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So Trump shagged some Kremlin honeypots and this isn't news?

2020 US Senate Elections that Democrats will win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Look what this crook paid for postage.....

Notre Dame, Michigan State suspend in-person instruction

🧵 Excellent thread on the bipartisan report by the Senate Intel Committee on the Russia Investigatio

Safest Way To Vote

My convention speech, if they had invited me.

I made homemade ginger ale syrup.

Could Michelle Obama be the Eleanor Roosevelt of our time? nt

Tweet of the Day

The Post Office Mess Is Meant to Exhaust You. Trump is "flooding the zone." a form of censorship

Tavis Smiley ordered to pay PBS $2.6M for sexual misconduct

Cindy McCain to speak at the convention tonight!

California just saw its first plague case in 5 years. Experts explain why you shouldn't panic

California Governor Gavin Newsom Declares Statewide Emergency, Mobilizes National Guard Amid Fires,

Will the House still hold their hearing with DeJoy on the 24th?

Trump admits moving US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was 'for the evangelicals'

FYI: Former Attorney General Eric Holder will be on All In with Chris Hayes

Former DHS official, Miles Taylor, on PBS News Hour tonight.

News advocates voting early, in person

Scott Jennings needs a punch in the mouth. nt

I can't say no to Jill.

Blind Faith Can't Find My Way Home

Mike Bloomberg gives $60m to help Democrats in November as former campaign aides turn against him

Postal delivery delays are deeper than you think-5 machines removed in Memphis

*Biden's Convention Focus: Experience To Fix Trump's Chaos*

Here's a preview Secretary Colin Powell's speech for tonight's DNC. #TheReidOut

NBC live... stream for those who can watch on a phone or pc

Steve Sack FTW

McConnell Not Sure There Will be Another Coronavirus Relief Bill

US Postal Service delays force Department of Veterans Affairs to shift prescription delivery methods

The postmaster general once called the president's leadership style 'self-destructive'

Trump claims he has 'never heard of' ex-Homeland Security chief who called him 'terrifying'

Networks only carrying 1 hour of the Convention (10-11 PM Eastern)

The PhD versus

Poll: Biden leads Trump by 6 points nationwide

Former DHS Official Who Disavowed Trump Claims Retaliation Campaign Has Already Begun

BREAKING: Kanyne West petitions rejected by Wisconsin...

Barbara Boxer: " I never imagined a president like Trump when I voted to create the @DHS"


Senate Intel Report, Vol. 5: Trump Lied, Manafort Spied, Democracy Nearly Died

Seattle Public Schools plans to delay start to school year

Just chatted with a man 50ish we were waiting on takeout order

Former counterterrorism chief: Trump defeat may prompt right-wing terror attacks

I got lost in the Convention Mega Thread

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

8/19 Mike Luckovich: Destruction paused

Barbara Jordan, Mario Cuomo, Ann Richards!!!!

Florida's Primary (1 incumbent (R) has likely lost and one everyone is still viable)

An 82-year-old Texas man waited more than a week for his heart medication to arrive, thanks to USPS

Republican congressional candidate and right-wing pundit Marjorie Taylor Greene is a bigot

DNC Opening Night Recap - Sack Cartoon

Senate Intel Report, Vol. 5: Trump Lied, Manafort Spied, Democracy Nearly Died

This convention is costing me a whole box of tissues.

It's time to RELEASE the KRAKEN!

Subliminal message in Trump et. al. trolling of mail-in ballots: you can't trust organized labor


People in the Old Country knew how to have fun.

Sally Yates!

I'm watching the convention on Youtube tonight.

Nutjob Laura Loomer has won the R primary in Florida's District 21

They are cramming "It is what it is" right down his throat.

Trump Low-Lifes are so depraved that Amazon actually takes down their t-shirts from its marketplace.

I thought this image was very moving.

Caroline's son looks like John, Jr.

OMG JFK's daughter and grandson! First years of the night.

I think I like the virtual convention better, actually

****DNC Thread so I don't start fifty****

Postal Service Inspector Gen. Who Resigned In Protest Of Trump Handling, To Brief House Dems. Thurs.

10 year old girl playing the drums amazingly!

Damn Mr. Clinton is hitting it out of the park!!! n/t

I am SICK of hearing about "affordable" health care.

Im so pissed and so happy at the same time.

'I've warned of this risk for years': US elections chief says Russia report demands immediate action

Somehow I had missed the news that Bernie hadn't withdrawn

What did I miss, why is Sanders running against Biden?

There goes our nominee in 2036

*Dem. Convention Coverage, NBC LIVE*

Trump's two part strategy

AOC didn't use her minute very well

The roll call is really NEAT.

The roll call vote is interesting.

Delaware passes?

Delaware passes?nt

Iowa Democrat Cindy Axne calls for resignation of U.S. postmaster general

For the republican convention Vladimir Putin will nominate donald j trump

I really want to thank the woman representing Americans abroad during the DNC roll call vote.

It's the MyPillow Guy's World, We're Just Begging God for Sweet Release From It (Ferret/Shower Cap)

C'mon CNN...lay off the GD commercials.

People seem confused about two procedural things

I am loving this roll is fantastic that we are hearing so many different voices telling

NBC just cut in

stupid nbc butts into the roll call. like msnbc crapping on for what its worth last night

Using Lordstown for Ohio was brilliant

They Screwed Up The Roll Call

Khizr Khan announcing the Virginia votes. Great move!

AOC: Congratulations, Joe Biden - I deeply look forward to fighting for our future together

Whoever did the 1 abstention vote in Texas, what was the point?

This Is What Democracy Looks Like!

Laurence Tribe: "Senate report ... unearths a gold mine of compelling evidence that the Trump

Was that Bernie in the group for the Vermont roll call vote?

