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Archives: August 23, 2020

Republican Convention lineup starts to take form.

McCollister of Omaha to Endorse Biden "Principled Republicans are jumping ship,"

Global coronavirus deaths approach 800,000

North Dakota's lawsuit seeking $38M in DAPL protest cleanup costs can proceed, judge rules

Trumps floats sending the law to polls, but lacks the power

Trump pressuring FDA to develop vaccine before the election.

Mnuchin Paved Way for U.S.P.S. Shake-Up

No Quarter - Led Zeppelin

my congresscritter rodney davis (r) voted yes on the post office bill !

Just out of curiosity, does anybody know if there's a list of the 26 republicans who voted

In secretly recorded audio, President Trump's sister says he has 'no principles'

In western North Dakota, oil workers try to survive hard times in a pandemic

Melania begs our pardon

RNC: Trump and Pence expected to attend roll call votes on Monday

Trump's sister blasts him on tape:

Pelosi hammers Trump for 'very dangerous' attack on FDA

I now want Melania Trump to plagiarize Michelle Obama's speech. Verbatim.

I thought that the traitorous, murdering monster LOVES Christmas? Yet, he is in the process

Republican Convention theme nights...

Slate of proposed bills could change policing in California

Lee Zeldin (NY 1) and T-Rumpkisser supreme is scheduled to speak on Wednesday. We on Long...

Chasten Buttigieg Ftw!

Melanie (sp) Trump's picture was in the men's bathroom when

There is a legal (and terrifying) way Trump could get himself a third term.

Justin Trudeau Has Worked With Trump to Support Regime Change

McConnell rips Democrats for passing 'piecemeal Postal Bill', 'ignoring urgent needs' of Americans

Over 20 news websites appear blocked in Belarus as opposition leader calls for more demonstrations

Trump's GOP convention will be a parade of 'ghoulish clowns': conservative columnist

Graffiti denying the Holocaust was found at a massacre site in France

My father is dying of cancer, and that PoS in the WH has made the situation even more painful

Portland protest turns violent, federal police clear plaza

Former‌ ‌Police‌ ‌Officer‌ ‌Arrested‌ ‌For‌ ‌Blinding‌ ‌Gustavo‌ ‌Gatica‌ ‌

Some have no COVID symptoms: Could the common cold be a reason?

Venezuela Receives 73 Tons of Supplies & Equipment from Europe

Can we call it the "Pose Garden"

Rats reported feeding on packages of rotted fruit and meat as postmaster general's cutbacks unleash

Simon & Garfunkel - My Little Town

Rep. Dan Meuser (R-Pa.) announced on Saturday he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Brutal audio of Trump's sister talking about him


In case 2020 didn't suck enough...Marco *and* Laura might hit New Orleans next week...

let me leave this right here... moves it across with a TEN FOOT POLE...

The Carona Germ is very much under control, so I was able to take another vacation day today. You ar

Question of the week: If you were going to put together a time capsule,

What a surprise: 0.0% Hispanic speakers at gop convention

Avocado Production In Chile Over Human Rights, UN Experts Say

These people of color transformed U.S. national parks

Wolves are making a comeback. Here's where to see them

National parks are being overrun by invasive species

FPRI - Foreign Influence Election 2020 - August 18, 2020 - Russia Amplifying QAnon

Roger Waters - 5:01 AM (The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking, Part 10)

I mean

Asian Dads - Jimmy O. Yang

It turns out Mitch McConnell will appear at the RNC after all

Wait - HALF of the announced speakers at the RNC are TRUMPS?

Quarantine Enchiladas

Trump Is Sending Fast, Cheap COVID Tests to Nursing Homes--But There's a Hitch

BIZ KIDS -- A tie-dye must-buy: How one Regina kid went from craft to cash

BREAKING STATEMENT FROM TRUMP: "I never even MET my sister!"

It must take a lot of wine coolers to say this with a straight face.

Michelin Star DIM SUM w/ RONNY CHIENG from The Daily Show (Crazy Rich Asians)

Joe Walsh attacked for telling the truth to trump's cult

Drug makers rebut Trump tweet that FDA 'deep state' is delaying Covid-19 vaccines and drugs

More speakers announced for RNC

Absolutely no

Canada to appeal court ruling that struck down refugee pact with U.S.

Trump is tanning and getting his hair "did" tonight

In secretly recorded audio, President Trump's sister says he has 'no principles' and

Michelin Star DIM SUM w/ RONNY CHIENG from The Daily Show (Crazy Rich Asians) 2018

The mystery of the missing box of peanuts...

"Profound Decency". Hillary just said Joe Biden has profound decency......

Wait...Fred Trump was the original My Pillow guy?? And bonus zinger!

