Dumpster, Poo

How Clinton Plans to Deal with Comey’s October Surprise

The Speech

Kansas GOP Highlights ISIS In Legislative Races

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 31 October 2016

Pat Robertson: Gays Will Force Christians To Like Anal Sex And, Eventually, Polyamory And Bestiality

A Strategy to Stop the Funding Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline

Clinton Campaign Asks Ex-Prosecutors to Criticize FBI Director James Comey

Police Cadet Turns in Cop for Turning Body Cam Off Just Before Pummeling his Victim

I cannot stand Mike Pence. He is the textbook definition of passive aggressive

Possible connection between emails and Eric Garner investigations?

I wish Hillary would call out Trump on the assualt charges in a speech

This is real. Not a parody video.

At the @UWBadgers game and there is a man with a mask of President Obama and a noose. This is racis

Vladimir Putin’s Campaign to Seduce, Subvert and Screw Over Western Democracies—Including Ours

If you all aren't home yet, get home! The Clowns are purging tonight

Could it be as simple as Outlook?

We have a nominee for POTUS who is going to court being accused of raping a child. THINK ABOUT IT

Morning Musume English Lesson (subbed)

The Harry Reid you may not be aware of.

Voters with no religion hold power to sway direction of country

What Donald is really hiding underneath that combover

Kellyanne Conway Gets ROASTED On NBC After Lying About The FBI Email Letter

Further proof that home-buying is increasingly for the wealthy

FAA Says North Dakota Cops Commited Felony by Shooting Down DAPL Protester Drones

Grandma! You're not supposed to swear!

Is anyone paying attention to the lunacy going on in South Korea?

'He appears not to understand basic military activities': Experts blast Trump for his comments on Mo

Yes, The Religious Right Warns Witchcraft Could Decide This Election

Despite all this uproar over Comey's letter

Mississippi Is Sick Of Censorship, Will Allow Cops To Display “In God We Trust” Stickers

Update on Comey Comments on Clinton's Aide's Ex-Husband's Emails: The Trump-Putin Connection

My daughter just warned me

The Daily Trump: Filling a Time Capsule

Listening to The Stones' "Gimme Shelter" while reading Election coverage. A bad mix.

Huma only printed emails for Hillary at work not from her home

Halloween-ish shot from Salvation Mtn at Slab City....

Early voting data on NC and FLA?

ABC News: Former fed prosecutors and high DOJ officials pen critical letter to Comey.

Polls Show Clinton Support Slipped After FBI Letter

Paid Speeches? Would anybody like to say just WHO all has been paid for speeches?

The Dangers of Donald Trump

Trump will cause WWIII

Is It Possible GOP & Or Trump Have Been Conspiring With FBI & Comey?

A little something to calm our nerves.


Rep. Elijah Cummings: I'll be live on @NewDay tomorrow 7:15am to discuss @FBI Director

It's so embarrassing for Colorado that the whole world

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Democrats traveling to swing states to help GOTV!!

Trump supporters bring dogs to early voting places in Cincinnati

October Surprise might the best November Surprise for the Democrats!

Meet the Trumpkins: ‘Mainstream’ Republican Senators Who Sound a Lot Like Their Presidential Nominee

Students from Alabama coming to Tallahassee to help knock doors for Hillary

"Deeply Disturbing": A must read.

The Muscovite Candidate

EXPLOSIVE New Info – FBI Director Comey ADMITS He’s Helping Donald Trump And The GOP

NBC News - "Newfound Emails Unlikely to Trigger Clinton Charges: Experts"

*Look*!1 Latinos loving Hillary - AND vice versa!1 Who says she's not "relateable"?!1

Does the use of the word "trove" bother anyone else?


I won't contribute to NPR again

Idaho Sen. Crapo’s DUI report provides new details on 2012 arrest

Jose Fernandez had cocaine, alcohol in system during fatal boat crash

Idaho Democrats allege in complaint GOP broke campaign laws

Dozens Of Former Federal Prosecutors Sign Open Letter Criticizing James Comey

CNN: DOJ has obtained warrant to search Weiner computer

Could Even Evan McMullin be the next president?

Wow this is literally how fascism takes root

Anyone catch 60 Minutes cannabis hit piece tonight?

Raw Story: Election 2016 is tearing some men and women’s relationships apart

Idaho insurers say stay in network or pay 6 figures

Leonard Pitts: "I don't want the Republican Party defeated next week.

My tiny brain finally grasps what likely happened.

Heather Scott denies Dems’ claims of harassment

So, if trump wins and then gets sued, goes on trial for fraud, rape, etc;, and gets impeached,

Angela Davis: Voters “have one river to cross next month,” and that’s stopping Donald Trump.

Kurt Eichenwald on twitter

A Little-Noticed Fact About Trade: It’s No Longer Rising

Eric Holder and 100 other former Justice officials sign letter blasting Comey’s ‘breach of protocol’

Today is my 70th.birthday

ACLU: Know your rights -- What to do when faced with voter intimidation

Why isn't Comey and the Hatch Act getting more attention

An income tax in Washington state? Voters in Olympia are thinking about it

Nevada’s Early Vote Numbers Have Hillary Clinton Supporters Thrilled

Ever been to a fundie haunted house?

The KKK....