Here's to the Virgin Islands for retaining the tradition of funny Convention hats

Go Joe! Our nominee! ❤️❤️❤️


Let's fucking go!

Cele!bration time is right!

it went without a hitch.

Did I miss something? People seem excited...

Mathew Shepard's parents

So proud to be a Democrat.

What is Senator Harris doing right now?

You had me at "Donald Trump didn't listen to the experts," Democrats

Election officials respond to mail ballot misconceptions

I can't believe my Inbox.....getting slammed by Emails for money.

My land line is ringing every few minutes...

"It is the honor of my life to accept the Democratic Party's nomination for President of USA"

Gee, I wonder what next week will be like?

The Latest: Democrats formally nominate Biden for president

Dang! John Kerry!

Watching our awesome convention tonight I am wondering

shush you all, a war criminal is talking now. nt

Two Conventions, Two Americas, And The Beginning Of A New War

Good Day Sunshine!

This segment ROCKS (DNC Night 2-Joe on foreign policy)

Jill Biden --- Great story

So why is there an ad on my You Tube Feed


Joe + Jill.

Hope vs Hate: A Tale of Two Conventions

The Butting Heads: A NSFW video that's really SFW

I thought last night was going to be hard to top....

It is nearly impossible to compare Jill Biden to . . . . . Lady I Don't Care

I really don't care. Do U?

Is it fake news?

Jill Biden could be not only good

Bruce Springsteen's 'The Rising' Surges in Sales After DNC Convention's 'Rise Up' Segment

Postal Employees Forbidden to Witness Absentee Ballots

Sack's take on the first night of the Democratic convention.

Oh! Joe Biden gave a great plug for teachers referring to Jill.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Boy do we need Biden in the White House.

I did not know that Joe and Jill Biden had a daughter

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The DNC Kicks Off & Michelle Obama Brings Down the House

FL-18: Mast moves from 'Safe' to 'Likely' Republcian

I know it would be wrong but if they debate I'd love to see Joe challenge the fat one to box

About AOC's one minute...

I cannot wait to see the Republican counter to this Democratic Convention.

Pic Of The Moment: Don't Miss The 2020 REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION!

THIS PIC! Joe & Jill

YES, Coffee Milk and Calimari in Rhode Island,

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Who Did The 19th Amendment Really Give Voting Rights To?

The warmth, positivity, and honesty

Joy Reid just made me aware of a new term: #KHive

No former Presidents will be speaking. Think about that. W spoke at

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats will win to get in the majority in the US Senate in 2020.

Lindsey Graham must be looking at his poll numbers

Democrats sweep 3 Orange County Commission seats

Joe and Jill Biden are just decent, caring people.

Is it just me, or are DEMOCRATS F***ING KILLING IT the last couple of nights?!?

Does Trump think that UPS and USPS are the same thing?

Speaking of speakers

What do you think Mitch and Lindsey will do in the voting booth?

Wholesome moment right after Jill Biden's segment ended. (Not aired)

Wait 'Til America Gets to Know Jill Biden.

Awesome story about the woman who put Joe Biden's name on the floor

RWer Erick Erickson admits "Joe and Jill Biden are two of the nicest people you'll ever meet"

Trump's approval soars to 42%

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Rep. Jim Clyburn - The DNC, Kamala Harris & The USPS

McConnell Implicated With Trump In Postal Service Scandal

Why are the roll call votes out of whack with the primary results?

Jill Biden's full speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention - DNC Night 2

Dear Joe, It is our honor ...

Michael Steele predicting the Reverse Raccoon will not accept a lost election.

Sincere question about Trump and Republican-controlled election supervisors

Bill Clinton's full speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention - DNC Night 2

Anyone here ever watch Soap Operas?

Incumbent Ross Spano is out, FL-15. Despite Rubio's endorsement.

Home made Xiao long bao / 家庭制做灌汤小笼包

Seth Meyers - Trump Defends Postmaster General Louis DeJoy - Monologue 8/17/20

This palm-sized elephant relative was just sighted for the first time in 50 years

Security guard who met Biden in elevator gives first nominating speech at Democratic convention

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, The Wonderworker

This would be the perfect time to re-release this song.

Is it probable that Putin is instructing Trump on how to sabotage the election ??

Seth Meyers - Guest Robert Costa Warns Trump and Republicans Will Contest 2020 Election Results

Anyone else getting throat-punched by these Bay Area wildfires?

(Jewish Group) Facebook algorithms promote Holocaust denial content, think tank report finds

Trump congrats Laura Loomer-#florida, Repug----a real piece of bigoted sh**.......

Republican Confessions

AOC used her short time allotted at DNC to completely define the Progressive movement

(Jewish Group) The Jewish Suffragists Who Helped Women Win the Right to Vote

Trump said he plans to seek a third term "because they spied on my campaign."

Seth Meyers: Amber Ruffin Shares What Trump Has Done for Women

Former DHS Chief of Staff (Miles Taylor): "(Liaison) has been tasked with digging up dirt on me"

Jill Biden brought tears to my eyes. what an amazing woman

GOP convention roll-call, may be humorous for you

Pelosi Wins Big, Postmaster General Caves In Voting By Mail Scandal The Beat With Ari Melber

To whoever gave me a star, thank you.

FL-15: Florida GOP Rep. Ross Spano loses primary to Scott Franklin

Meet Ricky Kirshner. Producer of Super Bowls, The Emmys, and the *2020 Democratic Convention

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Carville - 18% of the people elect 52% of the Senators.

Rubin: This might be the best-produced convention in years.

ex-Republican operative Steve Schmidt slaps down FL Senator Rick Scott (aka Voldemort) !