Every time the white supremacist tries to talk, this University of South Carolina students plays his

2020 US Senate Elections that Democrats win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Shrimp Sold At Costo And Other Retailers Is Being Recalled Over Salmonella Fears

Family says USPS lost/delayed Veterans' Remains blames DeJoy

Even if Biden Wins Big, Trump Has 77 Days to Wreck America

don ho sings - who is the lolo who stole my pakalolo?

Northeastern University is serious about enforcing Covid19 rules

I realized something tonight

Supreme Court's Failure To Protect The Right To Assemble

How many GOP politicians

Pelosi rips president on voting: Don't Pay Any attention to what the president is saying because ...

Your day-by-day GOP Convention planner.

Patti Smith Group - Because the Night

Senator to supporters: How about skipping a meal to donate?

What everyone seems to be missing about Trump's response to why he's hired so many criminals.

A pro-Trump Portland protester in the Save Our Children/Trump Train brigade assaulting a reporter

Trump, without evidence, accuses FDA of delaying coronavirus vaccine trials and pressures agency

If you haven't visited news consolidator in a while...

Democrats have a plan to disrupt Trump's convention and cripple his message: report

Trump says Obama isn't a great president because 'much of what he's done we've undone'

Sums up trump rather nicely

You're in an interrogation room with a terrorist and a bagpipe player. Your job is to... (see post)

8 Gorgeous Galaxies Shot This Summer By The Hubble Space Telescope That You Need To See

I love posting pictures of my cats!

Over-Under on how many verbal gaffes, momentary forgetfulness, and veering off script will Trump

Mnuchin Paved Way for Postal Service Shake-Up

"Where is the Love?" : The Black Eyed Peas w/ Justin Timberlake

A guy walks into a bar in New Orleans and orders a corona and two hurricanes.

President Sh*tbiscuit asks "Why would Suburban Women vote for Biden and the Democrats...?"


I nominate Mary L. Trump (niece of DJT) for the Noble Peace Prize.

Is pride (and the refusal to admit being stupid/wrong/a mark) why some still support 45?

The Lincoln Project: RNC Convention Briefing


"Donald's out for Donald. Per-i-od." The tone his sister uses, talking about him,

The Batman Teaser Trailer Unleashes Catwoman & the Riddler

This video of Biden first meeting this kid who stutters will put tears in your eyes

A nice little table of the technologies utilizing the lanthanide elements.

THE SUICIDE SQUAD 2 Trailer Teaser

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer #2

"The US Postal Service has made an ad about mail-in voting....."



Justice League: The Snyder Cut - Official Trailer

Look out New Orleans! Models are shifting both storms to hit N.O. back to back within 36 hrs

President Trump's sister says he has 'no principles' on tape

A clear surge in covid cases in South Dakota after Sturgis:

73 days and counting -- boogie buddha break time!


Two hurricanes in two days could be hitting Louisiana

Did I Hear Right - Trump Is Going To Speak All Four Nights Of The RNC?....


Republicans Rush to Finalize (KKK) Convention ('Apprentice' Producers Are Helping)

I just took notice of the Я convention logo. Yah, it's in the Queen City, but lookit a not so

Election/covid-19 anxiety

Anyone KNow The Stars For The Con Convention?

Washington Postal Workers Defy USPS Orders And Reinstall Mail Sorting Machines

'Unprecedented times': New Orleans braces for 1-2 punch from Marco, Laura amid hurricane watch

The Daily Social Distancing Show - DNC Day 4: Biden's Big Speech

Damn! Sometimes, I really, really HATE this place, you know?

Texas Ohio Georgia Iowa

FAST OPINION NEEDED!! Will Melania copy Jill Biden's Speech or will she go back to Michelle again?

Trump Calls Biden's Pro-Empathy Message Offensive to Sociopaths

The two scariest things about the Q anon believers

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Fox News Praises Biden's DNC Speech

Where did that "Rob is a dingbat" start?

Anyone need some ............The Bomber - The James Gang

Based on the current NHS tracks, Hurricanes Marco and Laura will both hit the New Orleans area...

The Corrs / Bono - When The Stars Go Blue

Republicans Rush to Finalize Convention ('Apprentice' Producers Are Helping)

Trump Org Finds Way To Cash In On RNC Despite Coronavirus Constraints - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Postal service rally aims to send a message to public officials

Donald speaking every night at the RNC was Joe Biden's idea.

A Righteous Rant from the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness

This could postpone the RNC

So where we goin' ladies?

Bye Eric: A Total Phony

Looting isn't part of protesting

The purpose of a musical conductor?

Ivanka on white supremacy

Well this is a bunch of bullshit. Trump and FDA chief holding press conference tomorrow.

FLIPPABLE: Janice Park for AK-HD25

A friend of mine designed this:

I have no intention or watching the RNC tomorrow.


AOC we're coming for you.

OMG.... Is that Alf?.