Filing of Tukwila police dog’s teeth fails to prevent bite-injury lawsuit

Rep. Cummings Questions FBI Director Comey

Telling Poor, Smart Kids That All It Takes Is Hard Work to Be as Successful as Their Wealthy Peers

Well, that was a nail-biter.

This. Cannot. Be. Happening.

You trust Hillary to run the country, yes?

Freedom Foundation violating campaign-disclosure rules, state Attorney General’s Office says

Funniest Memes Reacting to Hillary's Email Saga

Know any Trump supporters? There's hope they can live a normal life after the election!

November baseball?!

Weiner is such a dick.

Time to announce the winner of the 10th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Here's what Harry Reid REALLY just wrote about Trump and Putin. (It will make you feel better)

Anyone have info on early vote so far

Trumps in Trouble. Let's review what we learned today, kids...

Here, kitty, kitty: Gig Harbor family finds missing African cat

If Trumpistas start violence, what recourse do we have under the National Emergencies Act?

What would have to be in Clinton's emails before you would consider voting for Trump?

Satanic leader: After-school clubs send positive message

NY Times Opinion on Comey's Abuse of Power...and on Trump-Russia

The BFEE is still holding on to something on Trump

I'm beginning to think Trump might be right and this will be bigger than WaterGate

Black Lives Matter Protesters Burn Bundy Supporter's American Flag in Front of Portland Justice ...

Portland Could Pass Law Requiring Landlords to Pay Moving Costs After a "No Cause" Eviction

#NVGOTV in Nevada (NV) 8TH day. Dems lead by > 34,000 EV, 44% to 36%

Lawyers in Public Employees Retirement System reform case awarded $940,000 in fees

Old Salem State Hospital building to become affordable housing

Gov. Kate Brown, Paul Evans rallies for gun legislation with Moms Demand Action

San Francisco Tattoo Shop Owner Harassed After Being Mistakenly ID’d as Trump Supporter

The costs of Comey’s appeasement

GovGuam office rent nearly doubles to $14M in a decade

Machine that will move a tree

So, has anyone heard more about the promised Newsweek cover story…

PUC approves new power plants for Guam Power Authority

Some positive news to help us all sleep well tonight

Teach your young ones that his real name is DARTH TRUMP

Why it’s a bad idea to explain how you’d cheat the election system, especially if you’re CO’s SoS

Colorado Republicans join Trump in leveling disproven allegation of “widespread” election fraud

University of Northern Colorado students lead protest outside Trump rally

Hillary Clinton's campaign machine getting the job done in Nevada

Chelsea Clinton to campaign in Aurora on Tuesday and Boulder on Wednesday

Hillary still should get over 300 EV's, however, since I don't have a working crystal ball...

Clinton’s fearlessness is a beacon for her supporters

SRN news led with Harry Reid's comments about Comey having explosive details about Trump & Russia.

What #NoDAPL is really about

Traditional Japanese Modern Music (Wagakki Band) Lead Singer: Yuko Suzuhana

Donald Trump says losing to Evan McMullin in Utah would be ‘devasating,’ likely cost him election

More Utah students may get access to breakfast in the classroom

The end is near for the Republican party


Nevada Supreme Court ruling on minimum wages mixed

Biden in Reno: Trump is 'least-qualified nominee' in history

Elizabeth Warren to campaign Wednesday in Northern Nevada

Vandals egg Donald Trump’s headquarters in Las Vegas

Japanese Ice Cream Flavor Challenge ★ ONLY in JAPAN #34

Democratic lawmakers plan agreement on jobs with Las Vegas stadium officials

In Las Vegas speech, Biden warns of GOP’s threat to unions

The "Liberal Redneck" begs his listeners: Do.Not.Vote.For.Trump.

Poll observers are needed in Lee County, North Carolina ASAP

Street Food Japan - A Taste of Delicious Japanese Cuisine Compilation

Defies Reason

Daily Holidays October 31

Video of Donald Trump rape accuser going for $1 million

🐦 Nov 1, 2016 12:00PM - Bernie Sanders Plymouth, NH Rally

Chinese Street Food, Asian Street Food, Fast Food Street in Asia #137

🐦 Nov 1, 2016 2:30PM - Bernie Sanders Hanover, NH Rally

🐦 Nov 1, 2016 6:30PM - Bernie Sanders Portland, ME Rally

Controversial Arizona law to defund Planned Parenthood put on hold

Will Arizona Republicans' 'outrageous' election mailers backfire?

Tim Kaine to rally Hillary Clinton supporters in Tucson on Thursday

Arizona Democrats want ballots cast in wrong precincts counted

NYT: Early turnout tilts toward Democrats in swing states.

Fake News

Banana Republicans monkey around with emails : FBI Violations of Fourth Amendment -- Again

Riding high in the U.S. Senate race, Kamala Harris pushes to help down-ballot Democrats

Shit let's just Comey a Russian spy or plant?

Canada keeps signing free trade deals, and few people seem to mind

"...Woman Smarter"

After $38-million deal collapsed, L.A. Co. secretly launched public corruption probe of retired CEO

In California state government, women earn 80 cents on the dollar compared to men

Canada keeps signing free trade deals, and few people seem to mind

BART cops arrest man suspected of molesting boy with Down syndrome

Aiming for a supermajority in California Legislature, Democrats play the Trump card

California companies get billions in tax breaks -- especially aerospace, entertainment, media

Sen. Reid's Amazing Letter to Comey: "Double standard established by your actions is clear"

This may seem crazy but Just before inauguration, President Obama needs to absolve

Federal employees behind in pay by 34 percent on average, salary council says

Darrell Issa, in a once-safe Republican seat, finds himself on the ropes

Best way to demand release of FBI's "explosive info" about Trump-Putin ties?