FL-21: Far-right activist Laura Loomer wins Florida GOP primary

TX-21: TV ad blitz kicks off in high-profile battle between U.S. Rep. Chip Roy and Wendy Davis

IL: County Board OKs Arena As Voting Center, Talks Mask Compliance

The Women Making Conspiracy Theories Beautiful

Pennsylvania Wants Votes Postmarked On Election Day To Count After

Indy looks at Lucas Oil Stadium, other huge spaces as possible voting locations

CNN: "Chris Cillizza picks his best and worst moments from DNC #2". Anyone else not give a flying f*

AZ-06: Democrat Leads Embattled Arizona Republican in Poll

Will Biden (Us) allow Trump (them) define the election?

Lives Lost: 'Warrior' fought for slave descendants in Brazil

Can you imagine Jill Biden brushing away her husband's hand?

Carter Page slams Sally Yates over DNC claims Trump 'weaponizing' DOJ:

MA-01: Progressives eye 'sea change' at powerful House committee

I think it worked very well for the roll call to be on location in each state

Video: Woman Shouts Racist Abuse At Colombian-Born Parks Worker In Dolores Park

Video: Woman Shouts Racist Abuse At Colombian-Born Parks Worker In Dolores Park

AOC scorches NBC

OMG!! Former Mexican President @VicenteFoxQue made this ad trolling Trump so hard.

"Senate committee made criminal referral of Trump Jr., Bannon, Kushner. . . ."

DeJoy donated big to GOP senators up for re-election; they're still silent on USPS

Is is just me, or does anyone else believe that subsequent national conventions should be virtual?

When they did the roll call of states tonight,...

NC-11: Cawthorn Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Post the MOST PSYCHEDELIC song you've "experienced"...

SNORT! the Trump Turd sticky

TX-23: The GOP runoff recount continues

DNC's virtual nationwide roll call to nominate Joe Biden

Something funny from a friend of mine:

Watch the Full 2020 DNC Keynote Address Featuring Stacey Abrams - NowThis

Watch Full Roll Call at the 2020 DNC - NowThis

It Was Lit Tonight McKinney, Texas And It Gave Us Hope

Cindy McCain Pays Tribute to John McCain's Friendship with Joe Biden - NowThis

Better Know Joe Biden's Foreign Policy Views -- Is there a "Biden Doctrine?"

Chinese fishing fleet goes dark near Galapagos

George Carlin - They don't care about You

Susan B. Anthony Begs Trump Not to Pardon Her: "I Don't Want to Be On Wikipedia with Roger Stone"

Miles Taylor (R), Former DHS Official on trump. Video, transcript and long read from CNN.


Haste La Vista Trump - new Lincoln project add

Schiff: Senate Trump-Russia Report Is 'Really Damning Stuff' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Criminal justice reformer Monique Worrell wins Orlando's State Attorney primary

Want to donate by check

Democrat Daniella Levine Cava to face Republican Esteban Bovo for Miami-Dade Mayor

Bill Clinton: a masterful performance in under 5 minutes

Trump campaign sues New Jersey after its decision to mail ballots in November election

OH-01: Democrat Kate Schroeder goes after Chabot's missing campaign cash.

'We own 51% so we are taking 100%'

Thank you

"People want this year's DNC roll call format to be the way of the future"

Don't know if linking Daily Mail is NG, but another article on Miles Taylor, former DHS official.

A message from Jack Schlossberg & his mom Caroline

Last one--tЯump doesn't know former DHS official, but then calls him a lowlife.

Not literally, just figuratively. I want to puke.

Stephen Colbert - LIVE Monologue DNC Night 2

US Senate Elections that Democrats will win in 2020 to get in the majority in the US Senate in 2020.

Stephen Colbert: Guest Sen. Elizabeth Warren Previews Her DNC Appearance With Her Dog Bailey!

What is the perks of Star membership?

Now that Biden is officially nominated, can we stop bashing Democratic Representatives who are

Joy Reid Floats Idea of Biden Administration Empaneling a 'Trump Crimes Commission' After Election

I offerr this oldie gem...

Fraser River Sockeye Returns Collapse; Less Than 3% Of 1980-2014 Averages Of 9.6 Million

British Columbia GHG Output In 2018 Highest In Nearly 2 Decades; 2030 Target Continues To Recede

Joe thanks his friend Jacquelyn for nominating him

Rapid Shift Underway In EU Farming; Mangoes, Avocadoes In Sicily, Wine In Denmark & Sweden

Forests Equal In Area To Lebanon Destroyed In Amazon Basin In 2019; Cumulative Impacts Growing

8/10 Storm Destroyed 57 Million Bushels Of Iowa's Grain Storage: "It's Amazing" Said Shitstain

Car Shop Fire In Silver Spring

Auctions For ANWR Drilling - GOP Fetish Object - Could Start By End Of 2020; Will Anyone Bid?

Wednesday TOONs - DNC Recap

Wealthy Californians Now Coating Their Houses With Fire Retardant At $3.50 Per Square Foot

API Busily Pimping "Clean", "Clean-Burning" Or "Cleaner" Natural Gas Drilling In Election Runup

WI election panel to recommend NO Kanye on ballot

*Dr. Jill Biden coming up on Morning Joe.

First days absentee ballots are mailed to voters 2020.

Far-right candidate Laura Loomer wins GOP primary for district that covers Mar-a-Lago

People magazine, y'all

This is what collusion looks like

Jimmy Kimmel and his #Trump Lie-o-Meter at the #SOTU..

Am I right that we didn't know ahead of time that AOC's (1 minute speech) would really...

Happy 74th Birthday, Bill Clinton!!

Calamari, Rhode Island's controversial state appetizer, becomes an unexpected star of the DNC

Man drove into motorcyclists in German highway terror attack

I still much prefer live conventions; however...