Jacob Soboroff: Trump's Family Separation Policy Is 'Government-Sanctioned Child Abuse' - MSNBC

YIKES!! Cedar Rapids Derecho Live Camera Aug 10, 2020

i am a toucher , hugger , etc. this emergency has relly upset my world .

Is this really KellyAnne Conway's daughter's account ?

Mrs. Betty Bowers makes a good point.

FLIPPABLE:Adam Lees for AK-HD28

When someone flushes the toilet while you're in the shower (Twitter)

We're gonna build a wall and Mexico is gonna to pay for it.

Trump's former spokesman: Country will be better off without him He will be defeated in November

"45" will be to presidents what "13" is to elevators.

Wreck - Priorities USA

Woman's story from hospital bed brings Anderson Cooper to tears

Has anyone read: Hatemonger by Jean Guerrero?

Live: Tracking Tropical Storms Laura, Marco NBC News

Trump Ups Attacks On Biden & Harris As Senate Grills Post Office Boss The 11th Hour MSNBC

House approves additional Postal Service funding while Trump threatens veto

Half of the convention's key speakers are the president and his family members

Millions Of Facebook Users Consuming QAnon Content Hallie Jackson MSNBC

There's a YAK in my butter...

Amid coronavirus surge in California, hospital workers say they're not protected

Shifting Wind Pushes Walbridge Fire Toward North Bay Communities

Shifting Wind Pushes Walbridge Fire Toward North Bay Communities

Trump Goodyear Boycott Inspires Workers & Politicians To Rally Around Brand NowThis

Multiple People Attacked at Anti-Black Rally in Denton

Most Russians Say 'Hell, No!' They're Not Taking Putin's COVID-19 Vaccine

I lost my best friend tonight and it hurts a lot. ...

CBS News: Reopened Schools See Coronavirus Outbreaks

Biden Said He "Won't Interfere," But Talk of Prosecuting Trump is "Not Very Good For Democracy."

Trump shouldn't bully FDA on COVID-19 drugs, says Pelosi

Vox: Why Masks Became Political

Dumbass Maga

Anyone else only get about 2-3 hours of sleep

Graphic warning : Video Appears To Show Louisiana Police Fatally Shoot Man Walking Away From Officer

Open letter to the president of the United States

Portland police stand by as Proud Boys and far-right militias flash guns and brawl with antifa count

2020 US Senate Elections that Democrats win to get in the majority in the US Senate in 2020.

Stones and Prince, Honky Tonk Femmes

Trump's sister bitterly criticizes him in conversations secretly recorded by her niece Mary Trump

maggie rogers - light on (studio - 2019) quite different from her acoustic DNC track

PREPARE: Trump has scheduled himself to speak every single night at GOP convention.

Decommissioned Mail-Sorting Machines in Swing States Could Define the Election

CNN is saying that trump will hold a press conference to announce a major therapeutic for covid

Is this Trump's COVID 'breakthrough'?

"Um, do those bushes spell out KKK?"

postal workers are defying DeJoy and reinstalling mail sorting machines (or so says twitter)

During the hate festival known as the RNC convention..

Pennsylvania congressman (R) tests positive for Covid-19

mail sorting machines in action

RNC offers to broadcast donors' names during convention.

Davydov, Mercadante, Fetis, Kaspszyk, Kuiler

MIT Democrats Endorse Ed Markey for US Senate

Additional sports facilities set to become voting sites.

Northern California Wild Fire update

Red Sox Reportedly Offer Fenway as Voting 'Super Center'

Describe a totally ridiculous event ...

Tennessee adopts new law that could strip some protesters of voting rights

A Former Administration Official Says Trump Told FEMA to Withhold California Fire Relief Out of Spit

Ross Douthat: Win or Lose, Trump Will Hold Power Over the G.O.P.

TikTok to launch legal action against Trump over ban

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Pun Jovi Edition

Half of the Key Speakers at the Republican National Convention are Trumps

NY Republicans Katko, King, Reed, Stefanik vote "yea" on H.R.8015

The WH "Rose Garden" is so very blah now....

So nice of Melania ...

Tucker Dunks Trump

Bye Eric: A Total Phony

Judge Rejects Betsy DeVos Plan To Send Federal Funds to private schools

If FOX News doesn't report it, a large portion of Americans do not know it happened.

Postmaster General DeJoy has mapped out far more sweeping changes to the U.S. Postal Service ...

Many troops vote by mail. This year could be more complicated, Pentagon office says.

The post office is NOT a for-profit business

Trump administration to pause permit for Alaska's Pebble Mine on Monday

Trump administration to pause permit for Alaska's Pebble Mine on Monday

The Real Winner of Bannon's 'We Build the Wall' Walked Away With $1.7 Billion

Dramatic video of a Sonoma County helicopter unit rescuing two firefighters surrounded by fire

Let's go to Luckenbach Texas and get back to the basics:

Mary Trump better not walk on 5th Avenue

Here are some more convention speakers. What a shitshow!

