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Archives: November 11, 2019

Racing Executive Admits Multiple Thousands of Thoroughbreds Slaughtered Annually

A retail worker who misses a shift because of an emergency can be fired on the spot.

Armistice Day

Bill Maher New Rules: Why Is The Most Socially Awkward Guy In Charge Of Social Media?

"Violation of National Security" needs to be clearly and simply defined by the media.

They have money, We got people....

sleeping pig vs cookie

Man, it's Dog Day Afternoon in the NFL today.

'Stone age seafarers' depicted in newly discovered rock art in Sweden

Arrested and convicted of crimes, but still on the force

Dollars for dirt. Dollars for dirt.

Lt Col Vindman removed from his post at White House Nat'l Security Council-he's still in Army though

Lt. Col. Vindman was ILLEGALLY demoted then fired today. UPDATED

Politico: AOC brings star power to Iowa for Sanders

"The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves."

"The Donald Trump Song" .🤣

Monty Python's John Cleese and Eric Idle on ... the Trump and Brexit Show

Two games in the NFL I was interested in...

Nunes pressed on Fux Noise about comparing impeachment inquiry to a 'coup'

Washington Ferries To Hold Moment Of Silence For Veterans Monday

"Get the popcorn"

Email from Adam Schiff:

what do y'all know about the rainbow family? burners?

The struggles of dealing with people 🙅‍♀️

Whodunit in the Library: Someone Keeps Hiding the Anti-Trump Books

Shelter dog can't stop jumping for joy ❤️

538: How Seriously Should We Take Michael Bloomberg's Potential 2020 Run?

Klobuchar says a woman with Buttigieg's experience would not make it to debate stage

look what happened in December nearly 21 years ago.

Why I don't want Hannity and Giuliani executing our foreign policy: an argument in 57 seconds

Tiniest kitten with a tiny pink cast 💗

Rosanne Barr has gone insane

Dingbat tweets 82 times yesterday

Bernard Tyson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente, passes away 'unexpectedly'

Trump Aides Fear John Bolton's Secret Notes

Trump aides fear John Bolton's secret notes

Graham on the impeachment inquiry: 'I made my mind up. There's nothing there'

cartoon: Grouchy

State Rep. Poncho Nevarez won't seek reelection in 2020

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 13: 100th Anniv. of the American Society of Cinematographers

Can Pete Buttigieg's moderate message win over purple Iowa?

Retaliation against Lt. Col. Vindman started shortly after he reported his concerns

Trump's talk of war on Mexico cartels

She Doubted Her Place in America. Now She's Virginia's First Muslim State Senator.

Mark Kelly's tweet to Gabby Giffords on their anniversary:

Blacks for Trump

Gold Star father rips 'disgusting' Donald Trump Jr. ...

'Star Trek: Discovery' actor Anthony Rapp engaged to Ken Ithiphol

imho, inherent contempt will be deployed once the public hearings start.

If there was a cancer on the Nixon presidency, what on earth is on the Trump presidency?

Mercury Transit: 2019 Nov 11

John Bolton has $2 million book deal

Eric Trump reports for jury duty

Interesting quote from "Snuff", Sir Terry's penultimate Discworld novel ...

Need a break from Trump? You need to watch Fred Astaire et al. dance to Uptown Funk:

Poor Maria Bartiroma

Thank you to all veterans on DU.

Dog's hilarious bubbling-snore will bring a smile to your face

!!SDNY digging into an alleged Giuliani/Fruman/Parnas/Pete Sessions scheme to get Yovanovitch ousted

Julin Castro Calls for Re-ordering of Democratic Primary States

Kamala Harris Downplays Early State Polls

This is what Trump brags about when he says African Americans should support him bc of all he's done

"I made up my (no) mind" There is nothing there and never was!

Giuliani Has Always Had Dubious Associations

"We should be lowering drug costs for the American people" Et Cetera. Et Cetera. FUCK YOU

Oh, Chuck forums on MTP for Rand Paul AND Hugh Hewitt, plus "two wrongs make a right"

Pete Buttigieg outlasts the pundits ...