The roll call last night reminded me of the Parade of Nations at the Olympics

Ladies and Gentlemen of DU - The Carters

Is that a kitten in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Joy Reid: Why are GOP Senators Scott/Rubio attacking Steve Schmidt instead of Putin/Trump?

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: COVID math

Trump Admits He Moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem "For the Evangelicals"

I along with most of DU are now deeply shocked that the info shows that Trump worked with ...

Dr. Jill Biden on Kamala...

Breakfast 19 August 2020

The Mooch was just on CNN's New Day teasing about "Anonymous"

New Lincoln Project ad: We will defeat this enemy, too -- and smile while doing it.

F**k Susan Collins

California governor: Hundreds of wildfires blazing statewide (UPDATED)

Ballot drop boxes seen as a way to bypass the post office

A step in an ongoing journey

What the 19th means to me

Maine man accused of hitting driver with a Bible during car theft attempt

Trump campaign sues New Jersey over mail-in voting plans

John Cleese: "When he's in court his only defence can be 'Guilty but Insane'"

Celebrate the 19th by going to the polls


Ok, we have a new name for the GOPee: Re-Putin-can Party!

Black women continued the fight for voting rights

ad: "Trump's promise? Keep America safe". "Trump's course? The most coronavirus deaths in the WORLD!

I love how the GOP's attempt to smear Biden is backfiring and they are revealed as some sniveling,

You raised $37,736.40 on August 18, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

who nominated and seconded biden last night?

I'm one of those 'suburban women' trump* is trying to frighten into his camp

Russiagate: the cover-up is as bad, or worse, than the crime

Meet Mother Pence #MeetMotherPence

S&P 500 takes a step back after setting record; yields rise (UPDATED)

Belarus: protestor who was shot in the head has died. Riot police are back

The Rundown: August 19, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #100: Centennial (8/18/2020 Edition)

George Takei: The RNC has confirmed that Vladimir Putin will not be speaking at the GOP convention

State Of Emergency In California; 145,000 Acres Already Burned And It's Only Mid-August

Naomi Biden: I am proud to be your granddaughter every single day @JoeBiden. But tonight, I am just

World Photography Day 2020, a story

Actor Ben Cross has died.

AOC's brief, poetic moment to shine -- and plant a big flag

This is still going on. Portland cop #37 hits a woman twice with his club. Once in the face

Well Duh: Big Majority Embarrassed by U.S. Coronavirus Response

POD [pic/photo/post of (the) day] The Sky's on Fire

Haze Over Vancouver Island And Western Washington From Siberian Fires, Via Central Alaska

New Mexico sues over U.S. Postal Service changes

New Mexico sues over U.S. Postal Service changes

Ted Cruz "warns" about Elizabeth Warren as Treasury Secretary!

Abbott: Punish cities that won't maximize police spending

New attack ad: "Driving us in the wrong direction"

F.D.A.'s Emergency Approval of Blood Plasma Is Now on Hold

****BREAKING**** The Green Papers has the official final delegate tally!

Union Members Say U.S. Postal Service Removed Mail-Sorting Machines in San Antonio


VoteVets ad (USPS)

We know this

USPS is impeding absentee voters with unnoticed rule change for witness signatures: report

New Poll: Record 51% people are very angry. Previous record was 35%

Mississippi selects its final five designs for new state flag

Mississippi selects its final five designs for new state flag

Obviously Rob Roy Auto Sales Salisbury, MA thought this was cute Sickening billboard...........

How George W Bush broke the Post Office (with help from Sue Collins)

Could 2016 be the last real in person convention

Demonstrators gather for 83rd night of protests; riot declared as Multnomah Building damaged

Get ready for a shortage of trash bags

Thank you!!!

The Lincoln Project: America

The Lincoln Project: America

You've never seen a convention roll call like this -- with calamari

USPS Quietly Added Rule Prohibiting Workers From Signing Mail-In Ballots As Witnesses

Democratic politicos at RNC?

Can you remember how terrible everything was before Trump became President?

"PEDDLING FILTH"...Tucker Carlson Attacks Michelle Obama, Cardi B In Off-The-Rails Night On Fox News

Gross wins Alaska Democratic US Senate primary

As Democrats confirm Biden as his opponent with a show of unity, Trump is retreating further

****FRESH**** Steady as she goes - YOUGOV NAT'L POLL Biden + 10 Dems +11 *

Cloth masks do protect the wearer - breathing in less coronavirus means you get less sick

I turned over to FOX to see if they were carrying the Democratic Convention...

Person Man Woman Camera TV....

Bill Barr's Mueller probe has inadvertently exposed the hypocrisy of Flynn's defenders: legal expert


Kushner Says 'We've Done Our Best'

Department of Energy amends decision-making process for selecting energy conservation standards

Don't normally do this, but damn, I'm sick of post-Mo Joe MSNBC pushing the 'Dems in disarray' tosh

China's Xi Jinping Tightens Grip on Domestic Security Forces in First Broad Purge

Because it's Florida I suppose....

A moment of Zen: Elephant Rock, Iceland

Trump dropped into Iowa -- and didn't even try to understand the devastation

Sturgis, Covid, One-Eyed Jack's Saloon

Arkansas families with pandemic benefits asked to activate cards ASAP

Query: Should Dems agree with a GOP impeachment and conviction deal? Or let them dangle with Trump?

Some nice trailcam videos from John Kelly Instagram, Pennsylvania

'Unfit': Scientists examine Trump's 'dangerous' mental pathology in new documentary

LOL! Looking forward to the GOP roll call:

During the DNC's roll call the delegates had nothing but good things to say about Joe Biden


New Poll: Majority of Americans Are Embarrassed and "Very Angry" at the State of the Country

California is burning, again

Joe shows his bias (just kidding, it's cute. you can click)

Tough words for John Bolton from The Palmer Report (Twitter)

Mrs. Williams - teachers like this make students really want to learn and engage!

