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Archives: November 29, 2020

Hubble captures a black hole's 'shadow beams,' yawning across space

Gov. Reeves, Denial Ain't a River in Mississippi

The Presidential Oath Of Office vs Trump

Roosh V whines to his incel fans about Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller

People who own businesses are going through anguish about their

Two greats -- post only two -- feel it.

Trump-appointed judge: Gave donnie the middle digit.

So who will be the Donkos' QB tomorrow?

What is your favorite holiday food that most others think is gross?

Analogy of the recent election.

John Fetterman's comments on the latest PA case being dismissed

From $53K on golf to meals at Hooters, records show how Palazzo spends campaign funds

Pa. Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit to throw out mail-in ballots

Ideas for gift of the month

As a reminder, COVID relief is not being pushed out of the House because the GOP wants to allow corp

This candle is perfection!

Voters set to punish mayor who 'made Rio de Janeiro miserable'

Somewhat disappointed with Rep. Clyburn

⚖️There are currently no cases pending in Pennsylvania that challenge the outcome of the presidential

Canada blocks bulk exports of some prescription drugs in response to Trump import plan

Canada blocks bulk exports of some prescription drugs in response to Trump import plan

If you are under clear skies - look out and watch the beautiful moon!

Great series: Facing Race -- watch online (KING5 Seattle)

Virus surge leads to curfew in San Francisco

Ethiopian military operation in Tigray is complete, prime minister says

Gov. Tate Reeves capped federal education grants at $1 million. This Utah-based group received

Covid-19 deaths projected to double soon

'Daily Show' Looks Back At Trump's 'Cozy Relationship' With White Supremacists

Engravers for The London News 1800s and 1900s

Trump's Payroll-Tax Deferral Creates Predicament for Congress

Doug Collins Attacks Raphael Warnock by Saying 'There's No Such Thing as a Pro-Choice Pastor'

High court takes up census case, as other count issues loom

Ana Navarro: Can't wait for Trump's useless spawn to to have to travel on their own dime and pay for

We don't need no stinking quarterback..

Trump Calls Fox News 'Virtually Unwatchable,' Points Followers to OANN and Newsmax

Biden-Harris Transition announces more members of their COVID-19 Advisory Board

Biden transition adds new members to coronavirus task force

Former Georgia Supreme Court chief justice dies from virus

How do you relate to this?

A rare glimpse at the wild fighter jet getting a drink of water in it's natural habitat.

Ex-Trump campaign adviser Carter Page sues FBI, Comey, McCabe and others for $75M over Russia probe

Truth Seekers on Prime

Trump's effort would throw out ballots from 238,000 Wisconsin voters

Answer - what is .025 (in memory of Alex Trebek) let's play DU Jeopardy

A Rush to Expand the Border Wall That Many Fear Is Here to Stay

Can the fallacy of conservative news be objectively demonstrated?

Hahahahaha! People are funny.

New large study: suggests 7-8 hours of good sleep significantly lowers risk of heart failure

U.S. coronavirus cases pass 4 million for the month of November, doubling the record set in October.

Conservative women often don't perceive sexism as a social problem. Here's why

Assassination Threatens Fate of Iran Nuclear Deal

If I had a Hammer.

Democrats: Stop Chasing Amy and Start Chasing Stacey

Police block Warsaw march against abortion ruling, force use

Record Asian American turnout helped Biden win Georgia. Can it help flip the Senate?

Marsalis Brothers with Mark O'Conner doing some great improv jazz

Great tweet video about sanctions for filing crappy lawsuits:

Wilton Gregory becomes first Black American cardinal -- after three coronavirus tests and a quarantin

Denver Broncos can play tomorrow but no quarterbacks. So they are

Severe fire danger for Australia as temperatures smash records

"In the coup stage of his Presidency, Trump has continued to be Trump":

Tweet of the Day

Love this.... Time to demote Mitch.

Huge Mastiff competing in dog agility (2nd tweet):

Previously posted, but well worth the revisit!

Trump is now tweeting election legal analysis from Diamond and Silk. And he wonders why he lost the

Utah Police Officer Kidnapped Family Member on Thanksgiving in 'Paranoid' Episode: Cops

Young Voters Helped Biden Beat Trump After Holding Back in Primaries

Gov. Tate Reeves has resisted statewide mask mandate despite warnings from health officials and

MBS reportedly backed out of Saudi-Israel agreement because he wants to wait for Biden

Conservative logic: Trump clearly won because he has more Twitter followers than Joe.