**UPDATE** @PeteButtigieg: "The failures of the Obama era help explain how we got Trump."

Trump impeachment inquiry helping students learn about Constitution

Petersen pleads not guilty anew, hires prominent lawyer

Court rules out-of-state students not entitled to refunds

Donald Trump Jr walks out of Triggered book launch after heckling - from supporters

Trump is saying 'I am above the law' and 'nobody can control me': Harvard Law's Laurence Tribe

For re-post visibility: Esquire/ChasPierce: "Anonymous" can bite me

'Pam, pam, pam': Hong Kong police open fire, wounding protester

Amazon's $1.5 million political gambit backfires in Seattle City Council election

The Last Lifeboat Has Now Departed

Trouble In #Paradise

Attila - Wonder Woman (Billy Joel)


Will AOC Call Out Bernie Sander's Scapegoating of Immigrants?

Raptors beat Lakers in LA, play Kawhi Leonard & Clippers Monday night

Hold on to your seats. Bumpy ride coming.

I'm sorry I can't remember which DUer

Mercury's rare Sun transit will happen on Monday: Here's how to watch

Donald Trump Jr walks out of Triggered book launch after heckling - from supporters

Gamma ray study recalculates rate of expansion of the universe

NASA instrument spots its brightest X-ray burst from a peculiar pulsar

Marine Mammal Epidemic Linked to Climate Change

Is the Universe a Giant Loop?

We're now in Chobe National Park in Botswana. River is full

Smokie - Living Next Door to Alice

Ant Colonies Avoid Traffic Jams

So we're coming up on 1 am Monday

Chris Rea - Whatever Happened To Benny Santini?

Rhythm Corps - Common Ground

The Pursuit of Happiness - I'm an Adult Now

Solving The Mystery Of Songbird Diversity

Wildfire Emergency Down Under: family-run shelter in New South Wales is protecting kangaroos.

Last Week Tonight SLAPP Bob Murray

Intense Gravity Makes One Galaxy Appear in The Sky at Least 12 Times

National Popular Vote...

Heart-Wrenching Study Shows The Long-Term Effect Yelling Can Have on Your Dog

Why do I see Sanders when I am trying to listen to famous beloved arias on YouTube?

Scientists develop sensor to save children, pets left in vehicles

Coastlines' contribution to climate change might have been underestimated

Mesmerising Video Shows Waves of Spinal Fluid Washing Over The Brain During Sleep

Magnets for the second dimension

Please give consideration to this charity in the upcoming holiday. 'Puppy Rescue Mission'.

The Reinvention of Humanity by Charles King review - a revolution in anthropology

Bones of ape living 12m years ago point to genesis of upright walking

Buttigieg blames 'the failures of the Obama era' on ... the Republicans.

Thailand wants to ban these three pesticides. The US government says no

Cysteodemus armatus, the inflated beetle.

CNN: The impeachment inquiry goes public

It's simple: conservatives, the GOP: self-serving assholes.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - SLAPP Suits

We don't really even need to tax the rich to have public healthcare and free college

Navajo Generating Station closure leaves questions of water ownership

AZ lawmaker seeks public's help identifying shooter who paralyzed her 15 years ago

Offshoot Mormon community hit in deadly attack leaves Mexico, arrives in Arizona

New Mexico leads US with high-hazard dams in poor shape

Health-care leaders mourn Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson, who unexpectedly died at age 60

Why the Supreme Court is hearing a TV mogul's $20 billion racial bias case against Comcast

New York woman arrested, charged with harassing toddler with special needs

Hope not hate: St. George man speaks out after he says he was a victim of a hate crime

Crowd mobilization in La Paz against the coup in Bolivia

AOC Is Huge in Iowa - And she might just be Bernie Sanders' most important surrogate.