Do Some Benefits For State Retirees Still Make Sense?

State Seeks Big Hike in Harbor Fees

Could Dakota Access Pipeline Owners Be Legally Liable for Human Rights Abuses?

Mika is a freakin IDIOT

Trump now openly telling supporters to vote multiple times.

Hundreds of American kids are suddenly paralyzed, and doctors don’t know why


Why the Trump movement never really took off in red-state Alaska

How do we demand an investigation of the FBI?

Barrow's new name is its old one, Utqiaġvik. Local Iñupiaq leaders hope its use heals as it teaches.

Here is the Newsweek story we have been waiting for

Donald Trump's Companies Destroyed Emails in Defiance of Court Orders

Despite objections from mushers, Iditarod will allow phones for 2017 race

Wow! What a way to wake up on Halloween!

2015 - Bernie Sanders Goes Trick-or-Treating

***Morning Consult National Poll Clinton +3***

Trump surrogates everywhere

Fairbanks police officer injured in shooting dies after surgery complications

Troll should have exited her Assembly seat graciously

Eichenwald: Trump's Companies Destroyed Emails in Defiance of Court Orders

Poll: Comey’s bombshell changes few votes

Bernie Sanders Movie Cameo "Sweet Hearts Dance" (1988)

The last 3 days of non-stop headlines & coverage proves error of Comey's actions

Chris Cilliza: With eight days before presidential election, a barometer of where things stand

Halloween Themed Bernie Sanders Speed-Painting

POLL: Meme of the Month – October 2016

After The Election Will We Be Having 'Brunch With Bernie' Again On The .....

$13 billion road and bridge backlog big part of upcoming debate

I ask every so often: Where is Melania's Spechwriter? (Not FLOTUS, but who they said wrote for her)

Watching Chris Cuomo

Early Turnout Tilts Toward Democrats in Swing States

Cleveland, Ohio: ‘Souls to the Polls’ campaign brings big turnout for early voting

Trump's campaign manager just stated on CBS Morning show that

Nevada’s Early Vote Numbers Have Hillary Clinton Supporters Thrilled

Nueces County (Corpus Christi, TX): 42,000 cast ballots in first week of early voting

All the People, Places, and Things Trump Has Insulted On Twitter

We all know Comey is a partisan hack but our raison d'etre is electing Hillary Clinton.

Nevada's early vote numbers has Hillary Clinton supporters thrilled.

HRC is sending Elizabeth Warren to Nevada--Trump is sending...Jeff Sessions

Check out today's Halloween Doodle: Magic Cat Academy game (super cute)!

Millions more voters legalizing marijuana won’t clear up regulatory haze

Morning Joe

Ralston Report (Nevada): Dems add 2,800 to Clark lead on Sunday--Firewall now 47,000

Thank you Bill Weld

Wow - William Weld - Comey's statements "Disgraceful"

Enlighten me - What are these emails supposed to contain

The laptop and emails we should be looking at are FBI director Comeys. It might be informative

(R)asmussen: Hillary 45(+0), Trump 42(-3)

Trump’s history of corruption is mind-boggling. So why is Clinton supposedly the corrupt one?

Someone explain to me why...

Donald Trump: The Surgeon

I would put the nuclear switch in the hands of the Family Guy before Donald Trump

Good marriage advice from a fictional source.

After this election, will you treat your friends - who supported Trump - any differently?

Nothing Matters Now But Getting Out The Vote

boy, the FBI can move fast when they are trying to destroy a political enemy.

Bill Moyers: What’s Behind the Hillary Hatred Syndrome? (update)

Someone just trolled the Bundy militia’s acquittal with this hilarious Craigslist post

Hillary still 6 points ahead on the Huff Post 3-way aggregate of polls.

How does this email "thingy" work?

NYT early vote article - Hispanic vote has increased across the board

There's been OpusDei mafia at FBI since the 90s. Remember Russian spy Robert Hanssen (R-Opus Dei)

Emails, Genitalia and the F.B.I.

A new/old way of sending emails?

Mike Barnicle asked Trey Gowdy which is more important?

There's some GOP goober on CNN wearing a table cloth right now.

Comey covering up Trump–Russia connection?

Good morning, TEXAS! I love seeing Hilary ads in the morning.

So much for the “upstanding” James Comey: The FBI director’s long career as preening partisan hack

Good voting numbers in Fl yesterday

It is 9:23 AM 10/31/16 and why does Comey still have his job @ the FBI?

Krugman: "The kind of weakness Comey has so spectacularly displayed only encourages them to do more"

I have a question for the computer experts?

This Tom Fuentes clown needs to take his innuendo to his pals at FOX and BREITBART

Morning Jo Breaking News***** *

25 Hilarious Halloween Jokes That Are So Bad They're Scary

Comeygate is just another "Trumped-up" attempt to influence

Monday Toon Roundup

Even if it hadn't been challenged, would this new Comey email angle have changed votes?