It's like the army around here GI Party bitching complaining so that tells me morale is up

I, for one, am very eager to hear Melania speak this week

Court orders Trump to pay Stormy Daniels $44,100 to cover her legal fees

File this under things real Presidents do not do

Trump doesn't remember who Steve Bannon is because he was just a little baby back then


It tweeted

Breakfast Sunday 23 August 2020

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

'Schools Beat Earlier Plagues Like TB With Outdoor Schools, We Could Too,' NYT

Trombone vs. Bigot

Detroit firefighter veteran found dead after diving into river to save 3 young girls

Hitting cats in the face isn't cool, I don't care who you are.

In the Hamptons, some hosts are paying for party guests to take rapid coronavirus tests at the door

CEO won $1.7 billion in border wall contracts using the Trump-Fox feedback loop. His last wall proj

Protest erupts over fatal police shooting of Black man

Radio Garden

Officials in the Virgin Islands are subpoenaing companies controlled by the billionaire Leon Black -

Ballot drop off box locations for Michigan

It tweeted again

"43 yrs old and shaped like a fu$%ng brick."

Pandas just being pandas while a zookeeper desperately tries to rake leaves

You raised $10,450.00 on August 22, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

When your family thinks you're shit.

George Takei: Trump, soon:

Utah anti-child trafficking event postponed after group's ties to QAnon uncovered

If the Cons ever succeed in making it a crime to be a Democrat---

Outstanding debut for Cleveland pitcher Tristan McKenzie: 10 K's and a win

Republicans hate democracy

Looks like media is pretty much ignoring the recording s

Lie faster, lie harder!

QAnon explained

Joe Biden on selecting Kamala Harris: 'We have the same value set"

Getting ready to can salsa, make sauerkraut and dehydrate zucchini

Isn't it incredibly sad that anyone would look at the RNC speakers and think:

Brilliant Visualization Of Last 60 Days Of Arctic Ice Loss - University of Bremen

As The Reposter Has Already Noted, There's A Metaphor Lurking Somewhere In Here

Nancy Pelosi on SOTU this morning: "I support MY members"!

the party increasingly radicalized in every election cycle...

Sand Piano.........

re: update on am a toucher , hugger , etc. this emergency has relly upset my world .

'What in the heck was that?': Fisherman shocked to haul in long-nosed chimaera

13 die in Peru disco stampede after police lockdown raid

Florida man involved in DUI golf cart crash claims President Trump drove him to drink

AOC asked constituents how the Trump's sabotage of the Postal Service has impacted their lives.

Even Trump's sister knows how big of an idiot Trump is!

Melania coordinating her Rose Garden makeover with her new COVID campaign: "Be Prepare!"

Some Of The Reasons California's Fire Season To Date Has Been So Extraordinary

Morning omelette cooking tunes...

Morning omelette cooking tunes 2

Bolsonasshole Refers To Reports of Amazon Fires As "A Lie"; Amazon Fires Don't Care, Keep Burning

Morning omelette cooking tunes 3

Newfoundland regrets getting caught on security cam

The CNN interview with Jared Kushner

Man in Walmart gives customers hugs and tells them they now have Covid-19

I hate the whole Trump family

Enjoying me omelette tunes...Killer!

I want some ads with this song

Aaron Coleman, KS-SD37 nominee who admitted to revenge porn, withdraws

Fans crowd into an indoor concert in experiment on how to return to normality

George Conway responds to Trump's "We want GOD" tweet

A bit of normalcy returns...

A second Trump term might injure the democratic experiment beyond recovery

Whose alpha male is this? Donald Trump and America's sad, failed model of masculinity

Found this on another forum...

Vicente Fox's hillarious anti-trump ad.

57 percent of Republicans think 176,000 coronavirus deaths (and counting) is acceptable. Holy shit.

You know what grinds my gears about convention speech reaction?

Raiders' Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas

LMAO - top story on Google news - Trump to speak all 4 nights

Just heard an LGBTQ activist call Trump:

Happy Birthday to Michigan's Governor Gretchen Whitmer!!

With President Bleach's attack on the FDA yesterday any rushed


Trump's sister says "you can't trust him" in secretly recorded audio

REMINDER: We need a Blue Senate in November

207 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 15 deaths

I used to think Fareed Zakarias GPS was the most intelligent show on television....

FYI: There are roses in Melanee's garden

I am seriously thinking of leaving the country if He is re-elected

Rural Hospitals Are Sinking Under COVID-19 Financial Pressures

Teachers share grim details of Miss. school districts failing to uphold COVID reopening promises

Before/after pixs "We're still young, let's have a kid-It'll be fun"

My prediction: Next weeks Hail Mary from Deadbeat Donnie

*Biden pulls out to a 9.2 point lead in 538 average* HIGHEST SINCE JULY 20TH

California governor asks Australia and Canada for help fighting devastating wildfires

Big Gretch: Thank you to my friends at @SharkWeek for the swag!