Spain's Socialists win national election; right-wing Vox Party surges

NBC News Interview: Bernie Sanders in Orange City, Iowa

'7,000 who attended the 5 Bernie Sanders events this weekend, 3,000 were new supporters to campaign'

Summer of Discontent -- Activists are facing criminal charges for a massive protest against the

Documentary exposes sexism and chauvinism at heart of russian society:

Chile: President Piera Prepares Bill To Amend the Constitution

Longtime GOP Rep. Peter King won't seek reelection: report

Rep. Peter T. King, a 14-term Republican congressman from New York, announces retirement

Nicki Halley will go down as one of the villains when all has been said and done. In her tell all

Whodunit in an Idaho library: Someone keeps hiding the anti-Trump books

Uh oh "factional rift" amongst the ZOOMERS. This is too funny.

LA Times journalist now saying Mayor Pete quote was inaccurate

We Found a "Staggering" 281 Lobbyists Who've Worked in the Trump Administration

Guess the movie.

Literally stealing from Vets...

Rep. Peter King in 2004 prior to voting ... never forget

Power to the plastic!!!!

The Universe Is Made of Tiny Bubbles Containing Mini-Universes, Scientists Say

Correct quote from journalest who said it wrong.

US Senate seats that Democrats need and are likely to win to regain control in 2020.

NY Fed VP - Warming-Related Extreme Weather Has Cost The US $500 Billion In Past Five Years

Well, If Bloomberg Can Jump In At The Last Minute, Why Can't Al Gore?

Whole Foods - A Seething Nexus Of Human Conflict!! The Driving Drama Of . . . .EV Charging!!

Pete:I appreciate this reporter's swift and honest correction of a misquote on my views of the Obama

NASA - Data Suggest Arctic Now Net Carbon Source; Winter Output Ahead Of Vegetation Uptake in Summer

Rep.Peter King becomes 19th GOP house member to retire.

Surprise, Surprise! Fucky Todd is at it again. . .

The Disorienting Defenses of Donald Trump

Conservative advertisers will counter networks televising the impeachment hearings

Climate change and overfishing are boosting toxic mercury levels in fish

The Rundown: November 8, 2019

Bagseed update...

The Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Begins A New Phase This Week: What You Need To Know

Exactly what part of the Russian stealth war is unclear...?!?!

No end seen to South Carolina clean water disputes

AP - 1,688 Dams Rated As "Poor" Or "Unsatisfactory" In 44 States & PR - That We Know About

Pete:I appreciate this reporter's swift and honest correction of a misquote on my views of the Obama

Bernie Sanders vows to strengthen services for U.S. veterans if elected president

Keeping Our Promise

Keeping Our Promise

Lindsey Graham DuBois...

Honoring Our Commitment to Veterans

BBC criticised for using archive footage of Churchill laying wreath instead of Boris Johnson

Honoring Our Commitment to Veterans

What Pete actually said (full quote), per the reporter in his apology.

The great bank robbery -by Tom Tomorrow

AP Exclusive: Buttigieg would pick VA's 1st female secretary

Here is the audio of the interview with Pete Buttigieg

What the fuck, Chuck?

What 100 House GOP dropouts in Trump era means for impeachment

A Californian economist loves neoliberalism. When Chileans started protesting it, he opened fire on

Seems that Bloomberg might also be a racist

Anonymous author: Trump proposed doing away with judges multiple times

Veterans' Day tweet from Hillary Clinton:

Political Warfare

Brexit party will not contest 317 Tory-won seats, Farage says

Facebook's top news executive has her own media outlet -- and it's been savaging Elizabeth Warren

Navy Submarine, Missing for 75 Years, Is Found Off Okinawa

Weber State grapples with issues of racism, academic freedom in wake of viral student YouTube videos

British founder of White Helmets found dead in Istanbul

Somebody's Hiding Books Away In the Coeur D'Alene Idaho Public Library.

New and powerful ad from Rep Elaine Luria - Oath

A Heartfelt thank you to Veterans and their families.

NY-2 Rep. Peter King will not seek re-election in 2020.