GE Deal With Baker Hughes Creates $32 Billion Oil Behemoth

Rep. Elijah Cummings on @NewDay discussing @FBI Director Comey = VIDEO

Why Is It That Hillary E-Mails Stick And Trump The Sexual Predator, Tax Evader, Russian Sympathizer.

Investigating the Investigation, Emails, and Comey

Toyota acknowledges reality: Moving into the lithium EV business with series hybrid plug in.

The Permanent Danger of James Comey's Actions

Dems to Comey: Share info on Trump and Russia

Between Bill and Hillary Clinton, we're looking at a combined 10-3 record in elections.

Ex-AG Eric Holder: Comey's letter 'a stunning breach of protocol' and 'serious error'

The email story is boring

If it hadn't been the emails, it would have been something else.

Demand the FBI investigate Trump/Other Repub Crimes

can we dispense with this "horse race" nonsense? the media is just plain right-wing biased.

MSNBC Stephanie Ruhle IDIOT!

FBI Hides Proof of Trump's Ties to Kremlin - US Senate Democratic Leader

Attention: Lunatic Atheists & their Lawyers

Need something positive? Man is in audience with people he saved from Nazis - tissue alert

dKos Elections: sorry, no "tightening" plus one-fifth of electorate has already voted.

"I just voted!!!! Dressed as a cat, but it still counts!!!#NastyCatWoman ;)"

Harry Reid says FBI director may have broken the law - MarketWatch

My super street-smart husband has said for weeks that Trump is being paid off

Every Halloween This One-Legged Guy Makes An Epic Halloween Costume, He Just Revealed A New One

Mick Jagger takes up aerial yoga at 73 as part of his gruelling exercise regime

Cummings’ shocker: Americans don’t ‘have a clue’ how hard the GOP pushed the FBI to attack Clinton

My bizarre Halloween Party dressed as a "Deplorable."

Screw this 85 degrees today! I'm making spicy pumpkin soup...

Meet Kyle Thompson

Hillary web ad on Twitter, featuring the "Daisy girl" grown up

It's really great that the governor's commercial supporting OSD

"Kellyanne Conway refuses to address Trump child rape case on CNBC "

Comey donated to McCain in 2008

It would be funny if someone compiled a list of candidates and appointees who lost

Please sign & pass along petition demanding FBI share info about Trump and Russia

Trump Aide Secretly Visited Russia...

On Clinton Emails, Did the F.B.I. Director Abuse His Power? - New York Times

“Views Differ on the Shape of the Planet”

Shane - WalMart's mystery deli employee

After Two Wars, Standing Rock is the First Time I Served the American People

Regarding email: I want to see Comeys email and communications.

I'm Retired Thank Goodness. How Will Work Place Be W/Trump Humpers After Election?

Bill Weld: James Comey - MADE a MESS

Why isn't the Bundy Crowd up in ND helping to protect Native American land?

FBI Review of Clinton Emails Has Little Effect So Far

So much for the “upstanding” James Comey: The FBI director’s long career as preening partisan hack

Rep. Elijah Cummings re FBI Comey's Letter

NE-YO "Love Trumps Hate" Get Out the Vote Performance Nov 2: Raleigh NC....

Clear your mind - Watch 8,000 matches burn

Exhibit 14,327 as to Donald Trump's raging case of Narcissitic Personality Disorder.


Even Joe Walsh is defending Hillary against Comey's actions! Yes, that Joe Walsh!

Our 5 yo daughter had no costume. We said: How about HRC? Daughter: Nope. Son: Well someone's gotta

FB Users calling on EVERYONE to check-in at Standing Rock, ND

Comeygate Is Looking Worse and Worse - MotherJones

Evan McMullin is ex-CIA isn't he?

The Girl From The Haunting ‘Daisy’ Ad Is Back, This Time To Warn Against Donald Trump.

All the little kids at the library are dressed up for Halloween.

here's a story the m$m should revisit: comey's partisan hackery back in july.


A frightening aspect from the Comey story

Russia Today sticking to storyline that the Weiner/Abedin-emails are related to Clinton's server

Bill Weld Says Comey Off The Reservation. More Importantly: Cites Monty Python.

"Hang Her!" umm, "Impeach Her!"

Kudos to Tennessee Rep Steve Cohen (Re: Calling for Comey's Resignation)

I believe FBI agents read through thousands of Huma's email before getting a warrant

The silver lining for Hillary Clinton on emails: Rising scrutiny of James Comey

Ukrainians shocked as politicians declare vast wealth

Writing about food: David Sedaris, Halloween candy (from "Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim).

"And You Can Tell Them To Go F*#K Themselves..."

Former Trump supporter now wants him executed...

Why Domestic Abusers Often Get to Keep Their Guns

GOPrs: "Hillary is corrupt only because we say so..."

This tweet about Weiner is spot on...

LOL! Jill Stein Calls for National Conversation on Oppressive Comedians (not the Onion)

TYT an interview with an Eniromental Lawyer #NoDAPL

Where are the public DOJ progress reports on Trump's connection to Russian malfeasance and

So has the election - and the country - just been handed to Trump?

My Monarch caterpillar is hatching at this very moment, right on schedule.

4 states to weigh tougher gun control in Nov. 8 election


ABC, CBS,NBC have devoted more mins to Clinton emails this year than **all policy issues combined

Most British scientists cited in study feel Richard Dawkins’ work misrepresents science

So, what is it exactly that Loretta Lynch does?