Democrats are way way way too nice to all Republican assholes. It's been like that for way too long

Embattled mental health agency puts message-crafter in charge

90,000 covid patients in the hospital--compare to just 5 days ago it was closer to 80,000

Tis the season

#StopTheSqueal (Twitter)

Appeal to USSC -

Trumpers unwillingness to accept the truth about the election explains why they live in areas...

I'll be Back - Sack cartoon

Trump rule eases effort to strip-mine near Okefenokee Swamp

Hot Tuna "Candyman"

How did we miss this last winter?

Minneapolis momentum is being crushed by the crime wave - By Kate Mortenson

Enola Holmes was fabulous

A live look at people contributing to Donald Trump's legal fees for these asinine court losses

Moron Was Played By the Money Boys in His Court Packing

Obama series on MSNBC.

Hot Tuna with Papa John - 4/22/73

Comparing Trump's Pardon of Flynn w/ Ford's Pardon of Nixon Shows Not All Pardons Are Created Equal

Congratulations, FOX-News!!!

Trump administration removes experts from Defense Policy Board

If I were a healthcare worker in Dickson City, I would memorize these face

Social Distancing Isn't Enough to Prevent Infection - How to Detect COVID-19 Super-Spreaders

'We're here because of Trump's failed policy': Analyst on killing of Iran's top scientist

Utah's desert obelisk has reportedly disappeared

The Commander - "Down to Seeds and Stems Again Blues".

Why did Kelly Loeffler's husband dump his own stocks this spring?

Melania Trump to possibly pen memoir on time spent in the White House

Rich Trump allies want a new 'Fox News' competitor for only one reason: To bleed conservatives dry

SpaceX's Loud, Dangerous Starship Tests in Texas Worry Environmental Regulators

Grateful Dead - Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Tudoloo..

Hissing Kittens Are So Scared But With Time And Love Something Amazing Happens

Laurence Tribe says PA ruling can't be appealed to USSC:

Woman Takes In Injured Little Skunk And Raises Him As Her Baby

Dog Helps Heal His Dad's Broken Heart - MORPHEUS

Rescue Dog Rescued From Drug House Finally Gets To Be A Puppy - BRANDI

Chief Inspector Murphy, and Dad

みりです。-I am Miri. & 困惑してワンワンと言っちゃうねこ。-Maru is c

In the Soup Kitchen During the Year of the Corona Virus, November 26, 2020

Woman With 2 Pit Bulls Takes A Chance On A Rescued Wolf Dog

Iran Assassination: Why NOW?

83 Million Will Likely Never See This Video Because They Can't

UAE mission to Mars on course to arrive in February 2021

Did we lose?

Trump spent part of his Thanksgiving asking aides if he really lost

Carly Simon You're so Vain. Live

Steven Wilson is a genius. He released this on Black Friday.

Ninja Cats Photographed at the Purrfect Moment

'Then Fox News called Arizona for Biden.'

Foxboro Stadium, 1989? He's Gone

AR Deputy Prosecutor Fired For Speaking Out Against Jail Time For People Who Fall Behind On Rent

US is 'rounding the corner into a calamity,' expert says, with Covid-19 deaths projected to double

Brazilian Justice Extends Investigation Against Bolsonaro

If a slogan or term was hurting dem down ballot that bad polling SHOULD HAVE picked up on it.

VIDEO: Rare white penguin spotted on the Galapagos Islands

VIDEO: Rare white penguin spotted on the Galapagos Islands

Just got my 4th Forbidden 403 message

Kellyanne Conway's Twitter

Trump FCC To Waive Ownership Rules For Murdochs

UArizona COVID-19 Modeling Team recommends three-week Arizona shutdown to avoid 'catastrophe'

Just because it's a dumb coup attempt doesn't mean it's not a coup attempt.

House Arrest for Bolivian Military Officer Accused of Murder

Montana Girl, 5, Was Abducted Near Home and Found Dead in Drain -- and Killer ID'd 46 Years Later

My son kept chewing on electrical cords...

"I don't get why they don't have any evidence, can someone please explain?"

'The rock art gave me goosebumps': discovering the Amazon's lost archaeology

'The rock art gave me goosebumps': discovering the Amazon's lost archaeology

I am having a tough time since my sister's passsing. Has anyone talked to a counselor?