Trump's bluster crashes into a barrage of impeachment facts

Brit founder of White Helmets dead in Istanbul, suspicious circumstances

The prophecy of Adam Gopnik in the New Yorker, May 20, 2016

You know who Rosie from the Jetsons reminds me of?

I am mulching today before the cold snap tomorrow.

When you forget to set Airplane Mode

any great recipes for a cold snap in the weather?

New and powerful ad from Rep Elaine Luria - Oath

Dire Straits "Brothers In Arms"

Why do folks at M$Greedia act so surprised when Americans boo and scream

Anthony Scaramucci likens Donald Trump support to a cult on Cnn Reliable Sources

For the forgotten ones

The Twit tweets: Shifty Adam Schiff will only release doctored transcripts. We haven't even seen...

I'm going to be sick...

Gabbard lawyers demand retraction of Clinton's 'defamation'

Black veterans killed fighting for their rights at home:

New podcast from Al Franken

WaPo editorial: Pete Buttigieg's college affordability plan is actually the most progressive

Beware mealy-mouthed and misleading language

The cancer has metastasized. . . . Please come CAPTION Mick Mulvaney!!!

Mr. President, you are not King

Can I be Swiss? Switzerland has decided keeping 3 mo. emergency coffee supply is essential safeguard

SpaceX Starlink mission launched.

On Being a Military Veteran

WTF is wrong with Rand Paul?

I can't get past how weird it is that don jr is taking his girlfriend along on his book tour (video)

Bernie Sanders: How to Fight Antisemitism

"187." Dark, powerful film.

IMPEACH sign in windows of building overlooking the site of Trump's speech today

Pete Buttigieg on Veterans Day

What's the weather like today where you live?

A judge is going to make a decision at 5:00 pm this evening.

Will a democrats get Peter King's seat?

Belongs To Us - New Iowa Ad

Yesterday we worked outside in shorts.

Belongs To Us - New Iowa Ad

"Brand New Day" Sting and Stevie Wonder

Hanging in bldg overlooking site of Trump's Vets Day Speech is a huge sign in windows: "IMPEACH"

"Fortress Europe": Building Anti-Immigrant Walls Along Europe's Borders Is Big Business

Mercury Transit 2019: Live feed.

If you want to watch Trump's speech and need a live stream:

From Ezra Pound, on the changing of the seasons:

Motrhead - 1916

Chillax 😌

Republican: You Can't Impeach Trump for a Crime He Does 'All the Time'

I think this tweet sums it up quite well.

One of those "what did you expect" moments for DJT Jr.

Perry backers secured lucrative Ukraine gas deal after his meeting with new president

Why you have to be very, very specific in what you say or write

did you know that "diversity" is a bad word? no, a really, *really* bad word?

Signs of the times -

Saw "Ford V. Ferrari" last night.

🔥 Veterans and Seniors Town Hall with Bernie

On this day...

Donald Trump Jr Booed Off Stage At Book Launch By His Own Supporters

As a former Marine corps spouse

The truly frightening thing about Nikki Haley's big revelation

Christine Pelosi: Republicans running for the exits faster than Cadet Bone Spurs ran from the draft

How Russia Meddles Abroad for Profit: Cash, Trolls and a Cult Leader (NYT)

On Veterans day, I present a photo and story of a hero.

VoteVets rented a plane to fly over Denver today-Banner Reads: "Vets-Trump is Nat'l Security Risk"

This idea: "Everything is more expensive these days." is a total lie, and here's proof.

Statement of Joe and Jill Biden on observation of Veterans Day

A Chicago Library Needs Help Transcribing 17th-Century Spellbooks

GOP Lawmaker Wants To End Higher Education To 'Save America' From Liberals

This is disgusting to hear from Uber CEO. Should we boycott Uber?

Honoring my father on this Veteran's Day

BREAKING: A plane slid off a runway as it was landing at O'Hare Airport

"Bankrupt Trump"

Perry backers got huge gas deal with Ukraine after his meeting with new President.

There used to be a Ford manufacturing plant in St. Paul, MN.