The Washington Post's Picks for Biden's Cabinet:

'We think there is a miracle around the corner': Pence responds to Biden's criticism over COVID

West African leaders press for Mali president's release

More Than 550,000 Primary Absentee Ballots Rejected In 2020, Far Outpacing 2016

Query: If you mail in your voting ballot ASAP, and it's processed before Election Day,

I haven't forgotten

The RNC's Laughable Speaker Lineup Is Basically Just A Trump Family Reunion

93 Years Ago Today; Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti are executed

Typhoid Trump Kinda Has A Ring To It

Shark week. Since the traitorous, murdering monster hates/is afraid of, Sharks, would 't it be

Heartwarming, inspiring, extraordinary: Man and his feral dog save and befriend tiny hummingbird

"No Child Left Without Covid"

Donald Trump is to speak on all 4 nights of the RNC

Jonathon Capehart interiews Republicans who made Trump possible

The slogan of the Texas GOP and Q-Anon is short by one word.

Is anyone planning a national day of mourning or any kind of march

Is anyone planning a national day of mourning or any kind of march

White House chief of staff argues secret recordings don't accurately describe Trump

Places are gonna run out of popcorn and anti nausea meds next week I bet (tweet )

Trump To Speak All Four Nights Of Republican Convention, Campaign Advisor Confirms

the republican party is now the "zero credibility party"

Coronavirus update: Infections are trending upward in the Midwest

Antibody Drugs Aim to Fill Covid-19 Treatment Gap

Has an active Sec. of State spoken at a political convention? More complete list of RNC speakers

trump chief of staff Meadows just refused to condemn QAnon

The 8 most sensational quotes from secret recordings of Trump's sister

LA Times - Trump and Biden offer starkly different visions of U.S. healthcare

Biden's lead growing (+9.2 points)

Cenk hating on the convention

The liberals are making it very hard for Trump to unveil the healthcare plan he promised implement

Networks better have panels of Healthcare professionals ready to rebut any wild claims coming...

Kellyanne and George Conway's daughter says she's seeking emancipation

'Happy Sunday! We want GOD!'

Vox: How Joe Biden's health care plan builds on Obamacare

Plot twist. Science!

Republicans see U.S. as better off now than 4 years ago

So the Repub Convention is going to be 4 nites of Trump vomiting out shit?

Growling Tiny Kitten Becomes Her Mom's Best Friend

Pompeo heads to Mideast as part of Trump's Arab-Israeli push

Rep. Don Beyer breaks down GOP lies and hypocrisy about the USPS on twitter

Is anyone else sick of hearing the terms political junkies or news junkies?

If they cured Covid-19 tomorrow it would make Trump even more guilty of manslaughter

If you don't like blue humor don't click

The most damaging aspect of the Trump Presidency for Republicans is ...

White House Rose Garden looked like this in 1923, including clothes line and drying area at left

Cut America's Meat ?

Minsk right now. Absolutely stunning. Reports that the crowd is over 250,000 strong, out of 2M

Flattening the Curve

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 23, 2020?

I've read that male sweet bell peppers have 3 lobs. Female have 4. Not sure what to make of this.

I have decided not to watch the republican national convention

Dog becomes extremely defensive of hole he dug, refuses to leave it

Scientists Film Hummingbirds Flying Through Waterfalls, And It's Beautiful And Genius

Twitter finally hides trump's lies about voting and drop boxes

Inside the Completely Nutso Universe of QAnon

BREAKING: RNC will repudiate the Southern Poverty Law Center (AP)

Acting Homeland Security chief says department does not have authority to send agents to polls

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 25: Summer Under the Stars - Anne Shirley

Sen. Warner says Americans need more details to stop Russian 'disinformation' effort

Trump to announce 'breakthrough' coronavirus therapeutic, White House says

Highest August Temperatures On Record For Australia; 105.3F, 106.2F Sat/Sun

Who is the woman with the young 45 on the Grovelbot Big Board?

US-led coalition forces withdraw from Iraqi base

Republicans are the pro life party

Whole 30....pros and cons

Roger Marshall voted against the post office yesterday along with our other R representatives

McCloskeys owe nearly $25,000 in unpaid property taxes (St. Louis couple)

Cartoons 8/23/2020

According to witnesses Lukashenko who has been holed up in his palace is being evacuated. A helicopt

A guy walks into a bar...

Themes Announced for Trump's GOP Convention Speeches

I Only Saw One Contractor Trump Screwed Over Interviewed Before 2016 Hello Media

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 26: Summer Under the Stars - Laurence Olivier

Georgia School District Asked Students to Disinfect Classrooms for Volunteer Hours

The young white supremacist from NC , Madison Cawthorn, is scheduled to speak at the RNC

Mike Pence Didn't Like Any Of The DNC Speeches For This Absurd Reason

GOP Voters Say Economy, Covid-19 Response Good in CBS Poll

57 percent of Republicans think 176,000 coronavirus deaths (and counting) is acceptable.

Inside Trump's Desperate Attempt to Outshine Biden's Slick Convention

It feels like Alex Witt is really dwelling on Mary Trump's recording

Has Maryanne Trump Barry responded to the audiotapes (via Mary Trump) release?

Wall Street Is Looting the American Retirement System. The Trump Administration Is Helping

RNC chair defends plans for Pompeo to address convention

Gov Reynolds And Sen Ernst to eulogize Truth Justice and the American Way at Con-Convention.

Speakers for RNC started showing up early this morning.

'Hoax' book reveals extent of internal unease at Fox

Via MW: Place Your Bets: What's Trump's October Surprise?

QAnon and Deep State are Russian propaganda outlets?

Financially strapped renters in SD seek help avoiding eviction amid pandemic

BREAKING: Democrat Mark Kelly is leading GOP Sen. Martha McSally by 19 points in the ARIZONA senate

This would be so fun:

Donald Trump is a "hoax".

Do you buy or make masks to reflect your interests?

Americans told to prepare for unprecedented dual hurricane threat

I guess George Conway's family is not a big fan of Kellyanne.

Officials: Some who went to huge Sturgis rally have COVID-19

Oh Very Young - Yusuf / Cat Stevens

Mount Rushmore protest leader faces felony charges

Trump campaign has to work overtime to counter the President's message on mail-in voting

Biden sees 5-point favorability boost after convention: poll

As a nation we may have our political differences among us but ...

Inside Trump's Desperate Attempt to Outshine Biden's Slick Convention

'It's Hard to See Your Memories Burn': Loss From Wildfires Grows in California

Trump wants to fast-track UK Covid-19 vaccine before US election

More droplets.

I would do anything for my country! (just about)

Top Senate Democrat calls on Trump to 'disavow' QAnon movement

Bob Seger- Turn the Page


Don Winslow Claims to have Oct Surprises:

Nebraska troopers find military tank abandoned on Interstate

US Senate Elections that Democrats win in 2020 to get majority control in the US Senate in 2020.

Black-owned bookstores want action after influx in business

RNC chair says GOP to pay for convention, dodges Pompeo speech report

Phosphate Immobilization in Wastewater Using MgO-Modified Industrial Hemp-Stem-Driven Biochar.

Calling ALL you sniveling cat people out there. Check this out, and...

#TheyKnew who Trump Really Was All Along. Conservatives in their own words.

"Where there's a whip, there's a ... cure?"

2016 Republican Convention Alumni Aassociation

I love kayaking with the boys

Trump to announce emergency authorization of convalescent plasma as 'breakthrough' covid-19 treatmen

APWU Day of Action

Feel free to donate to Jaime Harrison. Eat first, of course.

Trump May Fast Track Vaccine Before Election

Drop box locations for absentee ballots have county auditor, Sioux Falls mayor at odds

By the Side of the Road

The human soul, heaven/hell, good/evil, -- Is it all reality or bullshit?

Camping in Norway - Sweet!

January 20, 2021: The day the Executive Branch becomes responsible for every COVID case in the US

Trump's 'breakthrough' is emergency authorization of convalescent plasma.

This morning around 730 am I turn on the TV while getting ready for a bike ride. On

"How will you deal with white nationalist terrorism? Be sure to say 'white nationalist terrorism'"


Trump Family Circus Stars at Republican Convention

Just bought some Biden-Harris merch.

I've been making a lot of phone calls and have yet to talk to an "undecided" voter

Now you know - How a croc really swims underwater

Dear White House Correspondents...

57 percent of Republicans say coronavirus death toll is 'acceptable'

Thank you! Sean Hannity was worried you were all going to sue him.

One fact will prove our point: U.S. has 4% of the world's population and 25% of its deaths!!!

I suspect any October Surprise Trump tries will fall flat

Federal relief for Iowa derecho damage leaves out aid for homeowners, farmers

Lukashenko flying over protesters to assess the situation. What a thug!

Heads up if you still have stickies left to post...

Sorry, but this George Conway tweet cracked me up.

"Get your guns out. Defend your way of life from the Black people."

Mother Nature wants him gone

Please remind everyone that Melania Trump plagiarized her 2016 convention speech from Michelle Obama

BREAKING: Twitter just Flagged Trump's Tweet from this morning about Mail-in Voter drop boxes, sayi

RNC "Refuting the legitimacy of the Southern Poverty Law Center to identify hate groups,

USPS lost Army veteran's remains, delaying delivery, family says

My All Time, Bar None, Favorite Picture Of An Owl

drumpf fan with "God Bless America" shield beats journalists with club

DU weather experts: With the two tropical storms in the Gulf...

Who's posting the "Scholar's mate" stickys?

Statue of Seattle grunge icon Chris Cornell vandalized

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 24 August 2020

Video shows armed Belarus president as protests roil capital

why we shouldn't worry about ANYTHING

Should Democrats buy time on television networks to respond to the lies surely to come...?

#KinkyMatt Gaetz and #GymJordan are both speaking on night one, where the theme will be "A Cesspool

It's About time! Chuck Todd challenged Trump's spox about the number of crooks who worked for him

Fascinating but scary: polar bear tries hard to break into scientist's observation cube:

What level of a lack of self-respect does it take to utter these words?

Mr. Trump, about your plan to address the nation all four evenings of your convention,

Where can I get my "They Live" glasses for watching the RNC?-n/t

US Senate Elections that Democrats win in 2020 to get back in the majority in the US Senate in 2020.

Los Angeles 2020

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 23, 2020

Trump Campaign in Crisis in Virginia as Chaotic Convention Begins

Minnesota links 7 more COVID-19 cases to Sturgis

FDA to authorize plasma treatment over scientists' objections

Schumer announces investigation into Postal Service policy changes

I wonder how Christians would feel if President Biden took mail trucks, mail boxes and mail sorters

Giants cut popular Hunter Pence: outfielder, leader, World Series champion

My wife was vacuuming couch 12 week golden retriever puppy said no

Officials connect 26 coronavirus cases to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Storms Laura and Marco ....Florida's Marco rubio and Laura Loomer? Perfect

North Carolina: Images of the Tar Heel State

Russian Poisoning Survivor: Trump's Silence On Navalny Emboldens Putin

Lithuanians form a long human chain toward the Belarusian border in solidarity:

SD Gov. Kristi Noem's rejection of Trump's unemployment benefits is hurting South Dakota's economy.

How I envision the Rethuglican Convention

Have you seen them?

A time for every purpose...

Instead of building a wall around the mansion, SD Gov. Noem should try to break down barriers and

GOP CONvention: a Mark Burnett Production

I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings

SPLC Statement on Trayford Pellerin Killing

great anti-Trump ad by Don Winslow: "#AmericasGreatestMistake"

Schumer announces investigation into Postal Service policy changes

2016 vs now

Every American should perform his/her patriotic duty...

Unfit: "Frankly, if you're not sphincter-clenching frightened about our democracy's critical conditi

Pravda tells us Navalny suffered "a withdrawal condition, complicated by convulsive syndrome." "Sour

A 194-year-old apple tree, the matriarch of the Northwest apple industry, has died

Why is Jerry Falwell Jr., a 58 year old man, doing pelvic thrusts exercises with teenage girls?

Joe: .@DrBiden and I are keeping everyone in the path of storms Laura and Marco in our prayers. Ple

CBS National poll: Biden +10

George Conway thread on Trump's corruption

We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert...

How are you supposed to "compromise" with this?

Would tRump voters stay home if

The Trump Team Elimination Brackets

Biden, October 2019: "We are not prepared for a pandemic. Trump has rolled back progress..."

Interesting article from Newsweek.

"The Appresident": He's not only a contestant, he's the host.

Getting from November to January (violence in the streets)

Which of these 4 laptops would be the fastest as in surfing from site to site, loading pages

Tropical storms (MARCO) Rubio and (LAURA) Ingraham might upstage the

Going Across the Mountain

Kerith is a fire department therapy dog. With more than 2 dozen major fires, she's been very busy.

60% pretty much hate Trump

Joe: We stand with the people of Belarus as we stood with the Baltic nations.

Dump expected to announce convalescent plasma "breakthrough." Here's the truth from a medical doctor

oh man the anti maskers just stopped by my yard sale lol

Asshole is speaking

141 new virus cases, 1 death reported in South Dakota Sunday

It almost feels on purpose

Path of Hurricane Marco has shifted, expected to skirt LA coast and head west.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/23/20

Tropical Storm Laura is getting stronger, path has shifted to the west.

I swear if he ever referred to COVID-19 by its proper name and *not* "The China Virus"...

This mell of a hess we find our country in.. remember.. this is Trumps America

I'm watching Trump's presser. He's been watching The Omega Man.

The FDA Commissioner just made a huge, huge math error in this presentation

Thank you DU

This is just a gigantic exaggeration

Shelley Luther, Dallas salon owner who pressured Texas to reopen salons, says she's running for

This 19th-Century "Double Sculpture" Tells a Tale of Two Different People on Back and Front

Friendly Reminder: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be on ABC tonight

Police investigate after car drives through Iowa protesters

During WH presser, Dr Hahn won't answer when asked if he was under political pressure from WH:

You must see this video! (epilepsy warning - strobe-like graphics)

I just donated $2800 to the Biden - Harris Campaign!

Trump's Family "Advisors"


whoa melania trump's RNC speech just leaked and honestly it's way better than i expected.

I hope none of those phone calls to Putin were about obtaining some of that Russian poison.

Oldie but goodie

Trump to Republicans: Don't put marijuana on the ballot at the same time you're running

Sen Ernst mows yard posts facebook selfie saves the world.

Top Psychologists Compare Trump to Hitler and Mussolini in New Documentary

This girl needs to be doxed AND charged with destroying property!

Dad : i don't want a dog

Dalton, the storytelling dragon, has this litter mesmerized

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declares state of disaster in 23 counties ahead of Hurricane Marco, Tropical

Tiedrich tweet:

Judge won't be removed from criminal case against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

The Health of Our Communities Begins With Black Women:

This is Kerith. She's a fire department therapy dog.

James Comey: Steve Bannon 'in a world of trouble'

Rare Red Wolves Feeling Frisky and Feisty

Middle Age Riot tweet about Melania's renovations:

Navalny update!! Great news! "Navalny will survive poison attack, but be


Shut a trumper today. And it felt good. Even my wife of 33 years was impressed.

Middle Age Riot tweet about 57% of Republicans thinking 176,000 deaths are acceptable:

America's greatest mistake

This is a repeat, but I love Dennis so much, lol.

Las Vegas Has Become a COVID Superspreader

Trump abruptly ends news conference after reporter points out contradictory statements on plasma tre

Far Beyond The Stars

After Another Week of Setbacks, Trump Looks to Change the Story Line

When you're almost done picking teams

RNC rehearsals appear to be underway

'What happened? Dr. Sanjay Gupta stunned by reversal that came after Trump attack FDA as 'deep state

OK, so I just finished my Netflix show of the week.

That face you make

Federal judge halts Betsy DeVos's controversial rule sending coronavirus aid to private schools

There's no cookies in the house.

Goodyear responds

Navalny will survive 'poison attack', Bizilj tells Bild

Ady Barkan..............full speech..............

Elephants are amazing! Herd runs to greet newly rescued baby elephant

NOAA will expand recreational cod fishing off New England

We all have that one clingy friend

The Karen I encountered today has a new twist. Trying to get her dog to attack black kids.

Georgia Tech has reported over 250 coronavirus cases amid students' return to campus

The STUPID! It hurts!

This RNC has everything!

Why won't this catto play with me ?

Billions in Hospital Virus Aid Rested on Compliance With Private Vendor

Hurricane Marco heading over Gulf toward Louisiana coast

Moooom! She's TOUCHING me!

Some Trump Aides Say They're Proud of Violating the Hatch Act

In Belarus, Lukashenko is strutting around with a machine gun

There are two ways to eat a carrot

This really should be an ad for Dems

Copied from a friend's post, who said it better than I could....bravo!

Live Now: The Lincoln Project: Special Briefing [Worthwhile viewing]

Elephants are amazing! Herd runs to greet newly rescued baby elephant

Alternatives to Girl Scout Cookies

Goodboi waits for treat:

When You Have to Duke It Out Online With The Right Wing

Univ. of Alabama positivity rates shoots up to 29% from 1%.

Cleveland Radio Station Fires Anchor for Calling Kamala Harris 'Colored'

Greg Kihn Band ‎- The Breakup Song

Belarus protesters--wow!

Health officials in 3 states have traced new COVID-19 cases to the Sturgis motorcycle rally

According to Kira Yarmysh, Navalny's press secretary, there have been no updates to Navalny's health

Why is Jerry Falwell Jr., a 58 year old man, doing pelvic thrusts exercises with teenage girls?

Kanye West was booted from ballots in Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Montana in the latest blow

donnie has got to be thinking, a burnett-produced 4-day trumpapalooza is his crowning achievement

Police hunt for 'COVID hug' man who grabbed strangers at Walmart

Hunting in Yellowstone!

Tonight at 8 PM E on ABC: "The Ticket: The FIrst Interview"

That's one big sucker, Yui.. are you up for it?? -smh..uhuh!

2nd night of protests against GOP convention in Charlotte

North Carolina, 1st state to begin voting for president, sees record number of requests for absentee

Trump Flees News Conference After Only Taking 3 Questions From OAN and Fox

Democrats' doom-and-gloom convention no match for Trump's forward-looking vision: GOP chair


Scaramucci: Trump's decision to speak every night of the Republican convention 'beyond ridiculous.

Trump keeps promising his health care plan "in 2 weeks"

Coca-Cola or 'bottled poison'? Mexico finds a COVID-19 villain in big soda

Judge halts Trump campaign's mail-voting lawsuit against Pennsylvania

Hey ho,

Married tax collector is accused of child sex trafficking and 'illegally using state's DMV database