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North Dakota governor signs bill restricting transgender pronouns, bathroom use

Subpoenaed Alphabet documents improperly redacted, may not be complete, Gym Jordan says

Goose on nest

After saying he will testify in E. Jean Carroll trial, Donald Trump ... punks out, fails to testify

Will Joe Scarborough confront republicans on his show in the same

Abortion pill case to be heard by conservative, anti-abortion panel

Peony OPENED!!!

For the love of guns: What we all give up so that they can own their lethal weapons

After saying he will testify in E. Jean Carroll trial, Donald Trump ... punks out, fails to testify

What the hell is going on here? #taxi

CNN vs fox

'Like living in a war zone': in towns like Allen, Texas, guns are deeply ingrained

Trump forced under oath: What jurors in civil rape trial heard in closing arguments - Melber report

There's One Industry Where Warming Faces No Denial: Insurance & Reinsurance Markets

The rise of white nationalist Hispanics (from 2022)

Gotta give Joe Scarborough some credit.

"Records Are Being Pulverized" - All-Time Record Highs Above 110F In Vietnam And Laos

Closing arguments made in sexual assault civil case against Trump - PBS NewsHour

Washington and Wall Street brace for White House debt ceiling talks

It's time to stop the class warfare and admit it: Billionaires really do know how to cut out the fat

Is It Too Early To Say Trump Leads Biden? FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

Jordan Neely's Killer Breaks Silence

Racetracks, Parks, Offices: A Frantic Search for Migrant Housing

It's time for medical professionals to start 'losing' anything cost-related to gunshot injuries

I don't get it. Please explain it to me

The Supreme Court's decisions make Clarence Thomas's ethics questions more relevant


Red Shouldered Hawk

'People prefer to protect guns and not people' says TX State Rep. Johnson - Deadline - MSNBC

Republicans want Manchin to bow out, fearful that he may have one more trick up his sleeve

Democratic donors hope to recruit NBA legends Grant Hill and Dwyane Wade to run for Senate in Fl

SPLC article on the Allen, TX shooter

Funny Cats React to Catnip 2021 TikTok Compilation 🙀 Cat 2021 JoysPets

Abortion clinics in 3 states sue to protect pill access

Oklahoma might want to spend more money on education...

New Democratic Star utterly DESTROYS Texas Republicans in MUST-SEE Interview

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Thread!

National Polls are less useful than my appendix.

Any discussion of webcam setup in this forum?

Silence Dissent With Decorum(tm) - Mark Fiore - Political Cartoons

Warrensburg Missouri trying to ban drag shows

sorry can't tolerate some things,

Sen. Fetterman: Treatment works and it saved me from my anguish - All In - MSNBC

Chip Franklin CRUSHES Republicans who have unrealistic or nonexistent ideas on gun reform

Rod Stewart - Maggie May

Governor signs bills aimed housing costs, shortage

'Wish I knew where to run. But I'll die here': More Tucker Carlson texts are revealed

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about patches, socials, and Texas....

Expert on Texas shooter's 'hate ideology' on social media

Greg Abbott issues disgusting response to tragedy on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump Investigations - May 8, 2023 Updates - Raw News And Politics

Ret. general compares this Russian tactic to WWII

DOJ antitrust chief Kanter: Antitrust laws exist to promote a competitive, resilient economy - CNBC

The Two Cellos play Johnny Cash's "Hurt." Amazing sound and emotion from two classically trained

Trump DISGRACES Conservatives with Latest Posts - Meidas Touch

Westminster Dog Show is the mutts, but do like seeing the perfection in doggies.

I heard the creator of AutoCorrect died.

Texas Republican Resigns Over Intern Sex Scandal - Waldorf Nation

Keith Self (R-TX) said god killed those people in Allen

China's 'Crippling' Debt Crisis; Chinese Gold Reserves Surge; Chinese Economy - China Update

New on Peacock:

*Lawrence Tribe has changed his mind,' according to Lawrence.

I know that Beto O'Rourke has been at the University of Chicago lately.

Just watched "A Man Called Otto" with Tom Hanks

This is Teacher Appreciation Week, so...

Sen. Whitehouse and Psaki Scrutinize the Supreme Court's Ethics Failures - Inside w/Jen Psaki

New Data Destroys Marjorie Taylor Greene's Hopes Of Being Trump's Vice President - Farron Balanced

MD-06: Maryland Del. Joe Vogel announces run to be second Gen Z Congress member

The goal is to humiliate Europe - Break the Fake - TVP World

Louisiana House approves bill to let teachers reject student's pronouns

Vote DFL get nice things - State Senate follows House & votes for Paid Family Leave

Trump THREATENS Prosecutors in New Posts after Returning to America - Meidas Touch

Louisiana lawmakers scuttle most 'pro-family' tax credits proposed in wake of abortion ban

Why I Changed My Mind on the Debt Limit L. Tribe

Some businesses that endorsed a letter against anti-LGBTQ proposals field 'harassing' calls

@NormOrnstein @Dahlialithwick ⁩has written most powerful & eloquent condemnation of Clarence Thomas

Russia Evacuates Towns Near Nuclear Power Plant in Zapororizhzhya as Fears Grow of Nuclear Disaster

Online Sports Bettors Lose More as Parlays Gain Popularity

OR: Deputy takes over Secretary of State's office

Bystanders recount harrowing mass shooting at Texas mall - ABC News

AZ: Hobbs puts the brakes on Senate's most prolific bill sponsor

Professor Tribe has moved to the right position on the 14th Amendment/Debt Ceiling

Found a maple root beer at Meijer's, made by Sprecher.