AMERICA WAKE UP - George Carlin - American Dream 2020

Why trump can't just refuse to leave office - encouraging

Some excellent news on COVID-19 long term immunity and new insight on the importance of masking.

He's got jokes...

The GOP Remains Loyal To Corporations And Lobbying Groups Over Americans. COVID Hasn't Changed That.

Pharmacists can give childhood shots in all 50 states, U.S. officials say

Yesterday I donated to Act Blue but today...

Loving Wolf Patiently Cares for Her 4-Week-Old Wolf Pup Siblings

Anti masker goes on bigoted rant and then unzips his pants. No it was not Jerry Falwell.

ICE is feeding Muslim detainees pork at its Krome detention center in Miami

How Trump Exploited The Legal Infrastructure To Advance Fascism In America

John Heileman warmed my heart this am on Morning Joe...OK, I am a sucker for dogs...

CBS News's website does not mention the new Senate Intelligence Committee report from 2020/08/18.

A Senate Intelligence Committee Report Reveals Damning New Information About Trump's Russia Ties

637 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 105 deaths

Yet again, here's covid-19 deaths yesterday:

Here's the part of John Bolton's book that is worth reading

It's pandering to AZ while probably starving blue states

TV News Networks Worried About Airing Two Hours of Trump's Convention

John Deacon, bassist and songwriter for Queen, has a birthday today.

Lindsey Graham praises Jill Biden speech: 'Outstanding person'

Bat-wielding man terrorizes SE Portland businesses over Black Lives Matter signs, cops and shops say

Trump-Russia collusion: A massive conspiracy of dunces and dupes --

Portland's Independent Police Review opens more than 40 investigations into alleged police misconduc

At this point, "I can't vote for Biden" is the left's version of "I will not wear a mask."

Edwin Hawkins was born on this date.

Libra trying to quit smoking

A female gynecologist praises WAP by Cardi B. in the NY Times

Lincoln Project: Donald Trump's Minnesota speech in 90 seconds.

Refraction and Reflection and Scattering of Light

Ogden Nash was born on this date.

Poets add to Flint's magic

No plane for Biden campaign

Apple Surges to $2 Trillion Market Value

Cultural sensitivity question

It's tweeting and "canceling" to boot (then blames us)

A mouse-sized elephant shrew has been rediscovered in Djibouti after being missing for 50 years

On V. Putin's advice, I am watching the situation in Belarus very closely for pointers!

Barack Obama, Kamala Harris to speak on Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention

DON'T BUY GOODYEAR TIRES, he spews on Twitter

They're many confusing words, hair their are

Trump calls for boycott of Goodyear--company bans MAGA hats to avoid political campaigning at work

Borowitz: Melania to Deliver Convention Speech from Empty Classroom at Trump University

Why does COVID-19 cause a loss of smell?

Monica's Vintage Jewels is having a 3 day sale...

Security guard/deputy assaults black NBA team president as he tries to walk onto field after game.

'I'm Only One Human Being': Parents Brace for a Go-It-Alone School Year

Ultimate Trump Voter Quote, from Crystal:

John Thune for Senate Minority Leader!

KY-SEN: McConnell Challenges McGrath to Debate

Lt Col Vindman, the Statue of Liberty, and a Ken Burns documentary

Alabama's High Stakes Experiment: Reopening Universities as Virus Looms

Nearly 300 students in Florida county quarantined due to COVID-19 exposure concerns

LIVE: Andrew Yang being interviewed by the WASHINGTON POST

Report: 'Superspreaders' of bogus health news racked up billions of views on Facebook

@MeidasTouch 📺 NEW VIDEO

Pic Of The Moment: That Face You Make When Your Poll Numbers Look Like This

Cop refuses to help against intruder bc of BLM-sign. And the Facebook-responses are insane.

This mornings birds and bees (and a moth)

Florida reports more than 4,000 coronavirus cases, pushing known total past 584,000

On August 17, 1896, the first accident in which a pedestrian was killed by an automobile occurred.

Opinion: To close the racial wealth gap, put more Blacks in the seats of power

The Senate's Russia Report Implicates More Than Trump's Campaign

Why Mueller Dropped the Ball. Was He Corrupt or Incompetent?

NEW CONVENTION EVENT: Axios News Shapers (Wednesday, 12:30 PM)

The pee tape is probably real.

U.S. judge blocks Trump rule on LGBT health discrimination

Ex-Aide: Trump told DHS secretary, 'Get your ass to the border'

For the second time recently,

Person with COVID gives off viral blast in Sturgis bar

@KamalaHarris The last time I spoke at the Democratic National Convention was in 2012.

AOC has a very good explanation of the 'one minute' ... Excellent!

My dream is to one day jam with Dave Grohl, @taylorhawkins and all the @foofighters! Mr Grohl I woul

Speaking of potatoes, who remembers....

As it turns out, there really was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia (J. Rubin)

WATCH The Full DNC Virtual Roll Call That Everyone is Raving About

Apple is first U.S. company to be valued at US$2 trillion

WATCH The Full DNC Virtual Roll Call That Everyone is Raving About

Supreme Court to hear Obamacare case one week after Election Day

Goodyear bad?

Attn.: Akron, Ohio!


New from My Pillow guy

GOP candiate running for Congress against Pelosi deleted this tweet...

MI: Teacher Fired Over Political Tweet. If Only There Was A Way Protect Against Such Injustice.

How the UK is failing to stand up to Trump over his unjustified was on Scotch whisky

Trump calls for Goodyear boycott after company bans MAGA attire among employees

Germans must walk their dogs twice a day, new law will say

Donald Trump is down 2 points in Ohio according to RCP. What a great time to start attacking and boy

Remember when Nixon resigned and President Ford said that "Our long national nightmare is over"

And the GOP swirls farther down the crapper...Laura Loomer won Tuesday night's GOP House primary

Two US drones collide and crash over Idlib, Syria, defense official says

'Unfit': Scientists examine Trump's 'dangerous' mental pathology in new documentary

Amy McGrath responds to McConnell:

"A Map 15 Years in the Making Illuminates a 'Grand Canyon' off California's Coast"

On August 18, 1923, Katherine Victor, star of such Jerry Warren films as "Teenage Zombies," was born

I am tired of this "Silent Majority" myth

Susan Collins Engineered the USPS Disaster She's Now Protesting

County's voter turnout for primary election hit 50-year high

the Kremlin is sending troops to Belarus in support of Lukashenko and to stop the protesters

Boeing to deepen job cuts beyond 10% plan with new buyouts

Tiger King zoo closes suddenly after license suspended

Schumer: I'm demanding the USPS Board of Governors immediately disclose all materials on the sel

So Trump wants to boycott Goodyear

The Creeping Terror (trailer)

Cartoons 8/19/2020

Bonavega for pres.! who's with me?!

'Good news': Average virus cases per 100K are declining here

An explanation for 2020

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accuses NBC of spreading misinformation after DNC speech

ICE makes Muslim detainees eat pork at Miami center, says "It is what it is"

U.S. Postal Service leader acted without following federal law - WA AG Ferguson

Transitioning to new cat litter

Women Won The Right To Vote 100 Years Ago. They Didn't Start Voting Differently From Men Until 1980.

Putin's playbook is always the same - claim to help the target country as he wages war on the targe

Microsoft 365 apps to end Internet Explorer support next year

Trump campaign Russia contacts were 'grave threat', says Senate report (BBC)

Police warn students about streaming porn during online classes

A modest proposal re: mask deniers ...

How can Wall Street be so healthy when Main Street isn't?

Lukashenko ignored Merkel's call and passed on a request not to interfere through Putin

On Grovelbot's Big Board, how do you tell who posted each "sticky"?

10 Famous Guitars That Were Stolen And Never Recovered

Anonymouse strikes again.

No biggie, just a "graveyard" of mail-sorting machines outside a postal facility in Michigan

TN: Public will not be informed as to which schools have covid cases

Small businesses that took PPP face huge, unexpected tax hits

Evacuating some neighborhoods in Vacaville.

Found on twitter

Spotted on The Beast (the presidential limo)

Republicans Scramble To Control The Narrative About Senate Intelligence Report

Bill Clinton: 'We are the only major industrial economy to have its unemployment rate triple

Mali coup leaders vow elections amid widespread condemnation

Any lute historians here?

Looking to Perk Up His Sagging Campaign, Trump Gets a Hardened Rod as New Running Mate

US Senate report goes beyond Mueller to lay bare Trump campaign's Russia links (The Guardian)

America? How you going? Blake Pavey Australian comedian.

Ted Cruz's Attempt At Slamming Joe Biden Backfires Spectacularly

This is all happening too fast!!!

Hey Joe (Live)

Marianne Williamson is back -- to talk about forming a third party

KGO 810 AM is currently discussing the Napa/Solano county fires, and interviewing evacuees.

The motive for dropping evictions ban: Evicted people won't get ballots in mail.

One advantage of a virtual convention: there's no travel time...


What Happens When Ex-Navy SEALS Go Full QAnon?

Some Retirees Could See a 5% Social Security Raise With Biden as President

Seattle picks contractor for West Seattle Bridge replacement

How to avert a post-election nightmare

Public lands chief hangs on despite nomination getting nixed

Trump's friend, Kremlin politician Zhirinovsky, who was a cheerleader for Trump during last electio

Stephen Colbert on a roll DNC 8/18

Bellevue Approves More Grants For Small Businesses

They did it again! First it was the Hackabee woman, and now Junior

Kamala's private army: Why Harris' HBCU, AKA affiliations could help Biden's campaign

Some live scanner feeds for the wildfires

The Senate Intel Cmte. made criminal referrals of Donald Trump Jr., Kushner, Bannon, Prince...

Ohio Dems For Biden Store. @OHDems

Trump's Postal Chief Fails to Quell Vote-by-Mail Uproar

Today vs 4 years ago and trump voters

Trump tried to trade Puerto Rico for Greenland

What will happen if Don Orangetan refuses to leave White House on 20 January?

Has Anyone Noticed on YouTube?

Hernando High School reports first COVID-19 case in first week of school

#OhioDemsforBiden store..

Trump Wanted to Swap Puerto Rico for Greenland

Melania has no plans to support her husband's re-election 'in any tangible way' after the RNC: CNN

Former U.S. Sen. Slade Gorton (R) dies at 92

Trump's Remarks in a Signing of a Proclamation on the Ratification of the 19th Amendment

Reminder that is was @senatemajldr Senate who voted to lift sanctions off of Deripaska's companies.

Jan Perelman has a dream (after crashing and burning in last night's FL Primary)...

Signs: Iowa 140 mph wind, 130 degrees in Death Valley-Fire Tornadoes

Trail of bubbles leads scientists to new coronavirus clue

Mike Bloomberg gives $60m to help Democrats in November as former campaign aides turn against him

Sturgis Bike Rally Migration Map

A Study in Textures

USPS still dismantling equipment (Raw Story)

How soon will Melania be "outa here" after Trump loses in November?

Back Home Again

CBS: For the 2nd time, a defiant church group is linked to a COVID outbreak in South Korea

Rachel Maddow: Sorting machines still being dismantled.

August Contest Voting Threads will be up later tonight (Wed)

Russia is taking over the Belarus state media. Its really despicable

Pelosi spoke to DeJoy this a.m. - He has no intention of replacing mail infrastructure

What struck me about the Democratic Convention

I am surviving this year because I realize it's a lost year ... 2020 the lost year

Hillary: I'm calling for the government of Zimbabwe to release all political prisoners, including Go

Pelosi- Dejoy admits he has no intention of replacing infrastructure or reinstating overtime

Supreme Court Sets Obamacare Showdown for Week After Election

Dog And Guinea Pigs Are Obsessed With Eating Lettuce Together

What in the holy Hell is happening?

Three Little Kittens (Squee alert)

Photos appear to show mail sorting machines in parts in US postal facility

Group With GOP Links Submits Kanye West Petitions For Iowa Ballot

Trump has proven one thing. Time travel is not possible.

LIVE UPDATES: Florida's largest teachers' union fights to keep schools closed

How the US Postal Service Gave Us John Prine

Ex-FBI lawyer admits to false statement during Russia probe

Perfect description of Cheeto...

Murder of Virginia State Police trooper still unsolved, 36 years later

This lawsuit against Dejoy seeks to undo the damage he's done

What really struck me about Jacquelyn, the NYC Security Guard who nominated Joe.

Coming up now (Wednesday, 2 PM Eastern)..."Ending Gun Violence in America"

Trump: the Cancel Culture President

Mail-sorting machines removed in Maine

Pierce: The Democratic Convention Roll Call Showed America in All Its Vast Complications

Biden is ON IT, we need to address the "what if Trump refuses to leave" while not agonizing over it

Obama to deliver convention speech rom the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia

Joe: When it comes down to it, Kamala and Doug share the same basic values set that Jill and I do

If you want to understand the depth of certain men's fear...

Why is the Republican controlled Senate releasing damning Russia evidence

*Stand Strong Belarus*

Money Cat

Bill Clinton gave a masterful performance in under 5 minutes last night

Veterans' groups awaking to Trump's USPS destruction.

Work of a Trumpkin Poll

For the first time in Ohio, rural counties have the highest rates of coronavirus infection

Throw the motherf*****'s ass in prison...

Pennsylvania governor rakes in money for Biden at DNC fundraiser

Reporter finds 'graveyard of mail sorting pieces' at USPS location day after sabotage was suspended

Goodyear responds after president calls for boycott of Akron's 4th-largest employer


Facebook just banned 900 pages and 1,500 ads with connections to QAnon.

Schools in my area opened three days ago and we already have two coronavirus outbreaks

We know the RW intentionally mispronounce Kamala's name, but why is it continuing from our side?

Diamond and Silk get the boot from FOX, finally realize that...

White House chief of staff forgets Obama caught bin Laden

Amid COVID-19, don't ignore the links between poor air quality and public health (Brookings)

Tom Nichols on reports of Putin's "green men" heading to Belarus


Election question

'He's Destroyed Conservatism': The Republican Case Against Trump's GOP

Nice one:In My Mind, I'm Going to New Jersey.

Oh lawd Obama and Hillary in one night? Trump gonna be

Trump's Remarks During Iowa Disaster Recovery Briefing; August 18, 2020

UPDATE: Two Charged In Sesame Place Assault On Teen Employee-Broken Jaw and Teeth

GOP-supported Green Party candidates are OFF the ballot in Montana!

Pelosi says postmaster has no plans to restore mail cuts

Trump's Remarks During Border Wall Construction and Operational Update, Yuma, AZ

To Mr. Pence: Have you heard and seen Kamala Harris in action?

DNC THURSDAY: Schedule and events

(Jewish Group) FBI tweeting out "Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion" with NO context, wtf

didn't General Mark Milley join

This is what that thing has done to biggest mail sorting site in Grand Rapids, MI. They shut

Steve Schmidt *crushes* Ted, Marco and Rick in an epic tweetstorm. Call an ambulance...

U.S. bombers a nuclear deterrence for allies: Air Force Gen.

x-post Jewish Group: FBI tweeting out "Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion" with NO context, wtf

Brian Williams. Anyone else wanting more of a back and forth with him and

Russiagate Was Not a Hoax: The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence confirmed ...

One thing not mentioned during this post office

Governors say U.S. bases must abide by Japan's quarantine rules

Dan Rather tweet - Wrong Answer

DNC: 'Only Preexisiting Condition, Trusting Trump:' Daughter On Dad Who Died of COVID; Voting Biden

Wonder what these never-trumpers and newly converted Dems are thinking

OK. Silly question. MF45 needs to win OH to be re-elected.

Question regarding 401k

Dogs waiting for the ice cream truck

The definition of institutional racism

San Francisco blanketed in smoke as California fires rage

Deliveries of chicks are arriving dead, costing Maine farmers thousands of dollars

GOP choosing the wrong side on Post Office fight

When ( if? ) DeJoy testifies before Congress, the first question should be "Have any of the

This Could Happen...

Trail of bubbles leads scientists to new coronavirus clue

I suppose we should all be prepared to hear the words...

Yet another stupid insurance issue, this is so bad

Walter Shaub has a new nickname for trump.

Former Republican Congressman Charlie Dent (PA) is endorsing Biden...

How a "major" Tech company is still trying to have it both ways..............

Why is Trump's FBI linking the forged and discredited Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion?

Susan B. Anthony Museum Rejects Trump Pardon and Slams Voter Suppression

QAnon groups hit by Facebook crack down

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "America"

Politico reporter: House GOP leaders say they will be formally whipping against the Dems' USPS bill

Let me get this straight--the traitorous murderer LOST by 3 million votes, but is squatting in OUR

Question for county election official: How are mail ballots tallied? Machine or by hand?

The RNC Featured Speakers

This is no joke -- RNC Convention Slate

Now is the time to switch to online bill pay (if you haven't already done so)

So, it seems there WILL be a "re-vote" of a fixed election.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #9-9: When You Control The Mail, You Control Information Edition

BFD: USPS says dismantling of sorting equipment at Grand Rapids Downtown site has stopped.

Heavy Hitters tonight. NBC highlights their speech content

California has experienced 10,849 lightning strikes in the last 72 hours...

Social Distancing Pick-up Lines

This is who Trump was doing business with in Russia:

A Teacher didn't want the classroom to look scary with all the dividers so she got creative

Here is a list of famous people who endorsed Trump.

trump running Facebook ad urging absentee ballots...exclusively in Florida.

Is drumpf asymptomatic, Melanie knows it, and that is why she refuses to hold his hand? I am asking

From Barack Obama's prepared remarks for tonight's speech


Flu Vaccine Now Required for all Massachusetts School Students

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 19, 2020

X-Post: Flu Vaccine Now Required for all Massachusetts School Students


Mrs. Krassenstein tweet - Trump is literally fake news

Here's the full Convention program for tonight

Photos of dismantled mail sorting machine - Waterloo, Iowa

Laura Loomer may not stand a chance, but Rep. Lois Frankel plans to fight her, take her seriously

Virus, malware, and Windows 8

Excerpts of Obama's criticism of Trump tonight: "Trump hasn't grown into the job because he can't"

These Are Real Flowers

Tonight: Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton -- First woman nominated for President by a major U.S. Party

The Cancel Culture president

School Story Today In Local Weekly

@PoPville big security presence outside the Willard. Any guesses?

Panda at National Zoo could give birth to a cub at any moment

US Postal Service is using an outside PR firm to fight election fears as Trump fumes over...........

Where did all the real western cowgirls go? They ditched the skirts and became everyday legends

New German Law Makes It Mandatory to Walk Your Dog, It also bans leaving dogs alone all day

This HAS to be against the law?

VILE: Amazon Removes Kamala Harris T-Shirts With Offensive Slogan After Twitter Users Pressure

Someone threw red paint on a billboard for Breonna Taylor on Tuesday in Louisville, Kentucky.

If we saw Kerry, where's Gore? Just wondering. nt

750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes approved for release in Florida Keys

When two lovers woo...

Former GOP Representative Charlie Dent endorses Biden.

Real Takeaway from Senate Report on Russian Interference: They All Knew-BEFORE-They Voted To Aquit!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 20 August 2020

US won't pursue death penalty against ISIS 'Beatles' in exchange for British cooperation

I have found the perfect retort to people on Facebook I have found to be

Who follows Blaire Erskine on Twitter?

Riding the serpent (Twitter)

How much is the fed responsible for Apple becoming a $2trillion company

Charlie Dent: I'm voting for Joe Biden

Trump pardons convicted illegal voter!!!!!

Did nobody watch trump's shitshow just now?

We won something good!! We never have ever!

Video: Sen. Mark Warner Discusses Vol. 5 of the Senate Intelligence Committee Report w/Rachel Maddow

Butt hurt racist is butt hurt about losing his job cause he is a butt hurt racist.

US Postal Service is using an outside PR firm to fight election fears as Trump fumes over upcoming h

Read my first book for FREE...

Get ready for Pussy-Grabber to be foaming at the mouth and tweeting outrageous bullshit

And Portman, how does he stand with no spine?

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft wins appeal to dismiss video in prostitution case

Two Of My Favorite Female Musicians Singin' A Country Song

Trump blasts McConnell over timing of Senate hearing with postmaster general

8/20 Mike Luckovich: Can't let go

I worked hard the last 2 days

Trump does not endorse QAnon, but he accepts the support of QAnon-ers - David Corn tweet

"It's an Easy Decision". This is what the meme should be for this election.

My free Covid vacation to NYC ...

Hillary Tonight -- trailblazer and icon

Thomas Paine EXACTLY described Trump 244 years ago.

New York City teachers threaten to strike over school reopenings

Our Post Office visit today

UConn students evicted from dorms for holding pandemic party

The CDC wants state and local sewage systems tested for coronavirus

Wash. unemployment rate rises to 10.3% in July

Excerpt of Fmr. President Obama's Prepared Remarks...the whining from the orange POS is coming

McEnany defends Trump's congratulatory tweets for racist candidates

'Historic lightning siege:' Thousands flee as hundreds of wildfires blaze across California

Sister Simone Campbell (Nuns On A Bus) will offer the prayer tomorrow night at the DNC

Facebook says it's cracking down on thousands of QAnon-linked accounts and groups

'All In, All the Time': Reopening Florida Schools Is Likened to Military Operation

WCK - Chef Jose Andres

Century-old vaccine limits COVID spread, so bring it back, urge Israeli experts

Obama to say Trump has failed, praise Biden as 'a brother'

Baby chicks arrive dead as Maine farmers wonder why formerly reliable USPS shipments aren't working

Public Transportion should be free on Election Day, along with free or deeply discounted

I wish Beau could of shared this special time with his Dad

Barack Obama to warn that democracy itself is on the line in November election

Michigan's rejection of ballots from dead voters is an example of the system working, not fraud


PBS Live: Full 2020 Democratic National Convention - Night 3

Could President Obama swear in President Biden if President Biden wanted to?

Anyone see "After School"?

Trump spent more time attacking Goodyear today than he has spent attacking the coronavirus

Green economy set to come to Erie

'Can't be another woulda coulda shoulda election': Hillary Clinton to reflect on 2016 in DNC speech

U.S. Army investigating uniformed soldiers who appeared in video at Democratic convention

I don't know about the rest of you but

A PSA... Pharmacies, Clinics and Costco NOW have available or will have very shortly FLU VACCINE

Trump Says He 'Appreciates' That QAnon Supporters 'Like Me Very Much'