Hillary is like a comic book heroine.

Can Hillary fire Comey

The Smithsonian now has its first religion curator since the 1890s

Looks like Comey printed the "We want answers by Monday" memo on 2-ply, and used it.

NM early vote numbers so far

Pic Of The Moment: Comey, You Got Some 'Splainin To Do

P.S.A. - switch off Andrea Mitchell NOW!

Catholic and Lutheran Churches pledge to work for shared Eucharist

Alaska turns blue on

Today's version of the Republican Party must be defeated and crushed

No one here should be surprised, but MSNBS is as bad, and as some cases worse than fox news. It was

"High-tech lynching"...or insert appropriate euphemism for women

Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen calls on FBI director to resign

A fire truck just plowed into a half dozen or more cars on Comm Ave by Dartmouth Street.

Man charged for dumping manure at Warren County Democratic Party headquarters

If states like TX, GA, MS, UT, AK etc. have shifted left 8 to 10 points from the last election

So basically, Comey engaged in the same conduct for which HRC was exonerated

Weld: Comey, FBI 'off the reservation'

Keith Olbermann's Latest Closer #33 is as good as it gets

Today's version of the Republican Party must be defeated and crushed

Pew Research: Religious freedom and Homosexuality are what clergy talk about

Business Insider: Some of Clinton's Harshest Critics Coming to Her Defense

McDonald's to pay $3.75 million in first settlement with franchise workers

Analysis: The Vengeful World of Donald Trump, and Why It Matters

CNN severs ties with Donna Brazile

BTRTN: Why Hillary Will (Still) Win, Post-Comey

Big news on Trump Twitter: Bobby Knight

My opinion of the Rasmussen poll is changing....

Petition of White House to reverse Navy ratings change tops threshold

Why Do People Here Watch Morning Joe Even Though Everyone Clearly Hates It?

Is it customary for the FBI to investigate cases of sexting? This question has been on my mind

Convicted Russian arms dealer Bout returns to U.S. appeals court

The time for October Surprises is over...

MSM Is Complicit In Trying To Give Election To Trump/GOP. They Are NOT Failing In Their Duty.

And the walls start crumbling down...

Breaking: Democrats Sue Trump, State Republican Parties, and Roger Stone for Voter Intimidation

Donad Trump says Clinton would let 650 million people into US in a week

Watch Leonardo DiCaprio's "Before the Flood" for free

Just heard that Hillary is going to on offense and hit Trump on his issues!

Can Obama stop all of this

Michel Aoun's presidency ends 29-month leadership vacuum in Lebanon

FOCUS on Light Blue - Poll watchers - Governor action to protect the vote?

Why Clinton is still a huge favorite to win

Newsweek: Trump Email Dump

Florida very close..Read this

The Downfall of Joseph McCarthy (Compare to Donald Trump)

Doomsday Prepper Supply Companies Are the Real Winners of the 2016 Election

State of race in Florida/OH by Targetsmart

Do you think Comey's putsch attempt by innuendo will succeed ?

Negotiations Continue As SEPTA Strike Looms; Midnight Deadline

Cummings On Comey Letter: He Knew GOP Would Go After 'Any Misstep'

A Warm Welcome to the FBI Director Comey

James Comey - "man of integrity" or "partisan hack" ?

Donald Trump is refusing to pay his campaign pollster three-quarters of a million dollars

KO: Trump is Right. This Email Debacle is Worse than Watergate

TN---Between 2010 and 2016 state employees filed 460 sexual harassment complaints against co-workers

Remember folks, polls almost always tighten down the stretch.

So the committee leaders of Republican leaked the story first after Comey sent the letter?

Early Voting has pretty much already locked in a Clinton victory in NV

How Did the Party of Reagan Become the Party of Putin?

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Josh Earnest

Trump Doesn't Want to Pay His Pollster

Does the FBI automatically investigate arson?

Killing the mad dog.

A column in USA Today about missing the SD card slots

‘Just ridiculous:’ Internet condemns CNN for firing Donna Brazile while keeping Lewandowski...

Meet the man who spent $9 million on a license plate

Vox - Two experts say Donald Trump should be investigated for criminal tax evasion

Florida very close..Please read this if you are in Florida

RSF welcomes dismissal of riot charges against well-known journalist Amy Goodman

9 Ways Hillary Clinton's Gun Control Plan Could Change Gun Ownership in America

At Six-Month Mark, Deep South Drought Hurting Crops, Draining Lakes & Fueling Fires

Re Pat Robertson, Falwell Jr. and their Trump worship

It would have been better if the white house said nothing, instead they decided to

OCT 12, 2016. Donald Trump ally Roger Stone admits ‘back-channel’ tie to WikiLeaks

Comey's poentially illegal letter to Congress SHOULD mobilize the left to get out and vote Hillary

Unbelievable - 10/30 Arctic Sea Ice Extent Continues To Diverge Below 2012 Record Lows

Donald Trump Destroyed as Fact Checker Reveals Trump Lies 20 to 37 Times Per Day

Iraqi Forces Enter Mosul After 2-Week Offensive, Heavy Fighting

Half of Russians fear Syria could spark WWIII.

From a high of 87% last week to 75% just now HRC to win on 538......