Kelly, Tillerson, Haley, "anonymous" etc are NOT heroes, they're ENABLERS

96 year-old World War II veteran Pete DuPre played the national anthem on his harmonica

On this day, I thank our current

OH FFS...Andrea Mitchell just did a segment on Nikki Haley and referred to her as "Steel Magnolia."

Far-right activists gloat after triggering Trump Jr at UCLA : Donald Trump Jr. Booed Off Stage

Veterans for Yang

A pro-life Republican who couldn't vote for Bevin because of Trump

So Appropriate: Trash trucks literally surrounding Madison Square park to protect Trump from boo-ing

Nikki Haley's Use Of The Word "Undermine"......

Missing - Theme music by Vangelis

At a church forum, Elizabeth Warren says she is open to suspending deportations

Yang's plan for Veterans

Elizabeth Warren Opens Campaign Office In Oakland

Our country is easily divided.

Bet you didn't know that the USA is playing Guyana in the Caribbean Super Fifity

I made another thing.

Falling investment revives attacks against Trump's tax cuts

Keeping Our Promise

After push from Perry, backers got huge gas deal in Ukraine

WTF is that thing babbling about now?!? Something.

Sign: "Thank you to those who fought for our right to boo the President who disrespects you."

A Mysterious Little Owl Brought to Light

"Cheating to save himself from a 2020 election defeat" vs. "personal political gain."

Frackers Prepare to Pull Back, Exacerbating a Slowdown in U.S. Oil Growth

The crazy fool that bet it all on crypto ...

Greg Sargent: An epic 'Meet the Press' rant unmasks the real goal of Trump's lies

Climate change could end mortgages as we know them

something a family friend said in a phone conversation.

Peter King, Veteran New York Republican in House, Announces He Will Retire.

Buttigieg Veteran's Day Statement - A call to service that never ends

The Biden Plan to Keep Our Sacred Obligation to Our Veterans

AP: Thousands face life-threatening floods from aging dams

"Reporters are shocked by the President's crude manner

These California police officers were charged with brutalizing loved ones.

They carry flags through Granite Falls to call attention to the crisis of suicide among veterans.

Guys with feet like this have 125% chance of stealing your girl.

Netflix has some outstanding documentaries about WWII

What's good for the goose is good for the gander - Calling this "FAKE" news

Earth-shaking victory: Ecstatic Sounders fans register on seismograph

Some Gave All

There's always a tweet, Nikki.

Sanders proposes expanded Veterans Affairs services, $62B to rebuild infrastructure

Happy Veterans Day!

In my 1st car I kept a shoe box full of 8track tapes (Part2)


J.P.Morgan Chase's Dimon is rescuing Detroit

Happy Veteren's Day to alla yinz

Perry's deal with the Ukraine.

Have any TV networks promised gavel-to-gavel impeachment coverage?

Soldiers Come Home To Dogs

This Vietnam War veteran had no clue he earned a Purple Heart - until it was hand-delivered to him..

Mark Hertling: this occurs just a few days after his charity was penalized $2M for bilking vets?

Federal judge has dismissed a Trump lawsuit re: tax returns and House Ways & Means

How to Fight Antisemitism November 11, 2019 Posted by Bernie Sanders

I dont want a damn transcript, I want the actual voice call.

This was produced By Todd Rundgren and is not indicative of Grand Funk's earlier records

NY-02: King's Retirement Moves Seat From Likely to Lean Republican

Trump can't sue New York State in DC federal court to stop release of tax returns, judge says

Why do they say dump and his old lady laid a wreath when

"You can shoot me, but you'll have to kill us all... Something." Trump said at the #VeteransDay Para

If you haven't watched it yet, check out John Oliver's show from last night:

For peeps with Spotify ... My Memorial Playlist for my Dad ...

😀🇺🇸🍨☀️❗️What's your favorite? Mine, Swensen's Gold Rush!

Finally seeing widespread use of the term Extortion instead of quid pro quo

Andrew Yang has more labels than anybody...