*The American President on SHOWtime coming up @ 12:15.

Outbreak puts Ohio State's championship hopes in jeopardy

*Several 'Forbidden' messages received today.

Former Overstock CEO claims his "army of 'hackers and cyber sleuths'" can prove Trump won reelection

checkout OANN's new website

Can we simply acknowledge that nearly 50% of Americans are enthralled to Fascist, Authoritarianism?

Tweet of the late night:

Bolivian government relaunches media silenced by coupmongers

'Why the GOP is so rattled by the Rev. Warnock's faith-based Georgia Senate campaign'

Not to worry guys - the Texas A&M band figured out COVID

Batshit Powell: It would be beneficial for Joe Biden to concede the race...

"Never will get used to the beauty of a Canadian child being born."

Procol Harum - In Held 'Twas In I [Live With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra 1972]

Don Jr's Mongolian hunting trip cost $60k more than Secret Service originally admitted

U.K. Set to Be First to Clear Pfizer-BioNTech Covid Vaccine

It's something to listen to Trump supporters explain why Trump didn't really lose the election

So I found this out in the www

'Unconscionable': ICE Deported 33 Unaccompanied Guatemalan Children After Judge Ordered Halt to Prac

'Unconscionable': ICE Deported 33 Unaccompanied Guatemalan Children After Judge Ordered Halt to Prac

So I found this out in the www

And I Bid You a Good Night......

What the (bleep)? (Uber ad...)

Pictured: A doctor hugged a distraught elderly covid19 patient on Thanksgiving

David Prowse AKA Darth Vader has passed.

What's your favorite humorous short story?

Mason's Children

No pushy sales people...

Not Fade Away - Dead...Capital Theater,NJ or Port Chester, NY - 1970

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: Psalm 94:2-4, Psalm 94:3, Psalm 10:3

Trump - Biden can only enter the White House if he can prove his votes are not 'fraudulent'.

Who rides the B'port-PJ ferry?

Biden and Obama attended Trump's inauguration. Trump planning competing MAGA event for Biden's

I was watching "Space Jam" on VH1...

Updated: If 2020 was a song...feel free to add your own.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Everything You Need to Know About Kamala Harris

The Daily Social Distancing Show: How Bad Was Trump's Handling Of Coronavirus?

MarketWatch story about Novavax Vaccine.

Biden's Plan for Seniors Is Not Just a Plan for Seniors.

"We Didn't Have a Ground Game" A Democratic congresswoman on why she lost her seat

Don't judge a cover by its book.

CNN: We're soon going to exceed well more than 2,000 deaths, maybe 3,000, 4,000 deaths every day

Snarky Puppy - Anomynous (Remixed & Remastered)

Happy Lemon 🍋 Cream Pie 🥧 Day!

Heard about the fellow that spilled coffee ☕️ on his Resume'

Great British edgy drama "Unforgiven" 3 episodes on YouTube

Turkey's new virus figures confirm experts' worst fears

Arizona uses federal COVID-19 money to reduce state spending

Afghanistan car bombing kills at least 30 security force personnel

Colorado governor and spouse test positive for Covid-19

An Oregon mink farm has reported a Covid-19 outbreak

States where Republicans gained seats in the State House

My Mandala pill circle

Researchers urge 3-week shelter-in-place order for Arizona

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Get Set, Go! Edition

Critics say Trump can't be trusted with America's national secrets

Black Friday sees record online as US shoppers stay home

Bassett Hound Clown Car

Vaccine Deniers

Hal Ketchum: Sure Love, RIP (1953-2020)

David Prowse, the original Darth Vader, dies aged 85

Prof Said Jade Amulets May Block COVID--and Became a Science Supervillain

Could trump, pence and others

I'm in total and complete shock this morning

Kamala Harris Laughs Off Prospect Of Trump 2024 Presidential Run

Trump's Schedule for Sunday, November 29, 2020

How the Union Pulled Off a Presidential Election During the Civil War

No healing without prosecution

12,500 year old rock art discovered in remote Amazon forest (in Colombia)

All the Stupid People Where do They All Come From?