No more, my lord as sung by the lovely Erica Smith

Former AG Alberto Gonzales says Comey was wrong.

Trump's Missing Emails

Cheapjack Grifter Trump Stiffs Everyone

Digby: So much for the “upstanding” James Comey: long career as preening partisan hack

Spooked by Russia, Tiny Estonia Trains a Nation of Insurgents

Donald Trump Destroyed E-Mails, Court Order Finds

NAACP: Stop Removing Voters From Rolls in North Carolina

Four Years After Saying He Voted for Bush, Trump Said He Didn’t Vote for Bush

Words can't describe how beautiful this is ❤️

In South Africa, a private army is fighting rhino poachers

Fallout From Kirk's Comment Weakens Bid for 2nd Senate Term

What real movement looks like in a Presidential campaign vs. tracking polls.

Car in Biden Motorcade Hits 3 Vehicles; Vice President Safe

Gowdy Responds to Harry Reid’s Slam on Comey: ‘I Did Not Know Mormons Use Drugs’

New Clinton campaign ad: "Daisy"

Judge Orders Hearing in Hillary Child Rape Case; FBI Sitting On Hillary's Close Ties To Russia!

m$nbc cut away from Hillary's rally in ohio to speculate on emails

Nearly Every State Has Asked for Federal Help to Protect Voting Systems From Hacks

Nearly Every State Has Asked for Federal Help to Protect Voting Systems From Hacks

Monique Luiz, Star of LBJ's 'Daisy,' Returns in Hillary Clinton Ad About Nuclear Weapons

McCain defends Huma

**Nevada update: No path for Cheetoh Hombre

John Dean confirms Comey was wrong both now and in July

Everyone's losing their shit on teevee!

Team Trump admits, public won’t see candidate’s tax returns

New Priorities USA campaign ad: "You Make Me Feel"

Some levity...for all you guys getting tense over the election

Trump: I would get the 'electric chair' if I did what Brazile did

Bryan Cranston says he'll move to Canada if Trump wins

Happy Reformation Day!

Hillary signs defaced.

Trey Gowdy did not know Mormons use drugs?

Holy Crap...Roque De La Fuente is STILL Running?

Clinton On FBI Looking At New Emails In Server Case: 'There Is No Case Here'

Relax. The President's a smart man.

Just so you know - checking into Standing Rock, ND does not help. But here is how you can!

Guest: Racial Voter Purges Are 'Lynching By Laptop!' (w/Guest: Greg Palast)

Why Did James Comey Send The Letter?

RNC Spox Blows Up At Andrea Mitchell: You Always Rush To Clinton's Defense!

Found on Twitter -- is that a BLUE Republican with the POTUS? LOL!

Grassley Hints At DOJ Coverup In Letter Asking Comey For More Info

Tim Kaine to deliver all-Spanish speech in Arizona on Thursday

What happened with MSNBC? It's terrible now!

James Comey Puts Thumb on Scale, Brings Third-World-Style Election To America

Almost 900,000 ballots have been cast in Colorado

Election 2016: Cyber help requests now up to 46 states

Photos: Haunted White House Tour

The mechanics of early voting

Comey may be under investigation for Clinton letter:

Guess it is pretty safe to say that Hillary campaign

Expect Hillary to regain ground this week.

CNBC: FBI:Russia is trying to undermine election but thought it was too close to election to say so.

'Islam no longer religion of peace' Muslim Charlie Hebdo journalist hits out at extremists

Voters: Would you trust your teenaged daughter to be alone with Trump?

AZ teacher to Muslim student: 'I can’t wait until Trump is elected. He’s going to deport all you'

Yesterday was Souls to the Polls day.

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 31, 2016

House Freedom Caucus Chair Says Comey Letter 'Probably Not' Appropriate

Exception to the forum rules to allow discussion of voting for Evan McMullin in Utah?

FBI's Comey opposed naming Russians, citing election timing: Source

Old timers here know I am married to a man from a conservative evangelical background.

Halloween fun! "The Trumpster Trash"

question about the iPad pro...

Great line by Carville:

'October Surprise’ Could Scramble Swing States (Comey knew what he was doing)

ANYTHING in the name of religion

Carville Blows Up On MSNBC Anchor: Our Democracy Is Under Assault By Comey, The KGB And Republicans

the bright side from Florida early voting: Hispanic UNLIKELY voters are voting

Trumpsters and Jobs

Crosscheck is stealing the election. This is urgent.

Here is how you can help GOTV!!!!!!!!!

About this time last year my neighborhood was invaded by zombies. I killed 8 of them

NEW—NBC|SurveyMonkey tracking poll HRC 47 Trump 41 No movement!

***NBC Survey Monkey National Tracking Poll Clinton +6****

The Boston Globe: FBI director James Comey should resign

Desperate pro-Trump white nationalist spams Utah voters with calls about Evan McMullin being gay

Huff Post Latest Poll Averages -- Great Read

How are the Senate and House races looking today? What about State House races?

Go on OFFENSE! Defense won't win undecided votes.

Comey concluded Russia trying to undermine election — but opposed putting it out before Election Day

World's Largest Solar Project

Comey, Alberto Gonzales and Andy Card..


Just ran across a great Michael Moore tweet:

The conservative Wall Street Journal reported on the case alleging Trump raped a child

Holy Shit! FBI's Comey opposed naming Russians, citing election timing!