House passes bill requiring 'God' motto in Louisiana schools

Israeli army hits Islamic Jihad sites in Gaza Strip, 3 dead

I apologize

Note to networks/whomever: I don't want to see guns, shootums, bravado a.k.a CRAP

Evangelicals wondering why so many people don't take them seriously, well here's why.

Texas mall shooting memorial keeps growing as officials search for motive - CBS News

US set to announce $1.2 billion aid package to Ukraine with counteroffensive looming

AR: Candidates vie for two Conway school board seats

MD counties that Alsobrooks will win in the Democratic primary.

Neighbor shoots 14-year-old as kids play hide and seek outside, Louisiana cops say

Good Night DU MA.

Is it DA Bragg or the police why Jordan Neely's killer is not in jail?

detailed thread on the Texas neo nazi hispanic shooter

MD Counties that Alsobrooks-D will win in the Democratic primary in the 2024 MD US Senate Election.

Ok DU. Here is my very humble take on Saturday and lack of information.

Trump sets himself up for disaster in New York trial - Brian Tyler Cohen

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 3 earlier today (No Spoilers)

Trump Themed Guns Are Flying Off The Shelf - Ring of Fire

Jury hears closing arguments, begins deliberations in Carroll lawsuit against Trump - Rachel Maddow

Texas lawmakers mull 7 bills that could disenfranchise millions of voters

Coronation page uniforms changed because Prince George feared bullying at school after event

Straight male rockers donning frocks to protest anti-drag bills

Republican Policies Fueling Crime Wave - Waldorf Nation

Sask. journalist wins Pulitzer Prize for podcast about her father's residential school experience

The reasons for the U.S. Constitution:

Why Putin Fragmented His Military: A Tale of Internal Rivalries and Intentional Mismngmt - WmSpaniel

Here you go. This brings a smile.

DeSantis signs crackdown on foreign ownership, despite Chinese discrimination concerns

Laurence Tribe nails it on the debt ceiling. It has always been unconstitutional

Blackhawks win lottery

Joy Reid: Republicans are basically saying the second amendment is a suicide pact - The ReidOut MSNBC

FBI video showing how to deal with an active shooter. We are so broken.

Protecting the Baltic from hybrid threats - Eastern Express - TVP World

Katherine Sasser resigns from Columbia School Board citing swath of anti-LGBTQ legislation

Colombian 'Prince of Submersibles' gets 20 years for smuggling kilos of coke into US with narco-subm

'When I see the crown I think of the pain of my ancestors': Expert on King Charles III coronation

Here She Comes - Bonnie Tyler

Floodwaters drive new gold rush in California - NBC News

Nowhere to run. ANOTHER mass shooting in California.

Veteran of the Psychic Wars - Blue Oyster Cult

Maricopa County judge fast tracks hearing on Kari Lake's final Arizona election challenge claim

MAGA Rep Bryan Slaton has resigned after inappropriate sexual conduct

Rachel Maddow on Convergent Violence of RWDS Trumpists & Anti-Semite Nazi White Supremacist Racists

Jordan strikes Iran-linked drugs factory in southern Syria - sources

Texas mall shooter had disturbing online history and Nazi-inspired tattoos, investigators say - NBC News

Seeing red over Rep. Andy Biggs' self-serving resolution to 'back the blue'

Sweet - No You Don't

Vanguard overcomes Republican challenge to US utility stakes

Gravitas: China's Belt & Road project in Afghanistan - WION

US Senators call Tesla's safety review 'a sham'

Trump SLAMMED in New Federal Court Filing for Serious VIOLATIONS - Meidas Touch

Ever see a sea lion run?

Kind man picks up abandoned puppy in desert

PSA for a broken country

Any Babylon 5 fans out there? JMS wrote the script for a finished Animated movie...

Lawrence O'Donnell: I hate the predictability that the next mass shooting will happen - The Last Word

Dahlia Lithwick: Harlan Crow Sure Isn't Paying for Your Kid's School

There is a bill to make the AR-15 the national gun. WTAF???

Bryan Ferry tearing up "Sympathy for the Devil"

Do you think the jury will find tRump guilty of rape?

Timothy McVeigh's Dreams Are Coming True

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about trusted news sources and media literacy....

Willie Nelson and His Sons Discuss Growing up on Tour and Performing as a Family (2017)

Utah author of book on grieving death charged with murder

Why Texas, a clean energy powerhouse, is about to hit the brakes

Why being Latino and also a neo-Nazi are not mutually exclusive - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Paraglider meets vulture...

Radical right wing mass violence sits dangerously close to Republican politics - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

08 May: HIMARS raid made Russians convinced the counteroffensive starts already tomorrow at midnight

Sen. Klobuchar: How can GOP stand by when there are gun violence solutions? - The Last Word - MSNBC

Places where you're safe from gun violence...

Laurence Tribe: President's 'duty' is to pay debts despite GOP giving him an 'impossible choice

TX Dem Rep masterfully confronts 10 Commandments in classrooms advocate

WI: Fake Trump elector shouldn't have voted on his own case, judge says

Judge orders NYC Council district lines to remain in place for upcoming election

Mexico search set to find world's most endangered porpoises

The Gun Industry Wants America's Malls and Schools to Be War Zones

Analysis: Chile's constitution will struggle to escape Pinochet's shadow

Federal Police Sees Fraud in Bolsonaro's Vaccination Data

Wave of confusion grows over DeSantis' new law giving himself power to run for president:

Man Fired after 1964 Coup in Brazil Is Rehired by The Bank 59 Years Later

Woman's Body Found in Mining Area in Yanomami Territory

Rhiannon Giddens, Michael Abels win music Pulitzer for opera Omar

Republicans accidentally BLAME TRUMP for crisis as posts BACKFIRE - Meidas Touch

VICTORY PARADE in Moscow 05.09.2023 English Commentary - The Russian Dude (LIVE)

Oakland 2nd California diocese to seek bankruptcy over abuse

Paramilitaries threaten to kill judges of Colombia's war crimes tribunal

Southern border braces for migrant surge as Title 42 ends - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Marco Rubio's Applause Is Not Enough to Solve Bukele's Problems

Alsobrooks or Raskin will be the Democratic nominee for the 2024 MD US Senate Election.

A look at the rise of the AR-15 in America after 8 killed at Texas outlet mall - PBS NewsHour

All I did

Gunman in Texas mall shooting 'deeply ingrained into white supremacist culture' - The 11th Hour MSNBC

Georgia GOP chairman says he was just following orders from Trump lawyers

Bolivian general Prado Salmon who captured Che Guevara dies

Bolivia finds new oil well, President Arce announces

Indigenous people in South America are twice as likely to die from wildland fires

Not all parts of the Amazon will survive future droughts, study says

South America's Lithium Triangle

Don't Come Crying to Me

Good question (TFG v egCarroll). Who would TFG call as a witness in his defense?

Breakfast Tuesday 9 May 2023

A giant telescope grows in Chile (Feature article, great photos)

"Don't compare me to the Almighty....

anti trans man arrested for child porn


While traveling around the Dallas Ft Worth Tx area

OH: Supermajority roadmap: Backers have until Wednesday to get 60% amendment on August ballot

Prediction: Gavin Newsom will step in to resolve writers strike.

Nashville: It Don't Worry Me

On this day, May 9, 1935, "Nokie" Edwards was born.

On this day, May 9, 1924, Hank Snow was born.

Putin tells Red Square parade 'real war' unleashed on Russia

Disney expands lawsuit against DeSantis to add new events

May 9, 1726: Five men arrested in raid on molly house in London are executed

Russia suspends offensive in the East. Massive evacuation begins. "Goodwill gesture" is coming.


Assault weapons vs Women meme

News & Commentary May 4, 2023 (part 1)

Tuesday TOONs - The Wrong D

It's not ageism or sexism. It's the judiciary. Why Dianne Feinstein must resign. Now.

The rise of white nationalist Hispanics

Houston Shell Plant Had Long List Of Recent Mishaps, But TX Did Nothing About Any Of Them

Tin cup SCOTUS

Florida, Feds Finally Realizing What Climate Collapse Means To State's Water Infrastructure

Anyone ever listen to the song ( I need you ) by Lynard skynard

Kitten Abandoned at Playground Rescued by Sweetest Guy

The NRA is opposed to background checks because people who shouldn't have guns buy the most guns.

Far-right faction pushes to oust 'traitors' from Georgia GOP

Smartest Stray Cat Follows Woman Home

FTX crypto collapse: Sam Bankman-Fried seeks to dismiss most criminal charges

On VE Day, May 9, 1945, Humphrey Lyttelton played Beer Barrel Polka outside Buckingham Palace.

you know, it will get to a point where there will be so many mass shootings...

today is the anniversary of the Skyway Bridge disaster

Liz Cheney releases new ad blasting Donald Trump

There should be a marches planned

The Atlantic's Writer Caitlin Dickerson Wins 2023 Pulitzer Prize ('We Need to Take Away Children)

Republicans have declared war on public safety and we have a daily body count to prove it

Canada's Bruce 6 Nuclear Reactor Refurbishment Complete; Refueling; Will Operate Until 2064.

Trump's rape deposition tape shows exactly why MAGA loves him

Day 129 of the year. Mass shootings* SO FAR: 207. Dead: 300. Wounded: 681.

Marc Elias: The DOJ Pledged to Relentlessly Protect Voting Rights. Is it Living Up to Its Promise?

Owain is definitely still nursing

Stray Cat Can't Stay Away From Family's House

For those keeping score at home . 9th day of May. 22 mass shootings. 46 dead.

Biden calls for 'fair deal' for striking Hollywood writers

California Awards Millions to Enhance Security for Reproductive Health Facilities

Fort Hood to be renamed Fort Cavazos

Eric Lira pleads guilty to supplying performance-enhancing drugs to Olympic athletes

Stray, Three-Legged Cat Who Spent 9 Winters Outside Has His Own Fireplace Now

Wall Street Journal: The Most Valuable U.S. Power Company Is Making a Huge Bet on Hydrogen

A cell phone question.

The contract renegotiation is finished.

please help me out out with my reasoning: 2nd amendment and gun laws...

You raised $20.00 on May 8, 2023 unofficial DU for Ruben Gallego US Senate (beat Senator Sinema)

Climate Still Changes Everything

Matt Araiza wasn't present at time of accused rape

I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine

Your daily dose of weirdness

MSNBC isn't showing the pictures of the Mendoza girls. They

Lest we forget: coronavirus worldwide: 688 million, 6.9 million dead. US 107

Your daily dose, part 2

Rachel Maddow Names Pro-Hitler Speakers Appearing At Same Event As Eric Trump

'Raise the age' gun bill passes Texas committee after months of advocacy by Uvalde families

'We can't afford anything': Turkey's cost-of-living crisis threatens Erdogan's re-election

Morning Dance

Authoritarians want us to live in a fear-based society because it's a mechanism for control:

Tough Guy Trump Chickens Out Of 'Confronting' His Accuser At Trial - Farron Balanced

UK's Liz Truss heads to Taiwan after string of hawkish China speeches

The E Jean Carroll jury will begin deliberations

Richie Furay has a birthday today.

Billy Joel has a birthday today.

Putin mocked after single tank turns up for Russian Victory Day parade

voter suppression--getting the "fix" in

Erdoğan Faces a Real Risk of Losing Election

The Wagner group still out of ammo, still threatens to withdraw from Bakhmut.

'Too greedy': mass walkout at global science journal over 'unethical' fees

Yikes.......Tiger Wood harassment case is on COURT TV!!!!!! 😂

Trump Trolls CNN Ahead of CNN Appearance

would this this fall under cruel and unusual punishment?

Congratulations to the Miami Herald for winning the Pulitzer Prize in Editorial Writing

China's 'Shocking' 100 Trillion Debt; Chinese Economy; Canada Expels Diplomat - China Update

Like Lemmings Off a Cliff.....

Senate Democrats Ask Crow to Detail His Gifts to Justice Thomas

In this FBI training video, customers at a bar are caught in an active shooter event.

Question about VPNs...

Pakistan's ex-PM Imran Khan arrested, sparking protests

SU-57 flying near Prague

Soldier who killed BLM protester in Texas to be sentenced even as Abbott presses for pardon

The more things change the more they stay the same...Thoughts of George Orwell late 1930's

Hi-Ho, Another All-Time Record Weekly High For Atmospheric CO2 Content - 424.45 ppm Week 18 2023

(Rankin Co., Mississippi) Deputies in civil rights probe accused of sexual assault

What type of rock music do you listen to? Since rock was the largest vote getter. I wii start this

Top Democrat Predicts Trump INDICTMENT on Most Serious Charges by Jack Smith

The Texas legislature explores new frontiers of Christian nationalism

If trump is found liable in the E Jean Carroll rape/defamation case

Eastern Michigan University graduate among 8 dead in Texas mall shooting

Louisiana man "Doyle, 58, told officers he got his gun after seeing "shadows outside his home."

U.S. Department of Justice will be coming to Louisville in May

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about an update on Bryan Slaton in Texas....

Biden to meet with McCarthy, Jeffries, Schumer and McConnell on debt limit

Question I asked a stranger at the VFW

Police: Possible meteorite strikes home in Hopewell Township, New Jersey

Japan, US, S. Korea discuss sharing of N. Korea missile data

Liz Cheney launches anti-Trump ad on CNN ahead of former president's town hall

Sri Lanka Supreme Court clears path for decriminalisation of homosexuality

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- May 9, 2023

'Everybody is worried': China raids offices of consultancy firm Capvision in widening industry crack

Funniest news story of the day so far, guy busted for DUI in beer costume.

Sheriff: Louisiana man shot child playing hide and seek outside his home

Phyllis Bennis on Ukraine War & Why a Ceasefire Is the First Step Toward Lasting Peace

The Degenerate will be on CNN: This is Not Journalism, It's a Ratings Grab. Watch it or Skip it?

Unreal. I know these people probably mean well

Teens accused of killing Toledo worker during armed robbery charged

Why do right-wingers try so hard to prove that mass shooters are not like them?

E.Jean Carroll judge giving instructions to the jury, read it here

Trump Lies That He Wasn't Able to Defend Himself in Rape Trial

Israel Kills 13, Including Women & Children, in Airstrikes Targeting Militant Leaders in Gaza

A mistake I made improved the movie experience of watching 'The Silent Twins" on Prime.

Sudan: Residents Trapped Between Warring Rival Factions as Humanitarian Crisis Escalates

Detailed post about fake electors... a recommended read

High School Student Pepper Sprays Teacher After He Confiscates Her Phone -- The Teen's Supporters Say

Screen women for breast cancer at 40, instead of 50, new guidelines say

Pic Of The Moment: The 2nd Amendment In The 21st Century

The conman just posted that he wasn't allowed to speak at the E Jean Trial

FBI says it has sabotaged hacking tool created by elite Russian spies

Region 19-Seattle Wins Administrative Law Judge Decision Finding Kroger Grocery Stores Unlawfully Di

FBI says it has sabotaged hacking tool created by elite Russian spies

Paris police under fire over neo-Nazi rally

Justice for Jordan Neely: Friend Remembers Dancer as "Gentleman" as Calls Grow for Killer's Arrest

Lonely People

Meanwhile, at the RNC

A Tennessee teacher planned a Mother's Day class. Then came the MAGA rage.

Seems the 90mm macro CAN be used in the wild. I'll have some studio stuff a bit later.

On May 7, 1912, Dr. Elizabeth Hayes, "Dr. Betty," was born.

Lauren Boebert, George Santos Co-Sponsor Bill To Make AR-15 The 'National Gun'

13-year-old PA boy easily gets his dad's handgun, shoots and kills his 12-yr-old friend

The Victims


A distressing part of the aging process, for me, is that

Are there any videos of the parade in Moscow?

Conservative Paper Trashes Trump For Being A Complete Failure As President - Farron Balanced

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 10: Star of the Month: William Powell: Private Eye Powell

Plattsmouth Nebraska High School librarian resigns over controversial book policy

Sierra Hull, Eddie Barbash, Jack Saunders, Mike Seal, Stuart Duncan and Noam Pikelny

Happy Unvictory Day, Putin

A little taste of Lancaster city (seen on my walk to market this morning)

Should I take a nap?

E.Jean Carroll jury now deliberating

Washington Examiner goes off the deep end when it comes to abortion

Goldman Sachs to pay $215 million in gender discrimination settlement - GMA - ABC News

Pakistan on fire: Was Imran Khan (former PM) arrested or abducted? *tweets and videos*

Tweet of the Day

If you are watching "White House Plumbers" on HBO MAX you see the corruption of GOP is not new

Jury deliberations underway in E. Jean Carroll battery, defamation case against Trump

Pennsylvania's richest man is trying to thwart this AOC-backed candidate for Philadelphia mayor

MD-SEN: Angela Alsobrooks launches bid for Maryland Senate seat

One more time.

There's no 'right' way to be a rape survivor. There never will be.

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (May 9, 2023)

The race begins for Washington attorney general

Startling Nasa animation puts black holes in perspective

Judge won't reconsider order protecting Idaho ER doctors from abortion prosecutions

Timothy McVeigh's Dreams Are Coming True

North Carolina abortion bill could heighten stakes in Virginia election

Texas House OK's Bill to Let Election Workers Carry Guns at Polling Sites: Vigilantism, Intimidation

New Liz Cheney ad

Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Aimed At Weakening Public Sector Unions

Guns don't kill people

Fight over abortion restrictions in SC now centers on changes to 6-week ban bill

Groups launch ballot drive to pass constitutional amendment to ensure Florida abortion rights

Abortion-restriction effort reintroduced in Nebraska

More abortion bills being debated in Louisiana legislature

Silverback and his son, calmly study a caterpillar:

NY: Attorney General James Leads Coalition to Protect Patients' Access to Emergency Abortion Care

Louisiana man shoots 14-year-old girl in head while she played hide-and-seek on his property

Think about it: Red state women's backs are against the proverbial wall

Mom and dad watch lovingly over their puppies:

Gov. Phil Scott signs bill that prohibits paramilitary training camps

Astrophysicists propose new space observatory to detect gravitational waves

Youngkin renews push for 15-week abortion ban in Virginia

O hai

FBI disrupts Russian hacking tool used to steal information from foreign governments

KY: Powell Co. woman forced to travel out of state for abortion

US imposes sanctions on son of drug kingpin El Chapo

This Victory Day, Putin has no victory to celebrate

He wears his heart on his head:

Colorado finding out what happens when MAGA takes over a school board

Briefing schedule on Trump's motion to remove the Manhattan DA's prosecution of him to federal court

Time flies

Bleeding stations in Texas schools

Wisconsin election officials want to revive 'critical' plan

amazing slo-mo video of osprey emerging from the ocean with its prey

Amtrak cancels service between Portland and Seattle due to landslide

Wisconsin drops from 4th to 47th in voter access ranking

Sleeping pocket kitten:

Pennsylvania's richest man is trying to thwart this AOC-backed candidate for Philadelphia mayor

JAX: Mayoral candidates hold 2 separate events as a push to gather more votes ahead of election day

PA-HD163: Pennsylvania House control hinges on special election in Philadelphia suburbs


Candidates running for key Pa. election posts wrongly believe 2020 presidential race was stolen

Tennessee lawmakers called back for special session on guns after school shooting

853 days

Take a look at the verdict form in E Jean Carroll case

PA: Lackawanna County: Who's Running For Office?

First steps of a baby giraffe

TSA canine handler at DTW under investigation for aggressively pulling dog

PA: Money Flowing In Allegheny County Executive Race


US Sanctions Are Brutal and Inhumane. And They Don't Work.

Not everyone can do this, you know:

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: The Covid-19 emergency is ending. It's time for the patient to leave the hospital

Musk's only response to graphic shooting images is to doubt gunman's Nazi ties

Downtown San Francisco office building sells for far below estimated value

Puppy living his best life:

Justice Department Seeks to Shut Down Nine Florida Tax Preparers

With the Pa. House and more at stake, the race to replace a disgraced DelCo lawmaker is heated

If background checks are required for the Pride event, that condition should be met for all events.

4 Key Bills Pennsylvania House Democrats Have Passed so Far This Year

UN sounds alarm over 'new wave of extreme violence' in Haiti; 600 killed in April

Will Bunch: Texas is what modern civil war looks like

Cartoons 5/9/2023

Los Choneros: Ecuador gang leader Jnior Roldn killed

Highway 529 overnight closure set for Wednesday near Marysville

Sound Transit: Prioritize Lynnwood over East Link

LIHI cottage development aimed at people exiting homelessness

TX passed a bill to allow public schools to replace counselors with unlicensed religious chaplains.

Re Jean Carroll: is it better for conviction if the deliberations are long or short? nt

FareStart to lay off 20% of its workforce as Covid-era funding dwindles

The Psychotic Incorrigible Criminal Degenerate is Whining

MARC's new study explores how to boost Brunswick Line service

Does Colin Allred Have What It Takes To Beat Ted Cruz?

Mark Sumner in today's Daily Kos: There are reports Wagner is beginning to retreat in Bakhmut.

PA: Together For Council Rock Announces Six Candidates For School Board Director Seats

today at 4 biden will meet with congress to discuss a deal for raising the debt ceiling

Teachers earn $67K on average. Is push for raises too late?

This post is a copycat! AndyS inspired me with his macro photo.

Do the American people know this?

DENVER MAYOR: Denver firefighters union endorses Kelly Brough

"Can't you hear the children scream?

Harlan Crow refuses to hand over gift records to Senate Finance

Bryan Slaton was unanimously expelled from the Texas House of Representatives.

Kwame Spearman announces bid for Denver Public Schools Board of Education at-large seat

Harlan Crow Refuses to Hand Over Gift Records

He completed a prison sentence in Alabama. Getting the vote back was hard

How to cover a fascist in 2023? Don't.

It is a mental health problem.

Everything you didn't need to know about the insanely over-the-top Royal Carriages,

Gov. DeSantis signs bills limiting School Board terms, chipping away at teachers unions

US Government Workers Sue to Block Shutdown Amid Debt Crisis

Trump Leads DeSantis by 41 Points


NV: Republicans oppose 988 crisis line bill over funding plan


The E. Jean Carroll case is a civil action. TFG will not be *convicted* of anything,

Judge Set to Hear Abortion Pill Case Was Sworn in at Billionaire Harlan Crow's Library

M1 the crab nebula

NV: Democrats: Lombardo voter ID proposal dead on arrival

Michael Cohen calls Trump's $500 million suit against him "pure retaliation"

The Corruption of Lindsey Graham

NV: Judge denies request to dismiss defamation lawsuit against state GOP director

If you're in the Christina School District (Newark, DE)

Kitten Who'd Hiss At His Dog Brother Now Loves To Play With Him

A right-wing takeover of a Colorado school board has some of the town's conservatives deeply concern

A running tally of how Republicans are remaking the American classroom.

Friends of the Guilty

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Exclusive: RNC Considers New Criteria for First Presidential Primary Debate

How To UnFuck Texas

"We have better things to worry about than people getting killed in malls" Senator John Thune

Prediction: Trump will say the fast jury decision means the trial was rigged.

Expert: Donald Trump a modern-day Rasputin in world where Americans see each other as immoral

nb: a FEDERAL Civil Trial has a smaller jury (9) but must be unanimous

Dianne Feinstein set to return to Senate after nearly 3-month absence

BREAKING: Jury finds for E Jeanne Caroll on claim of SEXUAL ABUSE and DEFAMATION



Press photographer arrested at protest over chokehold death

E. Jean Carroll case: Trump guilty of battery and could be 2 million awarded

Got the scumbag

If the con defames her again can she sue again ?

Remember the troll on DU that tried to say E Jean Carroll was lying

Chile: Conservatives will now control Constitution rewrite

Jury says Trump must pay E. Jean Carroll $5 million for sexual abuse and defamation

OK, definitely need some clarification from our attorneys here.

Go CNN! Try to pretend he isn't a scumbag tomorrow night!

First time in Philosophy Group

Looks like she was awarded 5 million. 2 mill was just on first count.

The Republican Party has become the very cancel culture it pretends to rail against

Is the con or his spawn defaming her again yet ?

PSST - some guy named Donny says he's got some secret documents to sell

A tale of two things concerning female victims today

". . . with tears in their eyes . . ."

That orange mofo is never going to be allowed in a Chinese restaurant. Wonton disregard! 😡

Oh, to have live video of Trump's reaction now...


I like presidents who don't sexually abuse women

EJ Carroll said she couldn't tell if TFG penetrated her. Snicker. tee hee,

I have to admit, I feel completely exhausted and emotionally drained

Count the seconds before Joe Tacopina is thrown under the bus

Gonna be interesting to see how the GOP reacts to this finding.

Jury Sides With E. Jean Carroll In Civil Rape Trial Against 'Sexual Assaulter' Trump,

What is the possibility that Ireland or Britain takes action against Trump property there?

Any chance TFG will be

"A continuation of the greatest witch-hunt of all time..."

In NY, "rape" refers only to forcible sexual intercourse, as opposed to penetration with fingers

Trump's response to the verdict: I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHO THIS WOMAN IS

Some of us remember the Sgt. Preston promotion offering one square inch of

U.S. Busts Russian Cyber Operation in Dozens of Countries


Why the E. Jean Carroll Verdict Will Matter to Voters

Buckingham Electoral Board fires Republican registrar after less than a month in the job

Fox mostly covering verdict fairly and extensively

Trump liable for sexually abusing, defaming E. Jean Carroll; ordered to pay $5M (MSNBC)

Republican Candidate and Sexual Abuser, Donald Trump.

Marmalard Predator is going to have to spend the rest of his life explaining that he's NOT a guilty

Which ya got?

Ronna McDaniel: People are more concerned about the border, inflation & TikTok than the verdict

Texas mall shooter's 8 weapons were legally obtained, authorities say, as motive remains unclear

Alexandra Petri on a Supreme Court ethics code

Taste is stopping me from looking like this.

Every previous American politician would drop out of the race and disappear into a quiet retirement

What Joe Biden should tell Little Kevin today:

How well does TFG represent MAGA values?

tell CNN to cancel the town hall

Asa Hutchinson is calling TFG out on this verdict

Hooked on Slow Horses

Now Ms Carroll can sue him again for the defamation that occurred in 2019

Agree completely with Aaron Rupar on this:

Misgendering. Allowed? Official policy!

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Tomorrow will be the first time in the history of television.

Go ahead, GQP: Choose a rapist for your candidate.

Not a rapist rapist

We apologise for any technical difficulties you may be experiencing. Our engineers are working on a

What is your favorite Broadway musical or Movie Musical?

Republican Mo Brooks reaction to trump sexual abuse decision

BREAKING! at Mar a Lago

From Mark Ruffalo on Mastodon: great quick watch: global warming

If only I hadn't been denied the opportunity to testify in my defense...

Lesson to the Slobfather - do not attempt to fuck with people who are

Trump is an incredibly stupid man... particularly regarding politics.

A verdict in three hours? Yes, happened with Not Guilty of OJ Simpson

Actually sexual abuser 1 would be the best rethug candidate

The Big Financial winner in today's defamation suit likely is (pure speculation) . . .

My email to the local radio talkshow wingnuts- predicting they won't even discuss the Drumpf verdict

Trump only has himself to blame

VA: Buckingham Electoral Board fires Republican registrar after less than a month in the job

Parade of "world's second army" features only one tank, from World War II

Fuck you, you sexually predatory motherfucker

Colorado General Assembly wraps up 2023 session with a dramatic final day

As Lightfoot Departs, A 'Woefully Unprepared' Chicago Leaves Migrants In 'Inhumane' Conditions

CNN putting tfrg's lawyer's statement on air. I'll hang on and see how it's spinned

Who else is looking forward to the next Lincoln Project video?

How about we start referring to him online as "The First Predator"

Joey Tapioca is running his mouth. I can see why he lost;

Trump's attorney is making excuses and reasons why appeal will go thru.

NJ: Union County to print Spanish ballots after feds allege Voting Rights Act violations

When you applied for the job. ... When you hear back from the recruiter.

Will Melania stand by her man? When you think about it, it was actually pretty damned thoughtful ...

Tech CEO texted 911 from an Uber a year ago. His body was just found, CA reports say

WATCH: Lawyers speak after jury finds Trump sexually abused E. Jean Carroll - Washington Post

Epic fail: Roy Cohn was never found guilty*.

Jim Jordan Pours Cold Water on GOP Push to Impeach Biden

CNN has turned into Fox News.

Does trump have to register as a sex offender,

Joe Tacopina: "Donald Trump is not convicted of rape", just convicted of pussy grabbing.

Who is the more lovable scuzz lawyer . . . . . .

Top threads on DU, top news on all media and news sources, NONE of it

How the verdict in E. Jean Carroll case impacts Trump politically - MSNBC Reports

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 9, 2023

I know I'm not the only one who sees it this way. It was RAPE.

CNN: Motherfucker will find a way to back out of the town hall. Yes or No?

Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor on Countdown Podcast.

Tucker announces he is partnering with Elon Musk and bringing his live show to Twitter.

Apparently they don't always let you do it when you're a star

Trump born in 1946 Emmett Till born 1941 so close in age so so so worlds apart.

It's still mad.

MTV News is Kaput

Reminder, here's the definition of sexual abuse under NY State law

avg age 85, no new member in 20 years, Sisters of Charity of NY chooses "Path to completion"

Trump DEFILES Jury Deliberations in Federal Trial with Latest Move - Meidas Touch

Hello My DU family... Trump found guilty and hit for $5 million

Tucker Carlson announces he is 'relaunching his show' on TWITTER

Fox may be turning on TFG-someone with these kinds of difficulties and baggage

After the jury made their decision against TFG, if TFG CONTINUES with his public LIES, can

I'm not seeing evidence that Tucker Carlson is "partnering with Elon Musk"

Federal judge upholds ban on firearms possession for individuals who were involuntarily committed

Texas school official fired "ladies are the worker bees... but we need a man to push this through"

My take on Trump:When people start down a slipery slide like this,

One of the nice sidebars to the Carroll case is the political

Democrats seek list of gifts, trips given to Clarence Thomas from GOP donor Harlan Crow

CNN Reporting: George Santos facing federal charges.

Arent you sick and tired of people who inherit or marry money and then use

A new Supreme Court case seeks to legalize assault weapons in all 50 states

Tacopina heckled: "You're a f****** Neanderthal!"

I wonder if Donny's fund raising email on this case has been sent yet?

Real menus at F1 race in Miami.

Why I won't join in with the cheering that Trump is "Guilty" of "Rape".

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 10 May 2023

On this day, May 9, 1942, Tommy Roe was born.

Exclusive: Rep. George Santos charged by Justice Department in federal probe

Tommy Roe - Jam Up & Jelly Tight

More ketchup please!

Laurie Garrett: The Pandemic Is Over. What Does That Even Mean?

'Mind-boggling' methane emissions from Turkmenistan revealed

'It's filthy...and utterly corrupt': Tucker Carlson takes aim at Fox News as he launches new Twitter s

Hall of Fame men's basketball coach Denny Crum dies at 86

Biden provokes key Republicans with New York trip

American extremists linked to Russian sites

Rep. George Santos charged by Justice Department in federal probe

October will be here before you know it

George Santos charged by Justice Department

Senate Democrats ask Harlan Crow to list gifts to Thomas and any other judges - MSNBC Reports


write about a funny or amusing date you went on

Final number of judicial nominations impeded by Dianne Feinstein's absence: 0

This has been a really great day.


Smartamatic has subpoenaed the Trump campaign

Michael Rapaport expresses his views on the Carroll case outcome NSFW

GOP Rep. George Santos indicted by DoJ


Poem about dementia

Have you watched The Crown on Netflix?

another J6er identified and CHARGED - 'Pink Beret' Woman Who Stormed the Capitol


George Santos INDICTED By DOJ

The Allen Tx shooter

Rep. George Santos INDICTED - News 4 New York

On the occasion of the verdict, I think it's time to "re-issue" this DU video: Whiter Shade of Fail

Corporate Profits Could Be Fueling Inflation

Kari Lake to meet with senators as she inches closer to Senate bid

Kukeri - How a Bulgarian Village Dances Evil Spirits Away - The New Yorker Documentary

The Assault on Truth and Democracy in Los Angeles - Why The LA Fed Tapes Scandal Remains Unsolved

Judge finally issues gag order/protective order, restricting Donald Trump's speech and posts - Kirschner

McCarthy: No movement on debt ceiling in Biden meeting

Committing acts of moral turpitude is not a bug to MAGA.

Can anything be done about Gun magazine capacities?

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Just a friendly reminder!

Confession is good for the soul.

New York New York

Why watch the Orange Monster on CNN when you can watch...

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about the Trump NY verdict....

I'm Sticking With You

Yahoo Finance: New York Fed's Williams says Inflation 'remains too high'

Sunrise over the barnyard.

Trump loses court case in New York - Brian Tyler Cohen

Update: Anyone check on the Freeps to see if they melted down?

Statement from E. Jean Carroll:

Do you think tomorrow is a good time to ask my neighbor

Woman Discovers An Orphaned Fawn On Her Lawn

Show us your papers: Florida Edition

I Love Joe Biden!

President Biden Delivers Remarks Following a Meeting with Congressional Leaders

Jury finds Trump abused, defamed E. Jean Carroll after only three hours of deliberating - Deadline

Baltimore morning 5/9

Schwarzman Holds Off Giving to DeSantis After Meeting

Many, many young children adore their music teacher in my school.

A new Supreme Court case seeks to legalize assault weapons in all 50 states

Trump sexually assaulted (raped) Carroll in a semi-public location.

Hop to it, MAGATs. Your "billionaire" god/king needs you again.

Has there been a general election loser coming back and get the party nomination again?

Why Russia is Running out of Tanks

Mike Pillow Is The World's Sorest Loser - Waldorf Nation

She moved on him like

Sen. Whitehouse on Justice Thomas ethics scandal: 'We need honest courtrooms' - Deadline - MSNBC

Scoop: Tucker Carlson accuses Fox of fraud, contract breach

Well, the GOBers rather see the country go into default rather doing the right thing and pay...

BREAKING: George Santos CRIMINALLY INDICTED by DOJ at last - Meidas Touch

This is one of those "gift" exit ramps for Republicans

I see a problem if Phony Soprano gets "elected" and he goes overseas

'Elated': Trump accuser explains significance of verdict of E. Jean Carroll case - CNN

May he be known, going forward as Donald R. Trump.

Trump believed the hype in his HS yearbook at military school.

President Biden says US-Mexico border will be 'chaotic for a while' as migration curbs set to end

What other sexual predators should CNN

Tracing the Odnoklassniki Profile of the Texas Mall Shooter - bellingcat

When fascism comes to America