Forget about "moving on" from Trump -- the nation can't heal without accountability

Ep. 19: "Twinkle, Twinkle Kenneth Starr" Starring John Lithgow

- Tweet of the day, from Dr. Syed A. Ahmad: "Just got an email from work that our hospital is full

Breakfast Sunday 29 November 2020

Jonna Mendez, Former CIA "Chief of Disguise," Breaks Down Cold War Spy Gadgets

Can you recover from Covid in a week or 10 days?

Alec Baldwin Being Donald Trump For 7 Minutes Straight

Haven't heard from Sidney for a couple of days

The election news seems to be melting away

Better Days Are Coming

Any TV network---cable or otherwise---that broadcasts coverage of whatever MAGA shitshow

A presidential cat message.....

Opinion: Trump Plans To Delete A Part Of The Constitution For His Racist Base

If you are explaining, you are losing ...

20 days of fantasy and failure: Inside Trump's quest to overturn the election

Supreme Court reviews Trump plan to exclude undocumented immigrants in redistricting

Final county recount leaves Miller-Meeks (R) 6 votes ahead of Hart (D)

I wondered why Diamond and Silk were trending on Twitter

"I won by a landslide. Everyody knows that!" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Dane County completes presidential recount (Meeting at 10am)

DNS server?

How to remove candidate preference from profile?

Soldiers In Training At Fort Leonard Wood Will Get Holiday Leave Despite Coronavirus Concerns

SLU Study Shows St. Louis, St. Louis County Mask Mandates Slowed Coronavirus Infections

UMSL Supply Chain Expert Reflects On Industry Possibilities, Lessons Of 2020

Livestreamed Services Catch On At Funeral Homes, But Slowly

The Rotting of the Republican Mind

Trump stooge John Cornyn goes off the deep end

CDC U.S. update 11-28 total COVID-19 deaths 263,956, and Trump ...

Utah's Desert Monolith Mysteriously Vanishes

2+hours of fun and hope from Ireland in Covid time-The Late, Late Toy Show

NY Times op-ed prints "Thoughts from wingnutville."

Assassination Of Iranian Scientist Likely An Effort To Kill Biden's Chance For Peace

John Dean spot on!!

New favorite quote from Elie Wiesel - "Always take sides". . .

I have come to the opinion that elections are not about the economy, jobs, pandemic, or anything...

I am going to boycott Red States

JMO One reason many Americans don't treat covid seriously enough

19 Years Ago Today; George Harrison dies

Alaska lab failed to report about 1,600 positive virus cases

Four years ago, Trump celebrated the certification of his 10,704 vote victory in Michigan, BUT today

YOU raised $3,362.67 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 11-28-20

The only credible evidence of election fraud is the Republican's voter suppression of minority vote.

This doctor discovered the perfect way to deal with anti-vaxxer parents

Would you like to hear QAnon's next prediction?

Please stop using the words 'food insecure'

Better Days Ahead

Hal Ketchum, Mick Hanly: Past The Point of Rescue

I see people wearing winter coats and hats....

John Dean: Why Trump Can't Believe He Lost l Opinion WashPost

3221 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun.; 10 deaths

Trump: "I'm Insignificant? I'll Show You! Is There Anything Preventing Me From Nuking Arkansas?"

20 days of fantasy and failure: Inside Trump's quest to overturn the election

'World's loneliest elephant' Kaavan starts trip to Cambodia

Niall Ferguson is a jackass. He is on Fareed Zakaria saying it is an exaggeration criticizing the

Jill Biden, Joe's chief protector, stepping up as first lady

"I'm ashamed that I endorsed him." Georgia Governor(R) is FINISHED! LOL ☠️ ☠️ ☠️

Another great tweet:

Meanwhile in red Kentucky

Maria Bartiromo: you'll come for the rant. You'll stay for the craziness.

How a Grad Student Found Spyware That Could Control Anybody's iPhone From Anywhere In The World

Holy fucking shit!!! Maureen Dowd at the NYT has gone insane!!!

I have searched out the Magat for undestanding and all I found was this...

If this doesn't piss you off then...

Diaper Don is on Fox News this morning talking about "big massive dumps". #DiaperDon

AP source: NFL fines Saints $500,000, Patriots $350,000

Trevor Noah on Perspective

Georgia peeps

Marco Rubio is already suiting up for the politics of destruction

How will the Biden administration deal with these assholes and those like them?

Scathing article in right-wing local paper about Matt Gaetz

Audition for Biden team?

New York City Will Reopen Elementary Schools and Phase Out Hybrid Learning

How do you judge a bookstore?

trump is now FIRST presidential candidate in HISTORY to lose TWO state recounts!