JOHN W. DEAN: No, ‘Emailgate’ Is Not Worse Than Watergate

Source: Comey thought it was too political to say Russians were meddling in election

CNBC: Clinton Lead Over Trump Virtually Unchanged Despite FBI News...Game On

Jews Do Not ‘Occupy’ Their Own Homeland

'If Trump wins I'll leave the US': Trump ghostwriter Tony Schwartz - BBC Newsnight

Help get #EnoughWithTheDamnEmails trending on Twitter

Do you know anyone who changed their vote or decided not to vote


Leaving and Joining Islam: BBC One Show

NBC/Survey Monkey poll: NO CHANGE

Why Are 538s Numbers Always Much More Favorable to Trump than Other Sites?

I hope the maggot is going to bail all the people he told to vote more than once out of jail

I Also Early Voted Today And

Johnson Calls Feingold, Clinton 'Swamp Creatures,' Calls For Them To Be 'Flushed'

Iraqi forces breach eastern districts of Mosul

America Beware

Smooth sailing here with early voting... so far!

Amazon has to do something about paid reviewers!

(Holland Tunnel) Trio pleads not guilty in New Jersey gun transport case

NBC/SM Poll - General Election - 10/31/16 - Trump vs. Clinton = +7 Clinton

What is it about Trump's pending rape case that sets some folks on the DU off..

Ignorance really would be bliss

Trump: From Zero to Hero with One Press Conference

Just thought....

Comey and Ashcroft: Separated at Birth?

The protests at Standing Rock are necessary. What happened at Malheur was nonsense.

NV and NC are pretty much locks based on early voting

RideAustin allows app users to request a female driver

NASA’s new early warning system spots incoming Halloween asteroid

manchurian candidate?

Audio of Omar Mateen's 911 calls during Pulse massacre released

Trump's thin skin isn't just a problem because he will lash out. He

Heard on the news in the car: Connecticut voter registrations at historic high.

Woman Sues Gay Friend For Child Support, 16 Years After He Donated Sperm To Her

Happy Halloween.

Our Peru Trip

Defense calls Christie a coward; jury now has bridge case

Trump is still paling around with Pastor Mark Burns-in Warren, MI

U.S. diplomat meets with Maduro to support Venezuela dialogue

Overheard a fRumpster at the gym: "Kill the U.N., NATO, Planned Parenthood....

U.S. diplomat meets with Maduro to support Venezuela dialogue

U.S. senator, citing rights concerns, opposed Philippines weapons sale

"This is in effect an attempt to hijack an election," Carville said

FBI Director James Comey’s Republican critics are growing by the hour

A vote for Trump is a vote for Pence.

Justice Dept responds: Justice Department says it is moving quickly in the renewed investigation

I have finally been polled

Comey concluded Russia trying to undermine election — but opposed putting it out before Election Day

GOP hatred of Clinton will poison our politics for years to come

NEW: DOJ/FBI responds to Dem Senators asking for briefing on Clinton email server investigation, ba

Bipartisan group of nearly 100 Prosecutors, Justice officials sign letter criticizing Comey decision

Comey was not defending the justice system - By Jennifer Rubin

Ex-AGs Alberto Gonzales, Eric Holder rip FBI director

FBI’s James Comey Opposed Naming Russia As An Election Meddler, Second Source Confirms

Defendant in U.S. opioid kickback case claims constitutional right to smoke pot

Comey May Find Himself Out of a Job

President Obama does not believe Comey is trying to influence the election. 🙄

Britain Is Becoming an Emerging Market

*****BREAKING***** Poll: Clinton Maintains National Lead Over Trump Despite Comey Letter

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama Dance To Thriller On Halloween

Is this analogy apt?

Was a Trump Server Communicating with Russia?

FBI Director James Comey’s Republican critics are growing by the hour - WaPo

Pipeline protest won't stop North Dakota deer gun hunting

District Court chief instructs Maryland judges to impose 'least onerous conditions' on bail

Louisiana Supreme Court Says No Mandatory Reporting of Abuse Discovered In Confessional

Millennials under-represented in federal workforce as a retirement boom looms


Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?

Breakthroughs in Colombia’s stalled peace process

Hogan administration says state needs to cut $82 million to close revenue gap

And this is why parents get "paranoid" over that one out of a hundred strangers.

In private, Burr quips about gun owners shooting Clinton

How much info do they require before covering drumph's business dealings?

So ties to Russia less important than EMAILS?! Comey won't release Trump/Russia info

Bernie Sanders: First, beat Donald Trump; then implement most progressive agenda in U.S. history

CNN: In private, Burr quips about gun owners shooting Clinton

Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?

White Nationalist’s Pro-Trump Robocall: Evan McMullin Is Gay

Absentee voting in Alabama

Happy Halloween to all at DU!

Maryland early voting: 2016 vs. 2012

Encouraging Early Vote News from Bloomberg News

🐦 NOV 2, 2016, 5:30PM - Bernie Sanders Milwaukee, Wisconsin Rally

IMHO, I think we're mostly getting immune to gop B.S.: It's not working.

Which issue is most important in this election?

The Religious Right’s Power Grab: How Outside Activists Became Inside Operatives

WHAAA!! "Trump Org had a server designed to secretly, exclusively communicate with a Russian bank."