How far is too far for Don Cherry?

a new pet peeve for me-dotard using people's first names when he doesn't know them

Trump lawsuit to stop tax return release tossed by the court

Cartoons 11/11/19

"If the American people only watch the first hour, they'll hear plenty" re: impeachment hearings

"Can we just get rid of the judges? Let's get rid of the f-cking judges."

Wild turkeys are terrorizing a town; MLB player calls on the New Jersey governor for help

Lindsey Graham says impeachment is 'invalid' if the whistleblower doesn't get outed

bigots for hire

There's a hidden consequence of climate change: A deadly virus that's killing key marine species

Pete's Veterans Day Address on now -

Mark Cuban latest billionaire to bash Sen. Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax plan

Are the rich secretly hoarding their wealth in Seattle's luxury condos?

Team Trump's Approach to South Korean Alliance: Trash and Crash

Trump NYC Veterans Day speech met with protests

Veterans group: Trump Jr. can join the military if he 'really wants to understand what sacrifice is

max and murphy work as a team to find lost hooman

U.S. seeks to hike fees for immigration applications and impose first-ever asylum charge

Please don't yell at me for laughing at this

Berliners tried to send Trump a piece of the Berlin Wall with a message saying no wall lasts forever

Before Elvis, and everyone else, there was Charles Hart!

Trump escaped prosecution because his AG is 'more loyal to him than to the Constitution'

Did we have to pay for dump to get some applause In Alabama

Senator Schumer: "Peter King stood head & shoulders above everyone else"

Drugs or supplement regimes to reverse slowing down with aging?

November 11, 2019 New Hampshire -Quinnipiac Poll

Gay teen fights back against school bully as teachers do nothing in viral video

OK - I'm ready for winter - at the last second

A Veteran explains her support for Kamala Harris

Marsha Blackburn roasted for invoking Jesus to bash impeachment - but actually quotes Shakespeare.

LA-GOV: Edwards Just Ahead In Louisiana Runoff

Can I propose a hashtag? "Lindsey SASOCS".

Since Republicans want Hunter Biden to testify, Democrats should call Ivanka Trump

NY-02: Democrat Liuba Grechen Shirley considering a second bid for Congress

Trump will be removed from office on July 20, 2020

Monty Python Icon John Cleese Has Brutal Assessment Of Trump's Fox News Fans

Nate Silver: who supports Tulsi Gabbard In New Hampshire

Any knitters here?

Why is there such a thing as a "facility for deported veterans"?

Former U.S. top diplomat (Condi) Rice concerned by shadow diplomacy on Ukraine


*NEW* Quinnipiac Poll - NH: Biden 20%, Warren 16%, Buttigieg 15%, Sanders 14%, Gabbard 6%

Had an argument with a Trumpeter today. I saw

When the song hits you again and again you have to share the ear worm. A great ear worm.

Donald Trump's solemn Veterans' Day message to the country.

November Photo Contest now open!!

The Republican Loyalist are showing themselves this week. Remember who they are.

How To Identify a Non-Asshole Billionaire

A chilling prediction

The Conservative Legal Community Is Grasping at Straws to Defend Donald Trump

The ongoing, back door bid to commercialize our national parks

A question about Lindsey Graham

The biggest risk facing the stock market isn't trade jitters or the election, Deutsche Bank warns

If you think it is too expensive to take care of our veterans, don't send them to war.

Former Lions WR Charles Rogers, second pick of 2003 draft, dies at age 38

New "Ditch Mitch" commercial

General election 2019: Brexit Party will not stand in Tory seats

Laura Cooper testimony has been posted

Activist who helped draft Beto into the 2020 primaries endorses Joe Biden

Bolton and Kupperman oppose acting White House chief of staff Mulvaney's bid to join

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 11, 2019

Google's 'Project Nightingale' Gathers Personal Health Data on Millions of Americans

You, will not hold trump responsible for anything?

Nationals GM: "We weren't trying to make a political statement" visiting the White House

Committees Release Laura Cooper's Transcript as Part of Impeachment Inquiry

Charles Booker

Bezos wants to purchase an NFL team.

BWAHAHA! Beady eyed little Indiana Jones villain Mulvaney told to take a hike by Bolton's attorneys.

''I am very concerned about what appears to be a coup in Bolivia... ''

''I am very concerned about what appears to be a coup in Bolivia... ''

The birds. OMG the birds. The end of WWI on the western front, in audio

Hey DU, here is a truly scary thought that occurred to me on my run...

Soon that Friday News Dump will be a

Dr.Phil a woman claims she is in a relationship with Putin

Turkey starts returning IS fighters; deports US national

Conservatives Silent After Melania Doesn't Put Her Hand Over Her Heart For Playing of TAPS

You raised $25.00 on November 10, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

November Photo Contest is Monumental!

Key Filings in the Kupperman/Bolton and Maybe Mulvaney Lawsuit re: Subpoenas

Teachers, others raise concern about new tax reform proposal

Deval Patrick, Ex-Governor of Massachusetts, Is Considering White House Bid

Bernie Sanders Becomes First 2020 Democratic Presidential Contender to Criticize Bolivian Coup

Ocasio-Cortez Joins Chorus of Critics Condemning Coup in Bolivia That Forced Out Socialist President

'Baby Trump stabber' GoFundMe contributors to be refunded, organizer says

CNN has even more transcripts to go over as of the last 5 minutes.

This parrot jumps on her favorite cat's back whenever she wants to go for a walk with him 💚

The ALF is back...

Gems on VHS recently posted 2 fantastic folk tunes

Committees Release Croft and Anderson Transcripts as Part of Impeachment Inquiry

If Dogs Could Talk

McConnell Moves On From Bevin: 'We'll Have A Different Governor In 3 Weeks'

Guy kayaking across the ocean by himself meets a stray dog 💙

Remembrance Day Nov. 11, 1918 and The Poppy Flower

These dogs are so excited to reunite with their soldier moms and dads 😍

Deval is welcome

It Looks Like No One Wins a Dinner With Donald J. Trump

Luckovich-Rats leaving a sinking ship

E.P.A. to Tighten Limits on Science Used to Write Public Health Rules

Funk with a message!

OMB put a hold on javelin missiles because Mulvaney was concerned Putin wouldn't like it. How cute.

Hero Rescues So Many Kittens From This Ditch

Drump's constant use of the term "Perfect"

The science of identity cult

Bernie Sanders Has More Diverse Support Than You Think

Edwards Just Ahead In Louisiana Runoff

Elizabeth Warren on Nightly News (extended interview)

1st Day w. No Rain Anywhere In Australia In Met. History; "Catastrophic" Fire Conditions In NSW

I think it is time the most electable Democrat in the country joined the race

'White Helmets' Backer Found Dead In Turkey

A Tasteless joke.

Cheney calls for Turkish leader's bodyguards to be banned from re-entering US

Bots Spread False Claims of Voter Fraud in Kentucky

"He is believed to have fallen from the balcony of his apartment..." James Le Mesurier dead.

Service sector workforce pummeled by erratic scheduling, research shows

GOP Rep. Peter King Calls it Quits - 20th Republican This Cycle to Forego Re-Election

WOW! Don Jr.'s S.O. Kimberly Guilfoyle sure knows how to handle a rowdy anti-Don Jr. crowd.

COP 25 Perfectly Encapsulates The Shitstorm Of Money, Fire & Warming We're All Facing

Here come your FIVE FAVORITE WORDS: "More Bad News For Trump." #ThoughtsAndPrayers #WompWomp

Is it just me or does the fact trump withholding military aid to the Ukraine....

Trump: "In order to continue being the most Transparent President in history, I will..."

Trump Is MAGA-fying the National Medal of Arts

The Moderately Indefensible Career of Rep. Peter King

The Trump Foundation-Profiting off the backs of Veterans

In the 100th anniversary year of his birth, I salute my dad,

Mother in law wished me a Veterans Day toast I asked how about the boog