Trump becomes the first presidential candidate in history to lose recounts in two different states.

Viola Smith, who passed away recently, was born on this date.

In first interview since loss, Trump goes off the rails and suggests FBI is 'involved' in stealing

Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington's right hand man, was born on this date.

I would not want to be represented by someone like Marco Rubio

... George Clooney admitting he's been cutting his own hair with a Flowbee...

Dane County Clerk: Recount certified; no evidence of voter fraud

Merle Travis, guitar player, singer and song writer, was born on this date.

Chuck Bednarik's hit on Frank Gifford, 60 years ago

John Mayall has a birthday today.

Chuck Mangione has a birthday today.

In Milwaukee they are STILL at it! (New lawsuit)

Denny Doherty was born on this date.

Dr. Giroir

It was called the Failed Trump Experiment

The Beaver Moon reaches peak illumination in the early morning hours of Monday,

Comparison: Trump vs. Elle from Legally Blonde

A couple of new paintings

Learn About Agency Projects, Initiatives at Northern Virginia Joint Transportation Meeting Dec. 8

Learn About Agency Projects, Initiatives at Northern Virginia Joint Transportation Meeting Dec. 8

The NFL equivalent of a car wreck might be coming up this afternoon for those who like rubbernecking

Wisconsin recount confirms Biden's win over Trump, cementing the president's failure to change...

How do you give gifts of music to your young relatives?

What Fiction are you reading this week, Nov. 29, 2020?

Interesting video on the Trump legal cases

Centrist and Moderate pols will be the biggest electoral college defenders in any reform effort

Throw back of drumpf being his racist best!

Useful advice from Bertrand Russell:

Cindy McCain Is Reportedly Biden's Top Pick To Be Ambassador To The United Kingdom

2020 Person of the Year

Maureen Dowd published this shit from her brother. I really don't like her. End of story.

Rape, abuses in palm oil fields linked to top beauty brands

Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) is accepting applications for grants

Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) is accepting applications for grants

Trump claims world leaders calling him to say how messed up the US elections were: Bartiromo intervi

D.C.-area forecast: Still mild with sunshine today, gusty showers and storms tomorrow

Joe Biden is 6'0" tall

Trump underperformed in most counties where he held large rallies

Trump Claims FBI And Justice Department May Have Helped Rig Election

"He wasn't a complete human being at all."

Trump's supporters may not see the flaw in Trump's legal strategy, but everyone else sees it clearly

Kamala Harris Gets A Big Laugh Out Of Another Trump Run: 'Please'

Biden Plans to Roll Back Trump-Era Education Policies

Big Trump rallies didn't correlate to votes

Funny: I just canceled a doctor appointment online but doing it was a little confusing.

Religious Right pays a price for support of Trump

Pennsylvania high court tosses lawmaker's petition to halt election certification

Donald J. Trump---the "Man sure whinin' " candidate. nt

The most important relationship in D.C.? Biden and McConnell have a history

From BBC, Entertainment and Arts: "PG Wodehouse: Why India still holds a flame

Black Friday - My Wife and I Indulged

Trump refuses to give a 'drop dead date' to prove his case about election fraud:

Political lying as tribal signaling

Iran's Mohsen Fakhrizadeh killed by 62-person hit squad, reports say

Fact check: A cold, the flu and a flu shot will not cause positive COVID-19 tests

Biden Aims to Appoint Liberal Judges After Trump's Conservative Push

Iran--Be on Your Guard against Trump escalation

Colorado Gov. Polis and the First Gentleman are covid positive.

Short rant: My local TV cable provider...

Brazil's Bolsonaro alleges fraud in US presidential election

Dangerous Times: "a gov't paralyzed by the president's fragile emotional state; advisers nourishing

I LOVE these guys! ☆D'espairsRay☆

Joe Biden, Governance & the Law of Physics

Joe Biden, Governance & the Law of Physics


It's November 29, I'm in Michigan, and I just finished MOWING MY LAWN!?! And, I spotted this:

GOP Beware....Don Will Stay in the Headlines by Turning Against the by one

Hungarian official retracts comparing George Soros to Hitler

Rudolph Was Not A Happy Tale

Something mystical - your inner wolves

Maria Bartiromo has snapped...

Some people still don't get it... WEAR A DAMN MASK!

Would it be wise to use the Senate RETHUG stimulus BLOCKAGE during the Georgia Runoff?

Tweet of the Day

Y'know what? I suspect there WAS fraud in this election.

Trump was 'muttering, I won, I won, like 'Mad King George' after election defeat, report says

Wisconsin recount confirms Biden's win over Trump, cementing the president's failure to change the e

Fox News (Faux Noise) Lets Trump Spew Lies Unchecked In First Interview Since Election Day


The MEK had already identified Iran's chief nuclear scientist a month ago.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 30 November 2020

Release the Kraken: How it started, and. . . .

opinions on s&p index fund

In Anti-Transparency Move, Tennessee House GOP Caucus Closes Meetings To Press

Virus Deaths Approach Spring Record Amid Changing U.S. Crisis

Wilton Gregory becomes the first African American cardinal.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 11/29/20

Trump at Biden's inauguration? Some Republicans would love to see it

Democrats want to stop CoVid. Republicans want you to get it FAST for herd immunity. Georgia Runoff

Derek Mason fired as Vanderbilt football coach

White Women Who Voted For Trump

Trump's first post-election interview full of rants, conspiracy theories

Why do white men as a demographic always vote Republican?

With just so much time for Jan 20th, 2021. Can someone tell me when infrastructure week is?

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee still not ready to acknowledge Joe Biden as president-elect, despite

When Out of Power, GOP Swings to Neo Deficit Hawks

Up Next: MSNBC / Justice Matters with Glen Kirschner

Cornyn on Biden aides' undisclosed ties: 'The Senate is not obligated to confirm anyone who hides

BUCK-TICK : Memento Mori LIVE

trump loves to talk termination

Would you be upset if somebody called you hot (female) or stud (male)?

Matthew Dowd: Biden's won so many states so many times he's up to around 550 electoral votes.

Dane County recount gives tRump 45 more votes

"Basically this is no different than a Nigerian prince scam" (Trump fundraising)

Jared Kushner and small crew of White House advisers are heading to Saudi Arabia and Qatar

"Women can't kick a football as well as men."

How is this not wire fraud?

Trump: 'I'm ashamed that I endorsed' Gov. Brian Kemp

anybody here use WhatsApp? ***UPDATE*** with alcohol pictures

The sedition continues...

Hundreds Of Geese On The Move In The Chicago Area Today....

Just another little mess left for Biden to clean up.

We're about to attend a zoom wedding - the bride wants to know how to toss her bouquet

Penny Thornton's Extended YouTube Readings For Each Sign

Bob Dylan - Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Audio)

Material Flow Analysis (MFA): Metal Demand and Climate Change.

Feed The Hungry And Clothe The ...

PA Republicans Vow Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court Despite Lack of a Federal Issue (Kelly lawsuit)

In 2012, The Onion predicted Trump's candidacy for President:

How this rapper quit his music career to start a cat rescue

When You Realize ...

Prediction - Killa Con will be in Walter Reed

Where does George Clooney get a haircut?

Biden fell while playing with his dog and twisted his ankle

"Q: Ya know what they call the person who finishes last in their med school class?"

Mysterious Metal Monolith In Utah Desert Suddenly Vanishes...

Nine of the hottest queer erotic artists to follow

Federal judges uphold Kentucky governor's virus school order.

The Trillion-Transistor Chip That Just Left a Supercomputer in the Dust

Jewish leaders defend Raphael Warnock after Loeffler attacks

'World's loneliest elephant' Kaavan starts trip to Cambodia

"The White House has read out zero phone calls with foreign leaders since the end of October."

I pulled the trigger on this yesterday.

Dear President-elect Biden: this is likely unnecessary advice, but it is well-intended.

I now literally believe that Trump will be a raving lunatic by Jan 20...

Donald Trump admits 'it's hard to get to the Supreme Court' as legal options dwindle (CNN)

Biden twists ankle while playing with dog, visits a doctor

Jesse Johnson - A song so funky my neighbors can smell it.

Ai mei Chang: parched

Lesbian art (sorry, this is the best I can find right now)

Fareed Zakaria fact checks pompous Right Winger spilling a Republican/Democratic false equivalence.

The hits keep coming for Trump!

Trump: 'I'm ashamed that I endorsed' Kemp in Georgia

How 'bout this? The Biden inauguration committee could dedicate one of the Jumbotron

Biden intends to nominate Neera Tanden to serve as director of the Office of Management and Budget

Kushner to visit Saudi Arabia and Qatar seeking deal to end crisis

THE SLANTS: who SHOT the Radio???

Mike Tyson on Going Broke, Retiring from Boxing, and the Lesson He Learned from Joe Frazier (2013)

Biden hires all-female senior communications team- Jennifer Psaki WH Press Secretary

Retired Admiral Says He's 'Very Concerned' About Trump Loyalists at Pentagon During Biden Transition

AOC nailed it.

First Buffleheads I've seen this season,

How can a disease with a 1% mortality shut down the United States? Glad you asked.

I thought Trump saved Big Ten Football?

Off to go make calls to Georgia

Deborah Gonzalez could become the #FirstLatina elected DA in Georgia!

Lil man...

NEWS: . @JoeBiden intends to nominate Neera Tanden to serve as director of the Office of Management

Joe Biden twisted his ankle

"We need to talk to them....try to understand what they're feeling"

Kamala: I look forward to working on behalf of a president who will ask tough questions, demand that

Biden hires all-female senior communications team

Once Biden is inaugurated,

They just wont give up...

The Evangelicals Voting for Biden - God's Country (Vice)


Biden names Jen Psaki as White House press secretary as part of all female communications team

The announcement about the Communications team for Biden/Harris, and Symone Sanders' tweet about it:

🚨NEW: Wisconsin will certify the state's election results including the results of the recount tomor

Fox News Anchor Smacks Down Trump With Fact-Check of Wild Bartiromo Interview: 'He Can't Wrap His Br

Biden To Name Tanden as Budget Chief, Rouse to Economic Council

Closest to 'full' I'll get; cloudy, and storm coming.

US climate envoy could be a 'reality check' for NZ

There's another scam out there...

Can I-phones get Trojan Horses?

Arizona To Certify Election Results Monday

What's for Dinner, Sun., Nov. 29, 2020

Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger - Private Remaster (Free download as well)

SAD! UNFAIR! Honest Kayleigh McEnany to be replaced by Obama/Biden admin alum Jen Psaki!

Trump knows he lost. He's just trying to convince the Bowling Green survivors that he didn't lose.

Fox News has a Hallmark Christmas movie - no really. 🌲

Trump rails at judges as another court rejects his lawyers' claims of voter fraud

Puppy Takes Away Her Brother's Anxiety

Trump Plans To Delete A Part Of The Constitution For His Racist Base

A moment ago, was the first time in 'I can't remember when' that I went to ...

People Are So Determined To Rescue Trapped Elephant

Why Weren't the Fake Ballots Straight-ticket Democratic?

Listing open LGBT members of Biden Administration

Stray Dog Knew Exactly Where To Go To Ask For Help - PANDA

Russia promised Trump he would win. He can't believe what went wrong with their hacking.

So I decide I am going to do some shopping today. And that's not a

Has anyone else noticed AG Barr has been very quiet for the last few weeks?

Georgia Republicans propose a new round of voter supression.

Source: Pa. lawmaker gets a positive test at Trump meeting

Source: State Sen. Doug Mastriano gets a positive test at Trump meeting

Afghanistan vet David Ortiz will be Colorado's first out bisexual lawmaker

Rescue Greyhound Dog Loves To Race Around His New Forever Home - BLUE

Trump took advantage of a system that gives first, second, third and seemingly infinite chances ...

Woman's Soulmate Is A Possum - KRICKET

Mysterious metal monolith discovered in Utah disappears

What should I do with my $17?

*Masterpiece: 50 Fabulous Year!

Trump Has A History Of Calling Election Foul

Maryland to pay $250 million to settle Purple Line disputes, replace construction contractor

A polite reminder about those 90 yr old geezers

here's America's new White House press secretary

8-year-old from Texas wins 1st place in national mullet contest

Initial Batch Of COVID-19 Vaccines Will Go To States Based On Population, Not Risk

In third Lexington shooting Sunday, man stands in busy intersection and fires shots

"Widespread voter fraud"

When you need to confirm you're not a robot (Twitter video)

Fulton County recount delayed by Dominion server crash, officials say

An old coworker's mother just passed away from COVID-19.

Toilet paper and paper towels and cleaning wipes are in short supply again

*Africa and Britain: A forgotten history. Ch 32, WHUT 7:00