Jennifer Rubin: Do women still have a place in the GOP?

2016 Voter Map

We have but one choice.

🐦 Bernie Sanders to Close 2016 Campaign with Coast-to-Coast Swing

Not that it matters in the bluest of blue states but

Somebody needs to do something to get Donald to start bellowing and get off his teleprompter. they have the title THANK YOU HUMA..then shows a smirking Trump!

FBI Making Inquiry Into Ex-Trump Campaign Manager's Foreign Ties

Who Gains from Colombia’s Vote for Permanent War?

Harry Reid was right!!--FBI is investigating Trump ties to Russia.

Vehicle in VP Joe Biden's motorcade crashes in Wilmington

Who Gains from Colombia’s Vote for Permanent War?

When are you going to meet your Waterloo?

It would be poetic justice if our Latino brothers and sisters bring this home for Hillary

Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?

Andre Johnson announces retirement

🐦 Nov 2, 2016 - Bernie Sanders - Noon Rally Kalamazoo, 3:15 Rally Traverse City, Michigan

Delaware AG: Simplify Delaware's drug laws

happy halloween--play the google doodle interactive game!!

Coons, Carper may chair committees if Dems win Senate

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Bernie Sanders to Close 2016 Campaign with Coast-to-Coast Swing




The rise of paranoid politics could make America ungovernable – and the FBI is fuelling the fire

Obama and Trump will be in Jacksonville Fl Thursday

Costume of the year: Hillary's private servers

Clinton’s critics know she’s guilty, they're just trying to decide what she's guilty of

N.J. revokes licenses of 2 doctors accused of sexual misconduct

Endorsement: Hillary Clinton for president

Who will be the sacrificial lamb? Conway coming up on Tweety

Is Donald Trump above the law of this country?

Bridgegate attorney: Star witness is 'Bernie Madoff of N.J. politics'

Son of Honduran Human Rights and Resistance Activist Murdered

blessed samhain and happy new year

can you imagine what trump's childhood Halloween garb must have been?

I was engaged in small talk with someone

Why was there no response on my appeal?

Christie: 'All signs point to an incredible turnout for Donald Trump'

Peru's jailed former President Alberto Fujimori seeks pardon

What the Early Vote in North Carolina Means: A Daily Tracker

I am sitting here on Halloween watching horror movies but,

Why doesn't Hillary say I Will Fix ObamaCare When Dem's take Control, No Obstructionist!

The Media Freakout Over the Clinton Email Story Is a Preview of the Next Four Years

Watching Trump surrogate Jason Miller on MTP

Who was president when you were born?

Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?


MITCHELL POLL: Clinton's lead over Trump stays at 6% in Michigan

Senator Bernie Sanders Speaks to Vermonters - Oct 28 Tip-Top Cafe Rally

Police union president apologizes for Halloween photo of Clinton ‘arrest’

Bernie Sanders in Vermont - Newport Rally

Trump and Russia.

The Next Time There's A Terrorist Attack on U.S. Soil, Just Remember This...

Breaking: At least 7 injured in Colonial Pipeline explosion in Shelby County (Alabama)

Trump is Toast: The shoe just dropped regarding his ties to Russia

New Reuters/Ipsos poll: Clinton 44, Trump 39

Donald Trump had a plan in the '80s to make Paramus great again

Mexico rescues 2 abandoned jaguar cubs

2 Videos - Rights and Democracy VT - Bernie Sanders Brattleboro Rally

Hillary's Email "Scandal" is the Biggest Load of Trumped Up GOP Nonsense ...

Noose-wearing Obama costume sparks outrage at Wisconsin football game

Thanks Chris Matthews!

Central Florida DUers - Hillary rally in Dade City tomorrow!

El Salvador’s security forces are now involved in more shootouts than Mexico’s

El Salvador’s security forces are now involved in more shootouts than Mexico’s

All The Dumb Sh!t Trump Has Done As Nominee In One Mega-List


Comey - Flubbing Blundering Idiot (Luckovich Toon)


(x-post from GD 2016) Police union president apologizes for Halloween photo of Clinton ‘arrest’

Two arrested in series of entering auto, burglary cases in North Hall area

Just got back from volunteering for Hillary.

State raids Delco offices, seeking evidence of voter registration fraud

Teacher removed from classroom after video in Trump costume


Stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline

My poll of trick-or-treat parents: 100% blue!

Mad in Maryland's costume tonight:

Deplorable Trump Supporter

Re: Alfa Bank/Trump server story. Trump advisor Richard Burt is also an Alfa bank advisor.

**CNN severs ties with Donna Brazile**

"Grab em by the pu$$y."

🐦 Nov 3, 2016 3:30PM - Bernie Sanders Cincinnati, Ohio

Larry Sabato, 10/31: Clinton 293 electoral votes, Trump 173

#trumpserver on Twitter... help it trend.

So Trump repeatedly, sexually assaulting woman is old news now

Clinton Emails Clinton Emails Clinton Emails

Just donated to Hillary Campaign

Lightsaber-wielding Bernie Sanders takes on Darth Vader Koch brother

Carville: Republicans, KGB Trying To Affect Democracy

Is this true? I know Hillary is for repealing the PLCAA, but...

Took the kids out

🐦 Nov 3, 2016 - Bernie Sanders Youngstown Rally, Ohio

A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump